Kurt says Mac has no plan

| 29/09/2010

(CNS): The government does not have any real plans to improve the country’s economic fortunes and “is floundering hopelessly” as it tries to work out what to do, the opposition leader told the country on Wednesday night. In response to a recent address to the nation by Premier McKeeva Bush, the leader of the opposition, Kurt Tibbetts, says that despite the premier’s globe trotting endeavours he had achieved little in his 500 days in office and the country’s fortunes have continued to decline under the new administration. Speaking on Radio Cayman and Cayman 27 the PPM leader said the premier has not put forward one meaningful solution to stimulate the economy since he was elected

In his own address to the country the opposition leader referred to the premier’s extensive travel since taking office on a number of occasions as well as the failure of the wining and dining of international leaders to woo any new investors or millionaire residents to the islands.
Criticising the hikes in fees Tibbetts spoke a lot about the proclamations that the premier has made consistently since coming to office that have not led to anything concrete.
Tibbetts said that after two budgets and two -soon to be three- world tours to promote and encourage inward investment the government cannot point to one economic success story or one tangible project that has started since it took office the opposition leader said.
In his statement he claimed that there was nothing of substance in the premier’s address earlier this month, to reassure the people.  “The country’s economy cannot prosper on a diet of the Premier’s rhetoric and travel stories,” Tibbetts said of the current government statements and rhetoric. 
Pointing to the premier’s announced 11 point plan Tibbetts said it would be fine if he had just been elected but his government has been in office for nearly a year and a half, delivered 2 budgets, numerous policy statements and conducted various reviews and reports.
“A full year ago government announced a National Planning Initiative and the appointment of two strategic advisors who would prepare a plan dealing with the physical, social, cultural and economic development of the country. What has happened to that plan?” Tibbetts asked. “We haven’t heard a word about it since the grand announcement 12 months ago.”
He also pointed to what the PPM have called ill conceived and hastily drafted legislation affecting the financial services sector, saying that some of the changes to laws have raised very serious concerns in the financial industry which are also adding to the wider problems caused by the extensive increases in fees and duties which Tibbetts says are crippling the local economy.
“What must be considered at this point are not so much the most recent promises and rhetoric of the Premier, most of which we have heard before, but the effect of the measures which have been taken by the government since it took office 16 months ago to alleviate the impact of the recession on Cayman, its people and businesses,” he said. “We must ask: Have the actions of the government actually improved life for the people who live, work and invest here? This is the question which must be answered in evaluating the performance of the government over the past 16 months. “
The issue of immigration, Tibbetts said was not the reason behind Cayman’s economic misfortunes. He also noted that the previous government had closely examined the length of the break in stay and were advised that 12 months was the safest minimum period.
“We considered reducing the break to six months but were advised against it because of concerns that such a short break, if challenged, might not be considered by a court to have broken the individual’s legal and ordinary residence in this jurisdiction.  We are perplexed as to how the Premier can announce that advice from the United Kingdom says that we can make the break following roll-over as limited as we want in our legislation and I call on him to make that advice public,” Tibbetts said.
 He pointed out that in 2003 the premier insisted that two years was the minimum break but today the government advisors are purported to be giving completely different advice.
Tibbetts cautioned acting on the adviceparticularly in light of a recent report by the UK Parliament advocating the right to vote should be given not just to citizens of Overseas Territories but the residents as well. 
Given the failure of current policies to help stimulate the local economy or assist the flagging financial and tourism sectors Tibbetts posed the question of what the government has been doing since it was elected 500 days ago.
The opposition leader called on the current government to roll back hikes in license fees and other taxes to relieve small businesses as well as the financial services sector and give an undertaking that there will be no further increases during this term. Tibbetts also said government should introduce tax breaks and incentives to rejuvenate small businesses.
He asked government to get public spending under control, publish the plan on how the administration intends to do it and convince investors and the Cayman public that it is realistic. When it comes to immigration Tibbetts said the government’s review of the immigration laws and policies should be done openly with full disclosure of legal advice and not behind closed doors.
The opposition address was transmitted on Radio Cayman Wednesday evening 29 September after the 7 pm news and again after the 10 pm news. It was also broadcast on CITN (channel 27) at 8pm on Wednesday. It will also be aired on Cayman 27 again on Thursday morning at 8:00 am and evening at 8:00pm.
The leader of the opposition’s full speech.
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  1. Just Wonderin' says:

    Holy Heaven! You must be joking, right Kurt?  The only time you have ever have a concise and viable plan of action is when you enter a buffet line. Not saying that you are not correct about Big Mac’s lack of ability to map out a course. He can barely find his way out his shoes when he comes home in the evening.

    But, hey Kurt… even youmust admit that the pot called the kettle black this time.

    And you obviously do not know the islands too well either, ol’ buddy. You say: "The country’s economy cannot prosper on a diet of the Premier’s rhetoric and travel stories" Probaby true. But the voters of the Cayman Islands just love BS! (I mean they elected you , didn’t they?) Gee, Kurt, when you are on a roll, you can provide enough meaningless rhetoric to put entire continents to sleep.

    You think Big Mac got elected on the merits of his record or his ability to lead, or wha’? Truth is, the voters of the Cayman Island have not elected a true leader-statesman in only-God-knows-how-long.

    Caymanians would not know a true leader if he fell from the sky and landed on them in the voting booth.

