East End port plans official

| 27/10/2010

(CNS): Recent speculation that property developer Joseph Imparato was planning to build a commercial port in the district of East End was confirmed on Wednesday morning when he revealed that a proposal had been submitted to the Cayman Islands Government for consideration. In a press release Imparato said the ‘East End Seaport’ would be a maritime infrastructure project facilitating five different types of marine based commercial activities, as well as a selection of complementary land based activities. These include a commercial cargo port, hydrocarbon storage facility, cruise ship home port, transhipment of containerised cargo and a luxury mega yacht marina.

The concept of creating a commercial port in the East End, High Rock area has raised considerable controversy across Grand Cayman as well as in the district itself, in particular from the local MLA Arden McLean. However, Imparato has said he will be holding a series of public meetings in the coming weeks, allowing the people of the Cayman Islands to take a closer look and learn the facts about the proposed East End Seaport.

Addressing some of what he said were the misconceptions circulating in the community, the property developer said in the release that the seaport would be developed on privately owned land and would be privately funded, but the port facilities would be managed by the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands, not a private entity. Imparato also stressed that there would be no oil refinery.

He said that an appropriate Environmental Impact Assessment would be conducted, the results of which will inform the design, engineering and construction methodology of the seaport.

In advance of the community presentations, a web site will be launched that will provide information on the proposed seaport, the release revealed. “Once it is launched, the site will provide a central location for information about the project, from project specifications to the proposed timeline,” the release said.

Imparato said that work had begun clearing paths on the property to allow access for preliminary site works prior to the commencement of the environmentalimpact assessment.

“The East End Seaport is an infrastructure project that allows for genuine economic diversification and expanded socio-economic benefits of this new project for decades to come,” Imparato’s release stated, adding that he was committed to making the facts available to the public and was encouraging the people of the Cayman Islands to take a closer look at the proposed East End Seaport.


Vote in the CNS poll: Are you in favour of the Est End Seaport?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    West Bayers, East Enders, Northsiders, Bodden Towners, George Towners….

    There is a reason I mentioned the Districts this way!!This is who is going to be affected the most in this order!!!

    By time you get Groceries and Fuel to West Bay I guess MAC will pay for it for his supporters!

    Cayman’s Newest Quarry should be the Title to be honest. By time they try to get this dock in Im sure there will be a new headline.

    I hope Planning Office is prepared for this meeting..Can you say FULL HOUSE OF OBJECTORS!! ALL OF EAST END!! West Bayers if I were you JOIN in you are going to be affected just as the whole island!!

    LEAVE IT in GT where it has been and what the people including me as GT is use to!! That is the islands City where everything takes places!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cayman already has a port, might i ask what is going to be done to incerase the tourism industry in the sister islands. How about spending some money here and buliding a port so tourist can visit here. I mean are the sister islands not part of the "cayman Islands"?

    Why is government always concentrating on Grand Cayman??

  3. Anonymous says:

    If this project goes ahead, you can wave goodbye to much of your precious stay-over tourism – because every single tourist I have spoken to in the East End has no intention of ever coming back if this project goes ahead.  And some of them have been visiting in excess of 20 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      there are tourist that go to East End??!! 

      • Mark Rovner says:

         I am a property owner in the East End and I come to dive at least three times per year.  This seaport will certainly affect my long-term commitment to Cayman, and will destroy some of the best diving, and some of the most pristine reefs on the island.

        It’s been said that the mega-yachts won’t come during Hurricane season — what is this boondoggle going to be used for those six months of the year?

      • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

        I am a property owner, a diver and a world traveler who despises mundane.  I only travel to the East End.  When I feel the need to be shot or stabbed or look at hotels I go to Miami Beach.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is that empirical evidence of your position in regards to this issue?

      This hearsay handed off as gospal truth needs to be questioned. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am always amazed at just how some elected members can sit back, do nothing for their constituency, wait, even encourage people to create national issues and then jump in guns blazing calling on the people to follow them so they can help save the people and, by the way, grab more power. More amazing is just how many people believe the elected member is actually on their side, and, follows them. We have got to stop being so gullible.

    Until I can view the engineering plan for the proposed Port in East End, environmental impact study and obtain advice from an Engineer (seeing as I’m not a qualified Engineer)I cannot object to the project. Now, if the good people of EE object to this project purely because they do not want this type of industry in their district, I understand, but as to how much the developer makes in profits, that, is none of my business. As a citizen, I want to know how much jobs will be provided for Caymanians, how much taxes will be collected by Government, how much this will reduce my taxes, what type of development programs will be provide to the people of East End, North Side and Bodden Town, what other spin off industries/opportunities can be derived, impact on existing infrastructure, additional infrastructure needed.

    Imparato please proceed with this development and DO NOT let Ezzard and Arden prevent us from getting jobs, we need work. This is the same type of political garbage used on Berkeley Bush when he was building the Port in GT, on Linford for the Master Ground Transportation plan, Jim Bodden, for the airport Alden with the schools, Kurt with the Government building, Ezzard for the Hospital and the Camana Bay development and every other major project in Cayman over the last 50 years. The problem here is that desire for more power is overriding desire for economic recovery and the people are being misguided AGAIN by two monsters.

  5. Concerned says:

    To Arden, John and John Jr.,

    It is time for you to all come together on this.

    I suggest a sit down somewhere neutral (maybe the new place Tukka) and sort out a joint strategy. It would be nice to have Burns on board but he crossed over to the dark side years ago.

    Concerned East Ender

  6. Anonymous says:

    I though we went through this not just 4 months ago.  Am I having deja vu??


    Hopefully this will go through the proper channels to be decided.  However, given things of late, it appears no one wants to follow the proper channels or laws, and if questioned they state they have the "best intentions" for the Caymanian people or they "just don’t know".

    Of course, those of us on CNS (who read it as well as Compass, etc), are just sitting here spinning our wheels and minds hoping for change that isn’t coming, as those ignorances (sp??) don’t read when the educated speak.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians you be the judge !!!! DO THE MATHS

    Ezzard asked intelligent questions and Mr. Imparato did not have either credible or intelligent answers. Does Mr. Imparato think that Caymanians are stupid like their leader.

    Most of the material excavated will be under the water which will be salt water contaminating the material with salt/chlorides, therefore the majority of the material is only suitable for fill. Fill sells for US$4-5 per metric tonne and construction aggregates sell for US$8.50 – 10.50 per metric tonne for international export which kills Mr Imparato’s argument that he is going to export the material. Fill sells for CI$20 per short ton locally and the cost of production and manufacturing will be CI$8-10 per cu yard or 1.25 ton. Cayman’s market for fill is 1,000,000 tons in a good year so where is all the excavated fill going to be sold or used and why would anyone sell for export when a higher price can be received on island. I guess Mr. Dart is going to have to buy allot of fill like CI$380m worth of fill.

    Mr. Imparato and Mr Premier need to go back to school and do their maths.

    Fellow Caymanians, DO NOT BE FOOLED

    • Anonymous says:

      Fellow Caymanians this person has a job and could care less about unemployed Caymanians. Do not let someone who is in the aggregate business and wants to keep prices inflated cause you not to support this project. Excess aggregate will lower the price and this project will provide jobs.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How dare this developer try to create a project which will provide much needed income and employment for so many Caymanians and our country as a whole. Why, we certainly don’t need it, look how robust our economy is, look how well we are doing with all our natural resources, our strong manufacturing and productive sector resulting in our incredible amount of income from exports, our amazing agricultural production which supplies all our local needs so we do not have to import food, not to mention our beautiful mountains, forests and rivers which along with our beaches attracts an unequalled amount of visitors each year. How dare he! 

