Cydonie gets cash and car for commonwealth gold

| 19/10/2010

(CNS): The Cayman Islands own home grown sporting hero, Cydonie Mothersill, was celebrated by the whole country on Monday evening at a special event organised by government. Premier McKeeva Bush handed over a cheque for CI$5000 to the Cayman Islands’ fastest woman, as well the keys to a new four wheel drive, as a reward for her incredible achievement at the Commonwealth Games. The crowd cheered as Bush announced Mothersill’s gifts from government and the people of Cayman, who have rallied behind the 32-year-old sprinter who made history last Monday in Delhi, India, when she blew her competition away in the finals of the 200 metres and took gold. (Photos by Dennie Warren Jr:: Below – Cydonie with Sports Minister Mark Scotland and Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn)

Some two hundred people, as well as government leaders, came out for the special celebration to cheer on the country’s golden girl and elite athlete, as she received her well deserved gifts. Mothersill was visibly delighted when she received her new Chevy Tahoe SUV – after all, even the fastest girl in the Commonwealth needs a ride sometimes.

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  1. Bass Ackwards says:

    Only in the Cayman Islands could the Chief Officer of the Ministry of Sports be married to the President of the Olympic Committee.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cydonie for Premier!!!!! 

    • Truth says:

      Can she by law, i thought she was born in Jamaca and moved to Cayman when she was 5, doesn’t that disqualifiy her from public office?

    • MER says:

      I would be too if he bought me a car, taking the bus on rainy days is not the most enjoyable activity after 8 hours of slaving for an already too low salary!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why such a huge vehicle for a family of two? The Minister for Sports is also the Minister for Environment. Shouldn’t the vehicle have been a more fuel-efficient (times hard, Minister for Finance), eco-friendly one?

    • MER says:

      Go take a peek at the comments RE: the recent protocol car purchase then you will know why they got her an SUV. It’s all UDP’s government scams

  4. The Mulatto says:

    “Non-Political” I say this should have been. And no dam political bashing. I totally agree with Mr. Peter Milburn’s post.

    I believe that the Cayman Island Olympic Committee should have taken the lead & organized this event and not the CIG. This just reminded me of the old school political system in the Eastern Bloc in the 60’s & 70’s using athletes as some political spring board for their next election & yawing bout their “political” achievements to date what they gonna do next. This is just not the Olympic modal that we want to encourage in the 21st century. But I guess the local Olympic members don’t have any ‘Bronze” balls left to put them straight.

    The local Olympic president as well as the vice Mr. Carson Ebanks (who himself is a past Olympian and member of CIG) should have set out the agenda if the CIG wanted in a few words. And secondly, the minister of sports Mr. Scotland should have been the main CIG official that should have address in his capacity as sports minister and keeping in line with ‘non-political’ rubbish to use as future advancement. Mr. Primer, next time keep in the sprite of the medalist, man.

    All in all said, Ms. Mothersill has raisin the bar and opened the jarred doors for those that felt that Cayman didn’t have it. It is set now for future prospects that are set to come from the ‘Fields of GOLD’. Congratulations again my lady.
    A friend

  5. Anonymous says:

     Congrats  Golden girl,

     Proud of your acchievement. Butmost  proud of your GREAT reputation and CHARACTER. Not just a HERO . But one of Character and Morals as i have NEVER heard anything negative about your reputation . Thank you 

    so much because so many celebrities win  on the field but loose in their personal , social lives.

     So thank you for being a good example to our Youth.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cydonie, congrats!

    As a past track field runner I applaud you in your perseverance and dedication in winning your GOLD.  I thank you for your many wise words of advice then and now (when i see you from time to time).  Your achievement is worth way more than $5,000 from your Country.  Keep your head high, faith strong, and as you said enjoy life a little by going on a vacation with your husband it’s well deserved. Once again congrats, and take care of yourself.

  7. peter milburn says:

    Well done Cydonie.Mr Premier please grow up and stop your political bashing with every chance you get.Red White and Blue were the colours for this special occassion.Shame on you all for USING this special nite.It was Cydonies nite NOT YOURS.

  8. Anonymous says:

    did the Goverment "donate" the SUV?

  9. Mr. Spooner says:

    Very well deserved, I feel the government could have been providing incentives for those that do well in international meets for years. 

    These guys work extremely hard at what they do and deserve the recognition.  Not only a car, she should be plastered over the wall in the immigration foyer as you arrive into the airport instead of sponsors all over the wall.  It’s time for this island to wake up and recognize its own in more than one way.

    • MER says:

      Now, isn’t it coincidental that they decided to get Cydonie an SUV admist the public uproar (especially with us CNS supporters) about the one Government purchased unnecessarily! I guess this shows that when we as the public get really passionate about speaking out it actually works!

      Congrats to Cydonie, her hard work has paid off, and she so deserves these rewards!

      • Milo & Toast Bread says:

        Exactly my thoughts. My suspensions are that this SUV was purchased for another "official use" for someone in Government. But after the uproar, it was decided that something needs to be done with this Chevy and leave the Ford version to the Deputy Premier. In other words, one was bought from the local Ford dealer and one from the local Chevrolet dealer to please both companies. Duty would not have been paid in either case.

        Congrats to Cydonie. I hope you trade the gas guzzler in for something more earth friendly. Very proud of you. But even more proud by your modesty.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Cydonie you have grown to be a great ambassador for the island, Wish you all the best in future meets.I know you had the potential for Gold. 


    • Anonymous says:

      A wonderful event spoilt by the UDP. Their childish obsession with the colour green has got to GO!