    Neither the PPM nor the UDP exhibit any evidence of leadership ability. But come hell or high water fools will cast their votes for these parties’ candidates come next election. Juss wait an’ see!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Both governments are Horrible for the Cayman economy.  All the politicians in both parties have moved too slowly. They could have recognized the global avalanche coming towards us and started building a runway extension for heavy planes which would bring visitors and incentivise developers to build hotels and ancilliary buildings. An immediate addition of 3000 feet of asphalt after Mac’s victory would have helped immeasurably and we would have begun to see the benefits this season with more heavy planes, more infrastructure, an additional FBO, fuel and maintentance facilities.  Instead the leaders dithered, the airport stalled, the cruise-port has not started and we are no further ahead.

    As an investor here, I can tell you exactly what is going to happen next. In May/June of 2011 the government will go broke again..  all but the fools leading us will have seen it coming. The borrowed money from last year will have been spent on salaries for a bloated civil service, all to postpone the day of reckoning by one year. Less cruise ships are are going to come next season, bringing less spenders and less imports to be taxed. Hedge funds, small businesses and the people behind them are leaving, shrinking the size of classes at schools (anyone with kids can see that), adding more vacancy signs to the homes and storefronts these people used to occupy. The selection at our grocery storesis getting smaller because those business owners can see the shrinking.

    There are no direct taxes here, so I sort of let the leaders take the trips and screw things up and don’t really pay them much attention.  It’s all just a side-show to me.  But if the clownery on the side-show sets the main-stage on fire in the form of bankrupting the government again, and the remedy then is direct taxation (Income tax, head tax or something like that) then I am selling the house short (like 50% off) folding my businesses, cutting my losses and moving to Bermuda, Barbados, Bahamas or Monaco.  Haters:  before you shout that down saying "don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out" consider that we employ 7 (higher earning) caymanians and expats directly.  We are very generous with staff and I am certain these folks could not find these jobs with this kind of pay here again. I would love to keep them and would love to stay, but taxes are truly (as Kim Lund wisely once said) "The kiss of death" for the Cayman Islands. I am just a person with the audacity to say aloud what the rest are thinking. If taxes come in next year and all like us leave, then there will be a gigantic smoking hole where the economy here used to be. To die of dehydration you only need to lose 10% of your water even though we are all 85% water

    My message is, hold your leaders to account.  Tell them taxes are not an option..  not now and not next year when their lack of planning and action catches up with them again.

    • tommy says:


      Sounds scary, I am so scared that your thinking of packing up and leaving us… my tweet ;o)

      But the two parties, UDP and PPM will survive without you!  Mark my words! They don’t need people like you to invest and flash their money, because the same folk who elected them in once, will over and over and over and over and over again put them back into power.

      The rest of Cayman, you know, those folk struggling with the bills, are going to feel the effects, but not them with the high salary and backroom deals!

      And please… don’t you think that for one moment the UK’s FCO means us well. They too are in it for all they can get out of the harding working people in Cayman. You may soon hear full British rule!

      And don’t cry that we have lost our democracy – THANKS TO OUR FLIMSY CONSTITUTION, WE NEVER HAD ONE! 

    • Anonymous says:

      For once I agree with my husband.  We have traveled extensively and every small country or up-and-coming location we visit, which has expanded their airport, has ultimately benefited through increased investment which follows. We have seen it nearly everywhere.  An airport is the modern equivalent to a freeway off-ramp – even more so on an island nation. If I were a Caymanian and I cared about the future of this Country for my children,  I would build the runway extension as if the Country’s very survival depended on it.  At this late juncture, it very well may.

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh please! kurt tibbetts needs to sit he r@ss down! who is he to say what the other party doing from what they’re not doing! ATleast they making more PROGRESS than when tibbetts was in charge.

  4. Fire Ant says:

    Kurt is not what he pretends to be. When he was leader of our government he failed in so many areas I don’t know where to begin. One glairing issue that he never even made a move on was passing a law that would stop any head of government from giving favorable treatment such as reducing duties to any special business without a vote. Making duties uniformly applyed was not even proposed by Kurt which says a lot.

  5. Joe Average says:

    Running a country is way over the heads of both of these clowns obviously, but when you speak about changing the tag-team system:  Who is going to change it?? 

    Exactly.  The fog is clearing.

    Are we still dumbed-down enough to believe someone is going to have an epiphany?  Or that someone is going to say "We’re real sorry we apologize but we can’t keep up this facade any longer."  The problem with politics and I mean politics anywhere is we are dependent on the same people who are abusing democracy and us to alter that abuse. 

    And their behaviour. 

    By any definition this is a co-dependent relationship.  By voting for the same jokers or in Obama’s case altered versions of the same jokers we are enabling.  One of the symptoms of co-dependent and abusive relationships are constant promises to change.  The abused believe it and keep allowing "one more chance" out of fear.  They don’t want the relationship to end and eventually begin to believe it is somehow their fault.  In the case of politics and politicans we are never directly to blame but there is always some other cause pointed to.  This diverts our attention away from the real issue…

    The people who are pointing out our problems and promising to change them… are the one’s causing them!

    It’s time we ended this relationship and moved onto a more mature system of representation.



  6. Accountant says:

    Mac and Kurt sit down at the same table whilst everyone looks on in division. Kurt cleverly opposes Mac to his face, BUT HIDDEN UNDER THE TABLE, HE SHAKES HANDS WITH HIM!

    All for the Almighty Dollar – HOW MUCH THEY CAN TAKE FROM US!

    The Two Party system is a disgrace!

    That is why they ALL refrained from CUTTING their own salaries 10 to 30%, and the reason why Kurt is so quiet on the perks and bonuses bestowed on the office of Premier.


    I say this with no apology.

    The party system can not and will not represent the Cayman Islands! There are just not enough parties in power to do so!

