Save Cayman still on alert

| 08/06/2011

(CNS): The man spearheading the campaign against the dredging of the North Sound says he and the Save Cayman supporters are not letting down their guard, despite comments made by the premier that investors are no longer interested in the channel project. Captain Bryan Ebanks said that while he is delighted the immediate threat to the North Sound has been removed, he takes very little comfort from the recent statements by the premier or believes that the proposal will not return to government’s agenda. On Friday evening McKeeva Bush told Radio Cayman that the developers proposing to dredge a channel and create a marina and resort on reclaimed islands in the North Sound had been put off by the negative response. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

After what was an exhausting campaign to collect close to 2,000 signatures, Ebanks said he was pleased that the opposition to the project had been enough to deter this set of investors but he said he was not convinced that this was an end to the matter.

“No one is comfortable that the threat is over as a result of the comments,” said Ebanks. “Everyone knows the premier can be unpredictable — he tells us one thing on one day and often tell us something very different on another — and there is never any accountability for these comments that change so often.”

The campaigning captain said that the Save Cayman group would still remain vigilant as there were absolutely no guarantees that when a new set of investors came forward with another idea to dredge the Sound, the premier would not once again throw his weight behind the project.

While he said there was time for his supporters to take a virtual deep breath, they were also planning on throwing their support behind the campaign in East End and North Side against what he said was the ‘big hole’ project disguised under the label of a cargo port. The captain noted that there were also other concerns about proposed developments.

Although protecting the North Sound was a major priority for Save Cayman, Ebanks said it was not its only purpose, and aside from wholeheartedly supporting the campaign in East End, Save Cayman was opposing the proposal by the Dart Group to move the West Bay Road, along with proposed crown land swaps with the developer.

More recently, Ebanks said a number of other issues have been raised about possible government development plans that have raised concerns, including speculation about the future of Barkers and some proposed development ideas for what was supposed to be a conservation area, as well as the ongoing question of the land invested to the Port Authority, which was set aside for a public marina at Safe Haven.

Ebanks said that Save Cayman would continue to campaign to ensure any future development of major infrastructure projects was more carefully scrutinized and only allowed to go ahead when it could show real benefit to the regular people of the Cayman Islands and not just a select few. He said further development on the islands had to be more sustainable and more meaningful to the community at large.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    PROPOSAL for ALL of our MLA's to CONSIDER.

    Buy the property of the old Pagent Beach and build the berthing facility from that ironshore property.

    Turn the compound into well designed, very attractive 1st class floral fauna inclusive of high-tech body scanners, security cameras, police dogs with both Customs, Police and Immigration check-points AND have a local band (a different one each day) playing Caribbean music as a Welcome to our Islands.

    Within the compound, along the waiting lines, have our main attractions advertised in the form of statute-like figures (Blue Iggies, Turtles, Stingrays, etc) raised above a mounted pillar which will house the facts concerning each independent attraction (say, approx 4 ft above ground)

    Ensure that we have many Cayman flags flying high! Ensure our entrance is lined with our beautiful Royal Palms! Ensure that our tourist arrivals feeling like they have arrived at the "gem" the BEST of the Caribbean!!

    For additional govt revenue, build a few govt owned Cayman-style houses as shops that would carry only indigenous Caymanian crafts, art-works, jewelry, etc, and would hire the indigenous Caymanians to operate these stores.

    Govt will buy the crafts, art-work, jewelry, caymanian local dishes, heavy-cakes, etc from ALL Caymanians only.  No exclusively on purchases any product but must be purchased from Caymanians only.

    While the above is not an all encompassing factorial on the infrastructure, its the beginning of a idea that we can build upon. Before you dismiss the idea, let your mind and imagination run free – allow it to think how this project could evolve into something awesome!!

    This type of facility would create many jobs, emplore young artistic Caymanians, create Caymanian businesses, help restore and  preserve our Caymanian culture and heritage, help create longevity of our Caymanian culture and heritage, create first-class sneek-peeks advertisement of our local attractions, create a first-class welcome to our tourist, etc, etc.

    Come-on Cayman, let's give them something to talk about!! 🙂

    If anyone is interested in learning more or sharing their ideas, call me 925 2565……….together we can make a difference!!  After-all this is our country, our home – lets put some NATIONAL PRIDE in it!!!

