Psychiatric report needed for violent attacker

| 13/10/2010

(CNS): A psychiatric evaluation report has been called for before 31-year-old Chad Anglin can be sentenced, the court heard today. Anglin pleaded guilty last month to wounding and indecent assault following an attack on a young woman in Garvin Road, West Bay, in June. The woman’s throat was cut in what police said was a violent attack but her life was saved by officers on patrol who approached the car in which Anglin was making his attack. Following the incident Anglin was on the run for more than three weeks before he was arrested. According to reports on Cayman27, Anglin, who is in custody, will return to court for sentencing on 2 November.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What would interest me is learning this individual’s history of crime and violence.

    To say that they are looking at his psychiatric history would indicate a series of antisocial behaviors that have gone unacknowledged.

    Many of the current crop of violent young men have been violent since grade school and have had no social intervention in the form of legal consequences or mental health treatment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would be amazed if anyone is actually charged with harboring this violent individual, although clearly there are those guilty of such criminal behavior. (They would, no doubt, rather describe their behavior as "compassionate", such is their mentality.)

    It just never seems to happen here in Cayman for some reason.

    • FedUpCaymanian says:

      Please tell me again why the Immigration Department is going to fingerprint all the work permit holders and share that information with the Police?  this young man and nearly all of the recent "alleged" murderers arehome grown Caymanian criminals.  Why not fingerprint everyone?  If you have nothing to hide it won’t matter to you and it will cast a wider net for these other lowlifes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did the police ever determine who was harboring this young man from the police?

    Whoever was aiding this individual in hiding from police was guilty of a crime and needs to be charged.

    Until the people who believe they can help criminals evade the police are charged and jailed themselves some of the public will continue to aid criminals.