Selita steals the show in Kanye West music video

| 25/10/2010

Cayman Islands News, Kanye West, Selita Ebanks(Daily Mail): Kanye West must have great faith in the attention spans of his fans. The rapper has just unveiled an epic 34-minute music video – more than ten times the average length. Sensibly he has included something to hold their attention – a near-naked underwear model. Former Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks wears nothing but feathers and a tiny set of underwear for much of the short film. Kanye directs and stars alongside the model in the arty music video, designed to showcase some of his newest songs. The plot sees a comet hit Kanye’s Lamborghini, with a beautiful injured phoenix, played by Selita, emerging from the wreckage. The hip-hop star is seen tending to the phoenix, and in one scene takes her to a fireworks show.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wake up people and don’t get caught up.  It’s ART and thus it is subjective.

  2. David R. Legge says:

    I’ve seen the Daily Mail photos of Selita in "full feather." With apologies to Fred Burton and his eco-colleagues, I think Cayman should consider renaming her our "national bird"! (I’d like to do the worldwide "PR" on that account.)

  3. Frakthefrakinfrakers says:

    I watched a bit of the video but only because of Selita. 

    Kanye "I like to pick on young girls at the MVAs" West is really useless as an artist.  No talent whatsoever.  My bartender tells a better rap that kan-yay, and he’s 77 years old and chain-smokes cigars.  Now Selita was nice eye-candy, but I don’t know how she stayed awake doing that crappy music video.  What a combination of protracted dullness interupted by the "strangling cat" sounds of West.  At least Selita’s doing well.


  4. whodatis says:


    Wow – some of these comments are hilarious!

    "The video is racist"? Kanye believes in Affirmative Action?

    (So interesting is the reaction when anything is outside the usual status quo in Black and White racial dynamics.)

    So … "White" people were serving "Blacks" at a dinner table … big whooptie-whoo – so I guess all Black people can now rejoice … we stuck it to ol’ Whitey this time didn’t we?! Give me a break!

    People, the film was an artistic piece. The most simple minded viewer should be able to pinpoint the attention paid to specific color themes and parameters within the various scenes.

    There are methods in which to centralize and focus the viewer’s attention. The servers were white for the same reason that none of the ballerinas (awesome scene by the way!) were of dark skinned complexion – the focus was on the contrast of the color of their outfits against the color of their skin. Likewise, the diners were of dark skinned complexion – contrasting against the White color of their outfits.

    *By the way, the art director was actually responsible for the color scheme of that particular scene – that was not even Kanye’s call … and oh yeah – she also happens to be a "White" woman.*

    Anyway, I spent the time required to type the above to make the following important point:


    The very fact that you are harping on about some of the things that you are clearly demonstrates this fact.

    Perhaps you guys missed the 3 lines of dialogue completely?

    Perhaps the significance of the little boy running enthusiastically into the world with his hopes and dreams demonstrated by his vibrant red smokey tube, only to be eventually "hooded" and disheartened by the short-sighted and malicious attitudes (cough, cough!) of many in this world was lost on you?

    Interestingly it seems as if many of us only saw half naked women, "bling", fancy cars and overt racism.

    However, in reality the film encourages people to not limit themselves to the ridiculous "standards" and "norms" placed on humanity by commonly found regressive mindsets.

    I found it very interesting and insightful, and so has a few million other people in the last few days apparently – so, can we please move beyond "feathers on breasts" and appreciate the bigger picture.

    This was a huge and influential production and one of our own held her own and took it to a higher level.

    *By the way – who else is loving the main song of the film entitled "Runaway"?! Such honest and compelling lyrics – I can truly relate.*

    "Let’s have a toast for the ***holes … let’s have a toast for the scumbags…"




  5. West Bayer says:

    Alllllimenus!! Cayman is about to sink from corruption and dis is what people concerned about?????

    Get it together folks, the only people here dat are dissin Selita must be jealous because Mckeeva couldn’t fit into dat outfit she wearing!!!


  6. anonymous says:

    Wow I think she looks gorgeous, like a work of art.  We should be proud, she is a beautiful and strong woman. 

  7. Anonymous says:

     Selita Ebanks Q&A on ustream… recorded Live.




  8. Dred says:

    Why are we even talking about this in this manner?

    She is a model. Models do this sort of stuff. This is not like Cydonnie in that she is NOT representing the Cayman Islands to the world. She is representing herself and herself alone. Only her will have to answer for her actions.

    Have you people even seen modeling before? Do you see what some of those ladies walk down that runway in? I have seen women’s cleavage on many many ocassions during walkway runs and even some other body parts. In today’s fashion it’s mostly about how much you can reveal without revealing something. Believe me that line is razor thin.

