UCCI joins forces to boost local farming

| 02/06/2011

(CNS): With more and more Caymanians choosing to turn their hand to growing their own food a recent inaugural Agricultural Workshop saw more than twenty local farmers and garden enthusiasts complete the programme. Offered by the Cayman Islands Agricultural Society, the Department of Agriculture and the University College of the Cayman Islands the eight week course covered plant propagation, vegetable production, hydroponics, pests and disease control among others to help growers improve their results. Courses were taught by Dr. Joseph Jackman and experts from the Department of Agriculture and participants recently received their certificates at a ceremony held at the Stacey Watler Pavilion.

UCCI, President Roy Bodden, who is himself a farmer, explained that the college was committed to taking the programme to the next level where future students taking part in the workshop series alongside some academic courses will be eligible for the award of a UCCI Certificate in Practical Agriculture which will allow them to apply for entry into an appropriate Associate Degree programme.”

Bodden pointed out that societies which are able to produce the food that they consume without having to depend on other jurisdictions are greatly advantaged as he asked everyone to continue supporting and encouraging local farmers. More workshops and programmes are already in the works and a course on livestock is already underway.

Julianna O’Connor-Conolly, Deputy Premier and Minister of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture whose ministry is focusing on improving and encouraging more agricultural production in the Cayman Islands expressed her pleasure at seeing a diverse group of both male and female participants at the workshop. Speaking about the technology that supports modern agricultural practices she said: “We have to embrace technology very intimately, working smarter not harder, to achieve greater results whilst encouraging involvement of younger generations.”

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