Alden makes bid to oust Mac

| 27/04/2011

(CNS): Full story –The opposition leader filed a no confidence motion against the UDP government in the country’s parliament Wednesday based on a list of two dozen points which, Alden McLaughlin said, could easily have been more. In anticipation of the Legislative Assembly returning next month, the PPM chief submitted the motion, which cites a lack of confidence in the current administration’s actions and he has called on “right minded” members of the government benches to support the move. McLaughlin said that the people of the Cayman Islands have no confidence in the government, adding that from “the man in the street to the corporate director there is increasing alarm” about the premier’s actions. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The private member’s motion, seconded by East End member Arden McLean, has the backing of the PPM’s parliamentary team as well as the independent member for North Side, but will require four more MLAs for it to succeed. The opposition leader said he hoped that some UDP members of the LA would support the motion in the interest of the country and the people’s persistent calls for new leadership.

The motion sets out an extensive list of twenty-four points on which the opposition says government is failing the people. McLaughlin explained the final impetus to trigger the no confidence vote was the announcement that government had rejected the most recent arrangements to begin the cruise port facilities. The leader of the opposition said that this was a widely supported, critical project but two years after taking office the government is further away than ever from getting it off the ground.

“It appears to be a case of one failed initiative after another, along with a general disregard for the rules by which the government is supposed to operate,” the opposition leader stated. “There is very little that anyone can point to that amounts to any form of success in the last two years. In fact it is becoming increasingly alarming.”

With growing numbers of the public, from the man in the street to the boardroom director, approaching him and his political colleagues, McLaughlin said the opposition had to act.

The motion lists what the opposition feels is the most alarming of the various actions and conduct of government since the UDP was elected to office in May 2009 with McKeeva Bush at the helm.

Starting with the premier’s handling of the published operational deficit of the government for the 2008/2009 financial year and his suggestion that the country was bankrupt, the motion goes on to criticise the unrealistic budget projections for the 2009/2010 instead of adopting a 3 year plan to eliminate the operational deficit, the failure to address the issues raised in the Miller/Shaw Report, the failure to hold regular meetings of the standing Finance Committee, the damaging fees increases during the worst recession in 80 years and the decision to impose 25 cents duty on fuel.

It raises irregularities by government, such as the decision to override the Central Tenders Committee decision and “awarding to Cohen and Company LLC a contract for government financing in the sum of US$185 million, then subsequently having to terminate that contract because Cohen was unable to meet its terms regarding a rate-cap on interest,” and the premier’s declaration that Dart would be remediating the landfill and creating a new one inBodden Town, again overriding the announcement by the Central Tenders Committee only one week after the contract had been awarded to Wheelabrator.

The opposition points to government “persisting in the announcement of major projects without a reliable assessment of feasibility, costs, benefits or economic or environmental impact,” as well as its decision not to adopt an electoral system based on one person, one vote, despite popular support.

The list also includes the “premier’s attitude to the Freedom of Information Law and his threats to impose fees and fines on certain sectors of the media,” as well as the “extent and cost of official travel.”

If the motion is not rejected (although, with a clear majority, if the premier retains the support of his party members he can easily reject the motion) a debate will ensue and the opposition will need ten members to support the proposal before the government can be overturned.

In the event that the opposition was able to recruit four MLAs from the government benches to the cause during the debate and managed to get ten votes in favour, a new government could be formed from existing members in a new coalition under a new premier. The other option is that new elections would be called giving the people a chance to decide, two years earlier than expected, who they would like to see filling the islands’ legislative chamber.

See draft motion below. 

Vote in the CNS poll: 

Do you support the leader of the opposition’s no confidence motion against the government?

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  1. Michel Lemay says:

    Well Mr.Alden the motion you presented was not in vain. SOME may still change their mind when it’s debated and the Dragon breathes fire on his return; They will see his tru colors then. The population has spoken and if our Leader (Current) would have the guts to do a referendum since they are so SURE that they have the backing of tyhe People let them do so or EARLY ELECTIONS. I honestly don’t believe they even have the backing of half they had in West Bay from my reliable sources. Many of those MLA’s don’t stand a chance ever again. McKeeva maybe, he has enough cash on hand . Yes we are very tired of surprises and after the fact deals. I wish the Governor would put our Premier where he belongs and that is doing wha’ts best for the People and our Islands that belongs to all of us and not McKeeva’s and Co ( My wife always saidthat there is someone higher then you!) Who is the head of you ?.I will be doing my rounds in West Bay where my heart and my good friends still are including my P.O.Box. Yours fora better life for each of us and no more surprises after the facts.

    • Anonymous says:

      In terms of actually having Mr Bush removed this was a waste of time. The three in West Bay and to a lesser extent the rest of the UDP all got into power because of their ties to Mr Bush. They will not betray him now. Plus that is the way of party politics. Here is the plus. If the rest of the UDP do not vote him out come the next election they will all go.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is Afric ….. sorry … Cayman!

  3. Anonymous For Cause says:

    Congratulations to Alden and the Opposition (PPM and Independent) for bringing this motion. The No Confidence motions was submitted by Opposition MLA’s by the Wednesday deadline for filing motions. It should be noted that the Wednesday deadline was set by the Government, not the Opposition.
    The No Confidence Motion is very timely and deserving of support of all right thinking MLA’s regardless of their past party political affiliations. We the people must also play our part and talk to our MLA’s and encourage and demand if necessary that they represent us and respect our wishes in the upcoming votes on these landmark motions in the LA. The future of our country demands it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Blogger 17:35 let me correct you on something. It was NOT PPM who brought the Visa Restrictions on the Jamaicans. It was the UDP Government. The law came into play during the PPM tenor. Check it out before you open your big mouth. Any of the “New” voting Caymanians that has sense should know by now, that the PPM runned Government was more stable, more educated and better organized than the UDP team. Yes, they may have built a lot of buildings and built roads, brought a constitution to fusion, but they were never linked to corruption, nor were they “yes” to every rich man. They put country and people first over money. Their sould may be saved.

  5. Anonymous1 says:

    This motion is a joke! Alden knows too well that it is going no where, but to give him some attention! I say, why not try referendum and let the people decide???

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden is just being political. He knows that the PPM can’t do any better. It was already proven. Too bad we are paying the PPM while they campaign for the next election. Vote of no confidence should be movedagainst PPM rather than the Premiere who is at least trying.

  6. Anonymous says:


    However your motion of NO CONFIDENCE did not go far enough by not including the following;

    Lack of Transparency

    Total miss management of the cruise port project being the largest infrastructural project in the history of the country.

    Misappropriation of Govt funds in the rectless paving of private and commercial properties in the Brac.

    Failure to comply with FOI
    Failure to comply with answering questions in the Assembly

    Cohen & Company loan deal and secrecy and non transparency in providing details and facts.

    Obstruction in the political and Govt processes

    Intervention in the political and Govt process

    Circumvention of Govt process

    Circumvention of the laws and regulations of the country

    Abusive and disrespectful behaviour

    Total failure in representing the people of the county.

    Total failure in carrying out their jobs


  7. Joe Bananas says:

     As long as there are no qualified,experienced, professional type people who would step up (O Yea….They have to be Caymanain…)  Cayman will never have a competent Government period.  XXXX  Then there is the people who make up the voters here.  You got just what you wanted.  Jobs with no responsibilities,  free gas, free healthcare for you and everyone in your families, retirement entitlement before you retire, hopefully your free refrigerators are still running.  No need to pay any garbage, sewer, hospital, bills and of course who do you call when you need help bailing family out of trouble?  Thats right.  the only problem is its not their money they are all spending on you and yours.  If you really want competent government all that free (to you) stuff goes away.  Can you do that?  I didn’t think so.  And so life will go on as always here on the little islands of fool fool.

  8. Miller says:

    It is obvious that the majority of bloggers here are PPM, but… I can promise you, if national elections were to be called in the next day, you will see so many Jamaicans, Hondurans, and Ex-pats that has never read a CNS article, vote and support the UDP. Why? Because PPM leaders made it bad for their party in their anti-expat rhetorics, visa restrictions on Jamaica, and anti-dart comments. I can tell you the majority of Status Holders are UDP members. People just like Mckeeva’s open-door policies.

