Imparato presses on with port

| 10/06/2011

(CNS): Despite meeting considerable opposition to his proposed port development, Joseph Imparato revealed that he intends to submit formal plans to the government today (10 June) along with the findings of the EIA. Calling on the people not to march or demonstrate with trucks against it, he said there had been a lot of misinformation that he had come to East End to correct. At the first open public meeting held by the developer in the district more than 200 people attended, and when the local MLA asked for a show of hands for and against the proposal only two people offered their support. Following a short video presentation and a more than hour-long walk through of theEIA, the people made it clear they did not welcome the development. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The presentation was met with considerable scepticism by the audience, which packed the district's civic centre as speakers pointed out the many contradictions. Imparato and his team heard the concerns that the people had over the water lens, potential flooding, the dive sites, the natural environment, the impact on the community and the future costs to the people to complete the cargo port and supporting infrastructure once Imparato had dug the hole.

Several speakers, including people from East End, West Bay, North Side and George Town, told the developer that there was little support for the project across the island and asked him not to press ahead.

In the audience were representatives from the local business community, quarry operators, the dive industry, and the wider tourism sector, as well as political representatives.

Arden McLean, the MLA for East End, said that the people of his district did not support the development as he said his constituents viewed it as an invasion of their lives from which they would not benefit.

“Your project is not welcome in this community,” McLean said.  “And when people are not welcome they should not try to impose themselves.” He also said that the developer had shown a lack of respect to the East End people when he had undertaken a massive advertising campaign to try and persuade people to support the project but had placed only a small ad in the notices section of the paper when it came to announcing his intention to come to the district. “The people should not be treated merely as an obstacle that you have to overcome,” McLean added.

A number of questions were raised by the audience about the marl and whether that would be sold here or exported, the nature of the proposed agreement with government for the development zone and the exemption from taxes and duties, how much of the project Imparato would actually develop and what joint venture partners he had with other investors for the various proposed elements of the facility, such as the oil storage, the transshipment and cruise home port and yacht marina.

Pressed by North Side MLA Ezzard Miller about how the project would be developed, Imperato said that down the line he would be seeking investors in joint ventures  to partner with him. He said, however, that there were no plans to partner with government for the cargo facility as that would be up to the Port Authority to decide what to do. He also said he would be responsible for the ring road around the project, but government would pay for the east-west arterial to link the facility to the rest of the island.

He revealed that there is, as yet, no deal in place with government and that he had been asked to complete the EIA and the economic assessment before it would begin discussions.

Despite the level of opposition and the crowded hall, the people remained calm, and while there was a police presence, there were no angry exchanges. Several speakers articulated the opposition to the project and the reasons why and asked the developer to consider using his land for other projects. Woody DaCosta spoke of the very real and widespread fears of the threat posed by the development to the water lens, which were not alleviate by the comments of the author of the EIA, who said it could be prevented.

Bo Miller spoke about the wider environmental risk being too great when the project was not needed or wanted. “Thank you for your presentation but it’s a risk we don’t need to take,” he added.

Opposing the project from a very different prospective, local attorney Sammy Jackson, who was representing the quarry operators, pointed out that his clients were very uncomfortable about the arrangements between government and the developer if the project was approved. He said his clients had to follow an onerous legal process in order to quarry at all and they were faced with the biggest every quarry in the islands' history and it appeared as though the developer would be allowed to completely by-pass the usual rules, creating exceptionally unfair competition.

Billy Adam, a veteran environmentalist and campaigner for good governance, pointed out that the Cayman Islands had been warned about over development back in 1999 in a study that Imparato was himself a party too. He also reminded Pilar Bush, whose company is representing the public affairs element of the project, of her role in the Go East campaign when she was director of tourism and the goal to ensure sustainable development in the eastern districts and to learn the lessons from over development on the rest of the island. Bush answered that she believed the East End Sea Port proposal would have a tourism benefit and help boost the sector.

Rounding up his comments about the dangers of the project, Adam also noted that the right to demonstrate and march was a very important democratic right utilized the world over by the people to show their opposition.

Following the meeting, Bush told CNS on behalf of the developer that the opposition encountered in East End would not derail the process which the developer had started and still intended to follow. While acknowledging the not unexpected opposition at the meeting, she said that the developer had received considerable support across the community for the proposal. In the end the project will be down to the decision of government.

After the meeting last night the two district MLAs have confirmed that they will be posting bill boards on Tuesday afternoon on the piece of crown land at High Rock that the developer will need to use in order to begin his  project. They will be hosting a fish-fry to raise support for the opposition campaign.

See EIA and other details of the commercial port here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CNS, are rumours true that this is going to Cabinet soon?

  2. Stryker Ebanks, WB says:

    If the people clearly don't want to have a gaping hole in the side a East End and it seems that Imparato is goin ahead with this. Suppose say we go through ANOTHER economical downfall and we cant afford to continue building for the time being. Then what? Then we have a massive hole in the side of East End waitin to flood and destroy even MORE land. Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised one bit to hear that protest become physical and violent. Yes, not everyone is standing up. But those who are can only be peaceful for so long. This is OUR island, OUR home, where WWEE live! Why we lettin dem do dis to us nuh?! We can only be peaceful fa so long yuh nuh. When it turns violent, and all hell breaks loose, wa dey goin do? bes jus avoid the whole ting in da first place man. chuh. besides, wit all dis violence and robbing and guns goin round, da LAST ting da goverment need buisiness demselves wit is rapin East End. dey jus tryin keep dey minds off the fact dat while dey gettin paid, we walkin round worried dat we goin be da nex to get mug or shot. why dont dey try so focus more on that CCTV plan? That's much better than destroying the lil bit a un-devoloped land we ga left up yah so. is ridiculous how how foo fool we government can be sumtimes. ESPECIALLY now. Is a democracy fa a reason. WE get to vote on what goes on. obviously we dont wan no seaport up East End, so jus forget about it. save demselves the pain a gettin bottles and rocks nd ting thrown at em. Cuz i bet da wa goin end up happenin if dey continue wit dis. Serious talk, jus leave East End alone and un-developed please. Nice, beautiful, and relaxing. Just how everybody likes it.  

