Public pay for Mac’s fence

| 21/10/2010

(CNS): Although the original proposal to put a high wall around the premier’s private residence in West Bay was dropped, a fence, which it seems has been paid for from the public purse, has now been erected instead. The protocol office has not revealed the cost of the fence or any other details but it confirmed that the security of the premier and the country’s guests, who may be hosted at the premier’s residence, is the responsibility of government. Meanwhile, on Cayman Brac, the Ministry of District Administration has denied that the public are paying for the security upgrades and other enhancements to the deputy premier’s private home.

Although the creation of the office of premier has ushered in a number of changes and extra trappings regarding the country’s political leadership, there is no official residence for the holder of that office or that of deputy premier.

The current premier, McKeeva Bush, continues to reside in his own West Bay property, where security has reportedly been significantly enhanced. The people are now also footing the bill for utilities and other extras at the premier’s home as a result of the house being used for official functions and purposes, something which Bush has said would be afforded to anyone who is elected into the role.

Following a request by CNS to the Protocol Office about the fence that has appeared around the Bush household, the office refused to reveal any details of the costsor who was responsible for it because of what it said were issues of national security.

“As you are aware this is security related, and if we were to answer this question fully, it would reveal certain security issues and concerns, and obviously we do not wish to plant any seeds publicly which may cause harm to our country’s leaders,” the Protocol Office told CNS when we enquired about who was paying for the fence at the Bush residence. “Generally, however, it must be understood that the security of the premier and the country’s guests, who may be hosted at the premier’s residence from time to time is the responsibility of the government, and one which it takes seriously.”

Meanwhile, considerable work being done at Juliana O’Connor Connolly’s home is being paid for by the minister herself and not the people, the chief officer in the ministry stated. “This ministry or any other government agency is not paying for any repairs/modifications to the deputy premier’s residence,” Kearney Gomez said in an email to CNS, explaining that the minister’s home was severely damaged during Hurricane Paloma and still in need of repair.

Despite public perception to the contrary, Gomez also stated that the deputy premier was not residing at the Alexander Hotel except on rare occasions, and when on the Brac the district administration minister is residing in her own home. “On occasion when evening meetings are held on the Brac with ministry and District Administration staff, the deputy premier may stay at the venue of those meetings. It should be noted, however, that for most of the past 16 months the deputy premier has been residing at her private residence,” Gomez revealed.

He did, however, revealed that the ministry was incurring costs for the deputy premier’s security officer’s accommodation, which he said varied from month to month. “To take an average would be in the vicinity of $1,500 per month,” which he explained was for the officer’s stay-over accommodation on the Brac.

Both the premier and his deputy have come in for wide public criticism as a result of the extra spending associated with the elevation of the political leadership. However, Bush has in turn blamed the opposition, who were the primary architects of the Cayman Constitution 2009 which has ushered in the changes and the extra costs.

In a recent effort to deflect the controversy surrounding the extra security, utility and other protocol costs incurred by government, during the last sitting of the Legislative Assembly the premier listed the costs of CCTV systems which were installed in the homes of some of the previous Cabinet Member’s homes, which came to a total of around $35,000, a tab which was picked up by the treasury.

During the budget sitting earlier this year the premier told the country that the use of the premier’s “personal home for certain functions gives the erroneous impression that these courtesies are personal,” when, he said, it was in fact official.

“The Protocol Office considers that the funds utilised for security upgrades on the premier’s residence, in the circumstances, to be both practical and cost effective for our highest ranking elected diplomat to properly represent the country, to host official visitors, and discharge the duties inherent in the position of Premier, absent of distraction,” Bush told his legislative colleagues, adding that all future premiers would have upgrades to their homes until an official residence was feasible. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ok, since we are now stuck with a Premier why don’t we simply build a house for the Premier with one fence.  then as they come and go over the years like govenors we’ll still own the house and the fence.

    • Anonymous says:

      I fear this very sensible solution is probably impossible in present day Cayman, such is the immaturity of its society. Maybe in 25 years or so, by which time those politicians who presently like to talk about receiving and giving back "licks" will have, helpfully, faded into a well-earned oblivion. Caymanians deserve better representation but seem incapable, presently, of bringing it about via the ballot box.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know these posts are being made by complete idiots or simple haters. Whatever ‘P’ you belong to, if you are Caymanian, which I seriously doubt, you are really embarrassing yourselves. Since you all expect the Premier of the country to live without security or pay for it himself, why don’t you cite the precedents abroad, so we can compare? And, since the Premier is not entitled to any priveleges, then let us hear an argument why not.

    Clearly, the best thing you can do for McKeeva Bush is continue posting. He seems like the greatest intellect, compared to you lot.

    • Anonymous says:

      very nicely stated mango head.

      ee how classy it is to use name calling in a debate

  3. Loriane says:

    CNS, I don’t blame him!

    If my life has been threatened, I would want whatever security there is for me and my family. XXXX So I don’t  blame the man for being cautious. 

    Now it terms of taxpayers paying for the fence – that’s another story. I feel the Premier should pay for his own fence. He is not the Governor!  And in the next 4 years, he may not be the Premier… so it is not like he is Premier for life, and we should be paying for it.

    That he may have an important guest visiting his residence, still I feel is no excuse. He could always have meetings with guest at the Ritz or other locations other than his house. He is not Premier for life, and his home affairs should not be mingled with politics – not good!

    • Anonymous says:

      " CNS, I don’t blame him!

      If my life has been threatened, I would want whatever security there is for me and my family. XXXXX So I don’t  blame the man for being cautious. "

      1. It’s all the crap he’s doing that is making the people angry.  Easy solution: stop spending the people’s money and pay your own bills.

      2. He’s never home so he doesn’t need protection.

      3.  I thought he was West Bayer’s darling.  Didn’t they vote him in?  So why he need protection from them now? Solution: Nothing a few refrigerators won’t fix.

