Bush tells UN to include CI

| 25/09/2010

(CNS): The Cayman Islands premier has told the United Nations to include Associate Members such as the Cayman Islands in regional assistance programmes and recommended making islands more competitive as the focus of the next stage of the Mauritius Strategy. Bush was speaking at the roundtable for the High-level Review Meeting on Implementation of the Mauritius Strategy in New York on Friday afternoon when hesaid islands such as Cayman were being left out of assistance programmes because of political or constitutional reasons. “The Mauritius Strategy for the Caribbean cannot be fully implemented if some islands are excluded on political or constitutional grounds. We are just as vulnerable to hurricanes, earthquakes and sea level rise as our neighbours,” Bush said.

The Mauritius Strategy is a programme of action for the sustainable development of small island developing states (SIDS). The meeting was opened by Ban Ki-moon on Friday morning when he spoke about the vulnerabilities small island developing states face unique as a result of their small size, isolation, narrow resource base, limitations on economies of scale, and high exposure to global environmental threats.

Bush was asked to speak at the invitation of the co-chair of the roundtable the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves, according to a release from the office of the premier’s press secretary.
The CI premier told delegates that the Cayman Islands Government is committed to sustainable development and supports the implementation of the Mauritius Strategy for the Caribbean. But he said additional factors that must be taken into account included the point that much of the Caribbean is still recovering from recession and Associate Member Countries of the UN, which includes the Cayman Islands have not been eligible for most of the regional assistance programmes.
While he said it is important to address the issue of vulnerability in small islands Bush criticised the historical basis for some of the relationships of members.  “We need to move away from relationships based on post-colonial guilt, and trade preferences that has the unintended effect of discouraging diversification and prolonging dependency. We need a new relationship between partners, based on mutual interests and shared benefits,” he added.
The Premier told the UN roundtable that the Cayman Islands had developed a strong financial services sector and was placing great importance on growing the county’s small business sector and encouraging entrepreneurship. “We are committed to increasing efficiency and driving down the cost government,” he also told the UN, the release revealed.
Bush also told the roundtable that the next stage of the Mauritius Strategy should focus on making islands more competitive. “We believe this is the best way to achieve the goals of the Mauritius Strategy,” he said.
During his opening address Ban had pointed to the problems faced by SIDS and thenegative impacts on the fishing and tourism industries, loss of biodiversity, saltwater intrusion and degradation of terrestrial and wetland habitats and destruction of human settlements. He said SIDS still lack sufficient access to financing for the dramatic changes they need to make, such as achieving the range of anti-poverty targets contained in the Millennium Development Goals and to deal with external shocks.
“In view of their small size and limited capacity, we need to simplify and streamline financing mechanisms especially during and after natural disasters – such as the one we saw in Haiti,” Ban said.
The review processes at national and regional levels have emphasized the need for SIDS to mainstream climate change adaptation plans into national development strategies, he added. They also need increased access to low-carbon technologies and technology transfer initiatives, and improved data collection and information systems to facilitate informed decision making.
Following his appearance on the UN stage Bush continues his latest international tour this weekend when he travels to Singapore where he leads a Cayman Islands delegation to the OECD Global Forum. The Cayman Islands sits on the OECD Steering Committee.
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  1. Sam says:

    Let’s hope that action follow words and this country updates it building code from 1999 out of print to the new International code and with this the up to date energy code. This requires a new law to change the building regulations but as we have had 3 updates this year of  the planning law to raise government income I sure it  is no bother to get the code changed as well this year.

    Otherwise we will see the flooding of today much more as our deep well capacity is reduced with rising sea levels and then the sh.twill really hit the fan or streets. 

  2. sandra says:

    Mac is doing a fine job!


    • Anonymous says:

      I just hope we don’t get rear-ended into paying carbon taxes like many others.  This seems to be one of the main things the UN wants to implement in exchange for "support".


      ooo! my captcha says 5h!t Ha!

  3. Anonymouse says:

    I heard somewhere recently that Mack had plans to solve our problems in three months.

    I never thought going to the UN with a tea cup in hand was how he planned to do it.

    I just wish he would change his beverage to one that dont cause hallucinations.

  4. Richard Wadd says:

     “We are committed to increasing efficiency and driving down the costgovernment”

     Actions speak louder than words Mac, what happened to that ‘Pay-cut’ that you spoke of?

     The only people suffering for Govt’s mismanagement are those of us in the private sector, while those in the Civil Service continue to to reap great reward for minimal effort. 


  5. CSI says:

    Since when is Mac, "…committed to sustainable development…"?  I’m not so sure he could tell you what it is, or even spell it, much less be committed to it.  What a joke. 

    • jahdread says:

      Boy there are a lot of people in these ya islands that na go noting better to do than criticize and spew out hatred and discord.  why dont  ya put all that hatred and anger towards helping out our children and indigent in the community by volunteering your time.  MAybe by doing so ypu will help to improve this community.  Take on the challenge folks you will find thta it will make all of ya nay sayers better persons.


