Stark warnings for unsafe drivers on Cayman Brac

| 28/03/2011

(CNS): In an effort to tackle the high number of tragic deaths and other accidents on the roads of Cayman Brac, the local Lions club is mounting a campaign in the form of warning signs that they hope will hammer home the consequences of dangerous driving practices. The first, which tells drivers “Buckle Up or be Buckled Under”, has been erected opposite the Cayman Brac High School, and more signs with the slogans “You think you have skills… Speed kills”, and “Don’t drink and drive… Stay alive” will soon be appearing at strategic points on the island. Four signs make up phase one of the campaign and the Lions Club of Cayman Brac is planning to produce and mount another four signs in the next phase. (Photo by Kevin Roberts)

To this end, members are appealing for support from the public for help with the additional signage, as well as other strategies to continue educating the public about the importance of safety on the roads.

“The occurrence of road traffic accidents in theCayman Islands is high and in recent times has become quite frequent on Cayman Brac. In the past we have had fatalities ranging from the young to the old,” a club spokesperson said.“We can all perhaps recall the very sad moments within the past eight years where young members of the Brac community lost their lives in road accidents and those whose lives have been significantly hampered and perhaps forever. Accidents happen for varied reasons, but it appears that speeding and drunk driving have topped the list as main causes – ones we can prevent.”

With this in mind the Lions Club and the Leos Club of Cayman Brac decided to focus on road safety as a signature project for the year 2010-2011. Not wearing seatbelts, speeding, and drunk driving were identified by the RCIPS on Cayman Brac as the most urgent areas to be targeted.

In an attempt to increase awareness and engage young people in the project, the club launched a competition among the Cayman Brac High School students to create the slogans for the signs. An assembly was conducted at the school where students were encouraged to think about the three themes. Video clippings were shown emphasizing of the importance of road safety under the same three themes and students were invited to enter the contest. Year 9 student Joel Gayle emerged the winner of the competition with the three slogans to be used for the road signs, which club members hope will forever be etched in the minds of all passers-by.

Funds for the project were raised mainly through movie nights held by the Lions and Leos. In addition, the Leos sold roses, carnations and chocolates on Valentine’s Day and used funds from the sale to support the project. Help was also provided by PWD, Scotts Industries and MLA Moses Kirkconnell.

The project is a community effort and the Lions and Leo clubs are all about serving the community. Anyone wishing to to support them in future phases of this project can email Articles and photos of their ongoing projects can be found at

“Our aim is to help reduce road accidents in our community and ultimately protect lives. We urge everyone to think before they act. The life we save could very well be our own,” the club spokesperson said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me be the first to say congratulations to the Lions and Leos for undertaking such a project.  It is indeed important that road safety be emphasized.  We are having too many accidents on the Brac lately.  It may or may not impact those who need to be impacted, but it is worth trying I believe.  Well done Lions!  I do hope you get the support to continue the project and even expand it further. 

    Planning permission???  One thing I know, you won’t need planning permission to be the victim of a road accident!  XXXXX

    Let us be appreciative of good rather than allowing our evil side to take us over! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope they have planning permission

  3. Brac Star says:

    They’re obviously talking about in your grave, but I’ve never heard of anyone being ‘buckled’ into their coffin. The other signs that are coming seems better though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am still wondering….what IN THE WORLDDD does that sign MEAN?