    We better get out our fishing poles and mosquito destroyer because with the kind of blindness and archaic attitude which we are exhibiting toward much needed development we are going to need them!

  9. JH says:

    These well-off Caymanian folk are not worried at all… It is when Cayman sinks that by then they will have made enough millions to fly somewhere else to live in their beautiful palaces on some other remote island or lushed mountain-top that is untouched by massive development, and flourishing with wild life.

    I am sorry to say this – But they care not for the Caymanian people and their environment. It is all about SELF and self-gratification, and what they can get beforesomeone else gets it. This is what Cayman is becoming!

    Most )if not all) of our political leaders are all immoral people! They have no morals! No principles! Easily tempered, easily swayed, easy to succombed to ignorance! 

    Sorry to burst their illusive bubble, but all things, ALL THINGS that are of Nature belongs does not belong to them. All of Nature was created by God. It is our stupid laws that has ownership going beyond the rights and freedoms of a countries’ citizens.

    "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech, nor language, where their voice is not heard…" ~ Words by King David in Psalms 19:1-3.

    This passage of Bible scripture sounds Communistic that all things belong to God and therefore who has the right to claim ownership… But the TRUTH OF THE MATTER is, it has been bestowed onto us and our generation. If you ruin Mother Nature, you end up hurting everyone else.

    Nature is like a web, a network! One link touched, the whole web is effected!

    We need people like Ezzard standing up for the people of the Cayman Islands and their environment. Money is not everything, people… wake up! Think about your children’s future. Think about fresh air and safety along our shorelines when hurricanes come our way.

    • Anonymous says:

      As much as it astonishes me… it does seem as if Ezzard Miller is the only one willing to stand up and stand for the people of the Cayman Islands.  More power to him.

      As for the rest of you, elected and civil servants, for shame sir, for shame madam, for shame.  Your children and their children will curse your names.


      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 20:46, are you serious? The most vocal person as far as this issue (East End port) is concerned is Arden Mclean, so for you to stupidly suggest that "Ezzard is the only one willing to stand up and stand for the people of the Cayman Islands" is nothing more than childish at best & devious & crazy at worst. Is that what you really said or was that just a silly mistake? Get real girl, get real. Thank you Arden Mclean for being one politician "that will stand up and stand up for the people of Cayman," thank you Arden, that is why you are the one & only true Action man, thank you. Always remember Arden, you have most of us Caymanians & East Enders behind you & if you lay down in front of the bulldozer so will we. 

    • Anonymous says:

      well put.  And all things of nature doesn’t belong to you either. 

  10. whodatis says:

    What ticks me off the most about this entire debate is that we are now in the year 2010 and so many individuals STILL  believe that "development" is always the right way to go??!!

    Honestly, have you opened a book?

    Have you traveled?

    Can you not envision the future advantage of not going the route as EVERYONE ELSE?!

    (Maybe my passion in regards to this issue is due to my time spent living the fast life in a concrete jungle (major city)? Maybe I believe that I have an inkling as to what few remaining qualities make our precious little country unique and will continue to attract and impress others for decades to come?)

    There are so many examples the world over of atrocious, greed fueled blunders of development – countless examples … yet many are determined to go full speed ahead on this project.

    Are you people Caymanian?

    If so, I am not angry this evening … no – I am sad.

    Heartbroken even.

    To think that we have come to this point in this tiny country.

    The leaders of this country and their influential peers are all old enough to be my parents, yet here I am once again – bewildered, frustrated and desperate.

    Honestly, it is extremely difficult to be optimistic as a young Caymanian today. (That, by the way, is undeniably a DIRECT RESULT of the accumulative attitude and stance of our leadership – are you guys proud of yourselves?)

    Why is it always the case that the noble and moral course of action is the most difficult to be realized in today’s society? How did we get to this point?

    Furthermore, who am I meant to "respect" as a "leader" of this country?

    The way I see it is that they are all absolutely purposeless in their personal roles, for we are doing nothing but copying and pasting the globally age old process of blind and cutthroat greed in this country.

    You know, I have come to a realization this evening … there are simply two types of people in this world – and a proposal such as this one is the dividing line between the opposing mindsets.

    I beg of you Cayman … please do the right thing. The long term future of our people is at stake here.

    Good luck to us all.

  11. Boy unna fool... says:

    "These include a commercial cargo port, hydrocarbon storage facility, cruise ship home port, transhipment of containerised cargo and a luxury mega yacht marina."

    Did no one else pick up on this???

    Hydrocarbon storage facility A.K.A. an oil refinery!


    Thanks again to everyone who put big mac in power. bravo!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to correct you but a hydrocarbon storage facility are tanks to store petroleum products.

    • EE Commonsense King says:

      Hydrocarbon storage facility A.K.A. an oil refinery! – This is incorrect, have you ever driven  down the south coast to Georgetown, on the left you would pass the ESSO and TEXACO terminals – these are Hydrocarbon storage facilities, you know they store the gasoline, jet fuel, kerosine, diesel, etc. Please do a little research before you write misleading statements. Do you see any oil refinery operating there?

  12. Anonymous says:

    The politicians are literally selling Cayman rock by rock with no thought for the future of this country and not even a pretense that any Caymanians will get jobs. The only concern seems to be how much money the politicians and their cronies can stuff in their own pockets.

    Cayman used to charge export duties on things like coconuts and rope that were exported to other countries. Why should we not charge for the fill that Mr. Imperato wants to export. My suggestion is that seeing as the average duty on things going into Mt. Trashmore is 22%, we should charge the same duty on the fair market value of every once of quarry rock that is exported.

    • Anonymous says:

      George Town is already destroyed by the port so why destroy another Beautiful part of Cayman.

      By keeping the dock where it is will not deter tourists from coming to Cayman as they are coming as it is, but when you destroy East End, which is one of the Islands most attractive tourist areas, there will be some tourists not returning and we need to keep all we have now.

      The persons responsible for the proposed East End dock, needs to think of Caymans future and stop worrying about any kickbacks available.

      All Caymanians would love a little peice of the pie but its only the regular few that is getting anything and its to the detrement of the Cayman Islands, so although we are not getting a peice of the pie, our futures are also being taken away from us and our children.

       People, please look at who is constantly getting richer as these deals are being made and as we continue to find life in Cayman getting harder.

      Arden, please stand firm and we will lie down in front of the bulldozer with you!

    • Anonymous says:

      The proposed developer really shows his love for Cayman by living in the States.

      Even with Caymanian Status and after making a fortune from selling CUC, he decided that Cayman was not good enough for him but now he wants to come back and destroy East End to make a few more dollars and very likely be off again.

       Boy we "fool fool"

      • Anonymous says:

        you just need to keep telling him what a great place this is.  "the best place in the world, paradise, better than the country you came from etc."

        Dang, ya get mad when people want to live here and you get mad when people don’t want to live here.  Maybe yer just mad.   

  13. not in agreement with this plan says:

    Is there even demand for cruise facilities as described- for staging or otherwise?


    the above article says it all. I don’t envision any significant growth in the cruise industry in the next decade.  


