MLAs say no to port

| 29/10/2010

(CNS): Both the East End and North Side representatives have made their opposition to the proposed commercial port known again this week, following the announcement by Joseph Imparato that he had submitted his port design to government. Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller continue to question the real motive behind the proposed development, insisting that it is merely a way for the property developer to access what is thought to be around $150 million worth of high quality fill on his land. Opposition member and former cabinet minister McLean warned that not only would it completely change the character of his district for the worse, it could cost the public purse millions to build the necessary roads.

Miller also told CNS that he had considerable scepticism over the development due to Imparato’s failure to show any business plan for the proposed port, which, the developer has said, he will hand to government. Miller said that when he met with Imparato, the developer had made it clear that he would be making his money on the sale of the marl and that rock would be sold overseas.

“He has no business plan, no shipping partners, and if the idea of a port in East End was so lucrative, why would he be handing it to government?” Miller asked. He further pointed to various trends in the commercial port and home berthing market which indicate clearly that Cayman is not the right place and also described Imperato as disingenuous for using the term “hydrocarbons” in his public releases.

“Does he think that Caymanians who spent some fifty years as merchant seamen don’t know what hydrocarbons are?” Miller queried, pointing out that East End was not the place for oil and gas storage.

Miller also noted that government was in the process of developing two finger piers in George Town that would serve just as well for home cruise port business. Miler pointed out it would be difficult to persuade the cruise industry that home porting for cruise ships would work in Cayman in the first place given the majority of business comes from the US and the increased costs of flying passengers to Cayman to board their ships. And even if the industry could be persuaded, he said, they would obviously want to use the George Town piers.

Miller said there was absolutely no commercial sense in any of the plans related to the port and the proposals was merely a disguise for the quarry.

Arden McLean said he would be holding a series of meetings with his constituents starting on Monday 8 November at the civic centre in East End, where he would be spelling out to the people why he opposed the development and getting their feedback.

“This will not offer any short term benefit to the people of East End as there will be very few jobs available at the start of the project,” McLean stated. The East End representative is also convinced that the motivation for the project is merely to quarry what he believes is at a conservative estimate more than $150 million of marl, which is both accessible and easy to export. He has concerns that the people of East End will be left with a large hole in their district that government cannot afford to utilise.

McLean also questioned the idea that Imparato wanted to ringfence the project with a special corporation and change the law, akin to how a project at London Docklands in the UK was developed, which would enable him to circumvent local permit laws. McLean warned that if that was allowed to happen, then it would be very unlikely that East Enders would benefit from the project at all.

The East End representative pointed out that while Imparato may be willing to build the basic infrastructure for a commercial dock, he would not be building the associated upland elements on government’s adjacent land, nor would he be constructing the roads and this would all fall to the public purse, which he estimated could be close to $100 milllion.

As the former public works minister, McLean said estimates he received when he was in office to extend the East West arterial just to Bodden Town would have cost government over $22 million for one lane each way. He said taking a four lane road, as would be needed for the containers all the way to East End, would not only be an environmental disaster it would also be very costly.

With some of the islands’ most important dive sites in the area where the developer plans to place the port, along with the channel that will have to be built, McLean said there were many environmental concerns. He also said he would need to see far more detailed plans about the impact the project could have during a hurricane and on the local water lens.

“When you pay a private company to do your environmental impact assessment then they are going to give you the kind of assessment you want to get,” McLean noted, expressing his concern that if the project was allowed to go ahead it would change thecharacter of East End forever and not, he felt, for the better with little gain to his constituents.

Imparato confirmed what had long been speculation regarding his East End port with an official release on Wednesday, when he said he intended to build a commercial port in the High Rock area of the district. East End Seaport will, according to the proposal, include a cargo facility, cruise ship home port, transhipment of containerised cargo, a luxury mega yacht marina and a hydrocarbon storage facility, though he said there would be no oil refinery.

For more details see East End port plans official

Vote in the CNS poll: Are you in favour of the East End Seaport?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They are blasting behind there where they  want to put the port.  I wonder if they got a permitt for that.

  2. Don't worry I wont stay says:

     Win Win Win,

    Hows this for an election platform. Move the airport east beside the new hospital. Dredge a north sound channel to make a seaport where the airport was and allow all three projects in north sound to have mega yacht parking. Use the east quarry to fill in the georgetown harbour to make waterfront land to build a casino, cruise ship dock, and stingray petting zoo. Fill in the quarry by moving the landfill in trucks driven by taxi drivers. Put a couple of windmills on the former dump and throw in a mountain bike path so someone will pay for it all.

