Dart to get dump after all

| 20/01/2011

(CNS):Although the Central Tender’s Committee recently announced that the contract to tackle the country’s landfill (a.k.a. Mount Trashmore) had been awarded to a US firm, the premier made a surprise announcement at the Cayman Business Outlook on Thursday morning that the Dart Group would be taking on the existing landfill after all. Although the Dart bid had been rejected during the CTC process, the premier revealed to the conference audience that the developer of Camana Bay would be taking the dump, capping and remediating it, and then giving the government another piece of land, probably in the Bodden Town area, for a new landfill to be sited.

The premier gave no details of how the new arrangement will work, given that the US firm Wheelabrator won the contract based on a request for proposal that required them to manage, operate and deal with the existing landfill in George Town. The premier spoke about the creation of a new eco-park but did not say whether that would be managed by Dart or with Wheelabrator.

Dart has made no secret of its desire to own the land at the George Town landfill as a result of its close proximity to Camana Bay. The group did submit a tender in response to the request for proposal put out by government last year, but sources close to the technical committee that reviewed the ten requests said that Dart’s bid came in 7th and was considered unsuitable, not least because the proposal included moving the dump to the Midland Acres area on the edge of the Bodden Town district.

Speaking after the premier’s announcement,  Dart Managing Director Jim Lammers said that they did not know which land the group would swap with government for the property where the dump is currently located but the remediation and capping of Mount Trashmore could not begin until a new site was identified and set up to deal with the country’s on-going generation of waste. He said, however, that once the land was settled and the new waste-management system in place, Dart would begin work on tackling the remediation and capping at its expense.

Lammers said he did not know where that left the company which had been awarded the contract by the CTC just before Christmas as he said the method for dealing with garbage in future was up to government. He said that since the Dart was now absorbing the cost of dealing with the existing dump, the people of the Cayman islands would not have to pay as much in either tipping fees or government subsidies to cover the cost of dealing with the dump as those costs would now be borne by the Dart organisation.

If Wheelabrator decides it no longer wishes to continue, given the project changes, the technical committee will probably move to negotiations with the company which came in second to take the contract for the future waste management of the dump. CNS understands that WRR, which scored the second highest amount of points, is owned by the same people who were involved in MC Restoration, the controversial company which was given the post-Ivan clean up contract.

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  1. Aaron says:


    Great!  This is a good announcement!

  2. loyal citizen says:

    Good work Dart!

    Good work McKeeva!

    You keep it up! You go UDP! Don’t let your critics discourage you from doing what is right for the whole! They elected you into the House, and you all took an oath to serve Cayman no matter the criticisms, no matter the allegations, no matter the personal problems in your lives, no matter the heartaches and pain, no matter the continual press coverages… keep up the good work!

  3. noname says:

    UDP-  United Dart Party!!

    Where do I sign up?

  4. Give me a brreak! says:

    PPM had their chance to make a difference, but failed to do so. And we complained, complained, complained about the stench and ill effects of the dump for years. Now, when McKeeva and Dart has teamed up to make a difference, and finally something is being done with the dump, all you can hear are the numerous complaints of a Dictator and Someone who wants to take over the island! Boy… I tell you, what pathetic ungrateful lot. Dart should just pack his bags and leave Cayman with Camana Bay. McKeeva should just hand the keys of the kingdom over to the Governor.

    Opps… didn’t I see some of you bloggers enjoying the scenery and luxuries of Camana Bay. I think once I even saw a PPM politician going to Dart’s cinema. Apparently, he has no problem with Dart and McKeeva being friends.

    I am just sick of the negative comments, slandering, and hypocrisy on this site!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The system is a broken system. What process??? Excellent job UDP! This was long overdue from previous administrations.

    • Anonymous says:

      The previous PPM government put this project out to tender, if readers memory will serve them correctly.

      And got properly shafted in the process…

      Along with a number of local contractors who the Government had to eventually foot the bill and pay of…

      After the contractor siphoned off the valuable scrap metal, sold it off and did a runner, without the CI Government receiving a red cent.

      At least Dart is not going to run off and shaft this Government again.

      Well done, McKeeva Bush.

  6. Phillip says:

    To wait to satisfy people and go through the long haul of waiting for approvals will take forever. In emergency situations, nations have promptly act for the best of the community. I am glad the Premier acted! Of course, he will receive alot of negative feedback for it, but someone had to do it.

  7. Ray says:

    I cannot comment on the merits or demerits of this announcement due to the lack of details, however, it is very apparent that the Govt. changed the requirements from what was put out for tender. For example, I seem to recall that one of the requirements was that the land fill would remain in the same location.

    Now if the requirements have changed, how does the country know that this announcement is the best solution? Surely the best and more transparent way would be to announce that the previous selection has been quashed due to changed requirements and put out a new RFP with these. Then the best company would be selected by the (paid) technical persons who are most suited to determine this, via the CTC. If that is the Dart solution then fine.

    The noise about time, money, etc. is just that. Surely the new RFP could have been publicised on the same day of the announcement and in 2 months bids received & a decision made. After all the bidding companies should not need to make wholesale changes to their previous bids.

    Better yet would be to ensure that the requirements published the first time are the correct ones (a bit like the loan deal). Going through a process and then making a decision based on diffect requirements does make us look like a 2×4 country. Thanks Mr. Premier & Cabinet.

    When these decisions are made in secret, with unknown advisors for  unknown reasons, the country just naturally becomes suspicious and fearful. Have the UDP not figured that out yet? Especially where the previous decision has been publically backed by other ministers.

    It is not that persons necessarily may think that an idea is bad, but the lack of information & transparency breeds thoughts of who is getting what for what and why.

  8. EE says:

    Well done UDP! Feel now way… we are in an economic downturn and the UK has given us a time frame to balanced our budget. Sometimes you have to circumvent legal processes, even the local laws to get things done in order to boost the economy. At times, you will be accused by mindless folk of dictatorship, but as irrational and humorous as such accussationsare, it should be of no concern what your critics come up with. On behalf of my family, people living in the G.T. near the dump, my blessings to you and your endeavors. We will definitely vote you back in come 2013

  9. Anonymous says:



    “After being called a DICTATOR so many times, PEOPLE WHO TALKY TALKY are stunned by the fact thatMcKeeva Bush does not only DICTATES, but ACT with a higher degree of intelligence than them”

    And they love to sing “DICTATOR,” but funny… do you see any of them posting their names on CNS; or, at least, doing something to serve the community besides TALKING

  10. Anonymous says:

    "After All" what?  was there ever any question?! 