    If you have a better idea, please share them with our MLA's.

    • Anonymous says:

      In your plan does this mean that none of the trinkets sold can be stamped. "Made in China"?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, you are absolutely correct, NOTHING will be stamped "Made in China". 

        All items will be commissioned and made in Cayman, Eg. jewelry made from black coral, coconut shells or sea shells; Christmas decorations made from pine tree cones; piggy-banks made from Calabash, baskets and hats made from our straw thatch, etc, etc, etc.

        Cayman have so many natural resources, its unbelieveable.  We only have to come to the reallsation they exist and utiilise them.

        Come see Chineese make Cassava heavy-cake!! LOL

    • A Guilty Pleasure says:

      That's right Capt. Bryan, stay on the alert. "Once bitten, twice shy" but in the case of the premier it must be "thousand times bitten, thousand & one shy"! Never, ever take your guard down where that man is concerned. We never seem to learn our lesson with him, we never learn, but please keep the pressure on. 

    • Slowpoke says:

      Porn scanners and Police State security, do not exactly say "welcome to the safest place in the Caribbean", nor will they contribute to that in the first place with tourists.

      • Anonymous says:

        We need to quickly accept the reality that crime exist in every country, even in the Tonga Islands where christianity prevails to the highest level.

        The word "tourist" does not automatically qualify a visitor as a person with good law abiding behavorial habits.  We have to presume that there's good and bad behaviors within all persons visiting our shores otherwise we'll only be fooling ourselves thus leaving ourselves exposed all many crimes we would not be able to police or investigate.

        No matter where you travel in this world, there's always an entry point with some means of Authority enforcing the laws in efforts of protecting their borders – every country exercises their right to do so – we need to ensure we exercise ours however this does not imply one is not welcomed.

        Any smart and wise country would position themselves to prevent crime before it happens rather than waiting like sitting ducks in a pond and them find themselves confronted with a situation where they're lost control, be on the losing end long before the start to combat the problem. 

        I'm sure you can appreciate the possibility that its not the persons who have walked thru "porn scanners" that's walking into our banks and stores with guns and endangering lives. Further,  there's no longer a need for porn scanners when one can sit in the comfort on their homes and watch it live on TV.

        I'm also sure you don't want, wish, like or appreciate the increase in crime in Cayman overthe past several years and to the serious level to which it has reached.

        I wish I could let you that Cayman is crime free but sadly, its just not the case.

        However, if we strive to take a positive and active role in our society, together we could make a difference in creating a safer Cayman Islands.


    • Anonymous says:

      A few years ago I bought a very inexpensive neclace in Belize. It was made on Caye Caulker where I was at the time. A fair sized ‘bead’ of polished conch on a leather thong. I tried to find put if someone would be willing to make these in Cayman. Only interest was for importing them.

      It takes a supply of conch shells (we readily have those lying about) a stone polisher, basically a fine grit sanding wheel, some polishing compound, drill, and leather strips for the thong. Price to make about $1.50. Retail price $8 – $10. The production costs do not involve the start up basics.

      Visitors would love this kind of trinket. I still get compliments on mine.

      These days not all visitors want fine jewellery or can afford it.

      This would be a truly local craft and those trained to make them would have one more skill to fall back and to pass along. The artisans out there could and would be far more creative making far more than just beads.

      Starting small to create a real enduring local craft will in the long term have lasting benefits for generations.

      The sad thing though is bling seems to prevail over what sustained our ancestors and a majority of the younger generations want it all now for cash and don’t seem to care about the traditions or skills that have been lost. What they don’t appreciate is that being able to create an item with their own hands gives back far more than the pure monetary gain.

      Even the leather for laces/thongs would be available locally.

      • cow itch says:

        and i was just thinkin we could buy a piece of belize, build a berthin facility there and walla!  we can call it cayman belize

      • Just Askin' says:

        Are you telling me that leather thongs are available locally? Please do share the information, I have been looking for sometime now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure if any have noticed that Joe Imparato is finally having a public meeting at East End Civic Centre on Thursday night at 7:30pm. It will be interesting to hear what bull he will try to pass over on us.

