Dart buys family liquor stores

| 18/10/2010

(CNS): Cayman Distributors Group, which is turned owned by Dart, has confirmed that the company has bought the local family owned liquor chain, Big Daddy’s. The acquisition of the five stores was finalised last week CDG confirmed Monday. Despite some concerns in the community that the sale represents the loss of another local small business into the hands of a large conglomerate, Mat Bishop, General Manager of Cayman Distributors, said it was a positive move for all parties and would bring stability for the staff, brand partners and customers. The former owner, Cleveland Dilbert, who is now 66, said that the decision to sell his stores was not an easy one after 28 years but with his son staying on he was confident that CDG would continue the family business’ successful legacy.

Bishop said he was delighted that Damien Dilbert was continuing on with the firm. “He has an excellent reputation in the market and will ensure that the legacy his father built up over many years is continued," Bishop said.
Damien Dilbert, who is the eldest son of Cleveland Dilbert, said the family was very excited about the deal and the possibilities it presents for Big Daddy’s and its customers. “We were always confident that the Cayman Distributors Group is a good strategic and cultural fit for Big Daddy’s because we share similar values and a commitment to preserving the company’s local heritage and loyal customer base,” he added.
Dilbert will become the Retail Manager of the Big Daddy’s stores, which will retain the same name. He said he was honoured that CDC had asked him to stay on with the company, adding that customers could continue to expect the same high levels of customer service they have become accustomed to. “This new deal provides us with the opportunity to further enhance our service and product offerings and provide increased benefits to our customers,” he revealed.
Cayman Distributors was bought by the Dart Group some two years ago after the firm purchased Black Beards, which was another independent liquor chain. The firm merged the two companies under the umbrella of CDG, which Big Daddy’s will now join.
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  1. Anonymous says:

     how about u all stop commenting on this and stop DRINKING for once… then you will be smart enough and be able to comment properly

  2. Anonymous says:

    Charles Bancroft started Big Daddys which was first located in Seven mile shops where Nector is now. He then sold it to Cleveland Dilbert.

  3. Chimney sweep says:

    Reading these posts I have come to realize just how many people are beholding to, and are into, Mr. Dart’s pocket.  His magic is working…all that glitters is gold…or is it…Thirty pieces of silver!  He can’t possibly line all of our pockets too bad!  Most of us will have to resort to belying him and grappling to survive…Oh well!  Life goes on in his paradise!

    I’m sad!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dart want to control things. They want a monopoly without fair competition. With their massive wealth they can squueze out anyone.THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO NOBODY

  5. Chimney sweep says:

    Kudos to Mr. Dilbert for lucratively relieving himself of his Millstone…I’m jealous…hope my struggling business is next.
    “if you can’t beat em join em” lol

  6. Anonymous says:
    Just how ASININE is this statement? 

    "And why are you blaming Dart for buying a business? You should be Blaming Cleveland Dilbert for selling out his fellow Caymanians for the almighty buck"

    My God !!  the man is 66, worked hard all his life..and now wants to enjoy the fruits of his labor..What do you want him to do, die on the job and never get to enjoy his life??  DO I SEE A LITTLE GREEN GOING ON HERE?  Maybe you should look at Mr. Dilbert  as a good example of what hard work can get you..

    Mr. Cleveland:  Bless You & enjoy your life, you have earned it..Hope now I see more of you on The Brac..

    • Anonymous says:

       Alcohol is a drug. Quite effective and popular.  Can anyone tell me how ANYONE that profits from it’s sale is not the same class as a drug dealer? Thanks.

      • Anonymous says:

        I see you disagree BUT can you puleeeeeze tell me how it’s different from selling drugs??  Pretty please? 

        • Counselor says:

          All are drugs and all can be highly dangerous to one’s physical and mental health, family life, work relations, and can lead to violence and accidents and death.  But, one is more dangerous, and more addictive once the addiction has set in.  It can kill you 29 ways harm your body and your brain more than most other drugs.  And yet itis legal and socially acceptable, even glamorous, macho, feminine sexy, sporty, fun, wet, wild, etc. I am a counselor for people with addictions, join me, unfortunately they will need more of us in the future.

      • Law and Order says:

        Drugs man, far out.

        Selling booze is different from selling drugs in that when you try to order a line of coke from the bartender, you usually get thrown out.  If you ask your coke dealer for a beer, there’s a good change you’ll get one.

        There you have it.

        [Remember: drugs are for losers.  Keep it real and stay healthy.]

