Police call for witnesses to cyclist hit and run in June

| 13/08/2010

(CNS): Following revelations this week that one of their own patrol cars hit a cyclist this month, police are now calling on the public to help them find a hit and run driver who knocked over a cyclist on Eastern Avenue in George Town in June. No reports of this incident were made to the media at the time. Officers from the traffic department say that Mike Allen Jervis was hit at around 3am on Sunday 27 June and received serious head injuries. Police already have information from one witness, who says he saw two cars travelling on Eastern Avenue and heard a collision but was not sure which car hit the man on the bike. Police recovered a left side wing mirror at the scene, which they say belonged to a green Honda Sabre. (Picture courtesy of News27)

Police told News 27 that if anyone has seen a car like this with a missing mirror or knows anything about what happened that night to come forward and call PC Harris 946 6254. The victim was seriously injured in this hit and run and police say he is unable to speak to them.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps one could say "Pot looking for Kettle". I hope Mikey Jervis is improving.

  2. Joe Grinder says:

    This seems to be something Rod Serling would do.The accident  occurs , the cops know about it ,there is no report, the cops  wait a month and say they are looking for witnesses?EEE ooO ooO,music crescendo .Pause …Black and white screen, with windows flying bye ,flipped over sand dials .You have now entered the Twilight Zone.Now I would like to know is,do any of the reporters on the Island have a police scanner ? .I bought one on Amazon cheap

    • Real Tea says:

       Yes we do – been using them for over 20 years…

      But doubt you got one cheap to cover the bands they use…  Spend a little more, hear a LOT more…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t even remember what kind of car I had that long ago!!! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    The 27th of freeking june???!!!!!!!!!!! 

  5. Anonymous says:

    I heard Sandra Catron make a comment on the talk show this morning that made a lot of sense. Doesn’t the Licensing Dept. have the description of cars (including make/model #) in their database? Have they done and search and provided the RCIPS with a list? There cannot be that man on island that fit this description!

    Good point Sandra – thank God you’re a thinker. Common sense I tell ya!!

  6. Caymanian says:

    the RCIPS is overflowing with misconduct and corruption.

    only somenoe who is fresh to the islands will be naive enough to think otherwise.

    it is a testament to the moral fibre of caymanians that the crime rate has not become more serious than it is due to the abuses suffered by caymanians at the hands of what has been shown to be the most corrupt police force in the caribbean.

    • Anonymous says:

      We were robbed 4 times on Cayman.  I would have to say that they might be the most incompetent.  They even "lost" my personal articles they "took" for evidence! Next time I will take care of the robbers myself!

  7. Anonymous says:

    How many green Honda Sabre’s are there in Cayman? Seriously, could the RCIP not check on each vehicle to see if they have the damage or been repaired recently?

  8. Anonymous says:

    They are looking for witnesses a month and a half after the fact? Do they seriously expect anyone to believe they actually want to catch the perpetrator?

  9. 911 HELP says:

    Oh WOW and now you ask for HELP any body could replace a whole car much less a mirror in this time .WHEN will the police learn??????? You had the mirror from the morning of the accident you should had start asking and printing pictures from then or did it really take you all this long to figure out what kind of car it was.You move toooooo SLOW.Now if some one call and say we see some one smoking ONE GANJA SPLIFF you send out everything in the force armed and unarmed including the hellicopter to pick them up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This happened in June and now the police are calling for witnesses?

  11. Anon says:

    So the accident where someone sadly received serious head injuries happened on 27th June, and the RCIP are asking witnesses in the middle of August? How is this allowed to happen? The utter incompetence is staggering, I hope the family of this man get some answers from the Commissioner.