Teen killed in car smash

| 01/06/2011

(CNS): Update with victim details – Police have now named the teenager who was killed after the car he was driving ran off the road in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Police said the victim who was driving the car was 19-year-old Jamie Evans from Prospect. A woman was also admitted to hospital with non-life threatening injuries as a result of the smash. Police said they received a report of the single car crash on Esterley Tibbetts Highway at around 12:18am. The incident happened when a silver Honda Civic, driven by Evans was travelling north when he apparently lost control of the car and left the road.

The car flipped over and landed in the parking lot close to Foster’s supermarket at the Strand. Emergency services arrived on the scene and the driver was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town, where he was pronounced dead.

The female passenger was admitted to hospital where she is under observation for her injuries. The road was closed in order to allow traffic management to investigate the cause of the fatal collision, which officials said involved only one car.

Police said that enquiries into how the accident happened are continuing but the road has since been opened.

The teenager is the fourth person to be killed on the roads in the Cayman Islands this year.

(Photos by Dennie Warren Jr)

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  1. The Manderson Family says:

    RIP Jaime we miss u so much we cant believe its a year already. Keep watching over us LOVE U…….

  2. Anonymous says:

    My condolences go out to the family and friends of Jaime Evans. May you rest in peace.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seatbelts! seatbelts! seatbelts!  The passenger of this vehicle was restrained and will live another day. The driver was unrestrained and ejected from the vehicle and subsequently was not able to overcome his injuries. Many of the fatal accidents here resonate similar circumstances. Really young people, old people and all those in between…… please buckle up! My condolences to family and friends for your tragic loss.

  4. Anthea says:

    R.I.P Jaime…i love you forever cuz, your memories will stay close to me.

    i miss you so much… :'(


  5. Joanna says:

    R.I.P Jamie!!! Love u forever cuz!!!! :'(

  6. Anonymous says:

    We need to implement speed limiters on young drivers cars which won't allow the car to go above 40mph-insurance companies can help by denying insurance to anyone under the age of 21 who does not have such a device fitted.


  7. Mr. On Looker says:

    This is another innocent life that was taken way too soon. what upsets me is how everyone will blame the car especially honda civics for causing the death!! what people fail to realise is that it isnt the cars fault! Its the driver!!!  the driver is the one who is in control of the vehicle. yes cars break and malfunction but what causes it? the answer is the driver. the more you choose the push the car the bigger the risk is of an accident happening. The honda civic is not the blame. people need to wake up and stop blaming the car!!! civiics and hondas have built up a horrible repuation as a early casket but the truth is any car can become a casket it just depends on how the car is driven. people need to wake up, slow down and be better and careful drivers!!!!! RIP to the innocent young man and God be with his family as they begin the process of recovery from this tragic loss.

  8. me says:

    Many killed in ythe past and many more in the future,  Everyone knows why but not enoughis done about it to make any kind of change.  Driving and walking close or across the roads is dangerous in Grand Cayman and always will be.  Too many people with no thought toward the saftey and well being of others.  Not enough enforcement to make a differrence.  Because of the amount of dangerous drivers on the road no matter how good a driver or how respectful of the rules you are takeing your life in your hands on the roads of Cayman.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Many may think this is cold, cruel or unnecessary however I believe any action which may save even ONE life would be worth it. 

    Place billboards with 1/2 showing a photo of the person killed and 1/2 showing a photo of the mangled vehicle at the scene of EVERY road fatality. Not a wreath which will soon be forgotten or a photo stapled to a lightpole, which will fade in time but a 12 foot high, full colour billboard. 

    It's a sad but true fact that people forget and time dulls the sting of even the greatest loss; our young drivers need CONSTANT reminder of what they face and what they risk every time they press that gas pedal and drive recklessly. If it means seeing the face of their now deceased friend/brother/classmate/cousin …then so be it! 

    I know it will be difficult for he families of those who have lost loved ones to see their sons/brothers/nephews up on those billboards but I would carry that pain to help another mother avoid it. 

    RIP Jaime, may your death not be in vain like so many others have been. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    Speed kills! That fact will never change, and it seems like our many of our young drivers will never learn to accept it.

    • Anonymous says:

      My condolences to the family; this is awful to bear.

      Whenever I hear of these accidents, I wonder about whether or not persons were wearing seatbelts. I know that seatbelts cannot save in every accident, but I do believe that they help protect people.

