Woman dies from injuries suffered in road hit

| 08/09/2010

(CNS): A 59-year-old woman died yesterday (Tuesday) in the US following an accident on Grand Cayman in April, the RCIPS has reported. Jane O’Neill from Massachusetts, who was visiting the island, was struck by two vehicles in West Bay Road on the 19 April just after 7:00 in the evening as she tried to cross the road by the Strand Shopping Centre. The victim received multiple injuries and was initially treated in the Critical Care Unit at the George Town Hospital. As the investigation has now changed status police are asking for any witnesses who were in the area to come forward. (Photo courtesy of News 27)

Following the accident, in which O’Neill was hit by one car and then reportedly knocked into the path of a second, was airlifted to Jacksonville Memorial Hospital in Florida for treatment. She was subsequently transferred to the Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston, where she passed away yesterday, Monday 6 September.

A 48-year-old man was arrested following the incident on suspicion of dangerous driving. He is currently on police bail. Police said enquiries into the incident are ongoing and have asked for further information from the public.

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  1. peter milburn says:

    Well it was bound to happen before too long but first of all my sympathy to the ladies family.Many of us have been saying for years now that since the bypass was built it should be used in a more efficient manner.The speed limit on the West Bay road especially in the built up areas MUST be changed and some sort of speed bumps MUST be added in crucial areas such as by the Westin,the Sunshine Suites The Hyatt area (but they should be using the over pass)The Ritz and the same here as well.If people complain TOUGH it is for the sake of our tourism and for the locals that cross in these areas and safety MUST come first.Most of the madness is carried out by some ( but not all) of the taxi buses.When someone stops to let someone cross they zoom down the middle lane and how someone else has not been killed is only a miracle.Most of the near misses seem to occur just before dusk and these areas(all of them)MUST have extra lighting and or flashing lites warning motorists appraching the area.Crossing here at night can be quite an adventure as well as I have seen folks dashing across to beat the traffic.

           Having said all this each hotel, condo and restuarants MUST also provide their guests with traffic information and make sure that look right look left markings are clearly indicated on the road side where they usually cross.The NRA can do so much but I think it would be good if the aforementioned properties would do their part to make sure their guests have a memorable vacation after all a few dollars spent now will mutiply 10 times over in the future.Remember folks SLOW down and be alert to your surroundings.

  2. nauticalone says:

    Very sad!

    And what’s even more sad is that if the Govt. (Police and NRA) and other powers that be, were proactive with road safety (proper lighting, crossings and "enforced" speed/safetly limits) including no cell phones and children/passengers properly seated, this type of accident would normally be much more avoidable.

    Instead they often blame the tourists/pedestrian for trying to cross the road (roads that have few if any properly marked crossings).

    And it’s not that the expertise is not here (just look at the very safe and properly marked crossing between the Glass House and Immigration)!

    I have personally asked both the Police and NRA (more than once from more than ten years ago) to upgrade (including reducing the speed limit) and install properly marked crossings along Seven Mile Beach Rd…considering the many pedestrians (mostly from USA and Canada who drive on the opposite side). Both parties have been unwilling to address this issue in any meaningful way.

    Now that someone has died a horrific death, "the Police and NRA are studying the issue".

    Why is itthat so many highly paid Civil Servants are so poor at doing their jobs?…Why does it nearly always take a death before meaningful action is taken?…Why?…

    And please don’t come with the often used local versus expat blame game. I have had/seen this same response from both sides!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to the family of the deceased..  It makes me sick to think that she lost her life in such a senseless way in my country. I am so sorry for your suffering. Unfortunately, nothing will change.  Our roads are filled with ignorant and dangerous drivers and some of us shake our heads every day and wonder how they are allowed to operate a vehicle.   

  4. Anonymous says:

    When are the promised changes coming to the speed limit on West Bay road?? After the next Death?  Or before??

    We can pass planning laws in a hurry.  But then they line the pockets of the rich  which is more important than lives.

    It needs to happen NOW!! Government needs to act like someones life depends on it.  It did and still does.

  5. Anonymous says:

    People dont serve proper sentences for road deaths here!!! There have been road deaths and the suspects have served less than a year in prison!What is that???? Seriously!! Try that in the states…..NEVER! I know we can’t compare places, but there are suspects that were wrong and nothing never happened! Its beyond RIDICULOUS! On top of that….those suspects that served barely anything…if it was a member of their family that was hurt, killed etc…Im pretty sure they would not be fine with the responsible person serving their sentence. I hate to say it like this…but it really sounds like if you are going to hit someone down and kill them….Cayman is the place to do it! I hate to know that there are other countries that operate this way!

    • Pending says:

      That is true, ther are 2 ways to kill someone in Cayman whereby you stand a very good chance of getting off scott-free;

      1) with a car

      2) if they come onto your property

      • Anonymous says:

        ummmm, a third way….with a GUN! Look at all the unsolved murders here in Cayman.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh – so now it is worth investigating properly MONTHS later! I guess mangling a tourist was not worth it, but now we know it killed her, we are asking for witnesses!

  7. Anonymous says:

    maybe its me but i can’t remember the last time someone was convicted over a road death…….

    maybe no-one cares…hence the lack of comments…..

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is so unfortunate…..I have been saying for years  that the street lighting on the West Bay road is deplorable,this our tourist strip and at night when you drive down from K.F.C to the Governors residence there are so many unlit areas where there are no lights on the poles or they are not working. Year after year I keep hearing of people being struck by vehicles in this said area and it has been in poorly  illuminated areas….maybe this is not the prodominating factor but its worth looking into.   

  9. Anonymous says:

     Is this the lady that was hit by two vehicles?

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this a poster that reads the news, but doesn’t read the news?

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you read the article?

      • Anonymous says:

        And you clicked to just say that?  

        Sorry, but I was tired last night so I didn’t see the part about the cars.