  3. Gold Digger says:

    Oddly I am now thankful there is such a thing as roll-over.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As I've always said….Caymanians are quick to open their mouths and talk. We certainly know how to do THAT! But when it comes to action, we FAIL. Just like how the people had the choice of whether or not we wanted to elect the UDP, the people also have a choice as to whether or not we will allow this project to move forward. Now let's see just how far we will go to protect out beloved isle Cayman. Sitting down infront of your computer and mouthing off on CNS pulls no weight….it can only assist as a way for us to vent. Show yourselves when the time is right and show that we do NOT want this project to move forward. Stop yappin' and start acting!

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians the time is now to MARCH!

      If you do not then you will be marched over by oppressive governance and greedy destructive developers knowingly destroying the East End Water Lens, the scenic Sea View Drive, leaving Caymanians taxpayers to pay for all of the infrastructure external to the Mega Quarry.

      How much sense is there in several ships bringing rocks each week and Mega Quarry shipping out our rocks each week? 

      Only DUMBOS could support this crazy damaging nonsense. 

      Caymanians the time is now to MARCH!

  5. Anonymous says:

    you know fair dues to this guy for addressing the public…your concerns should be why your leader isn't doing the same!!!  I am not a PPM'r either…they are cut from the same cloth but merely not in power right now.


  6. Silly Rabbit says:

    You people calll 200 people in attendance "considerable opposition"???  No wonder that government and their cronies run roughshod over you…   You want to show opposition, you brink the whole da$n town to the show.  Pathetic and gutless display!  You deserve the stinking hole that you're going to get stuck with.  Trix are for kids boys and girls!  That's right, truth hurts…

    • Backstroke!! says:

      If the people truly wanted to be there in support of the two MLA's  against the RAPE in EAST END and  the  Island in general,    the writer is correct,

       there should have been busses provided from each end of the island to ensure attendance.

      Alden what happen to your bus tours the PPM has when they want to show off.   Arden you go man, forget the PPM they are as useless as a tit on a mule. To all Caymanians, expats, now is the time to show courage

      No no we wont go,

      We nah giving in to Imparato

      He and mac have to go.   

      • SillyRabbit says:

        The politicians and their cronies need to be "tarred and feathered" (figuratively) out of town.  The only language that they understand is civil disobedience.  Anything else does not cut it…  Trix are for kids. 

        Silly Rabbit

  7. Anonymous says:

    1) The total land area of Grand Cayman is 76 square miles. Discounting the fact that a significant portion of this is wet land – 1 sq mile = 640 acres.  Or, the 500 acres of the initial phase is 1% of the entire land mass. Multiply by 3 for the 1,500 total development area proposed, add 1% for the Shetty Hospital, add 1% for the Enterprise Zone, add % … By comparison, if a project of this relative magnitude were to be built in Florida it would occupy 675.6 SQUARE MILES.  Would the writers of the EIA be so indifferent to the problems if they had to deal with them on these terms?

    2) It makes no sense whatsoever, on an island that is already importing fill, gravel and sand from  the Brac, Jamaica and elsewhere to permit someone to sell the land out from under our feet (literally, S), tax free at that.  Couple this with the fact that it seems to be left to the people of the Cayman Islands to find the means of building the necessary road to the so-called port and it is a double rape of the land. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Here's an idea.  Put the shetty hospital on the Brac.  the majority of the elderly live there anyway.  Also it will help the Brac's economy. Encourage travel there other than just the divers.  Provide Brackers with medical tourism income.

      Put the special economic zone on the Brac.  If they aren't competing with local business anyway it may as well go there.  Again it will help the Brac's economy.  Seriously, let's be realistic about this one, they aren't honestly going to hire Caymanians.  It is all a facade for the ones involved to make money.  Once the building has been built and the money has been paid out, the individuals responsible for this will take their money and run.  It's been done before. 

      Scratch this East End nonsense and send Imparato back to his home country.  I hear he has people anxiously waiting on him starting with the tax man.  Anyone want to make a quick buck?

      • Loopy Lou says:

        It is hard enough to get top end staff to come to Grand Cayman.  Suggesting a cultural and infrastructural vaccum like the Brac would be a non-starter.

        • Firefly says:

          Odd comment Loopy Lou.  Are you suggesting that you are not "top end staff"?


  8. Anonymous says:

    Bringing forward an excellent post that is now buried half way down page 2.

    "The crowd waited patiently for more than an hour as Imparato and his representatives made their presentation. They did not address the value of the marl, number of jobs the proposal would be expected to create, nor the size of his investment. They certainly had their opportunity.

    "Imparato did state plainly that he would not fund roadworks for the East West Arterial needed to connect the project site. He did state that he would fund the rerouting of Sea View Road to form a ring road around the site.

    "Imparato did state that he will not be developing the cargo facility (ie that portion of the project that would allow for the movement of the current cargo facility from George Town to the development site) but that depending upon the wishes of government he would be willing to discuss a partnership on that part of the development. This cargo facility is a separate part of the overall project than the proposed transhipment facility.

    "Imparato did not address who would fund the relocation of pipelines from CUC and the airport to the proposed hydrocarbon storage facility at the development site. I heard estimates of $65 million for that alone, or about $5,000 for every family of four in Cayman (based on population estimate of 52,000.) If the developer will not cover those infrastructure costs then clearly it would be recovered from the consumers on our CUC bills and airfares costs.

    "The crowd was not unruly but did murmur amongst themselves as a series of technical problems was sorted out with the audio visual equipment. There was but one noticable interruption when the crowd laughed as the presenter insisted that the 24 hour lighting at the facility would not affect turtle nesting.

    "At long last Imparato came to speak with the people of East End. The people loudly and clearly said, "No thanks." "


    • Anonymous says:

      I would think the joke was on the people, he was right….of course their won't be any disturbance to turtle nesting on IRON SHORE, and the half moon bay beach will finally be developed by whoever ownes that property,next door.

  9. Derwin C Scott says:

    Once again, a ton of anonymous opinions, nothing will ever be achieved  in these islands, because all are afraid to attach their names to anything of any significance, for fear of loosing something; unity is not acheived by remaining in the dark, and spewing opinions, it is acheived by being heard and seen as one. The only way to stop this project is to make ourselves heard and known everytime we give our opinion, then and only then will you see more people joining the opposition of this monster plan, so be seen and be heard

    CNS: Can you register if you use your own name please, so no one else can use your name. The register/log in box is on the RHS column and there are links under the comment box. Thanks!

