Crown witness told cops Samuels had a gun

| 06/09/2010

(CNS): The solicitor general called her last live witness in the murder trial of Brandon Leslie Ebanks, Osbourne Douglas and Patrick McField on Monday morning. Officer Dameion Maxwell told the court he had interviewed crown witness Marcus Manderson. When asked by defence counsel he confirmed that Manderson had told him Omar Samuels had a gun. Maxwell explained that after taking the statement about the night Samuels was shot he took Manderson home in the police car and it was then that he told him that the murdered man had a 44 but had not mentioned it in his statement. Maxwell told the court he understood that to be a gun.

Following the brief evidence and with no more witnesses to call to support its case Cheryl Richards QC, prosecuting counsel asked for an adjournment in order to finalize the admissions between crown and defence.
The areas where both sides agree certain issues relating to the case will be presented to the court tomorrow before the crown formally closes its case and makes way for the defence to answer. Although none of the defendants are obligated to call witnesses it is understood that several witnesses will be called on their behalf.
The trial will resume tomorrow morning (Tuesday 7 September) at 10am in Grand Court one.
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