    • karen says:

      That is so true… It would be such a big surprise to see the number of people who support Bush! To many people, he makes more sense than Kurt or Alden. I also won’t be surprise Ezzy boy comes out with a new party that will prove more successful than the PPM’s. Just watch next year 2012

  9. Anonymous says:

    ON reading MR ANGLIN statement i am disappointed in him. i thought that he went to school to get a good education. people get education so they can REASON with other people about ISSUES. you are surely living in the tell me how you expect the premier to reason with anybody. THE DECISION THAT just went down with dlf company is agood example. this cannot be good for cayman on international standing. yet this man is travelling around the world trying to get investers to come here . do he realy think that they are dum as he is

  10. Are you Serious??? says:


    I have some serious questions people… First – didn’t PPM almost bankrupt the country in 2008? Have you forgotten that? Second – How come Alden hasn’t proposed a REFERENDUM where the people’s voice will be heard by vote as to whether or not they want UDP still in power? How in the world is he going to get his NO CONFIDENCE vote when all UDP members are loyal to Bush? Folks, it just looks like Alden is craving for power and public attention! If Alden was serious, he would have PUSHED FOR A REFERENDUM!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’d read your consitution you’d know that a referendum cannot be called to remove someone from their seat in the LA. A motion of no confidence (such as the one brought by Alden) is the only way to remove someone from office.

      • Libertarian says:

        ***** Here, again, another flaw in our new Constitution 2009, which does not safeguard the people’s democracy! Amazing! The same people who voted them in, have no power to vote them out until after four f%cking years! (excuse my language) This is the document we arrived at after numerous discussions with the Governor and religious ministers behind closed doors!  Talk about our democracy! *****

    • Anonymous says:

       You hit the nail right on the head…all the UDP members are loyal to Bush. You forgot to mention ´for all the wrong reasons´. How in the world does a country find itself in this mess? God help us.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mac must go.

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont know why you people do not realize that MacKeva Bush is not going any where, and there will be a mixed government next time. PPM is not going to be the ruling party.

    • Waste watcher says:

      Mac and Julie must go together!

  12. anonymous says:

    If Alden and the PPM give out the solutions, then the UDP would grab it and run with it. From the very start of their reingn they wanted the PPM to give them the solutions. They made promises and needs to think for themselves. That is why they are not accomplishing anything now. They cannot think!! PPM give them no solutions, until they allow you to debate in the house.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       It is very interesting if you look at the Bush/UDP supporters closely. They have nothing concrete to say about the leadership and Government in power. There are no rebutals to the anti Bush regime. IMHO party politics will be thrashed over the next two years so MLA’s might want to look at what they can do for the people and not the party.

      • watler says:

        Lachlan, ever heard the saying, “silence is eloquence,” and “actions speak louder than words.”? You gossiping and slandering of our politicians is becoming old now – why not sticking to the facts and come off the partisan wall of division!

        • Lachlan MacTavish says:

          Walter…9:33   I will be the first to admit that I can make a mistake and that my message can be annoying but at least the message is consistent and I for one I believe that it has substance. At least I stand up, express myself, be counted in the open, not behind an annon and stand or fall.

          For years a lot of good people ignored what we were allowing to happen to our Government and island home. We had it so good it was "someone else will handle that problem, I’m to busy making money, or it will solve itself with time". Well it hasn’t "solved itself" and it is getting worse. The crime and corruption and waste was predicted years ago and we just let it keep happening. I will continue the message until Bush and his one man wasteful non producing Government is gone and Caymanians have proper leadership.

          I would suggest you stop reading my posts. 

          • Anonymous says:

            So Lach..what is your alternative, the PPM again! Dog eat our supper if that happens! come on Lach, your personal dislike of McKeeva overshadows you sensibility and makes you lack good thinking.

            Alden knew this motion was a waste of time but knew that it would fire up people like yourself and draw attention to him..Sorry I don’t smell a rose anywhere..UDP or PPM


            • Lachlan MacTavish says:

              anon 15:01….I don’t support either party, I support some very good elected members that we have now. I am hoping that Alden will utilize people from both sides of the fence and help lead Cayman away from a failing party system. Actually my personal feelings about Mc are completely over shadowed by his ineffectiveness as a one man leader. Cayman has literally grown way beyond his politricks street skills. It is plain and simple, the longer he has anything to do with the running of the Government the worse things will get for the country and the people. That is not just me ranting it is fact if you look at his political record. Cayman can no longer afford to ignore, forgive and forget the actions of their highly paid political members. Its huge business now for our little island. If you believe that my opinion is clouded then ignore me and simply look at the hundreds of other good people saying the same thing I am.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The PPM can’t share their vision because the UDP will claim that it was their idea. Just like they are doing with all of the things the PPM had done in their term.

    Look at all the buildings; After they were opened, the UDP came behind and put their names on it like they had anything to do with it?!

    UDP are a bunch of hopeless individuals clinging to Mac in some fantasy world where he thinks he is helping the country by travelling and seeing the real world.

    Let’s get some people in there that will actually have the intellingence to represent us on the global market rather than that clown from West Bay that can only “dog eat suppa.”
    How ignorant.

    I don’t even have confidence in his ability to speak much less lead.

    Alden, thanks for taking the right steps!!!

  14. jean says:

    It would have sound better if it was “Ezzard makes bid to oust Mac”

  15. Anonymous says:

    I swear some people have money running through their blood when it comes to being bought out by Bush.

    Where is there any proof that anything is better?
    All I get is people complaining that they can’t pay bills.
    Their children don’t have enough food.
    They can’t get a job even with a college education that Government paid for.
    The port is not going to happen.
    Mac/Julie/Rolston/CG has put us in even more debt with his travels and lavish, unnecessary lifestyle.
    Do we need a $9 million hurricane shelter when my family has lost more than 3.2% and also have to pay higher food prices because of all the duty increases.

    Whether the answer is PPM or coalition, I don’t know… but I do know that the answer is not McKeever and Julianna.

    Who has confidence in two embarrasing people who can only talk about “good old days” and have no vision or plan for the islands.

  16. Anonymous says:

    All I know is that the George Towners and Bodden Towners are not as Ignorant as the West Bayers.

    Rolston, Cline Cappie et al. will probably stay on the ship so the can continue to ride Mac’s coat tails in that district, however, the rest of ya better be careful as to what side you find yourself on the next time you have to face the voters.

    This may be your last chance to get off this ship before the iceberg.

    • Anonymous says:

      Blogger 12:45 04/28/2011 Because of people likeThis why there is such division in such a small country. It is no longer West Bayvs George Town or Bodden Town but Caymanians against the world. Please get it !

      • Anonymous says:

        call it what you like buddy, but if it wasn’t for ignorant voters in West Bay, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can we just turn it over to the Expats to run for a while? They seem to know how to make things work with money and business.

    • Anonymous says:

      Never mind the Expats running things, I say we go with the Belgium model. Belgium has been without a government for one year and all I can see is pictures of happy people. If we could get one year without a government, we would have a surplus and a few more years without a government and all of our loans could be paid off.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Islands Premier is in London representing our country at the Royal Wedding. While there he is also extolling the benefits of our beautiful country.

    So what happens? Immature malcontents issue a Motion of No Confidence presumably with the intention of embarrassing Mac.However it is The Cayman Islands that are gravely embarrassed in the eyes of other Commonwealth leaders and the UK Government.

    We expect tawdry coups when the leaders of backward and unsophisticated African states are abroad. We expect more statesmanlike behaviour from a British territory. What we seem to get is petty squabbling by individuals who are wreckers by nature.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      There is nothing petty about the situation in Cayman. The powers that be in the UK know everything about these little three islands. There is no good time for a power struggle but when all is failing the majority, action sooner is better than later.

      I expect a well thought out manifesto and mandate to the people from Alden. All MLA’s should probably re evaluate their position with the government and the voters/people, not with Mr. Bush, and make some positive decisions for the majority of the people.

    • Jonathan says:

      And what of McKeeva Bush’s coup after the destruction and time of relative weakness in the immediate aftermath of hurricane Michelle? Everything you have written is full to the brink with falsehoods (pathetic but not surprising) and the time is long overdue and totally necessary for the shoe to be on the other foot. XXX I guess he did not realize that the very same would come back to bite him on his naked emperor’s rump one day. It is he who set the precedent and it is he who doubtlessly must be made irrelevant for the health and well being of the Cayman Islands. I have no confidence (and that is putting it as lightly as a feather) in McKeeva Bush being in any capacity a representative of the Cayman Islands as he is the very antithesis of democracy and good governance. You speak of "immature malcontent" in the face of completely justified and increasingly obvious righteous indignation to the spoilage and outright prostitution of our country. Long live the awakening. This is not the end, this not the beginning of the end, this is the end of the beginning (you may or may not know who said it) and whether you like it or not the well of patience with the mal-administration of the Cayman Islands is dry and no matter what devious misrepresentation and politrickery you or anyone else wishes to engage in, the fact of the matter is that I and many others know for an incontravertible fact that McKeeva Bush has got to go. The fox is in the henhouse, and our dinner is in his belly. Would you by any chance be his friend the weasel?