  3. a nah no mouse says:

    No! to port proposal in East End. This is madness!

    Cayman is only a pinhead in size….it cannot support this type of selfish and shortsighted project.

    Much better to extend the current port and enhance the Spotts dock (which is an embarrasing dust hole).

    Arden and Ezzard have nuff support to stop this….just watch and see!

  4. Anonymous says:

    cayman needs to get its house in order before it takes on any more grandiose megaprojects.  of course that’s never going to happen – and the simple reason for that is because any time there is disorder, there is a far greater opportunity to misappropriate money into your own pockets…

  5. Anonymous says:

    The story and players:

    XXXX – Joe Imparato because he wants to make money

    Unlikely Heroes: Arden and Ezzard because they want political power

    People needing saving: East End and North Side residents because they vote

    Cause: root of all evil, money.

    Lie: protect the environment because it’s popular these days

    Outcome: ongoing unemployment, social decline, economic decline, incomplete public projects and ongoing incompetent political leadership.

    • Anonymous For Cause says:

      And what do you want?  A huge chunk dug out of East End and shipped off somewhere so Imparator and a select few can make a fortune and that a few other people can work for pittance?


      • Anonymous says:

        Pittance is more than we are getting now, more than we got from all those roads.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Okay help me out here because I just don’t get it. We have a Caymanian developer who has identified an investment opportunity with a massive amount of aggregate that, if done properly, will result in a Port. We currently have a “hole” in the ground in East End from previous aggregate works that went on for many years employing many East End people including the current elected member and his family. This hole cannot be used for anything else. The developer is proposing to take the risk of this project and on completion, will deliver a Port to us without a cost to me in taxes because he will make his profit from the aggregate. The designs and environmental impact study have not been presented publicly as yet. The Planning Department has not commented on proposals made to them. Our elected members are not looking at how best to leverage this opportunity to improve the lives of other Caymanians. Our elected members are more concern about what will go wrong, rather than use their political power in Parliament to prevent these potential risks. The elected members are asking us to rise up against a project that we have no knowledge of and stop it before it’s designed. Unemployment is continuing to increase as a result of the construction industry decline. East End has the most aggregate knowledge base labor and this proposed project is in East End. The two “champions” of this objection to this project are the two elected members from East End and North Side where the majority of the employment will occur. The Government has failed to invest in capital projects to aide economic recovery. The wind farm was also a private industry capital project that was prevented in favor of an EU funding Doppler radar for the Caribbean and these two elected members do not support either project. The Shetty hospital came under the same level of attack and objections from these two elected members. The elected member for NS also objected to the Frank Sound school, the EE member stated during the election, “I don’t know about the other schools but no one is stopping that Frank Sound school” now it’s stopped, aided by the very person standing at his side.

    So, from where I sit, these two individuals are objecting to ALL development during this term, ensuring that the peoples hardships continues, form a political team and use the hardship to win the majority of seats promising heaven on earth, then, build the projects and claim they are the saviors of the people because they are smarter than everyone else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your contribution to the discussion explains very eloquently why I have labeled the East End & North Side MLAs as obstructionalists toward the improvement of the state of the country.

      It seems that unless the idea is theirs they are against it. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have any ideas for the improvement of the country’s infastructure.

      Close the current landfill to all residents east of Spotts an let them deal with their own gargage.

      Then you would see some scrambling.

      • Anonymous says:

        this is funny because before government made it illegal to burn your own garbage that is what east enders and northsiders did  so we can easily go back to that and since you are obviously down wind of us you’ll have to suck up the smell.  but wait, you should be used to that now if you live in george town or westbay.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think that the two members of the house and East enders are objecting to a port per se, we are just objecting to a port in East End.  I am sure all of us will gladly support a new port anywhere on Cayman except East End or North Side and we won’t worry about paying extra shipping coats for our goods from the new port in George Town or anywhere else because we already do that.

  7. MRex says:



    From time I was young, growing up, I have always learnt LAND is of more value. Already 500 acres of it will be used for the laying of Shetty’s Hospital, which will create medical tourism in the Cayman Islands. An area of 1 acre of land, THAT’S ONE ACRE OF LAND fits into an American Football Field. So just for the Shetty Hospital… that is a alot of land clearance and bulldozing over our wild life.