  11. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    McKeeva has been elected 7 times now and he is the root cause to our problems, please Caymanians let all get together and rid Cayman of the awful cancer called Mckeeva Bush.

    He demonstrates to us time and time again that his time is overdue – he’s had so much time to show the masses he means business, he’s only in politics for himself and his cronies, prime example now where he’s breaking the law and awarding Dart the dump and nothing done. 

    Where is the governor when we need him? This can’t go on any longer.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Funny to see certain people on the news saying that they believe that this was a good move and that the “dump has to go somewhere”. Especially when that somewhere, is in their beloved backyards. Sometmes I really wonder what promises are being made or the real reason why so many people that always have so much to say, suddenly change their attitudes towards these things? I wonder if any of them will be getting awards on Hero’s Day?

    • Anonymous says:

      In reply to 13:52 I would say that at least the persons in Bodden Town who went on the National TV, showed their faces is not cowards, then on the other hand some who spoke against it, has never lifted a finger in the town to do anything, but sit down flat their bottom and be mad with the world. I applaud those who spoke up about it.

    • BoddenTowner says:

      Stay out of Bodden Town business. We are not putting in PPM next election, and would rather suffer under UDP.

    • Anonymous says:

      What some tunnel-vision people in the Cayman Islands need to realise is that the George Town landfill developed into the problem that it is today  because the Cayman Islands is badly behind the rest of the world in the technology of RECYCLING, as well as having updated laws that makes recycling of waste matter MANDATORY.

      If the CI Government does not fall in line in this area as this chance for a new beginning creates with the relocation of the ‘dump’ then the problem will resurface.

      This plan to redevelop the present landfill must go hand-in-hand with a recycling structure and laws to mandate it.

      As usual, the people in the Cayman Islands who complain the loudest are the people least willing to change their ways of doing things.

      These people have to realise that the old Cayman is now an obsolete and extinct model and get with the program.

    • karen says:

      It is a good move – I welcome it

  13. Anonymous says:

    Pardon my naivete’ but does anyone know why Dart is buying up all of this land, properties, liquor distributorships and other businesses? (which we as Caymanians are selling to him by the way)

    Presumably he doesn’t have to make a profit as anyone else would have to do and his expenditures appear to far exceed his income (in Cayman at least)… 

    Supposedly he has money to burn and more than the majority of us could possibly comprehend… I don’t know the man so I don’t know if he is just plain avaricious and has toown everything in sight…

    So why? to what advantage? what could he possibly gain from "owning" an island in the Caribbean? We may have at one time been one of the richest and safest islands but that is no longer true; we certainly aren’t the most beautiful (yes, I am Caymanian but I’m not blind to our shortcomings!)….

    Can anyone answer my question?

    • Anonymous says:

       I’d go with the ‘owning an island’ idea.  lots of people have lots of money, but to have a country… hard to top!

      And it seems to me that it is entirely possible for him to reach that goal, if that is his aim.  

    • kissmebackfoot says:

      First of all, Dart has Cayman Status, hence deemed Caymanian. Second, how in the hell will he be able to take over this island? Don’t be stupid; it belongs to the UK! Third, this rich man is investing in the Cayman Islands and creating jobs, which we need! Why are you so against job-growth and development on the island?

      • Anonymous says:

        how would he take over the island??? independence, then call in his loans.

      • Anonymous says:

        In response to kissmebackfoot – i’m not against Dart at all – just curious as to why he has chosen us..  that’s all. believe me i love what he has done for us .. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I can try…

      Dart originally made his money in the paper plates and cups and shipping and trucking industry in the USA.

      He was the next biggest competitor to Ugland, the don of dons in those industries during the boom years of the 80s and 90s…

      Until he ran afoul of the US taxman.

      That is when Dart found the Cayman Islands and a friendly regime and country in which to lay his head.

      What most people in the Cayman Islands do not know is that Cayman is not Darts biggest investment.

      Dart bought out the enire national debt of Argentina; in effect, Dart owns Argentina, a country with which the Cayman Islands can never compete as far as size and economic net worth is concerned.

      A lot of people might not believe this but, Ken Dart simply loves the Cayman Islands.

      Cayman is now Darts registered country of residence, although he does not live there 100% of the time.

      Dart cannot live in the USA and his tax dispute with the Inland Revenue Service involves so much money that it will never be settled in his or many lifetimes.

      Dart has done so much more for the Cayman Islands than so many other mega-rich investors who have their money and homes in Cayman that the public never hear about.

      Cayman is Ken Dart’s home now, he can actually live no where else.

      This might sound funny to people who are not in the know but Dart means Cayman well because it is now his home…

      And he will be there to bail the CI Government out in all their financial screw-ups.

      Cayman is lucky to have Ken Dart as its benefactor, many other countries would love to have that privilege.

      Dart simply loves Cayman and is one of the world’s richest and most successful entrepreneurs.

      I know this because I worked in the shipping and trucking industry in the US when Darts trucks were on the road back then and this is years before the US ran Dart out and the Cayman Islands had never yet heard of him.

      Hope this sheds a little light on your question.

      • Devil's advocate says:


        Dart owns Argentina (even in effect)?

        IRS  = Inland Revenue Service?  And you supposedly worked in the US – OK if we were playing the card game BS… I would  call BS right now.

        Dart can’t live anywhere else in the world, not even in Argentina, which you claim he owns?

        Tax disputes that are so large they can’t be settled in many lifetimes?

        OK… I get it.  Now let me try:  Dart is actually not from the planet Earth, but from a galaxy far, far away (probably close to yours) and his real name is actually Tradnek (Ken Dart spelled backwards). 

        Seriously.. where do you people come up with this stuff (and please tell me something besides an Internet blog)?  Did the trucking company you worked for send out a memo?


    • Caymanian says:

      13:18 when you collect your pay check, does anyone tell you how to spend it?. It is Dart’s money, leave the man alone and let him spend it how he please. After all has he threatened anyone to sell him their property?.

  14. diana says:

    Good. This will probably be one of the greatest moves made by the UDP government. My only concern is where will the dump be relocated, but I am glad the Premier has done something about it

  15. happy face :-) says:

    One thing about our Premier, he is a business man who is relentless and believes in himself. The economy is his number one priority. And he just don’t talk!  He is an iron man and envied by many people who want to be in his shoes. Now, the Premier and his policies are not perfect… but who is perfect?  Instead of attacking him and throwing stones at him, we should all be grateful and focus on rebuilding the country as well. Doesn’t that make sense?



