Curacao refinery becoming unwelcome guest

| 16/03/2011

(Reuters): Lighting up the night sky with flames from its chimneys, Curacao’s giant Isla refinery is at the center of an increasingly acrimonious dispute over the island’s economic and environmental future. Run by neighbouring Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA, the smoky, 335,000-barrels-per-day facility is the second-biggest in the Caribbean but has long been plagued by technical problems. Now some residents say PDVSA should give up the refinery when its contract expires in 2019 — freeing up land in the heart of the capital Willemstad, removing the distinctive smell of sulphur emissions and an eyesore that puts off tourists.

"The refinery has already had its day," said Edgar Leito, who worked at Isla for 39 years, including as its health, safety and environment manager. He recently formed a political group that is lobbying to have the aging refinery dismantled.

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  1. A Shoddy Idea... says:

    Talk about media influence.