    All that are concerned with this Sea port should come to this meeting so that the people of this country (especially our old sea captains) can show him what harm will be done to our precious East End.  

  3. Thank God says:

    Our prayers have been answered!

    Our greatest and only resource is our natural beauty.  While I know a lot of the poster on this site are creationists, I beg them this question.  Can man make anything more beautiful then the creations already existing in this world.  Go ahead, look at the beauty around peer into the seas and look at the coral in its glory.

    Take time, gaze upon it  well and appreciate it; really appreciate it.   Cast your eyes upon glory not only in Cayman but around the world.  Go to the Arizona and look at the Colorado river and how it molded the Grand Caynon.  Can your developers do that?

    Go in the sea and catch a meal; is food not on your table? Do the birds of the sky hoard for another day yet God provides.  Now if our christian leaders would sit back in the pews and hear the message…I said "hear" not listen then perhaps we would be in a better place today.  So if you want to feed and house your people and pay their mortgage, if you would, you need to leverage that which God has given you not destroy it. 

    "Have you seen the cost of food, Sire"? yet no effective push towards providing the incentives to haverst the land and reduce our imports and many of the required imputs are God given yet your back is turned why?

    How many step off of a plane just to see a sea of tourqouise; do you want to turn in brown to feed a family for a year just to look at empty buildings for years to come?

    Oft time one does get set in his ways until his ways no longer suit the ways of the world.  It is at this junction that one must reinvent or perish.   Some of our people seem stuck in these ways and the time has come to push aside those who do not see it how it should be seen.


  4. thompson says:

    Finally, what I am getting from these posts, it is all over!  Government is afraid now to make a decision. We have won!  All is nice and dandy!  We have saved Cayman!  Let's celebrate!

    People, that is pure ignorance!  Don't be surprise that they carry through with these projects and are successful. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone out there (not civil service) still listening or beliveing anything Bush has to say?  The battle is won but the war?

  6. US Citizen says:

    Excellent job!  Continue the job and opportunity killing agendas.


    Next, make sure you impose taxes on those who you prevent on creating jobs to feed your sorry asses.


    • Caymanian Citizen says:

      Tell us, if theUSA has everything you need and want, WHY are you here?

      IF Cayman didn't have something you need and want, would you be here?

      Seems to me the Pirates are back!!!


    • A Caymanian says:

      What a typical U.S. Citizen thing to say.  Sell off, kill off whatever you have to gain a buck.  I hope you are not here living in Cayman feeding your "sorry ass" off our Island. 

    • A naw no mouse! says:

      Awhhh….myyy sweeeet. You mean to say that (I am a "US Citizen") never cause airybody to bow down and do whatever you say/think?

      Bigger is NOT always better! Especially for small islands!

      Yeh hawe try Cuba….or Wenzuela….

      Or try remember "when in Rome"… know the rest….don't you?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes , lets kill all the projects brought forward, within this Government's term. you sorry asses.

      Don't you all realise that these two LA members, are the ones started the objection of this project, which they took to the Caymanian people, which should have been the other way around.

      Be careful what you all ask for, keep following these oppositionist and you might end up having the tax man at your door next.

      What constructive proposal have these gentlemen put forward for Cayman to move forward? maybe during this Gov. term, they don't want to see any thing happen….which would make for  a good political campaign 2013…wouldn't you say?

      Guess who are going to be set, with good pension retirement payout?

    • nauticalone says:

      "US Citizen"….why are you so concerned about our "sorry asses"?

      Trying to import more "American Greed" here for a quick buck….and not getting your way? Evidently you haven't noticed (or more likely don't care) we already have lots of that….both imported and home grown!

      Yours is the type of arrogant attitude that so many people (sensible Americans included) worldwide, are tired of!


      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you, I could never figure out why it is that sorry ass people who can't survive in their own country feel they have a right to come here and tell Caymanians what to do with theirs. Try getting the log out of your own eye before you start worrying about the splinter in mine, my sorry ass friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please take your sorry ass back to your sorry ass country.

    • The Lone Haranguer says:

      The truth seems to have offendith.