      On a similar note, I get so frustrated when I see persons driving with a child on their laps, or bouncing around the front or back seats of the car.

      Please, please, please, people! Remember that driving is not just about how careful you are; one good hit from another driver is all it could take for your child to become a statistic. It doesn't matter if you

      – didn't see people using car seats for children when you were growing up

      – or that you're in too much of a hurry to buckle your child into a seat

      – or that you're just going down the street

      – or that it's your "culture."

      I know money is tight for all of us, but having a car seat is as important for your child as having diapers and food.

    • anonymopus says:

      Our hearts go out in sympathy for the family and may god less the young man's soul.

      Comissioner Baines begin to draft police traffic legislation to OUTLAW these  HIGH POWER ENGINES.Outlaw them and STOP THE IMPORTING OF THEM.

      • Anonymous says:

        i happen to know that the engine of the carin question here was NOT modified at all. There were a few "questionable" styling modifications done to the car, and by questionable I mean that I personally did not like them.

        I guess if we were to follow your train of thought thru to it's possible conclusion we would all be walking, as it does not require much power at all to achieve a high velocity, once given enough distance to accelerate.

        I believe the more pertinent issue here is attitude. As many people may not admit, when you are young, it is easy to become "overwhelmed" and get yourself into a situation you did not see coming. This is usually mitigated by the "elders" passing down learning to the young ones, but as is evident everywhere, our society is falling apart, we no longer hold true to the values our fore fathers held so close.

        I am as guilty as the next person, but I have reasons why. A few weeks ago I spoke with a young man I know quite well (by the way I am 40, and I drive one of those high horse power, turbo cars) asking him to be more conscious of the people around him when he is on the roads driving his very recognizable car as many younger than him looked up to him, I was told to shut up and mind my own business. Ah well here in lies the problem.

        So now I will stop bugging this young man about his driving habits, he will be left to fate, hopefully we will never be on here mourning his death in a high speed crash as well.

        Rather than simply bad-mouthing something you don't like or understand, maybe try to learn a bit, maybe try to understand, you never know in trying to connect with some young person whilst trying to understand

        YOU MAY SAVE A LIFE!!!!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          About a week before this accident leaving prospect area from work i was chased down by a silver hatchback civic like this one in my evo, past Hurleys supermarket, did not chase him but by the time i got to the kings sport centre round about the driver had proceeded to keep on gunning down the bypass overtaking 8 cars in on shot. I can't confidently say its the same one. Truth is were all tempted to speed at one point or another but we'll end up putting our own and others lives in danger just save it for time attack or the strip. A boy i used to play football with at school a few years back died on that same bypass in an Integra. I did a school project ages ago for an APS class and had to search up caymans speeding fatalities and each one was in an integra or civic and often speeding with front wheel drive in the rain. As much as we may never think it the laws of physics apply to all of us at all times rain or shine we just don't like to admit it until its too late. My condolences and respect to the family of Jamie. r.i.p

      • biker says:

        Just like guns, cars with  "HIGH POWER ENGINES" do NOT kill people.

        It IS the person behind either who makes the decision to use them the wrong way.

      • Anonymous says:

        I've got a pretty nice engine in my vehicle and yet somehow I'm able to keep it on the road.


      • Anonymous says:

        How about not allowing boys who think they can drive a license until age 25 and a solid year in driver’s ed where they obtain certificates b4 becoming eligible for a license?? If you notice it’s mainly the young boys killing themselves in car accidents. Boys aren’t automatically men when they graduate high school. Ok I’m ready for all the thumbs down.

  11. Aunty Jen in England says:

    My God have mercy  on us all

    please let us learn  and dont think this wont hapen to me/us

    My heart goes out to his mother and father and all those it affect

     we need to draw close to God in these times


    love you all




  12. The lone Haranguer says:

    Unlucky, be carefull out there young people. Always wear your seatbelts.