  14. Anonymous says:

     CUC has previously said that at the current rate of fuel burn, they would require more than one fully loaded fuel tanker truck to drive from East End every hour, twenty four hours a day, in perpetuity, to supply electricity. They currently use a pipeline from the existing tanks.

    Evey single container brought on the island would have hundreds of dollars in additional trucking fees to get it to the distribution center.

    Of course, in the end CUC might not need to generate as much power for a dying economy.

    • RUPaul says:

      Look beyond your lifetime and build a legacies for which your children can flourish not only the docking facilities need to be moved also the airport and landfill needs to go east. Georgetown cannot continue to house the existing cargo facility and the city core needs to be refurbished. They need walking paths and open air shopping for the guests of the mega class ships being built. These are opportunities for caymanians to start businesses as the market with grows. The airport is outdated and will not sustain the amount of traffic within the next decade. No hotelier will build unless they can get additional load levels, it is not the premise of if we build they will come. If the current tourism product needs 400K stay over passenger a year to keep profitable that means we need an additional 180K tourist to come, that doesn’t take into account if more hotels and condos if they are ever built. Landfill has only one logical place to go and that is east.. you cannot put it anywhere else. Somehow the people of this island are going have to realize that if want to maintain or improve the current standard of living  they will need to make sacrificies. Economies and progress does not stand still for anyone. What currently have is a unfolding caribbean tragedy and will eventually have more poverty, more crime and no jobs.

      • Anonymous says:

        Finally someone who can see beyond their nose.

        Who in their right mind believes that the little port at George Town can supply the country for the next 100 years?

        Arden doesn’t look beyond 20 years and you call that vision or leadership? He is looking backward not forward. The landfill must be moved and that is only common sense and nothing else.

        Those who are the obstructionists to the country moving forward must be confronted for their short sightedness.

        The East End needs to be developed for the good of the country and that is the simple truth of the matter.

        • Green Hornet says:

           The only short-sighteness comes from those who would like to see every inch of the island covered in  concrete. Wouldn’t that be lovely, boys?

  15. Anonymous says:

    On a serious note; Please do not allow this to happen!

    The Island only needs one commercial hub for receiving imports and exports. Expand on what we have.

    Mega yachts will not visit here, they only register because of the tax free status.

    If this happens, charge them 10 dollars a yard tax for the fill that is exported.

    I’m lost for words and I ain’t a Caymanian!


  16. Anonymous says:

    What is expected finish date of this new facility?  When can we see the first ship dock and unload there?

    Has this been stated?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone realize that this would be providing Caymanians with jobs? Everyone has been complaining about not having work, etc. Well open your negative eyes and look at this as a positive thing. This will also bring in revenue to East Enders. Thatch Weavers, Coconut stands, restaurants, clothing stores. Clean up East End and make it appealing to locals and tourist (and take that noose off that house)!

    Sometimes you need to realize that the world (and yes our little bubble island) is changing as well. Get used to it. The whole world is developing whether we like it or not. It’s part of evolution. I am not for or against this port but it’s bound to happen eventually. I would rather have someone who knows about the island doing it than have a rich russian or saudi come in to make a buck and disappear.

    To all those people who are going to join Mr. McLean and lay down in front of a bull dozer, it’s not the 60’s anymore. You can use your words not act like an upset 6 year old. Or I’ll be there with your pacifiers.

    Come on people, be civilized. Realize that there are more important things in the world that you should be worried about.

    • Pending says:

      Yeah it might provide Caymanians with jobs, but if you read Ezzard’s comments regarding this, Imperato is being given a waiver for work permits.  What does that tell you? Foreign labour that is cheap and dispensable will be used, for the entire duration of the project until it is completed. Nuff said.

      And clearly you are wholly unaware of what is going on around you otherwise you might show a bit more concern for this project, XXXX crime that is out of control..need I say more.

      Open your tiny little eyes and ears.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have been given false information. Ezzard’s on the attack and just wants to speak because he can. There has been no talk about a waiver for work permits. This is nonsense.. people just like to stir the pot. Keep all the dumb, negative and closed minded responses coming. Let’s see how smart they can really be.

        This is getting you nowhere….

    • Anonymous says:

      Will the thatch weavers and coconut stands vendors have T&B licences?

      Will this be providing jobs for Caymanians?

      Restaurants and clothing stores – they are suffering and closing in GT with all the cruise ships docking.

      East End is already appealing to locals and tourists.

      Changes and development can be good and bad – depends how and why they are done.

      Observant and inquiring eyes are not negative eyes.

      There will always be other things to worry about in the world – right now, this is ‘important’ for the Cayman Islands.



    • Anonymous says:

      the noose is in BT ya duppy

    • Anonymous says:

      So just because it would provide jobs means you should do it? Having casinos, brothels and other such "businesses" here would also provide jobs but does that mean it is necessarily a good thing? 

      The Bible is so right……"the love of money is the root of all evil"

      Isn’t it ironic that the more developed countries are now trying to get back some the nature they have lost (constantly planting trees and only now trying to preserve areas in their natural state) but yet this little tiny island with limited land mass is looking to destroy all the nature and build, build, build. How foolish! 

      • *Anonymous* says:

        Correction: Brothels are illegal, building a port is not. Nice comparison though.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Please have some consideration for people like me who have a 300 foot yacht and no where to keep it.

    It bothers me that I will have to buy a truck to haul my new furniture and toys to my new 20 roomed house, especially with fuel being so expensive.

    Do you think there may be a way that the government could build a private road or airstrip so that I would’nt have to sit in traffic with the smelly old trucks from the quarry’s.

    Thank You

    Concerned Sailor

    • Pending says:

      You’re ok sailor, you must be rich with a 300ft yacht, but don’t worry we will give you a break on all your duties so you can come here and we will tax the locals even more to accomodate that.

      P.S. Can i come on your yacht around the world? That is about the only thing I haven’t billed my country for. I look forward to yuor response.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well, approx. 78% of the readers who voted on the poll where not in favor of the East End Port and approx. 78% of the people polled on the approval on this administration said it was a disaster. Makes sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      That poll is meaningless.

      What empirical evidence do you have that this poll ever slightly reflects the views of the country.

      What percentage of the voters in the poll are those in East End that want all the development and infastructure work done in the other districts?

  20. whodatis says:

    After giving this proposal a bit more thought – the single "positive" thing that can come as a result is that one individual is about to make a lot of money.

    I’m sorry – but the (already tainted by greed) legacy of my fore-parents and the future of my children’s children is of far more value than that – priceless as a matter of fact.

    Nope – sorry, no can do.

  21. Long Time East End Resident says:

    This is a massive quarry in disguise.  The first concern should be a big hole in a huge chunk of High Rock which could be left there if the developers chose not to actually build the future phases of this massive port project.  Next, if they do build the seaport portion, they are talking about dredging through a large chunk of coral reef, destroying an area concentrated with some (about 5-7) of the best dive sites in the Caribbean (this is what East End is known for internationally); then through the road and cliff rock up to about 40 feet in elevation.  Can you imagine?  The reputation of the quality of diving in Cayman (East End in particular), the Caymanian people, the island itself, and tourism will no doubt suffer due to lack of regard for the environment above and below water.  And if destroying those dive sites isn’t bad enough, they plan to protect the port from wave action by building a massive breakwater, covering an even larger portion of the reef. Not only East Enders, but stakeholders in the tourism product and economy in general need to stand up and oppose this extrememly shortsighted scheme.

