Miller warns West Bayers

| 20/04/2011

(CNS): The independent member for North Side made a guest appearance in West Bay on Tuesday evening, where he issued a warning to residents to be cautious over what they were told by developers. He said it had been made clear in the Legislative Assembly that the West Bay Road would be moved in order to facilitate a new beachfront resort. Despite reassurances that were given to the Concerned Citizens group by Dart that there were no specific plans to move the road at this point, Ezzard Miller said he was certain he had already seen plans being discussed with government at the islands’ parliament. He said moving the road would triple the value of the hotel recently purchased by Dart. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The North Side representative told a meeting of some one hundred West Bayers that real estate experts believed the former Courtyard Marriott hotel, recently purchased by Dart Realty, was currently worth an estimated $30 million. However, if the road that currently separates the plot where the hotel stands from the beach front was moved behind the hotel, creating a full beach front property, it could be worth as much as $100million.

Miller and Captain Bryan Ebanks, who were guest speakers of the activist group, both warned the people to be wary of promises made by developers as so many of them had been broken before. Ebanks, who is spearheading the Save Cayman campaign, said that the people of Cayman were under siege and they were not being properly represented by their politicians.

“It seems that any developers that are coming here are getting exactly what they ask for,” he said, adding that the islands’ own politicians were representing investors not the people. He asked how long the people were going to allow developers to romance politicians but not talk to them about plans and proposals.

Miller echoed the sentiments of Ebanks when he said that he had real concerns about the amount of land and businesses that the Dart Group was purchasing. “When you see the systematic purchasing of key properties and business, it is about control,” he warned.

He also reminded the people that since 2003, with the introduction of the Public Management and Finance Law, government could sell, lease or dispose of crown land without bringing the decision before members of the Legislative Assembly. It could be done behind closed doors in Cabinet — “in secret” — he said. Government had already committed to giving Dart a piece of land to trade for the cost of extending the by-pass, Miller warned, and people would not know when or how that transaction would take place.

Following a meeting between Dart and the Concerned Citizens group, the developer had offered reassurances to the group that there were no specific plans to move the road at present. Dart had said would be open to discussing future plans with the representatives of the group, who said they were pleased that the lines of communication were now open and also confirmed that the current access to the beach would not be blocked again.

Chair Alice Mae Coe expressed everyone’s delight that after last week’s meeting and the public declaration of dissatisfaction over the barriers that were erected at the beach access points they had been removed. She said Dart had reiterated its position that the barriers were never meant to block pedestrian access but to stop people stealing sand, and the developer had said this was not just a temporary move to facilitate access for the Easter Weekend and there was no intention to reinstall the posts.

Coe also said that now a line of communication had been opened with the Concerned Citizens group, it was hoped that the developer would be transparent with the people and relay facts openly so they could rely on the veracity of the statements without causing unnecessary concern. She said the developer had committed to sitting down to discuss the road plans in the future but they were told by the Dart team that there were no immediate plans to close the West Bay Road and was surprised it had already been announced.

“We had a calm conversation with them about the road and we feel we have opened up a line of communication that can only serve the people of Cayman well,” she said. “We are not out to bash developers or government we are just standing up for the people of Cayman. We were not born in a political party we were born in a community.”

The women from the group said that in the wake of the victory to regain beach access and the reassurances over the road, they intended to remain vigilant. “We are not sitting back as we must keep our eyes open and ears to ground.” Coe said they were not just a West Bay group but one representing the entire Cayman Islands.

It was also revealed that the research to clarify the laws regarding historic access to beaches across the islands to properly protect them in law would continue. Ezmie Smith, one of the group’s committee members, said that the issue of access to coastlines was being raised in many other countries, including the UK, where people were campaigning for access protection. Cayman had to act too in this regard as the beaches belong to everyone, she noted.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Should of left them blockaids up at the entrance of the property look at the Easter Garbage left behind by the Campers !!!! SHAME

    • Dick Shaughneary says:

      My goodness!

      1) "Should have" not "Should of".

      2) "Those" not "them".

      3) Full stop after "property".

      4) "garbage" not "Garbage".

      5) "campers" not "Campers".

      6) "!" is sufficient.  "!!!!" is inane.

      7) "SHAME" looks a bit on its own without some form of punctuation.  You could have used one of those exclamation marks from the previous sentence.