    Now… lo and behold, from the horizon, Joseph, owner of CUC, who lives in the United States, wants nothing to do with living in Cayman, who loves to collect his monies by controlling the CUC cost at his pleasure, wants to all of a sudden blast a QUARRY hole in the Eastern districts so he could ship the precious land away to make his millions. And when he is done, create a massive port, which will most naturally span more ACRES of land. This is the same area of land that can be a good spot for setting up Wind Mills to compete with CUC. I wonder what ever happen to that plan?


    May I say as a Caymanian, wouldn’t local people be provided with more jobs during the Shetty project and after its completion. OR, ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT IS NOT ENOUGH!  WE NEED MORE VACANCIES FOR JOBS! 

    What Joseph Imperato suggest is bring a CORPORATION here to do the job for us, because they will have so much vacancies for jobs that more expats would have to come here on the island to complete the massive project. I understand Joe wants these workers to be Work-Permit-Free… be able to work here without work permits.

    I can already smell cheap labor miles away, and the pumping of millions of dollars whilst ships take away our blasted lands some place else for profiteer reasons… WHAT AN INSULT TO THE CAYMAN ISLANDS!

    So people… this afterall has little to do with securing jobs for Caymanians!!!  IT ALL HAS TO DO WITH MAKING BIG MONEY!

    If Joe wanted what was best for these Islands, he would be on this rock, trying to provide more jobs for Caymanians by lobbying government to REDUCE ITS SIZE, CUT ITS SPENDING, and DECREASE ITS FEES…


    I want to be able to have natural parks and secured beaches from greedy investors, where I and my family can go and find releave from stress from the combustion and busy life in George Town. I want these things for my future generation.




  8. JH says:



    • Anonymous says:

      That’s because you have a job and like Ezzard, you do not want to see other Caymanians with a job,

      • Anonymous says:

        What jobs do you think Caymanians are going to get from this project?

        As a quarry, the project will need low-paid truck drivers and machine operators. Most Caymanians don’t bother to take those jobs on the rest of the island – it’s hot, dirty work that doesn’t pay enough – there are expats that will take the low pay and bad conditions though.

        Management of the quarry would require experience – that means expats.

        Construction of the port, more low-paid construction workers = expats. Management of construction, needs experience = expats

        If the current port is anything to go by, Caymanians would get jobs from running the port when it is finished. But if the total number of ships coming (cargo and cruise) doesn’t increase (ie double) the amount of work will just get split between the two ports – and the net number of jobs forCaymanians would stay the same.

        When are Caymanians going to aim higher – young people need aim to be doctors and lawyers, not "unload ships at the port". Education and drive is needed, not another quarry/port.

      • Voter says:


  9. Culture Saver says:

    People need to realize the immense social and environmental impacts of a project of this magnitude and complexity. Most cargo ports are retrofitted natural ports that already have established natural cleansing current patterns. Even then they still have environmental issues with billaged water ect. This project completely reshapes the island. No environmental assessment report can identify all of the potential problems this will cause to the environment. A prime example is the ‘Palm Tree island’ project completed in Dubai. Billions of dollars put into the environmental research to minimize the effect on the natural shoreline. After ht project was built, engineers couldn’t not understand how the ocean currents around the project were eroding away the shoreline at an unbelievable pace. They now have to put sand back onto the beaches while they try and fix the problem. Think Cayman will have enough money to fix a mistake like that) I am not talking tree hugging here, I am talking of a polluted our clean water supply, irreversible damage to the nearby reefs, changes in the shorelines due to new currents, and many others. Noise, air, and smell pollution are very real problems with ports and one of this size will affect a large portion of our very small island. Not to mention that the industrial in-land business that will need to be built to support the port. East End will turn into a major industrial zone and there will not be any natural ‘sleepy island’ parts left. Tourists won’t want to come to a Caribbean island and take trip around and see a giant industrial zone.

    East Enders will not see any significant jobs as ex-pats will have to be brought in as there will not be any trained Caymanians in this type of industry. Are we really going to restrict a portion of our population to low end jobs because they happen to live in a different part of the island? East Enders and Northsiders (all Caymanians for that matter) have the right to a better education and advanced education so that they can participate in the upper levels of the economic chain.

    Dump the port, expand the hospital project to include a university and let’s follow the very successful Asian model of economic growth and EDUCATE, EDUCATE, and EDUCATE our people to a better economy. Do not spend our natural resource and capital on quick fix projects.