    • Caymanian 2 D Bone & Proud of It says:

        Mr. Scott, your post is very true, however for those of us who cannot post our comments with our actual names, thank you for standing up and doing so, the fear of  victimization is very evident with in this country, apparently you visit this site often and see how often posters use anonymous  because they fear being identified, by the tyrant leader, this is so very wrong in a "democratic" country, as you have so stated we all need to stand up for our country, but the cost of doing so is the mean reason that so many keep their mouths shut.      

      Thank you again for your post……

    • Anonymous says:

      What makes an anonymous opinion less of an opinion?  This provides a way for people to be heard. 

      For example I am a civil servant, forbidden to sign petitions or express my political views publicly.  I am glad forums like this (that are moderated) exist so I can have my say.  How can you possibly know that it has no effect?

      For one thing the premier is very upset about all the negativity on this site so much so he levels criticism at CNS – Its democracy at work.

      And please remember that everyone has the right to an opinion anonymous or not.


      Anonymous and thank you CNS

    • JJTA says:

      Mr. Scott,


      You are correct in what you have stated. I do, however, completely understand why one, especially if they are in the civil service, would have trepidation over whether or not to stand and be counted by name. To this, however, it must be said that there are things which rise to a level of importance which by it's very virtue of severe and long lasting consequences dictates the necessity to do so come hell or highwater. I for one will say that McKeeva Bush and those of his ilk, Mr Imparato and what he wants to do are creating a situation which has to be dealt with. I have more to fear from what is being done to our country than the consequences for showing vociferous opposition to it and I believe that it is long overdue for everyone to ask themselves just this question. It is true that anonymity brings a level of security to stating one's position but there is definately a loss of the intended impact as a result, in my humble opinion. That being said, my name is Jonathan Adam and I will not stand for what these people are trying to perpetrate on our country as it is completely unacceptable in it's entirety and it is a damn shame that this situation has been facilitated by those who do not really care about Cayman beyond how much money they can extract from this country with no care for the inevitable and deleterious consequences as a result. Stand and be counted, it is your right that cannot be taken away it can only be given away. Freedom of speech has never been free.

  10. O says:

    Mr. Imparato must think that the majority of Cayman's population support his project. And I don't blame him for thinking that way, because he hasn't seen the numbers yet.

  11. Anonymous says:

    He's NOT building a port, why do people keep saying so.  He is NOT building anything, he wants someone else to do that, he is just going to sell them the hole in which to put it.  He will walk away with his millions of dollars from his quarry and say "here you go, I started it, you finish it".  Or as many would say "here you go, I made the mess, you clean it up"  More than likely it would be the people of the Cayman Islands to pay for that.  I am sorry, I don't see why anyone would want this to go ahead.

  12. Anonymous says:

    People of Cayman…March & protest to stop this megalomaniac before the East End & our islands future is destroyed !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for supporting the EAST END MEGA QUARRY MADNESS MARCH.

      How many people will take part in the MARCH?

      Will you be there?

      To stop the EAST END MEGA QUARRY MADNESS it will take at least 3,000 us people. 

      "The world is a dangerous place, not only because of those who do evil, but also because of those who look on and do nothing."
      ~ Albert Einstein

      Send an email AND contact all of the following to ensure that you are kept informed of the EAST END MEGA QUARRY MADNESS MARCH.   Please let us know if you can assist in any way at all, as our parents say “one, one cocoa fill basket”, your “one cocoa” may be the “one” to make the basket full, the “one cocoa” that saves Cayman.

      Get connected at:

      SAVE CAYMAN – Protecting the world from evil.
      Be a part of Saving Cayman… and our FUTURE!!!






      Save East End!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I was at the meetingand it was clear that few came to LISTEN to what was being said. They came to OBJECT to the project and make speeches. As such the technical group that had been brought down was asked only ONE technical question during over 1 hour of disrespect to the panel members- much of which continues today in this blog.

    MLA Ezzard and Arden were very cynical and had snide remarks at best about even the presenter's wife and his education. (Arden has publicly said that he is a "marine engineer" suggesting he knows about hydraulic, fluid and coastal design – how would he feel if Ezzard asked him to show his degree in that and marine projects he has worked on?)

    Others were even worst and made political speeches then walked off from the mic. No one seemed interested in the answers even when they asked them but would not give Imarato the chance to answer. It was a disgrace and a waste of my time but I must say Imparato stuck it out to the end. I give him that credit.

    Maybe now that the "venting" is done and the Pantomime is over we can get back to some serious debating and fact finding about this project.  It is clear that the EIR is not as bad as most thought it would be so they are now trying to discredit the technicians and consultants instead. It will be interested to see what the DOE says about it in a more scientific manner.

    The one thing I did learn is that the waterlens can diminish even by agriculture- the more wells that are dug and water used on the plants, the smaller the waterlens gets and it is totally dependent on rainfall-and we know that has been diminishing over the last 30 years in East End. So Arden's idea that lots of agriculture is good and works with the waterlens is also false. I did not know that. We may even have to stop the Water Authority taking water from the lens as they do now if we are to save it for our grandchildren.

    It is these kinds of things that I wanted to hear more about not some nonsense about what is going to happen with the garbage from the facility.

    Let's get serious- if it is good let's get on with it. If it is bad, lets move on but lets not scare everyone into ignoring the facts and certainly lets not be disrespectful to those that come to give us information.




  14. nauticalone says:

    We will NOT allow this "Big Hole" project.

    The developer is NOT proposing to build a Port (nor the necessary infrastructure needs such as major new roads) he is proposing to dig a hole (AKA a Quarry) and then give us the people of Cayman the hole….(pun intended).

    We will march and protest as much as needed to STOP this "Big Hole".

    Thanks to ALL who are involved with stopping this!

  15. noname says:

    I'm 15 years old and my thing is I just don't understand how our Government has allowed foreign investors purchase more of our land than the Crown Colony posseses. If the Crown Colony basically "owns" us, and there are people with more land than the Crown Colony what does that mean for Cayman? It doesn't really make sense to me.