  7. anonymous says:

    For god sake, would you people just buy up some beach front properties before it is too late. think prevention

  8. P.F.M.S.S.W.B.R. says:

    We, The People for theMovement of a Small Section Of West Bay Road, (P.F.M.S.S.W.B.R) do hereby congratulate the Save Cayman team on their victory in halting the development of a grossly unnecessay and potentially damaging channel in the North Sound. We are currently on the fnece with regards to the UDP's seeming revision of themuch touted "Go East" initative although stuggle to see the necessity.

    On on the issue of the proposed movement of a small section of the West Bay Road, we do hereby declare war against the Save Cayman Team however.

    The encroachment of Handel's Messiah that is Calico Jacks and the monstrosities on the other side of the West Bay Road Public Beach that have been misguidedly allowed to set up business there have ruined what was once a pleasant place for the local populace to spend quality family time together and to meet with friends to enjoy the small section of the beach left to them by Governments past and present.

    It was not the current proposing group that bastardized and commercialised this area, it was "locals" who were granted permission to do so by other "locals".

    If and when the details of this proposal are released for the eyes of the public, we expect you will find that it will do much to in fact enhance the curent Public Beach area, without limiting access, while at the same time redevelop a current eyesore and tourism liability in to a much needed and welcomed new groundbreaking tourism product.

    We will likely find that the proposal will in no way affect or impede the commute of those travelling from West Bay or in to West Bay but instead improve it, not only from a timing standpoint but more essentially, from a safety standpoint to include not only motorists but also cyclists and pedestrians.

    We, The people for the Movement of a Small section of West Bay Road say,


    • Anonymous1 says:

      Halting what development?  Government has simply not made a decision.

      • Anonymous says:

        the government makes their decision long before you hear about it.  They are just inept and slow moving.

  9. 3rd CLASS CITIZEN says:

    Investors are put off from making money from negative publicity? Ya right a face saving way of dumping the proposal. Uneducated Despicable People will always use tactics to manipulate our people for profit while insulting our intelligence. Our true leaders with real backbone fought like hell to secure this victory. I thank the investors for withdrawing their investments and not destroying our 30 million year old cornerstone of these islands the NORTH SOUND. Thanks for all our true leaders with backbone that stood up to politicians that will sell our heritage for two cents on the dollar. God bless you and please continue to be on watch to protect us from the ferocious political backsliders that are in a hurry to destroy our land and way of life. 

    • Anonymous1 says:

      "Thanks for all our true leaders with backbone that stood up to politicians that will sell our heritage for two cents on the dollar. God bless you and please continue to be on watch to protect us from the ferocious political backsliders that are in a hurry to destroy our land and way of life."

      There is no victory. What has this campaign done, but collect signatures. Government could still find an investor to do what they want to the North Sound. Don't be so naive and think Government gives a rats of how much signatures are on a piece of paper.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Don't believe what Govt says; they change their story as often as their shirts. E.g. the GT Cruise dock is on, then it's off, then it's on; like all the other projects. Same with the budget; we're doing ok, oh now we're not, & then they're in credit again. Either incompetence or telling lies, or both.

    This is probably a bluff; a lot gets pushed through when no one is expecting it or prepared for it.

    Investors rarely lose interest because of public concerns (does Mr Ryan, Dart, Easy-End-quarry-guy, of course not); why would the Chinese or anyone else be any different?

    Keep up the pressure!

  11. Ken P says:

    Great work Capt B and glad to see Caymanians taking a strong and effective stance against Mac and his developers XXX. To all those who supported Save Cayman I say thank you yet don't stop and keep pushing to get the conservation bill pass to save Barkers from destruction and preserve our natural environment and heritage. We don't need over development and trying to be next Dubai ( an ugly mess) what we need is sustainable development that will benefit Cayman residents and attract quality tourist and investors.