        • Anonymous says:

          thank you for that explanation. you are obviously so much more of a gentleman the the rest of these insensitive  bunch that thumbed me down and were to rude or lazy to enlighten an ignorant person like me.  You know, if people would just take the time to help out their fellow man and enlighten them as to how alcohol is a good thing when other drugs are bad, well I think a  more people could enjoy getting drunk and love life a lot more. And we could have a lot more happy business owners.  Ca-ching…. another win-win.

    • Truth says:

      Actually the comment was that you can not blame Dart for buying, the fact remains that while Mr Cleveland is worthy of his retirement and nest egg, he is the one who decided to sell to Dart as presumably Dart was the highest bidder.

      The fact remain that a Caymanian ecide to get the most money for his work and sold to an "outsider" and everyone jumps down the throat od the Outsider.

      If you Caymanian and beleive furiners have stolen your birth right you only have to look at yourself, your parents or grandparents to see who sold your "birthright" for the highest price they could get.

      now you are crying over spilt milk

  7. LT says:

    There is alot of hear-say when it comes to Dart. I wish people would just leave the man alone. He is a wealthy man… so what???  If any of you were wealthy and love this country, wouldn’t you invest in your country? Don’t tell me that you’re going to sit on your wealth and spend it. Dart is a business man!  He knows the capitalistic machine well – you get out what you put in!  That is how Dart is going to help alot of Caymanians, because he is creating jobs here. Is not Cayman going to get something from the new Cruise Berthing facility in town???  Dart is paying for everything!  He is helping the government to get us out of this financial mess!  Everyone is complaining about Dart and who he is…

    Please don’t run this wealthy man from our shores, because I can tell you, if he goes, who will invest here like him?  He has left us with parks, Camana Bay, new cinemas… He is making a difference in Cayman!  And yes… Dart is powerful enough to do "bad things" with his money too. There are Reports – check the internet!

    BUT THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN HAVING THE GOOD WITHOUT EXPERIENCING BAD!  ROSES HAVE THORNS… you’re not going to have life all a bed of sweet smelling roses. Money does not grow on trees – It comes from the hands of both good and bad people alike! The money that we need, does not decide to choose the good!  We have to buy and sell in order to earn and feed our families.

    Leave the man alone and let us work together on how we can help Caymanians and Expats! Cayman has alot to offer!  By you trying to DESTROY Dart, you are DESTROYING CAYMAN’S BUSINESS COMMUNITY!  Instead some of you shoule be trying to start your own business and advance yourselves.

    And yes… if you want to have a politician like Ezzard Miller, push for a law to control monopolies – DO SO!  I am100% for that!  Maybe you should push your lawmakers to encourage more competition on the island. Have more wealthy folk Caymanized to do business here. Also, put a control on CUC… bring in another electrical company! People… it is you that have to make a difference! 

    But the fact remains… Dart is a necessity for Cayman’s development. Folks, you just can’t thwart a rich man’s progress without hurting yourselves.

    That’s my 2 cent  

    • Some other Anonymous says:

       Dart’s not necessary for Cayman as Cayman is not necessary for Dart.  It’s business, it’s mutual, it’s not charity.  I don’t owe him anything.  The problem is too much power in one man’s hand.  This is not just market power, but political power.  He has too much pull in government.  Why he got the berthing facility even though his company never did such a project before is obvious.  This was a bid open to the global market.

      People should be complaining about it.  Especially now.  It will be harder to do when you work for him.

      Though I never heard anyone calling for his destruction… ever… Where did you get that from?  Honestly…  

      I think you have been watching too much of the ‘for Caymanians, by Caymanians’ PR at the cinema.

      • Anonymous For Cause says:

        I agree with you "Some Other Anonymous".  Capitalism and Free Enterprise eventually fail when there islittle or no competition.  Middle income persons are the first to feel the bite, but eventually everyone else does as well, if they stick around.


  8. Figures... says:

    You are all crabs in a bucket, but you’ll never pull down that fine Caymanian MrDart!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Dilbert’s took a business from ZERO to 10 Million. Well done. Now that is a success story. And to think people complain there are no opportunities. 


    • Anonymous says:

      always opportunities to supply addicts.  My sister is an addict and she’d do anything for a drink.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    CNS why not do a FOI on how much he paid for it?

    CNS: The FOI law enables the public to find out government (public) information, not transactions between two private entities.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Like it or not like it, if it is for sale anybody with the cash can go and buy it!!!