    But hey, what do I know.

    • big fish says:

      I am trying to understand your point of view. Crown land is any land belonging to the British Monarch. No one can personally own the land. But every other land that is not crown and personally owned, someone else has the right to own and purchase it. However, the controversy with Joseph Imparato, is that although he is the owner of land he wants to quarry and sell, it will not only negatively effect the environment, but the livelihood of other property owners around him. The negative impact to the economy and environment is a complex issue that continues to cause major concerns. But again, remember owning private property is a human right.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thats right. And f**king up an entire country for the sake of the almighty dollar, (of which Mr. Imparato ALREADY has more than enough of), is NOT a human right.

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously know more than our Premare.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Only 200 people showed up to this meeting despite much media coverage prior to the event.

    That is not a significant protest. The elected government would not be acting unreasonably when it approves the project.

    In reality the mood of the people of Cayman appears quite indifferent to the Port which is contrary to the hype on Rooster and in CNS.

    • Details are important says:

      How ridiculous.  Clearly you have missed the point.  The developer placed a very small ad notifying people of the meeting so not nearly as many as oppose the project turned up.  It was also held IN East End.  And on a weeknight. 

      Do not be fooled.  The developer is playing a shrewd media game here because he knows that the government will ultimately be responsive to public opinion.  The entire UDP will not commit suicide for McKeeva, if he should attempt to give it the go-ahead.  Did you miss the bit about him engaging Pilar Bush and other media people to help obscure the truth about this project?  Hint: it really is just a big hole.

  17. Harold says:

    Despite what the crowd says, Joseph and his crew looks like they are determined to pursue their vision to the end. It is all left tothe Premier and the UDP government, and I just hope to God they make the best decision for these islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why not push on? The 'crowd' last night had no interest in hearing what Joe had to say, perhaps the goverment & DER and other parties can engage in a useful discussion and reach an outcome that works for the developer and the country. Last night was an opportunity to speak with the developer and discuss our concerns, unfortunately emotions ran high and the opportunity was wasted.

    • Anonymous says:

      They have already made their decision. The question is, can sensible Caymanians and residents turn out in sufficient numbers in a march to force them to overturn their decision.

    • BORN FREE says:


      No surprise here. What would you prefer: $150 million or the love of the Cayman people (especially if you are not a true born Caymanian)? Despite the overwhelming opposition to his proposed "quarry" (port development?) he says he is "pressing on with it"! This is selfish. In my opinion it is all about the money & not about what is best for Cayman or what the people want. S-E-L-F-I-S-H! Does this man not have any shame, or even a conscience? We all must remember that money is not GOD!

  18. Whodatis says:

    Once again I want to remind the room that this is NOT an EAST END ISSUE but a CAYMAN ISSUE!!

    What we are seeing is the oldest trick in the book known as "divide and conquer".

    We are the Cayman Islands – one unit. Our tourists, visitors and admirers know us as such.

    To attempt a segregation of the people will only serve as an advantage to the "developer" aka "man with a shovel".

    Be not bamboozled Cayman. Unless we stand together in unison against this proposal we will be defeated.

    Wishing a wonderful and safe long-weekend to all.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Pilar is completely incredible. She was Director of Tourism under former Minister Charles Clifford. She helped to author the 2009 – 2013 National Tourism Managment Plan which has the detailed Go-East Initiative Policy document attached to it. The Go-East Policy was developed by Mr. Clifford after extensive consultations with the people of Bodden Town, East End and North Side. The policy is very clearly based on sustainable tourism development. Mr. Clifford tabled these policies in the Legislative Assembly as official Government policy. It is assumed that the UDP was inagreement with these policies since they have yet to draft and table their own policies and must be assumed to have endorsed Mr. Clifford's although they are clearly not compliant with it. The people's wishes are very clearly articulated in the Go-East Policy document and they very clearly said that they wanted development BUT NOT heavy industrial development in the eastern districts. To facilitate the Go East Initiative Mr. Clifford's Ministry put in place programmes such as the business plan templates and mentoring to assist with the deveopment of small businesses via the Investment Bureau, funding through the Development Bank and Marketing advice via the DOT. Pilar was an integral part of this process and is well aware of the feelings of the people in the east…..she attended every consultation meeting hosted my Mr. Clifford in the Eastern Districts. Pilar you know what you're doing isn't right…… must come first…….thats the bottom line ! I challenge you to find your conscience !!! I worked under you Pilar and I know you are being motivated by the wrongs things !!!

    • Anonymous1 says:

      Joe is Ms. Pilar's client. He is paying her for services. You can't expect after payment, she disregard her client!  Come on…. be reasonable!

    • Anonymous says:

      oh come off it!  I agree this port is a horrible idea, but is Pilar really an evil person because of it? 

      She had an employer, DOT, for whom she did stellar work.  She now has a new employer and is working hard to give that employer what he wants.

      If I worked at Hurleys and they don't sell cigarettes, then I go work for Fosters and they do sell cigarettes, does that make me a hypocrite?  No!  I do the best i can for my employer, period.

      Knock it off and stop turning this into a personal attack.

      And I'm speaking to both sides: those opposed to this project aren't ignorant, drug using Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      She was an amazing Civil Servant. Treated like dirt by many above her and worked hard to implement their policies regardless … even when she didn't agree with them in totality. A good employee might not agree, but when the ultimate decision is made he/she does her job.

    • anonymous says:

      Pilar is super at what she does- she should have staid in Tourism. "Go East" was a failed programme of Chuckie and Arden who are only trying to keep the Bodden towners and East Enders poor and waiting for a handout at election time.

      I personaly would preffer a good job, driving or working indoors, than trying to go into the land and back thatch to make a little straw basket to sell some tourist under a coconut tree for $20! Come on Caymanians- Go East was just trying to keep us up here backward.

      As for all you Geaorge Town folks who sold your land and can afford nice things to now want to come up to east end to look out to sea…knock down some of you own houses down south church street and look out there. Time for east enders and north siders to benifit two.

      Okay to sell and profit from that then come say east enders cant develop their land because you like driving up here and your tourist like it two. Hypacritical. 

      Think it was wrong of Billy Adam to suggest that Go East was anything to do with Pilar. She just was doing her job but when you cant touch the message you shoot the messanger.

