Shetty receives degree in honour of public service

| 25/04/2011

(CNS): The world renowned Indian cardiologist who has plans to build a health city in the Cayman Islands was honoured by an American University with a degree last week. Although he already has plenty of medical qualifications, the University of Minnesota bestowed its highest honour of a ‘Doctor of Laws degree’ on Dr Devi Shetty as a result of his contributions to public service, according to the local press. Dr Shetty is an adjunct professor at the university’s Medical School and was described as a true visionary by university officials. The university gave out its first honorary degree in 1925 and since then it has granted 261 honorary degrees.

“Dr. Shetty is a true visionary and represents just the kind of ‘world citizen’ that the University of Minnesota seeks to recognize,” former Senior Vice President of Health Sciences Frank Cerra said in a statement. “Personally, I feel honoured to know him and to have witnessed first hand the incredible care he provides.”

Shetty, who was Mother Theresa’s surgeon, pioneered paediatric surgery in India and currently oversees the most paediatric heart surgeries in the world. He has also developed a micro-insurance program that provides coverage for 3 million people.

With plans to add another 30,000 beds to hospitals across India in the next five years, Shetty’s other major project, it is hoped, will kick start medical tourism in the Cayman Islands.

Having recently extended his heads of agreement with the Cayman Islands government in the wake of two major legislative reforms to facilitate the surgeon’s vision, the island is currently waiting for the announcement as to where his medical complex will be situated. 

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  1. anonymous says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Shetty.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s been all day. Where are the “third-world doctor” comments?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Too bad he couldn’t pass the UK Royal College exams after 3 tries.

    I expect he will get status from McKeeva already

    • Anonymous says:

      Is is really true that he couldn’t pass the UK Royal College (medical) Exam’s after three tries??
      If this so, where is the proof ??

      • Anonymous says:

        The proof is on the Royal College of Surgeons of England website, the United Kingdom's General Medical Council Website and Shetty's own Facebook page….

  4. New secret admirer says:

    Congratulations Mr. Shetty, please understand that we believe what you can achieve and the problem does not have anything with you. Oh yes we are very excited and if we knew more about this exciting project such as how many Caymanians would be guaranted jobs and how many persons will have to be imported would also be nice to know and the many concessions promised to you. We are for this great project, it’s being kept in the dark like so many other projects that we are not crazy about. Transparency, information and the truth would be very nice and goes a long way and then we could think more positively if we were not fed manure. Right now, many of us are very skeptikal regarding our Premier at what we are told because we feel that there is always another ulterior motive. That is why Mr. Premier that so many at this point would rather see you exit out of the Politics before you do any more damage and stop insulting our intelligence once and for all. Everyday you come up with something new but never deliver.

    • Anonymous says:


      Doctor shetty is not a politician to delivery  regular  promise periodicaly  . he can do some thing good  for  only after he start his hospital.which he did in his privious venture.

      As per  his agreement  govt should make  clearance for requierd legal  commitment. than only Dr  shetty  team will start their 1st step towards their commitment. without start how can Dr shetty can delivery the  thing as per  commitment /agreement.

      now it is too early to expect some thing from dr case some cayman citizen don’t want the projects let them fight with their  leader like you.

      it is not a cup of coffee or bread to delivery immideatly.

      please wait and see or fight for your  reason with your govt.  along with ur people.

      Dr shetty team  have no time for  politics  he may do at other part of the world  where he have warm welcome. for mutual benifits..