    I hear the Name "George Town" is also for sale soon, to pay off the ever so increasing Debt’s created by the last and present Gov-Officials and Politricksians with their ill and hopeless spending habits!

    D**t has already put in a bid and also advising that once he owes it he will change the name to DARTVILLE……..LOL!

  12. Rafael says:

    One of the best laughs i ever had was  when i heard one of our so Cayman elites criticizing Dart after he got his status. I can remember the heydays when the same high society Caymanians were living out of Darts mouth they virtually ate, breathe and dreamed Dart. The Darts were the flavor & Toast of the lavish Parties, vacations were planned around Dart. Yes you bunch of ungrateful Hypocrites feel the heat in uunahh drawers seat. Your servant has turn out to be your master?? Free Cheese is only found in mouse traps Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t really understand what to hell your post means, but I would like to thank Mr.D for his styrofoam products poisoning the island and indeed the whole planet.  I don’t have kids, I’m older now and I don’t really care what happens to this place, so however he got his money and peoples admiration don’t bother me.

  13. Tru Tru says:

     Here a reason to stop drinking alcohol hahahahaha yeah right! Well Cayman some of your celebrated visionaries and luminaries ex and current politicians who secretly sold this place out ,so they could be rich and run around giving fool fool advice now so that they can try and maintain status quo. It is too bad some of the terrible things happening in our society today as a result of their policies and decisions unfortunately is not effecting them.

    Tek ya licks you voters who wasted your votes every four years on the same old donkeys the burden is now on you and it is even heavier now.

  14. whodatis says:

    Anyway …

    In other news – did we all hear the recent (hopefully) good news concerning dms?

    Details can be found a few posts below this one.

    Considering what is taking place in Cayman today that particular story deserves much more attention than it has received thus far.

    Obviously bad or controversial news stories capture the attention of the masses however I find it a bit disappointing that we don’t support and commend our son-of-the-soil risk takers more than we do.

    Congrats Mr. Seymour!


  15. Joe Bananas says:

    Would it make all you "True" Caymanians finally happy if Your Premier bought the company and did what he does best?  Of course!  But for the rest of us having someone who knows how to make a business work running a business in Cayman is a good thing.  Get used to it as all bad business leaders fail eventually.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know it’s people like you Joe BANANAS that add to the problems of this island by causing division in the community with your negative comments towards "TRUE" Caymanians as you put it! Was it necessary for you to say that??? Couldn’t  you have made your point with out being such a bully on the people who put food in your mouth and money in your pocket everyday! If you hate us so much, then why don’t you LEAVE!?

      • Joe Bananas says:

        As usual YOU know nothing about what you are talking so loudly about. The people of Cayman have put no food in my mouth or money in my pocket (but I did for them) and I left years ago.  By "True" I mean those who think like you.  They know everything and everyone else knows nothing all evidence to the contrary.  I hope and pray for my friends left on Cayman (Caymanian and expat)  that the beast that is feeding off all the hard working and honest people that call Cayman home is some how defeated and laid to rest because the beast calls Cayman home and can’t leave.

  16. Anonymous says:

    And what happpens to our island if Dart and Co. decide to move out of here and seek greener pastures? 

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      One thing,  I am very sure Dart Foundation will not be able to take a pick an showel and dig up Caymana Bay, put it in his suitcase and take it on Cayman Airways to greener pastures. 

      If he decides to sell out and leave for greener pastures, that mean that the buyer has more money than Dart.  So we will be still in the same spot that we aren complaining about. "Progress",  Right.?

      I really dontsee why the big fuss we are making about this mans business.   Its his money, and as far as I can see he is making Cayman a more beautiful place.  Beautiful buidings, schools, restaurants, Theatre, landscape, roads, bookstores, and too much to mention.  I am sure this other company he is buying he will make it look beautiful too, and I am sure the persons selling will be able to live a comfortable peaceful life. I have not heard of Dart fondation putting gun to anyone head to sell; so its his party and he can cry if he want to. 

  17. Truth says:

    Doesn’t Kenneth Dart have status, so DART is a locally owned business.

    Now let us think of all the nasty things he has done to Cayman.

    1) he bought all that land and built public parks, as government would rather buy each other SUV’s and go on worl drips that provide basic amenities to the residents of CAyman. I do suppose that he lets anyone use the parks even those nasty expats so that counts against him.

    2) He built Caymana Bay and use nearly all indiginous plants for the landscaping

    3) He built an arborium to grow indiginous plants and even went out of his way to save some of the older trees in Cayman, that developers would have cut down.

    4) He provides jobs through his business to locals.

