Mac hits out at petition

| 04/03/2011

(CNS): The premier has said that the petition which is being organised against the North Sound Channel may put other investors off from doing business in the Cayman Islands. In another televised statement on Thursday evening McKeeva Bush hit out at those people who have voiced their opposition to a proposal to dredge a channel in the North Sound. Bush said that investors may question whether Cayman wants investment when they see petitions. He told the nation that people should wait until they have all the facts before they sign it as he believed the channel would not harm the North Sound but will help protect it.

“You probably will be asked to sign a petition against this channel. I ask you to wait until you have the facts before you make up your mind for it or against it,” Bush said in his third broadcast in just over a week. “When investors see petitions being circulated, they will question whether in fact these islands want investment. A petition might be against a channel but what next? Condos, hotels, a refinery? When will the negative and destructive talk end? It makes investors uneasy,” he added.

He also asked where the people who were “against everything” had got their facts from and said that besides being critics they had no answers on how to make the islands sustainable.

Bush pointed in particular to the independent member for North Side, Ezzard Miller, who, Bush said, had suggested that plans he found left on his car windshield were the proposed plans for the channel and which have now been posted on the Rooster website. Bush denied that these plans had anything to do with the project he had been discussing and accused both Miller and Rooster of being irresponsible for circulating them.

“Some people are prepared to oppose everything because they are satisfied with how they are surviving,” he said, adding that it was because they don’t care about other people. “Those politicians who get on the radio weekly to oppose everything don’t care how you are able to live – if you believe them, and then re-elect them – no matter what group – then you pay – they are satisfied – and you will not get ahead. That is what happened in 2005 to 2009.”

People had to accept that businesseshad to be successful so that the country can have jobs, live decently, have money to spend, but sacrifices had to be made to get something, Bush stated.
Defending the latest proposed projects, which include the North Sound channel and the creation of an oil refinery, he said he not believe the channel would destroy the North Sound. The proposal was not for more than a depth of 20ft and it would be more than two miles away from the Sand Bar, he said.

Contrary to expert opinion, Bush said the channel would help protect the North Sound, improve the clarity of the water and the two islands which are now associated with this latest project proposal would prove to be buffers for the shoreline.

“While we must consider ‘what if’, we can’t live our lives in fear of ‘what if’. But I urge everyone not to talk before you have the facts. Be careful of who you listen to out there no matter how good it sounds,” the premier stated in defence of his controversial plans.

He promised that an environmental impact assessment would be done by the best marine scientists and the channel will only go ahead if the environmental study says it will not damage the North Sound. “There will not be a channel before an environmental impact study is conducted. If the study, and good reason, says that we should not go ahead, it will not move forward,” he told the people of the country.

See the full broadcast statement by the premier below.

For more details on the campaign against the North Sound Channel visit the savecayman facebook page or email

Go to the CNS poll:
Are you in favour of dredging a channel in the North Sound to accommodate mega yachts?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard Mr. Charles Clifford and Capt. Brian Ebanks on Radio Cayman on Friday talking about this North Sound Channel issue and how they plan to deal with it.

    I admire their courage and Mr. Clifford’s ability to stand up to Mac is admirable.

    By Monday morning (today) the Chinese had pulled out of the plan to dredge the North Sound because of “the public outcry”. Way to go Mr. Clifford and Capt. B…… lets see which group Mac brings next !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Transformer Sydrome! Why is the highest office treating Cayman like a transformer. Its the Shetty’s Hosital, North Sound, EE Dock, Oil Refinery etc. If they get through with their plans i am expecting we will be the Transformer. Please Think Green as in Eco not Money.

  3. Libertarian says:

    ***** Mac hits out at petition… easily… by simply flip-flopping and telling everyone that he is not dredging again! People, it is “we” who need to stand up and hit out at Mac! We need to start a REFERENDUM on removing this Premier! He does not run our economy, it is we the people who must run and not allow government to take-over and share the spoil to big shots! ***** M.R.

  4. Anonymous says:

    time for a revolt within the udp!…elio/rolston and the rest…if you don’t make a stand… you will go down with mckeeva…….

    • IRON CLAD says:

      You have wasted your time writing this. They will never go against MacDhafi(MacDaffy) – they are LOYALISTS, XXXXX. These bunch of DAFFYS seems to be precisely the type that are iron clad (thought I was the only iron clad here) in their aid of the destruction of our little nation. As you will recall, they were ALL strategically rounded up by MacDhafi to serve as HIS ‘yes-men’ only. This has become more than evident in the fact that they have essentially not contributed anything in their 2 years of tenure thus far.

      Enough said right?


  5. nauticalone says:

    Premier Mac Bush….he seems very similar to George W Bush….a complete sell-out to rich select special interests….at the expense of the many.
    Sounds like “Get Rich Quick” schemes….which usually are unethical….and even worse.

    • A Furious Young Caymanian says:

      The Premier if full of S**T!!! All he is worried about is getting $$ and putting cayman in debt. I do not agree one bit about putting any damn cruise crap on any part of this island. Doing all this to up the tourism industry will not work if your killing off what natural attractions are here for the tourist! I have notice cayman is going down because it is being run by XXXX "The Premier" and i really dont think he deserves that title anyway. I say BBBBBOOOOOOOOOOO to you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    "But I urge everyone not to talk before you have the facts. Be careful of who you listen to out there no matter how good it sounds." You do not have any facts, so why did you bother to speak up?? “When investors see petitions being circulated, they will question whether in fact these islands want investment. A petition might be against a channel but what next? Condos, hotels, a refinery? When will the negative and destructive talk end? It makes investors uneasy.” You love money too much. "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." 1 Timothy 6:10. “There will not be a channel before an environmental impact study is conducted. If the study, and good reason, says that we should not go ahead, it will not move forward.” So far, the study is being proven that it will have an environmental impact. It will destroy the island if another "Ivan" has come to Cayman. Most of Cayman knows that it will. If another hurricane will not come, Stingray city will disappear and so will the other sand bars. We still cannot out-rule a hurricane because we do receive one threat, or more, every year. Nuff said. There is even more comments against this plan on this site. The good Lord have made this island. He made North Sound as it is for the protection of this island from hurricanes. There are probably other reasons why you think North Sound is made as it is, but we all know one thing is that it will impact the island in a negative way by changing its natural state. "O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches." Psalm 104:24. "Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever." Psalm 104:5. More importantly: "The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods." Psalm 24:1-2.

  7. IRON CLAD says:


    "I still can’t believe he got back in after the 1st Cayman Bank Scandal".

    I still can’t believe he got back in after his promise to the Caymanian people on the Petition of 2000+ signatures against the mangroves being cleared for Ritz Carlton as well as the Planning law of 5 floors being changed to 7 floors essentially OVERNIGHT. Why? Bush pulled ALL the strings so his Real Estate company could sell ALL the ‘Residences at the Ritz’… exclusively.

    I still can’t believe he got back in after the attempt at the Cruise Berthing Facility for West Bay… The purchase of the lot of land at the intersection for $600K DESPITE 2 appraisals for $350K max.

    I still can’t believe he got back in after the Royal Watler Dock whereas everything about that project and HIS ROLES as Minister for Tourism as well as being the Chairman of the Port Authority Board spelled apparent corruption.

    I still can’t believe he got back in after BLATANTLY telling the electorate of Bodden Town during the Election Campaign that Dwayne Seymour and Mark Scotland were NOT breaking any laws or the Constitution in their failure to declare their interest with Government and telling the BT electorate that "never mind the laws and constitution, the two were "good to go and to just vote them in".

    And the list goes on and on.

    Now since this dragon has gotten back into power, the last two years has been FILLED with highly CONTROVERSIAL and DAMAGING PROJECT PROPOSALS being made and FULLY BACKED by this DRAGON.

    With the vibes of political abuse, his proposed Berthing/MEGA YACHT Facility, GT Harbor: "…the people need to accept that some sacrifices will need to be made…". "if it means removing some coral, then that is what will be done".