  16. Anonymous says:

    I give up.  It is, after all, your country.

    Nothing I’ve seen or experienced or thought could possible have any connection to what is happening here.

    Thanks for the cash.


    • Anonymous says:

      stick around, it’s only a matter of time before ken makes it our country 

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re welcome…we’re very happy you gave up…

      • Caymanian says:

        I am glad you gave it up too. Jealous foreign bodies who are hating Dart for his money. Its his money and he can spend it how he choose.

  17. Caymanians for logic says:

    Folks are so quick to jump on Mac that I beleive they have jumped to a wrong conclusion on this. “DART will cap the site and provide a new site for a landfill”….what that means is “DART WILL PAY FOR THIS WORK AND GIVE US A NEW SITE”. It does not say who will do it and it does not say that the CTC recommended group, Wheelabrater, will not still be doing the works tendered but just from ANOTHER site. Plus Wheelabrater is the top US group in capping and remidiation so they are the best folks to do this and have DART pay for it.

    So how I heard this is…”DART is going to pay Wheelabrater to cap the site, provide a new site from somewhere else where they will do their garbage and waste-To-energy bid thingy”

    Thank you DART for paying for this move. Afterall you will benifit as much as we do environmentally. Glad we do not have to ask Wheelabrater to do this and bill us through high ‘tipping’ fees.

    Folks please listen before you jump to silly conclusions. And press please get the full story before hit the “Upload” or “On Air” button. This was a lot of fuss over what is likely to be nothing.

    • I'll be Frank says:

       Please stop trying to introduce facts into our hysterical anti-Dart, anti-McKeeva rant. It’s distracting.

  18. anonymous says:

    *** Congratulations to Dart & the United Democratic Party ***

    Two-Thumbs Up

  19. lawrence says:

    Do you all realized that this dump issue has been brought to former governments attention and it has been put on the back-burner. Only a goal-oriented, business-minded man like McKeeva Bush could have made a difference. Sorry, but we had some former leaders that had no backbone!

  20. sweetness says:

    I am happy that something finally is being done to our dump. We need to start supporting our leaders for noble causes (no matter their political philosophy), and we need to stop the party politics, which is dividing our country and keeping us from addressing the most important issues. I am sick of the vile and rude comments against our leaders. It is terrible and the world sees it when they visit the CNS site. We need to do better and respect our leaders and the work they have to do.

  21. andrea says:

    Excellent!  The CTC process held up process and would have been too costly!  The people and foods on their table must always come first!

    Thank you, UDP

    • Anonymous says:

      I am still trying to figure out exactly how this "deal" is going to put "food on the people’s table"???

  22. Lisa says:

    It is nice to see how people are so stemmed about this issue. Some of you people, It is really necessary to make malicious claims against the Premier?  Cayman is still moving forward and you will not ruin our economy!  Get a life and try to improve your own economy!

    • Anonymous says:

      I can see by your spelling and your lack of reality that you must be a high payed civil servant of his majestys government. Hope your smart enough to put some of your easily earned paychecks in the bank for later.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you don’t live in Bodden Town….its great the landfill will hopefully become a park one day, but now the samething that happened in George Town will happen in Bodden Town, are you dense or just a kiss ass?    But that is the usual here in cayman everyone forgets everything.  Do you think the GT Landfill became this way overnight, no it didn’t and yes no one gave it much thought.  Do you not think the samething will happen to Bodden Town?  This is  residential area, the smell was awful from the GT Landfill, you could smell it in town, west bay road.  Remember all the toxic items being dumped after Hurricane Ivan?  Do you want that in your neighborhood?

      • Cassius Dio says:

        Yet you seemed not to worry about WB roaders while you were having your trash dumped there

        Weird how you’re suddenly concerned that now those living near the existing dump can put their trash next to BTowners

      • Anonymous says:

        Ever heard of technology my friend? The new landfill will look nothing like the current GT dump! The land will be lined, the site will be developed in accordance (hopefully) with environmental and technological advances that did not exist when the GT dump was started … and when they did the dump was too far gone for them to be introduced! What the people of GT have put up with will never be experienced by residents anywhere else … and in fact they may benefit from jobs becoming available which are ‘close to home’ depending on the extent to which the new landfill and hopefully recycling centre are developed.

  23. ThomasCI says:

    "Dart gets the dump"

    Very good!  The UDP is doing a fine job!  It doesn’t matter if this was accomplished through the CTC process. Time is against us, and the UK has given the Cayman Islands until a certain date to better the economy. So I am with the Premier 100% and I know if we ever had an election, the number of voters who will vote for him will surely exceed the flimsy "jealous" bloggers here.

    • JtL says:

      you are right. i think people have forgotten our agreement with the uk. we are on borrowed time to prove ourselves, and here we have ignorant folk, holding up our chances of turning things around within the given time

    • Anonymous says:

      Would you please explain exactly how time is suddenly against us in regards to a dump that has been there for fifty years and exactly how this ‘move’ is going to better the economy? Obviously you don’t live in Bodden Town. Yes I do agree we do have some flimsy jealous bloggers here…

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure the dump wasn’t what Chucky had planned as one of the Go East Initiative sustainable tourism development projects.

    • Caymanians for logic says:

      no, I think that was the forward looking thatch rope industry that he thought of!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Well thanks to the UDP and the spineless Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour, Bodden Towners can look forward to getting the dump in their district and with the prevailing winds out of the north east, Midland Acres, Belford Estates, Lookout Gardens, Central Bodden Town and Pedro can look forward to the stench from the dump blowing over their properties and into their homes in the future.

    What a nice aroma Mark and Dwayne. Thanks very much……..you’re fired !!!

    And Toney Eden its time you stop sitting on the fence and trying to please everyone. Drop on one side or the other quickly and say something !!!!!!!!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      There is nothing wrong in it being relocated in the Bodden Town area as long as safeguards are taken to protect the environment and ground water.

      We need to stop behaving on district lines, but rather do what is good for the Cayman Islands. Let us not as people make political mileage out of this matter

      We all know that the Dump issue had to be addressed. I am happy that something is finally being done about it

    • Anonymous says:

      Will you all stop criticizing? They are not transferring Mt. Trashmore to Bodden Town. The dump will be erected in a Bio friendly way, therefore eliminating all the stench.