  7. Tony says:

    Thank you Chuckie.  You hit this guy’s XXX so hard, he is now talking like a real Leader of the Opposition.  He waits until things fall on his lap. He should be more asertive and aggressive in representing the people of the country in the LA and against the anti democratic antiques of the Premier.  Chuckie really got this man to work for the fat salary he is getting from the people of this country and I genuinely hope he will continue with his newly found vigor and fighting spirit.  We will watch you sir……..


  8. there goes the neighborhood says:

    Mac may not have a plan for the country but he does have a pan for himself.  If you will remember the "Great Wall of West Bay" that he "turned down" (after the public embarrassment by contributors   here on CNS about the cost to the public).  Well now it has morphed into "The Great Fence of West Bay"  a ten foot high chain link fence around his "compound" in the Boultin’s area.  (How many of those you you see the CPA aproving for residential area?)

    I certainly hope it will not have those ugly green industrial looking slats or netting on it.    If it does he will effectively make the neighborhood look like Industrial Park. 

    A fence that high is going to be a public eyesore for the area. It would be nice if he used the green vinyl coated fencing to mitigate the negative visual impact of it but that would take concern for others and I doubt it will happen.  This can’t be good for the adjoining property owners property values.

    Of course the people in the neighborhood were not asked for their input on this plan, consulting  with  the public is not a thing that Mac is big on.

    Once again personal gain above the real concerns of the people.







  9. Jonathan says:

    There is no doubt that the two party system in it’s present form has been deleterious to the country as a whole.  That being said there is also something to be said about the quality of individuals in any system of governance.  The culture ofcorruption in the Cayman Islands is real and it has to be addresssed otherwise there is no hope because it is sucking the country dry.  Anyone in a position of leadership/power is to be held to a much higher standard than others due to the responsibility bestowed upon that individual.  This rings true wether it is a politician, policeman or a preacher.   This has certainly not happened in Cayman and it is one of the biggest factors in the downfall of the quality of life we have encountered in Cayman.  First of all the implementation of term limits are a dire necessity that were needed a long time ago and are needed even more today.

    We can discuss crime but if the example so obviously evident at the top of the structure of our society is seen as unethical and greedy then it is not hard to correlate that type of behaviour/mentality being spread into the general populace by simple imitation.  These issues that everyone knows about but most are scared or unwilling to talk about need to be brought into the sunlight and exposed for what it really is.  As sunlight is a great sanitizer it is at this point in our country’s history extremely necessary otherwise the underlying reasons for these problems will continue to fester and worsen the longer it is ignored or allowed to continue.

    If even the leadership in the highest levels of leadership are not truly taken to task for their dealings and their decisions then why is anyone surprised when the same type of lack of ethics is personified within the general populace.  There is an acceptance by many in the way that this country is administered wether it be by complicity or not and if that does not change then the future for the Cayman Islands will be as dark as the dealings which got us all in the situation we collectively find ourselves in today.

    Secondly, the outright prostitution of this country to the highest bidder has to stop.  The increasingly visible buying of votes is one of the most heinous and anti democratic actions possible and it is publicly practiced.  The consequences for these actions at the national level have to be exposed for what they truly are and the punishment has to fit the crime.  The higher the level of responsibility retained by an individual means the same level of consequence should be suffered by one who abuses the position.  

    If there is to be any hope of the Cayman Islands climbing out of the increasingly deep mire we find ourselves in today and the various issues associated with our troubles then it needs to be from the top down.  If one cannot be a member of the LA and not do the job purely from the perspective of love of country and devotion to the goal of good governance then one is not worthy of even being allowed to step foot in said building.  The positions of leadership in the Cayman Islands are a privelege and if one uses it as a means of furthering one’s own business interests and personal accumulation of wealth then one is worthy of nothing but to be struck down and never again allowed to return to said position.

    There is no doubt that new blood is direly needed in the top positions of our government but it must be accompanied with the implementation of term limits.  With that being said the jumping from the frying pan into the fire is a reality which needs to be avoided.  Let us just remember who put us in the frying pan in the first place.  The electorate of this country holds a massive amount of responsibility for what is happening here and if one votes in exchange for these personal favours then that person is one who has sold his/her country and her people up the river for short term gain.  How can one expect the elected leader to not do the same thing again and again at the expense of the country collectively?  Above all else is the sanctity of the good governance of this country and the influences of both internal and external corruption are the enemies of those who love this country and want the best for it.  You cannot have it both ways. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    When will Caymanians understand that professionals are necessary for success.

    Not professional Caymanians.

    Sure let a Caymanian lead but he/she needs to be smart enough, moral enough,and most of all humble enough to take advice, follow the advice and implement strategies that come from PROFFESSIIONALS!

    And the obvious answer is when everthing else has failed.

    So now we wait.  Soon come.

  11. hildgoodass says:

    UDP and PPM under Bush and Tibbetts, is what’s causing our economic problems!  I just wish the voters wake and see they are being bambozzled by two parties that are not really opposing each other, but pretty much have the same damaging policies whilst they live off their big pay checks each month.

    This 2 party system is just a total shame. And what does it do for our democracy when we see the same faces every election? Where is the limitless pool of choice?

    God help us

  12. Anonymous says:

    while everyone blames each other and does nothing the criminals go on as per normal, looks like they the only ones with a plan. what a disgrace this place is turning into, for gods sake do something and stop bickering like children.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Kurt says Mac has no Plan…

    Whilst all of Cayman says Kurt AND Mac has no Plan!

    The dumb ones are caught between the parties, still undecided which one to follow. The wise ones are looking on both parties with digust.

    • Wally says:

      What a joke the "master of no plans" except for borrowing and spending claims Mac has no plans.

      Where did Kurts plans get us?

      Guess everyone is a fool, wait we have another surprise for you in Georgetown next election

  14. Cat says:

    I have the solution to Kurt & Mackeeva’s problem!!!