      • Hello Please says:

        Maybe they should develope an East End School for you 'two'.

        Why don't you move to George Town then if you want all this work and development? Cayman is reaching or going to reach over-capacity and over development. It's sad to watch natural environment go, especially to something this big where digging and destruction takes place.

        Try look at nature and find peace.

      • Anonymous says:


        You are so true, the George towners sold their land to the same people like Imparato, and all got rich and profitted by doing so. You all deserve good jobs, there are more young educated East enders springing up daily, you should'nt have to drive into George Town to look jobs, when it could be at your front door.

        Why should you all now preserve your land, for a show, and a scenic drive.

        Yes, your representitives in the East are trying hard to keep you all poor,and in the dark, you deserve the same opportunity like the rest of us Caymanians.

        If they don't bring opportunities to your district, dont vote for them, in the real world, this is the way it is done. I have never heard of polititions stopping development in any other parts of the world. this is madness.

  20. Anonymous says:

    A bit more on the water lens issue… I was in attendance at the meeting and listened closely to the explanation of how this proposed development may affect the East End water lens – the underground reserve of fresh water that is the largest such reserve in the Cayman Islands.

    The presenter noted a few facts for consideration. At the center of the water lens the fresh water reaches a depth of about 80 feet at a point about 9000 feet (1.7 miles) from the edge of the proposed excavation.

    Modeling indicates that by diggng a hole and allowing seawater to reach further inland the edge of the freshwater lens could be expected to retreat about 12 feet per year and the depth of the lens could be expected to decrease by 3 inches per year. After 50 years this would total a 600 foot retreat of the edge of the freshwater aquifer and a decrease in its maximum depth to about 67.5 feet. 

    It is difficult to estimate how many gallons of freshwater reserve would be lost in such a scenario. The capacity of the undergroundf aquifer depends in part upon the size of open spaces within the limestone that underlies the island. The developer's presenter did state that any such large voids that might be found during excavation could be sealed with an impermeable filler such as concrete in an effort to reduce the interaction between groundwater and seawater.

    There are various means by which such change in the aquifer might be remediated through engineering solutions. At this time the developer is not proposing to carry out such measures on a preemptive basis. The developer proposes to monitor the situation and carry out remediation if the groundwater seems to be affected.

    A lady did ask why such engineering solutions would not take place during the initial build phase. The developer's presenter did not answer that question but did reiterate that monitoring would take place.

    It was not discussed to what extent carrying out such engineering changes at a later date would affect the overall project nor was there a discussion of to what extent changes would have to occur in order to cause remedition efforts to begin.

    • Anonymous says:

      The lady is not qualified to model the freshwater lens and no one who is qualified has passed judgement on her model so far as is known from the EIA.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The turn out was pathetic! No wonder nobody is taking the people seriously. Caymanians – if you want to be heard, you need to stand up and you need to stand together. Stop sitting down and waiting for everyone else to do it for you! Get of your asses and let your voice be heard.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, now the MARCH must not be 200 people it needs to be 2,000 people.

      Show the world that you care, that fancy computer pictures does not bend your mind for what is right for Grand Cayman.

      If you love the Cayman Islands and your future great grandchildren then join us in the MARCH.

      Watch this space for more news.

  22. Anonymous says:

    East Enders are just being selfish, and more precisely, the older East Enders.    Here is an opportunity being presented for a significant capital injection into developing Cayman's infrastructure for the next century.    Yes, there will be some very small environmental impact, but most of the existing environment will remain intact.    Here is an opportunity to have your children live and work in the Cayman Islands, and outside of Cayman central business district.

    Not everyone can get university degrees and work in the financial industry.  Some need good blue collar jobs and there are very few of these in Cayman, and even fewer that offer decent pay.   There are rich and poor, but a shrinking middle class.  Here is a chance to expand the middle class. 

    Im dissappointed that a selfish short sighted few want to ruin it for your kids.   Too bad. 

    • noname says:

      Very small environmental impact?  You mean like from Mt. Trashmore?  Just what and how many jobs do you think will available to the typical Caymanian worker over the skilled and experianced ex-pat?  More than is available now?  If its a port won't it make sense that those working in the port now will just be moved over?  If your worried about a future for your kids you might want to put more of your energy into getting the never ending school jobs finished so more Caymanian kids are hireable.  There is a big difference between selfish and smart.

      • Anonymous says:

        Get you children educated and keep them off drugs. teach them to be productive citizens. follow your mom and dad foot steps, give them good advice, teach them good manners.

        Lets start a blog to teach  Caymanians to get themselves asserted, prepared. Get educated and trained for these up coming jobs, show them that you care. Lets look on the possitive side for our people.

        Ezzard, Arden, you should be taking a motion to the assembly, to ask the Government to assess every Caymanian, man and woman, that is employable, and start to get them prepared for these future positions.

        Because they will come, sooner than later, and you dont want to leave out these Caymanians that you say you care for, and love.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, please. The majority of jobs generated by that project will most likely go to the permit holders, just like what is happening in the financial sector and at the law and accounting firms. The only people really benefiting are the foreigners. The only time a Caymanian will benefit is when the employer have to satisfy Immigration  Boards and  try to boast about how many Caymanians they have on staff. They are simply satisfying the satus quo.  The same thing will happen in EE. A Caymanian might get a job just so the ratio of permit holders relative to Caymanians  can appear to be somewhat balanced.  Caymanians, don 't hold your breaths for any jobs up in EE, because there wont' be enought to go around after the permit holders are hired.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, most of these jobs will go to work permit holders if we don't get off our lazy asses, and stop begging our parents and other siblings to support us.

        One can drive from one end of the Island to the other, and see strong, strapping men sitting down doing nothing, no ambition… it seems like that was lost two generations ago.

        We don't want to dirty our little pinky…well then get your lazy asses in an evening class at our collage, and get an education, assert yourself, practice good work ethics, good attitude,then you can prove to any employers that you really want a job.

        Whenever this happens, no one will need to emport someone to take your jobs.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The the person "Approximately 200 attendees. What portion of the voters list this represent"..I would say most of the East Enders. The people who live there. People need to stop imposing themselves on other people and leave people alone.