    Blessings to all,

  12. Anonymous says:

    Captain Bryan Ebanks should be Premier. The Cayman Islands could be the #1 travel destination in the Caribbean. If we could put the beast back in the box in more ways than one we could turn this island around. We have serious problems with all government offices but specifically immigration, our police force and the elected leaders. It will be a tall order to deal with the trash we have but we can surly stop importing anyone who is a risk to our security. We need to get a police plan together and make more capacity for our system to house criminals if the can't be sent away. Rehabilitation opportunities for whay they are worth unfortunently is another stone we must carry around our neck along with the criminals. It may cost much less to send the dregs away off island all together if another country would have them. We could could turn our fate around with people like Bryan Ebanks and there are many. We are stong together. The Government has to go. We can't get parents to go back an re-raise their children. We must deal with them harshly now that they are adult criminals. I do feel bad for them. That they had adverse conditions as a child that has made them the way they are today. However, we must deal them in unfortunently the only way they understand. There are many and many at risk. This takes leadership from the top down and money away from other projects. The UPD, The Governor and the Police need to be systematically replaced. We are many and they are few but we must organize. Our security and safety away from the hands of criminals and politicians who would do this country harm for their own personal gain is the most important thing we can do at this time. From their we can rebuild to the peacefulness we once had. We could be the #1 island in the Sun.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The people must also ban together to make sure that West Bay Road is not moved.  The people own that road not the premier he has no right to give it Dart if the people ar against it.

  14. The lone Haranguer says:

    It appears that you guys what to hold back Cayman not save it. You guys have fixed your business, me too, but we must give the next generation of Caymanians a chance to fix thier business or this country will become an armed camp like a lot of the other caribbean islands.

    • Anonymous says:


      It's obvious, you have two types of people making their comments against anything development.

      One that already brown nosed the foreigners for their money, now they want them out of their country. For 40 + years we been inviting these  money man to our Island, used their money to our advantage…now we spit in his face.

      And the fool that do not know whether he is going forward or backward.

      Haranguer, you speak of giving  the next generation of Caymanians, a chance to fix their business…do you really think, a people with a crab-in -the barrell mentality, is ready to give them a chance.



  15. Anonymous says:

    Captain Bryan can you start a petition to get rid of our Police Commissioner..I will be first in line to sign it..He is doing more damage to our islands right now than the Chinese would to the North Sound.Crime is running rampant and the man can't even come out and say what his strategy will be to resolve it..I have had enough!

    Please help us!!

    • cayman stew says:

      Sorry, Marlon Bodden (see News 27), one of the highest Caymanian officers in the RCIP now, is suppose to take the rap for this crime wave. The Commissioner of Police is missing in action, and have abstain from making speeches.  

  16. Anonymous says:

    another day….another u-turn by this sorry shambles of a government……

    anybody with a sense of pride would resign after this type of humiliation….

  17. who cares? says:

    ya mean it took a foreign interest to hear us?

    ya mean our own representatives are not listening to us?

    now what does this tell us CAYMAN?

    Big broom – clean sweep coming!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Seems like this group should be called "Just oppose it"

    No matter what is proposed, we will "Just oppose it" without knowlege, understanding, reason, justification, facts, on and on and on.

    Funny how those who have it all are the main voices of these groups who share nothing with the poor nor support the youth.

    Be real folks, think, read, understand, ponder, then speak.

    Not in the reverse order.

    • Swine says:

      Could the reason for this be because every idea that the government comes up with is completely destructful, essentially selling or giving away a chunk of this country, will only benefit 3 people, while it us the people, yourself included (unless you are Mckeeva's pal) who will pay for it all, including having to live with the consequences for the rest of our lives? It seems as though you could be one of MacSellouts pals, either that, or you are just as retarded and short sighted as they are.

      • Anonymous says:

        Swine, So you are one that oppose everything this Government support? How can you say that everything that this Govcernment comes up with is destructful, and they are giving away or selling out a chunk of this country.

        I know of hundreds of  Caymanians…especially West Bayers.. are now busy working in the construction industry… paying their bills, feeding their children, taking vacations.  

        My friend, we have been giving away and selling this Island since the late 60s, long before Mac or UDP came along. I hope you never sold or gave away any of your own land , i guessyou were one Caymanian that was born with the silver spoon in your mouth.

         I don't know who you taking a swing at,I'm not one of Mac's sell out pal, but I am a UDP supporter, and  a hard working Caymanian, like many thousands of us, that depends on development, to survive in our beautiful  little Islands.

        It seems like you are against anyone that support Mac's Government.  I voted for the UDP, like many others.( the retards you call us) You sure got a chip on your shoulder for Mac, but I don't think you worry him much, he has a savior. God bless!