    • In the garden of Eden says:

       Yet, they vote for him every single time and he does absolutely nothing but pat people on their poor heads. Speaks volume about Bodden Town voters doesn’t it.  Poor old Bodden Town been in same old game for a half century.You finally got something cant say UDP ain’t done nothing for you. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is a very welcome announcement and I trust that there will be no more hitches and delays. This is something that needs to get going immediately. Dart Group is the logical entity to do this. They need this mess of a landfill cleaned up in order to protect their mamoth development which is adjacent to it. They have the means to do what is necessary and they have a well-established track record for doing things properly. They do not cut corners to save on the expenses. Years from now when our descendants see that beautiful park, they won’t even know that at one time it was a stink, bubbling toxic disaster-in-waiting.

    Kudos to all involved and please leave out the "NIMBY" for the relocation. It has to go somewhere. An old quarry miles away from residential development in the back of Bodden Town – that is about as ideal as it is ever going to get.

    Critics, please lay off this one.  This is so necessary and so long overdue – let us help to move it forward.

    • tamara says:

      Lay off this one??? Are you mad??? They are so blinded by party politics and hate for the man that they don’t see the important and urgent issues staring at them in their faces! It is soooo sad

  27. CAYMAN FIRST says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never seen more sheep and followers without thought than those who quite possibly have posted negatively on Mckeeva, be it macdinejad etc.

    Point 1.  unna make me sick.  think.  engage brain. 

    look at both sides of any story.  if you think the only information relative to the story is posted in this article please refer to point 1.

    Point 2:  How many of these posters have dollar signs twinkling in their eyes? get over it.  remain humble save, produce and poster….not sell out for quick bucks…real money is earned!

    "any chance of a golf course mr dart?…pretty please!"  I hope you are a caddy on this course!

    Point 3: "He is practicing the illusion of democracy, lets accept what it is, take the illusion away and save some much needed $$$$"

    let’s accept it as it is?  you sir should be removed to the Bodden Town along wit the rest of the trash ….

    please ppl let’s start asking more questions getting facts and arrive at mature and responsible decisions….this is what will help the country…not populist remarks without merit or substance…

    if its good…find out why

    if its bad…find out why

  29. Anonymouse. says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

    Others were bypassed by Big Mac and the George Town Cruise Terminal Development given to Dart who later stuck it up you know where.

    The same will happen to the Dump, unless Dart has an interest in recovering all the styrofoam that they are responsible for putting into the landfill.

    Another false alarm to big Macs credit.

    • Foster says:

      You and PPM sound the same – "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah"… sounds like a bunch of complaining ducks!

      At least, UDP do more and speak less!

  30. Confused says:

    What is the point of all of this rfp nonsense and ctc ruling if cabinet has decided and know they was going ot give it all to dart

    If anybody says anything bout "substance over process" that would prove that Cayman laws or systems dont mean a thing. They could save plenty money by firing a bunch of the technical people who they wasting our money on.

    • RT says:

      I can see you are one of those who don’t inquire for yourself the facts. The ctc ruling will mean nothing if our economy fails and the UK takes over Cayman becausewe have failed to balanced our budget. You are so fool-fool about "Cayman laws and systems don’t mean a thing." Many countries in the world surpass their laws for emergency action or for an urgent economic measure to be put in place.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wish you would point out where the crisis is, because it only seems to be continuing in the Cayman Islands.

        Others have dealt with the economic crisis and while world economies still have challenges ahead it seems like only Cayman is at a threshold of disaster that only McKeeva Bush can rescue us from.

        RT, take a couple of seconds and learn for yourself the facts.’

  31. Confused says:

    ok let me get this right, there was a rfp process and a CTC technical team that reviewed all the bids. The Technical people on CI government pay roll judged the Dart proposal to be the 7th best solution and the governemt and Cabinet have now given the rights to clean up, fix up, cap and remediate the current site tothe 7th best bidder based on their own criteria? Yet we seem happy about them now leapfroging six higher placed bids and a winning one cause Camanabay is pretty?

    Ok is THIS the same government thru its CTC technical team, Ministry and Cabinet that awarded the winning bid or contract to a company called Waste Management who have now been ousted by the 7th best bid (dart)?
    I know I am confused but I swear I saw an announcment from the Ms Julie and Mr Cline just about last week congratulating that bidder. If they are both lawyers or have any common sense do they understand the basic concept of breach of contract?

    And now WRR who is owned by the MS Restoration people will now replace Waste Managment if they decide to walk away and sue? Is this the same MS Restoration that screwed the country out of real money and left a proper mess from the Ivan clean up? How did they even get into the rfp bidding program given their history and problems caused? And who exactly is WRR or why werent they given the dump if they finished in second place; five spots ahead of Dart?

    I know money is always at the root of this type of thing but all of this is starting to smell like a bunch of "garbage"

  32. Anonymous says:

    I am glad , as a good resident of these islands, he will do a good job in dealing with the dump.

    He has the financial power and will to make this plan succeed. The government cannot afford this project. The choice of the Dart group was a good enough.

    • Dear Governor Taylor says:

      Dear Governor Taylor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office representative to the Cayman Islands,

      The people of the Cayman Islands call on you to fulfil your responsibilities as Governor to ensure the good governance of these islands. 

      The total disregard for law and procedure displayed by Premier McKeeva Bush now on two undeniable and public incidences without response from your office shows serious negligence, which is currently having dire consequences for the respect for law in this island nation. We refer specifically to the disregard for the tender process for waste management in January 2011 and the $155 million government loan in October 2010. 

      We are counting on you to do your part in our partnership to ensure the fragile democracy of the Cayman Islands is upheld and strengthened.

      Yours sincerely,

      The People of the Cayman Islands

      • Anon says:

        Do you know that the Governor trumps over our laws and can declare by order of the FCO, FULL BRITISH RULE?  When you talk about Cayman, please don’t include me into it!  This Governor it seems care for the people and its economy… hence, allows the Premier to do his thing!  When PPM was in, did you see them do anything for our economy?  Nil

    • Anonymous says:

      My only concern is that I hope by putting the dump in Midland Acres, it does not cause Cumber Avenue to flood any more.

    • Perfect Headline says:

      CNS, there is nothing wrong with the way you have headlined this story as it says exactly what has happened, so don’t worry when you have people like the "Pastor?", who is one of the Dictators yes-men, criticizing on Cayman Cross Talk, CNS and saying CNS have nothing good to say.

      What a hyprocrite, as he if felt CNS had nothing good to say, why is he reading your stories, but he sounds like a "Preacher" who says, "do as I say and not as I do"!