  22. Big&Rich says:

    Well Cayman if history is any indication of the future here we go again is this the same Big Joe that took our power company and sold it to the Canadian Syndicate who fly in on Air Canada and collect their Cheque and go right back out buying only duty free liquor on their departure. Not surprise here though when i saw a family member now employed by the UDP’s boss firm, oh the wheeling and dealing that goes on in this little town. No worries Cayman the port already has a buyer? Big Joe got to put gas in that Hummer You know? Lets hope we get a better deal than we got with the last arrangement where certain prominent Caymanians made off very good and the entire island Expat & Caymanians will be paying the bill for that sinister deal for many years to come. Who the cap fit let them wear it

  23. Anonymous says:

    The idea that Mr. Imperato might be allowed to excavate around $400 million in fill from a pristine forest on a scenic coastline, and then ship it overseas, is deeply insulting to anyone who cares even the slightest little bit about these islands. 

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck, and this scheme looks exactly like a smokescreen to enable a very rich man to become even richer, by literally selling part of our island, presumably having persuaded the decision makers that it is their interests to allow it to happen. The very idea shows how distorted  people’s thinking can become when confronted by an opportunity for easy money..

    Now it is even clearer, if it could be, why the Environmental laws have been thrown aside. A simple matter of convenience.

    The Caymanian people will respond to this. They say the English are very docile and forgiving, but when they stir, like a Bulldog, they won’t let go. I believe the Caymanian people will show the same characteristics. I hope so. They just need a true leader who can look further than the end of his nose and his pocket book.

    A scheme by the Berry family to excavate 125,000 cubic yards of fill from the pristine forests of Beach Bay, already twice rejected by Planning and the Courts, has reared its ugly head again. Decent people wonder how it is possible to re-submit proposals that have been so roundly rejected. It’s the same with this ludicrous project, which only has to do with personal enrichment. Money truly does drive people mad. Finished port! In your dreams.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I (born Caymanian in 1937) appreciate developers coming to our Islands, but not without limitations, as to how much they should be allowed to do. As anyone can see what has/is happening to what was PARADISE, where tourists enjoyed the tranquility and also interacted with the friendly Caymanians, is, almost, of the past….Except for the East End and Northside area. i enjoy (with some friends) to take a tour around there and enjoy a God given scenic drive.  This is so helpful for the stress from the commercial clutter on the rest of the Island.

    If this quary (that will be selling for export, our island) & dock plan comes to past, what will we have left???…..Except, the rich getting richer and unhappy Caymanians, and maybe even Non Caymanians.  I TRUST THAT PREMIER MACKEEVA BUSH WOULD GET MONEY FROM HIS EYES AND REALIZE WHAT HE IS DOING TO CAYMAN AND IT’S PEOPLE.  ALSO QUIT CHANGING LAWS FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE DEVELOPERS, THAT WOULD DEPRIVE THE RESIDENTS OF THE PRIVILEGE THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE.  THIS SOUNDS LIKE DICTATORSHIP TO ME.   

  25. noname says:

    Never before have I taken to the streets in protest of an issue in Cayman.

    Rest assured – this time it is another kettle of fish.

    (I am prepared to declare that there is not much I would not do to stop this project … seriously, ALL COURSES OF ACTION are on the table.)

    There is simply too much at risk – irreversible risks at that.

    There are already plans in the works and organization of opposition to this project as I type these words.

    It is sad that our currently elected government will try to go along with this proposal even though it is clearly against the wishes of the Caymanian people.

    Absolutely disgusting.

    Thank goodness for elected officials like Arden and Ezzard – without them this would likely be a whitewash for the supporters.

  26. Richard Wadd says:

     I have never liked Ezzard nor his Politics much …….. how time changes people.

     The thing I find most frightening is that, with ALL of this Madness we are now faced with, Ezzard seems to be THE ONLY sensible voice of reason in an LA that is otherwise full of useless Parasites … Ticks on the backs of our people !

     "The Wind-farm will interfere with the proposed Doppler Radar Station", should have been …

     ‘The Wind-farm will interfere with the East End Quarry’ (I mean Port).

     So tell me, why could the Doppler Station not be built in the Brac? Better elevation would give better range, would it not? Easier and cheaper to send Information from the Brac than it is Electricity.

     How STUPID does this Govt. think we are? … and how much longer do they think we are going to put up with their poor stewardship before we run them out of office?

     IF people were not so distracted by this recession …..



    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not sure how stupid the Govt thinks we are, but, you have to be very stupid to see Ezzard as the only sensible voice of reason.

      • JH says:

        That was a dumb comment!  You are implying that they are more than one reasonable person in the House!


  27. Shoeless Joe Tourist says:

    If you build it, I won’t come.

    • Anonymous says:

      We do not want you Mr Shoeless Joe Tourist. We need folks who can pay for our Caymanians way of life and our Civil Service. Sorry, try Bahamas.

      • Anonymous says:

        The civil service needs a haircut. Why should the civil service in Cayman escape the rationalization that is taking place to civil services worldwide?

        Trim the fat. It’s going to hurt. It is tough love but at times like this those with true spirit and half a brain should manage to find something entrepreneurial enough to do to make ends meet. Dump the expensive cars, meals clothes etc. Go back to the simple pleausres which cost little or nothing. Friends, exercise and family.

        • caymanheretic says:

          I agree that there are civil servants at the top of the ladder – some out of office for nearly two years – and earning over $100CI per annum. This has to stop. Nobody paid out of the public purse should be paid more than $100CI – cut those salaries and their expense accounts. It’s ridiculous that the Premier and the Speaker earn more than the President of the US each one!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    These selfish people who want the rest of Grand Cayman to take all the construction and development and required infastructure so the East Enders can live in the past and complain about jobs in Cayman.

    Perhaps they also want the new landfill put into West Bay, where is the concern for the future of the country?

    It is not what the country can do for you, rather what can you do for the country. Selfish, shelfish people of East End.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please post a map documenting where exactly this will be built?

  30. Anonymus says:

    Good idea. Before doing the environmental assessment lets bulldoze some stuff. I’m sure the rest of the project will be carried out in an equally forthright manner.

  31. Party-pooper says:

     Fear not, there IS an Alternative ….. which J.I. doesn’t want anyone to know about … why?   $ of course.

     And when there is a ruddy-big hole in East End, and the Water-lens has been compromised, and we finally come to the realization that it wasn’t really about building a Trans-shipment Port (you really think we can compete with the likes of Jamaica or Panama?), or Mega-yachts, or re-locating the Port and the Petro-storage facilities, but rather GREED ….. then what? 

     I tell you what. By then Mr. J.I. will be old and grey (or 6ft under) and OUR CHILDREN will be left to live with the Legacy of his madness …. but his children will be able to move on to ‘alternative pastures’.

     Think about it ….. 

      The Alternative to this Madness WILL be revealed in the next few days ….

  32. Dagny says:

    This is excellent news.  It is wonderful to see that the doors for opportunity are being opened for so many areas in Cayman, but especially in George Town and East End.