    • BornYa says:

      Civil servants asked to saveI The post on  10/21/2010 – 19:37." So, this is why we had a pay cut forced on us that we can’t even afford to buy groceries.  So the Premier could get a new fence.  Good government we got here.  NOT"

      You might also recall that an "adequate(!)and experienced" Chief Officer used some of you savings to buy a car – so now you understand why you saved from your budget, denied yourself and your staff, took a pay cut and denied your family of things.  See where your savings went! Perhaps the politicians should use a little restraint and self denial.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I say again that The Chuckster warned you all about McKeeva. Now stop moaning………you have at least two more years of punishment !!!

    • aNonimus says:

      Chuckster warn us yes, but if he had got the constitution he wanted the premier would have even more power – so just blame them for wanting all this power believing they were the ones going to get it.

  5. IRON CLAD says:

    Let me guess… Could it be that the extra SECURITY is more needed now because the Premier is producing MORE Political Abuse and The People are getting more ANGRY? Is it the threats he has gotten or does he feel that he is fast becoming a target of some kind because of his abuses?

    Do we have a consensus here everyone?

    You know, it is a CRYING SHAME that this man(or otherwise) is NOT being STOPPED dead in his tracks with all the abuse!! It is just FLAMING ANGERING that McKeeva is doing ALL that he has done and is continuing to do and absolutely NOTHING is being done to STOP IT!!!

    Anyone ever noticed how the Premier/UDP changed the long-standing democratic Planning Law that required the Government to submit all of it’s proposed Projects through the Planning Department and that the GOVERNOR HAD NOT A WORD TO SAY on that clear example of ABUSE by the Premier???!!!

    People, I know that the ‘LEARNING" process will take some time before The People, collectively will finally understand and to muster up the will and drive to remove this tyrant from power, but I truly hope it will not be too too late.

    May the Creator dispense his rational consideration and compassion upon the people of the Cayman Islands.

    Absolutely IRON CLAD

  6. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget the expense of having the Police Helicopter flying around McKeeva’s house 2 and 3 times a day disturbing the neighbourhood, while he is at home.  What are they hoping to find?  No one in West Bay will attempt anything on McKeeva.  He is their God.  What I also want to know is what was the cost of that Hurricane Bunker at his house? Why was it needed, when the CIG Building is a Hurricane bunker and as the Leader of these Islands, I would think he will conduct his business during and after a Hurricane at the CIG Building.  This is a blatant waste of Public Funds. Has anyone been checking on the run up cost at Cayman Airways by McKeeva and his hang ons?  Last time I believe he had owed the Airline something like $75,000, I am sure he has surpassed that by now. Hmmmmm!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      According to the Premier, he refused some "perks" that were suggested by the Protocol Office that went beyond free utilities and Christmas lights.

      Somehow I doubt that he would have refused a "friends and family fly free" offer.

  7. Joe Mamas says:

    "Take all you can. Give nothing back!"  Sound familiar? It is the creed of the greedy and corrupt.  Those who cannot take responsibility for their own lives and must live of the work of "others".  Is this just the reputation of Caymans leadership or of the people who hired them?  Time has already provided the answer.  Is this not true?  Watch closely as the rules of Karma bring balance where there is none now.

  8. MER says:

    Well guys, I was just arrested at my office by two uniformed police officers in relation to my $400 traffic fine, which I hadn’t paid because I have my threekids (single mom), retired mom (and Government refuses to give her pensions and I am an only child, so forget calling big bro and lil sis to help!!!!) I make hardly enough to support myself and these dependants.

    I guess the new protocol car need gas today??? Or maybe Big Mac is having a function at his home and needed a few hours pay for the extra security? Not sure what brought about the absolute search, hunt, find and arrest procedure today, but anyone owing Gov fines (no matter what your reasons may be) make sure if you have to rob, steal, shoot, hold-up, break-in, whatever you need to do, you better do it and get them paid!!! (If I had done these things maybe I would have been spared the embarrassment at my office today!)

  9. Fed up and broke!!!!! says:

    So when are we going to stop talking and do something about this? While we are complaining, the same foolishness is going on every day. So why don’t we protest against this? Where can we start???? What rights do we have to get this goverment out? In the US they call it impeachment……pls give me your thoughts people….

    Let’s get this rolling people. Just talking ain’t going get our mortgage up to date and food on the table and a new car after having the old one for 20 years cause we can’t afford a new one. What about our kids education????…..

    • Anonymous says:

      are you rolling yet? maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be.  Maybe Cayman is not meant to be prosperous anymore. (or for the time being)

      Actually, why should it be prosperous, and why  do you care?  It’s paradise I am told… enjoy it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can CNS bring to light that many on island vendors who provide a service to government are finding increasingly difficult and almost impossible at times to collect payment from the Government.  

    I find it very disturbing that the treasury department is stating to the various ministries that there is a hold on payments going out to any vendors while at the same time all the politicians are jet setting around the world.

    This poor practice affects the economy, theres no sense in saying government is stimulating the economy by using local companies to provide services when the government purse won’t make good on payments owed.

    Just ask any company who is a service provider for government or even their statutory authorities if they’re getting paid for services provided.

    This government has got to start living real, and they need to let the community know just how bad of shape the gov’t finances are. Stop looking at it through rose colored glasses and paint the real picture. The people of this country can accept the truth and find ways to move forward but if there kept in the dark it will only get worse.

  11. Anonymous says:

    How is being Premier more dangerous for McKeeva Bush than when he was Leader of Government Business?  Why the sudden need for all the extra security?  Certainly his title has changed, as well as some of his responsibilities in government.  But have those changes made it more likely that he might need a big fence and more security people and deluxe vehicles and so forth and so on?  From where does the increased threat come? 