  19. Anonymous says:

    What is amusing is that reading these blogs dominated by the PPM faithful you would think there is a major upheaval in the works, turn off Rooster and their bizarre rants and this web site and there is nothing. A tempest in a teapot.

    Until the ideas of the PPM for getting the country’s economy moving are put onto the table with some detail all that I hear from them is smoke.

    The PPM party faithful can rant all they want but without concrete ideas they are no better alternative to the current government.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you 100%. This is just step in Alden’s great scheme of things to aquire the ‘Premiership’.

      Taking into account what is happening with the global economy and in turn the local economy, what is it Alden that you would do that would be drastically different?

      I would say your solutions would be somewhat along the same lines.

    • Sachamo says:

      I whole heartedly agree!

    • Power of the People says:

      Uhhhmmm, EVERYONE has the right and ability to post on CNS – UDP, PPM and independent thinkers. This forum is NOT dominated by the PPM as no one asks you to state your political affiliation. UDP supporters can, and do, levy their opinion and allegiance.

      What you are missing is that EVEN UDP supporters cannot justify the actions of the sitting government. Their silence is not that they are muffled, it is simply that they realize the folly of their vote and are struggling to understand what the heck is happening…JUST like the rest of us!

      If UDP supporters were so gung-ho about defending their leader (as they were in the beginning) then we would see the stark contrast of comments either for or against. The fact that there is only a speckling of supportive submissions shows that the majority of people who read CNS are opposed to the current goings-on.

      Same with Rooster. EVERYONE’s calls are taken. People have the freedom to say or write what they want. This is more than a tempest in a teapot and if you are only seeing this as a mild case of dissention, then you need to remove your Kool-Aid I.V. and detox, my friend.

      Now, I agree whole-heartedly with you on the point that the PPM needs to come with more than a motion to remove the UDP – this cannot simply be a jump from the pot into the fire. We’ve been there, done that.

      I do not believe in party systems. I believe in individuals being hired to do what they are supposed to do. I believe in representatives who have the best interests of their people and country at heart. I believe in leaders who refuse to be glamoured and bought and swayed by money, influence and power. Unfortunately, I see weakness on both sides of the LA floor.

      If we are going to move towards full-on bi-elections, I say we flush the system and start from scratch. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It can’t be much worse can it?!

    • Can I say... says:

      Sore loser???!!!! I don’t support either party (as indeed many on here have already stated) but I certainly support this motion!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      11:09…..I agree, the people need to know what the solution is.

      *Do you agree that there needs to be a solution? That the country is in a quagmire and that one man leadership is not working.

      *The UDP supporters need to try and look at this logically. They should attempt to look at fact based history. What has Bush done for the country in the last 15 years. But especially the last 2 years. The lack of good decision making is frightful. Every Peoples money project, because it is not the Governments money it is yours, is full of back room dealing and flip flopping which only seems to indicate that the "right 😉 " partner has not been found. There has been nothing done by Bush to solve the crime situation which hurts his people, unbelievable. All the globe trotting has produced NO inward investment. Better education is at a stand still. Immigration reform non existent. Fiscal management nowhere. Accounts where ?? Re establishing the professional and tourism industries ignored. Objective third party environmental studies not under Bush. No efficient CIG, bloated no solution, no new income streams with increased taxes, fees and duties which is killing the lower and middle classes. Probably one of the most important issues is that Bush cannot work with anyone. His party members do what he tells them to do and he will not listen to anything from the people or the opposition. I could go on…

      *For the past year every 8 out of 10 people in Cayman oppose Bush. Reality is if everyone cast a ballot today Bush would loose.

      *I do not support either party, I support individuals that want to serve the country and the people first, not themselves first. There are good MLA’s now.

      IMHO Alden needs to show the people how a new Premier lead cabinet will work for the people. Under his leadership the assembly should retract the foolish pension laws, retroactively, one way to show the people they are working for them, not for themselves. They should hold a series of non partisan town hall meetings and listen to the people. Everyone from the man cleaning the street to a CEO.

      I had my shot. The 1970’s were magic in Cayman and you cannot go back. But both my daughters were born in Cayman and love Cayman and I would like them to have the option of moving there and experiencing how wonderful Cayman can when they grow.

      That will not happen if Bush and O’Conner continue to run the country. The country will sink into a a JA Bahamas 2 to 3 decade down cycle. It is not worth taking that chance.

      Time for change….don’t be complacent….a whole generation will suffer if no action is taken.

      Lachlan MacTavish

      • Anonymous says:

        "For the past year every 8 out of 10 people in Cayman oppose Bush. Reality is if everyone cast a ballot todat Bush would loose."

        What is the basis for this insight? Do you use a special awareness of the minds of the population that is yours alone?

        These are the type of biased statements that discredit any ability to take your arguments seriously.

        As you are in America, you must follow the difficulty there in coming out of this economic downturn. With all the financial options available in America they are still struggling.

        So in Cayman you expect the magic wand of the PPM to solve these problems? The choices are limited and even in good times alternative income streams has been your rant for the last 5 years. It fell on deaf ears while the PPM were in power as well. Or did you forget that?

        What you all miss is that I am not a UDP supporter rather I am skeptical that the PPM can do any better. Now I hear that the PPM have solutions but don’t want the UDP to steal their great ideas. Now that is the action of true patriots, let the country suffer so the other party doesn’t take credit for the recovery.

        What I hear from most people are personal dislikes bordering on hatred for Bush which doesn’t impress me.

        I like the medical tourism plan as is being developed and I like the plan to move the landfill and shut down the existing Mt Trashmore.


    • Anonymous says:

      I’d bet that more than a few of these commenters are from independants. I know a at least a few who are all for this. So stop trying to spin it, UDP. Calling out your card, the country doesn’t want the UDP. We’ve had enough! (not even 2 years)

    • Anonymous says:

      I tend to agree with you that this site is dominated by PPM supporters, or more accurately speaking just anti UDP XXXXX. I am not a member of either party, but if your observation is correct, then from that we can extrapolate that PPM supporters are slightly more intelligent, and being able to read, write, and post messages would generally be in favour of EDUCATION and the new school buildings that was the focus of the PPM leadership. UDP supporters, being less literate and thus posting here in much smaller proportion, would more likely be in favour of get rich quick schemes and DREDGING the North Sound which is the focus of the UDP leadership.

    • Michel Lemay says:

      I would be ashamed right now to call me a UDP supprrter. I have always remain neutral but also things never got so bad. Right now I say the PPM has a chance to shine again and wiyh the right persons aboard we will. I say get the Premier out and then come next election one man one vote. and back to proper representation.

    • JOHN says:

      NO WORRIES.  This site is dominated by ppm ignoramous, but what about this entire island???  LOL… all I can see, it is surrounded by blue sea; folks, there is no red in the ocean

      • Anonymous says:

         "LOL… all I can see, it is surrounded by blue sea; folks, there is no red in the ocean"

        Red snapper…. yummy

  20. Ken P says:

    Oh goodness here we go again and Alden please let UDP stay in power until 2013. After all we allowed PPM to leave us with $100 million unfinished schools and lots of useless spending, this situation is like the” kettle calling the pot black”. Cayman is making a slow yet steady recovery and tourism is starting to improve and I’m not a fan of Big Mac yet Alden I’m sorry but you’re not a leader.

    Cayman needs a positive and new change in 2013 enough of these greedy dinosaur type politicians who are only looking at self gain and leaving a so called legacy behind. We’re in a critical period of how this country will look like in 20 years and remember the world is watching. Alden and PPM I ask that you try to be a bit more supportive and quit looking to point fingers. UDP gave out 3,000 status grants in 2003 which was wrong yet PPM kicked out investors with a pro Caymanian attitude and the most stupid of policies the Rollover.

    The Rollover has caused our economy possibly $1billion over the last 4 years with Real Estate and the Construction industries suffering the most and with Pensions and savings being withdrawn and we ain’t getting it back. There’s over 2000 rentals on the market at the moment and Caymanian unemployment at 10% so please note that we need expats to help fast track our economy so I hope we get the Enterprise City. Cut crime, lower cost of business, trim the civil service by 10%, get an influx of highly skilled expats, and redevelopment of the airport and we’ll be on the right track.

    PPM made millions for “consulting” and Mac is forever ” travelling” I’m so sorry I don’t know who to trust. Maybe its’ time to let a qualified Caymanian status holder run the country. I’m aware that I’ll get a lot of negative comments and thumb downs from all the PPM supporters yet I don’t care. I’m a condo owner and a Caymanian who cares deeply about the future of these islands. I think there should be a march to get rid of everyone of the politicians as we don’t have leaders.