    With Autocracy and FULL SUPPORT, his Proposed Development of the East End Dock/Cruise Berthing/MEGA YACHT Facility: All beneficial to the developer Joe Imperato and a MAJOR DISASTER to be created. No EIA(environmental Impact Assessment) provided by a completely independent source, NO evidence of a full business plan that could be provided by the Developers/Joe, No guarantees that this project would not be just excavation nor any real guarantee of jobs for Caymanians and did i mention MAJOR DISASTER to be created?

    Lastly with even greater SHOCK to the Caymanian people who care about our country and eco system, the BOLD announcement of having "Chinese to dredge a channel through the North Sound…". Later to follow was the news article that REVEALED McKeeva’s desires in saying he would like to see TWO ISLANDS created with the dredging. WOW!… just the mere thought of the creation of the TWO islands not to mention the EXTENSIVE dredging should DEMAND and AUTOMATIC DISAPPROVAL from the public.

    Now when considering how much economic benefit this INSANE project would bring to our country, one MUST consider what TYPE of people will be coming in these MEGA YACHTS. The type will obviously be the RICH and ELITE who when ‘docking’ their yachts will NOT be renting a HOTEL ROOM, will NOT be renting a RENTAL CAR, will be eating at the RITZ and LUCA restaurants and NOT at the CHAMPION HOUSE Restaurant or any other average restaurant. Will NOT be taking tours not shopping at the average stores, THEREFORE THE ANY ECONOMICS DERIVED WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED TO THE AVERAGE BUSINESS OR ELSE. My best bet is that McKeever has a MEGA YACHT of his OWN(which is yet to be known about) that he so persistently wants that mega yacht facility to be done. Three attempts to get it already in less than a year.


    Positively IRON CLAD to the MAX.

    • Anonymous says:

      Way to go IRON CLAD, yes, the list does go on and on and unfortunately it CONTINUES  to go on and on and on. By the way you appear to have forgotten about the status grants? Looks like we’ve sold our country for a fridge, folks.

      • IRON CLAD says:

        Thanks, yes I did forget to mention the status grants, but certainly haven’t forgotten period, nor have I forgotten the ‘Deep Impact’ that it has on the country, whereas the 3000 was multiplied by their dependents as well as the ILLEGITIMATELY declared dependents(friends and distant relatives) now EMBEDDED here through FRAUDULENT Documentation produced by criminals in countries like Jamaica and others.

        I knew that the fraudulent documentation/declarations scenario wasa VERY REAL possibility and was confirmed by two Jamaican nationals to me during two separate discussions, however those two did not divulge their names nor the names of those "Criminals with Cayman Status" they knew of who had done this. Of course this does not include the many illegal immigrants that could guarantee has came here dating back to who knows when as we have NEVER had any real border patrol of our shores. Certainly not one that was not easily evaded.


        Truly IRON CLAD.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the potential revenues are worth it, some investors will just accept certain costs within the business culture. Bribes, side deals, enigmatic "consultants" etc. are not a problem. Cayman’s economic future, even though it is obscured by mysterious relationships, ill-defined authority, unpredictable bureaucracy, and a bizarre leader, will still find investors. An unstable future, may, in fact, attract certain types of investors. ‘Not saying it’s morally right, but just sayin… 

    • Anonymous says:

      Finally! I thought I was the only one!! Caymanians have a serious goldfish memory syndrome and just flit from one thing to the next without further thought.

      By the way the list is waaay longer but thank you for keeping a McKeeva Bush/ UDP scorecard.

      Keep up the writing maybe we will get through to Caymanians to get some sense and examine McKeeva for what he and UDP really are….especially those West Bayers who keep voting him in with his pals, in return for a fridge or a light bill payment while he ruins our country and keeps them unemployed and begging for the proverbial scraps from his table.


    • Anonymous says:

      although i agree with mckeeva with the need for more developement… i must concur that due to his incompetence over the last two years….mckeeva and his udp cronies must be removed from office….(i hope you are reading rolston because you will go down with him!)

    • Anonymous says:

       It is not  the proven incompetence of the "premier" That has put him in office and keeps him there.  It is the incompetence of the Caymanian people.  They alone hold the responsibility for everything he has done in office and will continue to do.  This will only change when they do.  Change is hard.

      But it is possible.

      • IRON CLAD says:

        But wait!!!… Wasn’t the US president George W Bush, the BIGGEST UNEDUCATED FOOL and MOST RUTHLESS GOOF-BALL elected as US President not just once, but TWICE. I would imagine that those that elected him were the same INCOMPETENT type. And there is NO QUESTION as to whether George W Bush BROUGHT the good ol’ US of A down into the proverbial DIRT.

        So let’s learn something here – You should understand that the vast majority of ANY country’s populace is of the FOOLISH(makes many mistakes), VERY FOOLISH(plain out ignorant) and the HOPELESSLY FOOLISH(lacking the total ability to utilize their brains). Further Research by The IRON CLAD Labs for Political and Social Sciences will reveal the statistics in percentages later this year. Then there are those FILTHY RICH vampires with bottomless bank accounts who’s hunger for money can never be quenched. These type provide the funding for the ‘Buy My Vote’ programs. Combined, these are the types that exist here in our Money Pot, Cayman as well. These are the types that have ushered this dragon in again and again therefore not just the INCOMPETENT.

        So there you have it in a ‘NUT’ SHELL.

        Dr. IRON CLAD – Prof. Political and Soc. Science.

  8. Libertarian says:

    ***** Here we have a local government that has used the UK’ FCO’s mandate to better our economy or else they would impose direct taxation – as an EXCUSE to takeover our economy by massive projects! People note that all of the interferences of our local government upon our economy consists of giving through these “projects” an unearned reward of monies to “some men” or “business entities” at the expense of the entire business community of the Cayman Islands! When the “common good” of our country is regarded as something apart from the individual well-being of small business owners and people in general, it means that the good of “some men” who will benefit from such projects takes precedence over the good of everybody else. The leadership of this government has no regard to the fact that their interventions on the market could create destructive monopolies, such as a shetty one. They have no worries that by giving out special preveleges to a few through legislation, they are in fact closing the door of competitors in a given field; they are causing companies to leave the island – and that means less jobs for the unskilled workers. WARNING: If government does not stop now from this government-take-over through implementing projects that are giving favors to a few, we will see ourselves made into a labor force, having to pay ever increasing duties, fees, licenses, and permits for its ever growing size – taxed! Cayman, wake up! It is not government’s role to “steal” the wealth from its own capable citizens. It is “we” that suppose to drive this economy – not the government and the few special interest like dart and shetty! ***** M.R.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if it ever occurs to Mac that it is McKEEVA and not the ‘critics’ who is being paid to provide answers on how to make our islands sustainable. We will not shut up McKeeva, at least not until you demonstrate to us that you are earning your very large paycheck and your untold perksand your double pension.

    The Channel will help protect the North Sound and improve the clarity of the water? Has dredging millions of cubic yards of dirt from the ocean bottom, and bilge from mega yachts (we won’t even mention oil tankers) ever been known to improve the clarity of the water anywhere on this earth?

    And the two islands will prove to be buffers for the shoreline? Buffers that we won’t need if we don’t dig the bottom out of the North Sound?

    I will not omit to give Mac credit for the single sensible statement in his speech, it says, quote: “Be careful of who you listen to out there, no matter how good it sounds”. End of quote. Congratulations, Mac.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Mr. Bush, "don’t make a decision until you have the facts". The problem is we get the facts after the decision is made and the MOU signed and the contract moving forward. This sound bite has become an old delaying tactic to move ahead on a plan, get it solidified and then prey on Caymanians to forgive and forget.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This I promise….. Any MLA that stands behind this IDIOTIC plan to dredge the North Sound, will not see another term in office. I’m ready to wipe the slate clean of these morons.