    The eyesore in George Town will be eliminated.  This has always been the first requirement to building any kind of community or night-life environment in town, which is currently dead.  You cannot sit and have a drink at Breezes after 5:00 because you cannot hear yourself think over the din of the trucks.  The Port Office property in Industrial Park can surely be put to better use.

    Jobs will be created in East End, which will increase the standard of living and reduce crime.  The economic flows in East End because of this will support the building of more infrastructure – the value of land will increase as more people want to build homes and businesses there.

    The present facility in George Town can be converted for cruise ship use, eliminating the need for building facilities as far down as Rackams.  Cayman needs better berthing facilities for the new class of cruise ships – if we don’t have capacity to take these ships they will go elsewhere.  I can see how transforming that ugly space in George Town to a pedestrian walk-way will go miles to down-town beautification and increasing the guest experience.

    My only disappointment is that Mr. Imparato has elected to hand over the facility to the Government for operation.  The Miller-Shaw report strongly recommended that the Port Authority be divested and operated by the private sector.  I would urge Government to sell the Port Authority to a private investor/operator and we can enjoy a much more efficient port operation and slimmer Government, which is just what we need to bring down the unsustainable Government expenditure.

    A fantastic idea Mr. Imparato and congratulations for having the foresight and ambition to see this project through to this stage.  I would urge you to take my last point into consideration as we need less Government operation, not more.

    Next is the airport ……..


  33. Anonymous says:


    There Goes The Neighbourhood!
    • Anonymous says:

      There goes the Cayman Islands as a tourist destination – as if it isn’t bad enough already.

    • McQ says:

      I applaud this effort to bring sustainable growth to the east end, it is evident that the governments "go east" program has not worked and never will. The current port will not work for the future of Cayman it is too small, congested and inhibits the growth and revitalization of the downtown core. The eastender’s have always fought off development for the community and yet want all the benefits of a vibrant economy, it is time that they get into the 21st century. Stop with the village attitudes…your now in a global community and its not always about you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are there plans for the growth and revitalization of the downtown core?

  34. This will only serve to destroy this end of the island.  IT IS NOT WANTED and will be protested.  Just a few years ago so much money was spent to upgrade the dock in George Town so why is a new one needed in East End.  Wouldn’t it be cheaper to upgrade facilities etc. at the Spotts landing and use that one for cruise ships only and the George Town port for cargo ships ? As I said, IT IS NOT WANTED !!!!

    • Iamnotapirate says:

      Where have you been?  What Bush wants is now what Cayman wants whether or not the people want it.  Thanks to the people of Caymans complacent ways.  Bush does not care about the people of Cayman unless you are one of his civil service west bay tribe.  Bush does not care about the island of Cayman XXXXX. Bush does not care about laws or stupid(to him) regulations.  Open your eyes, quit your crying and get behind YOUR Premier or get out of the way.  In Cayman nothing stands in the way of massive stupidity.  Don’t worry though.  It will only get half done before it runs out of money and a reason to continue.  See if you can get some work from it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Watch the movie Cayman Went "

      that’s what’s happening.

    • Ex-pat Eric says:

      Where have you been living the past year? DART has gotten hold of the Georgetown dock so Cargo will have to be unloaded somewhere else!

  35. Call for Change says:

    Having an Environmental Impact Assessment that supports your project only proves one thing – that you paid "experts" (that more often than not only visited the island for a week) to write a report. And a "peer review" means the expert had a friend that you also paid.

    When/if the project fails it is the community (in this case ALL the people of Cayman) that will pay – not the expert and not the developer. The views of the community should be used to develop stronger planning/environmental regulations and laws – so individual developers (or politicians) can’t railroad the community into projects it does not support.

    • Anonymous says:

      The views of the community are never taken into consideration and the government breaks laws and makes new laws to suit itself.  Just look at the paragraph from the piece:

      ‘I asked how he proposed to get the necessary permits and approvals?. He replied that the Government would be making a law to establish a special corporation simular to what was used to develop the London port that would have Government representation and no permits would be needed and the corporation would fall away once the port was completed.’

      Also in the report Mr Imparato says that work has already begun clearing the land.

      Where are the Caymanian people involved in this?


      • Pending says:

        They are involved and won’t be involved, hence the need for Mac to make another law behind everyones back which gives Imperato a break on permit FEES.

        Now why would he do that?

  36. Bring back the birch says:

    What a weird, stupid  and potentially dangerous proposal. Having messed up most other parts of Cayman, they now want to complete the job!

    The major ground water resource exists in East End, does Cayman really want to put this precious resource at risk. Or isit Mr Imparato’s plan to return to the desalination buisiness?

  37. wanna see one logicial plan big Mac says:

    Simply asinine

    If I may try and look at this proposed development from a rather freakanomic approach in as succinct form as possible. Everyone says that Cayman is far too expensive as a result we lose potential new business here daily. Couple the license fees, with the cost of doing business i.e. rent, electricity, water etc. and at the end of the day the cost of simply living a comfortable life for the owners, managers and staff of said proposed business is rather questionable and not as clear cut as one might believe. In a majority of cases the overall cost over shadows any possible gains one might try to forecast, especially in these unchartered rough economic times rife with the winds of financial change stirring in all the G20 nations.
    Some persons might say that we need to stop taking pot shots at Investors/Developers such as Mr. Dart and Mr. Imparato. However one must look at one’s past to try and reasonably forecast what could be possible in the future. All in an effort to make sound and informed decisions. The modus operandi of individuals tend to be predictable, hence why criminal profilers can mock-up a character profile complete with possible tenancies and so forth.
    Let us look at Mr. Imparato, he is owns a substantial amount of real estate in the Cayman Islands many of which are commercial, office and retail malls and or spaces. He was and by all understanding, still is an integral part in Caribbean Utilities Ltd. (CUC) and in recent years Consolidated Water. These three components of this gentleman’s portfolio has frankly been a significant contributing factor to the high cost of living especially on Grand Cayman for over two decades. It is reasonable to say that rental rates for commercial, office and retail spaces are unreasonably high especially for a market so small. As a result merchandise is marked up beyond reasonableness,  simply to pay unwarranted high rental rates and utility cost. Considering Mr. Imparato’s significant holdings in this arena, he has the sole ability to dictate the market rates and conditions. Imagine, we have not even got to CUC and Consolidated Water yet! Electricity and water are essential components to everyone’s life and they are outrageously expensive and we all as residents are held hostage without any possibility of a safe release for the foreseeable future.  
    The aforementioned is a snap shot at the modus operandi of Mr. Imparato’s business plan within the Cayman Islands, which is to corner/lock-in the essentials and ultimately you control the island. One wonderful thing about Mr. Dart and that is taking into considering he and his family has only been here approximately fifteen years and over the course of this time, they have made significant contributions to the community at large. As for Mr. Imparato, with possibly close to thirty years in these islands, can anyone name anything he has given back to these islands other than the aforementioned ventures?
    Therefore it is not unreasonable to use the same logic to predict how this proposed port in East End is going to further impose economic harm on these islands, its residents and ultimately further strain the very essence of its socioeconomic make-up.
    The Cargo Port is the life line to the world for this tiny little island, as a result it can be termed as an “essential” element to this country. Please remember the mantra of Mr. Imparato’s objectives mentioned in paragraph four herein; corner the essentials and you ultimately control the islands.
    This proposed port is some 36 and ¼ miles from the current port if driving one direction on the current thoroughfares therefore 72 ½ miles both ways. Diesel and petrol prices are escalating on a daily basis with no possibility that we will ever see petrol and or diesel prices below CI $2.25 per gallon. The typical tractor head averages 6-8 miles per gallon thus having an immediate and negative affect on prices of everything!
    This is just one facet of why this is not a sound and just decision, this does not even take into consideration the pay-back arrangment or the rental of the facilities by the Port Authority, the environmental impact it will have on this scenic coastline, the natural and vital fresh water lens in the immediate area and ultimately it fails to even consider the socioeconomic impact on the immediate district and its residents.

