Divetech gets first instructor-trainer for new gear

| 06/04/2011

(CNS): Steve Tippetts, a diver with Cayman’s local recreational dive firm, Divetech, has become the first instructor-trainer in the world outside of the original development team to be qualified to teach others on the new GEM Rebreather. Recently released from KISS Rebreathers of Vancouver, Canada, the GEM stands for ‘Gas Extender Mechanism’, which is exactly what it does. During an intensive 8-day program in March Tippetts completed his training with Tom Mount of IANTD on this new recreational diving equipment, which is described as the lightest, smallest, most inexpensive Rebreathers on the market.

"I completed an 80 minute dive to 130 feet on an 80cuft 32% nitrox tank and came back with 2,500psi from a 3,000psi tank. That’s incredible to only use 500psi over 80 minutes of diving, and makes this an ideal unit for all recreational divers. It’s easy to learn and use," said Tippetts.

Kim Smith, manufacturer of the new GEM explained the advantages of the new gear to recreational divers. "It’s easily one of the lightest, smallest, most inexpensive Rebreathers on the market today, perfect for the recreational or travelling diver. We have the KISS Sport, Classic and Explorer Rebreathers, but we’ve been working for years to release a new product that is lower cost, easy to travel with and accomplishes the goals for rebreather diving in the general recreational marketplace," she said.

Tom Mount, President of IANTD, said it was appropriate to have Divetech as the first Instructor Trainer facility in a resort location. “They have a long and dedicated history in rebreather training, excellent facilities to support the unit and a good customer base to show the new product to a lot of divers. “Steve is an exceptional Instructor and will be able to bring other Instructors on board for customers that wish to test dive or get certified on the GEM," he added.

From a business standpoint, owner Nancy Easterbrook said it’s revolutionary and very impressive.

“The Rebreather market is expanding by leaps and bounds. The products are tested and reliable and so many people are interested in them. It’s not just the technical divers anymore. Many divers both young and old are getting Rebreather certified, not to go deep but for the safety, enjoyment and the long bottom times that are afforded. Rebreathers reduce dehydration and keep you warmer, both benefits to safe diving. We are very excited to have been selected to be on the cutting edge of this new technology," Easterbrook explained.

"Experience dives" are available for a 1/2 day, or a certification course is 3 days. For further information, please contact Divetech or call 345 946-5658. 

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