    All the best,

    • Anonymous says:

      You should remember the Rollover Policy was put in place by the UDP and relaxed after Hurricane Ivan. PPM just re-inforced it after they felt Cayman was recovered.

      • kevin says:

        Good! That just means BOTH parties are responsible for the economic instability of the country! When PPM was in for 4 years, they did nothing to change the roll-over! I tell you, the party system is destroying this country!Wake up!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Ken P….have to respectfully disagree. Cayman is not recovering. And tourism recovering, no way, small increases over all time dismal low numbers does not show recovery. When the numbers get back up to horrible stats and start to improve then tout recovery. With gas prices hitting record highs by the end of August, summer and fall will be bad and next winter 2012 stay over tourism will still be languishing because Bush will not allow a real tourism authority to be formed. 

  21. Michel Lemay says:

    I Michel Lemay support Mr. Alden McLauglin 100% on this vote of no confidence against Mr. McKeeva Bush. We cannot continue to go down this path of disrespect and of destruction. And I urge all the other members, UDP,PPM, Mr.Ezzard to support this motion. We are tired of this charade and we may have one man one vote after all at the next election. I always said that I would admire anyone from the UDP who would stand up and say enough of this bullying all caused by 1 person as it reflects on you as well. You all must feel our pain, hear your friends; think of the future of your children and Grandchildren and our Beloved Cayman Islands.

    • Michel Lemay says:

      I Michel Lemay of 11:08 has also become an official member of the PPM right after my public endorcement of Mr.Alden Mc Lauglin by driving to the headquarters and quess what? DE FENCE IS FIXED{by the owner of the house) SO NO MORE EXCUSES. I intend to go all the way to help make it a party about the people and for the people and will be doing my part to help raise it’s membership. All you will need to do to become a member is Love for Country First, And a manifest shall arise. The Rest will follow. Sorry if I gave no one any room for any gossip here, as my children are propably as surprised as you. But those who know me, know that I will help as much as I am capable so that we never have to be ruled by one man one party ever again. Michel Lemay. God Bless our Cayman Islands and It’s People !

      • Anonymous9 says:

        This island is too small for a two party system!! It is too divisive. 

        No party system!!!!


  22. Anonymous says:

    rolston…this is your time to oust mac!
    its now or never, if you stick with him you will suffer the same fate as mckeeva at the next election

  23. Sachamo says:

    This whole thing is a joke; it reminds me of what Donald Trump is doing in the US to raise his political profile by bringing up President Obama’s birth certificate issue. It is obvious that Ezzard has overshadowed alden as the true opposition to the government and this act here is nothing more than a strategy to raise Alden’s profile and get some much needed national attention. Alden my friend I believe you and your party have a long way to go to convince Caymanian voters to forget 4 years of wasteful failures that have brought our country to the brink of the abbys.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did Alden hit his head during his recent Bike accident. Me thinks he is still suffering from a concussion.

    • Sachamo, I agree with all you’ve said here. Alden just trying to get back at Bush for toppeling them a few years ago. Why in Gods world would we want him to run this country again, be honest and fair folks what the PPM did was awful too, so jumping out of the pot into a fire isnt the answer. The PPM can go sit down we dont need them to screw up this place any more.
      What we really need is some good, young intelligent heads to get in and listen to the people and start to see what the country need to be done.
      The PPM, UDP both have to get a vote of no confidence from the people. So before ranting here , think about what the results will be.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Of all the times to do this to poor old Mac! Wait til he’s up in England boasting at the Royal Wedding ceremony to shame him up and file a no confidence vote against him! Lmao

  25. Anonymous says:

    This motion is just useless grandstanding.

    I have no confidence in either party, or Miller for that matter. They have failed as an opposition to holdthe government to account.

    What Cayman needs is a party based on common sense instead of egos and self-indulgence.

    • CaymanMango says:

       I fully concur with your post, but would also like to add that what Cayman needs is a group of people with common sense, not another party, or any party for that matter. I never quite understood how Cayman ended up with a party system with such a small population. Parties are by nature divisive institutions, and when your population is not very large, and really depends on everyone working together, these systems can wreak havoc because instead of focusing on the large issues that affect everyone, people become more concerned about political affiliation and preserving the party institution (not to mention political upmanship). That seems to be at least part of the problem here.

      • Annoymous says:

        The same way we ended up with 50+ postal codes for three of the worlds smallest islands, and your point is???? hahahahhahahaaa 

        • Anonymous says:

          LMFAO!!  I have always thought the same thing!

          Annd what's with the 'KY'??!!!  Makes everything difficult on websites…


    • Anonymous says:

      Err… this motion is ALL about holding the govt. to account. It allows the opportunity for the various issues of poor governance to be fully debated which would not otherwise arise. That in itself may have a positive impact. This is quite apart from whether the motion succeeds or not. The likelihood is that it will not succeed because no one in the UDP has the cajones to stand up to Big Mac.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians… Please go to Cayman Brac and see where the government is spending almost as much as the schools that Alden proposed on the roads and private parking lots.

    Julianna has started with the site preparation for her hurricane hotel (saw it this past weekend).

    Stop saying that PPM was wasteful… if you think a good education is expensive, TRY IGNORANCE!


  27. anonymous says:

    Did we EVER get a confirmation that this country was broke and in $81mio debt.? We NEVER did!!!and NEVER will ala the missing $69mio too. That my fellow Caymanian, was pure Political Propoganda to get unnah fools to believe and follow McKeeva and the UDP. If this country was broke under Alden, where did the UDP money came from for them to live such a high life. Paved roads in West Bay, Cayman Brac for friends and supoorters. Private plane numerous trips. Get REAL peoples, that was McKeeva trying to smear the PPM squeaky clean record and the policies they had put in place, just to block McKeeva and his runaway train/corruptions. Alden you are doing the right thing in bringing this motion forward. We will sit back to watch and see how many of those “Yes” men for McKeeva and the UDP will cross over and support the motion and do what is right for this Country. Do not worry about his supporters trying to smear your reputation for building schools, Admin buildings, Boxing Gym and roads. They are just envious that they cannot achieve anything and that you guys had put in place a Constitution to block some of their activities. They just hate you for what you have achieved in 4 years and afraid of you for what other measures you may put fort in the coming years.

    • OJ says:

      I really hope people take notice of this comment and realize that this IS the true situation, and stop listening to the propoganda brought forward by the "Bush Administration". Where is the audit to prove these allegations? And in regards to the "money that PPM wasted during their time in power", I would much rather SEE schools being built to support the declining education in the younger generations and new roads being built to support the growing infrastructure of Cayman…rather than the money BEING spent, and no one besides McKeeva knowing where it is going.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try owning a business like the Govenment does, raking in 500 milliona yearly, and you got the nerve to ask where they got the money from.
      This is so damn simple. you are broke by the end of 2008, by the end of 2009 you raked in 500 million, now you have money, you see what i mean!

  28. Real T Check says:

     Time to ABOLISH the party system.  When it first reared its ugly head there were warnings it would lead to this, and worse.  Too much energy is spent fighting the other party, stopping previous party/government projects and trying to get a name/party stamp on a new project to succeed them.


    And PEOPLE, get back to supporting government for the good of the country – not the politrickians.

    Party politics + greed + arrogance + rollover + worldwide recession = a constant blame game, massive division in the community and a rapidly faltering Cayman Islands.

    God Bless the calmer heads and may they prevail!!!

    • Anonymous1 says:

      The british know very well what it means to “divide first, then conquor.” Because united we stand, divided we fall… that is what the party system is doing to this small island thanks to ppm/udp

  29. big whopper says:

    I don’t think a no confidence vote is enough… about a permanent ban from politics vote….

  30. Anonymous says:


    I don’t support either party but I absolutely support this motion. What is also needed is a march from the Glass House to the LA on the day of the vote on this motion so that all the MLAs will know that the people who put them in there want Mr. Bush out.

    • MER says:

      The question is how to get everyone to come out, especially since people will not want to leave their jobs that day. This motion will get swept under a mat, I refuse to get excited, nice try though Alden.

    • Secret admirer says:

      All the anonymous meet behind the Glass house. All the serious person’s let’s meet at the Legisslative Aseembly. Ms. Mary you will need a bigger gavvel or a big mall.

  31. Born Caymanian says:

    Great Idea, Get rid of this Upward thinking Government, all they do is try to make money for Cayman. We need to put someone in place that will first of all put a stop to all this Development and then do what it takes to get rid of all these foreigners on the island like revoking any Status grants and stop issuing work permits. Once we lock our borders to outsiders there will be no more of this crime and we will be much better off. Hopefully the new government will also revoke any property ownership rights for foreigner who took advantage of Cayman People by buying their land when that they had no birth right too, once the deeds are repossessed by the new government they can sell the property to locals at a price they can afford. And the same should go for foreign own businesses, if they are taken from the foreigners and given to us, we will be able to make a living. I say thank you to the PPM for doing what it takes to get the island back to it roots down with Mac , no one here want your ideas of growth for Cayman we like it the way it was and want that life back.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really hope this post was written in jest as otherwise it’s not only the Premier that should be receiving a vote of ‘no confidence’ !