    Or is it all just smoke and mirrors and a flimsy excuse to do a little renovation on the estate and outfit his posse with blingin’ SUVs, all at public expense?


  12. Anonymous says:

    That picture doesn’t look like the Ritz? 

    • anonymous says:

      It looks less like the Ritz than it used to. I am glad I do not own in his neighborhood.  With every thing else going on I do not need a drop in my property value because of his selfishness.

    • Anonymous says:

      he owns the Ritz. I guess he can take home a few bricks if he wants to. 

  13. Michel Lemay says:

    Caymanians and Expats no doubts that many have a problem with tha fence and I agree that a lot of us are hurting. No news there. You could put anybody in the government at this time and not much would be different. It bothers me however that no one is willing to offer serious solutions to our many problems. What bothers me most apart from a few is that soooooooooooooo many" Anonymous " behind the fingers. Common man stand up and be counted. what are you afraid of ? Do you seriously think you will lose your job tomorrow (maybe if your a civil servant !) or get kicked off the island just like that. If you believe in something strongly sign your name and then maybe just maybe a group of serious persons can get together and HELP find solutions. The ’70s and 80’s are over stop being afraid. You can think want you want of me But many know how much I have Cayman at heart and also want jobs for 3 of my 5 children born ya and wondering what will happen to my 7 and 3/4  Grandchildren born ya will have left. You want to know the truth, I am num over the politics here ! why ? we all cry Wolf but scared to voice our opinion and put a name to our concerns. There are many smart persons here, so smart they won’t get involved for their future generations. Oh ! and your wright I not even born ya !

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Lemay,

      in answer to your question, yes I do believe I would get kicked off the island.  Perhaps not ‘just like that’ but a very good (100%) possibility when my next permit comes up. It sounds like you don’t have permit issues, and for people in your shoes I think what you say is a good Idea and I encourage you to press on.  You could be the spark.

       It’s a strange result this very real fear has here, beyond me to analyze accurately, but this fear shades EVERYTHING here; kind of freezes evolution. (like seat belts and air bags allow bad/drunk drivers multiple opportunities to defy a good and natural death behind the wheel) I am 100% sure that it encourages inappropriate (nay, insane-stooooopud) behavior at the national level. A lot of people in power positions with no social/group pressure to act in ‘normal’ ways.  One big super messed up family.    Oops, there I did analyze it accurately

      • Michel Lemay says:

        I don’t believe so.Remember the population is low and high season is coming. But seriously it’s easier for you to find out who I am since I worked on the waterfront for at least 25 years many know me and what you see is what you get. I would fight for you sir or madam and definatly attract a lot of attention and fight and appeal with you until my last breath if your permit was endangered for signing your name. You see that is what a lot of people don’t get. We are not all hypocrites or too worried sure a lot of people will criticise me for saying this but we are not getting nowhere right now. We sound like a buch of parrots in an almond tree. I know many who feel like me. I know too many people suffering right now but voicing an anonymous opinion ok is better then nothing but only gives more power to those who thrive on it and believe you me there are many. Much POLITICAL FANFARE. You sound like a very reasonsable person and if you wish gather some friends or people who wish they could sign their name and dig me out. The coin man. the ice cream man or just plain Michel with 5 kids or even leave a message to someone who know me. I won’t turn you in but I guarantee you that if we can come out of it with good stuff I know many many who will listen and trust me i am a little entertaining as well and i promise you will learn something. Ice tea anyone? or you can have your drink.

        • Anonymous says:


          There are many permit holders that are afraid of losing their work permits and that are afraid of speaking out for many reasons. Only lately have I known some of these people and the injustices that are going on.  Out of fear they will not speak out.  They do not understand their rights.

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

         I believe in free speech 100%. Reality though Michel is that when you have leadership that believes that the "bloggers" and that the news reporters in Cayman are going to "ruin the country" or "bring down the Government" for properly reporting the news, venting frustrations or questioning Governments actions retribution is alive and well. The only way to eliminate this foolish notion from the politico’s is to find new leadership. Then when we have a new attitude at the top, proper decision making, leadership, forward movement only then will retribution stop and the public can sign letters. That is still alongway away.

    • New Party says:


      The reason this is being done anonymously is because I want to see how many people believe in the idea and not the person behind it because the new party will have to endure beyond the personalities and individuals. The UDP cannot survive beyone the Mac era and will self destruct when he no longer has power!

      • Anonymous says:

        What is your intention in starting a new party? 

      • Anonymous says:

        if elected I am prepared to ignore any and all questions that I don’t have a good answer for.  Hey! look, a new show is on TV 

        • New Party says:

          So Sorry I have been busy organizing for the first meeting, what were your questions ?



    • Anonymous says:

      Although agree with majority of what you say, it is still possible to lose one’s job or be kicked off the Island.  ‘Anonymous’ voices are still strong voices – better than saying nothing at all.

      Have a great day.

      • Michel Lemay says:

        Oh really, don’t you think it’s a little like shooting blanks, and by the way how many response to our #10 spot in tourism compare to da fence. I don’t think you were here in the 80’s to see how hard we worked so you could be here today. Give me your name, and we will meet and I will tell you stories of many of us who worked 16 to 18 hours a day to make our beautiful island the envie of many other destinations. And guess what ? many many Caymanians and interesting expats like me and others who all had one thing in common. WE CARED and got along just fine as long as you behaved yourself.Today too much come and go and many not necessary popular back home because of whatever so let’s go work in the Sun Tax Free. God I wonder what my good old CaymaniansIron men and lady friends are thinking of all this. You know what,  things and people are moving so fast they problably can hardly keep up with the pace. I only been here 35 years and when we talk about it sometime we can only shake our heads. Hey go to the Hospital sometime and get to meet and talk and learn about the Cayman Islands. You could not sout blanks then or dog would ear your supper. Anyhow you know what I am probably as stupid as you for reading this pile of bull by the anymousses and I really wonder sometime if anyone is getting it anyhow. I’ll just make a difference by becoming a better person myself and put back my blinders. have fun I’ve had enough.oh! remember there no luggage rack on the hurst or the shiny station wagon that takes you to the cemetary. But will still be here because this is our home and WE CARE. get it.I am not referring to our civil service of course. I wish they you could sign your name because many of you KNOW and could Help trying to figure this mess. Love you all

    • Ex-Expat says:

      Serious solutions? Hmmm.. How about, next time he’s home having a quick whip round for the extra few bucks it would take to get a short length of chain and a decent padlock. Finish the job off properly. That fence looks a good deal more secure than Northward!