    Finally to the video. Personally I think it was cheaply done and stupidly concieved. Here’s a case in point. Do you thing a meteor would take out ONLY a front end of a car? The size of the meteor he showed would have left a crater a quarter of a mile wide, yet in his video it HIT his car and he could step out UNSCRATCHED to walk to Selita on the ground. Much less the whole length of time the meteor is falling was too dragged out. Terrible thought process.

    It’s not that Selita is not a beautiful woman because she truly is but it was not hard to steal the show in that video. It was Kanye West people. He’s not exactly a genious. This is basically him trying to pull a Michael Jackson. Massive FAIL!!!

    This is always a clue for you video watchers of someone who is insecure about their abilities. If a singer has to employ:

    1) Sexy models baring as much as can be bore without getting an explicit rating OR

    2) Using gadgets such as fancy cars, jewelry or lavish homes (which is 99% rented for the video and not owned by the star)

    Then you know they are mentally in decline about their abilities. They already feel they are loosing it. Many are one hit wonders desperately trying to get a second hit and will do all they can to swing the audience to their side including doing the above.

    Much less he never could sing and is so heavily overrated it’s not funny.

    In the end it was ONLY Selita that shined. Did she expose too much? Who am I or who are you to say? Only Selita can answer that question. This is not about you.

    If you are religious then I say to you this, is it not the Lord’s job to judge her? Where in the bible did it grant you that right? Did Jesus himself say he who is without sin let him cast the first stone?

    If it’s just personal then it’s your opinion and like our rear we all have one.

    • Anonymous says:

        This is a boring video.  I decided to watch just because Selita is in it, however I  turned it off after a few  minutes into it. Big YAWN! 

      • Dred says:

        I swear Selita is the only reason I managed to stay awake thru the whole thing. Kenya has no talent whatsoever. He should take up some other career like bagging groceries or working at Dairy Queen.

  9. Anonymous says:

    it is racist video……


    look at the scene when they are having the sit down dinner….shocking!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Kanye is a fan of Affirmative Action

    • Dred says:

      Kanye is racist. It doesn’t take a genious to figure that out. Here are your clues:

      1) Taylor Swift onstage fiasco where he verbally attacked her at award show

      2) Shortly after apologizing he then says she did not deserve the award as if he would know talent.

      3) Video about racismcontent.

      He probably has far more skeletons out there we don’t know but YES he is very racist.

      Don’t get me wrong as someone who would probably be considered "white" I will never allow myself to believe we have come full circle and have fully accepted people of other color as our equal. Nor do I believe we have paid our debts for the atrocities laid upon color people during the days of segregation. Honestly we will go many generations before this will be a mute subject. BUT this does not help the situation. This person Kanye is a mental midget in any room he walks in and it has nothing to do with his color.

      My only regret in all of this is that Selita would team up with him on anything outside of a charity. But it’s her decision and she will have to live with that not me.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Although Kanye was siging about various Lambo’s, the car in opening sequence was a Czech-made Tatra V8 MTX.

  11. Anonymous says:

    How typical…fair-weather Selita supporters!

    She is a MODEL for Christ sake! This is often what modeling entails. We heard few complaints when she hit the runway in Victoria Secret fashion shows, and she wasn’t wearing a whole lot their either. What’s the difference now? People’s oppinions of her seem to change as frequently as the tides. She wears a church gown and every loves her. She wears little and everyone is "ashamed." Cayman has been, and continues to be, a society that places itelf as so conservative that it comes across as just plain ignorant often times. Either love Selita and support her, or just don’t support her and just shut the h** up!


  12. Anonymous says:

    Jealousy is a weak emotion. All you haters please leave these girls alone mind your own business.. Why can’t we be happy for them in whatever they do? This is why small and narrow minded people never make progress too busy watching and minding other peoples’ affairs. Congrats to Selita, Cydonie, Cristin and any other female out there who are making a name for themselves.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Funny how Caymanians say they are "proud" of Selita.  On one hand they say "go girl, we are proud of you, represent Cayman" and then on the other hand they say "Caymanians adhere stricly to Christian values" (see the Bill of Rights which nicely left out disabled and other categories over the fear that actual rights might extend to homosexuals).

    You can’t have it both ways Cayman, she either represents you as a barely clothed model or she represents your Caymanian values, so which is it?

    I support her in following her dreams, but don’t be hypocrites just because it is good for you on that day.  She should be able to not wear too many clothes, I for one enjoy seeing it.


  14. 911 HELP says:

    Some of these same haters will sit and watch a show with other half or hold naked people and ENJOY it but just because she is a CAYMANIAN that is making it in life we tend to do the crab in the bucket style tear her down.Look how many times this beautiful caymanian try and reconize her country and try to have scenes shot here and is very sucessful in convincing them to and bring lots of people in that spend money and we all benifit from it.Then if she had never set foot on the island again you haters would have plenty to say again.Selita has never one day forgot her roots i am proud to be a Ebanks just like her.Keep up the GOOD WORK…..