    These type of predatory investors must be curtailed, failure to do so will ultimately destroy these lovely islands, which are strategically located in the north west Caribbean sea, boasting features and beaches others only wished they had. Cayman wake up and grow some testicular fortitude and demand in as strong force as possible proper planning and accountability of your elected officials and these type of investors.  

    • Backstorke says:

      A big KUDOS to you, "simply asinine" , well said. I cant say it any better, other than to all of those that have a sizeable piece of property left, think twice before you let a foreign investor buy our land.   If its not to build a house on it, dont let it go. We have sold Cayman out and now our children, grand children must pay the price. It galls me when I know that the likes of DART, IMPARATO & OLDIE  own   SO MUCH LAND in this Island and they tag it so that you know that its theirs, like the green fence of OLDIE.

      • Anonymous says:

        Understand people that have land in North Side are been approached by Government also to sell them their land.

    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:


      These carpet bagging predator investors should not be allowed to purchase so much property as a developer looking after the interest of his own bank account.

      The fact that he has invested so much into the community is not a testimonial on his behalf but a RECORD OF FAILURE on the part of past and present elected governments that have turned their backs on the people that elected them. Instead they  chose to devote their time and talent working for those with ‘DEEP POCKETS" and corporate Cayman and it is a shame.

      Clearly there needs to be a new development regulatory plan put in place ASAP that will limit the amount of property a foreign developer can purchase. If this continues it puts them in a new status of Governor of the Cayman Islands and not just a mere developer as it is a proven fact that whatever they say is the law and it is executed by our stupid dumb elected members that are afraid to use the rest room or to even   blow their noses in the presence of deep pockets that keep pushing them around.

      The new regulatory systems should clearly stipulate that any further development must be focused on commerce and trade. eg. manufacturing and exporting of products and goods made in the Cayman Islands. Farming, Education, and health care services. Developers should not be allowed to dictate what they will or will not develop in this small territory where we have a very limited amount of land space, and the ecological structure is being abused and eroded by reckless government granting planning permission where there is no regulation in place to preserve the wet lands nor our coral reefs and our land entirely.

      This can not continue. There will  nothing left for our children under this UDP government that has put the people of the Cayman Islands up for sale and  all 144 square miles of this little island as well.

      There are other areas of development that investors can participate in and succeed, they chose to develop the land as it gives them power over the people and power over the government. This must cease.’he who owns the land HAS THE POWER!"

      If we can find 12 men that will stand up to these acts of injustice committed against the people of the Cayman Islands and take the necessary action, I would be very surprised.

      I do not think that the Cayman Islands can wait until 2013 to get rid of the UDP. They are doing to much damage at a very fast pace and by 2013 we could have a travesty on our hands.


      • Anonymous says:


        1. The developers paid stamp duty on land sales…that money went to govt and civil service salaries.
        2. Most importantly…CAYMANIANS SOLD THEIR LAND to these folks! What now? Caymanians cannot sell the lands??
        3. Education I agree but agriculture is lost cause. manufacturing-not even the US can compete with China, will not happen here ever either. We are either Tourist on the beach or crumbs from the Financial industry table if that even lasts. Unfortunately, development is where it’s at to pay the $25 million per month Government salaries. so its is layoffs or development by ‘the baggers”. do not like it , move to US.
        4, The Cayman Islands are approximately 100 square miles not 144. Grand Cayman is approx 72. St Vincent is 144 square miles.
        5. Most of your development principles sound like what they have in Havana. Was that on purpose or for effect?
        6. This has nothing to do with UDP. Every government soon realizes that without development there is no money to spend on the voters. So they allow development, as much as possible, and we voters promote it by asking for handouts at election time. Vicious cycle.

    • Anonymous says:

      I drive that road every day…your pedometer does not work. It is only 16 miles from the Lion Centre to East End district. It is only another 2 miles from the Lions centre to the existing Port container storage facility near the airport, if you indeed want to keep that and not sell it and put that money back in Treasury. A round trip therefore is closer to 36 miles not 72 as you state. If Arden’s road is ever completed the trip will be around 15 miles from Facility to facility. At 40 mph, we are talking only 22-24 minutes each way.

      The extra cost of trucking to the new port is negligible. The container contains $50,000 – $100,000 worth of product or more. Shipping cost around $2,500 average. Duty is therefore $10,000-$21,000 so the total cost on the dock is $60K to $121K. It is estimated that the cost of extra trucking back to town is $200.

      One can easily see that even if it was $500 the price increase is negligible. This argument is false and a ‘red-herring’. Do the math.

      Most people do not also realize that the current port is working only at night. Everyone there is being paid time and a half or double time in some instances. The Port is inefficient as it requires the Port Authority to triple handle the containers….once on arrival, then again at the off site, then back to the ship. This extra cost would goaway and the new port would be even more cost efficient for Government. This could actually mean that the handling costs charged by the PA would go down by even more than the extra trucking. The cost from EE would be LESS that the current cost as the port would work at day with regular salaries.

      This will also bring JOBS to East End instead of having us come all the way to GT to just get a few dollars. It will make our cost of living drop as we will no longer have to fill up every week just to make it to work. It will increase our LAND VALUES and making us finally benefit from our inheritances…why would you be against the East Enders like that. Let us have something too.

      Regarding your apparent dislike of investors- no comment

      • Bush Wacker by trade, realist by necessity says:

        Look I drove this route immediately from {the} site entrance immediately to the Cargo facility in GT. It is 18.2 miles one way. Therefore poster wanna one good idea Big Mac was correct in the first instance in terms of distance moreover he never computed the cost therefore the poster in my opinion is still reasonable because there will be an increased cost no matter how you try to spin it!

        Fuel consumption will increase and wear of the vehciles will increase much quciker than in the past, resulting in more cost! no matter how you try and spin XXX, the residents of Grand Cayman will end up paying more! 

        It is so funny that you nit picked on one trivial detail but failed to comment on the logic of the entire post XXXX. No wonder this poster got so many thumbs up. it is sheer reasonable logic and fact.

        I guess, it is rather hard to argue and or dismiss fact XXX?

  38. Anonymous says:


    This is just a cover for a quarry which will take 15 years to dig another huge hole in our island and cause us to lose more land in our ever shrinking country. After 15 years of digging and selling CI$380 m of fill, do you really think that Mr. Imparato when then in his 80’s will be truly interested in spending CI$400m + to build this mega transhipment port. HELLO !!!!

    The port has already been excavated at this very time and by joining up all the quarries at Bodden Town/Pease Bay we could make good use of that area of land lost. We could save the loss of more land and save 15 years of time to dig the hole.