  11. Anonymous says:


    THAT NORTH SOUND WOULD NOT BE DREDGED OVER “HIS DEAD BODY” said by an uneducated fool who has suddenly changed his mind and is an now a scientific EXPERT on everything to do with our evironment, the ecology of our island and the marine physiology of currents, sand movements, storm surge, waves, marine biology etc etc etc. as it applies to North Sound. If you wish to believe and follow this fool without a high school diploma, then GOD help our country.

    Concerned Caymanian wondering about what future our children and future generations will stand to inherit

  12. bracer says:

    Ok. We must not make judgements, and only act on all the information, so Mr. Bush, How about taking your thumbs out your rear end and give us Caymanians the whole truth!!!!!!!!!!


    We Caymanians put you there, and remember Mr. Bush……..We can send you home too!!!

    It blows my mind that a man with no formal education and no skills whatsoever (except of course the amazing ability to BS) is "leading" this country.

    What is scaring off investors is not a simple petition by the intelligent and concerned people of this country, but things such as a crazy leader, his ineffective fellow members, the increase in crime and the roll over!

    How about making a deal with the Chinese to come here and assist the police force with dealing with the criminals???!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s time for MoreMarl GoDaffy to pack his bags. Poor people are fed up and we are not going to take it any more. There will be NO refinery, and NO dredging of a deep channel in the North Sound.

  14. Anonymous says:


    must bare the responsibility and entire blame for the destruction of our country for obvious self interest because with no Govt funding available for any of these bizare capital projects why would any politician representing the wishes of his electorate proceed to destroy his country and go against the wishes of the majority of the electorate and resort to dictatorial autocracy to achieve his aims.

    Supporters of the UDP and their dictator now have just what they voted for and the loss of our country as we once knew it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    "When investors see petitions being circulated, they will question whether in fact these islands want investment."

    I don’t see the problem with this.  We DON’T want this kind of investment, at least not in the knowledge that you, McKeeva, with your total disregard for proper process and careful evaluation, will be seeing it through to completion.  The petition will have its intended effect.

  16. ALL SEEING says:

    In my opinion, the First Premier has quickly developed into the Worst Premier by using emotional blackmail on his people forcing them to choose between the outright destruction of their land for the enjoyment of Mega Yachts. Buffoonery at is worst. You can’t get any lower then this. Any M L A that supports this “Bushwhacking” scheme should be considered an enemy of the people and we shall work overtime to defeat them at the polls but in the mean time we must stop this foolishness in its tracks. I support my MANGROVES and leave the North Sound alone.

    • Anonymous says:

      his (caymanian) buddy that already built the marina is gonna be mighty disappointed 

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry but he and his Caymanian buddy make up an extremely small percentage of the Caymanians in this country. They both need to learn to go about things the right way. At whatever cost to both of them.

  17. Why take the chance? says:

    I heard one morning on Rooster an email that was perfect, and it goes somehow like this:

    Sometimes I want to take Viagara but have been told it could kill me, so why take a chance as when I die there is no coming back. Cayman has been told that cutting a channel into the North Sound might destroy everything thats good in the North Sound, like The Sand Bar and the world famous Stingray City, so why take the chance, as when all that is gone there is no getting it back.

    The Sand Bar and Stingray City are big tourist attractions which is revenue for many Caymanians but think of the HUNDREDS of Local people that have the enjoyment of the Sand Bar on the weekends, so why take a chance that this could be taken away from all Caymanians just so that a very few can benefit.

    This don’t make one bit of common sense but maybe when dollars and cents are involved then there will never be any common sense!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Well! Captain Bryan Ebanks can squawk all he wants about the North Sound Channel. Fact is! Mac has Captain Eugene Ebanks to advise him on all the pros and cons of a North Sound Channel.

    Both Captain Bryan and Captain Eugene are higly educated sea captains with enormous experience in Maritime ecology and it is ones word against the other,

    So Captain Bryan, give up the fight, Captain Eugene wont let you get one over him on this one.

    • Time alone says:

      I heard Capt. Eugene on Rooster with Mac’s sidekick, CG, beside him making sure he did not say anything that Mac did not want him to say – what a weazel!
      For a man who people claim was one of the pioneers of Cayman watersports, to claim that he has spoken to many West Bay watersports person and none feel that there will be any damage with the dredging of a new channel involved in this new Mac project – what a load of baloney!
      I would like Capt. Eugene to tell the Cayman people ONE, JUST ONE West Bay Watersports person that has said this to him as we all have heard the outcry against this project by watersports person from every district.
      Cayman, we have to stand together against these plans and dont let just a few people gain while we and Cayman is destroyed – think of our children and grandchildren!

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly you missed the part where Captain “I earn my hefty check by keeping my MLA seat warm” discreditted himself this AM on Rooster and got his a** handed back to him by Captain Bryan…

      I’m guessing that, if you’re backing the guy whose legacy will be making absolutely NO CONTRIBUTION to any LA debates EVER, you are probably one of his party’s recipients… oh i mean “constituents”….

    • Anonymous says:

      Capt. Eugene is a spineless "yes": man for Mac. He does not have the backbone to stand up for what he knows is right.  This could be heard on his interview on the radio this evening.  He knows which hand feeds him and will not go against it.

      We need to elect people who will vote their conscience not vote how the "BOSS" tells them to.

      We the people need to keep speaking out and let them know that no matter what party they are in.  it is our duty to hold our elected official accountable every day of every year not just at election. (contrary to Mac will tell you).

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s really great news for this situation!!  Were they able to wake Capt. Eugene up??  

      Now just tell hem what year it is and well have a real old fashioned debate!

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Re: "So Captain Bryan, give up the fight, Captain Eugene wont let you get one over him on this one."

      It is at this point where most Caymanians surrender…  The creation of ‘islands’ in the North Sound is totally unacceptable and unnecessary, so I ask all to help prevent the destruction of the North Sound by supporting Captain Bryan… 

      Captain Eugene, I was hoping that you would have been stronger and just say no from the beginning.

    • Wacko Big Mac says:

       Did he SAY protect it?

      Leave the North Sound ALONE.  

      I’m sorry that the brand new gleaming GT Barcadere Marina may not have the six mega yachts coming into the recently FINISHED 100 ft wide canal behind the airport, but the VOTERS must stand up to this man. (Yes, the mega yacht marina is already built- go take a look yourself)

      We KNOW the deal with the Chinese has already been signed and Big Mac is sending aerial photos of Scott’s Marine GT Barcadere to them to show he is on track.  He had no problem signing a deal with the Cohen Bros without permission so this project has already STARTED people.

      The only way to stop it is to get the Seafarer’s Association, CITA, all boat captains and at least half of the civil servant’s signatures on a conservation law right away.

      Maybe some of our great ex-pat legal minds can find a precedent to stop this madness…..but the people (registered voters) need to act and act quickly.

      Crime and madness have taken over paradise….

  19. sooth sayer says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa! Are yes,another master stroke by Moammar Bush (Gadhafi).. what’s next, air strikes on the people who sign the petition?

    FFS Cayman, man up will you? Just what do you have to endure from your ‘leaders’ and your ‘police’ before you follow Egypt’s example and grow a pair. Speak OUT!!!!

    • IRON CLAD says:

      Speaking out is just the thing that Moammar Bush obviously don’t fear.

      It is SERIOUS ACTION yet to be taken against this DICTATOR and TYRANT that will do the trick.

      People, it is OBVIOUS that we have the most SERIOUS THREAT to our country and our future – that threat being NONE other than William McKeeva Bush. SERIOUS THREATS to ones country and future life, calls for SERIOUS ACTION!!!

      Apart from my own ideas of ‘Serious Action’, can we have all ideas pooled here please?

      More IRON CLAD than you could imagine.