    • Anonymous says:

      If Ex-pats are brought in they will spend, consume and create jobs in other industries and businesses causing Caymanian unemployment to drop.

      • Anonymous says:

        The little money they make will be sent back home as usual, and many more criminals will be imported to prowl night and day.   

        The island is already overdeveloped. The developers come to make money and leave a mess

        Govt. needs to focus on providing a good education for its young people — take a look at Ireland.  The poor people received basically free education up to univerrsity level. Good investment for the future of the island is education…The Island is small enough.  JI and others will dig and dredge till it becomes like New Orleans — but ours will be a manmade BOWL.  Who cares if we are washed to see or drown in our homes.  JI  DART  RYAN ETAL — ALL GONE

      • Anonymous says:

        What jobs? Caymanians will not be qualified or those who are, will be over qualified. 

        Complete our schools. This should give jobs to those of you complaining.  And when that is finished build a high school in West Bay – more jobs if you want to work – our class rooms are overcrowed and the state of our primary schools is apalling — shame on past and present politicians. It’s a disgrace;  the state of education or should I say lack of education and the conditions of the schools make me cry. Roads took precedence.  Now dock and an island filled with illiterate, poverty stricken…..another desperate third world rock

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, ignore the infastructure and educate. And in 10 years when a new landfill is required and the North Sound is a rotten mess from the leaching of the existing mountain of garbage and there is no functioning port where will we be?

      At least the East Enders will have gotten their way.

  10. whodatis says:


    What ticks me off the most about this entire debate is that we are now in the year 2010 and so many individuals STILL  believe that "development" is always the right way to go??!!

    Honestly, have you opened a book?

    Have you traveled?

    Can you not envision the future advantage of not going the route as EVERYONE ELSE?!

    (Maybe my passion in regards to this issue is due to my time spent living the fast life in a concrete jungle (major city)? Maybe I believe that I have an inkling as to what few remaining qualities make our precious little country unique and will continue to attract and impress others for decades to come?)

    There are so many examples the world over of atrocious, greed fueled blunders of development – countless examples … yet many are determined to go full speed ahead on this project.

    Are you people Caymanian?

    If so, I am not angry this evening … no – I am sad.

    Heartbroken even.

    To think that we have come to this point in this tiny country.

    The leaders of this country and their influential peers are all old enough to be my parents, yet here I am once again – bewildered, frustrated and desperate.

    Honestly, it is extremely difficult to be optimistic as a young Caymanian today. (That, by the way, is undeniably a DIRECT RESULT of the accumulative attitude and stance of our leadership – are you guys proud of yourselves?)

    Why is it always the case that the noble and moral course of action is the most difficult to be realized in today’s society? How did we get to this point?

    Furthermore, who am I meant to "respect" as a "leader" of this country?

    The way I see it is that they are all absolutely purposeless in their personal roles, for we are doing nothing but copying and pasting the globally age old process of blind and cutthroat greed in this country.

    You know, I have come to a realization this evening … there are simply two types of people in this world – and a proposal such as this one is the dividing line between the opposing mindsets.

    I beg of you Cayman … please do the right thing. The long term future of our people is at stake here.

    Good luck to us all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen amen amen.

      Short-term vs long-term thinking. Even if this port will serve us well in the next 50 or even 100 years, can we say for sure that it will serve us any longer than that? East End in its current form will attract visitors from all around the world for as long as it exists. Eternity. Now THAT is long-term thinking.

  11. whodatis says:

    Question for the folks that support this project:

    How many of our tourists and visitors do you believe will see the merits in your arguments for this proposal?

    Do you think they will give a rat’s behind that this monstrosity of an eyesore in an otherwise picturesque setting is bringing "economic diversity" to the Eastern districts??!!

    Heck no!

    All they will see is yet another regional blunder of container ports, heavy machinery, never-ending trucking, humongous fuel storage tanks, quarrying etc. Besides, the point of "economic diversity" for the eastern districts is absolutely ridiculous!

    Firstly, we already know that the developer is arranging a plethora of work permits (even more "slave labor" in our already strained job market) and secondly – are we really suggesting that the only way eastern residents can find employment on this TINY ISLAND is to BRING THE JOBS TO THEM??!!

    For goodness sake – in every country in this world people commute daily for hours to get to work … get real people!!

    By the way – I could not be more disappointed with C.G.’s performance on Rooster this morning! He has clearly been hanging around with certain individuals too much lately and his snake-oil rhetoric and rationale is quite sickening.