    I apologize for forgeting that politicians do not have any common sense, so lets ruin more of the island to satisfy self interests. Cargo imports are 50% of what they were and we are in a recession so why do we need Mr. Imparato’s port at East End.


  39. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant, just what we need.

  40. Anonymous says:

    More money than sense!

    This is sheer utter nonsense! Simply look at the wave action at any given time in this specific area. Said area is virtually unprotect coast line extremely vulnerable to consistent and heavy wave action and our Government is on board to put a Cargo Port amongst the other proposed uses. Simply crazy and extremely short sighted.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Ok, lets see what Arden and others reaction will be! Let the fireworks begin!

  42. whodatis says:

    My stomach just turned in on itself.

    "The East" is the ONLY safeguard this country now has – yet certain individuals of both private and governmental capacities appear to be hell bent on its destruction.

    Make no mistake Cayman – whoever signs onto this project … better yet, whoever DOES NOT ADAMANTLY OPPOSE this project should be considered a disgusting, shameful and unworthy "Caymanian".

    Double-talk and fancy-speak has absolutely NO PLACE in this discussion!

    This issue is now THE DIVIDING LINE for the "leaders" of this country – NOW we will TRULY see WHO is WHO!!

    (Laces up boots …)

  43. Anonymous says:


    There goes our protection from the seas of major hurricanes!

    There goes the Botanic Park that certain plant species will be ruin because of the project!

    There goes the quite and peaceful East End!

    There goes Cayman Islands into the hands of the wealthy and well-off!

    There goes much of our environment!

    There goes the quite and peaceful North Side!

    There goes the peace and harmony of not having a war over a new quarry –


    People… if you really and truly love Cayman, I think now is the time to stand up and protest against this endeavor.

    Really, what will the locals get out of it???


    • Anonymous says:

      wow…we don’t need an environmental impact study now!

    • Anonymous says:

      Come on Mr Arden you know that you have good support . We are depending on you as this will be the destruction of East End. The Bible says that money is the root of ALL EVIL.

      • BB expat says:

        If Arden don’t speak out… as sure as hell, Ezzard will start barking!

  44. Ezzard Miller says:

    I had the privilidge of meeting with the developer of this proposed port in East End and while he presented some beautiful pictures of what this port would look like I was more interested in the business plan and how he would make back his huge investment and the normal profit developers like him expect.

    I asked the following questions and these were his replies.

    How do you intend to make good on your investment without operating the port?. He replied he would make his money from the sale of the rock.

    The sale of the rock will cover your investment and a profit?. He replied yes enough that he could donate the port to the Port Authority.

    Would  this not run the local quarries out of business and who was buying the rock, Dart?. He replied no as he intended to ship the rock overseas, and that he was being urged by the Government to do so.

    I asked if he had any shipping companies as partners or signed agreements to make sure the port would get enough transhipmentbusiness?. He replied no not at this point.

    I asked if he had any of the cruise ship companies onboard to use the facilities for home port?. He replied no but they would come once the port was completed and would provide 1000 jobs for Caymanians to clean and resupply the ships. I pointed that the crew on the ships would do most if not all of this work. He also suggested that the passengers would help CAL.

    I asked if he was going to construct the roads to bring the cargo and passemgers to and from George Town?. hereplied no the proposed East-West arterial woule be adequate.

    I asked why he did not want to operate the port if it would make so much money?. He replied that while he would retain interest in the undeveloped section of his land, the Port Authority would be better suited to run the port facility.

    I asked how he proposed to get the necessary permits and approvals?. He replied that the Government would be making a law to establish a special corporation simular to what was used to develop the London port that would have Government representation and no permits would be needed and the corporation would fall away once the port was completed.

    I asked if he would be prepared to post a bond of $250-300 million dollars payable to the Cayman Islands Government if he did not finish the port, or the port could not make a profit?. He replied no.

    Fellow Caymanians these are just some of the concerns with this Port project there are manny other unanswered questions and we need to unite as Caymanians to stop this madness of quarrying rock to be exported from Cayman, this island is far too small to allow 100-150 acres to be shipped abroad.


    • Anonymous says:


      I know many don’t like you for some strange reason, but despite the CNS poll (which is only ONE poll) – 


      Many people who oppose this current government, the first name they call, is yours!

      This project is indeed MADNESS, and will make Cayman more vulnerable to the dangers of storm surge and hurricanes.

      I suggest you and others who really care about the locals and Caymanians of this country, form a new party.

      The PPM to me… has no teeth! 

      • Florence Goring-Nozza says:


        Thank you very much. I know the people can depend on you to stand up on their behalf. You will not stand by idly while the UDP allows the country to be sodomized and raped  by allowing insane developers to destroy the  land.!

        This is proof of the very low level of intelligence of the elected government to approve such a twisted project with no comprehensive or strategic plan to succeed, or guarantee the safety of our shores,or the mangrove/wetlands which acts as a buffer or protective barrier  in case of a hurricane.

        Ezzard please go ahead and do whatever is necessary to stop this madness, and seek the local support in the form of a petition or even filing the appropriate injunction in the local courts..Takethis case as far as you have to in order to make a point; and that is "WE DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THIS BULL"


      • anonymous says:

        Dear 6:43

        Let me help you out a bit. You seem to be unaware of this fact.


        Mr. Miller is not for sale neither  has he put the people up for sale.

        Those that don’t like him are the people that are OUT TO DO THE COUNTRY  AND THE PEOPLE    ‘HARM" He is there to protect them.

        So I hope I cleared up the questions in your mind concerning Mr. Miller

        And by he way.  They still respect him even if they don’t like him he is a man with guts that will stand up even if he stands alone!

        THAT’S A REAL MAN!

        Remember: Men and women that stand up for truth and right in this corrupt age that we live in are NOT SO POPULAR as the dirt bags!

    • Anonymous says:


      If this is truly you, I just want to say this as an expat. 

      1.  You seem to be the only sane one in the entire MLA (even though there are others that actually could help you if they stopped being so timid).

      2.  Even though people may not agree with you, they always know where you stand.

      3.  You are the only one that is putting Cayman first, which I feel is a good thing for both Caymanians AND expats.

      4.  You have to be the only one who reads CNS to find out what REAL people are thinking, and this is a sign that you actually care.

      5.  I hope that although you are standing up, fighting for what is right (which isn’t always popular with your colleagues) that someone will please get the people together to get rid of Mac.  The man says the weirdest things, just like yesterday where he stated that he did what was best for Cayman bypassing the CTC and not taking their recommendations because he knows best.  Now, the last time I checked, he had some issues with running  a bank, the Turtle Farm in his district was bleeding more red than any other project and continues to do such, West Bay appears to have a higher crime rate than the rest of the island, and he spends more time off island than on island.

      Please help the Caymanian and Expat people get this man out of office before he completely ruins these wonderful islands for all the rest of time!  

      But if you can’t do #5 I understand, and still very much appreciate you doing what you are doing, and for taking the time reading CNS to help get a pulse for the people!



    • Come on Man! says:

      Excellent work Ezzard, but do’nt stop now!

    • Rorschach says:

      Once again, I am shaking my head in wonderment as I find myself listening to Mr. Miller and realising that once again, he seems to be the ONLY voice of reason in this entire government…Mr. Miller, PLEASE keep asking these questions that NO ONE seems to want to hear… You are making a lot of people look very foolish…

    • Bobby Anonymous says:

      Great job Ezzard! It sounds to me like he wants to open a quarry and give away the hole when done.