  13. Renwick Conolly says:

     I've personally noted for many years passing,(and now to have my observations sadly reinforced one more time with this another crushing loss to our small community)…the Honda Civic coupe of this design is a very unsafe vehicle whilst being operated by the young and oftimes reckless (and most of us males (more so!)have had that label rightly attached to us at one time or the other,myself included!!) on the roads of Grand Cayman. These vehicles seem to have a tendency to flip over/become airborne/sometimes disintergrate (couple this with a large windshield area that readily becomes an auxillary, but undesirable, exit in an accident) once they are involved in ANY kind of road accident, and it is a common observation that a vehicle that has been inverted whilst being involved in a crash, drastically increases the possibility of its occupants receiving serious bodily harm or even being killed! Although I not a fan of "cencorship",(after all I am a consumate "fast car afficionado" through and through who luckily survived my "furays into the foolish" in my younger years), perhaps it is time we, as responsible guardians of our young not fully matured adults, consider introducing  a policy/law whereby young adults (especially us males!) are prohibited from driving vehicles that have proven to be unsafe for them/us to operate, and God and this bereaved community knows, we have enough evidence, to my thinking, to immediately put it into effect when discussing the older Honda Civic. Only mature adults (say pass the age of 25), would be eligible to own/drive one of these, or any other vehicle that has been PROVEN THROUGH EXPERIENCE AND HISTORICAL RECORDS to present a higher than normal risk to a vulnerable segment of our dear society.

    In closing, my heartfelt sympathies go out to the bereaved Mom and Dad, both of whom are known to me. It is indeed a situation that no parent wants to find themselves having to face, and I trust that you both can find some comfort and solace in the ensuing days, months and years to come. God bless.

    CNS: Could you register please if you use your real name. You can use the log in/register bos on the LHS column (bottom) or the links below each comment box. Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Strange as it may seem, this model Honda Civic has a very good safety record in the US.  The front windshield will not beome an auxillary exit if the people in the car are wearing seat belts,

  14. Anonymous says:

    The greater tragedy is when an innocentis killed by a speed freak or a drunk driver.  We should at least be thankful no one tonight is mourning the death of a father, mother or child because of someone else's stupidity and selfishness.

  15. Whodatis says:

    R.I.P. young brother.

    The simple fact is that many young men the world over find joy in driving their vehicles at excessive speeds. I myself went through this phase much to the fears and concern of my parents, family, friends and loved ones.

    My message to the young guys reading this right now … it is nothing but mere LUCK that spares each and every one of you speeding drivers on Cayman's roads.

    No amount of education, training and warnings will totally do away with young men (and women) seeking a quick thrill behind the wheel. Most that do truly believe that they are invincible or that "it can't happen to me".

    However, just because you have managed to get away with it thus far is NOT a testament to your skill and prowess as a driver – it is nothing but luck.

    Anything can happen at that crucial millisecond that turns a "good time" into a catastrophe. A tyre may blow, a gear might cease, you may misjudge the distance of the curb, or someone may simply pull out in front of you (speaking from painful, bone-breaking personal experience).

    I won't tell you to "slow down" but I want you to understand that if you continue to drive recklessly on these roads you WILL eventually find yourself in an unfortunate situation … that is a GUARANTEE!

    I have no knowledge of the details surrounding this particular accident regardless I am appealing to all of you guys to at a very minimum … please, please, – if you must fool around on the road … wear a SEATBELT!

    A seatbelt saved my life once in a high speed road accident. At the time I was 18 years old, driving a Japanese turbo-charged vehicle and attempting to "bury the needle" as we say.

    It is only a matter of time until your number comes up.

    Deepest condolences to the family and friends – some of whom I know personally.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very good advice to every driver.  My opinion about luck is that it is God's mercy towards us.  He winks at our ignorance.

  16. Anonymous says:

    At least a 65% pass in an accredited, formal driver's education course should be mandatory to obtain a licence for new young drivers. Some older drivers should be forced to take it too before they get back their licence for reckless driving, DUI and the like.

    Sadly, it won't bring this casualty back but might save many more.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Wake up young people. God is speaking. Eternity is real.

  18. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to the young man's family, who happens to be my family also. May his soul RIP.

    I would just like to say that yes while most of our road fatalities are teens, and I am not excusing what has happened as obviously some speed was involved, there are some elderly maniacs on the road also. The other night a black explorer with an elderly lady driver tail-gated me all the way home. She overtook me once she saw that I wasn't going to speed to suit her, and proceeded to slam brakes in front of me just because I wasn't going fast enough for her. I reported her to the police and I am almost sure that nothing happened to her.

    Then the other morning saw a 4-car smash up – guess who was at the back end of it. Ms Black Explorer. Hmmmm tail-gate party anyone?!

    It's not only the teens who are bad-driving here — we've got some older maniacs too. All that said – Let's not make any excuses and simply practice better driving habits.