    • New secret admirer says:

      Yes and then you can all blunter what is left. Spoken like a true Pirate. Typical attitude of Paranoid Cayman 10th. generation born

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. Anonymous says:

    Premeire ain’t doing XXXXX! He is full of it though. We need real men to stand up and see that he and Julianna are only bringing these islands down to nothing. We need Rolston, CG, Mark Scottland, Mike and Elio to realize that they are being ruled by one dictator and that they are more intelligent that him. Come on men… be just that – MEN! Join the No Confidence vote and have your voice finally heard.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Anyone with half a brain can see that this motion will fail. However, it is a stroke of genius (or political brilliance?) on Alden’s part because it now allows them to debate everything listed in the Motion.

    The Premier, with the assistance of the Speaker of the House, has effectively stifled debate on ever major issue for the last two years, including those listed in the motion. If they find a way to keep this off the floor of the House, that would be one more strong piece of evidence that the Premier is acting in a dictatorial manner.

    Way to go Alden, I applaud your motion.

  35. what in the world are they smoking??? says:

    I am not saying that we don’t need change,but to put back in Alden and the PPM would mean that Caymanians are suffering from serious mental illness issues (madness),in other words doing the same thing repeatedly and then expecting different results!!!

    • But says:

      Can we afford 2 more years under the UDP? This needs to happen and then hold elections immediately after so that people get the opportunity to have the leadership they want.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Whodatis you keep tearing down what the Premier is tyring to do and that is bring investors to these islands. Yes we need a balance with Immigration and the environment etc. but objecting to everything my dear does not pay bills and will not get the country out of debt. We are in critical times and something has to be done. Instead of wasting your time like Alden tearing everything down – I dont hear any sensible suggestions coming from you or others as to what you think should or could be done to get us out of this mess.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Alden and the PPM had their chance and ran the country bankrupt.

    Now, instead of putting their time and energy in working to building the country up and find investors etc. etc. they waste their time and energy tearing down the current government.

    ALDEN stop tearing down the current government – good or bad the people voted for them. Use your energy and talents and try to be a part of the solution and get this country up and running.

    You had your chance before and did nothing – what have you done since then to make us feel that you and your government would be any better.

    • 100% CAYMANIAN says:

      Please that is rubbish! Cayman, we need to put a stop to this path of madness that Bush is hell bent on taking this country on, its way past embarrassing to the point of irresponsible and dangerous.

      All we have the puffed up word of this Government, who is spending like there is no tomorrow and cannot produce financials to show their rhetoric; that the former officials ran the country bankrupt. Sorry I am not buying it.
      Yes all I is see is that MB wants us to believe that the former set ran this country bankrupt but yet he cannot provide proof after a couple of years in the head seat AND if we are so bankrupt why is it that he and his crew seem to be spending so extravagantly. Its just a smoke screen and it does not add up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Part of the solution is getting rid of Mr. Bush’s government. The fact that people voted for them at the last election does not mean that they should be free from criticism or challenge for 4 years, contrary to what Mr. Bush’s minions believe. His policies are threatening irreparable damage to this country and must be stopped.

      Please stop with the nonsense about the PPM running the country bankrupt. The current govt. is spending more than ever on BS projects than benefit their cronies.

  38. Anonymous says:

    This is an exercise in futility. Mac’s UDP bootlickers won’t dare bite the hand that feeds them. The only vote of “no confidence” that really counts will be cast in the next general election when the people of Cayman decide if they want to continue with the present leadership and thereby confirm what some are now saying publically — that the Caymanians comprise a nation of sheep with Mac their beloved sheepherder.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The reason that we are in such a mess today is because of the PPM and their leaders, like Alden etc.  Don’t fool yourself Kurt was the so call Leader but  Alden was the Captain making all the decisions.   That’s why he is so anxious now to oust Mac because he cannot have his way.   

    If the people of these Islands think that Mac is such a poor leader and really wants to see what a dictator is like then try Alden.

    Mac and his UDP team is doing the best they can but with the financial mess left by the PPM govt. they have to make many twists and turns to get us out.

    People don’t be blindfolded and fool by Alden’s anxious desires, tell him to give  his plans to take us out of the mess they lefted, then decide who is the best to leader.

    Mac and his govt. has made significant process over the last two years.  Why are we not hearing more about that.   The financial industry is doing better everyday, that was almost dead under the leadership of the PPM.   Tourism is getting better, our numbers are constantly increasing.     New jobs coming in.   

    Ofcourse, there are  some twists & turns with the Port project but that’s what happens when the funds are not available to spend spend like the PPM did on the schools and the govt admin. bldg. remember they left the govt. coffers empty!  So until the right partnership is found there will be need to twist and turn, I suppose.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t be so naive. The PPM had 4 years in which to clean up the mess that Mr. Busy and his previous governments made over the previous 16 or so years. They built roads and started schools. Much more than the UDP did in the 16 years before. Mr. Bush claimed we were bankrupt which did nothing but damage our reputation world wide – but to date, where are the financials to back it up. If we were bankrupt, do you think your leader would be flying first class around the world. However, if we don’t put a stop to his reckless spending, we may well be bankrupt by the next election.

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘Mac and his govt. has made significant process over the last two years. Why are we not hearing more aboutthat.’ – Why don’t you tell us about that?

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

         09:14…..with respect kindly list the accomplishments for Mr. Bush over the past two years and how he has made your life better.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because it exists only in the minds of the completely duped among us.

    • Anonymous says:

      If there is one thing McKeeva did a very good job of in life it was misleading the people of Cayman in regards to the PPM’s accomplishments, very simply, and very obviously to those of us with a brain, to put himself back in a position to completely destroy this country.  

  40. Anonymous says:

    I personally lack confidence in all the current Caymanian politicians. Shame on you McKeeva and crew for ignoring your people and due process out of self interest. You have brought your country to this terrifyingly uncertain state.

  41. Anonymous says:

    The danger to the Cayman Islands is not McKeeva but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Premiership. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Mac premiership than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their premier. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Bush, who is a mere symptom of what ails Cayman. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.
    The Islands can survive a McKeeva Bush, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their Premier.

  42. karen says:

    Has anyone forgot that the last party PPM nearly sunk us in a sinkhole of an 81 Million Deficit during their tenure??? And Alden Mclaughlin was Kurt’s financial advisor! HELLO!!! People, you can make the same old mistake in putting him right back into power – it would be a mere transfer from one devil to the next devil! Personally, I am sick of “ignorant folk” who put these figure heads back into power. There are many well educated and humbled people who can do the job better than them. Their are many who would put the people’s interest first!

    • Anonymous says:

      But isn’t "The Right to be Ignorant" written into The Constitution?

  43. Anonymous says:

    This is very naive politically.  It is a waste of LA time.  Alden will achieve nothing by this and will practically, if not technically, lose the ability to bring it up again if a clear and specific reason for a no confidence vote arises.  A very disappointing first political step by Alden as head of the PPM.

    • Anonymous says:

      its actually a sign of political maturity by the ppm…it happens everywhere else in the world why not here? …at least it might stimulate debate within the udp!

    • Anonymous says:

      is wishful thinking written into the constitution too?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Alden please keep the pressure on. Since the speaker of the house do not allow the opposition to oppose anything, then this and the media is your only route. Mr. McKeeva needs to go and he needs to go now. Anyone else can be Premier, but they needs to be voted in by the people. Thank you sir for being an active opposition and from what I know of you, you are a good statesman and thats what we need some of those UDP candidates to be. Put country first over party, money, greed and corruption. Whatever you UDP candidates do, do it for country over substance. Some of you needs to break out of that bondage you are in now and lead this country forward. Don’t worry about what McKeeva says, he will be gone in 2 years anyhow, then what??

  45. Anonymous says:

    Thank God! Someone is finally trying to do something!

    Rolly – put that expensive education to some good use
    Cline – put that new diving certification to good use
    Mike – get out that mud hole, UDP was never a good fit
    Capt’n – you are a good fella – wake up! Dah coffee burning!
    Mark – you really want your loved ones under Mac’s rule?

  46. Whodatis says:

    Re: "Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/28/2011 – 00:07.

    Whodatis….Mr. McLaughlin and the PPM HAVE stated where they stand on the issues you outlined above. …"

    Thank you for the feedback.