        • Swine says:

          Then you shall stand tall and proud when your children and grandchildren have absolutly nothing to remind them of who they are or where they came from, and have nothing to offer, for themselves or to anyone else. This situation is evident even today, and it is increasing at an alarming rate. Im sorry that you voted for the UDP, I am not evena registered voter, I have yet to see a government who really stands for the people and country, but if i ever come across one, i will be sure to register and cast a vote for it. I am also a hard worker, I am very delighted that I am able to join you in these ranks, I have to be if I want to afford to eat every night, or pay my rent, or be able to do anything that every other regular person can do by an honest means. I also know a lot of people who have the same privilages that you mentioned, even outside of the Cayman Islands! If you love these "beautiful little islands", how can you support the senseless and endless destruction of our environment? Do you know know that our environment is the number 1 product for the pillar of our economy? Are you able to understand that if our environment is destroyed, we will have no economy? Or are you just another UDP zombie? Maybe when that happens, you can go complaining to them so that you can get a "RETARDED" response like this: "Aalla unah jes cumpleenin bout eriting I tryin do, why unah doont cum up wit bedda ideas den since unah got so much ta say and compleen bout". Please tell me, if our environment will not be destroyed by every single project that your UDP government is proposing, then what, in your own words,  is happening? I apologize if you were offended by me saying "retarded", it was just a figure of speech for being "misguided". Almost everyone, myself included, finds that they have been misguided at some point. Believe me, I have made mistakes, but that is in my own life, not to the detriment of an entire country. Even if you continue to support UDP and their relentless destruction of this country, I would not say again that you are retarded, but you would still certainly be misguided and short sighted.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, my Caymanians, try to read more, get the facts,  before you open your mouth…be real, stop the damn gossip. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    If Save Cayman really wants to help the country they can go beyond what they are against, which seems everything and state what they are in favor of.

    Are Save Cayman against moving the landfill to protect the North Sound? The leaching of polution from the current landfill into the North Sound is a very serous problem.

    If they are truly concerned with the health of the North Sound then the landfill needs to be addressed.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don't get it? they are in favor of nothing,as long as Mac is in the seat.

      Watch and see if they don't go against where the land fill will be relocated to.


    • nauticalone says:

      And what's stopping you from a "Save Cayman" activity?      Or are you committed to "Not Save Cayman"?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I would love to see Save Cayman now be able to direct energy also towards a National Environmental/Conservation Law.  Even though it took so much work to obtain the signatures for the North Sound petition; perhaps we could finally get Government to turn its attention to the negligence shown towards our environment as a whole (not just piece by piece).

    If such a Law could be brought to a vote and passed (2 entirely different things) future projects impacting the environment in any way would be limited by that Law.  Of course there might be a fight with every proposed project as I'm sure developers will try to circumvent the law – but if the law is in force it will make Government have to step up to the plate to enforce its laws and the Courts will then have firm guidance for infractions of the law.

    At the moment, any developer can put forth any EIA and there is NOTHING to legally counter act with.  We need such a law now!

    Our waters, land and wildlife need the protection; our homes and lives need the protection!  Our way of life – without such a law will forever change to its permanent detriment.

    The voice of the People can make these changes for the betterment of all! In the process, the politicians may get an awakening they have not counted on – but they also just might 'get' what we're all talking about (finally).


    • Pending says:

      No Conservation Law will be enacted until all these "supposed" projects have started.

      It doesnt take a genius to figure that out.

      Look at the size of Shetty's Hospital, The Technological Park, the numerous piers, the new quarry, Barkers, etc etc.

      When these projects are started, there will be no need for a Conservation Law, as there will be nothing left to conserve.

      • Anonymous says:

        maybe you should listen and act, as the above post says, and not just roll up in a ball and whine.

  21. Beachboi says:

    What a waste of resources!!  The Premare is convinced in his own mind that owners of "super yachts" want to come to Cayman, but look what happened when the Premier of Qatar came here and took one look at Mount Trashmore from his yacht and boarded his private plane for Mexico.  NufSaid.  Mc Keever buy a vowel, and stop wasting our time and money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  22. nauticalone says:

    Excellent job!….all involved with "Save Cayman".