Distillers keep up ‘spirits’

| 22/02/2011

(CNS): The makers of Seven Fathoms Rum, Cayman Island Distillery, a locally owned and operated small business, is planning on moving to a new facility, creating more new lines and recruiting another twenty locals to help it grow. The owners have announced that they are looking for new premises to add to the distillery at Hammerheads along the water front in George Town as a result of the business’s success. Founders Nelson Dilbert and Walker Romanica say they need a larger production facility to keep up with demand for Cayman’s only locally produced spirits.

In addition to the Seven Fathoms Rum and Governor’s Reserve line of rums, the distillers have plans to introduce several new lines of spirits, including vodka, in the near future, which, like the rums, will be produced here in Cayman.

The location of the new distillery is still being finalized but the plan is to develop a custom designed 5,600 square foot facility. They said the new facility will create an additional 20 jobs, which they want to fill with Caymanians. Even before the planned move the local rum makers say they are looking for a Caymanian to fill a distiller-in-training position.

The Cayman Islands Distillery was founded in 2007 and originally produced a single rum that was sold initially only at one location. Over the last three years the company has expanded into a full line of rums, including Seven Fathoms Rum, as well as a line of rums called Governor’s Reserve. The Governor’s Reserve line now features gold, white and coconut rums, and a spiced rum and a dark rum are ready to launch in the next few months, the founders said.

“The warm reception we have received all around the island and from bars, restaurants, liquor stores and visitors alike has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Dilbert. “It is the encouragement from the resident and business community here that has kept us moving forward and expanding into other spirits.”

He added that the support from the community was a crucial part of the success. “I think people are very encouraged to see young Caymanian entrepreneurs able to build a small but successful company here in Cayman.”

So far Seven Fathoms Rum has been sold and distributed in the United Kingdom through the Whisky Exchange, a prominent distributor and retailer of fine spirits located in London. Since the UK launch, the distillery has been promoting the rum in conjunction with the Cayman Island’s Department of Tourism’s UK office.

The distillery has now signed another export agreement with Luxe Vintages of Boca Raton, Florida, to begin exporting Seven Fathoms Rum to the US market.

Seven Fathoms uses a selection of locally grown sugar cane in all of its products. It is made by hand in a craft distillery using a unique underwater maturation process. The small distillery has been recognised worldwide for its handmade, small batch artisan rum, earning awards of distinction and medals from the Beverage Tasting Institute’s spirits review in Chicago, the annual Ministry of Rum Competition, and many others.

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  1. Otherview says:

    This rum is not aged under water and it is not made of locally grown sugar cane. It is made from Florida Crystal  sugar. I saw dozens of bags in the distillery.  There are no sugar cane fields

    in Cayman.  Tastes like bad, cheap whiskey, not a fine aged rum. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    great move .we need more of these so we do not have to pay the crazy import duty rates on liquor government is charging. may be soon a vinyard from east end making wine?

    • Good news says:

      This is good news for unemployed Caymanians and a good examplefor other entrepreneurs. 

      Now can we get Blackbeards and others to make similar export deals please?  I’ve been trying to accommodate numerous friends in both the states and the UK with their demand for Big Black Dick for the longest time.  It would be so much easier if they could simply go online and order themselves (as they can Seven Fathoms) rather than having to take a vacation here and take duty free home, or asking me to take it to them when visiting!

      I mean darn people the rum could be one of our biggest exports if people put their minds to it as Seven Fathoms have done.