      Peace and Good will to ALL.

      • CSI says:

        Jahdread, you have misinterpreted in and read far too much into the comment.  It’s not about "hatred and discourse", it’s about pointing out the stark discrepancy between the Premier’s words and actions where environment is concerned.  Here’s an example (one of many).  See the link below for quotes such as:

        "The development of cruise berth facilities will not be held up by an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the Leader of government business has revealed."

        "…he said.  ‘We can’t wait for these studies.’ "

        " ‘We can’t listen to the yappers,’ he said."


        Do these sound like the comments of somebody who is committed to sustainable development?  He has demonstrated a flagrant disregard for environment in favor of development on numerous occasions.  The current environment minister rarely makes a public statement about environment.  Nonetheless, this is an improvement.  In Mr. Bush’s previous stint as LoGB, he served as Minister of both environment and tourism – two portfolios that by their very nature often have conflicting agendas.

        I’m not sure how it’s relevant, but for the record I have lived on the island for many years and volunteered my time in many ways including youth sports, environmental activities, service clubs, and education.  In addition I have donated money to support various youth activities and other charities.  I have no idea what sort of volunteer activities or financial donations you may be involved with, so rather than carelessly speculating I will let you answer for yourself.


    • Wait AMinute says:

      Wait a minute,

      Is this the same Premier that during hurricane Paloma or Ivan would not publicise the devastation of the Cayman Islands hurricane disaster? That  he had blocked the Cayman Islands from receiving aide from the U.S. and other neighboring countries. He told them all everything was fine!

      I’m shocked that this man was not only elected to office again, but I’m even more shocked to hear this coming from Mr. Bush’s mouth that he NOW IS INTERESTED IN GETTING AIDE FOR THE CAYMAN ISLANDS !!?

      There’s more to this. What is he doing this in exchange for?

      Remember, nothing is for nothing, its going to cost us something. What are we going to have to give up.  This should not be just an announcement he should have spoken to the people about this before speaking on our behalf.

      Most likely we’re going to lose something if not shy the secrecy of making such a committment and then tell us about it.


    • Anonymous says:

      That reminds me of an old joke, and probably true story, about a taxi driver named Bush from West Bay. The story went something like this:

      Old Tourist: "How do you spell BREADFRUIT?"

      Bush1: "We don’t spell ’em, we eat ’em".

      Now fast-forward 30 years to the present.

      New Tourist: "How do you spell ENVIRONMENT?".

      Bush2: "We don’t spell it, we destroy it".

  6. observer says:

    The United Nations is the resurrected "League of Nations" which is nothing more than a scam to force government and policies on all nations of this world.

    Just take a look at the latest crackpot thing to come out of the UN.


    We do not need the UN, we do not want their money and nor do we need McKeeva Bush kissing up to them like he is some kind of important indivdual.

    You drag us into the UN because you are owned. It is the path to disaster. We do not want the UN.

  7. Iamnotapirate says:

    Beggars Beg.  If Cayman wanted something different for a representative to the world they should have found one and voted him or her in.

    In return for aid the developed countries of the world will want Cayman to have its Civil rights in place and working.  Not  going to happen soon.  Telling the world something is not like telling the Cayman people something.  The world will need proof and honesty.  Are the Cayman people (all of them) ready to give up their right to not follow the laws (all of them)?  Are they (all of them) ready to be actually held accountable for their actions?  The headline stories in the papers say not even close.  Better to just beg and steal from your own people and the people that bring in money to Cayman. P.S. I am still waiting for my job offer to get into civil service.  Please reach me at Iamnotapirate.com

  8. John Evans says:

    "The CI premier told delegates that the Cayman Islands Government is committed to sustainable development and supports the implementation of the Mauritius Strategy for the Caribbean."

    Well check out –


    – and (if you can wade through the buzzwords) see what you think, particularly Section VIII.

    There is a lot in the document that looks like pure gibberish but buried in the garbage are some potentially sound principles.

  9. Anonymous says:

     Thank God he listened to his speech writer.

    • Wait AMinute says:

      Getting a handout from the the UN. My bible tells me that

      "The rich rule over the poor and that


      Proverbs Chapter 22 verse 7.


      We are already living out  the first part as the politicians have been sitting into the back pockets of the rich allowing themselves first to be ruled by them and then the poor to be ruled by the rich.

  10. Rabble Rouser says:

    Any place that there might be a handout, Mac is there. Salary, pension, allowances, utilities paid, christmas lights, etc; yes please I’ll take more if you’re offering.

    There  are millions of people in Haiti living in tents and Mac has the gall to go begging money from the UN. I am ashamed of his disgusting behavior.

  11. Fook Me says:

     UN tells CI to FU?

