Glidden: 6th minister needed

| 13/08/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island headline news(CNS): The man most likely to be made the sixth Cabinet minister if the government gets its way has said it is unreasonable for government to have to serve its full term with one less Cabinet member. Cline Glidden, currently a government backbench representative who has, however, been working on a number of major ministerial projects, has said that, given the circumstances and the challenges government faces, it cannot be expected to continue on with only five ministers. The premier has said he has the backing of the UK overseas territories minister to increase Cabinet before the next election and will be bringing the motion to the Legislative Assembly in the next sitting in September. 

Glidden, an MLA for West Bay who many believe will be given the additional Cabinet post if the government is able to pass this through, has said that he believes government needs the extra minister. What ministry this extra minister would take is still unclear as the Finance Ministry was taken by the premier and absorbed into the ministry of tourism and planning. Since the government was elected Glidden has worked closely with both the premier on tourism related projects and the deputy premier on issues relating to the landfill and waste-management.
“Logically thinking, in an increased complexity position of the government and increased challenges and taking away the responsibilities of the Minister of Finance (Financial Secretary) and giving that to an elected member, it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect that the workload that was assumed by eight people could now be assumed by five,” Glidden told News 27 on Thursday.
However, there are still seven cabinet members as the deputy governor (formerly the chief secretary) and the attorney general are still doing their jobs despite not having a vote in the Legislative Assembly, and although the Minister of Finance, McKeeva Bush, is both the Cabinet and Assembly face of government’s finances, Kenneth Jefferson, the financial secretary, is still in place, so government still has the same head count to assume the workload.
Last week McKeeva Bush wrote to Leader of the Opposition Kurt Tibbetts to ask for his backing to increase the number of elected Cabinet ministers from five to six. This was needed because of the constitutional change which heralded in an elected minister of finance but does not provide for an increase in Cabinet until the next election, when the House will be increased to 18 members and the Cabinet to seven.
Bush said it was a "minor change". However the opposition has said they believe it is a significant change and that only eight months after the implementation of the Constitution the government is seeking to amend the country’s highest law without referring that change to the people.
Alden McLaughlin also noted that the interim question could have been raised during the constitutional talks as the UDP had been presented with ample opportunity to raise these kinds of questions for debate at the negotiating table. But the opposition member said they were too busy trying to derail the process than pay attention to issues that may have affected them if they were, as it turned out, elected to office.
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  1. Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:


    If anyone of these Politicians had any grain of INTEGRITY, our country would not be in the total ciaos which we find ourselves; my firm belief is that the PPM & UDP are sleeping in the same bed at night.
    For those of us who are not privy to the internal conversations, transactions, negotiations, regarding how much of the pie each one of them will get at the end of the day,
    Why is it that the Opposition doesn’t Oppose the Gov’t as it should?
    With the entire outcry from the public why hasn’t the Governor & the Opposition stepped in to cease all this tyranny this is taking within our country.
     What really was negotiated with England at the last meeting?
     And at what cost to the people of Cayman?
    Does England want Mckeeva to push us to beg for Independence or to have England Annex us from her?
    Does Civil War have to break out here too?
    Why the smallest Country in the Caribbean has over 17+ unsolved murders and rapidly raising violent crimes, importing Police Officers from some of the most violent neighbouring caribbean countries to POLICE our COUNTRY? When we have our very own Caymanians here? Yet corruption was the greatest fear of having a Caymanized Police force, with all that we have now seen and know of what is the excuse NOW!!  
    Why do issues of no real significance get pushed thru the LA because of the money deals & payouts that are involved with less than desireriables that reach our shores and those issues that are of URGENT matters sit at the back of the stove covered in cobwebs? 
    My final question, what will it take or needs tohappen for ONE of our TRUE LEADERS to STAND UP FOR HIS COUNTRY?  

    **** P.S. And if a Sixth Minister is eventually excepted into the New LA, the Salaries of the Entire LA will be removed until the Cayman Islands is no longer in a deficit, I think that work on what needs to be done to resolve the mess all the current and previous governments made will get done so they can get those FATASS paychecks back…. I sure as hell didn’t waste the money but I having to pay it back through every hole I got…..

    Lesson Learned: Free Trips, Washers,Dryers, Land Fill, Bldg Material, all came a very great price, how many of you can afford to still maintain these things??

    And as for CHUCKIE he was Mckeeva "Sock Boy" now he is Mckeeva "Soft Boy" so don’t hold no water in his cup…..The only way to stop this is the PEOPLE, WE PUT HIM IN WE HAVE TO TAKE HIM OUT, SOME ONE IN THE LA HAS TO MAKE THE FIRST STEP AND THEN HAND MCKEEVA OVER TO THE PEOPLE. THAT IS HOW THE LAND OF THE LAW GOES



  2. Anonymous says:

    Well I hear that CG is taking a big piece of Juliana’s, Mark’s and Rolston’s portfolios because Mac say they are not doing anything.

    So sad that these ministers couldnt perform!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This government needs to support a movement like this with more substantial details and merely saying that the 6th minister is needed in support of "government’s workload" is not enough. They need to give evidence of the insufficiencies in  government’s operation with this 6th minister being missing and stop using the constitution as a scape goat because that is what it seems like to me.

    I think the premier needs to talk more to the people in interactive forums so that we can get some "unplanned" answers.

    Other members of the Legislative Assembly and other professionals such as the financial secretary should be involved in this as well. The people are not well informed about the plans for the country as the details are so limited and people are getting tired of it because nothing seems to be working and there seems to be no end in sight to this nightmare.

    Every financial strategy that has been implemented so far is only putting a strain on all sizes and categories of businesses and it is even much harder since there seems to be an exodus of people leaving these islands as it all is becoming too unliveable.