  19. Anonymous says:


    People will learn when they are ready and want to learn. We all studied to pass our driving test, yet we are not on the road endangering ourselves or others.

    Parents need to teach their children that if they are driving with someone who is driving recklessly, it is ok to ask to get out of the car and call someone else to pick them up. This situation is horrible, but it could have been worse if the young woman in the vehicle also died.

    It is my hope that the death of this young man will not be in vain. May his soul rest in peace and may his family find peace in a time like this.

  20. Anonymous says:

    What a tragedy! I feel for the family who is suffering this loss.

    I am aware that this was an unfortunate consequence to the young man's thoughtless actions and therefore there is nobody else to blame, BUT….

    …….when will the police start to enforce traffic laws and regulations? So many people seem to be driving however they please and speed limits don't seem to be observed by the general public whatsoever. Hardly anyone driving on any by-pass roads stay within the speed limits, worse on the two lane stretch going from town up to Lantern Point/Newlands roundabout where crazy drivers are taking full advantage of both lanes and are weaving in and out of traffic like crazy. This happens morning, noon and night and I NEVER see any police cars flagging down crazy drivers or speeders.

    Family and I wish to live for as long as possible, so I really hope that the police would try to put their best foot forward to ensure that crazy drivers are no longer allowed on Cayman's roads. What else will it take until they realize there are more traffice offenses beside DUIs?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Tragic loss.

    God bless you Jamie…..so young to be gone. But God has a purpose for every action and we should all embrace this as a way to remember him through safe road campaign's.  The kids are CRYING OUT for attention, be it through speed, fights, robberies you name it, the caymanian children are being IGNORED!! Gov't has wasted sooooo much time on trivial things!! THEY SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED! Their not paying attention to the bored, greatly un-inspired young people of today. Now I don't mean it is entirely Gov't's fault why the teens are running "amock", but the reality is, GOV'T NEEDS TO TAKE ACCOUNTABLITY TOO FOR FINDING PLACES FOR THESE KIDS TO GO!!! THEY TOOK OUR TREES, LAND, AND BEACHES FROM US, SO WHA YAH GOING TO EXPECT?? The cinema is tooo expensive for the middle class, and the "cool" after school activites are mostly occupied by kids with stay-at-home mom's (or nannies) who can get them to and fro after 4 o'clock classes that cost too much!! Kids need to run, jump, skip, swim, flip, climb, paint, dance, karate, boxing,v-ball, tennis, b-ball, any good ole excercise etc….they need to release tension!!! They just STUCK DOING THE SAME BORING THINGS DAY AFTER DAY…NO WONDER THEY MIMIC VIDEO GAMES AND SEEK FOOLISH "ADVENTURES" LIKE THIS ONE!!


    And you know what too, like I said, Gov't not only to be blamed, you got some parents (majority father's) out there that just lazy and uncaring about their children too, and that is also a major factor that needs to be dealt with. So, rather than Dart, Imparto or Shetty, building us a park, dock or hospital…maybe we should ask them to throw in a couple of dollars for multi purpose halls in each disrict!! THEY CLAIM THEY WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO CAYMANIANS RIGHT??? 

    GET WITH IT FOLKS! In 20 years these kids are going to be the ones calling the shots around here and I pray to God we give them the tools and resources needed to keep our islands in peace. Because at the rate the statistics are heading….we are doomed for continuious unnecessary tragedies!!

    God bless Jamie….and may there be a silver lining to this tragedy.


    • anon says:

      Buls**t!!! Once again blaming the Govt for people not being able to take responsibility for their own children. Why should it be the government's responsibility to entertain your children after school. There are enough public parks around the island why kids can jump and skip etc.


      The cost of the Cimina is not too expensive for the middle class, in fact it is roughly the same as going to the cinema in any major city inthe states. Plus the children it sounds like you are referring to could go before 6pm and only be changed matinee prices (I think $7 – which is cheaper than the old cinema)


      Your comment actually has no bearing with regards to this article as the teenagers involved were at the age where they are no longer in school. They are at the age where they should either be in college or in full time employment, so asking the government to entertain them is foolishness.


      This comment is in no way releated to this tragic accident, and my thoughts go out to the families of both persons.