    The boxing Association should host another Ameteur Boxing tournament for Mac vs Kurt orUDP vs PPM, pay the "LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE" guy  to come back down and host it and all funds go to raising money for the government! They could get some sponsors, like Michael Ryan who could sponsor 6 million,maybe Dart and a few other high rollers! Come on this is the answer, just make them fightit out once and for all!

    Trust me, I would pay to see that and that would probably make millions for the government! Who wouldn’t want to see that! I’m sure people around the world would pay to see such irrestable event!!It would be hilarious! I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

    All they are doing is being rebellious to eachother and spiteful. They’ve been behaving like children for years. It’s all about the ego people and their tit for tat games, but what they seem to forget while they play these games safely behind the legislative assembly doors is that it has to do with us! What they do affect us!Why do they just stop and get it off their chests and tell us how they really feel about eachother.

    If one says don’t do it, the other will say I’m gonna do it just because you said not to. Can’t you see that this is happening? They just don’t want to listen to eachother and they always think they are right and further more they are only gonna move if they want to.



  15. "Miss Chief Maker" says:

    It makes no sense Kurt getting on here and bad mouthing McKeeva.  We as a people are more than aware that Cayman is BROKE BROKE BROKE.

    It will only take a miracle to make things better.  The reality being as Leaders of a nation, they should have banded together, coming up with solutions to making the country better.  Instead they get in each others faces, calling each other names, like kids in a school yard brawl. 

    When will these two realise that all they’ve ever done is cause hurt to their own people.  Our elderly and many fearless politicians have spent a lifetime, building Cayman to where it is today.  

    I remember the days of Ms. Annie Huldah Bodden.  She was a no-nonsense person, and stood up for what she believed in.  It’s persons like herself, Mr. Vassel and many other well respected persons that helped to shape this country over the years.  McKeeva and Kurt you both need guidance in order to see this country move forward.   Stop playing the BLAME GAME!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Kurt did not bad mouth Mckewa, he simply told the people that Mckewa & the udp have failed the people & do not have a plan. That is not bad mouthing anyone, but we do wish Kurt would try bad mouth Mckewa & give him a taste of his dirty medicine because "what is good for the goose is good for the gander" & Mckewa needs to take what he gives (the only difference is that we know that where Kurt can take the mouthing like a man Mckewa can’t handle it, he cries boo-hoo like a baby. 

    • Anonymous says:

      When will they realize?  Never. They lack the ability.  When will the people of Cayman realize they don’t care.  Same answer.

    • kissmebackfoot says:

      lol… sorry… there will always be a DIVIDE with having a party system. Mac and Kurt very well knew this would happen – when one wins an election, the other one benefits be being opposition, and so on…

      Money and limiting people’s choices of candidates is the thing!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Kurt is just validating Chuckie’s comments…….the opposition isn’t aggressively opposing the Government on things that they should oppose them on……why should it take Kurt 2 weeks before he could respond to Mac ??

    Oh the real Leader was in London….Lol. Why don’t he step up to the plate and take over the Leadership so we can have more of the same…….can’t wait 🙂

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m so thoroughly sick and tired of all this unending bickering and personal stuff. Is this the future for Cayman? The old system of consensus – with all its shortcomings – was far superior to this party system This is an improvement?  And, please, cut the nonsense about there always being parties here. This set up/disaster is unprecedented, as anyone with half a brain can see. There are some who blithly explain that the party system is by its very nature confrontational, so what’s the problem? Well, actually, the problem is that Cayman is too small for it, and most people loath it, as a recent Compass survey seemed to indicate. The party system was foisted on the Caymanian people, be honest now. Quit the denial bit, please!

  18. Live Free.... says:

    I read many comments on here stating that PPM didn’t brought any solutions to the problems we are facing here in Cayman, they have brought many solutions during their 500 days of being the opposition, however the Mac Government keeps voting them or completely ignoring their advice, I remember the opposition telling Macdinejad not to increase the duties for it would be dangerous, not only that, they also advice Mac to meet with the FCO to come with a 3 year plan, instead mac goes and jack up all the duties and business rental fees making it harder on the businesses just as what the opposition warn him that was going to happen. The opposition stood up to mac in the house telling him not to increase the work permit fees also, what does the mac do? increase the fees, now the people are leaving, for business can’t afford to pay their staff and renew work permits, so they now have to close their business because of the heavy increase in business fees that Macdinejad impose on them, all because he didn’t took the advice of the opposition and voted down their solutions. Remember people of Cayman, and please understand also how the political system works world wide, the Maturity rules, look at the USA, as big as the Republican Party is, their solutions gets voted down in the house, because the Democrats rules two houses, The senate and the Congress, so tell me how these wonderful solutions the Republican have be pass when they rules no house, all they have is a filly buster which has not been enough to bring down the ruling party ideas and policies etc. So people of Cayman, how do you expect the PPM as the opposition slam any of the UDP policies, when they are only 5 against 8 + 1 in the Sister Island , even if u add the elected member of North Side to the opposition which gives you six, so tell me how is it possible for the opposition to get their solutions and policies pass when they don’t rule the Maturity? They simply don’t pass, they just get voted down, loosing by not having 3 more to defeat the leading party policies and agendas. So people please stop bashing up the opposition, saying they are not doing anything and have not brought solutions to the house, when they have, what happen to them each time? They just got voted down and completely ignored by the leading party. It’s easy for the people of Cayman to accuse the opposition of not doing anything, my question to you all is, do you all know what it feels like be in the Legislative Assembly going up against a Government who don’t want to include you in any of their plans and then go ahead and get them pass without your consultation and involvement, tell me how would you feel? I can only imagine. It’s not  a simple job been the opposition because you have very limited powers, especially when you don’t rule any house. So please understand the position that your opposition representatives are in, and stop throwing stones at them.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Honestly i’m so sick and tierd of hearing he say she say crap from these so call hard A** people that should be repersenting us the people of these Islands. I wish that every single one of you would just resign becasue your are not doing anything for the country or the people beside getting a Big Salary for una self stop with this bleam game and start working  for the people that put u all there becasue how i see it every single one of you in there IS JUST A LIKE.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Kurt ya wrong again,Mac has a plan unna still don’t understand it. lmao