  15. Anonymous says:

    Cydonie wasnt wearing much when she just ran her race and I dont hear any criticisms about what the runners are wearing – what with the bottom pieces of their outfits up their asses and the front leaving nothing to the imagination.

  16. MR MAN says:

    am sorry but am i the only one who noticed that a model’s typical lifestyle is taking off clothes, and we… yes WE (the public) pay big bucks to see them whether it may be in a magazine, movies or even music videos in this case. how can you say that she’s a disgrace when she is ONLYperson from cayman who is globally known, yes we have big ballers like Mckeeva and the recent Cydonie but lets face it they get no where near the amount of recognition you would get if you were in the entertainment business like she is, Kanye West is a A-hole yes we all know that but you have failed to realize that he sells alot of records which accumulates to MILLIONS of dollars in revenue, and reason why is because he isnt afraid to do what he has to do to get him ahead, have you not noticed that in hollywood its the scandalous behaviour that makes it in the peoples magazine, tv and newspapers and were the same ones to buy it so we can all have something to talk about ? the world is VERY different from the way it used to be, we have came along way from girls wearing victorian dresses covering every inch of our body, how can you be so hypocritical when you know when you were young you wanted to be sexy and be noticed, we all do and if you dont them im sorry your just apart of the small majority thats still living in the old world…do you really think that she would be given the oppurtunity to wear a million dollar bra and turn it down because its "distasteful" for who…your 16 yr old pregnant daughter ?

    i know alot of you "old timers" and "sunday christians" will surely disagree but i just had to get this off of my chest, shes doing it for her because this is what SHE aspired to be, and if you dont think so then why dont u give her a job paying her the amount shes making now so u wont have anything to complain about…or will u just move on to the next big "scandal"?

    • Anonymous says:

       Doesn’t that sort of go with the "money buys everything attitude of McKeever"?  Just food for thought.  Also, while you worshiping the almighty dollar, wonder how Junior got that BB with no job?  That’s why the robber robbing..they aspire to have the money but not everyone can be a rapper/model.  

      What’s she doing now anyway?  I thought she was a Victoria Secrets model.  They usually do that for a very long time.

      I prefer Cydonie as a model.  She didn’t forget Cayman and she is very down to earth.  All the runners wear the same clothes.  What they expect Cydonie to wear, a skirt?

  17. MER says:

    I am very proud of her! She is doing nothing different from any other big name celebrity, so why is it shameful for her and no one else?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am proud too.  I wish she was my own daughter…. err sister… err girl next door 

    • Anonymous says:

      Very proud of you Selita, our CAYMANIAN beauty & superstar! We love you, & may you reach even higher heights & success!

  18. Trueblood says:

    Any1 know why she is a "former" Victoria Secret Model?? I had no idea she no longer worked with VS.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think she decided to take time off when she was on the show (with Donald Trump), the Apprentice I believe; and to spend more time on her charity work.. don’t quote me on that though!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Jealousy speaks the loudest

    Some of the same people putting her down for warning a little more than feathers will be the same ones parading around town at Batabano or taking their children to parade lol.

    She is a model, she gets paid for making appearances and for making statements with her body not her brain (not to belittle her intelligence I am sure she is educated – I am just making  a obvious point)

    For the people who do not want the children looking up to her monitor what they watch and read and maybe they wont notice…She isn’t here to parent you children or to influence them – it is your job to teach them what is right in your eyes and to lead them in the "right" direction though I am sure none of you would complain if you or your children were bringing in her paycheck….


  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow kayne’s Secret

  21. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with 12:34 this is very shameful and not nice for the Cayman Islands.  She looks very cheap,  it is as if she is wearing nothing but feathers or something to cover her private parts.  This is surely what i do not want my daughter to be watching.   



    • Anonymous says:

      "Only few see the value of morality."

      It has always been like that from ages ago, dear blogger.  Because the populous love to be immoral. It is the way of the world. It appears to be fun, pleasurable, and exciting; especially, for the young.


    • Anonymous says:

      Because Cayman Islands is a Christian country, right? Some of you people are so self righteous its not funny. Some of you older folks lived your lives already and now that your young days are gone ,you want to stop the progress of young people who want to advance themselves. There are more evil existing in the "Christian Society" than the attire of this gifted young Caymanian. Purge your hearts of hate and love your fellowmen and the poor and unfortunate members of this Society instead of making a big deal of Selita. You cannot enforce Orthadox Moral codes on any one here in these Islands forever, not even you own children because at some point they will break out and act on their own, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    • Pit Bull says:

      After your comment I had to look at the video closely to see how shameful it really was.  And after careful review I had to check it a couple more times in order to be sure.

    • Bobby Anonymous says:

      Get a life, I never noticed Adam and Eve wearing anything.