    One thing of which I am certain, is that given the choice between the UDP and the PPM, as a Caymanian that is concerned about the future well being of my country and people, I would select the PPM in a heartbeat.

    However, I am still apprehensive about the PPM as I believe the all too common ‘elitist’ mentality that plagues most of the political class of the Cayman Islands (as it the case in the UK) reared its destructive head on too many an occasion during their last go-round.

    No budding nation / state should dare to wholly follow and implement the blueprint of ANY ‘powerful’ or ‘great’ western democracy today. They have all failed the people of their respective jurisdictions. (E.g. The multi-generational ‘Oxbridge’ leadership of the UK has resulted in a broken society, bankrupt economy, mass unemployment, civil unrest and an all around discontented public.)

    Much of what the western world has traditionally considered to be the best way forward ought to be discarded in the trashbin. Who amongst us possesses the foresight, bravado and strength to do such a thing?

    Have lessons been learned? Can we expect better the next time? Is the PPM now securely grounded to know when ‘enough is enough’ and where to draw the line?

    Only time holds the answers to these questions, and to rely on time is to give second chances.

    My biggest concern is, can Cayman AFFORD (economically, socially, spiritually) to give the PPM another chance?

    • eugene says:

      MY biggest concern is, can we afford NOT to give PPM another chance.

  47. bai says:

    Firstly, I think it is about time SOMEONE attempted to go forward and make use of the tools we have available to maintain our oh-so-beloved ‘democracy’.Would Alden be a good replacement, far from ideal, but sometimes beggars can’t be choosers and need to learn to suck it up and decide between one evil and another. People need to realize they’re going to have to choose between taking a few knocks of a bicycle and scratching their knees or being completely crushed by that speeding truck they’re staring at coming straight at them believing it won’t hit them. The people have GIVEN McKeeva and his little A-Team the chance to do exactly what they like at the expense of the progress and security of the people.

    In terms of the motion bill, for a list compiled of supposedly a great numbers of faults on McKeeva’s part, some of the arguments are a little weak. A 25 cent tax on oil. It’s OIL- it’s not cheap, it’s a luxury! We need to ween ourselves off of, a little taxation on things like oil, alcohol, cigarettes, non-recyclables may sound a scary Euro control freak, but it won’t kill anyone but the faces sitting in the pockets of people who profit off of tasteless luxuries. We enjoy these things, but we can do without. I believe it would have been better to include issues such as how McKeeva likes to treat people that oppose him in public. Even the accusation of carrying on like a damned, spoiled brat would have been more understandable as a complaint. 

    If he wants to be taken seriously, Alden and his allies should propose a plan to rectify the things that he has described as an issue and how someone like him would be able to do a better job of gaining popular confidence. A REALISTIC plan that is not afraid to point out that, yes, Caymanians may need to give up a little to ensure that this country does not stay put but PROGRESSES. Yet, there’s no point, as useless a man he is, in getting rid of him if there aren’t going to be serious changes from saving this country from failure and humiliation.

    To the four UDP members that need to vote, take a hint and realize that your careers may depend on this vote. Do you want another chance? Try it, may sound greedy, but hey- you going to go down with this ship now or later? Not too soon to switch sides. To the party loyalists, both udp and ppm people, can you get your heads out of your asses and realize what your little crystal ball world is coming to? expensive school constructions, oil refineries, take your pick, it seems there’s something for every damn person to complain about. it’s as my roommate told me yesterday while having a discussion about dirty people in our college- ‘they won’t realize how bad it is until their eating their own shit’. Is that what some of you want to happen? Both need pressure, both need to be scared, and someone needs to prove they’re actually going to do something positive in the end of all of this.

    Just some thoughts.

  48. Best News says:

    Best news I’ve heard since the last election, and I don’t really support either party, unlike the Premier, I support Cayman!  I hope members of the UDP bench have the good conscience to do the right thing and do themorally right thing by supporting this motion.  

    • Anon says:

      Time to do the right thing Mike, Cline, Mark, Ellio, we know you are better than Mac, show you are real MEN and vote against him.

  49. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva, I am sorry, but anything is better than you. Alden, for God’s sake make sure that everything you do is squeaky clean and transparent. Please force the bullfrogs in government, the ones that sit on high paying jobs, to do the same. We are sick and fed up with all this garbage and pray that fresh times are ahead.

  50. sleeping unsatisfied nipples says:

    alden makes bid to oust mac… zzzzz…. zzz… zzz…

    • eugene says:

      Another sleeping UDP supporter y’all.

      Congratulations, CNS, I could actually decipher the digits in the word verification this time…I hope.


  51. Anonymous says:

    Not again Mr Alden. !
    I think you are only joking.
    Please consider a career change.

    As a politician, you had a role in bringing Cayman to its knees. The comman man issuffering and is in no mood to be entertained. Please gives us a break so that we can somehow get through this economic down turn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden would make a good leader, certainly a better leader than anyone in that current sorry lot. At least Alden was doing things to improve the education and the general well-being of the people. What has Mac done? Hem and haw and spend our money on extravaggent travel all the while accomplishing naught.

    • noname says:

      The common man was NOT suffering when the UDP took over TWO YEARS ago.

  52. Anonymous says:

     People should rally around Alden.  Remember, we just need a no confidence vote and we can call new elections.  Alden isn’t asking to be Premier.  He’s just saying that Big Mac needs to go.  

    JuJu can go with him. Come on UDP little fries.  Please just do what is best for your country.

    • Anonymous says:

      21:49 History and parliamentary procedures indicate that anytime a Leader of Opposition calls for a vote of no confidence in a government his intention is to become the next Premier or Prime Pinister. there is no other purpose for this exercise. Remamber the Leader of the Opposition is the alternative Premier if the present Government is defeated on the motion.
      Do some research starting with Edward Heath, and John Major in the UK and continue into some Commonwealth countries. Why else would Alden wants to take such drastic step.

  53. Libertarian says:

    ***** Overheard the red tweety bird saying to the blue bird, “It’s about time!” Then the blue bird’s reply to tweety bird, “It’s a bit too late!” I don’t know which birdie is correct, but who could undermine the value of timing in all of this! All that appears to be missing is that spark of energy for positive change.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Idiot move Alden, do not let that bomb thrower Ezzard drag you down into the mud.

  55. naughty gal says:

    Oh Please!

    Alden can’t rally the people! He is all brains with no charisma! It talks like a kid! When Kurt left, the spirit of the PPM packed its bags and went hast la vista baby! I am sorry for the negative comment, but the only one I see who can spin-things-into-action Ezzard Miller. He could start a party and rally up Caymanians. I know so, because Ezzard from the start has been a real oposition with brawn. But tell me, what brawn does Alden have??? If not Ezzard… somebody else has to lead the people, but please for God sake not the little wimpish boy Alden! You think I am joking, test me – put Alden in a cage with pitbull McKeeva Bush and I guarantee you, Bush will tear him to threads on a one-on-one debate! Sorry folks, but Alden is too soft! He is a lovable and family man with good political ideas, but he is no opponent!

    • anonymously says:

      gal…lol… you upset the ppm supporters now

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Grow up 21:24 – how truly pathetic!

    • Time will tell says:

      Thank you Alden and Arden for doing what is the only way to save Cayman from destruction but I feel it will all come to zero.
      Why I say that is because if you buy a hamburger with French fries and hold up a French fry, it will bend and break as it has no back bone, well that is the same thing that will happen to a Cayman fry and UDP are full of Cayman fries!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      21:24… what you are saying is a good man, good family man with political ideas should quit because Bush with his gutter politricks will tear him apart. I say rally around the good politician and forget politricks Bush will not win an election after his last two years of mistakes and nothing accomplished. Cayman needs change desperately. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you mistake crass, uncooth, bullying behaviour with brawn. We’ve had enough of Mac and his style.

    • Anonymous says:

       Charisma is not a quality needed to run this country.  What is needed is honesty, integrity, intelligence, education and love for your country and its people.  Alden really tried to change education for the better.  UDP has torn it down.  Our kids are graduating not being able to read and write.  In today’s world, they are at a disadvantage from day 1.  When they get to university, they have to work twice as hard because they have not been taught what they should have been taught.  I believe Alden has the qualities needed.  At least he seems to care about his own people and they issues they are facing.  We are a laughing stock to the rest of the world because of our current leadership.  I don’t want a hand out from the government or a bribe for my vote.  I want someone willing to work hard to clean up the dreadful mess left behind by years of mismanagement by the Premier and someone who wants better for his people.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzerd appears to be one of the few with the country and not self in mind.  Having said the lack of economic foresight in his proposals would have all Caymanian men back on turtling boats and the women barefoot and fighting off mosquitos.