      Keep up the good reporting CNS, our voice of Freedom.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Poor explanation seems to be a major proplem for the UDP as much as it was for the PPM. The idea as I understand it is to close and fix the eye sore and environmental disaster that is the George Town landfill. This will be done in conjunction with a new recycling center. All around much better.

    Have to agree Mac has to lean to obey Laws but still the best solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe the best solution would be to stop allowing XXXX to ru(i)n our country. Where and why is there suddenly a dire and extreme urgency in this matter? Perhaps if proper process was allowed it would have revealed that we are giving away an extremely valuable piece of commercial property that will eventually be sold for millions more than it would have cost us to rehabilitate it? WHY does McKeeva CONTINUE to deny the people of this country their right to ALL THE FACTS in these kinds of situations? WHY does McKeeva CONTINUE to make it so blatantly clear to the people of this country that McKeeva and McKeeva alone is the ONLY person in Cayman capable of making a sensible decision about ANYTHING. ANYONE who believes that Mr. Dart is simply doing us a favor here can continue to believe that. I for one do not. And I for one, in the absence of ALL the facts as usual, do NOT believe that McKeeva has acted solely in the very best interests of this country and it’s people.

  34. Anonymous says:

    It seems all people do is this country is talk and thank God McKeevaBush actually gets things done.

    You all sound like a bunch of barn yard hens clucking about this and that. "Oh I will contact the FCO about this blah blah blah…" McKeeva has dealt with this problem the most logical and cost effective way possible for the betterment of this country.

    Oh if we only could have spent 200 million for a energy plant. Wake up and smell thecoffee this is good for the country.

    Why is everyone always so negative here?

    Dart will spend the money to make the existing disaster safe and the new site will be prepared to make that safe. Now start whining and vote thumbs down.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are legal and proper ways of doing things and ways less legal and less proper.

      If Mr Bush has "the most logical and cost effective way" of getting things done, why does he not present those solutions to the people in government trained, hired and paid to review and pick the best solutions for the people of the Cayman Islands?

      This government is digging a grave and you are apparently quite happy to crawl right in – all the while singing McKeeva’s praise. 

      You deserve the ill fate that looms ahead.

      • Anonymous says:

        Face it all people really enjoy doing here is complain and tear people down.

        Clearly I see your point about the short cuts applied and your valid concerns about the system being circumvented but the system seems broken.

        How many years and how many plans have been examined for the dump? What about the system to remove the cars from the dump and the disaster of that process? 100-200 million to do this or that and nothing gets done. Hire more consultants pay more money and still no one can agree on anything.

        I truly believe that there is no one on Grand Cayman with a greater interest in making the current land fill safe than Dart.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree that Dart is a good choice.  And maybe Mac will be viewed in time as the beneficiary of good timing, if nothing else.

          What concerns me is not the short term.  You and I will probably be long gone when this ultimately plays out.

          What stresses and distresses is the Mr. Bush seems perfectly willing to sell his birthright (and there is a biblical precedent for that) for (if you will) 30 pieces of silver.  And the people that I know, my friends and colleagues and acquaintances of the Cayman Islands, deserve better.  I think.

      • franz says:

        ah spare us from your negativity…

  35. Anonymous says:

     Pa Pa Doc has done it again.  Since there is so much TRASH and it has to come to Bodden Town in the form of a DUMP, why don’t we make the suggestion that we THRASH the UDP at the site.  That would be the ideal celebration, just name the date.



    • Anonymous says:

      Why trash the UDP?..they are doing a fantastic job. Just for the information, you don’t own Bodden Town..you have the privilege to live and build your home there, any land that is needed for Government’s development can be returned to the Queen, she ownes it all.


  36. Caymanian wanting to move away... says:

    Since Dart is buying up everything, does he want to buy my land and house too? I live in West Bay…

    As a Caymanian I need a change of scenery…and I will sell right now for the correct price!!

    Let me know if you are interested?

  37. thankful and grateful to God says:

    Tell me, would you had seen the PPM doing so much for these islands whilst they were in 4 freaking years.  The UDP has just done 2 years and look at the large deals being made that would benefit the economy and environment!  Dart is to be congratulated and the UDP team.

    Actions speaks louder than words, I say


  38. Anonymous says:

    Wow.  I wonder what’s going to happen when Mr. Dart decides he doesn’t like the colors in our flag or the melody to our National Song?


    • Anonymous says:

      18:37  Know what my answer would be to your question?  "Change the friggggggeeen thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do give Macdinejad any ideas. Out with the red, in with the green.

      • Anonymous says:

        That has already been done.  If the color of your door is significant to Mr Bush, then we have descended to the level of street thugs and all this is academic.


    • Concerned Caymanian says:

      Well he won’t be going to Belize – he isn’t allowed in that country!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Most likely less than happened when your Dick tator didn’t like the pirate week name or the turtle on his airplanes. Can you comprehend the difference between Mr. Dart using his money to do what he wants and Bush using yours??? No difference right? Explains a lot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or worse yet, when he doesn’t like McKeeva anymore.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The procurement process in this country has sadly become a big joke, it is no longer a fair and transparent process where the best bidder wins, it has now been reduced to a process where the person with the closest political connection wins.

    How can this be good governance, who will suffer in the end, how will we be assured that we are getting the best value, where is the Governor whose responsibility it is for good governance.

    I was willing to give him a chance on the financing, but since that has not materialized and he has yet again breached the law, it is amazing that the Governor and Auditor General has remained silent on the sidelines while this is allowed to continue.

    My only recourse at this stage is to file a letter of complaint with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding incompetence on the part of the Governor appointed to this jurisdiction, someone has to be made aware of what can only amount to a dereliction of duty.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the likely "Behind the Scenes" deal:


      The owner of the land/quarry in Midland Acres is the same owner of the new marina in North Sound. They will sell/give the UDP Govt/DART the land/quarry in Midland Acres in exchange for the North Sound being dredged straight to the marina for the high-end clientele.


      DART will purchase/give the land/quarry in Midland acres to the UDP Govt in exchange for 1) agreeing to move the dump to Midland Acres, 2) agreeing for him to cap and "manage" the waste-to-energy facilities at present dump, and 3) re-routing/moving the section of West Bay Road near the Courtyard Marriott. 


      I challenge all parties to say this is not the proposed deal!! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds good to me…hope that is what they will do

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you’re right and what is so wrong with this scenario? Actually, I think it is a win/win! Everyone knows that the dump is a big problem and needs to be fixed – it’s beentalked about and talked about forever and ever. Now that there is a real solution in sight, please people don’t go down this road again; Dart is the logical purchasor and we all know that they will do a good job.  If there is a quarry in the line-up, well that’s 50% of the relocation out of the way! They should do the same thing in Cayman Brac – purchase that huge crater on the bluff from Scott Development and put the landfill there. It will take many, many years to fill up that hole.