  21. The Golden Age of Cayman says:

    Sorry to pop your baloons, but it was neither Kurt nor Mac who built Cayman into an international finance centre.  It was the lawyers leading firms like Appleby, Walkers, and Maples & Calder, the accountants at their major firms on the Island and back in the world, and the on-shore firms who called for the services Cayman provided through these people.  The Cayman politicials built none of that, and frankly don’t even understand what it is and how it all works (actually understanding it needs advanced degrees in finance or law, and probably both, which is all a wee bit beyond a grade 9 education). 

    There are calls for "Fix this Mac!", but Mac didn’t build it and he has no idea how it works.  He’s off on his world vacation but he’s not meeting the lawyers and accountants who make a difference, and if he does manage to buy lunch for the head of a group of hedge fund ‘s then the most he’ll hear is that "It’s really up to the lawyers and accountants where the deals go, and the word is that doing business in Cayman isn’t smart anymore."

    So what went wrong?  Cayman overcharged and made unwelcome the very lawyers and accountants who made the machine go.  Rollover read loud and clear "Stay out – you are not welcome here for the long term."  Sure there is a chance at key employee and the possibility of status, but who’s going to rely on that when the BIG MESSAGE is "Stay out – you are not welcome here for the long term." Then the fees doubled, and would-be politicians go on record that "forigners" are responsible for all the crime (I quit my practice, packed up and left – did it go down?).

    I don’t want to get on a rant, but everyone needs to be aware that it’s people like Mr Travers and Mr Antony Duckworth who made this and make this go, not Mac or Kurt.  If you want leadership in retaining international finance, stop looking for solutions where there are none.

    But it’s all past that now.

    • Anonymous says:

      "it was lawyers leading firms like Appleby, Walkers, and Maples & Calder".

      Presumably this was in reverse order with Appleby (Hunter & Hunter) being a distant third. 

  22. kissmebackfoot says:

    PPM is no different from UDP – both parties all about KEEPING POWER and LIMITING the choices of the eletorate to merely 2 parties. The two-party system is causing the country to DIVIDE. Both  Kurt and Mac are in it together – they know it too well

    The more people realize this, is the more they will see the need for a multi-party system or a NO-PARTY system of government.

    • hildgoodass says:

      I agree with you 100% – I have never before seen such a divide in the Cayman Islands with no unitive efforts of improving our economy

  23. Anonymous says:

    headline should be: ‘kurt awakes from hibernation’

    the current gov is terrible but how come the ppm are doing nothing in opposition…they haven’t got the guts to suggest a motion of no confidence

  24. Anonymous says:

    kurt is 100% right but what is his plan?…

    his party’s economic mis-mangement bankrupted the country……zzzz

    cayman is doomed because no party is willing to cut the civil service which is anchor around cayman neck…..please re-read the miller shaw report!

    cayman needs 2 years of direct rule from london where the neseccary hard decisions will be made…

  25. Anonymous says:

    "Rabble Rouser!!’

  26. Anonymous says:

    The main problem here is that Kurt has no credibility based on his past performance. If the PPM wants anyone to listen to them they need to infuse some fresh blood and yes, retire Kurt now and let him enjoy his fishing and his Miller Lites at Over the Edge if that is he really likes to do. To tell you the truth I wish I could afford to do it but the economy is killing me so I have to go to work every day.

    I say nominate Kurt for one on the royal awards and that will hopefully make him feel that he can exit with some sense of accomplishment.

  27. Anonymous says:

    BLa bla bla ………………. Kurt and the PPM is so "wash up" these days, they are only worthy to be flused down the drain similar to all the rain water we now have settling in the Cayman Islands. 

  28. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie and Ezzard- Peoples deffender

  29. Anonymous says:

    For f)*)($*% sake! Stop with the he did she did and get on with it! Perhaps now is a time to work together and stop this childish school yard behavior.

    For all I care, you are both completely out of your league and it is clear to all of us that nobody seems do have a clue!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       The opposition has been disappointing with the lack of any concrete recovery plans. But Kurt is correct IMHO that Mr. Bush has no plan. There are only a few basic approaches to this mess and every time someone broaches a subject there is nothing but "we can’t do this for that reason etc." Leadership in very difficult times requires making very hard decisions. The politics of the day seem to say let’s just borrow and drift through and hope that we come out the other side intact and re elected. Not much of a pro active approach. Hopefully media like CNS is helping to  educate the voters to look towards change. 

  30. article Dan says:

    One man one dan, Yes the same old game, only names have changed everyday we keep wasting away, how that song go again.This is my Boy Kurt and his PPm Mango dumbling gang living on a prayer of discontent with the government hoping to get mileage from the government’s failings. The usual political mischief now to rockie a bye baby in the three top the loyal naysayers. We had their 4 years of pure hell along with there Double dipping arrangements for him and my hands are tied Eden oh and that prediction about the "economic recession" costing only 200 and somting thousand too many Miller lights at Country Western Bar. This island has had enough of you and the rest of both political parties pariahs and your cronies and your hocus pocus policies and fuzzy maths economic decisions. We broke Kurt we broke something You Safari Julie and Da traveling Mckeeva don’t same to understand. 