    Government can make a lot more cuts. I think they should have taken a higher cut from directors  of each government department since many of them are getting paid very well. Taking a mere 3 percent across the board is not enough. 3 percent to some is probably what they will spend in the bar or at dinner on any given night with a friend and if we are to make a sacrifice for the financial well being of this country, the sacrifice needs to be substantial, hence why it is called a sacrifice, we should feel the short and long term result of it.

    and without further proof, I am against this 6th minister movement, government is already too big and many of who are on board at current are loads that need to be dumped!!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      It just astounds me that the majority of the educated well expressed criticism of the Government in power is heavily supported by the residents of the islands. Yet it seems that the majority have painted themselves into a corner where one man one district does what it pleases. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Lach, I am afraid you have lost me. What does "one man one district" mean?

        • Lachlan MacTavish says:

          Mr. Bush alone from West Bay is dictating where Cayman is going. When was a decision made that came from any other cabinet member, group of cabinet members or for that matter anything that the majority of the Government agreed on.  It seems that whenever a poll is done about any decision made by Mr. Bush that the majority of voters disagree. So where does the power come from.

  4. Tami says:

    The way I see it, if these guys are having such a hard time with the workload, why don’t they hire someone to assist them. I am sure they can pool their money together to pay someone for certain ministerial services – it is not hard to do that!

    Let’s see –

    The Premier makes over 15 thousand a month – the other MLAs make more than 10 thousand a month… Nope … not hard to hire a manager or someone to assist them

    • Grandma's Wisdom says:

      You would be very scared to find out exactly how much this government spends consultants each month.

  5. anonymous says:

    Chuckee I love you like everyone else, but  if you had went through with that March a few months ago, FOR A CAUSE !!  Big Mac and is fries would have more respect for you,  the people and the PPM, you showed them there was weakness on the part of the PPM and that’s why he’s now throwing shit in our faces. You actually gave  Big Mac and the UDP a "Licence to Kill" when you backed out of the March. Now they are really socking it to us!

    Think about that.

    Arden this is a warning to do as you say.Stand behind your word even if you are alone, stand behind yourself.

    • UDPAreKillingUs! says:

      Chuckie backed down when his own PPM team threatened to kick him out of the team.

      Its the 5 existing PPM members that’s fully at fault here!!

      What more can I say but TOTALLY DISPOINTED!! Was then, still is now!!

      • anonymous says:


        So we are to blalme Kurt ant Alden and the rest of the PPM team. They seem to lack some guts or are afraid of Big Mac if they threatened to kick Chukee out of the team that’s not fair. Something is wrong with them.

        So why was this not made public the threat against Chuckee so we could expose Kurt and Alden with their stupidity. I keep telling you we need new blood but you all are still trying to keep people who refuse to fight for you.

        I say lets keep Arden and Chukee get rid of the rest of the PPM. Alden and Kurt need to go! Chuckee made them woth their worthlessness look bad because it is their job to lead a march, that’s what they are getting paid for. At least Chuckee showed leadership being outside of the LA. That’s guts!

        So lets stick behind Chuckee and boot out Kurt and Alden and all who threatened him. This proves that these highly paid stuffed ducks are all for them selves whether PPM or UDP

  6. Anonymous says:

    A Question:

    In a time of recession, why do we have so many Ministers and MLAs anyway??? 

    An EASY Answer:



  7. UDPAreKillingUs! says:


    What constitution?…….Who?….UDP?……..Ooooooh, you mean the Constitution of 2008!!!!   Ooooooh, you mean that same UDP team who broke it in the election process and wanting to break it AGAIN???

    Oooooh, the same Constitution that is supposively designed to PROTECT the Electorate from the ‘evil claws’ of the GOVT!!………and Oooooh, the same Constitution had the Electorate voted to effect is the same Constitution that the Govt think they have the power to change?????

    But Oooooh you Electorate, you all think you’re going to find another 6 dedicated Caymanians of integrety to fight this for you too huh????

    Well, take another guess!!!   Hell NO!!!…….This time Caymanians, you need to grow balls, backbone, courage and the WILL to protect your country, whatever the sacrafice, TOGETHER – ON YOUR OWN!!


    Make a decision, believe in it and do something about it!!!!!!!!



    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      It is really is time for even the most stance UDP supporters and the voters of the Cayman Islands to take stock of their personal and countries situation. It is not a matter of putting up or shutting up it is what will happen to your children and their children. Is the middle class better off today than two decades ago, No. Are CIG departments and business’s being run effectively or making money. CAL, The DOT, waste management, the public accounts, CS, No. Over the past two decades the politician in control has allowed the CS to bloat out of control. It isn’t the CS fault it is the man at the top. This has happened because a CS making good money will re elect the man who won’t trim their incomes. Is our education system, social services and police department any better, No. Crime is at a level that I believe no one ever thought we would see in Cayman. Are the rich politicians and their friends getting richer and the middle and working class getting poorer. You answer that one. Has Mr. Bush manovered politically to get more and more power in order to stamp out all political competition and control the country, yes. This election is crucial for Mr. Bush. Should he and his party win the next election his power over thepeople and the country will be at a new level. It is amazing to me that the voters of Cayman seem to not understand that the vast majority of the people are worse off today than 10-20 years ago and seem to not fathom that one man is controlling their destiny. So is a 6th minister a good idea?

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry Lachlan, but this is a mater of "putting up of shutting up"!  It is time for decisive action! But the sad truth is that Caymanians usually end up shutting up.

        And the issue is not "what about our children?", it is what is happening to us, now!

        Now could some so-called "proud Caymanian" please explain why we stand by, indifferently, while the country goes to hell in a hand-basket? Maybe we need to really revolutionise our constitution and give the "foreigners" and "Paper Caymanians" a chance to be elected to political offices because I am not too damned impressed with the way "born Caymanians" have run things so far. I am very serious. The "furiners" certainly could not do any worse.

        What? Fifty years since granted limited internal self government and the country has been run into the ground. Sounds pretty "banana republic" to me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately for the country, regardless of the passion on display here in the comments to CNS stories, Caymanians usually bitch and whine for a while, but ultimately they choose the "Shut up and down" option.