        Caymanians are great for at least three things; moaning, groaning and getting nothing done!

      • Anonymous says:

         You could be right!  And, so long as the new waste management centre is well-managed, properly sorted and lined, it will be a win-win situation for (almost) everyone.  I sympathize with the people of Bodden Town, if the dump really is being located there, but it has to go somewhere, and at least this time we have the chance to do it right.   It may have only a minimal impact if we practice waste reduction and recycling.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is not the deal.
        You really should check the facts before pushing your “dreams” as facts.

    • Anonymous says:


      You didn’t cry out when MacAlpine won the bid to build the new airport terminal, which  were given to another company….and I could name many more.  
      The Governor, the Auditor General and FCO are  more than overjoyed that Cayman has a Government that knows how to bring business here, and also who  have the brain to stimulate our economy, and keep us from going belly up… unlike some  large countries.   
      There were  many contracts that were given out over the years in this same fasion,if it were good Governance then, it is now.

      Whats wrong with you people? I hope you’re not using Dart’s roadway or any of his facilities…

      Maybe you could spend some of your money on some of these projects, so the people of this country can also enjoy a good life style.

    • Just thinking says:

       You said it well. It is amazing how so many posters think the Premier is so great because he is "doing" so much for Cayman and "getting things done" but they are all sadly ignoring the fact that the man has no respect for process. As I recall the CTC had also rejected Cohen for the government financing, Honourable Premier rejected that selection and made "personal contact with the company and awarded them the contract. Now once again the CTC had rejected Dart’s bid and  the learned Premier, in all his wisdom has again rejected their selection and given it to Dart. 

      So may I ask what is the point of the CTC? He has embarrassed the members of that committee twice publicly so far and what it says is that he has no confidence in their ability to go through the process and screen the bidders on projects and weighing several factors choose the best company/person for the job. 

      Perhaps these posters who think the honourable Premier is so great because he is getting things done failed to realize that he is definitely headed in the direction of dictatorship. When a person chooses to ignore processes and procedures that have obviously worked in the past then you have to start wondering "What next?" 


      • Anonymous says:

        Some of you want process so you can tear down what the Premier can accomplished on borrowed time. It sounds like you care more for the law than for the people

      • scott says:

        Dictator???  McKeeva and UDP is aiming for Dictatorship???


        What a bird brain?  So McKeeva is aiming on dismantling the Constitution and like dictators do sever ties with all powers (like the UK)???  The CTC is important, but for sake of the economy, isn’t the PEOPLE more important than a process that will be too lengthy and costly?  You sound like a PPM that help brought this country’s economy to the gutters!  You must be smoking something!

  40. Anonymous says:

    I understand there’s a nice-sized property in West Bay that could hold a lot of that trash.  There’s a nice tall wall around the property to help hold the trash in.

    Come to think of it, that wall hasn’t worked too well thus far.

    Never mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you hate Makeeva that bad , why don’t you go live somewhere else?

      We are sick of your b…shit.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t hate McKeeva.  I do not like that he seems to be running the entire government by himself and (some would say) to the benefit of himself and not the people of the Cayman Islands.

        26 thumbs up to 12 thumbs down at this counting.  That tells me that there may be a few readers who might agree with me.

        Maybe I’ll stay.  This is my home.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have to agree with you 21:38, because the biggest fool on this Island can read and listen that majority of the comments about the Premier is Political Personality.  I wont say that everything he has done was correct, but as I see it he is trying to please everybody, and turning around the Island slowly. Some people should be ashamed of what they write, it sounds so foolish.  By now Dart know that it is not Caymanians who are fighting him down.  The few Caymanians that are left on this Island are not worried about what Dart buy or who he buy it from, after all it is his money, and if he wants to spend it in Cayman, then I say More Power to him.  Caymanians are concerned about having a steady income where they can life comfortable and food on their table to feed their family.  I do not see Dart taking that away from any Caymanian.  It is the foreign rich competitors who are making these comments and setting up a few Caymanians who dont know any better.

      • All of us says:

        Anon 21:38

        If you suggest that if we hate McKeeva that bad, why dont we go live somewhere else – do you really want the 99.1% of the Cayman people that feel that way to go live somewhere else!

        Get lost Star, as we ain’t going no where as we are Caymanians who want the best for ALL Caymanians and not just 1 Dictator and his few blind followers!

      • Anonymous says:

        When since does a poorly placed affection for McKeeva qualify as a right to live in one’s home?

        Do not use the term ‘we’ when proclaiming YOUR frustration at those who have as much a right to criticize the premier as you do fawn after him.

  41. Anonymous says:

    If the dump is going to be turned into a park and can be seen from the cruise ships so easily would it be possible to write welcome to the Cayman Islands or something like it in flowers on the side?  Asking a lot Im sure and not very cost effective but might be a nice way to welcome people to the Island.

    • Anonymous says:

      How tacky.

      That may have been ok several decades ago (and in Los Angeles) but that so outdated and cheesy.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Ooops Mac you let the cat out of the bag on this one. Very interesting situation occuring in Cayman, soon Dart will buy the Public Beaches. I thought that the landfill was to be used for waste for energy and national recycling was to be introduced in 2011 oh well guess it won’t be happening. It so disappointing to say this yet there’s not much hope in UDP just broken promises not that PPM is any better. The day party politics was introduced spelt the end of the Cayman I knew.

    I hope Dart does turn it in to a park as Cayman does need a few of them. Maybe Dart will donate land around the Meagre Bay pond and create another park as it would be a crying shame if the dump goes there. Barkers National Park was to be upgraded according to Mac yet that won’t be happening sorry but the likely scenario is major development for a hotel/golf course/marina (Dart Island) in the near future. Forget about saving just the blue iguana and how about saving Cayman from total destruction, National Trust start petitioning and writing to the EU & UK for the conservation bill to be passed.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is amasing how Cayman has been developing since 1969, dredging’ cutting canals, and lakes, leveling of properties.

      This was done in areas from the west bay penisular to far East as newlands.and there were no objectors as far as i can remember.

      We have made billions of dollars from these investors and developers coming to these Islands, bought ourselves mansions, SUVs developed apartments forrent to all who came to work here, sent our children to some of the best college and Universities, started our own businesses….and i could go on.