  31. Richard Wadd says:

       Ok then, we’ll just ‘Adopt’ the plan the PPM left us when they were in power ……… hold on a minute, WHAT PLAN?

      This is just another case of "The Pot vs. The Kettle".

      Stop blowing Hot-air, and actually bring something to the table for a change.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ahh…PPM had a plan and the country knew what it was. You should have a look at their manifesto from 05, the accoplished quite a bit of their plan. UDP on the other hand is just floundering from one ill-thought idea to the next.

      • kissmebackfoot says:

        lol… oh please… accomplish what???

        Paved roads and built incomplete schools?  And still money unaccounted for

        • Anonymous For Cause says:

          Which money unaccounted for?

          You forget that all sporting facilities were improved for the entire Grand Cayman and the Sister islands as well.  What about the Carifta Games that were hosted in Cayman that we like to brag about — the work to bring Truman Bodden Sports Centre to international standards was accomplished by the PPM Government and without that it would not have been possible to hold the games here.  Just tonight I heard Mr.Roberts, the head of the Athletics Association brag that for the first time Cydonniecould train in Cayman for an international competition and we all know that she did herself and her country proud by winning Gold.  What about the improved soccer field in George Town and the Boxing Gym which recently hosted a boxing exhibition and no-one had the decency to even mention the name of the Minister of Sports, much less the Government that it was built under.  And whle I am at it, I think that you should not use any of the new roads that allow you to get where you need to go in a decent time since you think that all they did was to "pave roads".  And the next time you want to submit an FOI request, don’t, as that is another thing that the PPM Government didn’t  accomplish!

          They made some mistakes, but haven’t you too? This is not the former Soviet Union and it is time that you stop trying to rewrite history.  By far the biggest mistake the PPM Government of 2005 – 2009 made is to think longer term than the majority of the voters. Yes and you are still in denial, after voting them out of power, you would now like to blame them for not being able to stop the present Government from running amok.  The majority of the electorate voted the present Government into power and it is time that you take responsibility for that and hold the present Government accountable for their actions.

          God Bless The Cayman Islands!  

  32. Say It Aint So! says:

    Well Said Who Dat Is. May be you should run for office!

    • whodatis says:

      I appreciate the support.

      I am simply determined to do all within my power to prevent Cayman from sliding downhill as it appears we are currently setting up ourselves to do just that.

      Whatever role in life that will best support this struggle will be the chosen one.

      I only trust that all of us young Caymanians have the discipline, foresight and fortitude to do the same.

      We are facing the most challenging time ever in our history – never before has there been so much at stake.

      Let us be wise.

      All the best Cayman.

  33. Cayman Fisting says:

    Sounds similar to Obamics….promise a lot of stimulus and "change" to get in a position of power, then act surprised when people look dumbfounded the talking head they voted in office has no real plan in place. Both appear to be no more than an eloquent bobblehead with an agenda of empty promises

  34. bradley says:

    It would be nice if Tibbetts and PPM resign as well from seeking power.

    Both UDP and PPM are both responsible for this country’s economic decline, and I am sick of seeing the same faces in politricks. 

    I will have you know that both Mac and Kurt had planned together the two-party system so that they can always be in power. They mutually agreed to limit people’s choices on election to two parties only. They "appear" to oppose each other, but have the same policies that brought our economy to a decline – saying one thing, but doing something else. Kurt and Mckeeva well knew that every 4 years the losing party would end up becoming the opposition party, and usually would have ascertained enough funds and popularity to keep down a third party from ever forming. There would just not be enough people to form a third party. They knew people’s choices would be unjustly limited to two, the country would divide, but they would have nothing to lose in terms of making money from the public purse…


    Then how is it that the only one who is opposing the Government’s policy is the socall "radical" man from North Side, Ezzard Miller who is not liked or recognized by both parties?  And the opposition is just attempting to use Ezzard to win their case against the present government. Chuckie (former PPM) all of a sudden appears to jump on Ezzard’s side, because he is kindof dissappointed in the PPM’s leadership. They are suppose to oppose the UDP 100% 

    Cayman, the two-party system will be benefiting the same people over and over and over again – like flicking a coin for it to land on heads or tails, you will see the same parties for many years to come. This is how the party system has ruin people’s democracy and the right to have many options to choose from… Mac and Kurt very well knew this would be the case.

    Mark my words… If this political system continues, PPM will get in again… and UDP… and PPM… and UDP… et cetera….

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm… yup… many folk just don’t want to accept the truth staring in their face. I guess they will have to learn when both parties fatten their coffers whilst the country financially dwindles. The people will feel the pain – not them

  35. Road Blogger says:

    Yesterday’s Headlines:

    UDP Blames PPM for Poor State of the Economy, inability to Cut Costs and Extravagant Spending.  Polls state public agrees. 

    Today’s Headlines:

    PPM Blames UDP for Poor State of the Economy, inability to Cut Costs and Extravagant Spending.  Polls state public agrees.

    Tomorrow’s Headlines:

    UDP Leader and PPM Leader satisfied public has finally gotthe picture. 

    • Accountant says:

      Of course, they got the picture!  The picture is to continue their perks and special benefits with being the government or opposition. See how they anonymously refrain from cutting the salaries by 10 to 30%. They are working together for the Almighty Dollar – how much they can get out of Cayman’s society. 

      Do you seriously think Kurt opposed Mac on his housekeeper being paid from we, the taxpayers?  No… Kurt sat amongst them quiet because he knows when he gets in, he too will allow the perk.


      It is all a game for money – never did like the party system! 