  14. Anonymous says:

    So, this is why we had a pay cut forced on us that we can’t even afford to buy groceries.  So the Premier could get a new fence.  Good government we got here.  NOT!

  15. Anonymous says:

    y is the Governor driving around in a $7K Lincoln Town Car and the Premier and the deputy is driving around in their $50K vehicles which takes $115 to fill with gas and the Lincoln takes $65 to fill??  I guess these are the small things we need to look into and why the premier and deputy premier can’t drive around in similar vehicles as the Governor!!!!z 

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s why my vote goes to this Governor!

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point. But you know that a Lincoln Town Car isn’t "up to the time" enough for Big Mac. Opps, I mean, but the Constitution stated that they get a Chevy Tahoe. Opps, no I meant that anything else wouldn’t have been big enough for them.. (the visiting/ invisible-floating ‘officials’). Opps. You know what I mean. But since you brought it up, I wonder, how come, even though the Governor is supposed to have ‘precedence’ in this island.. how come his Town Car isn’t equipped with bullet proof windows, illegal tint AND a T.V? Mmmm… I wonder if the cars are even equipped with a little mini-bar? Snack-bar? Salad bar?..

  16. Anonymous says:

    CNS, Can you do a vote that readers can sign electronically that would show how the people feel about these sorts of unnecessary funding?

    CNS: Vote in the poll – Is the UDP government spending money wisely?

    • BORN FREE says:

      I wonder if the premier plans to "return" the fence to the Cayman people when he is no longer premier (along with the many other personal perks that we paid for at his residence)? I also wonder if the deputy premier plans to "return" the wing on her residence (for her bodyguard) in the Brac when she is no longer deputy premier? I’m just wondering!

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS – How about a poll on whether the PPM opposition is performing its role ?

      CNS: That’s a good idea. We ran Is the PPM an effective opposition? last year. It’s about time we revisited the question.

      I’ve just posted the poll question Who is the most effective voice of opposition?

    • Anonymous says:

      People wake up nah man!

      Will McKeeva Bush pay back all the money spent on himself when he is no longer Premier (even though he believes he will be Premier for life, his end is coming) as he is having all this renovations and security done on his personal premises as if was the property of the Government and provided for whoever is the Premier.

      If there was a "Premier House" that would be the property of the Cayman people and used bt whoever is the Premier at the time, well we could swallow all the over spending that is taking place, but on a privately owned premises that will no longer be used by any Premier after McKeeva vacates that post is unbearable.

      What McKeeva is telling the people of Cayman, is that every Premiers personal premises will have all these grand renovations when they become Premier and can keep these "gifts" after they are no longer Premier.

      WHAT A JOKE!

      And we are broke!

      But McKeeva knows that we, the people of Cayman, will only "run-up" our mouths on CNS but do nothing, so he will just carry on doing as he pleases with no regard to how we are suffering!

      • Anonymous says:

        With all the expenses and money spent already, we could have built a ‘Premier’s’ house.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t the UDP election campaign about the exstravagant and unnecessary spending caused by the PPM? They are guilty of the same and more!

    Please put the people of this country first, this is madness and there is no way you can justify all of this spending while people are losing jobs, having to take pay cuts and watch the cost of living rise on a daily basis.   

    Please pulicize how much this government has spent on the politicians tripsoff island. I hear the Premiere left again today that means he spent less than 4 days in office again this week how long will he be gone and for what conference is it this time and how much will it cost the country. Also, will we be paying the Deputy Premiere an acting salary again with all the perks in his absence while the civil servants take their pay cut?  

    Please stop living this fantasy lifestyle and remember what the country really needs to survive in these hard times.

  18. Anonymous says:

    So this is where the UDP drones will say this is all part of the constitution and the premier and dep premier are entitled to everything and then round off the lie to say it’s all KT’s fault.

    To that I say XXXXX!! Show us where it refers to Christmas lights and building a 10 foot green fence around the premier’s house in the constitution or just shut up.

  19. Dilemma says:

    My fellow Caymanians, please stop making yourselves sound so ignorant, you voted for a constitution which has attachments, protocols etc.. this is all part of the package as I know you all understand. I know alot of you have a soft spot for the premier (or not) but please stop the ignorance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you can cite precisely the protocols and attachments for us. I am a lawyer and I must have missed it. What nonsense. He has no regard for the Constitution for anything else but has the utmost regard where supposedly he is bound to load himself up with perks in order to satisfy its demands. You are either not very bright or you think the rest of us are idiots.  

      • Dilemma says:

        "I am a lawyer"

        Then you are the most ignorant lawyer on the planet; you allow your hatred for Mckeeva Bush to cloud your intelligence, you do not want to acknowledge the fact that Mckeeva Bush is the second most important public figure in the country after the Governor, and if you follow every other caribbean country with the same constitutional model you will find that the Premier’s security is provided for.



        • Pauly Cicero says:

          I believe what most Caymanians want is to follow our own constitutional model not that of other caribbean countries. Stop the nonsense and tell us where these perks are provided for, that would end the argument. Insulting your audience or opponents does not win a debate. A simple presentation of facts would do well for you.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are quick to criticize but have yet to respond to any of the posts asking you to tell us where to find the information you say exists.  Is that becausethe information does not exist anywhere except in your mind?

