Man receives serious injury in late night incident

| 10/10/2010

(CNS): A man believed to be suffering form mental health issues caused himself serious harm late Saturday night when he tried to break into the National Museum Office in Passadora Place. It is not clear why the man was trying to gain entry to the office but in his efforts to smash the glass door, witnesses say, he received a serious cut. Although police have taken the man into custody officers on the scene did not seem to think this was an attempted burglary or necessarily a deliberate act of criminal damage but my have had something to do with the man’s state of mind.  An ambulance was called to the scene and the man was taken to the nearby George Town Hospital as he was believed to have lost a considerable amount of blood.

Details have not yet beenconfirmed however, as the RCIPS press office is closed until Monday at 8:30am.
I f you have any details about this or any other news incident/crime please contact the CNS twenty four hour crime desk where you can leave an anonymous message or speak to the crime reporter.
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