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| 17/04/2011

(CNS Library): The Office of the Auditor General scrutinises public spending on behalf of the Legislative Assembly (the Cayman Islands parliament). The auditor general and his staff audit government ministries, portfolios, statutory authorities and government companies. His reports are tabled in the Legislative Assembly after they have been reviewed by the Public Accounts Committee. The current auditor general is Alistair Swarbrick, who took up the position in July 2010, a few months after the previous auditor general, Dan Duguay, released his final Special Report, "State of Financial Accountability Reporting, April 2010", in which he describes the financial accountability reporting as a national crisis.

Notable Reports:

Since his appointment Swarbrick has published two audit reports on the progress of government entities in bringing accounts reporting up to date. These are "Financial and Performance Reporting", and "Financial & Performance Reporting: Update as at 31 March 2011", which reveal a continuing lack of any real accountability with government spending.

On the release of the most recent report, the auditor general said that the alarming number of disclaimers, adverse and qualified opinions he has had to give on core government accounts and some public authorities made it considerably more challenging for his team to alert the authorities to irregularities that might indicate financial crime.

Salary Range for auditor general:  $123,348 – $143,064

Number of staff = 18

CNS grade of OAG website = Excellent



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  1. Anonymous says:

    This guy, and his predecessor, are doing a great job in very difficult circumstances. We should be thankful for their work.