          Calling names is no substitute for the truth.


        • Anonymous says:

          I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I JUST READ mckeeva bush and intellegence IN THE SME SENTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course it was a rather long sentence. 

        • Anonymous says:

          but he important to the country.  That’s what you need to ask yourself. Now relax and stop calling the lawyer names. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Dilemma,  please stick to posting the documents that states that the Premier is entitled to these perks!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dilemma……Please post a copy of those attachments, protocols etc….then you can refer to others as ignorant.

    • BORN FREE says:

      Ignorance? I suggest that you stop with your ignorance. How many times do you have to be told that no where in the constitution does it call for the perks that the premier is selfishly demanding, NO WHERE! If you think you can find it in the constitution where it allows for these "perks" why don’t you post it on CNS? But you cannot because it DOES NOT EXIST, so "please stop the ignorace" & wasting our time, thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not know and I do not understand.  Instead of just spouting nonsense, why don’t you let everyone know where these remarkable attachments and protocols can be found so that we can all be enlightened?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what Johnny Public would be saying if Kurt Tibbetts was the Premier and having all these things done to his home?

    Just a thought!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Who says that Kurt Tibbetts would be having all these things done to his home? But if he, no doubt in the current economic crisis no doubt the public would be saying precisely the same thing. Stop pretending that this is a personal issue.    

    • Anonymous says:

      Any Caymanian in their right mind would be saying the same thing if it was KT

    • anonymous says:

      The exact same thing.

  21. whodatis says:

    How about we put Mac and Julie  in some shared accommodation – student dorm / hostel style?!

    Shared kitchen, bathroom and common areas – maybe that way they’ll manage to knock their heads together and we could finally see something being achieved in the country.

    Plus – they could even car pool … oh, the possibilities!


    *I would love to be a fly on the wall when it comes time for arranging the chores roster!

  22. Anonymous says:

    What the hell he need a high fence and security for? He lives in West Bay where the people love him. They demonstate that love every election. Besides he’s not even on the island long enough to catch his own shadow on those security tapes I’m sure.. geez So really what is the purpose behind the fence?

    • Anonymous says:

      the purpose of the fence is; It Was FREE … well not free, You bought it for him.  Now why you buy him a GED

  23. Anonymous says:

    I think what the general public is forgetting is that the Premier is the equivalent of the US President, Ja Prime Minister, etc. At this point, we have no "Government House" for the Premier to reside in, hence the reason why all the security measures have had to be implemented at his own home.

    When all the dust has cleared and the economy regains strength, maybe it would be a good idea to have a "Government House" constructed for whoever is Premier to move into during their term.

    • Pending says:

      He can also then return all the measures to the rightlful owner, the public, when he is no longer the US President or JA Prime Minister.

    • Anonymous says:

      I AGREE why are we made to do upgrades on their private homes !!!! and Ms o connor"s as well ! this should have been put on the table long ago and included in this years budget instead of their european vacations but what  the hell their getting a free off of us every which way they can hope they enjoy it because they wont be getting my XXXX ‘S  we areturning into comunist cuba and poverty stricken jamaica ask yourself why crime is on the rise not just the "gang" murders but robberies  i hate to think what my home (country) will be like in 5 years we cater to the rich elite and forgot about our own people why do you think these young men getinvolved in such things

    • Anonymous says:

      A couple of offices in the new government building would work – appears to be well equipped!:)

    • Frequent Flyer says:

      LOL!! You are comparing the Cayman Islands to the United States. That’s rich!

      I guess the ‘Government House’ would have to be located on PRIME real estate as well, eh!!!

      So glad we ushered this new position and all the trappings in after all this time. 

      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

      Where I come from, we call it Showboatin’. Nobody likes a braggart.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lord have Mercy…..the Premier himself said this was a 2/4 country, so how is he now equivalent to the US President, Ja Prime Minister….how quickly we forget.

      I have fa recruit supporters like you!!!!!

    • MER says:

      As far as I am concerned, the Cayman Islands equivelant of the US President would be our Governor and we DO have a house, car, cook, driver etc for him. If every so called MLA decides that they want a house because they are an elected official does that mean we have to get them one?

      Firstly, the Leader of Government Business title was recently proposed and delivered and now it is the "Premier" so we are going to all have to fricking bow and sing "God Save McKeeva" if we allow this to escalate further!

      We need to stick to reality here, it is quite obvious that since re-election the "ego" of this Government has rocketed through the roof and the well-being of the country and its inhabitants has plumetted through the earth’s core. Please do not embarrass yourself further by trying to sway our thoughts of an obviously ridiculous, selfish purchase on behalf of Big Mac’s own indulgance. And also, I could have sworn Big Mac has a Ritz Residence for use by Government Visitors, or is that location not secure enough?

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude, he is not the equivalent. First, we are not an independent country. He is not head of state. In his own words we are "a little 2 x 4 country". Perhaps Mr. Bush should wait until the economy regains strength before he demands these perks.     

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL! Since he is comparable to the President of the United States no doubt he should have the equivalent of Air Force One and Camp David as well! Now I see where he gets the entourage for foreign travel ideafrom.

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL!! 10/21/2010 16:56 – "LOL! Since he is comparable to the President of the United States"  – are there any similarities between these two men?  let’s see – Barack Obama is plunging the US down the pipes to hell and McDinajad Bush is flushing Cayman Islands down the pipes to hell – I guess they’re comparing notes and competing to see who can do the most damage to the country and people they swore to protect and defend.

        Some of the difference between these – Obama is educated, stubborn, haughty and selfish.  Mcdinajad is uneducated, stubborn, haughty and extremely selfish!  (these are mild differences)

        The US is a resourceful country and will survive Obama’s onslaught of incompetent, senseless decisions / actions, but Cayman??… well, let’s see – our chances of surviving McDinajad’s reign of horror and greediness are very, very slim!!!  