  22. True Friend says:

    RIP my friend Jaime you will surely be missed but toy will forever remain in my heart and the heart of all your love ones…



    Love you always


  23. Anonkymous says:

    Firstly, sincerest condolences to the family of this young man. As a parent of 2 teen boys I am dreading the day that they get their licenses – despite the warnings I have drilled into them about road safety etc. Peer pressure, the need to impress and simply the rush of adrenaline from speed and fast cars will likely wash that out of their minds once the car is started. I've warned them that they will be riding bicycles until they're 20!

    It has been painfully clear that the fatalities of our young men (and women) have been within the confines of these tin foil matchbox cars that are so cheap and easily purchased through Japanese car dealers here on island.

    What's even more worrying is the ease with which they can toss out the little cc engine it comes with and replace with souped up animals that growl and roar. That is way too much power for these little machines.

    I am not suggesting this is the case in this instance – merely getting on my soapbox about an issue that bothers me.

    There is a law about the degree of window tint – – – which is enforced with great zeal. There is a law about the blue headlights which drive me crazy! This is not so enforced as I am blinded on a weekly basis. But there appears to be no law about the size of an engine in relation to the type or size of vehicle. I figure that if a vehicle is sufficiently fortified to protect its cargo (an SUV for instance) then the size of the engine would be significantly more powerful in relation.

    Not so with a little coup. The photo of the car in question looks rippled. Soft metal does not protect occupants. Again, do not misread my ramblings as accusation against the deceased. I am so sorry for his loss – we may never know what really happened. He could've fallen asleep, but it is high time that we examine a growing problem with regard to this type of car and its modifications.

    Legislate against messing with the engine size of small cars. Monitor this at the licensing dept when vehicles must be inspected. It's a small step but might help save lives.





  24. Anonymous says:

    How many more to go??…I lost count back in 1990"s. Young so call drivers cant seem to learn..:-(

  25. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to Jamie's mother. Another young Caymanian lost his life too soon. Thankfully the young lady passenger only sustained minor physical injuries but the emotional toll must be overwhelming.

    Please all drivers of Cayman slow down. We are a tiny island there is no need to drive recklessly. All drivers have a responsibility to drive with safety, caution & follow the rules! Don't speed, use indicators when turning or changing lanes, don't cut in front of other drivers or tailgate and please do not text while driving. 

    On a daily basis drivers young & old blatantly disregard the rules and put others at risk.  Its time to be Responsible on the roads of CAYMAN!

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      12:46, why does your heart not also go out to Jaime's father.

      RIP Jaime.

      Condolences to all Jaime's family on Mother's and Father's side of the family!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Honda Civic = Baby killer!

  27. True Caymanian!!! says:

    How sad but what are we all doing to educate our young Caymanians about safe driving ethics.

    RIP young man!!!

    It all starts at home people.  Please stop talking and put it into Action.

    • Anonymous says:

      We should not point fingers and say that parents and the community are not playing their part on educating upcoming/young drivers. What we should do is plea, pray and hope that they make wiser decisions. I remember growing up being taught at school and at home about safe driving and the consequences of speeding/driving while texting, etc. at the end of the day we all make our own decisions.


      My condolences go out to thefamily & friends of this young man.

    • Anonymous says:

      How many more have to get kill for the rrest to learn isn’t these accident enough for everyoneto learn.And saying there nothing for the young kids to do they have too many things now a days,what was there for us back in the days.We need to stop spoiling over kids and stop giving them everything they want and let them work for it.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Terrible for the family and friends. 

    I too have seen some reckless and terrifying driving by (usually)young men in Cayman. No wonder everyone fortifies themselves and their children in huge SUVs. 

    I was tailgated home a few months ago ( with a 2 month old baby in the back) by a young man all the way down the road parallel to the dump. It was absolutely terrifying. The girl passenger in his car was falling all over the place because he was swerving in and out of the lane so much (into oncoming traffic). This too was a low silver japanese car but I cannot say if it was the same vehicle as the one involved in this incident.

  29. Anonymous_A woa says:

    It's always sad when a young person loses their life, this is another one that should never have happened. These young drivers 'think' they know how to drive and fail to understand high speed handling dynamics. When backed into a dangerous situation they panic and this is the result. On top of that these Tin Can civics have terrible crash protection and mutliple people have lost their lives in these cars here. I for one will never own one of these 'rice burners' for this same reason.

    Condolonces to the family, it's a very sad loss for Cayman……………

  30. Anonymous says:

    Another sad day for Cayman, may your soul RIP.