  56. Anonymous says:

    Come on people… quickly we forget Alden’s white elephant of grossly oversized schools.
    While I do not support Mac…..what a completely inappropriate time to do this….just as the world stage is on an highly publicized international event.
    If you want Cayman under the microscope, you got it!!!
    How embarassing for the country at this time.
    Alden is only about Alden and what he aspires to be….do not be fooled!!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Schools and educating Caymanians is the answer. Not channels and fake islands and oil refineries.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are right; schools and educating Caymanians is the answer; but you need to have good qualified teachers and administrators, not putting preffered persons in position they lack expereince, not dodging and lying to parents that have children with special education needs, not getting rid of personnel who stood up and say “no not that way, but this way is better”. It made no sense to devide the large schools into 4 smaller schools and they still lack personnel; I waited four years on all those promised trained personnel for people like my child and others who are slow learners and needed special skills, all we got were “teachers assistant” who could barely help themselves – i guess reward given for votes. Presently I am happy with the arrangements for my son, at last he has the tools to make him succeed, and yes he is a brilliant boy, but learn differently and will be sitting 7 subjects in May under these special arrangements.

        Cayman Islands is the only place I know where we place the importance on building monuments to honor ourselves and not on the product coming out of a building. It’s like having a hugh house and in-disclipine children. Alden had the talk, but lack the walk, if you think the buidling is what educate children, then maybe we should take a 55 minute flight to Jamaica and see the conditions of some of the schools that children and getting educated in, then view the exams results; for once we would learn that building does not educate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t be stupid! Alden was trying to change the way education is delivered in this country so that we’d have people who are more educated and able to make critical desisions. Quite the opposite from the attitude the the UDP has given to education. Taking all of that and much more into consideration, how anyone could think that Alden is only for himself is beyond me!

      • Anonymous says:

        Change. Education by giving buddies building contracts?? Until we tackle our 60% illiteracy rates, not another dime for bricks or jolly trips by politicians and Govt fat cats. Our education system is broken by the people who have been in charge for too long without ANY accountability

        • noname says:

           60% illiteracy rate- where the hell did you get that statistic?. First of all, according to the UNESCO data on global literacy, not a single Caribbean country falls below a 60% literacy rate- the lowest being HAITI with 62%, the second lowest being JAMAICA with an 86% literacy rate. Now, I’m going to take a very wild guess here and take into account vastly different population sizes, as well as standard living quality, among other things that make Cayman different from these two countries- what 60% ILLITERACY rate?

          Secondly, to hell with giving buddies building contracts at this point because if our education system is that terrible that 60% of our people can’t read or write, as you so claim, maybe they should have given out a few more school building buddy contracts and enroll you as a student.

        • Just the Facts says:

          7.32 Where does this figure of 60% illiteracy come from? You mean we are on a level with Chad and Somalia? Do you make these figures up?

          • Anonymous says:

            I think someone likes trolling the blogs and putting in a thumbs-down wherever there is a blank. I’m going to do a test, and write that one-plus-one equals two, and see if that rogue thumbs-downappears, or maybe there really are those who believe it equals three.

          • Anonymous says:

            I think someone likes trolling the blogs and putting in a thumbs-down wherever there is a blank. I’m going to do a test, and write that one-plus-one equals two, and see if that rogue thumbs-down appears, or maybe there really are those who believe it equals three.

      • Anonymous says:

        Also bear in mind that Ezzard Miller is very anti-education and anti-intellectual. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you think the WORLD will really care? No. As they focus on the Royal Wedding they will be celebrating the union of Prince William and Kate. Those who are watching the wedding won’t be interested in the least about Cayman, that’s for sure!

    • An educated population is a good economic asset, and the people live better and earn more because of it.  Compare that to the millions of dollars pissed away by Bush and JuJu (and it’s still pissing out), and think how far ahead you’d be if the schools were now done and filled with excellent teachers and enthusiastic students.  $9 million for an un-needed shelter on the sister island?  Paving that Island?  Million dollar break fees for botched financing?  The list is endless.  Bush has pissed away many times the value of the schools, and what did that get you?  Now go call your area’s politician and tell them that you want them to support the change to get Bush and JuJu out of power.  Call them RIGHT NOW.  Be the force of change yourself.

  57. Anonymous says:

    What puzzles me is what indication does Alden and his PPM buddies give that they can do any better than the current government?

    Ranting and railing against McKeeva is great but what will Alden do to improve things?

    I haven’t heard 1 answer from the PPM on ANY problem within the country.

    Let the sheep vote thumbs down but the truth be told the PPM have no answers except to bash McKeeva.

    Ezzard wants more Bed and Breakfasts in North Side.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      21:10…..the opposition can do nothing because whenever they make a suggestion Bush ignores it. We, you and I and the rest of the voting population have allowed Bush to create a one man government. It has to stop and change. There are good members in Government and given a chance they will do more for Cayman in the next two years than allowing Bush and O’Connor to spend your money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Regardless of what one may say, the PPM government had a sound plan in place to improve the lot of the Caymanian people and for that matter all residents. The UDP, despite claims that they would “put the country back on track in 90 days”, then at the end of that 90 days that they would “produce a plan to put the country back on track in 90 days”, they have yet to produce any such plan. Ready, fire, aim is the UDP way. Should the vote go in favour of the opposition, I’m sure that they have at the very least formulated a draft plan. I’m prepared to support a government lead by Alden because it is an alternative that is 100 times better than what the UDP have (not) offered over these past 2 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are a hardcore UDP supporter. Look at what is going on in our country. ThePPM and Ezzard Miller are men who love Cayman and will try to do whatever it takes to do the job. Is that why you are bashing them or are you too blinded by the loud-mouth dictator to see what is really happening. You blame these gentlemen for the recession. Are they responsible for the financial state the US is in too? Remember we are almost solely reliant on the US for what we have grown accustomed to and if thier prices go up, then ours must go. Stop being blinded by your premier and look at the broad picture. Another 2 yers of this and we will have garbage all over Bodden Town, Oil spills and saltwater destroying East End and North Side and a hospital, which if it ever comes, will not benefit Caymanians in any way.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Oh Please! I hope no one is holding their breath that any of those worthless rags in the UDP will vote against the tyrant. After all, he may be a dangerous, incompetent one clown show but they get to sit back and collect their big paychecks each month. I’m sure they all feel they have nothing to complain about. Furthermore, which amongst them would have the b…s to step up to the plate and help put an end to this nightmare of a circus?

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      The UDPers don’t need b….ls as you say. Some are intelligent people and if they want to remain in Government and help to make real change and positive decisions for their people, if they want to be real politicians they need to change leaders because they will go down with Bush and O’Connor. 

  59. Anonymous says:

    Rolston, Mark, John and Elio if you want to save face please be the ones to support this! I think you guys know this is necessary. This is your country too and you need to help save us all! Do the right thing!!

    You will be respected for it and it would give you a better chance of being re-elected!

  60. Siti Zen says:


  61. Anonymous says:

    Well done Alden and Arden. Its about time and I hope you can find 4 or more of those UDP members to support this. I call on Elio, Mark, Rolston, Mike, CG and others to stand up for what is right for our Islands. Start regaining your souls and making it right with God.XXXX  Help save our Islands from destruction and support Alden and others. Forget about this party system, think about what the people wants.

  62. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    This is good attention getter Alden, but I have to say I have my doubts that it’s going anywhere considering how Big Mac controls Da fries like puppets of strings.

    When is the vote? From what I can recalled from the vote when Kurt had loose power to yours truly Mr. Bush, the governor called a session of the LA within 48 hours, no need to wait for big Mac to return from the UK as he won’t be voting in the confidence vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      The governor no longer call the LA to session, the premier now does that.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Alden, now we will get a chance to see who’s really got a pair (no offense Miss Julie) someone needs to grab the bull by the horn (no offense Mac) and take a stand. I will be watching this carefully as the actions by the UDP members will affect how I vote either in an early election or the one to come in 2013.

    There are still a few decent members of the LA on the Government side, Mr. Mike Adam is one of them, don’t let the mud of Mac smear you into a 1 term politician, do the right thing and support the motion for love of country, show us that your allegiance is towards the people first and the party second, you know within your hearts that we are suffering under the current leadership, I pray you will all have the courage to do the right thing.

  64. UDP Supporter says:

    This is ridiculous! Everyone knows that McKeeva is the best leader this country has ever had and true Caymanians all support him. I was talking with my church group the other day and we all agreed that only Godless foreigners want the PPM to be elected!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, I am a God-fearing foreigner. I do not care for party politics, but I care that this country is run honestly and righteously. Up until now, I cannot say that this is the case. Half the problem lies with the churches. All religion and no faith.

