Public forum to tackle question of direct taxation

| 28/10/2010

(CNS): Members of Generation Now are hoping for an impressive turnout this evening for the next in their series of topical discussions. Following their recent public forum on the controversial issue of legalising gambling, the local advocates for critical thinking, will be taking on the even thornier topic of direct taxation at the Harquail Theatre on Thursday evening. “Taxation: Is Cayman’s revenue base sustainable or is direct taxation inevitable?” will be the subject of discussion. Organisers say that debate on the topic so far has focused of its impact on the financial services sector but Generation Now hopes to air the issues in context of the domestic economy.

Donald Spence, one of the Generation Now directors, said that the group wanted to broaden the scope of the discussion. “We want to determine the pros and cons of the current system of indirect taxation versus a system of direct taxation and any perceived impact on the Cayman Islands from a socio-economic perspective that such measures would have on our local economy.”

The debate is open to the public and starts at 7pm and it will also be broadcast on Radio Cayman this evening. The panel includes Anthony Travers, former partner of Maples and Calder and Chairman of Cayman Finance; Paul Byles, MD of Focus Consulting, economist and author; Wil Pineau, CEO of the chamber of Commerce, Tom McCallum of McCallum Solutions; and Steve McIntosh, CEO of CML Offshore Recruitment.

The forum will be moderated by Austin Harris who will put questions that have been emailed in from the public. The live audience will also be putting questions directly to the panel members.

The event will take place on Thursday 28 October 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm at the Harquail Theatre the event is free to the public however organisers will be asking for voluntary donations to help with costs.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Direct Taxation is all this little rock needs for the crooked politicians to finish us off.

    I’m sure Big Mac and his fried really don’t expect this one to be put over on us.


    Direct Taxtion is the greatest weapon and whip that can be placed in the hands of any government to beat the backs of those who oppose with them .

    They really have a nerve to even bring such a proposal to the people of the Cayman Islands and even more of a nerve to conceive the idea.

    Go tax the rich friends of the UDP that are blowing holes in our little island making it an easy target for hurricanes and earthquakes to destroy and relinquish.


  2. Dred says:

    Fix problems first talk to me about taxes later.

    And let me get this straight now….

    You are going to consider direct taxes ON TOP OF DUTY?

    So let me get this straight…

    I pay 22% duties on items already AND you want 5% of my salary also? Are u damn mad?

    Do you live here? Are you down on the street with the man who’s living from paycheck to paycheck?

    We need to get back to doing what we do best PLUS CUT CIG and make them more efficient.

    • I SPY says:

      Can you imagine being taxed, when we are already stretched to the limit.

      I say it will only cause more machette and gun robberies.

  3. Florence Goring-Nozza says:



    Need I stress again that direct is sociopolitical suicide and it only places more tax dollars into the hands of these incompetent governments who continue to get elected and serve the unscrupulous lobbyists, the elite, the rich and famous  along with unscrupulous developers with the TAX PAYERS MONEY YOU WORKED SO HARD FOR!

    Direct Taxation inclcude TAXING YOUR HOUSE AND PROPERTY!



    If you should fall ill and  no longer able to work, you will still be required to pay your taxes. Govt. will not waive your taxes indefinitely. You’re not that important to them, but your property is! as a matter of fact your obligation to pay taxes is never ever  waived at all. Here’s how it is handled and do not let anyone else tell you anything different not even the Attorney General.

     YOUR HOUSE WILL BE AUCTIONED OFF FOR ‘PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR"   To the highest Bidder!  just to pay the few dollars in property taxes owed. Your House could be sold for $200, $300 $400 or less Just because you are ill and can not pay property taxes.

    Direct Taxation is a nation’s worst nightmare.

    We are a TAX HAVEN, we have no earthly business even holding a discussion on Direct Taxation.

    Fellow Caymanianians, the United States is destroyed because of Direct Taxation. The money never serves the purpose for which it was intended. It always winds up into the hands of  Wall Street CROOKS, and the Political croonies and their buddies..

    Would you like  more of your Direct  Tax dollars to wind up into the hands of  these unscrupulous elected officials who in turn will distribute it to Corporate Cayman who cares nothing about the little man, nor the middle class?. 

    The Middle working class will CARRY ALL THE BURDEN WHILE LIVING BELOW THE POVERTY LINE as they pick up the tab of Direct Taxation

     Are you stupid enough to agree that the people of the Cayman Islands should  proceed with providing more Tax dollars for an incompetent, reckless unscrupulous government to SQUANDER AND WASTE at their EVERY WHIM?.

    Here’s something you all are missing :-

    Will Direct Taxation pay  for a Big junk of Dr. Shetty’s Mega Hospital expensive project. Did Big Mac promise him that Direct Taxation will pick up Governments tab of injection into this project, I may be right. Do not underestimate this government.

    I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH  – Caymanians remember:-


    • Ex-pat Eric says:

      You should get AFLAC — they pay you when you fall ill and can’t work!

    • Anonymous says:

      As a poor trying man without a job,and without an income, I don’t know what iwould do if they decide to auction off my house. The only thing I can think of is to go the Govt. Admin. Building and pitch a tent there and call attention to my plight.You know? like a certain Doctor did some years ago. They might lock me up in HMP but I would get 3 square meals per day TV, and a place to live. When my sentence is finish  I would go right back there if i can’t find a job. But since they discriminate against the elderly i probably would not find a job anyway so its back to my tent and probably back to HMP again and the cycle repeats itself.LOL

      Now, you up and coming young and priviledged ones, before you start critisizing me , think about this: if you were over the hill(agewise), and your house was your only assett, and you don’t have a job, no family to help you and you loose the only thing of value, what would you do?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Whether a tax base is sustainable is a function of many factors, the most important of which is government expenditure.

    No tax base is sustainable when spending by government is profligate and strongly influenced by self-interest, "patronage", conflicts of interest, and other corrupt practices, all of which are compounded by the gross incompetence and indifference to the rule of law which are so pervasive. 



  5. Anonymous says:

    "organisers will be asking for voluntary donations to help with costs"

    They should sell tickets that are priced based on the buyer’s income and/or property value.

    It would be a great way to focus the discussion.