  36. Anonymous says:

    I get weary hearing all this "them versus us" retoric.

    McKeeva and Kurt are "Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum" (or is that "dumber").

    I hope that Cayman can survive until some bright young educated and talented Caymanians step up to replace these incompentant dinosaurs.

    Believe me, there really are some bright young educated and talented Caymanians. I just hope that they have the courage to step up to the plate because they could easily take the easy road and emigrate to greener ($$$) pastures in the UK, USA, Europe or Canada and be very prosperous.


    • Kent says:

      There are and have been "some bright young educated and talented Caymanians" that have an would "have the courage to step up to the plate".  However the truth be told, unless "BIG BUSINESS" gets behind them and drops their massive and oh so powerful support of these relics who are playing the he said, she said game while Cayman slides into the "Land that WAS".  You will not actually see any assemblance of more than lonely face trying to change in vain, only to find that the powers that be have not only pulled their so called support, but turned their eyes away as that lone ranger falls into financial hardship as the "Blacklist" steam roller makes sure this little spark off hope never considers getting in the way of the FAT CATS getting their grub again.

      Just my view of the ugly truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. Hopefully those who do step forward will be committed to public service rather than the current preference for self serviceR.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Tibbetts is correct in everything that he stated. The question is, will the Premier continue to shun the PPM or are we all really in this together?  

  38. Anonymous says:

    Very solid response. I like that Kurt gave some solutions as well.

    • Dilemma says:

      solid response ha? will can you please ask Mr. Tibbets what was his plan the 4 years he was LOGB? oh here I almost forgot: spend spend spend and don’t leave a $ in the bank..

      • Anonymous says:

        How about improving the infrastructure and the education system? And those are just two areas that they had formalised plans for.

        • Dilemma says:

          Oh but you forgot some very important points: Leaving the country in the worst financial state in its history, mortgaging our childrens future, bringing us to the door step of direct taxation, causing the crime rate to rise and among other things i dont have the time to mention.


          • Anonymous says:

            World economy.

          • Anonymous says:

            "Leaving the country in the worst financial state in its history, mortgaging our childrens future, bringing us to the door step of direct taxation".

            These three same to all seem to be saying the same thing  – that the PPM overspent on infrastructure. Yes it did. Of course this was infrastructure that the UDP had recognized as important during its tenure and simply failed to accomplish but instead wasted some $65m on Boatwain’s Beach which then required $10m in subsidy each year. Roy Bodden during his tenure as Minister was quoted in the press as citing the need for new schools, in particular one on the Frank Sound area. There were plans to build a new govt. administration bldg (which would have cost a lot less back then) which simply failed to materialise. They added a bit to the road network but did not pursue the work necessary to make any appreciable difference to the traffic jams.  Apparently the ill-conceived Boatswain Beach was deemed to have priority over education. 

            The policies of the new UDP govt. has greatly worsened our situation as they have greatly increased fees and taxes and driven business away.

            The bottom line is that the UDP’s record of financial management is no better than the PPM’s, and when all things are considered is significantly worse.   

            It may have escaped your attention but the entire world has been in the worst financial state since the Great Depression and the PPM was not running their affairs. 

            "causing the crime rate to rise"

            I don’t see how you can blame the elected govt. for this, but since that is your tack then I hope you will acknowledge that the crime rate has truly escalated since the current govt. came to power and, based on your reasoning, the UDP must therefore be responsible for it.   You check it out – murders, robberies etc. have increased by hundreds of percent since May, 2009.

  39. Anonymous says:

    What struck me most about this speech was not its substance, but its timing. When the ‘cat’ is away then the ‘mice’ will play. Politics 101. Good time for a coup. Dont know if Mr. Tibbetts would be comfortable residing at the Premier’s mansion in the good ole Republic tho.

    • Anonymous says:

      It could hardly be a question of timing, since the cat is always away.

  40. The Crown says:

    Now Kurt, You should reflect this commentary every single time,exactly the way it is here now,as often as neccessary,clear & precise. We are all here in this same boat. You are the “opposition” why cant you be fervent & immediately out spoken when issues are plaguing everyone here? Forget about your part in cronyism,be a true patriot to your country & never compromise what is right. Let’s make it right big men.

  41. Anonymous says:

    We do not hear him often but when we do hear the opposition leader he is telling us like it is & he is telling us the truth. It has become most apparent that Mac indeed has no plan, even a blind man can see this! In fact, the only "plan" he seems to have is to travel as much as possible, no matter what foolishness it is for! Tibbetts is right: "Mac has no plan"!!

  42. Rabble Rouser says:

    Mac has a plan. It’s called Bend Over Cayman.

  43. whodatis says:

    And what is your plan Mr. Tibbets?

    I do agree with Kurt’s sentiments, however to call out McKeeva on his apparent lack of a solution is a bit unfair.

    I am in no way a UDP or McKeeva supporter but I doubt if there is anything that any of our leaders could do to significantly improve our situation as we are currently in effect sitting ducks or pawns in relation to this ongoing global economic obscenity.

    For example – is ANYONE paying attention to what is taking place in the EU at this VERY MOMENT?!

    The citizens of the European Union have taken to the streets by the hundreds of thousands in various European cities to violently protest against government austerity measures in their respective countries.

    Businesses have been forced to close, riot police are clashing with angry protesters, police vehicles have been set alight and there is all out pandemonium in the streets.


    We really need to stop looking at our situation from a strictly domestic viewpoint. The entire world is in a similar position – as a matter of fact, the majority of the western world is in a FAR WORSE position than is the Cayman Islands.

    *We know the unwise amongst us as they show themselves when they spew the typical UDP vs. PPM garbage / Cayman is failing due to its immigration policies / we need to attract unbridled foreign investment and allow "big money" to have its way with us etc.*

    Anyway – what is the solution?