  20. Ray says:

    Does he expect us to believe that there would have been any talk or possibility of an EIA for this “idea” without the voices of the concerned citizens?
    Even if such a project meant that 100 luxury yachts visited each year will that compensate for the potential loss of a few thousand tourist visitors each month?
    How can he say that projects like this will protect the country from future ecenomic downturn when this actually depends on outside luxury visitors?
    Does actually believe all of what he says? Who gets to “use” the second island?
    The start of the channel would be right next to the Sting Ray City dive site so it would most definitely be affected.

  21. eugene says:

    The problem with ‘environmental studies’ is and always has been thata big enough paycheck can cause them to ‘reveal’ just about anything in this world. Hell if they are paid enough they might even agree with McKeeva’s preposterous idea that a channel will actually help to PROTECT the North Sound. Makes me wonder why God (the one up above) didn’t think of a channel in the North Sound. Look at the poll and the comments on this website, Caymanians. We have at this point 82 (eighty two) percent of our voters protesting against this channel compared to 4 (four) percent agreeing with the idea. Doesn’t that say enough to simply invalidate even the cost of an environmental study? We have perhaps an even larger percentage of the posters disagreeing with the idea in writing. These are people who have lived here all their lives and have witnessed first hand the disastrous effects of man’s interfering with nature as well as nature’s sometimes catastrophic reaction. These are people who have to and want to live the rest of their lives on this beautiful island the way God gave it to us. These are people who have their fellowman’s and their country’s very best interests at heart, compared to companies that know nothing about our country, that come here and walk away with buckets of our money to say what they are told to say in an environmental study, since they never have to come back here or indeed do not have to live here for the rest of their lives. These are people who have a genuine, out of love concern for their country and their fellowmen compared to greedy investors who very simply could not give a hoot about Cayman and its people so long as their bottom line looks good. When are we going to stop selling our souls to make investors rich, Cayman? Our souls are all but completely sold out already, Cayman, and what we have to show for it is our growing enslavement to and degradation by our greedy investors. It is time to stop this madness, Cayman. It is time to start listening to our own people. It is time to start thinking for ourselves rather than continuing to listen to the rest of the world tell us how to sell them our souls, Cayman. It is time to hire a government who will do their job of listening to the voice of the Caymanian people and fire the one who prefers to play God with our heritage and the futures of our coming generations. Things are not getting better for Caymanians in Cayman because of ‘investors’ my fellow Caymanians. Things are getting worse for Caymanians because our ‘investors’ insist on coming here and importing dirt cheap labor to put Caymanians out of jobs, and to deplete our entire marine food source because they do not work for enough to go to the supermarket to buy food. This is not ‘happening’ to us, my Caymanian people, this ‘has already happened’ to us. Our ‘investors’ continue to deplete what little land space we did have to grow foodstuff on by building and building and building and rendering real estate ownership by our Caymanian people more and more a thing of the past. Forever. Not good, my Caymanian people. And it is all in the name of greed and complete control of our people and our islands. It is time to wake up, my Caymanian people. Now we are being not only asked and expected to agree to give up our beautiful North Sound but to spend millions of dollars of our own money to facilitate the ‘investors’ who continue buy us out and in turn enslave us to themselves? And we continue to call this a ‘future’ for Caymanians and future generations of Caymanians?                

    • LeRoy Brown says:

      Great comment, eugene….  straight and to the point!  Verily, Cayman is being destroyed by greed for the almighty dollar.  By the way…..  Has anyone ever heard of, "One man, one vote"?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Big Mac: "Full speed ahead!!!!!! Fire! Ready! Aim!!!!"

    Small Fries and UDP Croonies: "Yes Sir. Mr. Hon Premier Sir!"

    PPM: "Huh? Where you say we going?"

    Everyone else in Cayman & the whole world: "Look out for icebergs!"


    Big Mac: "Fool fool wutless bloggers, media and PPM. Why unna didn’t turn the wheel? It’s all of unna fault."

    Juju: "Anybody need their feet washed before we abandon ship?"

    Captain Eugene: "Zzzzzz."

  23. Anonymous says:

    I THINK We all have Ideas that will make the island sustainable and the first one is for Mr. Bush to leave office

  24. Anonymous says:

    Would it make sense to have the plans made public then put out to public tender and let the China firm bid on the project? 

    This of course only after an independent EIA is done.  A firm picked by an independent third party.   Then if that study comes out favorable for the project, the next step is to determine if the Cayman people want the project.We could do the ultimate petition have a referendum on the project after"all the facts are in".  The fact that it may be done does not mean it should be done.

    After that and only after that is done should there be any thought of moviing forward.

    Of course the chances of Mac taking this logical course is slim to none.  And I am sure he would prefer I did not bring this up.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Apparently some Mega Yachts do not like to tie to a buoy and like to come in to shore so they can get fuel and water and provisions.

    Pretty good chance with the cruise dock coming in that there may be some tenders underutilized and captains out of work.

    Maybe someone would start a bunkering business and deliver fuel and water to the yachts in the harbuor.

    And just thought… Since many large vessels are registered here, we have all the contact information of the owners and captains of these Mega Yachts, why not do a “mandatory” interview to determine if ever and how often the may come here and if a facility had any bearing on that choice.

  26. rasta mouse says:

    Please, please, plesae can we have an international space centre. Inter galactic travel travel is the way forward. You lot are all thinking to small…hic!…

    • Dredging ALREADY started says:

       Hellllloooooo are you living under da rock?  I urge ALL residents to simply drive to the airport and stay left instead of going into long term parking.  There is a HUGE 20ft deep canal with a 100 ft WIDE canal just finished and the Scott’s Landing is looking ready to welcome mega yacht business.  This HUGE development area already has a pre-construction sign on the lots next to the channel that says, "North Sound area DREDGED"… don’t think this is what Big Mac is going to link to?

      It’s what our supreme leader promised the two large SMB developers.  Fly into Cayman’s airport, step onto your yacht and go straight to SMB without having to see one of the economic poor or a moment in grid-lock traffic.

      It is already being built.  Mac is only asking for forgiveness, not permission!

  27. Anonymous says:

    What puts off investors is the fact that we have unsuitable, unqualified, ignorant policitians who jump from one idea to the next, withouth investigating any proposals properly, without following the proper processes and procedures to see a project through and without an regard for what the residence of these Islands want for their future. That’s what turns off investors!

  28. Anonymous says:

    where are the facts then?

    all of this talk…but nothing more…

    if you want to make us shut up then please give us all the facts…it is only fair and equitable to see all the facts, because so far we do not like what we are hearing!

  29. Anon says:


    From the Office of the Premier, Premier’s Statement:  This will be accomplished by connecting the existing cuts to this channel, providing uninterrupted travel across the North Sound without disturbing the sea bottom.

    and the following remark ….

    In the event that a channel will be developed, the current inlets and pre-existing small channels into canals will all be used to connect to the proposed channel.

    Let’s putt these comments in perspective – the planned intention is to apparently join and dredge out these existing cuts, pre-existing inlets, small channels and canals to join the proposed main channel.  What of the original North Sound will there be?  

    Keel-down draughts for mega yachts vary to more than 10m (32+ feet) – not all mega yachts have the ability to go keel up; oil tanker draughts (fully loaded) can be greater than 21m (68+feet); cruise ship draughts can be between kega-yachts and oil tankers.  Keep in mind that all draught measurements have to be calculated to the lowest available water depth (low-tide) to besustainable for the proposed main channel.  Draught measurements determine the least possible amount of water depth a ship can float in.  

    I disagree with the Premier’s statement that only 20 feet of depth will be required for this channel.  Is he trying to fool us or fool himself into believing that displacing nearly 313,000 cubic yards of material from the sound (2 miles x 4 feet x 200 feet) will not change the sea-life?

    In order for some pre-existing channels/cuts/ inlets to be deepened – dredging won’t be sufficient because of the rock.  Is this a carte-blanche give-away for eco-habitat destruction and more blasting?  I’m quite sure that very few in Government have lived through months of blasting and the damages to their homes that many on this island have done.