      Too bad but that is the way that it is. What is the pride in being Caymanian these days?

  8. Coat Tails says:

    Coat tails my friends.

    Imagine 3 ministers from West Bay?  C.G. and Rollie are very heavily dependent on Mac’s coat tail effect to get them elected in every general election so far.

    We all know Mike is a nice man  but will never stand up to the Premier no matter how bad the idea is being put forward.

    This means that if CG and Rollie both have ministries Mac will consolidate his power as he will be in a stronger position to dictate to them all. These ministers are therefore void of independent thought as they are only puppets with the Premier as the Puppet Master!

  9. Anon says:

    The Premier’s aim is to avoid us from having to implement tax. So instead of choosing an option where Caymanians can not hold him and his party accountable, he has decided to be the one who has the duty of bringing in other revenue with the help of his friends. The issue of tax was to scare the Caymanian public so "his friends" can benefit from the other proposed kinds of revenue, which financially are hard to track. The Cayman public will eventually be sold out as a haven. Hence, "they" are behind "whoever is in power" to acquiring a 6th minister. The more legislative powers government has, is the more "say" these certain and well-off individuals have over Cayman…

    and it is just a matter of time

    • Tami says:

      I shudder at the thought of Mckeeva’s affiliation with Kenneth Dart.  Does he ever listen to the people over his money-making initiatives?

  10. Anonymous says:

    So, was this why the meagre salaries of many civil servants were cut and many Caymanian families are now suffering that blow? Was this what it was about? A member of my family and her children are the sufferers from this. and I know several others as well in the same unfortunate mess, and now these people are here up in our face with this proposal?!! What a nerve!  How in God’s name can a government that is claiming to be so broke that it has to make Caymanian families suffer a financial blow like this turn around now seek to justify adding to the financial burden with this new ministerial position a this time? Do these people buy us all for fools?! I hope and pray that the PPM and others who can make a difference will stand their ground and prevent this from happening. Of course, we cannot rely on PPM because we only have to reflect on their inaction on the mass status grants in 2003 and we know who they are.

    • Jonathan says:

      The general gag order which has been placed upon the civil servants in Cayman has served only to destroy democracy in Cayman in order to keep one of if not the largest pool of Caymanian employees quiet.  This assault on democracy needs to be gotten rid of immediately.  Shame on those who put this law into place.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes! These people do buy us for fools. Because we sell our votes for a fool’s price. And they have every reason to do so and to believe they can continue to do so. The only decisive action I see Caymanians taking is bitching and complaining in letters to the editor and comments here. Big deal. I am sure your whiney letters have the powers that be shaking in their boots! (What a laugh!) The so called "concerned" people could not even get the opposition to successfully organise a simple protest rally! How pathetic is that? And what a sad commentary on the political will of the people!

  11. Anonymous says:

    C.G. should have just kept his mouth shut and not said anything. You know the old saying  "It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let the world think you’re a fool than open it and confirm their suspicions".



  12. Anonymous says:

     Hopefully the West Bayers will now realize why Mac was so against the "one-man-one-vote" because he would not then be able to convince so many people to vote him and his team. His favourite phrase was "Don’t send me to the LA alone" and unfortunately the West Bayers blindly put their ‘X’ but the Mac and his team. With oneman-one vote, there is no guarantee that his entire team would be re-elected. 

    Now Mac has blindsided them and is now proposing a 6th Minister. His is going to silently tell the people of West Bay that this will be a good thing because he will then have at least 3 Cabinet positions from West Bay and he will be able to cut through a lot of red tape and get projects passed quickly. People of West Bay, be wary and be concerned, be very concerned. 

    I know a lot of intelligent West Bayers but after the last election, I am beginning to think we have another Jim Jones situation on our hands. The people are just blindly trusting this self-proclaimed Christian (I wonder if he actually stops and analyze his actions and think "What would Jesus do?")

    Their biggest rant is "Say wha ya want ’bout Mac but he gets things done!" Yes, but how? So even if it is immoral and unethical then it is ok as long as he gets things done?

    • Tami says:

      "Say wha ya want ’bout Man but he gets things done!"

      YES… BUT HOW???

      Sometimes I think the slower we develop and take our time the better. Drastic changes are often made without thought!



    • Anonymous says:

      "Intelligent West Bayers" is an oxymoron if elections are any indication of brainpower. Your UDP dudes are making all ya Bayahs look pretty damn dumb these days! When ya all gonna wise up? (When pigs fly, most likely, but hope springs eternal.)

  13. Anonymous says:

    SHAME ON YOU UDP – The postings on this site say it all. 

    This is the worst government ever in the history of the Cayman Islands for we have never been a witness to such abuse of political office and the pwoer and control that such office provides for insecure egomaniacs who place self interest before their own people and the future of their country. We have never had such a time when one political group has been so distructive to their country.

    This reminds me of a Banana Republic in the making or one of those African dictatorships that you only read about in the press. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be living in one such place and see my home land being unwound and destroyed by just a few totally incompetent greedy men who are all consumed by power the the riches they can gain from raping this country.

    I am distraught and sad to the point of tears in see what is happening to my beloved country carried out by a dictator and his yes men followers. It is coming to the point of immigration ! Caymanians becoming immigrants as they find new homes else where. 

    This is disgraceful, tragic, and so sad that a few can destroy peoples lives so easily when they were themselves honoured by the people by being elected into office to represent them and we all have to pay the price for the rest of our lives.


    • Anonymous says:

      Shame on the UDP? No. Shame on you!

      Uhhh….Earth to writer of comment: Put shame upon whom shame is merited. Do you think the UDP, out of the blue just showed up for work one day at the Glass House?

      I seem to recall that we held an election. No?

      The UDP’s hero had a political history that would not net him the office of Chief Dogcatcher in any sensible democracy, but he managed to become Chief Minister.