      • Anonymous says:

        The U.S Presidents can only dream  about having the perks Mr. Bush gets in Cayman

  24. MER says:

    This is amazing!!! Wow, I cannot believe what I am reading a week after they bought a new car for "protocol"!!! I haven’t heard this much about "PROTOCOL" since Persian royalty 400 BC!!!

    Now, while we are at it Mr. Premier (of whom I did not vote for but used to think more of), I guess we should order some red carpets and hire a few persons to roll them out whenever you need to step out of your new "protocol" vehicles.

    I am also hearing alot about "the Island’s Visitors", it seems we have quite a few of them since we use them to justify these recent purchases, I wonder, and this is just me wondering, could it be that their first class tickets, food and accommodations are all also being footed by our "struggling Government" budget???

    • Anonymous says:

      maybe if you suggested GREEN carpet 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      MER, are you crazy? Please, please, please I beg you do not mention "red carpet"! You will have to "roll out the green carpet" or maybe the blue carpet, but never, never, never mention "red carpet" to the premier! That’s a no no!

  25. Anonymous says:

    GOOD THING WE ARE SOOOOOO BROKE AND IN SUCH A HUGE DEFICIT! We are so broke that we are now paying for his personal amenities and Julianna’s personal vehicle, and both of their drivers, their travel, stupid conferences that do nothing to help this crime situation we have escalating day by day, and I never heard more crap.

    This Government and the last one are all a bunch of LIARS. Who knows what next election will hold, but I tell you one thing – we need to sweep the house clean and start fresh. No more party systems. No more corrupt thieves. I am not a registered voter, but next election can’t miss me! We need these people OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. Anonymous says:

    Can we ship the Premier off island after his term, just like we send off the Governors?  Can the Legal Department and the MLAs check the constitution on this point please?

    I cast four votes in George Town and two members made it.  I expect these elected members to do something to control this XXXX from ruining the country.

  27. Truly 100% Caymanian:) says:

    "It should be noted, however, that for most of the past 16 months the deputy premier has been residing at her private residence,” Gomez revealed.


    For the record that is complete B.S! I’ve been to the brac 3 times in the past 2 months and everytime I see the Deputy Premier and her bodygaurd etc… living life at Brac Reef! Cant wait till a few people from the brac get wind of this hogwash… SMH 😐

  28. Anonymous says:

    it’s funny that he chooses to ignore the constitution when it comes to holding up the Standing Orders of the House but he uses the constitution as an excuse to get his house upgraded.  He clearly takes us all for idiots.  Oops – i guess he’s right for assuming we don’t have any sense when the voting public was stupid enough to put him back in power. HIs supporters don’t even have sense enough to see he is doing wronge mow….they are still blaming everything (including this fence) on the PPM.  That’ll get us far.  By next election, he will have increased the voting pool with more of his brainwashed idiots and Cayman will never get out of the grips of Mac!

    Suck it up.  There’s lots more of Mac to come.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Bet your a$$ when February-March 2011 arrives, the Government and all it’s departments will be crying once again that they are lacking money to pay the bills including civil servants salary’s. Just you wait and see !!!

    There is going to be a lot of "ugly crying" in the Cayman Islands before the next general election comes around. I doubt that I will vote next time around. UDP, PPM and these so called independants, they were all at one time connected to the party system so they bring nothing new to the table, just grandios idea’s of big spending and increasing an already oversized public service.


  30. Anonymous says:

    Clearly this Governement is all about SELF. Once they get everything THEY want and everything THEY need who cares about the people suffering? After all their bills are paid each month and they have bought cars for everyone and taken trips, only then the Governent is BROKE! When it comes to wise spending and doing what they are supposed to ie. Education, only then they are BROKE!

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha, looks like Big Mac (or his secretary) is reviewing this story and its comments as there is only 1 thumbs down to every comment that opposes the People paying for his expenses.

      • Big Mac says:

        Thumbs-down to you man.

        Now I gotta get back to the trough before Julie eats everything.

        His Most Exhaulted Hoggishness


    • Anonymous says:

       Why have we not heard a public outcry about the money spent on the Governor? His security, his amenities?  These things are standard anywhere in the world for these high offices. 

      And the same Caymanian people who are writing these posts are the same persons that say "why we Caymanians can’t work together?"

      High time for a Caymanian to be in charge of the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you listening to yourself??

      • Anonymous says:

        mckeeva doesnt consider himself one of us anymore he got a taste of $$$$ and rubbing elbows with the elite and forgot the bush where he crawled out of and the governor doesnt travel like he does because this is their last desitnation before they all retire this is a plus for them leaving civil service in the uk they are here for a four year vacation sign a few documents make a few appearances have a few tea parties invite a few well to do people and say goodbye cayman i loved the weather the beaches etc example why didnt the governor help us when we were in need after hurricane Ivan ok and i love how all the americans english irish white sth arficans etc all fled after Ivan and the caymanians had no where to go but here our home !!! the jamaicans , honuraians , cubans all stayed and help rebuild our island but yet they are looked down upon what a shame  

        • Anonymous says:

          Wrong!  Didn’t all flee before, during or after Ivan! Be a little careful in what you say!

          Let me ask you – how do you figure it was just the ‘white sth arficans’ that fled?

          I love how you appear to ‘looked down upon’ some – what a shame.


          • Anonymous says:

            Hey!  I am white, and Canadian.  I was here before, during and after.  And if you think I didn’t have anywhere better to go, you are very much mistaken.  

        • Anonymous says:

          "I love how all the americans english irish white sth arficans etc all fled after Ivan"

          Well, maybe you’ll love this too:  F**K YOU.  I’m an American and I was here before, during and after Ivan and I stayed to help put this island back together.  And I don’t remember seeing you.