      Now we are against Mr Dart because he has more sense as a business person than most of you critics. Maybe you critics can’t handle the fact that these same investers today are  having their proposals blessed by  Makeeva, and his UDP members.

      What a mess you objectors are in, this country will continue to strive, even with your brainwashing some of the Caymanian people.

      God bless Makeeva and his UDP members…you guys are doing a fantastic job.

      Happy Birth Mac.

      CNS, I look foreward to having  this comment posted…you have a blessed New Year.

  43. Michel Lemay says:

    Well Mr. Dart you win the prize of the day.Those of you who critize that the CTC was not conducted on Mt- Trashmore are right. However think outside the box for a minute. Do we want to get ripped off again, spend more time and money on this. I don’t think so. It’s an embarrassing smellie eyesore, and it’s time to have it done. As I said before Mr. Dart & Co.are the best candidate simply because a) they will get it done b) it solves their problem as well for being adjescent to their properties and I think Mr. Ryan or the Ritz – Carlton should be charged a fee for improving their views because THEY were not going to do it. Sometime I wonder if some of us know what we want !! More jobs for the locals again. This is a good thing. We will also problably be able to get fuel at the yacht club again. Our present Yacht Club is a sight for sore eyes. At least we can say that Mr. Dart & Co. puts their money where is needed most and improve or rebuilt those run down places and that is called IMPROVEMENT and we move forward. I know many locals and companies have the money to do similar things but would rather invest in stocks, bonds and edge funds that benefits few of us or the Cayman Islands 

  44. Anonymous says:


    Everyone can reduce amount of waste going to a new dump.  Recycle, refuse to buy anything  made of plastic. Before buying a single thing, ask yourself- do I really need it? This way a junk we buy will not end up in a dump in a few months.

  45. Anonymous says:

    why just move it? that is not a sustainable solution we need a recycling program

    well una can’t say the BT officials didn’t give bodden towners something

  46. Anonymous says:

    Well Mr. Chuckster it looks like smooth sailing for you in Bodden Town next time Bro !

    • Anonymous says:

       Let’s hopeso Cayman needs him

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope Chuckie aint paying attention to this because it is only a setup.  Boddentowners know who did what for them from the last Government and also know who is doing what now.  All eyes on Bodden Town?  We are building a plan this time.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Well McKeeva has broken the law again. Governor where are you in your primary role of ensuring good governance ?

    Bodden Town achieved so much from 2005 – 2009. The evidence is there for everyone to see. Now what are we going to get this term…..A DUMP !

    A better way forward all right. UDPers you all betta come out to hiding now and stand up against and divorce your party !!!!!!!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Well BT this is what you voted for……….they have given you their garbage to manage. Thanks Marky and Karate Kid. Where is Tony "Quick Cash" Eden in all of this ?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Why not do away with all government employees and just let Mac make all the decisions.  What a cost-savings that would be.

    • Anonymous says:


      I totally agree with you, if we do give Mac more  opportunities, and remove the red tape, to make more decisions on his own , we will get the country  back on its keel much faster, but i think he already started doing a fantastic job.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I thought the Central Tenders Committee was charged with making sure the people of the Cayman Islands got value for the money.

    With the Premier giving away yet another project to a bidder that had been rejected, one must wonder who is getting maximum value and who is getting the money.


    • Anonymous says:

      and who is getting scre*ed, my guess is you and I

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not scared…open your mind and stop being negative and small minded.

        Let focusing on positiveness be your new Year’s resolution.

        • Anonymous says:

          I prefer to keep "being intelligent and informed" as my New Year’s resolution. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Buddy the missing letter was “w”, let’s see if you’ll be able to figure it out now … jackwagon

    • Anonymous says:

      And now Wheelabrator who has spent a lot of time and money (winnning?) the bid will now have to stand in line to take CIG to court to get back their investment in dealing with the Caymanian Government.  This will hopefully show the rest of the world that doing business with Grand Cayman is not without risk or cost.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Why not move the dump to West Bay, right in the Big Mac’s yard, that’s where it really belongs. Midland Acres is a quit and peaceful sub-division we don’t need the dump in our backyards! We already have 4 quarries thank you!


  52. Anonymous says:

    I am really glad that McKeeva Bush has had the courage and common sense to have Dart sort out Mt Trashmore. They are the logical choice aswho has a greater stake at seeing a good job done with the current landfill than the neighbor with the largest investment in the country.

    It is too bad the previous government didn’t have the vision to allow this problem to be sorted out this way 5 years ago.

    Say what you will this is very positive in my opinion.The best news of the day.

    Throw whatever barbs about Boddentown you will but they will have a prepared site professionally managed with jobs and a buffer to protect property values.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Bodden Towners, don’t need no freaking dump enough rats are roaming the area now without the presence of a dump to get infested with more this will definitely be kicked against, think the proposed EE dock is drawing attention just wait.

  54. Anonymous says:


    This is great news for Cayman.

    It will usher in a new practice of waste management that will create new jobs and bring about a fundamental change to how we treat our garbage. More will be recycle and reused and less will go to waste.

    Mount Trashmore will become a park for the people of the Cayman Islands. No more unsightly trash mountain on the horizon for our visitors – no years of smell and noise from a mining operation. 

    This is another great step forward for Cayman.

    All those concerned in this decision should pat themselves on the back for making the right decision for our beautiful island and all that reside here.

    The Dart family should be congratulated for their continued efforts in supporting Cayman. It is sincerely appreciated.

  55. Anonymous says:

    finally a a news story that doesn’t make me want to bang my head against the wall…..

    there is light at the end of the tunnell!

  56. Anonymous says:

    thnak you again mr dart…..and thank you mckeeva for pushing this through

  57. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t we just disolve the CTC?

    The Money from Cohen didn’t come, but apparently the Premier can do a better job thanthe CTC, so lets dissolve the CTC and save the country some money.

    He is practicing the illusion of democracy, lets accept what it is, take the illusion away and save some much needed $$$$

  58. Anonymous says:

    any chance of a golf course mr dart?…pretty please!

  59. Anonymous says:

    No one better could have been selected for this massive task, but Dart who has interest in Camana Bay which is nearby.

    Good Selection!

  60. Anonymous says:

    brillant news, sanity prevails…. i am no fan of his and i know mckeeva will get get alot of stick for this but he has made the right decision…..