  2. Libertarian says:

    ***** “Men did not make the earth. It is the value of the improvements only, and not the earth itself, that is individual property. Every proprietor owes to the community a ground rent for the land which he holds.” – Thomas Paine, one the founding fathers of the United States, referred to as the “pen of the American Revolution” ***** Libertarian

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP does not have any support for this outrageous moving of the West Bay road. If they had their ears to the ground they would be able to realized that. They are becoming just like the PPM, disconnected from those they represent. The Premiere is feeling the urgency to shore up the economy and it’s making him reckless. He had better think twice before he does this though, as he is committing political suicide.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really, what are you making such a fuss about? It’s a small bit of road, which will turn into a windy bend, blending into the bypass and back out again past the hotel. In return for this Cayman will get a fantastic beach resort where tourists can come and spend their many dollars. Many local businesses will reap the benefits (catering, maintenance, retail, etc etc)and there will be lots of jobs on offer. You can rest assured that Dart will do a quality job of converting this miserable looking rundown building into a wonderful and profitable resort. They’ve done a fantastic job with Camana Bay …..

    • Anonymous says:

      Not allowing West Bayers to move freely along this stretch of road will put us right back where we strated five years ago in terms of horrendous traffic jams. The ability to exit off the West Bay road or continue down the stretch is what alleviates the traffic. Back then traffic was so bad that people did not even want to rent in the district and it almost took you an hour to get dowtown during peak traffic times. To want to inconveince the district to satisy the greed of one individual is ridculous. He can still have a beautiful hotel without destroying the road and the sea view which West Bayers enjoy on our drive back and forth to the district. Say no to Dart!!

  4. Libertarian says:

    ***** Dart looks out for his own interest! We ought to look out for our own interest as well! I personally blame both the UDP/PPM, previous local governments, and the UK government for not implementing strong laws to protect our people from being restricted from the beaches and natural resources here. I don’t blame Dart at all! The fault is in our local/UK governments failure to enforce the idea that our beaches are not man-made – but God-made and hence cannot or should never be privately owned, bought or sold.*****

    • Dick Shaugneary says:

      The use of asterisks at the start of your posts is more than annoying.  It shows an over-inflated ego by indicating  "I am Libertarian and my posts are special". 

      • Libertarian says:

        ***** Note: CNS does not have a mechanism in place to search for all of your previous comments under your handle name; hence, I place asterisks at the beginning of mine – it just makes it easier to find my comments and review the previous responses. Now if I could query my handle name “Libertarian” let’s say, and it shows all my comments made in the past, then I wouldn’t be using asterisks. Besides, I am sure you consider your own posts of special value. I rate and grade my comments with 5 asterisks like 5Stars. If you have any better recommendations – fill me in ***** Libertarian

        • Turtle's Head says:

          It is a shame one cannot search for BS – you would be able to find your posts in no time.

          • Libertarian says:

            ***** lol…you’re not to smart if you call yourself a "turtle head"… but anyways I’ll take your condemnation…  a perfect example of someone who is judgemental, ego-centered, and has closed up his/her mind to other people’s views and blogs ***** Libertarian

      • Syn Onymous says:

        _|_ _|_ DICK!!!!! Look at me!!!! I’m Libertarian and I AM SPECIAL!!!!! Guess what my asssssterisks are???? Keep up the good work Dick!!!! Syn.

  5. Truburns real Caymanians says:

    Alot of blame has fallen on the sitting government for these current situations, However there are a number of persons including of one Ex politician and former candidates who play and integeral role in a number of these situations effecting Cayman and its people.Yet they are able to quitely moving around behind the scenes playing sick little mind games having made and making lots of money from advice and deals with persons like Mr. Dart.Yes Cayman too many greedy hypocrites and sabateurs have crippled us and weakened our position to stand up for our rights.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why is there so much West Bay emotion with this beach issue when the public beach just down the road is being taken over by Calico Jack’s and no one is saying a word about it?

    It would seem to me that the public would be mad as hell with Calico Jack’s but perhaps it is safer to be mad as hell with Dart.

  7. nauticalone says:

    Excellent job Ezzard,Capt. Bryan and others involved!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard, please stay in your territory and leave West Bay alone. West Bayers did not vote you in it was NorthSiders.

      • Too bad we cant have one man one vote, then the west bay gang will have to work hard for the give aways that they give out. They will be poor just like us.
        I say One man one vote, see who have the kahunas to agree.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am willing to physically restrain Ezzard from entering West Bay if you are willing to keep Macdinejad and his minions in West Bay and NEVER allow them to leave.

        If Capt. Eugene should escape that is understandable, as he has never been seen or heard often enough for anyone to be able to identify him.

