Bermuda back in business as power restored

| 21/09/2010

(Royal Gazette): A "thankful, grateful" Bermuda will be back in business today — with flights and public transport running and most homes with power — after Hurricane Igor proved far less devastating than predicted. The 100 mph winds and torrential rain that lashed the Island on Sunday evening caused only minor injuries to a few, according to the authorities, and did not wreak disastrous damage, as feared. Public Safety Minister David Burch said yesterday that Bermuda seemed to have "dodged a bullet in a significant way". Igor — which weathermen warned could batter Bermuda with winds as fierce as Hurricane Fabian in 2003 — ended up being much less intense than feared.

But the weekend was not without drama or mishap, as boats were torn from their moorings and sent crashing onto the rocks, homes flooded, a utility pole crashed on a roof, trees and branches flew through the air and Bermuda Regiment soldiers carried out at least two rescue missions.

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