  24. true saying says:

    "For the love of money is the root of all evil:

    which while some coveted after,

    they have erred from the faith, and

    pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

    1 Timothy 6:10

    King James Version

  25. Anonymous says:

    Ah, but “A bird in the hand is better than two in the Bush”

  26. Anonymous says:

    Cayman will be more valuable in the long run NOT being like the rest of the world. Move to Miami if you want Miami. The people in the USA come and spend money in places like this becuase it is not like the USA

  27. Anonymous says:

    I am a East Ender and was at the meeting last night. I also had the opportunity to voice my oppostition to this project. I can also say with out a doubt in my mine that the major of my fellow East Enders feel the same way I do.

    I would also go on to say that the major of East Enders are not against development in fact we are hungry for some kind of development that will provide us jobs. Please understand that as much as we are hurting for development this is not the answer.   

    • Save Salinas and Mastic says:

      Another very important reason to oppose this project:

      The extension of the East West artillery which the government would have to finance is gazetted to go directly through the middle of the Salinas and the Mastic Reserves. Two of the only protected areas in Cayman! The main habitat and breeding ground of the Blue Iguana. 

      All of our cargo trucks and cruise ship passengers will be making road kill out of these majestic creatures we have fought so hard to protect and bring back from the brink of extinction. 

      Iguanas unaware of the dangers, like to sun themselves on tarmac. Or will be killed in routine walks through what was previously their safe haven. 

      This type of development is not the type of development the people of these islands want for the Eastern Districts. We want prosperity in these districts for the people who live their and the entire island. And small scale projects which will maintain the character, authenticity and pristine and rustic nature of the Eastern Districts will be greeted warmly. The type of development desired for the East does not necessitate the extension of the East West artilery, particularly if it remains routed through or near our nature reserves. 

      What was the point of the Go East initiative?! Please take that report off the shelf, dust it off and read again what the people of Cayman, East End and North Side wish for the future of this treasured area.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Artillery?  I hope you mean "artery".  Surely it hasn't come to artillery!

    • Anonymous says:

      What about the opinions of non East Enders or don't they count? If Joe & Shetty walk away and all you end up with is the dump you really shouldn't be surprised. 

  28. Anonymous says:

    GO Joe Go, keep on with it, pay no mind to these ignorant naysaying Izzard and Alden lackies.We need more people like you here and  A lot of us support what you are doing here because we want a future where our children have more to look forward to in thier lives than Crab Chasing and Fishing which means we want to leave them property that actually has good value and we want them to have bussiness and Job opportunities to take advantage off. These people who are opposing you are not thinking of the well being of our childrens future. They don't realize that the Cayman Islands is just one small part of a hugh ball of water and if we stand to survive we have to keep up with the rest of the would. So my hat goes off to you and know that you have a great deal of support even if you don't see it in print or protests.

    Thank you CNS if you decide to actually post this comment in support the East End Sea Port and further development of the island, for our Childrens future and our Childrens Childrens future. 

  29. Anonymous says:

    "Following the meeting, Bush told CNS on behalf of the developer that the opposition in East End would not derail the process which the developer had started and still intended to follow. "

    CNS, at first, I thought you were talking about McKeeva Bush… I think you should amend the article. It almost looks like you have implied McKeeva here. The article should read:

    "Following the meeting, Ms. Pilar Bush told CNS on behalf of the developer that the opposition in East End would not derail the process which the developer had started and still intended to follow. "

    CNS: The only Bush referred to in the article is Pilar Bush.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hello Mr. Imparato,

    I do not know whether this is a good thing or not, but say just in case you get to go ahead with it we are trusting that you will give more consideration to the local caymanians in regards to filling the positions, unlike the rest of the hole diggers.  The only employ phipipinos where they can put 6 in a room.  All  am asking is that you put them to shame by employing Caymanians. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps if the Caymanian laborers would work as hard and show up when they're supposed to, they would be hired over the Phillipinos you so blatantly insult.


      There is no grand conspiracy to avoid  hiring Caymanians.  An employer simply wants to hire the best person for the job and that includes work ability, work effort and cost.  NOT what color they are or where they come from.





      • Anonymous says:

        wrong, they want slaves.  Philippinos/wp holders won't say anything when they:

        1.  have to pay their own permits,

        2. don't have health insurance

        3. don't have pension

        4. work overtime for only CI$150 a week

        • Caymanian says:

          ok get over it!  i have alot of friends who are filipinoes

          • Anonymous says:

            "And yet the 'Philippinos/wp holders' still show up for work when they're supposed to and put forth greater effort than the Caymanian laborers on the same job making twice as much.


            Who would you hire?"

            "ok get over it!  i have alot of friends who are filipinoes"

            Please note that I have two cousins that are married to Philipinos and I love them dearly.  I'm not against Philipinos.  My point is because they are desperate, they will do whatever they have to do to earn money especially since they have the threat of being sent home over their head.  They are being taken advantage of.  It costs a lot of money for them to come here.  Of course, they will hire the Philipino who will work for $150 a week (48 hours or more), no health insurance or pension over the Caymanian who will expect $300 a week and insurance and pension.

        • Anonymous says:

          And yet the 'Philippinos/wp holders' still show up for work when they're supposed to and put forth greater effort than the Caymanian laborers on the same job making twice as much.


          Who would you hire?



    • Anonymous says:


      As far as I got to understand Mr. Imparato met with most heavy equipment , and truck opperators, and promised to work with you guys on his project.

      I guess you also realise that most of the objections are coming from these  hole diggers, that are rapeing the general public with their high prices for their products, and at the same time hiring cheap labour….it's called greed, and self preservation.

      Hats off to Mr. Imparato, if he is only doing a quarry at this time, the cost of doing business in Cayman might get better, and affordable.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Approximately 200 attendees. What portion of the voters list this represent?

    • B. B. L. Brown says:

      I don't know what portion of the voters it is, but I know what 2 out of 200 is.  I'ts 1 percent.  That means 198 Caymanians out of 200 didn't express a desire to waste money on this boondoggle.  Hello!!!  Are our leaders listening? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello!  Are you really interested in percentages: 200 attendees, 2 in favour, the rest opposed:

      1% For the project.

      99% Opposed to the project.