     I would respectfully ask the Premier to provide clear planning intentions – to be specific with regard to maps of all pre-existing inlets/cuts/channels/canals to which he intends to link to the proposed main channel – such as in an up to date map of the entire Sound with all such pre-existing passages clearly marked and exactly how they might be linked to the proposed main channel.

    Please include, Mr Premier, in this study and planning proposal a storm surge history and projections for the North Sound to include all proposed changes to the sea-bed as it is now.  We’ll be looking for the inclusion of the surge that wiped out the Marinas and Hyatt, so please make sure that information is accurately presented in the factual research.

    It will not be enough to have anything short of a full micro-environmental survey (since it is the micro organisms that support the smaller sea-life) in coordination with the US National Hurricane Center or NOAA with animated presentations under major storm strengths (so we can see the worst case scenarios) and in combination with a Government backed and funded mangrove restoration project before ALL THE FACTS will have been presented to the people.




  30. Sick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    The blind ignorance of this man is breathtaking. With no academic qualifications of any sort, he is arrogant enough to expound theories, “HIS” theories, about subjects such as wave action, geology, and marine biology. The latest “smoke and mirrors” game is to suggest the deep water channel will make things better in North Sound. What he has never mentioned is what will be done to widen and deepen the main channel through the reef. The present channel could not possibly accomodate “Mega-Yachts” and would presumably require very extensive specialised dredging, and/or “blasting” – that would have an interesting effect on the coral and sealife..!!

  31. R. High says:
    Mr. Bush in his radio Cayman broadcast last night  asked the people to stop rejecting his ideas if they couldn’t come up with better ones
    So here you are Mr. Bush.
    If you continue to implement or attempt to implement things that are dependent on foreign funds and detrimental to our environment we will fail as a country
    How about your government focus on the capable people of the Cayman Islands to boost and sustain our own economy
    Start with decreasing duty fees for businesses so the savings can be passed onto us and encourage local shopping
    End the CUC monopoly and encourage companies with sustainable green energy to come to Cayman so our people have more money in there back pockets hence spending more locally
    Stop Talking about it  and Implement a minimum wage to encourage Caymanians back into our tourism industry without the fear of not being able to pay bills ( high cost of living and low salary’s just don’t mix well)
    Implement a local lottery (not casinos which again depend on foreigners) but a local lottery that most funds go to improving our schools.
    And most importantly offer EVERY opportunity for our youth to pursue higher education make it free for Caymanians to study at the law school and St. Matthew’s (part of the deal when they sign a contract so this money is not coming out of Gov. pockets)  and only a nominal fee for the University college make it easy for both rich and poor to get the education it takes to allow us to have a strong foothold in every industry
    Our people built this country and you need to stop your search for the almighty white mans dollar and focus on the industrious hard working nature of our people.
    That’s just my humble opinion
    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Great post……great ideas……There have been hundred’s of great ideas from many intelligent people posted here that are simply ignored. 

    • Alan Nivia says:

      This is naive bilge.

      1) Decrease duties – OK where will government’s revenue base come from – do you wantincome tax?

      2) Energy policy – this is a tiny speck of a market.  It can barely sustain one electricity supplier.  And by the way green energy costs more right now that CUC does.

      3) Minimum wage – our tourist product is pretty poor and very expensive.  Increasing labour costs will just make the product worse.  Hospitality is always a low paid industry.

      4) A lottery?  In an island of 50,000 people?  Lotteries make money by economies of scale and basic jackpot theory.  The jackpot must be life changing.  A Cayman lottery is never going to generate meaningful income for the government.

      5) Since only Caymanians can go to the law school how is it going to be funded?  Cayman already produces too many want to be lawyers for the population and the IQ bell curve. 

      • Libertarian says:

        ***** You said “Decrease duties – OK where will government’s revenue base come from – do you want income tax?” Alan, government can always maintain itself by user fees, reducing its size via privatization, and cutting its unnecessary expenditures. Too much government spending from a bloated civil service is what got us into this mess in the first place. Hence, duties should decreased to a minimal (if not, nil) because it is out-right theft to take from those who earn a living to maintain fat salaries and a government that is caught on benefiting a few by it massive projects. Increase duties on the private sector means more government “tax.” As for healthy competition in the field of Energy and in order to bring CUC’s cost down on the consumer, decrease duties and non-restrictive business laws will make that dream come true. The reason why it is difficult to sustain an electrical supplier, is because government continues to grow in size and increase its fees and permits. This is wrong and if we don’t change, we will end up being taxed to death by government. Stop relying on government hand-outs and fixing the economy – “we” are suppose to do that! ***** M.R.

  32. Anonymous9 says:

    I would say there are no do-overs since once you carry on with this channel thing there is NO going back. Once the Sandbar is gone, that’s it.

    But I can’t say that because this is Mac’s ‘do-over’ after his last term in office. I still can’t believe he got back in after the 1st Cayman Bank Scandal.

    We’ve got our own Baby Doc

  33. McCarron McLaughlin for change. (please recall the gov't) says:

    Caymanian people I’m calling for all electors to sign a petition to recall Big Mac and the fries. If they are left uncheck we are doomed – speak up people don’t be afraid, it’s your children and grand children’s future that is the balance. Mckeeva could care less what our opinions are as his opinion is already made up for these projects.

    We need people that represent, not people that try to line their pockets with the stupidest most outrageous ideas.

  34. Anonymous says:

     This is the first time I have noticed that Mac has acknowledged that the courtship that Ezzard declared with  UDP in 2009 is long over.  This is the ompteenth time that Mac has spat on free speech, which he thinks is abhorrent.  But no surprises.  And Captain Eugene on the Rooster today… what a gem…. priceless….

  35. Scrooge McDuck says:

    If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance……You know the rest if investor confidence is what we’re speaking of here, if that is the critical factor. Then let’s begin with the original investors. The Cayman people.
    Who, as investors, have listened to one idea after another from the Premier since taking office. Not one of them coming to fruition. If there are naysayers then there is good reason for it.
    Beginning with the Shaw-Miller Report, the way was clear that government’s priority should be reducing it’s own expenses. One of the many recommendations was reducing re-numeration of government officials to align more with nations of this size. Another, was the looming costs in the future to government of Civil Service benefits. Neither of those have been adequately addressed, and in many cases completely ignored. Instead, to confuse the issue, the Premier felt justified in hiring unnecessary household help while he and other MLA’s decided to collect pensions as well as salaries. These are the things people look to when asked to continue to wait for a turn around and in the meantime make necessary sacrifices in increased fees, etc.
    In doing so, they become discouraged. The Premier can call it nay-saying the reality is, people want to see results. Beginning at the top. The easiest way is to see something pro-active. A desire on his part to follow through on promises to reduce expenses and overhead and be accountable. A promise many governments make.
    People are not stupid.
    When government accounts can not be audited by anyone within or outside government because of a dismal lack of information. When they are missing. When many expenses can not be justified or backed up with paper. People get curious. They feel taken.
    These are the accounts of the people. The original investors. The one’s that truly matter: the voters. The one’s with a stake in the country because that is where their futures lie. They can’t come and go or invest elsewhere. It’s their home fer chrissake.
    THOSE are the investors the Premier should be concerned with.
    Later for outside investors.

    Mr. Premier: When people can feel confident their money is being well spent and accounted for. When that is available and as Minister of Finance, you are responsible then perhaps the support lacking for your ideas will be there. What’s the expression? Show us the money. Or at least prove where it’s been spent. Will you do it? Better yet, can you do it?

    Until then, don’t blame the nay-sayers because they’re not going away.

  36. Anonymous says:

    feels like a dictatorship more and more every day…
    premier opposes marches
    premier opposses freedom of the press
    premier opposes petitions
    premier does not want criticism from the opposition….etc…

    and the only time he goes before the public is on the state run radio station(yesterday on talk today) whereby his cronies ring in singing his praises……zzzzzzz

  37. Anonymous says:

     My, if it is the investors that actually worry about what the people want and do not want and are willing to listen to concerns raised- they’re doing your job.