      Put the blame on incompetent voters! Without them the UDP and PPM would be short-lived political "teams" and not entrenched political parties. Now the only choice we fools have come election day is "The Devil and the deep blue sea" unless another party emerges before the next election.

      Great to know this mess cannot be blamed on the foreigner or ‘paper Caymanian’ as the vast majority of them cannot vote. The dark blot lays on the so called ‘real’ Caymanians who played the fool on election day and on constitutional referendum day. 

      Fools reap what fools sow. So what’s new?

      Now, everyone, repeat after me:



      • Anonymous says:

        paper Caymanians voted for UDP….remember the brooms & chants — straight from Jam

  14. Anonymous says:

    I thought having a law degree was exactly what made you a lawyer. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Achieving a law degree is only the first step to becoming a lawyer and I don’t suppose he would have the temerity to so blatantly abuse paid time as a legislator to attend to the other facets of achieving a legal career. Of course this is no doubt another one in the line-up of recipients of the Liverpool degree through the local Law School. There are many in the legal profession who question the quality and we only have to look around and see how far many have reached locally.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Notice how Glidden is the only MLA singing about this 6th Minister?

    I believe Mac is the worst thing that ever happened to Cayman is he makes CG a Minister.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thankfully, CNS caught the false and misleading statement that the workload of 8 people was being assumed by 5:

    "However, there are still seven cabinet members as the deputy governor (formerly the chief secretary) and the attorney general are still doing their jobs despite not having a vote in the Legislative Assembly, and although the Minister of Finance, McKeeva Bush, is both the Cabinet and Assembly face of government’s finances, Kenneth Jefferson, the financial secretary, is still in place, so government still has the same head count to assume the workload".

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Perhaps if the present 5 ministers worked full time for the country that is paying them handsomely we would only need 4 ministers.  Thank-you Roy for standing up and simply telling the truth about the new Caymanian politicians and their road to personal wealth.

      • anonymous says:

        Thank you Ms. Florence Goring-Nozza, for telling Big Mac off, you are one in a million and  one of the few Caymanian women to stand up against the wrongs and abusive actions of the UDP govenment.


    • Anonymous says:

      I heard Gilbert highlight this fact on the Crosstalk show (when he was able to get a chance to speak!) which was a good thing as it made every listener understand the true position aside from the arguments being put forward to justify what the government is seeking to do. Thank you CNS for picking up on it and publishing it for readers here too.

  17. Anonymous says:

    That’s all cabinet needs – another Mac minion – that will offer nothing except a vote in favor of anything Mac wants.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Its highly unlikely that CG would ever go against Mac. CG is nothing politically without Mac – that is to say that every seam in every pants CG owns is sewn with Mac’s thread. Mac got 80+% of the votes in West Bay in the last election – so if CG went against Mac it would certainly mean CG would lose at the next election running as an Independent in West Bay.

    Therefore if Mac is really considering putting someone as a Minister to maintain their support – he’s ill advised to put CG – especially given that the PPM (the leadership of which is centred in GT) will seize upon CG’s selection in the next election to show, for example, that UDP is all about West Bay (by saying that the UDP gave three seats on Cabinet to West Bay, while George Town – the Capital of the Cayman Islands – had only one.)




    • Live Free.... says:

      I 100% agree with what you said about CG and the UDP bunch, without Macdinejad they are nothing and they can’t stand on their own two feet in an election. And yes you a very right about the Mac trying to secure his votes in the next election, he makes it so clear in the things that he do. I was going to post one of my usual lengthy comments, but I can see by the other comments including yours that you all understand what kind of a Government we are dealing with here. And don’t worry, they are going down in history as the worst Government these three beautiful Islands ever had, our children and their children would read about them in the future to avoid making the mistake that some people of Cayman made in 2009, by electing the UDP Government, and the way things looks for them right now, is that they are finish politically .They have been to darn reckless with these Islands, just to benefit their own select few at the expense of the people of Cayman, enough is enough!


  19. Rafaelle says:

    All of these two bit politicians really think their the "Cats Pajama’s" running around here strutting their stuff becoming millionaires on the backs of the electorate. Ask them to do something for once in the interest of the public that should cause a serious fracas. I guess we now have to pay for that "big time" law degree or for him gracing us with his presence or eminence. You know the whole bunch of these guys really really need to go. Their all ministers in their own little minds

    • BORN FREE says:

      "That" law degree that Glidden got was achieved while he was supposedly working in the L.A.
      I know that our elected representatives have a lot of spare time (too much) because the only time they represent us is when they are sitting in the house during the L.A. debates, which is not often. But if Glidden & the other elected members are so busy where did he find time to study law? At night? There are a couple other elected members who are lawyers but they earned their degrees before they were elected. There must be some truth to the stories we have heard about the many times Glidden was absent from the house over the past 5 years (mostly between 2005 & 2009).

      He can bring all his new found "lawyer jargon" but he will never convince the average person in the street that a 6th minister is necessary at this moment. We know that Glidden supports the 6th minister because he ‘knows’ that the 6th minister will be him, what a farse!

      • Rhum-point-pole says:

        Having a law degree does not make you a lawyer anymore than owning a football makes you a footballer. 

        • Anonymous says:

          You are so right, it’s a pity Charles Clifford could not get that through his head, because he always referred to himself as a Lawyer (with only a law degree and no legal training, not even completed  articleship).

          • Anonymous says:

            It is a testament of the quality of our politicians that many of them struggle to find employment outside of politics.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, Chuckie was also another Liverpool law degree recipient through the C.I. Law School wasnt he?

            • anonymous says:


              And if the other attorneys including Alden McLaughlin was worth their salt they would offer him a job and help him reach his goals.


              the Crabs don’t believe in holding hands with each other.!

          • Anonymous says:

            Charles Clifford is a smart and HONEST man.
            Everyone who elected the UDP government wants them out now.
            If he was re-elected this country would be in a much better position than it is now.
            He is the only person man enough to stand up to big/small Mac or whatever he is known as now!
            Charles Clifford has a law degree and countless training unlike most of those in the house now.
            Get a life and stop trying to pull good Caymanians down, especially those who actually LOVE their COUNTRY and not MONEY!