  61. Anonymous says:

    new hotel, new park on the dump, to waste to management, new schools, new roads, new industrial port, new cruise passenger landing, new mega yacht channel, new hospital, new goverment building……it’s like Christmas

    • Anonymous says:


      And the objectors can’t handle it, ha ha ha

      Mac has proven again, to be the man.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, he has leaving people speechless!! but you all not get nothing yet so go ahead and laugh. At least he looking out for his big supporters and the foreign investors and you likely have loved ones or friends unemployed. 

        I now believe it was just a sham why he didn’t get the dock because they all know MORE are still on the tables for Dart.

        Bodden Towners your so call elected members will not defend you like the East End representative because they are all yes men but lets hope they are making good of their run as the count down has just begun. Scotland and Seymour are not MAN enough to make a stand or stand up to McKeeva but they too will live to regret their mistake. Votes wasted!!

        Keep the dump out of Bodden Town. Land owners save your land for the future generation and don’t let it go for the almighty dollar.  



  62. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me why we have the CTC? What is their purpose? Seems to me that the role they play is useless. Does anyone agree? Although I am happy Dart is taking care of the dump for us, thank God for Dart, Caymanians will now get jobs, here and at the hotel he just bought out as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      As I understand it, the CTC reviews all bids for project above a certain dollar value, seeks expert advice and input and then determines which bid is the best value for money.  And as near as can be figured, they are doing their job well.

      Just because the Premier works his own deal on the side with companies who have not undergone the scrutiny of the CTC (and who therefore cannot be scrutinized for their capabilities/liabilities) does not negate the value and importance of what they do.

      It is my understanding that the Public Management and Finance Law requires that government projects over a certain dollar value be tendered through CTC and the company to complete the project is to be chosen by the CTC.  If that is so, it would seem that the Premier is in violation of the law.


  63. Anonymous says:

    Good news for Bodden Town. This should provide plenty of employment opportunities.

    • Anonymous says:

      14:24  I do believe with a decision to give you  the manager of the dump you should at least look out for Bodden Town and will you really remember the people of Bodden Town and  see that we get a job at the dump raking garbage?

  64. Top Secret says:

    So, they move the dump to somewhere in the BT area, make it get out of hand again and then what?.. Why don’t they move it to the heart of West Bay. It would blend-in perfect with all the scum-bags down there anyway. 

    I understand that McKeeva also announced at this same conference today  "that government is close to signing an MOU with a Chinese company to work on a channel in North Sound". This man does not understand that we do not want the North Sound dredged. He just doesn’t get it.

    • No secret says:

      He gets it!  Amazing that you still don’t get that he could care less what you or any one else thinks. 

  65. Anonymous says:

    Just imagine what the move of the dump to BT will do to the value of houses over there. Are these people being compensated ?

    Garbage fees will go up since majority of garbage comes from WB and GT and now has to be transported to BT.

    Who owns the land that needs to be bought for the new dump ?

    In 10 years from now, we will probably have 2 dumps visible from see.

    The only reason for moving that dump is the greed of Dart / Bush.


    • Cassius Dio says:

      Who owns the land that needs to be bought for the new dump ?

      Perhaps read the article the clue is there:


      and then giving the government another piece of land, probably in the Bodden Town area, for a new landfill to be sited.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how these type of things happen and so few people care enough to connect all the dots and see past the facade. This was always on the cards and obvioulsy the concept of a RFP process and the CTC means absolutely nothing to this lot.

    I mean, if this was what they always intended or wanted to do why have they beem telling the public so many lies, telling half truths and embarassing themselves and the country?

    When is the next election cuase they all gots to go?

  67. Anonymous says:

    How was Mc restoration allowed to bid. They screwed this country.

  68. Special Agent Oso says:

    Homes For Sale, Midland Acres, Savannah.

    Stinkin’ low prices!

    For once a good move from Mac!

  69. Anonymous says:

    Let’s start the bidding on the ole Hyatt!  Might as well!

  70. Apprciates beauty says:

    I think this is Fab news, say what you want about Dart and his organisation, but Caymana Bay is beautiful. Would love to know who the architect was, I think it’s stunning. Thumbs up for Ken.

    • Anonymous says:

      Info from the recent Governors Award site:

      AECOM (Executive Architect, Civil & MEP)

      Moore, Ruble & Yudell- Design Architect

      Olin – Landscape Architect

      The Burns Conolly Groupt – Locat Architect


    • Anonymous says:

      To Appreciates Beauty Thu,01/20/2011 13:56  I believe Mr John Doak was involved with this project.Older residents may remember Mr Doak for his ideas for turning George Town into a parking friendly and pedestrian friendly location ,similar to Camana Bay .This was back in the seventies,and he even provided artists rendition which were published in the Nor’wester magazine.Imagine the way George Town would look today if this idea had been adopted by government sometime during the last thirty five years.

      • Anonymous says:

        Here is the list of involved architects from Camana Bay’s website:


        I don’t see John Doak listed there, but agree that he has designed some great properties!


        • Anonymous says:

          I am so confused about the reasons some posters on this website have for giving their thumbs down.  Someone even gave a thumbs down to the list of architects at C. Bay just above this one.  It’s a completely factual post — no opinion to judge.  What gives??

      • Appreciates Beauty says:

        To 01/20/2001  14-51   From Appreciates Beauty.

        Thank’s for the info, I know the name but not the person. And as for Georgetown being for pedestrians instead of cars, I have always thought that was a no brainer, I am not very good at drawing, but I sure can visualisze, yes, GT could be made to look realy pretty, and merchants would see a rise in sales.   

      • Anonymous says:

        Believe me, from an old time Caymanian, John Doak was NOT the 1st to either come up with the idea or make the suggestion to Government to make town "user" friendly!!! It was suggested many times –  in addition to suggestions for town & city planning, underground utilities, shipping of metal products, car batteries etc off the island to the US in the empty containers and the implementation of proper waste management. Nothing against Mr Doak but credit where credit is due.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart emergency marketing team you are really quite all star. Going on and clicking ‘like’ on postive comments about Dart. The problem is is that most of the actual comments are negative and therefore the disproporiately high number of ‘likes’ on the positive comments (which all sound like they are written by the same person) is clearly fishy.

  71. Anonymous says:

    So King McKeeva bypasses CTC again??!

    Last time  he did that it was supposedly to get $155m financing from Cohen & Co — has that materialised yet?

    Caymanians have real goldfish-memory. They forget so quickly.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Bodden Towners, I know you can’t say Mark and John John is getting something for BT in their 4 years in term, you will be getting the dump!!!!

  73. Anonymous says:

    good to see a local man with the vision to take theisland forward. well done mr Dart

  74. Anonymous says:

    this whole dump thing stinks