  31. Anonymous says:

    May God be with the family and friends ofthis loved one.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Very sad indeed.  I wonder, however, if that's the same silver Honda Civic which came speeding towards me on West Bay Road whilst the driver was overtaking in the middle lane. 

    Last night, around 9pm, I pulled out of Luca restaurant into the middle lane, heading towards town.  No sooner had I turned in, ready to indicate and move into my lane when suddenly see a car racing head first towards me at an *insane* speed.  I am not exaggerating when I say that there were only a couple of inches between our headlights before the maniac swerved back in.  I'd like to think that the driver was a little shaken up by that near accident, as I certainly was, but he (or she!) probably got a kick out of it.

    Of course, I don't know if this is the same silver Honda Civic, but either way it is all very, very sad indeed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just to add to my previous post–I would like to add my most sincere condolences to the family and friends of the young man who lost his life so soon.  My post may have come across as harsh and insensitive, and for this I do apologise, but any person who speeds and drives recklessly on our roads automatically endanger both their own lives and the lives of others, and this needs to come to an end, else we will see even more sad fatalities like this one.


    • anonymuss says:

      Well maybe you should have called the police and reported him. Might have saved his life if it was the same kid.

      • Anonymous says:

        Let me see if I've got this right–in a way, you appear to be almost partially blaming this poster for this young man's accident!

        Do you really, honestly think that it would have made a difference if the poster had made a point of pulling off to the side of the road straight-away and calling the police?  Do you really, honestly think that this kid would decide to stop speeding for the rest of life if the police had chased him down and given him a good telling off?  Come to think of it, do you really think that the police would even respond to call reporting a speeding Honda Civic?

        How naive you must be. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Why bother the police don't do jack s*** about these types of drivers !!

        And someone else always pays for it !!! 

      • TCM29 says:

        Yeah, blame somebody else. Just like the other post that blamed the make of car. You people amaze me.

      • Anonymous says:

        ya, too bad.  I know the police are super, super good about following up on that kind of call.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had the very same experience on WBR, same time – I was almost taken out by the same driver as you have explained above. Either way, it is a tragic shame with the outcome here.

  33. MonkeySee says:

    My sincere condolences to the family of this young man, gone too soon & surely never to be forgotten byt hose who knew and loved him.



  34. Anonymous says:

    So sad to see that another young Caymanian has lost there life at such a young age. Guys please remember you only have one life once its gone its gone speed kills. Dont say it cant happen to me because the best Indy car racers gets in accidents left alone a young driver. Wake up young people.

  35. Anonymous says:

    These kids learn to drive with nitendo and playstation.

  36. Bracker for life says:

    RIP Jamie!

  37. Anonymous says:

    let god be with him

  38. Anonymous says:

    A parent's worst nightmare lived out. It's always so heartwrenching to hear about a driving fatality, especially when it involves our youth. When are we going to get the MATTSAFE program up and running? It was a good concept at the time and now that's fallen away.

    Education on road safety is key – how many more lives are we going to have to lose before there is a solid driver's education program on this island? Our road fatalities have to be among the highest per capita worldwide.

    This is NOT a political issue here; don't turn it into one. A family is devastated today (again). What can we do to help prevent a parent from having to bury their child?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is true- This is a parents worse nightmare –

      We are way too comfortable & 'busy' in relation to MATTSAFE  and many other programs for the family. 

      Very sad – 19years old – thank God the young lady seems like she will make it – let's keep her & her family in our prayers.


      Heartbreaken!  Let's lift this family up and hopefully what the DEVIL MEANS FOR BAD SOMETHING GOOOD MAY COME OUT OF IT!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a name for the decease?

    CNS: The RCIPS generally name the victim after the family have been told.

    • Anonymous says:

      A name how insensitive can you be,he was someones child,brother ,grandchild .cousin  ,need i go on …… 

      • Mindy says:

        I don't understand why you think it is insensitive for CNS to put the name of the deceased. Once  the police have informed the family then it is ok to let the public know. It is not like he was a victim of some kind of abuse and they are publishing it.  

        • Anonymous says:

          I don't understand!!!



          In answer to this when i said "How insensitve to ask " i meant bloody well wait and find out in due course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,very cold to ask whdn you know fine well it will be put on papers,news etc when the timing is RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Mindy says:

            Thanks for your clarification but calm down my brother. Maybe the person who was asking only reads CNS and don't listen to the news on television.