    "Most of those in opposition to the proposal feelthat way simply because of personal feelings etc. …"

    Really C.G.?! Who are you now – Nostradamus?!

    Nice try, but I’m afraid that you’ll have to come better than that my friend … WAY, WAY better!

    Tell your boss the same as well … courtesy of Whodatis.

    Arrogant clowns … the lot of you!

  12. Anonymous says:

    What i find saddening is the blind folded criticism. The goverment  is simply making an effort to 1. have enough money to pay for the blotted civil service 2. create the much needed jobs for our young caymanians so they can stop resulting to crime. Now we can criticize these efforts all day and forget to smell the coffee- at the end of the day as cayman continues to grow we inevitably have to give up a little bit of that scenery to allow for focused development of the economy. remember as long as there is no revenue generated the governments hands are tied and they simply will hike up rates ( taxes) to meet costs which imply results to small businesses closing shop and yes trust me that is not good for cayman( topic  for another day). Lets accept the reality of an economic model and not be fooled by the hear says of today. trying to cap development is simply suffocating the economy and the only other way will be downhill for sure

  13. Anonymous says:

    I do not understand why MLA Arden now thinks that the new road would be an “environmental disaster”? It was He who designed the road to Sand Bluff and made it into Law. It was He who started to Build it and got to Savannah!….this sounds like double speak and political babble.

    If the roads were good for Him to do, why are they not good for UDP to do.

    Pure, politics. Lets get serious and elect Independents next time. These old style politician are only in it for the salary and to object to whatever the other side says. Both sides. No vision. Time for change.

    • Anonymous says:

      The East- West Arterial that Arden was working on was planned to end at Frank Sound….not to go up through the middle of East End.

  14. Anonymous says:

    1. Land values will finally go up in EE.
    2. Jobs will finally come to EE.
    3. Shops and retail will finally come to EE
    4. Finally roads gazetted by Mr. McLean to EE and Colliers will be completed
    5. New industries will be created in EE
    6 No longer have to get up at 5am just to get to work.

    Trying real hard to see why our MLAs from East End and NS do not want all this to happen. Why do they want to keep you doing fish fry and plaiting thatch? Not even sure why MLA from NS is involved in this discussion? Might be the start of a new political party, one never knows.

    Makes no sense or it is purely political…either way, people of East End and North Side wake up!

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe another Political Party, but for now, it’s just another opportunity to grab some press, his favorite. The kind where regardless of the outcome he can laugh about how he manipulated the people AGAIN. Remember the school in Frank Sound? He did not stop with the negative press until the project was stopped and everyone unemployed, now he laughs behind closed doors because he has ensured the people working there do not have an opportunity to better themselves. He better find us North Siders employment opportunities rather than taking them.


  15. BRAIN STORM says:

    As far asI see, the people of East End are the only district people that stick together.  When you hear them say no, you bet it is NO.  I admire them for their strength.

    NO Port in East End, and if you all stick together there is not enough jails in Cayman to hold  you all.  Get in line East End and show them that "You run things, things no run you" 

    • Anonymous says:

      I suggest you take a look at the massive social issues affecting this district and this country before you make these types of violent suggestions.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wait a minute, Arden now has Environmental concerns? Did he learn this from the fight with the landowners over the iron wood forest? For someone with a build, build, build attitude he sure has changed, oh wait, he does not mind building in our districts, but no one should build in his. East End people the rest of us need jobs. Please do not prevent us from having 10 years of employment here.

    • Anonymous says:

      arden ‘not in my back yard’ mclean……

    • BORN FREE says:

      Anon 12:53, did you see a road built through the Ironwood forest? NO! Arden proposed to build it but changed his mind because of the public’s concerns, & because of the family’s outspoken & hostile opposition to it. He did not build the road because of environmental concerns. Is that not good enough?
      I like (sarcasm) where you say Arden "does not mind building in our districts, but no one should build in his." Then AMAZINGLY (or hypocritically I should say) you go on to beg the East End people to allow the port to be built by saying "the reast of us need jobs. Please do not prevent us from having 10 yearsof employment here." Are you not ashamed? That is so hypocritical & selfish. You chastized Arden for "being ok with building in our districts but no one should build in his" & then you do the same thing by criticizing Arden for wanting to build in our districts but you BEG the East End people to not stop this destructive & disaterous port development to go ahead in their district! You are truly amazing, selfish & hypocrtical.
      You do not care about the destruction of beautiful East End & the environment because "the rest of us need jobs"? How selfish! UNBELIEVABLE!  