        • Anonymous says:

          Hey Al Sharpton (Anon Thu, 10/21/2010 – 14:59) why don’t you keep your dirty racist thoughts to yourself. What a load of racial hogwash, SHUT UP!

        • Anonymous says:

          wrong wrong wrong.  Please try to wake up. I stayed , helped, donated time, building materials, food, more time, and money and got rolled over.

          Please wake up, think, and then don’t talk trash.  

      • O'Really says:

        I don’t know about a Caymanian being in charge. I would just like to think someone was in charge!

      • me says:

        I’m not 100% on this, but I believe the UK (or perhaps more accurately, UK tax payers money) pays for the Gov and all his trimmings, not the CI government purse.

        We are a British Territory, and the Gov is here on behalf of, and paid by the UK to oversea things here.

        Like I said I could be wrong on that one, but I’m pretty sure – perhaps someone else can clarify.

        CNS: Sorry, you’re wrong. The governor "and all his trimmings" are paid out of the Cayman Islands Treasury.

      • Anonymous says:

        how do you know who’s writing which posts?

        • Anonymous says:

          well… I’m writing this one, does that help?  I’m not sure who’s writing yours. 

      • Anonymous says:

        This is Governor is worth it. Compare the car of the Governor to the cars of the government!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I am sick and tired of the rubbish concerning the Premier.  All these amenities comes with being a Premeir. Can’t you  just forget about the individual that is holding the Premier’s seat and think more on the seat itself.  This ignorance has been going on for too long.  I really wonder who is the idiot here.  Is it McKeva Bush or those following every nonsence that the newspaper print or what someone else suggest.  However, the Premier position, if it is McKeva or Kurt tibbetts holding it,  a house should have been built for the Premier.  Before we rushed trough the Constitution we should had made sure that all these things were in place instead of us just now trying to make every thing look so stupid.  I don’t care about McKeva, nor Kurt Tibbets, as far as I am concerned one is a good as the other. They both have the same intention and political views.  If not so, Why was the constitution rushed through without proper thinking. A careless Constitutionwill ruin an country, as what we are now experiencing. May God Help US to have it rectified before it’s too late.

    If there was a house to house the premier, it obviously would have security gauard, high fences, etc. to protect it.  Why should who ever is the Premier be it  Kurt Tibbets or McKeva, not have propection the same way the Governor has.  Show me the difference. 

    Just stop the nonsence and making the rest of the world believe that all residence and citizens of the Cayman Islands are fools.  We are an intelligent people.  Lets prove by speaking what God wants us to speak and stop the bickering over an individual.

    By the wya, have you see how good Mckeva looks since his been on a diet? wow. Kerry watch it Girl.!!  – that’s what all of us should be doing. Taking care of ourselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Constitution does not REQUIRE any of this. The Constitution was discussed, considered, debated, analysed, written about for the better part of two years. There were a great number of public and private meetings held by the Constitutional Secretariat to discuss and explain this document. Furthermore we went through this exercise in 2002 when local Constitutional Commissioners gave a report. Noone can truthfully say the Constitution was "rushed through". The Constitution does not have to be a perfect document; it may be amended as issues arise. We are the only Overseas Territory that has taken this long to amend its Constitution. Please stop trying to hide behind the Constitution to excuse irresponsible behaviour on the part of our leaders while the observe the Constitution in no other respect.  

    • Pending says:

      Are you McKeeva? Related?

      If you are standing by that argument, then we get all those things back when he is removed from office right? The fence we paid for will no longer be his as he will no longer be the Premier with the perks.

      Secondly, stop bringing God into the picture, who is this person? Have you ever met him / her? Do you think everyone on this island believes in God? XXXXX

      And lastly, clearly you haven’t seen McKeeva recently, because the weight he lost is now coming back with a vengence. Must be all those trips around the world to 5 star restaurants that we are all paying for.

    • Anonymous says:

      WHERE does it say that these amenities comes with the role of being a Premier?????? Hearsay does not count, please state document and page.

      I trust you are also prepared to contribute say $50,000 towards building the house.


    • MER says:

      Yes, in other parts of the world I am sure there are purpose-built housing for CERTAIN Government officials. That is why we have a home for the GOVERNOR!!!

      The "Premier" (and this title was self-proclaimed and enforced) is a fancy name for the Leader of Government Business, and sure if the Island was flourishing as it once was and there wasn’t so much crime and unemployment and unfinished community projects, I would say SURE, let’s get a house for our "Premier". (And if he was doing what he should, maybe we would at least be almost to that point again!)

       But unfortunately the island is in a crisis (or so we are told whenever we ask Governments help for anything, so how must we know any different?) so non-priority stuff like this fence (and the recent car and excessive travel) are unnecessary and a budget strain that we as the people feel the back-breaking effects of!!!

      • I am at a loss for words here here, we the citizens of these islands are paying all this money to put extra high fences around the Premeire’s private residence. While the poverty continues to rise in the outer didtricts, what a farce. For all you loony brain people that beleive that he cares one iota about you all then you all need a brain ectamy. He only cares about his selfish self and west bay, the rest of the Island can go to hell.

        Where is the representaives that we faithfully elected to represent us, no one seems to care, just allowing this group of inadiquate peons destroy our island and way of life.  My heart broke today when I read this, I see so many things that need to be done in our communities, so many of our youth justwasting by the way side, yet the government has no funds to do anything in the didtricts, yet can waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on their foolish whims.  The Island need to start a prayer vigil with real Christian cultured pastors, not money hungry vultures.