      Get em off girl! Yeeeee Haaaaa!!!!

  22. whodatis says:

    Re: "Mon, 10/25/2010 – 12:34.

    The pictures on the Daily Mail link of Selita are Shameful! …"

    Respectfully, I strongly disagree with your post.

    It was a great production all around and she truly did steal the show.

    Clearly Kanye is not the most "normal" chap in the world but what artist is?

    I understand your point – but her chosen profession is that of a professional model …  showing a bit of skin at times is in the job description I am afraid.

    Nonetheless, I have respect for the lifestyle / career of models as there are far less surrounding hypocritical and, in my opinion, regressive elements (e.g. Miss Cayman / Miss World / beauty pageants). The suggestion of the requirement of a coincidence of beauty and brains is far more damaging to the minds of young girls than a clearly defined modeling career.

    Furthermore, including Selita, we have many young Caymanian women that are fine examples for our young girls to look up to – Cydoine springs to mind at the moment for example – not to mention the dozens if not hundreds of local, everyday professional women in our workforce. Shoot – I can even think of a few non-professional women in our society that are fine examples for our young girls to follow.

    *(Did anyone else get that funny feeling seeing one of our own so prominently featured in such a major production? I for one was proud to see it and happy for her.)

    Do not underestimate Kanye West or this particular project – this is global and will prove to be historic.

    All the best Selita (I have a feeling you are about to blow up in a major way as a result of this performance – the screen loves you!)

    Great job (and good eye) Kanye.

    Next time see if you cyan’ giv’ Cayman a quick lil’ plug nah’ tho?!


  23. Scrooge McDuck says:

    Typical rapper mentality:  Depend on a sexually explicit video with submissive women… lots of bling….fancy cars, gold chains, hats on backwards, crotch scratching, etc… make up for a lack of musical talent.

    this is getting boring

    • Anonymous says:

      To see the video go to You have obviously not watched it as your comments are totally way off track – there is a nice car at the beginning though! The scene with the ballerinas is really good by the way…

      • Dred says:

        Actually you make me wonder who has seen the video because this is exactly what the video is about.

    • whodatis says:

      @ Scrooge:

      It is clear from your comments that you hadn’t viewed the video / film at the time.

      The film is actually very insightful and symbolic.

      I for one am glad that a "rapper" of this mindset is being propelled to the top of the industry as I too am bored with the typical mind-numbing mantra.

      I encourage you to watch the film – even right through to the last word of the credits … many will not fully understand the message(s) but for those that do it is well appreciated.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I think Selita is beautiful and a wonderful role-model – stop hating on the girl just because she can get-away with wearing nothing but feathers.  Lighten up! She is a model for crying out loud.


  25. Anonymous says:

     Go, Selita, Go!!!!

    and for the haters… na na ni boo boo….


  26. Anonymous says:

    The pictures on the Daily Mail link of Selita are Shameful! 

    Is this the image the Cayman model (as she’s so referred to) wants to portray for our young impressionable Caymanian girls? I remember seeing photos of her not too long ago in the compass where she was speaking to the female students of our local schools. I think we need to influence our young people with better role models and not someone who has to use her body to get somewhere in life. Women have fought too long and too hard in the world to educate and equip themselves with dignity to prove you can go far in life and not have to rely on looks to get somewhere.

    Don’t get me wrong I thought up until this point Selita was heading in the right direction but looking at the picture with her showing nothing but two little feathers covering her I have to wonder. Maybe she needs the extra attention now that she’s no longer a Victoria Secret model hmmm wonder what happened there.



      Una old hipocrites, shut up, and stop trying to make Cayman seems like it is this innocent piece a pie.  I am a full Caymanian, born and bred, and the girl has done nothing shameful.  You all sneak down to the frigerator at nights and get a quick glimpse of triple X thinks no body knows, but as soon as some young person especally Caymanian, becomes famous, you all want to scream and holler shameful.   If she was from somewhere else you would eat late night icecream and go back to bed.   You go Celita, we love you.  You are becoming a star.  What is in your heart is what counts. Dont pay attention to negative talk.

    • Anonymous says:

      Uh.. Hello??? She’s an Lingerie model for Victoria’s Secret… in case you haven’t noticed.

      So your statement… "Don’t get me wrong I thought up until this point Selita was heading in the right direction but looking at the picture with her showing nothing but two little feathers covering her…"

      is… well… you figure it out.

    • Bloody Mary says:

      Some of ‘our young and impressionable Caymanian girls’ are wielding machetes and robbing pizza stores and I truly doubt if they learned it from Selita. 

      She could be wearing just ‘two little feathers covering her’ but she’s not somebody’s baby’s mama, is she?

      Besides,  if she only has the body (and no brains),  I guess she won’t make it to Donald Trump’s show.  The Girls Next Door did not.