      • Anonymous says:

        I for one am a staunch West Bay UDP supporter, but I can tell you one thing, if they allow Dart to take over the patch of road that he is drooling over, my vote goes elswhere during the next election. No joke!! What next, we give the partch of road in the front of the Ritz to them to convert into beach front property?

  8. Libertarian says:

    ***** RECOMMENDATION TO EZZARD MILLER: If you believe that land is the common property of all humankind, and that private property is derived from an individual’s right to the fruits of their labor; then, since land was not created by anyone’s labor, it cannot be rightfully owned. The same that goes with the beach, goeswith the sea and land! There needs to be a law in place that stipulates that anyone who craves possession of a piece of land or beach as private property, they would have to fall under the condition that they pay for a full lease-value of the land to the Cayman Islands community, and that would be Cayman’s only taxing system, which does not touch income. Yes, I believe in laissez-fare Capitalism and private property, but ONLY when it applies to the fruit of one’s labor or production of one’s business. Everything else in its natural state belong equally to mankind, and anyone who pursues the ownership of additional land beyond the immediate 20 to 30 feet of property bordering one’s home or business establishment, should be liable to paying a tax that will not hurt Cayman’s financial industry nor steal from the hard earnings of people. That would be a good way of having a sustainable revenue, and then landholders will only use as much land as they need, and leave plenty space for others as the population increases on the island. Ezzard, that is my recommendation for you if you should become the next Premier. ***** Libertarian

    • Anonymous says:

      This rant is getting old. Give it up.

      • Libertarian says:

        ***** Sir, not old at all, but “new” every day, as the price of goods becomes more and more distorted and producitivity more and more discouraged by “income taxes” and all other indirect/direct taxes that negatively effects banking industries and international markets. A land value tax would be the best way to finance a government and not take from anyone’s hard earnings. Moreover, it upholds the equal right to access and use land and beach fronts. Thomas Paine once said, “Every proprietor owes to the community a ground rent for the land which he holds” ***** Libertarian

    • ss says:

      lol … I think you may be labeled as a socialists and not a libertarian. However, it sounds like a radical, but in terms of fairness, a great law that will never come in this lifetime. It does sound a bit arbitrary and something ezzard might do to control how much property a person can claim for their own. But be wary of ezzard becoming premier, he have better ones than him.

  9. Cuba1961 says:

    You all really think unna is goin’ to stop a $70 Million profit margin?

    Let me put it another way. 

    You all really think unna is goin’ to stop a $70 Million profit margin?

    stop wasting your time.

    • Anonymous says:

       What is "unna"? I see this quite often but have not been able to decipher it.

      • Anon says:

        Thats Caymanian for "All of you".  Said in a PROPER CAYMANIAN sentence, it would sound like "all ow unna". 

      • Warwick Hunt says:

        It’s Jamaican / Caribbean patois – unna means “anyone” – e.g. “unna see meh dish?” = ” Has anyone seen my (satellite) dish?”

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re getting your Jamaican and Caymanian vernacular confused. "Unna" is Caymanian and means "all of you" as a previous poster explained.

          Jamaicans may also use "unna", but more frequently what you are hearing is "who" "nah" and Jamaican’s have a tendency not to pronounce anything begging with the letter "h" it sounds like "ou" "nah" and means "who has", "who hasn’t", "has anyone" etc. Like any foreign language, the actual meaning can only be derived from the context of the entire sentence.

          In different parts of Jamaica "ou" "nah" might be more like "ou" "no" and run together as one word becomes "unno" but is not the same as our "unna". "Unno" in Jamaica is often used to start a question, as is "who…"

  10. Former resident says:

    Well done Cayman you are turning the proverbial tide against the people who are screwing your islands.

  11. Gov Harbor res says:

    Perspective PLEASE !

    Any moving of the road would hopefully include multiple public beach access paths. Folks – you can’t have your cake and eat it. You can’t drive your 4×4 onto the beach at the Ritz anymore, but it does provide many jobs and revenue for the island – just ask CUC.

    Having a concerned citizens group is great but don’t loose perspective on what you are fighting for. The polls erected on SMB did not restrict my access to the beach the multiple times I walked by them, but they did stop trucks pulling in and stealing the sand.  Now they are removed you are claiming victory??? Victory from not having to walk 25 yards???

    I don’t want want a sprawling 2km no beach assess hotel in front of my house in gov harbor either – but don’t we get to go to a planning meeting to hear about what is proposed at some point in the future?



    • Anonymous says:

       Yes! I can HAVE my cake and EAT it too! Otherwise I wouldn’t have it!