      Congrats Cydonie on your success.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well Done Cydonie,

    And an Olympic gold medal would look great hanging from your Tahoe’s rear view mirror with the Commonwealth gold!!

  12. Leave the negavitiy to yourself says:

    congrats Cydonie,

      Don’t worry about the negative comments.

    Congratulations hun, you well did deserve that.

    keep up the great jop, stay positive.

    that’s wha some people needs to do a whole lot more

    then to through negative onto someone.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the negative comments are aimed at XXXXXXX, and not Ms. Mothersill.  go Cydonie!

  13. Happy Foreigner says:

    Even as a non-Caymanian living in Cayman, it was great to see a classy lady of the soil making such a splash on the international scene. Congratulations again, again and again! You are a role model beyond your own borders.

  14. Keeping It Real says:

    Congrats Cydone.

    Mr. Premier,

    $5,000 is a mere pittance of a hand out for a Sports Celebrity of this caliber. She is a Star athlete.

    ms. Mothersill should have received at least $100,000 dollars. That’s what countries pay their athletes that make them proud.  $5,000  and an SUV!  you’re kidding.

    the SUV or 4 wheel is fine. But the Gold Medalist should receive a greater deserved amount in the region of $100,000 that is well warranted. our local Government needs to get more serious about the level of rewards we present to our young people, with such high achievments internationally.

    Some of those wasted monies should go to the athletes that continue to make us proud Caymanians.


    • Anonymous says:

      I can run pretty fast too, so I should get, by your estimates, at least $10-20,000? While I applaud Cydone’s physical achievement, particularly at her age as a sprinter, I really think you’ve gone off the deep-end.

      • Anonymous says:

        BAD MIND

        Are you kidding me… her particular age, may I remind you that Carmilita Jeters (100m) USA is 31 years old and last year was world number 1.  If you can run fast, then do it and stop trying to take away from her achievement. if you are so fast, what have you done? Have you been rank in the top 10, top 20 or even top 40. Any senior championship medal…i seriously doubt it. Quit HATING!!

  15. Joe Average says:

    Yes!   Do The Right Thing!

    – Spike Lee

    • BORN FREE says:

      What a beautiful night it could have been. I feel sympathy for our track queen Cydonie. She was invited to a celebration for Cydonie but was caught up in the middle of a low class & disgraceful UDP propaganda campaign.
      Firstly, everything was embarrassingly green. Why green? Our colors, Cayman’s colors are red, white & blue, NOT UDP green! This event should have been about Cydonie & the Cayman people honouring her, not about the UDP! The seats were green, the car ribbon was green, & the speakers folders was green! Their faces looked red with embarrassment!
      Secondly, the premier got up to speak & gave us a "history" about all he did for Cydonie (& Cayman’s sports????), & he took a few jabs at his tormentors including FOI. As usual he was his usual selfish self because his speech was more about self & criticizing others than about Cydonie.
      Thank GOD Cydonie herself saved the night when she rose to talk. The contrast between her humility & the premiers anger was startling. I also am thankful for Cydonie that despite the fact that the UDP "used" her for political reasons, a local car company gifted her with a beautiful SUV, but even that special moment the premier tried to destroy by claiming credit for giving it to Cydonie by telling the crowd that "his" government was not charging the company duty up to the value of the car! Will he ever stop?
      We are proud of Cydonie, & I am happy that such a beautiful event was organized for her, but I am very sad & disgusted that the UDP ruined it by turning it into a political event. How sad, pathetic & disgraceful, but not surprising.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I love Cydonie!!!! I’m so proud of her …. and her gifts are a testament to our kids that hard work pays off and when you do well you will reap rewards and benefits.

    However I really would have liked to see a more tangible gift other than a car that devalued the minute the key was turned in it.

  17. Michel Lemay says:

    Congratulations Cydonie, you are a great example to our young Caymanians and you do deserve what you received. I am amazed that some still find negativity in such a great achievement. Common grw up will you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Michael, I have not read any negative comments about Cydonie, could you please enlighten us?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Cydonie.


    You certainly deserve your rewards… too bad the Dep. Prem. didn’t do anything to get hers.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well done Young lady, you wokred hard for it and got rewarded in history a  gift and memories!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Well done, Cydonie!

  21. JEB says:

    Congrats Cydonie on a job well done…………….. you deserve both of the gifts that you received yesterday from Premier Bush and the people of these Islands. Continue to shine and represent us and yourself well, and always include GOD in whatever you do.

    Phil 4.13


  22. Flip Flop says:

    Wonder who the car was originally meant for.

    • Michel Lemay says:

      Another negative against a positive. Guess who wins.Well done Cydonie

    • Anonymous says:

      Hear you now! You have to interject politics into such an event? Hats off to the PM for such gesture at this time. You know , some people just anti-everything.

      • Anonymous says:

        ahem, I think the politics were injected, force fed and shot out of a cannon by premier at the very occasion. 

      • Anonymous says:

        WAKE UP! pollyanna

      • MER says:

        I do not think this commentor means to be offensive, it is sarcasm, we were all flabergasted by Govs recent purchase of an SUV for "protocol" and if everyone takes a look at the almost 200 comments on that article, you will see that many have spoken out saying "they should have gotten Cydonie an SUV" and ironically less than a week later it happens. Is it coincidence or Gov’s way of shutting the public up and trying to clean the $h!t they splattered?

        We are all very happy for Cydonie and I think she very much deserves her rewards and has worked endlessly to obtain them!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well done Cydonie. You made us all proud, and finally the government have done the right thing by rewarding her for her accomplishments.

    Congrats Cydonie