    • Anonymous says:

      First the world can now see how illiterate you are ( you cant spell properly) and second no one I think is bringing up Kurt Tibbetts because he is not the PREMIER and spending what (Mckeeva) says we dont have which is money on extravangance , luxuries ,XXXXX, the real issue here is the fact the Premier keeps saying that we dont have money because of the PPM yet the PPM took over from the reigning government which was the UDP so explain how that works you start with a million bucks borrow 2 million then get voted out and pass that mess on to a new government party and blame them for your mess when they did the right thing by passing the transparency law to show all of what you’ve been doing over the years and covering it up ? but i must say Kurt you are also a very poor opposition leader what is your job exactly to sit on your ass and let them do as they please to us your are still an elected member and you are being PAID as such DO YOUR DAMN JOB OPPOSE THE RATE HIKES FROM CUC , OPPOSE MOTIONS BROUGHT BY MCKEEVA STOP LETTING THEM SHOVE S#^T DOWN OUT THROATS WE NEED PEOPLE WITH BACKBONES AND BALLS !!! TIME FOR ALL THE OLD TO GET OUT AND START FRESH WITH SOME NEW MINES AND IDEAS it still boggles my mine how they let a bar be built next door to one of out oldest churches and graveyards on this island are values have just gone down the drain because of GREED

  32. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t it have Razor Wire at the top? How do we stop him from escaping?

  33. Anonymous says:

    We should build an impregnable wall and just lock him in forever.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Whilst I accept that given the current financial woes being experienced, now might not be the time for the country to puchase an official residence for the Premier, but is would be substantial cheaper that fixing up and making additions to each leader’s house every 4 years.  Every and I mean every country has an official residence for their leader and the same should have been done here long time ago.  If you add up the housing allowance I’m sure the Premier gets along with all the improvements done to his residence, I am certain it is substantially higher than the amortised cost of a mortgage loan to complete the purchase of a residence which would be owned by the government and people of the island.  It does not have to be a palace but nice enough to be an official residence, similar to the governor.  With the market as depressed as it is, I imagine you could purchase a nice home,  say 5 bedrooms on an acre of land in a nice area for maybe $1.2M, improvements may be another $200-$300K.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Can we just be sure he is inside and then lock the gate!!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Can I just ask a simple question here?  Will the premeir give that system/fence/everything else up when he is no longer premeir?  Or will we have to buy all new stuff again?

    Will the Deputy stop staying in hotels when she is no longer deputy or will she still have to because she was the former?

  37. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if any consideration was given to the drop in property values of homes bordering this ugly fence. I doubt they were consulted at all.  They certainly were not taken into consideration. But then Mac never was concerned about anyone but himself.

    Why would the cost of the fence be a matter of national security??  They just do not want to admit the extravagant cost being spent on this?

    An aside:  Is the Department of Agriculture spending a lot of time and our money there doing his landscaping???

  38. Bearer of Good News says:

    Look on the bright side. We can have our fence back in just over two years.

  39. anonymous says:

    Soooooo, Will the fence come down when he is no longer the Premier?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Talk, talk, talk and no one does anything to stop these current legislators from doing exactly as they please.  I don’t understand why the public continues to let them get away with this nonsense!


  41. Anonymous says:

    "On occasion when evening meetings are held on the Brac with ministry and District Administration staff, the deputy premier may stay at the venue of those meetings". Really now is Cayman Brac that large that it would be too far to drive home and save the tax payers a few dollars? And on who’s time is that security officer and his friend when they are working on the construction project at deputy premier’s house?

    • Anonymous says:

      Please remember that her security guard is a human being and a government employee. He is paid a salary like all other civil servants for a certain amount of hours per day and per week. After that he is entitled to days off, overtime, time in lieu and a private and personal life.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tell that to the Deputy Premier, as she was the one who decided to take him to Kenya for no good reason, and presumably at our expense.

      • Just Sayin' says:

        It’s called "moonlighting" and is frowned upon for most Civil Servants, unless they of course know someone.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a great idea!!! Now we don’t have to see him or his house!! I think the fence should have been higher though.

  43. Anonymous says:

    The fence in the picture looks awfully high.  I hope he received the relevant planning permissons to do so.  Knowing the Premier, me thinks not!  CNS you want to take this one?

  44. Pro the little person says:


    What a load of $#!T, issue of national security HA!. More like I make the big bucks by running my country into the ground so let’s make sure that no angry mobs can attack my house, after all I am not in office to make their lives better, just my own but I’ll use their hard earned money to do so (I don’t care if my annual salary is enough for four families) that’s why i increased all the fees during a recession and do such a small pay cut and encouraged all the members of cabinet to do the same (why keep my promises they’ll re-elect me anyway in 8 years).  
    • Pro the little person says:

      Forgot to mention sustainable ideas lets budget years ahead and not just annually, that why we have pro-forma accounting.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Why not build a PREMIER HOME just like the GOVENORS!!

    Why are we the people injecting more value into someone’s own property just because of there constitutional perks!! So every Premier elected will need a wall of Jericho around it plus Security plus a chef plus only God knows what else. So just like the Governor I feel we need to invest one time and call it a day and save some money overall and build a Premier home!!

    It’s called common sense. Why make the value of his own property go up and then come 2013 we need to spend more money again to give that Premier perks!

    Get with the program!


    • Anonymous says:

      it looks like a super ugly fence, if anything it would just bring his property value down…

  46. Michel Lemay says:

    I do believe that the Premier needs as much protection as any Premier anywhere. Af far as know the bill is always footed by the various governments. Did any past and present Governors ever paid themselves for their fences?

    • Anonymous says:

      He isn’t the Governor – yet (That is a treat for the future!!) 

  47. Anonymous says:

    can someone please quote from the Cayman Islands Constitution where it states the people of the Cayman Islands are obligated to pay for Christmas lights,utility bills etc for our beloved leader?

    where is his moral consideration? this man collects his pay and pension and will continue to collect both when he’s not  in office anymore- and he has the heart to make a broke struggling, bankrupt country continue to make him comfy?

    what he has done to this country in the past 25 years he doesn’t deserve it!