  17. Anonymous says:

    Everyone who needs a job and wants one from this project lets attend the public meetings and make our voices heard.


    • Anonymous says:

      @ Anon 12:48, why is it always about me, ME, ME? Go out & get a job. Your attitude stinks of selfishness. Let us destroy our beautiful islands; let us destroy what we have enjoyed all our lives & deprive future generations from also enjoying; let us destroy everything so we can get some work. Go look a job. Our politicans have already destroyed the West Bay beach, go get a job there, but let us keep some of Cayman for our children & grandchildren to enjoy. Let us not be so selfish. Don’t you realise that after you & your selfish friends have destroyed East End there will be nothing left to destroy? There will be nothing left to our once beautiful & pristine Cayman Islands. We should be more like Bermuda, where selfish people like you xxx have no say. In Bermuda no amount of money can change that! Why can’t we be more like Bermuda?

      • Anonymous says:

        This is not Bermuda. This is Cayman and I am Caymanian so it is about me and others like me. We need job creation and economic recovery. Now, shut up and get out of the way.

  18. Anonymous says:


    I am always amazed at just how some elected members can sit back, do nothing for their constituency, wait, even encourage people to create national issues and then jump in guns blazing calling on the people to follow them so they can help save the people and, by the way, grab more power. More amazing is just how many people believe the elected member is actually on their side, and, follows them. We have got to stop being so gullible.

    Until I can view the engineering plan for the proposed Port in East End, environmental impact study and obtain advice from an Engineer (seeing as I’m not a qualified Engineer)I cannot object to the project. Now, if the good people of EE object to this project purely because they do not want this type of industry in their district, I understand, but as to how much the developer makes in profits, that, is none of my business. As a citizen, I want to know how much jobs will be provided for Caymanians, how much taxes will be collected by Government, how much this will reduce my taxes, what type of development programs will be provide to the people of East End, North Side and Bodden Town, what other spin off industries/opportunities can be derived, impact on existing infrastructure, additional infrastructure needed.

    Imparato please proceed with this development and DO NOT let Ezzard and Arden prevent us from getting jobs, we need work. This is the same type of political garbage used on Berkeley Bush when he was building the Port in GT, on Linford for the Master Ground Transportation plan, Jim Bodden, for the airport Alden with the schools, Kurt with the Government building, Ezzard for the Hospital and the Camana Bay development and every other major project in Cayman over the last 50 years. The problem here is that desire for more power is overriding desire for economic recovery and the people are being misguided AGAIN by two monsters.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard and Arden rather than bang the drum of stupidity you should be meeting with Imparato to secure jobs for the good people of East End and North Side. Rather, you would prefer to see them remain unemployed.

  20. Anonymous says:

    can they not get a better sign than that, that looks horrible. WHAT A DISGRACE.

    • Anonymouse says:

      That sign depicts the vision that the Politician from East End wants for East End. He may have paid for it from his own funds.

      If the people of East End appreciate it, then so be it. If they dont, they will tear it down.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is Arden’s contribution to his district and that exceeds Ezzard’s for NS.

  21. Anonymous says:

    So what, that these 2 obstructionist MLAs are against this port project. The land mass of the Eastern districts needs to be made available to build the country’s infastructure. It is foolishness to think the entire infastructure for the country remain in George Town, what are they thinking?

    Shame on them for their short sightedness.

    Mark my words if they are able to derail this project, 20 or 30 years from now this port project will need to be done just like moving the landfill will need to be done. The costs will be that much higher only their children and grandchildren will be made to pay.

    We have got to get some politicians into government with some vision and who can look forward not backward.

    The plan is to increase the population to 100,000 which will further strain the port and this isn’t brain surgery it is common sense.

    How many people have said the existing oil terminal was an accident waiting to happen in the center of George Town. Do these MLAs care, apparently not. It was designed at a time when it made sense and it no longer makes sense so lets wake up and smell the coffee.

  22. Anonymous says:

    if he wants to do a quarry why does he not just do that on it’s own? why does he need the excuse of a port development?

    • Anonymous says:

      planning approval

    • Recently Enlightened says:

      Because once you have excavated all the fill possible, not too much can be done with the land after that point. However, if a port is built and you own the surrounding property. Bam, your property value just shot up and stand to make to make quite a bit of money developing your property around the port.