    I do not have all the answers however, I would like to encourage all of us to take the time to fully appreciate and understand exactly what is happening in the world today.

    Critique and dissect the flaky forwarded notions of "money", "politics", "government" and "democracy".

    Get a strong grasp on the historical developments that has brought the western world to this current and shameful state of economic affairs.

    Try to understand who or what entity(ies) is / are truly controlling this western world in which we live. (Hint: It is NOT the democratically elected individual.)

    Thereafter we all must pledge to strive our dire hardest to reject and avoid the pitfalls that have completely destroyed the economies, spirit and lifeblood of so many other nations.

    It is time to be wise Cayman.

    We have to develop and sharpen a "double consciousness" – especially in light of our precarious positioning due to the actual pillars of our localeconomy.

    If we continue to follow the game plan of all the others then our final destination will inevitably be where they now find themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, I know you got a lot of thumbs up, but did you not listen to his address or read it? Your bone of contention is that Kurt isn’t taking into consideration the world economy, but he DID address that. I suggest you listen again or read the speech, because it seems to me that you’ve taken a postion on this without actually listening to what he said.

  44. Anonymous says:

    "…the premier has achieved little in his … days in office and the country’s fortunes have continued to decline under the new administration…".

    Funny, that’s what I thought Mac said about Kurt, after Kurt became leader.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Surprising of Mr Kurt to say this. His Government did no better during its time and, from his statement, did not realise that there was a recession.

    The people analysed his tenure and made a clear decision in 2009. Now let this Government do their job. If they perform to the people’s expectation, they will have a job for another 4 years. If they fail, they will join your club too of ex leaders.


    Time for Caymanians to have term limitsand bring in younger blood and fresh ideas to join the rest of the world in moving forward.

    Remember, Cayman has no natural resources. We make a living creating a business friendly environment and selling pragmatic ideas.

    We are today not because of Mr Kurt’s political generation, but their predecessors who were pragmatic , and knew what we had.










  46. Anonymous says:

    I am outraged by the comments of the Leader of the Opposition.

    It is absolutely false that the Premier is floundering hopelessly. He is very purposeful and successful in his actions. The deferred duty which should have been paid to the country by certain condo developments is no longer being paid since he came to power and those cronies, family and friends traveling with him are no doubt enjoying themselves very very much at the public expense. The double-dipping continues. The 30% reduction in the salary (not the simultaneous pension by the way) which was promised has faded away. The chauffeurs and servants are still on duty. The " advisors" continue to be paid and the back room boys and girls continue to prosper. The fact that the ordinary people are hurting is entirely beside the point.

    Further Mr. Kurt, any suggestion that the world tours were failures merely because they produced nothing remotely related to promoting investment in Cayman is partisan and highly suspect. All of the people he visited were highly amused, and the airlines and hotels are very grateful for the business. Stop being small minded. Surely that should be enough.

  47. Anonymous says:

    okay, so whats your plan then Kurt? I agree with the sentiment that UDP is failing, unless you have a sensible plan, this is just useless pandering. It means nothing and helps nothing.

    If you are just going to harp about all UDP has not done – but not offer any constructive  solutions, I dont want to frigging hear it.

    UDP sang that same song on PPM before elections (and every day since), so if you just getting around now to finger-pointing back at UDP, tit-for-tat, school boy foolishness – dont bother.

    Both of you are cut from the same cloth, serve no purpose and are just as bad as the other.   Cayman will be better off without either of you two CLOWNS!

    I lament how stupid my fellow Caymanians are to vote you imbeciles into office. 

    "Every country gets the government they deserve"…

  48. Anonymouse says:

    Go back to sleep Kurt.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Go deh Chuckie, you finally getting Kurt to get off that seat at the Edge and saying something. Keep the pressure on son!!

    Chuckie for Premier!


  50. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again badmouthing each other like that is going to get anything done or get us anywhere.

    We really need to start from scratch next election.

  51. Bin Laden says:

    Political Groups of Circus Clowns!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Talk about the kettle calling the pot black!!!

  53. Anonymous says:

    A solution,

    Cancel the 9 million building project for the Brac and take that money to purchase land and prepare a site for a new land fill in the Eastern districts.

  54. Aunt Agonist says:

    Rasta. Kurt just wake up and realise this now? Most of us have known it all along.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Kurt but we already know Mac has no plan, except world travel that is

  56. Beachboi says:

    I dont care how many first class international vacations that Mac takes on the public dollar it will do no good to encourage foreign investment when those investors take a look at business fees, the mess that immigration is in and the escalating crime here in Cayman.

    Kurt is right.  Mac has not done one positive thing since he was elected to improve the economic situation.  That said I dont see anyone from the PPM coming up with any solutions.  It seems that all they do in the legislature is to argue and blame each other.  I dont know if any ideas from the PPM would matter anyway since the UDP would vote them down or vote against the idea with their majority votes.

    If the PPM wants to do something then let them tell us what we need to do to get rid of Mac.  There has to be a way because we surely cannot take another 3 years of this. 

    What will happen when the decrease in permits rises from 2100 to 5000 or more?  Then we will see businesses move to other territories or countries where they can conduct their businesses without the detrimental fees,  immigration polices and sky rocketing crime.

    Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Mac is addressing diplomats at the UN or in Singapore etc.  I hope he doesn’t get carried away and call them "rabble rousers" or acuse them of "molly coddling"!!!

  57. Anonymous says:

    So the leader of the PPM will say the current government has no plan. So what is the PPM plan to stimulate the economy? I haven’t heard any positive solutions from the opposition in the past 500 days either.