            • anonymous says:


              I’ll be convinced that Charles Clifford is the man you say he is; standing up to Big Mac if he decides to lead a march again and they go through with it. Allowing another PPM member or Kurt or Alden to talk him out of it is unacceptable.

              ACTION is what convinces me, not backing down! and not allowing your buddies, friend, family or foe to stop you. When you lead a march it is serious business. Clifford made one sorry mistake and that is he listened to the lies coming from Big Mac’s mouth, Now he pulled something stonger from under his hat of tricks;. Tampering with Cayman’s constitution, if this ain’t something to march against nothing else is. Chuckee is not serious at all.  The constitution is to be defended before anything else is.

              I have never heard of people in the United States or any other serious country set a date to march for something and just because the President made a convincing speech they reneged. Chukee you got it wrong, when you said you were going to lead a march 6 months ago you were supposed to go through with it and send a clear message to the UDFP and its leader that you mean business. They figured it out that you are not serious, if you were the march would have taken place.!

              This kind of attitude is putting yourself, the PPM, and the voters on the ground for THE UDP to walk on.

              Never do you declare a march again or any other serious action and not follow through with it.

              Arden McLean let this be a lesson to you as well, what is your status with the vote of no confidence?

          • Anonymous says:

            What is Chuckie doing now?  Has he got a job yet?


      • Anonymous says:

        Born Free, in getting a degree while being paid for by the people of this country to do a full time job, CG was doing nothing unusual. Many senior civil servants (some very senior) have done it while supposedly doing their job and in most cases not only did they get a lot of time off they also got financial assistance. Mr Charles Clifford was one of those (when he was a civil servant). I won’t name all the others but it’s still happening even in times of recession. In fact, a chief officer is doing a law degree right now. Needless to say, the law degree is not required to help them do their civil service duties better but is (they hope) a way to riches as soon as they become qualified and can go in the private sector.

        • Anonymous says:

          Still questioning motives eh !. Says more about your state of mind than either Chucky or CG…Lol…

          I pray God help us all.



        • Anonymous says:

          I know that there are many civil servants who do the same thing…………………………BUT does that make it right? NO.

      • Anonymous says:

        Haters…no other way to say it. The young man has excelled. He is a much needed role model for our troubled youths. Going back to school and holding down a job raising a family. Dealing with the obvious pressures and unnessary pressures of people who campaign all year round and trying to do the best job possible. Constantly having his motives questions in exercising his judgement (for which  he was elected)…all for the best of Cayman.

        The enemy is "within" but it is a lot closer than many would admit .  "I’m talking about the man in the mirror…oh yeah"


  20. Anonymous says:

    In a time of recession, why do we have so many Ministers and MLAs anyway?  If the Ministers would just lead and set policy and keep their hands out of trying to micro-manage and runs departments, leaving that to the civil servants, they would have time to do what they were elected to do.  But no, its like they want to control projects and hire staff and make decisions for the Boards they appoint. 

    I say five Ministers elected by the people of all three islands and one MLA for each District elected by the people of that District is enough representation for a country of 50,000 people.  The Constitution should have defined the boundaries for Ministers and MLAs to prevent corruption and I would hope that that is the next amendment made to it.

    For a government who screamed that they were broke they are certainly not spending wisely by creating additional expenses rather than cutting them, byengaging in pet projects rather than critical infrastructure.  You talk about disgusting and disillusions. 

    Two years and nine months to go, so help us God!

    • Ex Caymanian & Not by Choice and a West Bayer at THAT says:

      2YRS & 9MTHS seems like an eternity, yes Dear God please stand by us and continue to help us through these turburlent times we are facing I pray, I know you will not forsake your children and you know the suffereration we are going through because of greedy heathens.

  21. I love conch says:

    Another snout into the trough – but the UDP doesnt realise this is a public relations disaster at a time when we are all tightening our belts but Government does exactly the opposite!!

    At the end of the day the workload has not increased one bit but the highly paid headcount will.

    We are not stupid Mr Premier

  22. Cat says:

    Yes people our situation is quite dire . West Bay Conch shells and GT Croonies, one of them a sell out. Ellio spent so much time bashing them on the air as an independent, then sold his soul for a seat and  mercedes. Crying shame.

    Mckeeva, expects to up the cost of living,so Government can earn more revenue and pay off their debt, most likely not remembering that its only roughly 54,000 give or take of us here(not millions of us) half if not more are not Caymanians , majority paying our own debt, mortgages and other loans,monthly expenses, trying to raise their children, hopefully starting college funds and preparing for the future. To make it worst he is now trying to pass a law that will justify stealing his people’s savings out of the bank if they havent had any activity for six years. Has McKeeva,  maybe thought or realized that the reason why people haven’t touched their money in a while is because they are saving it for the future or may a college fund for a child or grand child, or its someone’s inheritance or something of importance? I’m sure he’d raise hell and high water if it happened to him. If  he doesn’t stop things are going to get worst very fast  and is gonna turn Cayman into a third world country too poor to get by, people are gonna get lawless and desperate and I’m sure it’ll meet him in his backyard.

    You can compare our situation to McKeeva and the muppets being on a Mega yacht,relaxing away while dragging the rest of the country behind them in deflating dingy with an engine with no gas, no water,food,or oars,because the cost of living has gotten to high for our survival and Mckeeva’s trying to tell us, don’t worry I need this luxury more than you,  so I can be the leader. It must be done folks, it’s gonna be ok, just keep paddling with unna hands, drinks salt water and and you might end up having to pee in the gas tank if want keep moving and if you gonna rob eachother for food, I’m not doing anything because I’m ok over here. I got all I need and some, right boys? Now let’s relax and play some dominoes, oh Ellio you going sunset house, let’s go!