    What the Mac?  Talk about a fookin cheek…


  12. Anonymous says:

    Am i seeing correctly!  Cayman begging aid just like the other Caribbean islands! my, my how things have changed

    Hope that the Cayman Islands will be treated equally like the other islands prior to getting the aid. This world is not a free ride. People in the other islands pay taxes and suffer more hardships hence the need for aid. Equality if aid is been requested

  13. Poppie says:

    Dear UN,

    Can we have our cake and eat it please?  Just don’t ask about income tax.  When I said we can’t afford things, I meant we can’t afford them because we are entitled to never pay income tax. . . . .

  14. rectus femoris says:

     I’m confused, Bush repeatedly seeks out advice and guidance from right-wing loonies in the US, but then he wants a closer relationship with the United Nations.

    Doesn’t he know that, according to his chosen American friends, the UN is an evil/incompetent organization hellbent on turning the world communist, promoting the lie of climate change, and erasing religion? 

    Seems contradictory. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is it that every move the Premier make some people on this site find a negative remark to make? Cayman must look to the future . You can’t go back to the old days  now. There is no more National Bulk Carrier , or Rope making, or  turtling industries . Wait and watch how things will work out no? Moses told the Children of Israel at the red Sea when they were being cornered by Pharoah and his Army, "Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord that He will do before your eyes  this day." I often wonder if some people have a hidden agenda for their post on this site . Be objective and balance no? I dont’t agree with everything the Premier does but , then what? He is the Premier for all Cayman Island and if he messes up we will vote him out.And this thing about Communism , no country , let alone the United Nations can force Communism on any other country.The Un is about mutual respect for the Soverignty of its members. Any way it must be only Chavez clamouring about that Ideology today. Capitalism share some very bad points with Communism one being the big business, the rich and powerful prosper while the workrs struggles and get poorer, So they are both extremes on different sides.Right now in this territory we don’t even have a minimum wage while some people are taking home $14,000 per month.

      Lets give him a chance If we "tie his hands" in this 4 year term ,and ,with the world recession and the resulting unemployment and down turn in Tourism and Banking, we won’t get anywhere, and If another person succeed him, he won’t have anything to work with and we will be worse off. Talk about aship sinking with all of us on board would be an under statement.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you. Not only are we sinking the ship, we are suffocating the captain every time he tries to steer us out.

      • ex-pat Eric says:

        Who is this Moses to which you refer and what does he have to do with the UN?

        SIDS concerns "small developing island states". This applies more to Dominica or other small nations that are not a WORLD FINANCIAL CENTER.

        Stop asking for hand-outs.

        I love this statement:

        “We are committed to increasing efficiency and driving down the cost government,” he also told the UN, the release revealed.

        What a crock of sh*t!  He couldn’t give a hoot about fiscal responsibility, especially when it means a cut in his take home pay!

        • Anonymous says:

          ex-pat Eric – Moses is the President of the U.N.

          Have you not read the U.N. Bible?

      • Anonymous says:

        "Talk about a ship sinking with all of us on board would be an under statement."

        Remember that on the good ship Cayman, the life boats are for the first class passengers only.


  15. Anonymous says:

    I am not, and have never been a supporter of Big Mac – Smaller Mac – Bigger again Mac – (or any political party in fact ), but I give credit where credit is deserved.

    Mac’s statement at this forum is Statesman like.

     “We need to move away from relationships based on post-colonial guilt, and trade preferences that has the unintended effect of discouraging diversification and prolonging dependency. We need a new relationship between partners, based on mutual interests and shared benefits,”

    So we need to accept that everything he says and does is not necessarily bad.

    As for our Premier’s educational level – I have always been aware that he is an extremely well read person – even more so than most MBA’s.


    • McKeewa says:

      Or that someone in his staff is able to write a prepared speech. Compare his oratory abilities in that regard to the times when he is "spontaneous…"

      It’s quite clear any eloquence isn’t his own, so kudos to his writer!

      • Anonymous says:

         Just like Obama… he’s useless without his teleprompter, so what’s your point?

        • Anonymous says:

          Nonsense. Obama is a highly educated man with great oratorical and literary ability.

        • Anonymous says:

          So, you are comparing a Columbia University and Harvard educated lawyer and President of the Harvard Law Review to a uneducated drop-out? All politicians use teleprompters if they have access to them – that isn’t news. Hey – broaden your surroundings and read and watch something other than the mainstream American news media for a change. You may actually learn telepromters were used by all the other U.S. Presidents since they have been around. Um, excuse me, your ignorance is showing.

    • Anonymous says:

      yah, ok, uh huh…right.  big mac/little mac came up with that little jingle, right?  is that what you want us to believe?  big mac can’t tie his own shoe laces let alone say something that makes sense, so nope, don’t buy it for a second.

      • Pauly Cicero says:

        The point is that Cayman has said it. If you do not ask you will not receive. If you are given a seat at the grown folks’ table make use of it. Let the world know where Cayman stands in the global scheme. When disaster strikes or the E20 tries to flush us down the toilet or any of the other crap gets thrown our way, let the world know that we bleed blood, not money. If Mac did not write his speech I am damn glad someone did.