      I would vote for you if I could.

  45. Anonymous says:

    The people of the East End need to realize that they cannot just take from the country. When the landfill in George Town which the East End residents have been using for years has reached its limits the suggestion was made that a replacement landfill needed to be moved to the East End district.

    There was a negative outcry from Arden about relocating the landfill to the Eastern district.

    Now with the discussion of a port in the East End, again Arden voiced a resounding "NO" on this proposed project as well.

    At some point the East End MLA & residents must contribute to the country’s needs given they enjoy the greatest available land mass. It is time they gave something towards the needs of everyone.

    They cannot have things all their own way.

  46. peter milburn says:

    Well it has finally come to pass and has been in the works for quite some time I am sure.It will be interesting to see what the good folks at East End will have to say about this mega venture  as this will change the face of that district forever.My personal feeling on this matter is that it will go ahead no matter what anyone will have to say for that is the way this present Govt works.The cost to our pristine environment will be staggering as there is no way they will be able to construct such a facility without major damage.Who will do this enviromental impact study I wonder and will there be an independent study done at the expense of the developer?I guess the mega yacht channels for the north sound will now cut the island in two where it will maybe meet up with the one in East End.I am sure I will be making further comments on all this as the plans are made public and whether or not any public input will be allowed(for what good that will do if its against it).When has any public input ever been taken seriously by this present govt.?

      I guess time will tell on how this all pans out but we will all have something to pay for all this in the long run.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I hope they supply jobs to the unemployed East Enders.

  48. Cayman Fisting says:

    Don’t do it….this would be the worst possibleidea.  The east end is the last remaining "true Cayman" left standing. If the Gov’t allows this than forget the recent spike in crime in WB/G Town….crime will be up in all districts!!! Not to mention disturbing the only halfway preserved portion of the reef….this would be a major disturbance to our rock on all fronts

    • Duke says:

      East end is already the wild west with recent gunfights on the community streets, weekly street parties with people drinking in public,  a known drop off for drugs to the islands and lack of policing has already tarnished the image of east end. This endeavor can do nothing but enhance the community and give the community a chance to grow. East End has become the place where crime and civil disobedience has flourished.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do not know where you get your information from but from a true blue older East Ender you are full of s#@!  There are not gunfights or weekly street parties and I am quite sure that although East End may be a drug drop off point as you say it happens in every single district in Cayman.  I am really sick and tired of the crap people say about East End and have no clue.  As a matter of fact the last time guns were fired up here it was people from Bodden Town that was shooting and not at any person so PLEASE get your facts straight.  Furthermore, what does this have to do with a port being put in East End thereby causing more destruction to Cayman.

        • Cayman Fisting says:

          Couldn’t agree more (aside from the B-Town gun reference)…..the East Enders are more than willing to open their pubs to anyone, regardless of district, looking to have a good time and not start trouble, granted I do wear my short pants above my asscrack….the only people outside of G-Town getting into scuffs are wannabe bangers looking to start sh1t…..keep your head up nose clean and avoid confrontation and problems won’t find you, should you find yourself in a bind apologize pound a fist a squash it…..most of all keep from EastEnd to Spots underdeveloped and True Cayman….I’d rather have the dirt roads of 20 years ago than dirtbags of today in my district

  49. TKS says:

    Very sad!  Very, very, very sad that these islands need to destroy our oceans for this purpose.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I know that things are very very rough right now for some and for the country but there are so many proposed developments on the horizon with a little faith I am sure that "Better willCome". We just have to have faith and be patient. What with this development, the continuing development of Caymana Bay, the new GT port facilities the Shetty hospital to name just a few – if these projects do come to fruition then the future does look quite bright dont you think? Just have a little patience and try and ride out these rough waters – its global at this time you know.

    • Anonymous says:

      It has nothing to do with patience, riding out rough waters or being global.  This has nothing to do with the ‘recession’.

      It has to do with the destruction of this Island for selfish greed and power!

      ‘Progress’ is not always for the better.

      Gandhi once said:

      "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed’.

  51. BORN FREE says:

    Can’t the premier & the developer of the proposed dock in East End get it into their heads that the majority of Caymanians & especially the majority of East Enders do NOT want a dock built in East End, & especially one of that magnitude? This will destroy the beauty & environment of East End, all for a very selfish few. McKeeva Bush & his cronies over the years have destroyed the West Bay beach with over development for personal gain (particularly by way of sales commissions) & we do not want beautiful East End destroyed in the same way. There are very few places for Caymanians to relax & enjoy anymore but East End is one of the few places that we can do just that, so I pray that Arden Mclean & the East End people will stand up to these selfish, money hungry tyrants who seem to disregard the wishes of the people in their quest to completely destroy what is left of our once beautiful & peaceful little island that time forgot, a long time ago. 

    • Joe Bananas says:

      Can’t you get it in your heads that the premier & the developer don’t care, never cared and will never care what the majority of Caymanians & especially the majority of East Enders care.  Jeeees!  What does it take to get you people to see truth and facts instead of words?  Don’t bother trying to answer that.

    • Anonymous says:

      As well as Caymanians, expat residents and TOURISTS (that do not want to see Seven Mile because of its over develpment) enjoy East End for its beauty and serenity.  Take that away and what do you have left on the Island. 

      Roads full of trucks and pollution…again!


    • Anonymous says:

      ‘what is left of our once beautiful & peaceful little island that time forgot’

      This is exactly why people come here.

      If it was the Mandarin Oriental Hotel somewhere East, that may be a different story – first class establishment to attract high end visitors and jobs for the locals.

      Port, containers, trucks, noise, pollution….

  52. noname says:


  53. The Crown says:

    Hmmm??? Sounds good. Why not just alter the course of the prevailing winds while your at it? Up until now i thought Mr Imparato was a fairly smart man. Logisticly this is bulging foolishness. If he is the only investor behind this,that wouldn’t be a big surprise,or would it? Leave the dock where it is & do something constructive,like making sure Caymanians are the priority in the job market & can always afford to live in the country that our forefather’s & us took centuries to build,to resemble what you now want to capitalize on with no regard to the aforementioned.Mercenary.

  54. Anonymous says:

    That man Imparto and that man McKeeva don’t know about the East End people, do they? The East Enders na like the rest of the Caymanians…we WILL get out there in front of you and stop it! That’s a promise.

    • South Sounder says:

      That’s providing one of the hundreds of thousands of Truck journeys from East End through Bodden Town and Savannah dont squash you first….forgive me for asking but….WHY build a port at the opposite end of the Island to the majority of the population?…EVERYTHING coming in to the Island will have to be trucked to the GT district, where all the buisnesses are and I don’t see the population of either district being very happy about having 30 ton semis thundering through town day and night.


      Mr Imperato YOU MUST BE BARKING MAD to think we’re standing for this selfish nonsense

    • Anonymous says:

      This is one expat status holder paper Caymanian who will be joining you.  I may not have been born here but this is my home and I love Cayman and its people and will not sit down any longer and watch this govt. rape the country for their own greed.  I think you will be joined by many other non-East Enders who are sick and tired of the corruption and greed and pure stupidity of those "running the country".

      • Pale Rider says:

        Dont do it 07:03.  You will be put in prison for obstruction, trust me.