  23. Anonymous says:

    Section 44(2) of the Cayman Islands Constitution 2009 reads that…"The number of Ministers may be increased by a Law made pursuant to section 60(2) which increases the number of elected members of the LA; but in no circumstance may the number of Ministers exceed two-fifths of the total number of elected members of the Assembly.”

    Before a 6 Minister can be added, a law under section 59(2) may increase the number of elected members of the LA; but no law shall come into force:- a) unless an order by the Governor providing for the electoral districts and their boundaries to take account of the additional elected members in accordance with section 89 (deals with the review and alteration of electoral district boundaries by the Electoral Boundary Commission appointed by the Governor) has been made; and b) until the dissolution of the LA next following the enactment of such law.
    Therefore, the next time the LA dissolves, its size will increase to 18 elected members from the present 15 thereafter. In the meantime, to facilitate this increase, an Electoral Boundary Commission will review the boundaries of the electoral districts boundaries and submit a report to the Governor and LA containing recommendations for changes in the boundaries of the electoral districts as stipulated in the CI Constitution 2009.



    • anonymous says:

      The house dissolves prior to a general election. Is that what you’re saying that they can not get a 6th minister unless we have a referendum?

  24. peter milburn says:

    What I am trying to understand is why do we have to have a 6th Minister?I hear the others saying(or maybe its just Mac)that he has too much of a workload.I am so sorry Mr.Premier but you assigned them (or asked)for them yourself so whats the problem?Mike Adams should be given CAL and also tourism as they go hand in hand and do some more reshuffling to spread the "load"I do feel so sorry for the hard work that you guys have to put in for the country but if I was making those kinds of $’s I would be happy to do what I had to do and not complain.Having a 6th minister WILL NOT SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS in fact may well add to them.Seems to me that this is all just another nail in the "coffin"of the voting public getting set up for the next election and protecting the Premier in the meantime.

             We need to get on with the job at hand and get our stay over visitors back up as this to my way of thinking is the best way to help us get out of the mess that we find ourselves in right now as the trickle down effect is spread over most if not all of the populous in one way or another.

    • BORN FREE says:

      Of course Glidden supports a 6th Minister. Apart from the fact that his boss told him to do so, & apart from the fact that more than likely the 6th Minister will be him (there is no one else), I suspect one of the driving forces behind his thinking is the next election! With how UNPOPULAR & dispised the UDP is right now, Glidden rightly suspects that, if even he & his West Bay colleagues are shockling re-elected in West Bay, the UDP will not be returned to power in this country & therefore he will NEVER get another chance to be a minister, NEVER!

      Judging from the anger amongst the people at this time, & the suffering being experienced by everyone because of the reckless governace of this present UDP government, the UDP will struggle to even get 2 or maybe 3 people elected in the next election. Glidden is therefore grasping at straws ("a drowning man will grasp at straws"). Glidden & the UDP are drowning, & unfortunately they are taking us all down with them.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you’re wrong on this. CG already has the high salary as Deputy Speaker and besides he’s loyal and trusted by Mac.  You have to keep those that are not trusted close to you and keep them satisfied so they won’t sell you out.

        I say this 6th ministerial seat goes to……ELIO!!  

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this Government out of their minds.  A sixth minister???? when the five don’t do much anyway and collect and nice fat salary.  This country is in financial ruins.  If the Government can’t manage on the five they have already then I think they need to be overthrown and a new government put into place!!!


      We expected better from you Klein but all you have turned into is a "Yes Man" and are leaded by your nose. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The nail has been driven already.


      What is the difference between a MLA pension and a Minister’s pension.


  25. Anonymous says:

    As Deputy Speaker Mr.Glidden is already getting cabinet level salary.Where the expense will come in is when the LA elects another Deputy Speaker to take his place from the backbench. Mr.Aldin maybe in line for that position.

  26. Anonymous says:

    As a proud Caymanian and West Bayer I got to say sorry CG you bring nothing to the table. You’re an MLA and best you stay there for now. Cayman is lacking leadership at the moment and the last thing we need is another Mac follower. 3 Ministers are residents of West Bay + Mr. Jefferson I think thats enough gung hoing. Instead of paying CI$125,000 a year to another minister please put the money in to a college fund for under priviledge Caymanians for scholarships.

    Blessings to all.

  27. Truly 100% Caymanian:) says:

    This qoute from the article says it all:

    "However, there are still seven cabinet members as the deputy governor (formerly the chief secretary) and the attorney general are still doing their jobs despite not having a vote in the Legislative Assembly, and although the Minister of Finance, McKeeva Bush, is both the Cabinet and Assembly face of government’s finances, Kenneth Jefferson, the financial secretary, is still in place, so government still has the same head count to assume the workload."


    They must really think we (the people) are that dumb, cuz they cant in no way think that they are that smart… **shakes head and sighs**

    • Cat says:

      Amen!! Yes dear they do think that when they say something, we’re gonna sit back and believe them.They want more of their buddies to get in,so everything will be in their favour.Their motives are so crystal clear and obvious and they swear we can’t see it.  It’s unfortunate to say, but the people who voted them in are dumb. I still laugh and cry at the same time what at mac said during the campaign that he was gonna bring about change, he was gonna change our country.

      The question I had for those people are,How on earth are things gonna change for the better, when you are voting back in the same XXXX who has been contributing to this mess for so many years,over 2 decades?How how how, did you poor souls fall for the lies goodness gracious???!!!  Well the only thing that changed, is that it got a whole lot worse.He has had ample to help make a mess and it just keeps going as these two government parties take turns being the leaders every four years and spend most of their time bashing eachother like little boys when they are suppose to be representing our country. That’s why I keep saying, we need to give the independents a turn.These people understand our suffering more because they live amongst us and experience the hardship we do, and are not making large government salaries as the MLA’s do. 