  12. InCaymansBestInterest says:

    What and where is the benefit for Cayman?

    Land Transfers fees were paid in the purchase of $30million.  If the road was sold to DART therefore increasing the land value to $100million, is DART willing to pay the Cayman Islands the $70million for it (not transfer fees) ????

    "the former Courtyard Marriott hotel, recently purchased by Dart Realty, was currently worth an estimated $30 million. However, if the road that currently separates the plot where the hotel stands from the beach front was moved behind the hotel, creating a full beach front property, it could be worth as much as $100million."

    Now Caymanians, dont make the idea of $70million fly to your heads!! What we stand to loose is priceless!!  Selling our road will affect our future tourism!!  It will affect us and our future generations in ways you may not consider or understand today!!  Once we sell it, it will never be ours again – we loose control and ownership over it forever!!

    DART, You may and have taken advantage of some Caymanians with much lesser education and/or understanding, those seeking and willing to sell their own mother and grandmother for the desire to be rich but there are many, many of us Caymanians that see right through your cunning proposals!!!

    Dont mess with us, we are not all fools!!

    DART, if you want our road, here’s a PROPOSAL TO  CONSIDER:-

    I’m willing to agree to close off the road from the Exit of the 7mile Public Beach down to the Entrance of the bypass adjacent to your property for 364 days a year (one day of each year will remain open to the public to retain our ownership and eliminate Squatters rights), you will not be allowed to construct, alter or remove anything on, above or beneath our road; AND we will RENT it to you for a fee of $70 million PER YEAR. 

    Of course there’s other factors for consideration but this is where I would like to start.

    Reply via CNS.

    Yours sincerely,

    A Future-Thinking Caymanian!



  13. Anonymous says:


    • Old Wise Owl & Assoc says:


      You’re an honest man we can use an honest man in that seat as Premier in 2013 Want to think about that Ezzard? you’ll have no problem getting elected rest assured. You have proven yourself. All we want is honesty and you are the man!

    • Viva la resistance says:

      Ezzard Miller the next Premier???? I hope so…We urgently need a hero to rescue us from this political mess.

      McKeeva has proven once more that he’s a puppet to these puppet masters.

      How the saying goes? Oh yeah… "Money makes the monkey dance".

      McKeeva doesn’t care if the road gets moved in order to facilitate a multimillion dollar development. Once the 1hr traffic mornings start again, he’ll just call his buddy Ken Dart to pick him up from WB in his private helicopter. We can just waive him bye from down below…"bye Mck 🙂 "

      Then his buddy Michael Ryan can parade him around Florida in his private jet!!! "Thanks for the $10,000,000.00  Duty waiver McK". "Anytime Michael".

      What??? It’s happening right below our noses, wake up people..


      Let’s wake up my fellow Caymanians. We’re the last people in the whole world with such beautiful country and wonderful people. Let’s not allow these puppets to give it away.

      Let’s not seek a permission slip to defend our rights.

      "Viva la resistance"


      "Our country is not the only thing to which we owe our allegiance.  It is also owed to justice and to humanity.  Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong." James Bryce


    • Band of Gold says:

      Can I ask who will benefit from the movement of the road?
      It not the West Bay people and it surely not the Cayman people, so it leaves us to wonder who!

      • Anonymous says:

        I admit that Dart’s projects are superior; however, he does it to increase his bottom line, not because of his love for Cayman or its people. In every deal, Dart ensures that he is going to come out on top. The man is a business man not a lover of Cayman and its people, otherwise, he would listen to the discontent that his proposal to own the patch of West Bay road has caused. Hope the Premier listens to those he represents and shut down this aspect of the deal, if not, he faces losing the next election!!

    • Waiting in vain says:

      How dare you all question McKeewa!
      Did you hear him on Talk Today and poor Sterling, had to do everything he told him to do including cutting that lady off, but his attitude and responses were of a man totally out of control and with no respect, except for the 2 obvious “set-up” calls supporting him!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The movement of the West Bay road (and indeed the South Sound rd) would cost us all in the loss of that moment when we drive pass and are able to exhale a moment of appreciation for its beauty.  How do you put a cost on that great loss to us as a country.  Particularly as the stress of living in Cayman increases and we all desperately need that special moment to exhale.

    • Anonymous says:

      when a Northwester or Tropical storm, Hurricane passes we can’t even drive on that section of road for the Sand

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so correct.  I will be a major loss to the  people who travel that road.  The loss will be forever and the only ones to gain will be Dart and the Politicians.  yes the road may close once n a while due to weather and it is the same closeness to the sea that causes the view that we will lose.  If the view is not that important then why does dart want it? 