      • Anon says:

        All religion, no faith and money from Mac a week before the election to be announced to the congregation the Sunday before the election. That is what really happened.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Mr. Bush is no where near the best leader Cayman has seen. Stop the foolish blind following, look at facts, look at what has happened for the last two years. 

    • anonymous says:

      UDP supporter i am a UDP supporter myself but you’ve got to be more careful what you say about foreigners,i think you should apologize,don’t worry about foreigners supporting PPM cause most will never,remember the PPM is locally and internationaly known for their anti-expat stance,they may pretend to change on that issue but remember a leopard can never change it’s spots.

  65. Anonymous says:

    This is the right move by the PPM but it would have been better received 6 months ago. Anyway Alden better late than never.

    Is it just a coincidence that this motion is filed on the heels on Ezzard’s suggestion on Rooster yesterday that he would bring a vote of no confidence in the government if the opposiion didn’t do so as well as on the heels of Charles Clifford’s statement yesterday on Cruise Berthing Blunders ?

    The opposition needs to lead on these matters and not follow others if they are to regain credibility as an opposition.

    • Anonymous says:

      I listened to Kurt on Rooster this morning and he said that it had been under consideration for sometime, and I know that’s true…remember that meeting PPM had at the back of the courthouse in 2010? Arden spoke feverently about it from then.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I would love to see a coalition gov’t for the next two years. Keep those who try hard to do their jobs, from both parties, and let them all stand on their own merits for the next two years. Then, come election time, we’ll be greatly informed of their ability to work for us, not their skill at political rhetoric.

  67. Anonymous says:

    ‘Starting to look like a Coup.

  68. Jonathan says:

    This is necessary and prudent at this time in the history of the Cayman Islands. I hope that this is successful and that those in our Legislative Assembly will do what is right. What we need are laws which disallow any politician, no matter whose party they belong to and even if they are independant, from abuse of power and dereliction of duty and profiteering. Term limits, true transparency, anti-corruption laws with real teeth and many other pressing issues regarding the administration of the Cayman Islands have to be set in stone with consequences for transgression fitting the offence. One thing which is for sure is that the present Premier is not worthy of the post which he holds and it is he himself who has proven it to be incontravertibly so. To hold office in the LA is a privelege and it makes one a servant of the country and her people in collective totality. It is time for the Cayman Islands to clean house and the day of reckoning for a one Premier McKeeva Bush is long overdue. May God bless the Cayman Islands, we need it now more than ever.

  69. Whodatis says:

    Much appreciated Mr. McLaughlin.

    (Although this is a separate issue, I would also like to add that I am not convinced that you are the right individual for the job either.)

    In any event I would prefer you over our soon-to-be-gone Premier – but that is not much of a vote of confidence for anyone.

    Mr. McKeeva Bush really ought to take a seat. His time has passed and he is not the right individual to lay out the path for the future of young Caymanians.

    Whoever replaces the Premier MUST state their stance on the most pressing issues in the country today;

    – North Sound dredging

    – East End Seaport

    – The Shetty Medical Village

    – Crime

    – Overall Caymanian empowerment

    – The cost of business ownership and operation

    – Immigration

    – Preservation of our natural resources

    I trust this motion will shake things up to the degree where we will see the "right minded" individuals do what they know is the right thing for people and country.

    Its all eyes on you folks. This is make or break time. The pudding is due for proofing.

    What are YOU going to do.

    We await your decision … and FATE!

     – Whodatis

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa Now thats funny. I am tickled, but would like to know if not Mac then whoooooooooooooooo.

    • anonymous says:

      you missed one…their stand on how to MAKE JOBS! easy to object, not as easy to create

    • George Smiley says:

      You missed out your obsession, the Chagos islanders, whodatis. Wha’ happen’?

      • anonymously says:

        sir, please don’t bring those people into your sense of humor. they were evicted from their own homes for life by the uk government – whether whodatis speaks about the injustice or not, there is no humor in this

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis….Mr. McLaughlin and the PPM HAVE stated where they stand on the issues you outlined above.


      – North Sound dredging – thePPM does NOT support it

      – East End Seaport – the PPM does NOT support it

      – The Shetty Medical Village – the PPM supports the concept but have stated concerns over the MOU

      – Crime – several of them have given impassioned speeches which state that the permier and the govt and the governor cannot run from the responsibilities of controlling crime. Mac needs to stop passing the buck and give the police resources to deal with crime.

      – Overall Caymanian empowerment – goes without saying (I’d think) they have always advocated and enacted plans to better educate the populace and they gave us FOI etc

      – The cost of business ownership and operation – The fees are too high and need to be reduced to encourage small businesses (which as the Chamber said are the life-blood of the traditional CI economy).

      – Immigration – reform is needed and they recognise that the rollover which was passed into law by the UDP is not working as intended.

      – Preservation of our natural resources – the fact that they are against the NS channel and the EE port project and what they have said in regard to those issues demonstrate that they believe preservation of natural resources is important.


      I think that Mr. McLaughlin is demonstrating that he has a different style of leadership than Mr. Tibbetts and certainly a better style than our current premier.

      Support Mr. McLaughlin and the opposition.

      • Anonymous says:

        If anyone who reads this response feels great leadership from the PPM to deal with the challenges facing Cayman then they should reread it because there is nothing there it is all smoke.

        "Give the police resources" translates to spend more money, the PPM did that for 4 years and the crime got worse. The helicopter and all the millions thrown at the RCIP got us where exactly. The smugglers boat with the 500+ pounds of ganga ESCAPED the boats and helicopter recently.

        I found it interesting that the timing for this move was when McKeeva was out of the country. A bold stroke by the PPM…

  70. Anonymous says:

    Alden must have trouble with maths. He party don’t have enough votes, if they did then Kurt would be premier.

    Despite all the whining here and on the radio, if there were another election held today, UDP would win again, hands down. Squeaky wheels can make some noise, but can’t win no race.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden already proved that he is mathematically challenged. He couldn’t figure out that the country couldn’t pay over $100 million for two giant new schools in the middle of a global recession.

      One moderately sized school may have been prudent. But two giant facilities?

      And this is the guy people want in charge? Give me a break.

    • You moron says:

      Alden has obviously received assurances from certain UDP members to support his motion.

  71. anonymous says:

    Is Alden including himself and the PPM?

  72. nauticalone says:

    Good job Alden. This is now well overdue.
    All members of the LA….please do the right thing and support this motion.
    Mac is not properly qualified to lead Cayman!
    He’s not even willing (or able) to speak to people with any degree of decorum or respect.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      The party system is gone now that Bush is a one man government. I would urge the UDP members, especially Mike and Eugene to become part of the solution instead of supporting a man who cannot get the job done. The UDP is failing the country and you will fail with them. On the flip side you couldliterally become hero’sshould you help to form a new government and cabinet to run our country properly.

      This has gone way past party politics and in your heart you know that the Bush and O’Connor regime is failing the country and the people. You can stop this madness.

    • anonymous says:

      And you think Alden or the Little Emperor is???…..really hope you have a surprise somewhere…and not in North Side.

  73. Son of Thunder says:

    About time! We have never suffered like this ever before, while the premier & his cohorts live like kings & queens. Let us put a stop to it! I wonder: how is that “better way forward” thingy going for you? Personally I believe it is a “sadder way backwards”! We are suffering, & we must stop this madness & waste!

    • anonymous says:

      two things are making you suffer…1 PPM excessive spending in last term and …2. World recession.

      Neither are caused by UDPhowever UDP could have been more creative and proactive getting something going!

      • Anonymous says:

        Try so stop drinking that UDP kool-aid! And make sure you throw out the rest of it so you wont be tempted to sip anymore!

  74. Don Corleone Sr. says:

    What a coincidence, I dreamt of that this morning. The première had his blackberry and was BBM-ing franticly looking for support. It never came! But it was just a dream. But as they say, dreams do come true.

  75. West Bayer says:

    I got a feeling Mac just choked on his tea and biscuits when he saw this!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…..Alden you just screwed his trip up now….how is this man to THINK about what to say to dem big shots up there when they hear he gettin kicked to the curb!!! PANIC IN THE BUILDING!!!!

    And to think he just moved into his new office!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll definitely be watching the royal wedding now in the hope that I catch a glimpse of Mac’s sour puss as twitches in his seat during the proceedings…

      • Anonymous says:

        Mac won’t be at Westminster Abbey for the wedding. They can’t hold the 1900 guests there. He will be in a remote location somewhere nearby watching on a big screen Twee :-)………so you won’t see him on TV BoBo.

    • PPM'r says:

      LOL… Alden plus BUSH… seriously… Alden plus BUSH!… Oh my God!… Alden plus BUSH!… Someone needs to save Alden! I can see Arden or Ezzy, but Alden!!!!