      He was so bold to say that PPM was the blame for the,debts in goverment and bad spending and so on and for the  crimes during their reign and some of the shootings and they were not doing anything, but I don’t see him doing anything about the spike in robberies and the crime during his reign. Its the first year as "premier" woopty doo and there has been over 16 robberies since June.He was not voted in to being driven around and live in luxury, while his fellow Caymanians who did & didn’t vote him in are subjected to more suffering &  injustices and higher cost of living, when we were counting on finding solutions to make it lower. He was voted in to roll up his sleeves and put his hand in mud not in a money pot. And then he insults us even more with his audacity to tell us a few weeks that we are just gonna have to use less gas and and try to make one trip to town and turn off our lights and not burn every light in the house but of course he can burn his all he wants because he’s not paying for it.

      How is being driven around in Protocol 1 & 2 SUV’s wasting gas when he has his own truck he is more than capable of driving to the glass house in, have the government funds and thepeople money, to pay his bills and his chef and christmas lighting expenses,in addition to his salary, in the midst of a RECESSION helping the situation?  I know this is old news but this still gives me heartburn and it not going away any time soon. It all about the money, and what he and his colleagues can get out of these four years in government. It makes me absolutely sick.

  28. Anonymouse says:

    Now you did not expect that the Prospective Minister would come out against something that is to his benefit, did you?

    I think the dicktator has bitten off more than he can chew when he took on all the importatnt Ministries himself. Like the saying goes "Craven choke Puppy" especially when the Puppy is overly greedy.

    I see us under full control by the West Bay constituency if this is allowed because the Minister from George Town is also resident of West Bay last time I checked.

    What I see here is that Mac dont trust the Financial Secretary because he knows what he did to fool the PPM so he wants to put a watchdog over him to keep him on a tight leash.

  29. A concerned young Caymanian says:

    I am so disappointed at our current elected Government ….as a first time voter, I am so sorry I gave my X to UDP because they are a bunch of losers, who are only concerned about themselves and their loved ones, forgetting their people, the ones who really got them in…..But I am praying for the next 3 years to fly, so I can rectify myself and I promise it won’t be UDP or PPM I vote for again……

    CG- you have got to do better……

    Mac- You really need Jesus…..



  30. Slip n' slide. says:

    Do none of you really see the reasoning behind this??? The 6th minister gives Mac protection. Another ‘yes man’ means he can’t be voted out from his position.



  31. Anonymous says:

    So much for cutting costs and slashing civil servants salaries, this is nonsense.  Now the real picture is coming into focus.  

  32. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!!, is this why the price of fuel and diesel was increased by 25 cents and civil servants salaries reduced to accomodate this outragueous nonsense that the Premier and his clan are putting forward for a 6th Minister.

    When are we going to put an end to this behaviour by these politicians  that are only thinking of themselves and their fat paychecks.

    It is amazing so much people are upset with them, but we are all sitting back and talking and not doing the walking, is there anything that we can do? and we really afford another 3 years of this bunch that are getting us deeper and deeper in the hole.

    Let’s do something my beloved Caymanina people!!!






  33. anonymous says:

    If MacKevginibad is allowed to pull this one off he may make more changes to the constitution that will really screw us up and lock himself in eternally as premier!

    Kurt and Alden, lead the way in stopping him Now   don’t wait till its too late. Start the political rallys please.

    This is a Test for something bigger of a change  he wants to make with the constitution, mark my words  !

    Now you see why George Town need some strong powerful people elected to handle this man. He’s putting another West Bay Conch Shell  in the cabinet  with him and by passing George Town again. We have no representation, I don’t consider Mike and Elio repesentatives of George Town, they are political pawns and croonies, ‘YES MEN" with no backbone!

    • Dred says:

      They already abused it by allowing the two clowns from BT to be seated. Our politicians HAVE NO RESPECT for our laws. They believe everything is a MINOR thing. And yet we wonder why crime is on the rise. If our politicians do not care why should criminals.

      Mark my words this will be done.

      And you can mark my words again when I say come next election Big Mac and his Fry Quartet will be seated again by those mental midgets from West Bay who think he is the best thing since sliced bread.

      And we the people will continue to watch him kill us slowly.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with the poster.  The Dishonourable Premier is doing everything he can to ensure that he is in charge of our lives permanently.  What is happening to the request for the vote of "No Confidence" in our present Government and the dissolution of the L.A.?  Even the Governor, himself can see how badly things are being done.  Kim Jong Il Bush is doing nothing for the entire Cayman Islands.  He is actually trying to take as much as he can away from us XXXXX, as he probably knows that he won’t be back in power again, but then neither will the Cayman Islanders(all except his cronies).  People of the Cayman Islands, please look at what he is doing and let’s find some way to stop him.

      • anonymous says:

        When a leader begins to dabble with the constitution making changes. Watch out. there’s more he plans on doing.

        Don’t take your eyes off him for not even a split second, XXXXX.

      • anonymous says:

        I told you he’s getting training from Cuba how to be a powerful dicator, you think I’m joking.  Tampering with the constitution is the strongest message a leader can send to its people letting them know they have a dictator up top calling the shots. These are the vital signs of a dictator!

        The strongest vital sign of a dictator that is alive and well, ‘is changing the constitution ‘of the people without their consent and without their will.!

        He consulted the uk without even speaking to the people first about it.

        See what I mean.

        Get ready for round two!

  34. Anonymous says:

    We need another member like how we as a country need to get the hell out of debt. Mr. Bush I for one is  so sick and tired of hearing you with your BS about we need this or should i say what you want and what we really need is for you to STOP what the hell you are doing causing us the people of this country more dam bills. How about you cut the fees take away that twenty five cent increase you added to fuel how about doing something to help your people of this country instead of totally screwing us over daily.

  35. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     So how is stay over tourism doing these days? I know every one from the third floor up on 7mb are very pleased that MT Trashmore has finally been removed and that toxic waste dump seeping into the North Sound has finally been taken care of. Isn’t also great that the new proposed minister isn’t a member of a party or from the district that controls the country.