    5) He has brought a great deal of inward investment (5 billion for Caymana Bay alone)

    And why are you blaming Dart for buying a business? You should be blaming Cleveland Dilbert for selling out his fellow Caymanians for the almighty buck

    • Anonymous says:

      " And why are you blaming Dart for buying a business? " 

      Because half the people who post on here are crack-pots that have no sense of direction or fortitude… that goes for both Caymanians and Expats.

      • Anonymous says:

        I for example am a crack pot with no sense of direction.  I do however have fortitude. 

      • Trippy the Bush Iguana says:

        "Crack-pot"?  Is this some new hybrid super drug?  Where can I get some?

    • Anonymous says:

      And lets not forget the property that was bought dirt cheap alongside of Mt Trashmore and the  school that was built there.  Mt Trashmore has been there for a long time but now he wants the dump moved now because it is disturbing the school – you should have thought of that before you bought the land there.

      Thats my 2 cents

    • Anonymous says:

      don’t worry…caymanians are blind to the benefits of expats/foreign investment

      • VISION says:

        12::49, do you really think that Dart does not know, it is not Caymanians against him?   He is a smart man and knows exactly what is happening.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart is to be commended for all his "do good" work but many subcontractors will tell you the good times are o-v-e-r.  There are a bunch of totally impossible people over there now.  They are hell bent on seeing that nobody makes a dime off the Dart group of companies they will squeese the little man and pinch a penny till it hollars H-E-L-P.  Dart the man, not the company, appears to be very nice from all I can hear, but he has a bunch of total &%$% running the show now and they are the most unlikable and disagreeable people you could wish to meet.  They are giving Mr. Dart a bad name.  Given a choice, I wouldn’t want to do business with that group again and many people share my sentiments…. trust me.

      As for Mr. Dilbert "selling out".  Give the man a break.  He built an empire and now he wants to take it easy.  Who else other than Dart could cough up that kind of money? 

    • Anonymous says:

      i support these facts…

      Dart is a CAYMANIAN & has the right to buy, sell & invest in his country of citzenship, C A Y M A N Islands, B.W.I

      lets stop liv’n like crabs ma’n!…..we’re 2 often try’n 2 pull each other down!

    • Anonymous says:

      5 Billion for Camana bay? Er…..u sure? not even dart has that kind of money

      as to all these ‘great’ things he’s done for Cayman…..can someone tell me a business he’s running thats a huge success? or simply being propped up by bottomless cash until the competition fail and then he can pick the best pieces……if you really think that saving lovely trees and donating parks is all its about, you’re out of your mind………dart is in it for dart…..and until someone bigger comes along, he’ll continue to smile sweetly whilst pillaging away behind the scenes……a pirate he is…..aarrggh……and we’re letting it happen…..aarrrgghh!!

    • Anonymous says:

       …"Selling out Cayman for the almighty buck"…..hmmm, what a shame that someone who has given half of his life running a business with the highest level of respect, integrity, pride and passion, would be called a "sell out"…a very narrow minded, shallow and selfish comment.  This man who has raised his sons and given the tools to also become leaders in this country. He is 66 years old and has obtained, with the help of his Caymanian sons, something fantastic!

      One of his sons makes a 100% locally made "Caymanian" product, Seven Fathoms Rum. The other is being retained for his skill in running the business for so many years and will, no doubt, go on to even bigger and better things. The other is starting another local business in IT. Finally, his youngest has the world (Cayman included) as his "Oyster" as he finishes his education.

      To top it all off, Cleveland also has plans to create a safe harbour in Cayman Brac, which has the potential to DRASTICALLY stimulate the economy in these desperate times there. Shame on the man/woman who would call a great man, that commands respect wherever he roams and has EARNED his right, a "sell out". Those who would have the audacity to say such a thing, themselves are "sell outs", to the pride and respect and pride of a Caymanian man. Tell me, "writer", what have you done to give you the right to call anyone of such stature a "sell out"?…Think before you speak.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Rumors is that it was US$10 Million which included all retail stores, liquor licenses also and the location below Mezz restaurant.(the building was not sold I beleive and also the seven fathoms brewery by hammerheads)

    heard also he aproached Chrisse Tomlinson Memorial Hospital ??Dr Steve I know you would not sell out…

    Watch and see soon that he will raise his retail prices on all Totuga and Jacques Scott products and then buy them also. Then when thats accomplished raise price on alcohol all together. 