      I do believe the people of Cayman will take to the streets if Mac Completes the deal.  The only positive thing that thing that might come out of this is the people coming together to take back their country for the tyranny of this self appointed dictator.  But it will be too late for the the road then.

      If Dart wanted to prove itself to the Island ans truly caring about the people of the Cayman Islands  It would do away with those plans for real and stop play word games with us on it.

      There are many roads I can travel in the world that don’t have that view.  The people will not allow it to be taken away.  Remember that road does not now belong to Dart.  He has not purchased it yet. It is still our road let us make sure that Mac does not sell it out from underneath us.  it matters not who he is selling it to.

    • Anonymous says:

      Should of told that to Tiki Beach, before they started paving the beach! 

      • New secret admirer says:

        Don’t you dee Dart Big Busses stop at tiki beach ? And where does his land begin ?

        • Anonymous says:

          I beleive the property that Tiki Beach sits on already belongs to Dart. Guess that’s why the beach is paved. He’ll also want to make that a part of his beach front property as well. Any decision to allow him this piece of the West Bay road will mean good news to the local South Sound developers who want to do a similar thing, that is, move the road. How they must be watching and waiting for the outcome. After all , you can’t expect to say yes to Dart and no to them. So get ready for an avalanche of requestes from other private owners who want to increase the value of their road side properties as well. You set a precedent and it will come back to haunt you when you least expect it to.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Well done West Bay!! Many thanks to Mrs Coe and others for organising this! Finally, there is some evidence that Caymanians are beginning to exercise their collective democratic voices and push back against their capture by those whose only interest is in exploiting the greatest financial returns regardless of the social cost to our community.

    • Anonymous says:

        WELL DONE Mrs Coe  and Mr Ebanks for taking the

       " Shots" and  " Bruises" for leading in these very important   issues.


      This has cost you HOURS AND DAYS  of your time  and energy. But you wil  go in our Archives for fighting  for your country .

      You are a  ICON in   many of our Eyes!!


      Thankfs for the other  98  of you that have come out of your homes  and help fighf for what is Caymanians birthright


      Ezzard Miller   your statue needs to go up their next to Mr  Jim Bodden as you  are truly keeping  us " Joe public" on what is happening in our country 



  16. noname says:

     Too funny.  Watch carefully these developers that want nothing more than to develop their own bought and paidfor land but keep not watching or caring what the Government (your own voted for by you) is doing right in front of you and has been for the last what 6 years.  All that money, millions and millions that have gone in and what to show for it.  Look around Cayman.  See what your money has brought to you.  Look at your barely functional leadership.  What has it brought them.  Who is the smarter fools.  Like taking millions from a baby.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Good Photo Dennie..

    Ezzard’s expression says: "they think they are smart – but I know exactly what they are up to"…

  18. anonymous says:

    Ezzard is genuine to the bone, more than I can say for those West Bay representatives in the house. I think the DART Group needs to just Bridge it and do not attempt to move our road. We need to see the beach too! I remember once when McKeeva wanted to move the Governor’s residence just to please Michael Ryan. We want our WB Road to stay!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I think it needs to be pointed out that the meeting was held in West Bay but there were people in attendance from other parts of the Island.  It is not just the West Bayers that are concerned about the path the current leadership is leading us down.

    • Charley Sheeeeeeene says:



      McKeeva Bush is willing to MOOOOOOOVE the very public road to accommodate his developer buddy!  That road was built with MY TAX DOLLARS!

      McKeeva you need my permission!


      Oh yes, this man is a dicktator. We are praying day and night for his REMOVAL or for God to intervene .

      • New secret admirer says:

        And what happened to the promised meetings to inform the public about current issues as promised during the campaigns. Zit, Nada, Zulch……

      • Anonymous says:

        What Tax Dollars, when is the last time a Caymanian paid taxes on his property or Income…

        • Anon says:

          I am a Caymanian and I pay indirect taxes on everything I buy, including the land my house is on. You don’t know what you are talking about. Just because we don’t have income tax doesn’t mean we aren’t taxed. Where do you get off saying Caymanians don’t pay income tax? No one does here but we all contribute to government coffers and therefore should have a say in how the money is spent or when assets are sold, or in this instance GIVEN away.

      • YUTE says:

        I agree with you Charley Sheeeeeeene! DUH! WINNING!

  20. MR MAN says:

    Wow someone just spilt the beans! Is he the first ever politician to stand up and speak the truth or is this just a delayed posting of an April fools joke -_-