  36. Anonymous says:

    By all means do the Caymanian thing and DO NOT listen to the people of the island! Spend much more money that you don’t have on yet another one of your many underachievers. No one expects any changes for the better in Cayman Government any more.  Its down hill all the way until………..Caymanians will have to buy Cayman back from its debtors.  Good luck with that!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Let me get this right, they want THREE MLAs from  WB as Ministers!!!!. That is unheard of and just plain ridiculous.

    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:


      Mr. Bush, 

      Is it true that you intend to add another mInister from West Bay as the 6th man you claim the Uk has approved?

      I can not sit down and not speak out against this. You are acting with no conscience.

      Where did you get the nerve to add another West Bay Minister. This is not fair and if I were elected I would fight this into the ground. This is unfair, selfish, insufferable, and disgusting!

      In all fairness, this is not even acting out of the good conscience of one who claims to be a Christian.

      Godliness is fairness.

      You have been a part of government long enough to know that good governance requires REPRESENTATION FROM EACH AND EVERY DISTRICT.  Why would you stack up our cabinet with 99% West Bayers?

      Why not just ask the UK to secede the Republic of West Bay away from the rest of the Cayman Islands as you all are costing the country too much hardship and way too much misery, acting and making decisions against the wishes of our people…

      Since you have to get this Minister or else, then I have something to say, "We want another George Town member at the table even if he is a PPM or Independent " When are you going to stop this autocratic behavior?

      This is really an act of contempt for the freedom of democracy and the heart felt wishes of the people of the Cayman Islands.


  38. Anonymous says:

    Gimme Mo Money !!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Where is the "value for money" justification for a new and expensive ministry?

    It would be interesting to test the cost of the new minister against value received.

    I think that if this goes through, the Civil Service has a right to complain loudly since their 3.2% pay cut will go to fund the new minsiter’s pay increase. Perhaps the Civil Service could band together and form a "real" Union that has some teeth (the right to strike)…..OOPS, sorry, I forgot that Union books are banned in Cayman.

    • Dred says:

      They are actually more like a UNION than most UNIONs are.

      Just take a look at how many proposals thrown up by Big Mac were thrown out by them.

      We still can’t get them to:

      1) Complete their financials

      2) Actually make cuts

      And guess what NO HEADS ARE ROLLING!! Just our eyes at the figures.


  40. Anonymous says:

    Step back and look at yourselves. Becking, point fingers, making accusations….Ok…fight over this…"the world is flat"…

    • Anonymous says:

       I’d rather argue over what it is you lack more- balls or sense.

      I wish as a young caymanian I could see all this enthusiasm in play in the ‘real’ world where my elders would get up and prove you have more to you than what the poster above obviously doesn’t.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Glidden if this is brought to the public in a referendum I will support it, add the Gaming to it, I will vote NO on the gaming and YES on the additional seat. I support you becoming a member of cabinet.

    It is unfortunate that Ozzy was not reelected; I believe you both have a great deal to offer this country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who really cares when you are anonymous.

      You think that you’d want to put your name and be proud of the statements that you have made.

      Stand behind yourself. Not many others will

  42. au revoir says:

    Cry all you want, but many will vote for these very same guys in 2013…  Here’s a novel idea – next election, vote a new person in who has no ties to the UPD or the PPM, who have no business interests on the side, who are not wolves dressed up in sheep clothing, etc.  But guess what, chances are, that’s not going to happen…  You get what you deserve!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Here you have  it folks… another one that is selling himself short for a few more dollars. If Mac told all of them to wipe his a$$ before they entered the LA, they would gladly do it like a bunch of twit that they are…XXXXXX.  See even idiots can get law degrees.

    Enjoy your self guys, grab as much money as you can.. your days are numbered when it comes to me and my family votes … and they are quite alot mind you.

    The only X you are are going to get from me, is to cross out your names of the paper.


  44. brichead says:

     Sure we need another big spender to put us further in debt. We have the premier the deputy premier we now need the assistant premier then the Vice premier their executive vehicle licensed plates poo1 poo2 poo3 poo4 The Poo Poo Squad yes that just about sums it up.

    • Never! says:

      Of course he wants a 6th Minister as McChavez will give it to him and he knows that.

      Enlarged pay-check for Mac Jr. at a time when Cayman cannot afford it.

      Come on UDP, have a concience and give us a break.

      Then again, we know you all (UDP), don’t have a concience!

    • Wally says:

      Wonder who the PPM would have put? Lets guess


      CJ has experience, qualifications and personally to serve Cayman



  45. IRON CLAD says:

    GLIDDEN !!!….. Come on man, why is this sooo STRIKING OBVIOUS. McKeeva your Boss wants it and here YOU are showing the Cayman public what they already predicted. Simply that you and ALL the other members of your UDP will support this UNJUSTIFIED desire and masterminding. 

    WHEN are you shameless and unconscienable politicians going to relent in your destruction of OUR country? And when I say "Our", by that I mean that it is NOT yours anymore because you politicians do NOT have ANY care for what was or what is left of this once hopeful set of Islands and the populace who cares… especially those who doesn’t have a choice or who desires to live to rest of their lives here. What kind of future are we looking to???

    WHEN are you people going to STOP this MADNESS… this relentless destruction???

    Answer the People of our country… answer for the future of our children… Glidden, answer this of your very SELF!!!


    Absolutely, IRON CLAD

  46. Anonymous says:

    No Glidden!

    So George Town will have 1 member of cabinet and west bay 3 members!!

    • Grandma's Wisdom says:

      It doesn’t matter where the new Minister is from, he will just be another broomstick as Mac makes ALL of the decisions without consulting with ANY of them.

  47. Anonymous says:

    A little power hungry are we not?

  48. De Elect O Rat says:

    These politicians really think the people in this island are really stupid. Another minister with his entourage and enormous administrative cost, budget and employment of cronies to slurp from the public trough.Yes, another agenda filled ministerial circus to contend with. Aaaaaah boy, same old, same old . These guys really think that their s#!%* doesn’t stank.