      Get real.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is your point?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Millionaires are competative and don't like to lose. How they are is what has made them they way they are. It may start out as a money making venture but in the end some will often win at any cost to just win. Money and Success can put a chip on your sholder that is also tempered with humilty and patience. No one like to be told no. This is the look of a man who wants to win.

  33. befuddled says:

    I too attended the meeting last night and was amazed at the total disregard and contempt that was displayed by Mr. Imperato toward the people. It also appeared that all of the panelists were of the opinion that everyone in the audience were  total idiots and could not decipher for ourselves when B.S. was being rammed down our throats. I have a feeling that there will be many people sitting in front of that bulldozer with MLA Mclean if this madness is allowed to go through.

  34. anon says:

    To "Forelock",

     Yes the Port, the Fuel Tanks etc. all need to be looked at or re-located, but that DOES NOT necessitate the excavation of almost 14 Million Cubic Yards of Rock (not Marl).

     There is a Proposed alternative that was done at considerable expense (including an EIA), that offers a viable option of which the parties involved in this proposed project ARE AWARE, but which has been kept away from the publics eye.

     For them to have excluded it from consideration in their proposal is nothing short of Deception.

     The 'Dump' is already being addressed elsewhere by other parties.

     I do agree with you however, the People MUST be SEEN and HEARD on this very important matter that will not only impact us, but ALL generations that will follow.

    • Forelock says:

      Are you saying that Mr. Imparato has another piece of land somewhere else that has the same potential for development but without any opposition?

      Even if he does, which I doubt, he would have the right to decide which is the most viable and to pursue only that option. He would not be under any obligation to reveal any alternative plan he may have looked at. It's certainly not deception of the public if he should he chose not to share both plans.

      If the Government had had the foresight to realize that the port / landfill / fuel tanks ought to be relocated and if they had commissioned a study of potential sites then they would obviously have to show the public what those alternatives were because the public had paid for those studies to be carried out.

      Part of the reason that Cayman's wealthy entrepreneurs are putting forward plans to deal with these huge infrastructure problems is precisely because there has been a vacuum of foresight from the Government. That is why Mr. Dart has stepped in to the landfill problem.

      It's simply not true for anyone to say that people such as Mr. Imparato and Mr. Dart are only interested in short term gain for themselves. They don't need to work that hard. They do however deserve to make a profit in the event they are successful.

      No. What we are seeing in all this opposition for opposition's sake to everything that Mr. Imparato and Mr. Dart want to do for the island is the average trible man, trapped in his herd mentality, wanting to cut down to size those very few that run faster and think quicker than the herd. 

      Mr. Imparato clearly outclasses the herd in terms of vision, tenacity, financial wherewithal and leadership capability. The herd needs such outliers to get something done that needs to be done so that the whole herd can benefit.



    • Anonymous says:

      We agree.

      The best way for people to be SEEN and HEARD is to join us in the MARCH FROM THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY TO THE NEW GOVERNMENT BUILDING!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I read this article thru it's entirety… and although CNS states Mr. Imparato can write his own comments here… it seems in this article that Mr. Imparato did not get a chance to answer questions completely at this meeting. I did not get his views on all that was discussed.  

    Is this objective reporting?


    • Anonymous says:

      10:59, I was at the meeting albeit I left at 11:30, but most of the meeting was people's commentary and opinions on why they did not want the seaport. 

      Unfortunately, a lot of questions were asked, but before anyone could answer anything, someone else got up to ask another question or go on with a new rant on why they did not want the port.

      I went to ask questions and I unfortunately to have an opportunity to say anything and I did not hear answers to the questions that were posed.

      So the reason, I believe there is not much reporting on Mr. Imparato's answers, is because he was not given an opportunity to answer.

  36. Anonymous says:

    That's right McKeeva wanted a large population and now we have to make sure they have work…I won't say have work so they don't rob us becuase it is our own who are doing that on all levels

  37. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe this is being put across as a planning issue.  A project of this magnitude that will have an enormous impact is clearly a political issue.  In a democratic system the government must act on the will of the people.

    The developer and his PR team will not have the countries best interest at heart.  They could never convince me of that.  They have their bank accounts at heart only.

    I hope the government does what it is paid to do and represent the people.  And for the proponents that predict gloom and doom if we 'don't' have this port, let us wait and see if you are right and if you are, it is at least the will of the people.  That is democracy at work.  If you push this through because you think it will be good for us, how different are you from despotic regimes?

  38. Richard Wadd says:

     Firstly, a large parcel of the land that Mr. Imperato is proposingto "Quarry" was previously owned by a group who bought it for that very purpose in the mid 1970's.

     Their application was DENIED by Planning, because of concerns for the Impact that the Quarry would have on the Water Lens.

     Can we afford another Lawsuit?

    Secondly, Cruise Lines are very Profit-driven businesses, as can be observed by the various changes and mergers that have been taking place within that industry within just the last 5 years.

     WHY would they even considder 'Home-Porting' in East End, when this would add considerable costs to re-suppling and fueling these massive vessels on a WEEKLY basis?

     Thirdly, with THREE (3) Major Cargo Trans-shipment Ports in the Caribbean Basin area (ie. Jamaica, Panama and Bahamas), why would any Cargo Line be remotely interested in using such a limited facility that is OUTSIDE of the usual commercial shipping lanes, and offers a very limited harbour? 

     Has any Cruise Line or Cargo Line expressed interest in using this "Facility"?

     Too much doesn't add-up to make anyone believe that this is anything else but a Grand Scheme to create a massive Quarry.


    • Anonymous says:



      If the government of the day is not willing then I would hope that the Crown would insist upon a referendum.

      Such a project would affect the seabed and the coastline. I know the narrowest strip of land along the coast is considered Crown property. Not sure about the seabed. It seems that the Crown should hear the voice of the people on whether consent should be given to such a change to Crown property.

      Put it to a referendum.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The bottom line regarding this development is if the desired and expected 1st world wages the people of the Cayman Islands seek can be supported without this type of development.

    Before shutting your mind to this statement, please think about it.

    A huge number of Caymanians have moved to the civil service to get a good job and wage but this has been proven as unsustainable.

    The existing infastructure is incapable of supporting the type and level of wages needed in the future.