    • anonymous says:

      We the people of Cayman do not want to hear squat about investors if we are crime riddled every day. Take a bite out of crime then we will listen

  38. Anonymous says:

    amm… this is of course assuming that he will wait until the public has the information.  But we know better right?  Question, where the yatchs going?  Is there any real need/ market for this?  A man who goes into business without first evaluating the market to see if there is any potential demand for his product is planning to fail for failing to plan… or should I have been taught at the same school Mac went to?

  39. Anonymous says:

    ““While we must consider ‘what if’, we can’t live our lives in fear of ‘what if’.”

    Ironically this sounds like what Alden said about commencing the school projects in the face of a recession.

    As for frightening away investors Whodatis has said it well. We don’t want any investors whose intention is to destroy our environment. We want sustainable development.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Real estate inward investment IMO is not the answer for the people. Inward Tourism and financial services. Concentrate on what Cayman does best and creates jobs for the majority. 

  40. Anonymous says:

    The goverment needs to re-engineer the current economic situation. With rising costs and no new investment revenues coming in —cayman will slowly choke itself to a hault. Support the small business people of cayman through concessions/loans so that they can foster a sustainable base for the bigger and lucrative sectors. To develop you must start from down going upwards and not through BIG casino ideas. GET the basics right. The small businesses in Cayman are suffering the most due to the recession and no steps are currently being taken by Gov to assist these small companies.Do they not contribute to the Gov. and society in Cayman ?? The sad reality is once they collapse they will do so for good !!! My fellow caymanians let us not waste time watering down ideas but challenge ourselves with new ones. After all we are for the good of the country no matter our different ideas to it. CAN I HAVE AN OPPOSITION-LED FORUM FOR IDEAS ON SUNDAYS AIRED ON CAY27. That maybe a good start to positively impact Cayman instead of the usual sit on the fence and whining all day.COMMON GUYS LET US DO something positive.

  41. Anonymous says:

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…”. Wizard of OZ 1939.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly we must pay attention to the "…MEN behind the curtain" because they are the ones controlling the Premier and his destructing cohorts.


  42. Anonymous says:

    I WONDER IF THIS MAN SLEEP AT NIGHT. For him to say the he believe that the channel will protect the north sound,not harm it, what has he been drinking. i hope that the bayers that make a living from the north sound attractions has another job on line. the chuster warned you all

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, please contribute to the "Premier’s Sleeping Pill Fund" at the "Second Cayman Bank" Account No. 00000.

      The Premier is tooooo dangerous when he stays awake at night thinking up all of these schemes.


    • abayer says:

      i fully remember big mac saying way back in the 80,s that the north sound would never be dredged over his dead body,i wonder what has happained since that political meeting took place.we are only seeing one side of this talks bull shit walks.i would like to remind everyone to take a look back to sept 2004 and remember what happained in west bay after the two seas ment and cayman was lost to the rest of the world for a very long sames that people have a very short memory, wake up cayman and signe any thing that says dredge the sound.if we have to take this to england then so be it,but the sound will never be dredged.this is only being done for a few people and we know who they are,caymanians will never get anythig from this,except to starve to death.remember this was and still is our livelyhood.a true born caymanian.

  43. Binky Bush says:

    Aawwww. Whoever took Mac’s binky, please give it back. We can only stomach so much of the wining and crying.

  44. Anonymous says:

    What a crock!

  45. Libertarian says:

    ***** Premier: “There will not be a channel before an environmental impact study is conducted. If the study, and good reason, says that we should not go ahead, it will not move forward.” At least, he has indicated that he will allow an environmental impact study first. Sounds swell… but even if the impact study says “yes, go ahead with the project,” I still will not and cannot support him in the construction of a North Sound Channel. Because at the end of the day when government begins to receive revenue from these mega yachts, “who” will be able to control where it goes. The private sector, it seems, is left out from a large share of the money-pie. Still no word on helping small businesses stay afloat in the Cayman Islands. No word on the two McDonalds restaurants closing down to make ends meet. The big monies from mega yacht seems to have eclipsed the monies needed to help the small businesses now that drives this economy and provide jobs for unskilled workers. I am a Capitalist like Bush, but the difference between Bush and I, is that he appears to be putting more emphasis on the belief of wealth’ trickle-down effect on the poor from those well-off few. His philosophy – if you benefit them, they in return will benefit you and everybody else. Whereas, although I feel there is some truth in that, from experience I have learnt that whenever the wealthy received more wealth, is the more they hoard it and keep it to themselves. As a Capitalist, I believe in supporting those at the low end by simply allowing them and making it easier for them to succeed andcompete in the market. I believe in promoting small companies as well as big companies. Libertarians believe in a fair and free market by removing laws and hiked fees that obstruct liberty! You don’t hear any of this in the UDP / PPM’s philosophy. Independent Ezzard comes close, but the problem with Ezzard, is that he believes on implementing “arbitrary” laws or measures in order to ensure economic fairness. Libertarians don’t believe in harsh laws against those well-off in the market. Don’t believe in minimum wage and forcing employers to pay what they don’t want to pay. We simply believe that the market should be allowed to flow free in a fair capitalistic environement without “any” government hindrance! By promising favors and concessions to the big shots, the Premier has shown to us that he would rather sell this island at the detriment of those local competitors (his own people) on the low end. He still fears the UK’s mandate to tax us and micromanage our economy if we don’t balance our financialbooks. The Governor appears to have no problem with his proposals; especially the ones that could negatively impact our marine life. The Premier fails to see the value of patience and “left-alone” free enterprise in the Cayman Islands. *****

    • B.P. says:

      Why can’t people see we need a third party (if not, a Libertarian one) or more Independants in the house! At least, they would have to come together and discuss things before meking rash decisions. That an entire party can take over the LA is a shame! That is why Mac is calling the shots and no one has anything to say about it.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      The "trickle down" from the wealthy in the USA starting slowing about 10 years ago and ground to a halt when the mortgage crisis hit. Wealthy people are amassing wealth. That has and will happen in Cayman. There is reality no trickle down. What is thought of as TD is making sure your cronnies havea piece of the pie.

      IMHO real estate projects are a pass issue for Cayman in this economic environment. Cayman knows tourism and professional services. Refine and enhance what will benefit everyone rather than a few.

      Go back to basics and get through this period in history then have teh dream projects. 

      • Libertarian says:

        *****There is really no way to go back and enhance with the ever increasing size of government and its financial burden in puts on the private sector through fees and duties, but to privatize or create public-private partnerships of certain government sectors, would be a better option before enhancement can ever be considered. Really like the separation of church and state, there needs to be a separation of the economy and government, so that the role of government is limited to protection of citizens and their environment. Only essential government services are necessary for such causes.*****

  46. Boldy Go says:

    Spaceport and Nuclear Fusion plant to be built on North Sound

    The UDP Government announced today plans to build a $2.5bn space port in North Side.  This development would bring in many jobs for Caymanians struggling to find employment in the international space travel sector. 

    The Premier, drawing on his wide business experience, said that the plans for the spaceport made absolute sense.  He noted that this would not be a public investment but a private business led by a Mr. Tiberius Ebanks of North Side.  Mr. Ebanks, a school teacher, had the experience and connections to turn this idea into gold for Cayman, as he was a long time member of the Star Trek fan club and shared a name with Captain Kirk.  

    In an address to the nation the Premier noted that he could not see why anyone would disagree with him. He blamed opposition on individuals who had been supplied with drugs by Al-Qaeda.

    Mac confirmed that had bought the latest version of SimCity recently and built an oil refinery, giga-hospital, international seaport and a world class space station on a virtual Cayman and it all seemed to work fine provided you disabled the natural disaster toggle, so he could not see what all the fuss was about.  The Space Port is to be built next to the site of the proposed nuclear fusion plant being developed by someone who studied physics at school.