    Welcome to the start of Grand Dart Islands


    • Twyla Vargas says:

      If Mr Cleveland Dilbert made 10,million dollars, I would say "Congratulations"  Eat good, wear the finest clothes, Make sure you enjoy pool bath and spa every day, drink fine wine, good for the heart,  enjoy the beach, remember to drink some brown sugar lemonaide and eat johnnycake once in a while, keep your toes in da Cayman white sand and listen to yellow bird up in banana tree.  Life is too short,  money will always be around so enjoy and be blessed.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians fighting Caymanians

    Why are we putting down a Caymanian? That’s what Mr. Dart IS!!!! And so is Michael Ryan.

    We have plenty more salt to suck folks.You see, both BECAME Caymanians in 2003 – thanks to who?? Who else – the UDP!!!!!!

  20. Mat says:

    Well… Dart is spreading his wings. Let’s hope the best for the Cayman Islands. Not saying Dart has bad intentions for these islands, but I do hope from the depth of his heart, he treats people fairly, show compassion, and consider that this is an expensive island.

    God is on his side. That is why Dart is wealthy!  God has it so, and we can only hope he governs these islands well. It doesn’t make sense to complain and fret about the senister things a person can do with alot of power and assets. Such people we need to hope for the best that they are true to themselves, others, and God. I think everyone knows already: It is those who have money and power who are calling the shots on this island!  Not our MLA’s. God has it so!

    I wish Dart and the Cayman Islands the best.

    • Pending says:

      I dont think God had anything to do with the invention of molding styrofoam into coffee cups and food containers.

      Dart must be laughing that you put him and God in the same sentence..

  21. Anonymous says:


    Talk to the owners and ex workers of Island Companies and see how that partnership worked out        all one sided, DARTS side.
    • Anonymous says:

      Not true. I have family who work for Island Companies and they have no complaints. Dart expects you to work hard, be responsible, reliable, honest etc. etc. all that should be exepcted from a good employee. In return you get paid and are treated with respect.

    • noname says:

      He takes a business that is failing and fixes it by getting rid of the dead weight and non performers and who is now mad at him??

  22. One Love says:

    I beleive that Mr Dilbert made this decision for peronal reasons and obviously included his family.  I suggest you respect this regardless of who purchased it.  I am sure Mr. Dilbert could have just closed the doors and called it a day.  This would have hurt the country’s economy drastically.  Since Dart bought it-great!  People will staill have work and no business has closed down-could you imagine the image of 5 stores closing at once?

    I’m not suggesting anything about Dart-good or bad, I just don’t know anything about the man.  I do know he’s a very aggresive business man and it shows by how much he has acquired.  This simply means he does good business for his company.  Lucky for us the island benefits some.  If it was not for him-can you say Catboat and down south to the keys again please?

    Stay focused, don’t let our own wants and greeds come in direct conflict with the greater good.


  23. Anonymous says:

    And of course the locals are mad because here is someone NOT doing business the Cayman way. (failing). In this world past and present the strong and the smart survive.  Cayman IS FAILING FAST for all the right reasons.  Get smarter or …….

  24. Anonymous says:

     like we always say… ‘if you can’t kill em with plastic poisoning and bury them in the debris (styrofoam)… try wrecking their lives with an addictive substance’….

    • Anonymous says:

      To  "try wrecking their lives with an addictive substance"

      You want to blame that on DART!!???


      But I think I see what you’re trying to say…

      It just doesn’t work that way.

      Free will. You still have your God given free will.


      What will you do with yours today Cayman


      • Anonymous says:

        ummm, I’ll blame it on any one that profits from selling alcohol, drugs, hell guns for that matter . You can make the world a better place, or you can make it a worse place… i think you know that

  25. Anonymouse says:

    It is all about money and "MONEY TALKS" so get over it.

    As long as we elect corrupt Politicians they will continue to sell you out.

    Get over it because its all your fault.

    The money people will gobble up everything one bit at a time and there is nothing you can do to stop it at this stage. The Only winners here will be those who we elect who will immediately forget about us afterelection day and move on to serve their Masters.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Great!  Another sector where competition is being whittled away! And how will this affect the consumer?! $$$$$$

    • Anonymous says:

      It is very dangerous for 1 company or person to own more than the Government – we are now in deep trouble!

      • Anonymous says:

        Own more of what, liquor stores?  He doesn’t own more of the island than the government.  Weak comment buddy.

        At any rate, Dart has more incentive to treat the people of the island well than does the Premier.  The Premier simply wants to be voted back in XXXXXXX.  Dart wants to line his own pockets (as does any businessman) but at least knows that if he raises prices too high etc etc people will stop buying and his billions invested in the island will suffer.

