Cayman makes Conde Nast’s readers top ten

| 22/10/2010

(CNS): The Cayman Islands came in at number ten in the Caribbean/Atlantic top ten of the Conde Nast Traveler, in its 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards, presented in the November 2010 issue of the magazine. The voters judge the destinations on activities, atmosphere, beaches, friendliness, lodgings, restaurant and scenery. The Ritz Carlton was also voted as number one in the top ten of Caribbean resorts by the magazine’s readers and featured at number 71 in the best of the world ratings. Acting Director of Tourism Shomari Scott said the department of tourism was very pleased with the result.

“We are delighted that discerning travelers to the Cayman Islands continue to be impressed not only by our pristine natural environment, but by the facilities, services and friendliness of our people,” said Scott. “This vote of confidence is testament to the high standards that our tourism partners have consistently worked to deliver and we are proud of this recognition by thousands of readers and travellers,” said Scott.

Conde Nast Traveler is designed for the experienced, discerning, frequent traveler with an array of diverse travel experiences and information encompassing art, fashion, architecture, culture, cuisine and shopping at a variety of destinations throughout the world. The magazine has a current circulation of 818,066. More than 25,000 readers voted for their favourite resorts, hotels, and destinations for the 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards.

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  1. John Evans says:

    Although I’ve quoted similarresults in stories I’m still not sure what these polls actually prove.

    In this poll the Spanish island of Ibiza rated 75.7 – anyone been there recently? It’s a dump!

    There never seem to be any proper sampling methods so the results just come out at random. Some polls you see in the UK actually reflect little more than groups of selected resorts serviced by specific tour operators. 

    I also wonder why a number of excellent Caribbean/Atlantic destinations, such as Cuba, the ABC islands, outer islands of the Bahamas and TCI, are not on the list when they regularly feature in other polls.

    It’s nice to see Cayman and Ritz-Carlton on this list but don’t get too excited about it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been to St Martin / St Maarten, Nevis, BVIs and Anguilla and they’re nothing special.

    St Martin especially I thought was a bit of a dump (nothing compared to our "dump mountain" though).

    In the BVI’s were some of the rudest restauranr and bar staff I had ever come across.

    To be rated in the Top 10 sounds good until you look at who we are getting beaten by………….

  3. Karyll Iton says:

     Full top 10:

    1. Bermuda – 83.7

    2. St. Johns – 81.4

    3. St. Barts – 78.8

    4. BVI – 77.2

    5. Anguilla – 76

    6. Nevis – 74.9

    7. St. Lucia – 73.1

    8. Vieques – 72.5

    9. St. Martin – 71.2

    10. Cayman Islands – 70.9



    (Very bottom of the page)

  4. Backstorke says:

    I am very happy to see the rating once again, however we still need to teach our people that there is two entities that we have to secure to insure that our little Island stays on top

    The Tourism industry, we all need to take a part in as it affects our daily lives one way or the other, some of us own businesses, some of us work in some of the businesses, therefore it behoves us to be kinder and more friendly.

    The Financial institutions, a lot of us work in these  places also. So need I remind us all that our actions or knee jerk reactions affect our daily lives.

    We can still have our cake and eat it too if we take the right attitude. A friendly smile at every one, a warm gentle hello, smile stretch those facial muscles in the right way. You will be surprised at the results. Lets start our days off by showing our Caymann love.

    Congrats agin to be in the top 10.

  5. Road Runner says:

    Ritz Carlton voted as # 1  top ten Caribbean Awards.   We are proud. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    #10 out of how manyislands?  Nothing to crow about – why not try a little harder to be higher on the list?

    • Anonymous says:

       If you have ever traveled to the Eastern Caribbean, it is NOT an honor to be rated about St. Martin or St. Lucia…..Mr. Scott should be ashamed, not proud.  

      Our tourism department is useless and way over paid!  Their overseas advertising has typos or pales in comparison to their competition.  This department needs a new director with a university degree, 10 years overseas experience…..

      Mr. Scott, please resign and take your staff with you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Where do you expect us to be rated?  Aren’t we part of the Caribbean?

        • Pauly Cicero says:

          The poster was referring to the actual poll rating being similar to St Martin and St Lucia, not the physical region.

      • Anonymous says:

         Then tell us what rating we are supposed to go by?  Also, apply for the Director of Tourism job since you know how to run it.  Oh wait, that’s right you have to get the Premier’s job because he is actually in charge of Tourism.

        I wish that all the detectives on here would join the police force and all the experts on Tourism would join the Department of Tourism.

  7. Michel Lemay says:

    Please add this comment, those of you who work in the duty freee store never pre judge a potential client by the way their dressed or the ship they are on if they are. remember Carnival owns most crise lines and a client staying at the Ritz do not appreciate being branded one of those cruise ship people! Easy questions. in less then 1 minute. Are you enjoying your vacation ? how long are you staying on our beautiful island. You will get a good idea very quickly. If on island where and how long works. if on a ship normally is this your first cruise and or where are you from. They will open up and there you go. Let’s bring back the service and friendlyness back until we become #1,

    • Road Runner says:

      Beep beep, Michel thats some very good advise.   Show the genuine friendliness that we so boast about.

      • Thankful Again says:

        beep beep…then we need to get Caymanians in the frontline.  It’s the only way that will happen.

      • Anonymous says:

         Thanks BeepBeep, There are many more where this came from. After 25 years on the Waterfront and many years at night working in restaurant. I was fortunate to experience both side of the coins. You don’t need need to be local and experience in Cayman. Cayman as always been a high end destination because of our trainings, passion, selling very high end coin jewellerry that no where else as figured out yet and yes lots of PASSION.I thank my mentors, and I believe I thought a few things or 2 to many. Today they bring someone from lets TIMBOKTOO not to be rude to some nationalities here just go in the store if you dont believe pay a very low base salary with commissions if you sell and many 0 knowledge. I should know many are here because I though I could train them. Here now the managers that are new (low pay) need training themselves so they can deal with the multi nationalities and COACHING ONE ON ONE. Not many Caymanians there, few managers are Caymanian and they bring their buddies from the cruise ship they worked together in the past are willing to work for base pay of $6 to$8 per hour that might be taken away if you reach your threshold and share appartements, utilities, car ect. WE CAN’t do that. If your a good salesperson then they start rumors if you change companies and keep you down. I have had serious surgeries now I am well with all this  knowledge and PASSION to train anybody in most fields given the material but nobody cares. I would love to train everybody that works with our tourist because I know what it takes and everybody would make more money.But you need to start with many managers to understand the Caymans and what coaching really. XXXX

  8. Michel Lemay says:

    #10 eh. Good

    How about better service and try to move down a few more points. Island knowiedge. real smiles, engage in conversation. Thankyou notes from guest books, let them cross the street without trying to run hem over or scream at them. That really happens here? you betcha and so many more things we could do. we do not need rocket scientist from timbucto to tell us these things. Why do you think people invested here in the 80’s and 90’s. WE CARED.