    Tiberius Ebanks’s plans for the space port are available for inspection at the Library in George Town this week.  Any opposition to the proposed development must be filed in writing by last week in any of the public garbage cans located nearby. 

    A government spokesman noted  "Dissent is pointless.  We will be checking the names of anyone who signs a petition.  Free speech discourages investment.  The party is supreme".

    • Scott says:

       Beam me up!  I’m ready to join you!

    • Nj2Cay says:

      I have to say that reading this had me on the floor…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Heil Mac

    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot to mention that the library will only be allowing the documents to be accessed between 4:59pm and 5:00pm.


    • David Letterbush says:

      On a related note the Member from Northside,has found a mysterious note under his windshield.”It seems to be a letter from the future”, Signed by a Jean Luc McTibbets,saying that don’t bother,there are no Caymanians on board his spaceship,noting that they don’t work in the future either.

      • David Letterbush says:

        Resistance is futile.

        have a nice day,

        THE BORG

        aka. McB

        (To much fun with this topic)

      • David Letterbush says:

        “Dammit Mac, I’m just a spindocter”

  47. Anonymous says:

    The implication of Mac’s message is that some of the people seem to have forgotten that he was elected to decide what is best for the Cayman Islands and as such, he is best qualified to act as the expert in all matters. So shut up and follow me.

  48. bubblesthefish says:

    I find it funny that last week an “expert” on 27 news said no-one could tell what effect a channell in north sound would have could be nothing could destroy the sand bar.

    how does the premier say with such conviction he know it wont and then tell every person he knows the facts and all others are scare mongering.

    he is going to forceit through ignoring the cayman people and any change to an eco system of this scale is always bad for the indiginous life their. mac

  49. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr. Premer, NEWS FLASH, you are a civil servant, as the premier, you are the top SERVANT. This means if your people do not want the North Sound destroyed, it is your duty to carry out their wishes. You are accountable to your people, not the other way around. PLEASE PLEASE start thinking long-term. Destroy the North Sound for money now and what is left for our children/grandchildren/ great grandchildren. Do you want to be remembered as the "Leader" who destroyed the Cayman Islands economy and environment. YOu promised during your election campaign that you would do something about crime. Now you say that its the Governor’s responsibility. Tourists and Investors will not be coming here much longer unless ALL of us work together to get the crime under control. You gave away the mass status grants, it is your duty to fix the mess you have created.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I do agree we should have all the facts before making a decision. I am still waiting on the facts. I do not want one person’s “belief” to be mistaken for facts. Make public the research for which he states his “belief” in.

    I do believe we will be waiting a very long time.

  51. Baldric says:

    I’ll tell yah what puts investors off …

    Investing in a condo on a small, laid back, previously unspoilt, tropical island only to find  the crackpot-in-charge from an out-of-control, crime-ridden district (that’s YOU Mac) is planning to build an oil refinery downwind of your property.


    The answer to Mac’s question "When will the negative and destructive talk end?" is "May 2013", or maybe sooner.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, you are correct.

      Our condos were built below the top of the tree line, sustaining an “Island Environment” feel.

      Now we feel like the small home in the middle of Manhatten, New York with skyscrapers all arround us waiting in the day for midday so that for a brief time the the sun will shine down on us. When you have a real estate company and secure the “exclusive listing” for a property then anything is possible.

      Crime occurs in more place than on the street!

      But then who really cares anymore?

      After all this has become the Caymanian way of business, wanna be successful then culture influential friends in high places.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Caymanians need the facts, so Mac, show them yours!
    First, a study of the “Mega Yacht” world, where they go, what they do, what they are looking for. I know that market, and if you have done a study, which I doubt, it will show that they wont use the terminal, no matter they may be Cayman registered.
    As to the ecological reasoning, you dont need a study to show what a large sea path from outside the reef would do in a hurricane, think Ivan, and imagine that same storm with a large channel for the waves where before there was shallow water with Mangroves. Where would you rather be?
    The rest of the ecological surmise is all reasonable thinking, so, NO Mac, dont criticise those that question you, instead show them that you have done your homework before you open your big mouth, because if you dont, some might even wonder at your motives!

  53. Citizen 16852-3 says:

    Here we go again.  "but sacrifices had to be made to get something"

    Gee, ain’t it peculiar how often politicians have that to say  "Sacrifices must be made."  We all know who that is aimed at.  We don’t elect people to tell us we need to make sacrifices. It’s only later we find out about the sacrifices we’re all going to have to make.  It may come as a surprise but we make sacrifices all day long.  Sometimes we have to sacrifice bills to buy food. Sometimes we have to sacrifice food to buy gasoline to get to work. We’re familiar with all kinds of sacrifices but the best sacrifices, the one’s that really matter, one’s which will inspire us to make more sacrifices than those we already have are those that begin at the top. So while we’re on the topic of sacrifices Mr.Premier here’s some we’d like to see. Just to show us how.

    Take a salary cut like the one you said you were going to.

    Make the other MLA’s to do it too.  Set an example.

    Get rid of your chef.

    Pay your own household bills. We do unless some have to sacrificed.

    Stop collecting your pension payments while you’re at work. A small sacrifice to make don’t you think.

    Don’t allow government officials and their friends and hangers on to fly all over the place without justification.  A few sacrifices here and there could save a lot of money.

    Fire all the incompetent accounts managers in government.  They have sacrificed Cayman’s reputation and credibility while they collected huge salaries. They should be sacrificed.

    Downsize government departments to something the Cayman people can afford.  Even if it means sacrifice.

    And don’t listen to the naysayers who say you can’t do it.  Of course you can.  You’re the Premier.  Remember also that they don’t have all the details of how to make things sustainable.  But we do.  You just told us.  It will involve the s word.

    • LeRoy Brown says:

      Being the smartest man in the whole dam town, it is easy for me to relate to the ideas put forth by Citizen.  They are GREAT ideas.  I’ve felt all along that these budget-busting, ill-thought-out ideas would just be enrichments for a  few politicians and their friends.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Clearly he has graduated from the Daffy Duck school of science. Won’t harm the North Sound, really? Oh my goodness!

    • CSI says:

      I may not have the facts right, but I don’t think he has grauated from ANYTHING?!

  55. UDP Supporter says:

    Well said Mr. Premier!!! I fully support your plans to build an oil refinery and get a channel dredged in the North Sound! These are great ideas and will help to restore Cayman’s economy to what it once was by providing good, well-paying jobs to our people. Everyone will any sense should support our Premier and his ideas to get Caymanians back on their feet (we in West Bay long ago realised that McKeeva Bush is the best thing to ever happen to Cayman). 

  56. Anonymous says:

     Well, well …..

    Aren’t scare tactics exactly what all megalomaniacs do?

    (Megalomania is defined as: 


    1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
    2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.)


    I believe it’s also called bully-boy tactics for a very good reason ….. Government won’t wait for the FACTS to be researched and disseminated before signing a perilous (to this country and all her peoples) investment contract  – but, the Leader will do everything he can to perversely impugn the facts that DO exist and are currently being disseminated by those protesting against this project – 

    Oil Refinery?  He’s worried this might extend to the oil refinery?  Well he might have got that one right!

    Is the next investment idea going to be a dumping site for nuclear waste?

  57. Anonymous says:

    How dare speake up about your concerns for your country! Wait until I’m finshed with these projects before you complain! We need the money and so what if only a few “front” Caymanians gain from these projects! Just enjoy that washer, dryer, fridge and $50 I gave you in May 2009! Now no more from you until May 2013 when I will be giving out the latest Ipads with cameras!

  58. durrrr says:

    He promised that an environmental impact assessment would be done by the best marine scientists and the channel will only go ahead if the environmental study says it will not damage the North Sound. “There will not be a channel before an environmental impact study is conducted. If the study, and good reason, says that we should not go ahead, it will not move forward,” he told the people of the country.