    • noname says:

      don’t see how it could get much worse…there would appear be widespread collusion among the liqour stores on island….. most don’t even list the prices of their products….

  27. Anonymous says:

    while I realise that one can’t work in their own business forever, and there will be a time when you have to say enough is enough, but to give a well recognise local business to Dart of all people, is just crazy!  Like he’s not buying up enough land in Cayman!  He just wants Cayman to be his little play pen, and everyone here will be working for him!


  28. Anonymous says:

    Do not worry folks, it will not be long before Dart owns EVERY business in Cayman, & we will all be working for Dart. That is what you all want that is what you will all get. But that is not a good thing. He tried this in other countries but was told where to get off, but he came to Cayman & found a political ally & the rest has been downhill ever since. Dart will soon own every business, & will soon all of Cayman, that is not good folks, in fact that is disaster. Never mind.

  29. SchtupidpeoplesayWHA!?!? says:

    Methinks Mr. Dart believes he is playing a life-sized version of Monopoly! Park Place = Camana Bay!!

    Please family Fosters, family Hurleys and family Kirks – hold your course!! Don’t sell out our island to pad your pockets! Locally owned businesses are dwindling….

    Between Michael Ryan getting into watersports (why!?!?!) and Dart into alcohol we are surely going to shipwreck under the vigil of drunken sailors! Pray tell what is the reason for all of this accumulation of such diverse business? Does this not make you want to scream!? Is it not cause for serious worry?

    Small Caymanian businesses are destined for extinction – all the while our heavily overpaid and overfed government MLA’s are laughing all the way to the bank…and Russia…and Monaco…and China…and India…

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!!

    CNS I fear that I will have to block your website for I cannot bear to read another disturbing piece of news about the methodical decline of the island that I once loved. I’ve grown to dislike the prostitute that she has become and more intensely the guardians of her purity, who, for lack of better common sense, think that she will live on forever to bring them immense wealth. Sadly, as with all things, her beauty and usefulness will fade and she will grow tiresome to those who can afford to toss her aside when they’ve exhausted her resources and drained her lifeblood.

    What a headache I’ve just developed.

    Can no one stop us from tumbling down the magic rabbit hole? Is this really for real?

    wow….what next Cayman? What will YOU allow to happen next? We are all sheepish, voiceless, ineffective, tolerant lumps. Nag nag nag and nothing is ever really said. Blah blah blah who cares. THEY all know we will gripe for a short time then move our attention elsewhere.

    Such a waste of a wonderful island.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I hope that Cayman Distributors now will consider increasing the menial hourly wages paid to the lower end workers. Times are hard financially and small wages for hard and strenuous work is tuff pill to swallow! Hand to mouth can’t work!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Isnt it great to see Caymanians getting ahead and owning their own business. Pretty soon Mr Dart will have enough money to run for political office in West Bay. Think of all the jobs and appliances he could give out

    • Pending says:

      He already has his hand and foot in politics. He acts through that waste of space also known as Mckeeva.

      Dart is a puppet master along with Ryan, you should open your eyes up a little bit more.

      Next he will be buying out Thompson Shipping and SeaBoard Marine, then he will have complete control of this island all the while pulling the strings of the Muppets who are in the public eye.

      His Lego Land that is Camana Bay is now expanding to be a country.

      Watch out, he tried it previously as another poster stated.

      • Anonymous says:

         hmm, I’ve long thought that it would be a sweet thing for him to have a country…. ala ‘New Utopia"

  32. Anonymous says:

     How much $

  33. Anonymous says:

    Only Tortuga still out there!!!

  34. Happy Girl says:

    So I have a question.  Did anyone realise that Dart now owns over 45% of the Liquor Stores in Cayman?

    I stop going to Blackbeards because after Dart buying them out and with the introduction of Caybrew, I supported the local beer because of its recycling.  We are used to the recycling of bottles back home where I am from.  But with Blackbeards they up the price on Caybrew and started to hide the beer out of view. I thought that is wrong because it was a locally made product.

    I started going to Big Daddy’s and buying my Caybrew because it was alot cheaper.  Now I guess the prices will go up and they will hide it out the way too. Just an example of the big bully tactics someone like Dart can pull on the local businesses.

    I guess I will start going to Liquor for Less and one day I am sure Dart will buy them out!  Is there a Monopoly Commission here in Cayman?

  35. Don't worry I wont stay says:

     Resistance is futile.