MLA puzzled by charges

| 15/10/2010

(CNS): Government backbencher Dwayne Seymour has said that he is both innocent of, and surprised by, the charges brought against him by police on Wednesday. The Bodden Town UDP legislative representative revealed that he did not understand how what he called "baseless charges" of attempting to obstruct, prevent, pervert or defeat the course of justice relating to an incident at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites have now been laid against him more than five months later. He also denies knowing the people involved in the charges and has said he looks forward to clearing his name in court. Seymour was arrested in the wake of an alleged assault which took place at the Seven Mile Beach Resort in May of this year. 

“I have no earthly idea where and how they (the charges) could have arisen over the last five and a half months. It seems that everyone knew I was being charged with some offence before I did,” he said in a prepared statement which he read on Cayman 27 on Thursday evening. “All I can say at this point is that I do not know the persons involved and the charges made. I am also completely unaware of the circumstances being described in the charges.”
Seymour said he looked forward to going to court and bringing the matterto a close. The Bodden Town MLA stated that he was not going to speculate on why this was happening or the possible motives or factors behind it. He asked for the understanding of the community and said he regretted that the incident was being brought to the public attention again, especially at a time when people were facing tough economic times and violent crime.
He added that he was still looking forward to serving the people of Bodden Town, “who elected me for the hope I bring to them,” Seymour stated.
The charges against Seymour relate to an incident in which Florida based personal trainer Garrone Yap claimed he was assaulted by the MLA and one of his friends outside the hotel. Yap told Cayman 27 shortly after the incident that Yap, Seymour and another man were all arrested. However, Yap said he was the only one released without charge and had received various injuries during the incident. At the time Yap said he was not going to press charges but accused Seymour of using his position as a politician to have him arrested.
Speaking on behalf of the UDP at the time when Seymour was in police custody following the arrest, fellow backbencher Ellio Solomon said that his colleague had found himself “in a provoked situation” but it was a “very serious” family matter.
Seymour is expected to make his first Summary Court appearance in connection with the charges on 9 November.
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