    One hopes that is the end of these stupid ‘protests’

    • Anonymous says:

      Can we really be certain that the “environmental study” he does is accurate?

      • IRON CLAD says:

        Or can we be certain that it would be LEGITIMATE???

        Me for one, would NEVER EVER trust anything McKeeva Bush is behind as being LEGIT!!!

        Telling it like it is.

        IRON CLAD to the bone.

      • Absurdistani says:

        Sure we can trust it. The developer is paying for it.


        – Just another day in Absurdistan

    • CSI says:

      The environmental study concerns me a lot less than the "good reason".

    • LeRoy Brown says:



      Dear Durrrr,

      Haven’t you mispelled your name?    I think you must have meant "dummmmb"!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Folks, I ask you one question. Why would Mac announce the project if he himself as yet do not have the facts to provide to the people?

    If you he can’t answer these question then his argument is a moot point as these are just assumptions which arises when the fundamental questions were not belayed in his announcement. He still does not have a answer to these issues. 

    Research the pros and cons of any project before presenting. Anticipate these major issues upfront and the minor issues can be dealt with as you move to implementation.

    Knee jerk reactions to fundamental questions on these projects do not instill confidence in investors.


  60. ANONYMOUS says:

    Let us stop being led by marl road rumours without getting the true situation

    After getting the facts, people will be more informed and the petition might get more strength if true.

    As far as Mr Miller, he continues to behave as a political loose cannon. His forced political sabbatical did not cure the problem. As the wise saying goes, it is difficult to reform some people .

  61. Dred says:

    How about yuo not being a XXXX and doing stupid crap then MAYBE we wouldn’t have a petition out there to sign. Big Mac when will you reconnect your brain. This is a tourist destination and as such environment is a big issue and what are you consistently and persistenly doing, crap that does damage to the environment. Let’s be clear here. The people of the Cayman Islands is not going to trade off dollar for dollar for the government coffers for tourism to refinery because a refinery outside of lowering gas prices will not: a) Provide the same amount of jobs the tourism industry is currently providing b) Provide the business opportunities that locals have enjoyed from the tourism industry The refinery will: a) Ruin our environment b) Cause massive loss of jobs c) Destroy our economy And in the end what is this really all about anyhow? Is it that your want to do something massive so as to secure your spot as a HERO to the Cayman Islands? Sometimes doing nothing is more than doing something. I thought that for a second you would have learnt something from the PPM Government.

    What I like: I like the Shetty Hospital project and I know that many local doctors do not agree but for far too long we have been too expensive. When I look at this hospital I think C&W De-monopolisation. I think of phone calls to the US going from CI$1.40 to CI$0.30 now. I think of the old analog cell phones we had until competition was imminent was only when we got digital. I think of teh old dial up we had to pay a fortune for. This hospital will bring down the cost of medical in the Cayman Islands. It will bring tourist to Cayman. Yes we will have to deal with more foreigners but hopefully it will all balance itself out. I like the nerd zone. I believe that because of Cayman’s location we are in a prime spot to be that location.

    What I don’t like is all the desparation I see from you Big Mac. What I don’t like is your Work Permit hikes. Do you not see all the businesses who are closing down? Do you not drive by the plazas and see all the vacant office spaces? This country is silently on the brink. Your STUPID moves to hike work permit fees is probably worst of your political career. Did you do it because you wanted to get some quick cash so you could do some projects? Is that the styupid reason why we will have to rebuild after this recession? Amazingly enough you have done more damage to our business community than Ivan ever did. You need to sit back and think about everything you are doing or trying to do. What do you want your legacy to be? Do you want to be known as the person who chipped away at our financial problems or the one who rush in trying to fix it all in one day and sank this country to new depths. If you do not stop with this desparation moves you will be know as the person who brought us taxes. Cayman will have to build a new monument areas for the Villains of Cayman. You will be the first inductee. I am not saying don’t stop thinking. What I am saying is to keep all we have into mind when someone comes to you with an idea. If the idea is sound we won’t petition it. The final point I woudl say is this. If so many people are going crazy don’t you think there just might a reason?

  62. People of Cayman says:

    Dear potential yacht channel, oil refinery and seaport investors,

    We REALLY REALLY don’t want you. We will fight your plans with petitions, political campaigning and in the courts. We will cause you years of pain. We PROMISE you.

    Go away and destroy somewhere else.

    Thank you.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Well, he’s got at least one thing right- I’d think that a petition against a refinery is almost certainly what’s coming next. Assuming nothing even more hare brained is announced in the meantime which, let’s face it, can never be ruled out .

    As to the negative and destructive talk which makes investors uneasy, l’d hazard a guess that it might stop when Bush stops coming up with negative and destructive plans which make the rest of us uneasy to talk about…

  64. Looking for facts says:

    So the premier wants us to " wait until you have the facts before you make up your mind for it or against it."    Will we be getting those facts anytime before a MOU gets signed between Cayman and a foreign company?   He can’t keep arguing that people don’t have all the facts if he does not share the facts he wants us to consider.

  65. Deep Impact says:

    Expert words/facts according to Mac: 1. "He told the nation that people should wait until they have all the facts before they sign it as he believed the channel would not harm the North Sound but will help protect it." 2. "he said he not believe the channel would destroy the North Sound" Then, Mac says: 3. "But I urge everyone not to talk before you have the facts. Be careful of who you listen to out there no matter how good it sounds,” the premier stated. Mac spoke volumes in #3. Except he might as well have been talking about himself. So we should accept his "beliefs" in #1 and #2, and "believe" that, as insinuated in #3, he has the facts but not everyone else? LOL – Priceless. Oh, and regarding: "He also asked where the people who were “against everything” had got their facts from and said that besides being critics they had no answers on how to make the Islands sustainable." – There are plenty of answers. As an entrepreneur with connections in sustainable science and technology sectors, I can rattle off 3 ideas, XXXX. OH well, think I’ll keep them to myself.

    • Typical says:

      Yea, typical actions of a Dictator – no one must have a view on anything he proposes!
      Well he has bitten off more than he can chew this time as this is a project that will turn the West Bay people against him if he continues – this is their livelyhood more than anyone else, so Mac, please continue so we can finally have you out of the house!

    • IRON CLAD says:

       Yes, Yes, Yes!!! That was so well said.

      CNS, can we have Deep Impact’s comment ECHOED 1000 TIMES throughout your site? PLEASE.


      I swear we have to find a way to get rid of McKeeva before it is too late Cayman. As a first resort, let’s try that ‘501 hours of Prayer’ that seemed to have worked to counter some other major issue we had several years back. In this case let’s make it 48 hours max. Failing that, can we have every idea pooled here as quickly as possible.

      Damn, we have to put a SOLID STOP to this man and his MADNESS… his insistence and persistence in his DESTRUCTIVE agenda in ruining our country – people AND soil.

      More IRON CLAD… by the day


  66. whodatis says:

    Dear Premier,

    We can count on one hand the number of ‘foreign investors’ that have proven themselves to be truly concerned about the welfare of the Caymanian people.

    The individuals in question (that you refer to) are multi-billionaires with the sole intention of adding a few more "0’s" to their bottom line.

    That is all fine and dandy as every individual has the right to seek more wealth, however – we Caymanians also have the right to safeguard our own interests as well … and said interests are priceless.

    If I was in your position I would attach the following prerequisite to each and every proposal:

    "Self-respecting investors need only apply."

    A simple evaluation of what is taking place today in this country, region, and in fact globally is all that is required to understand exactly what that statement suggests.

    Actually, if I was an investor with hopes of an economically healthy and long term business plan I would embrace and support a cautious approach on the part of the residents, for that illustrates a thoughtful, informed and concerned populace. This is especially a positive element in our case considering that our entire economy (main industries) are DIRECTLY linked to the state of our societal / socioeconomic standing.

    Any investor that shies away as a result is not welcomed as far as I am concerned.