    Ezzard talks about wanting only bed and breakfasts in the North Side but this is foolish as the population will expand and real wages will be required.

    Like it or not at some point the people will realize that you cannot have George Town as the sole industrial area within the country.

    I am not pretending this is an easy transition, it is a tough decision and risks can be minimized.


    • Anonymous says:

      CNS: After the meeting last night the two district MLAs have confirmed that they will be posting bill boards on Tuesday afternoon on the piece of crown land at High Rock that the developer will need to use in order to begin his  project. They will be hosting a fish-fry to raise support for the opposition campaign.

      Hope they get planning permission for those boards coz last I checked you need planning permission for signs!


    • One fired up individual says:

      Cayman has other options.  The destruction of the environment should not be viewed as a way to improve the country's economy.  As an island the reason visitors desire to see the island is for its pristine beauty, or what is left of it.  Even the expats that live on the island, aside from the nice salaries and warm weather, the beautiful scenary is an attraction. 

      The project appears to be short sighted in its job opportunities with few gaining economically.  It may create a port, but why wasn't other parts of the island looked at eg. the current port and improving that one.  Why is the project looking to destroy a part of the island that is not only beautiful but crown land.  Isn't it dually protected?

      If government agrees with this, the opposition or whomever has the power should report directly to the UK, how the Cayman Islands government is breaching its laws by allowing private developers to destroy crown land. 

      If it is the people that have the power, please post the procedures on how the people are able to report this injustice to the UK, "if" approved.



    • Anonymous says:

      This goes beyond money and jobs! We are destroying something on a large scale we won't EVER be able to get back.

      I said it so many times before, most tropical destinations are putting a lot in the "going green" efforts and preserving their environment. Heck, huge percentrage of other Islands (Seychelles for example) are under preservation and NO development is allowed. B

      But we are happily throwing it all away for a couple of bucks.

      Finally some people start coming around and are able to see longterm down the road. Unfortunately this is nothing this goverment (or any previous government) has ever been able to do and we are now paying the price for their ignorance.

      Look at 7 mile beach! One big hotel went up in a sweetheart deal arrangement – now look what the beach looks like. One big slab of concrete after another.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Dear CNS, why does your article only detail the questions that were asked and not the answers that were given by the developer and those responsible for the EIR? 

    CNS: We have an open forum here. The developer and the aurthors of the EIR are welcome to post comments if they think we missed something.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am referring only to your article – I understood the job of a journalist to be the neutral reporting of the facts – your report only contains the statements and views of the opposing parties. Did Mr Imparato & those who authored the EIA speak at all last night? 

      CNS: The job of the journalist is to report the news and to give, as accurately as we can, a summary of the event, which we have done. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm sorry but the responsibility to report thoroughly, fairly and accurately lies with the reporter and news service/publication. As "Anonymous" pointed out in this post, this story does not do that – reporting the question but not the reponse is curious to say the least. Yes, there is an open forum to discuss the story, however if the story does not give the entire picture, then any discussion will not be informed. To say that the "developers and authors of the EIR are welcome to post comments" does not address this story only reports one side.

      CNS: We are not under any obligation to reproduce anyone's PR. Reporting fairly and accurately does not mean reproducing everything that was said but to accurately convey the mood of the evening for those who were not there. The presentation was a lame rehash of the EIA which did not add anything to the discussion, and the main issue of the meeting was the opposition of the crowd to this proposal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because they had no real answers besides "Support e.e. Seaport"  to any questions/concerns made. duh!

    • Rob I. says:

      I disagree with your response CNS. If you wrote the views and comments of the audience then you must also write what was said in response by the developer and/or his representatives. This balance is very much a part of responsible and ethical journalism. In this artilce you have only told one side of the story.

      CNS: We are under no obligation to write anything and it is the reporter's decision how she wants to write the article. She has condenced a 4 hour meeting into one story — so obviously not everything said will be reproduced — and has chosen to accurately convey the mood of the meeting and to highlight the main points raised. The presentation was merely a rehash of the EIA, which we have linked at the end of the article, and Mr Imperato's brief words have been referred to. 

      • O'Really says:

        Rob I? That "I" is not short for Imperato is it?

        If it is, maybe you could explain on behalf of your dad just exactly what assurances exist now that guarantee that the hole will be converted into a port in due course?

        For anyone seeking to do their own cost/benefit analysis of this project, it seems to me that it is important to know whether the environmental and social risks that Cayman in general and East End in particular are being asked to bear are to be offset against the benefits of a port or a hole. There is quite a difference.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I was at the meeting and recall how people were asking Joe numerous questions, and hardly, Joe was unable to speak (or chose not to speak), because there was one person after the other. No one was controlling the mike.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whose fault is it if the meeting did not have a Chairperson to marshall the questions then allow time for a response.  Mr. Imperato was "Chairman" of CUC for many years, therefore he must know how to run a meeting.

        It is not the public's fault that answers to questions were not given, it is the fault of Mr. Imperato, the meeting organizer.

        Who knows maybe he was only too happy to not have to answer all of the questions!

  41. Blukoto says:

    I have to say I've been on the fence about this, maybe more opposed than for it, but mainly on the fence. 

    But I've been amazed at the number of people in Cayman who are vehemently against it.  Not just the number but the cross section: locals, expats, bankers, maids, contractors, attorneys, waitresses, business owners, educators, West Bayers, George Towner's, even a few Bracer's.  I mean people right the whole way across Cayman really don't want this!

    The only support I've heard is from people who really feel we need to have a new port for the 21st century.  But even those people are not fully in support of this port they just think we need a new one (possibly a new enhanced one at the exisiting site).

    Last thing: please don't demonize Joe or Pilar.  They're both doing their jobs.  Joe's job as an entrepreneur is to create business opportunties. Pilar's job as a consultant and P.R. expert is to represent her client.  Ultimately they will fail and move on to the next project, but will have given it their best shot and that's what we should all do in our jobs.

  42. Dotty Calm says:

    Pilar, ARE YOU SERIOUS?????????

    Here's a news flash for you: The decision on this project will not be made by government. The last time I checked we were still a democracy. I assure you that the final decision will be made by the PEOPLE!

    Politicians had better start remembering what their job is and whom they serve. It is rule by the majority in a democracy not the wishes of a few. If you don't belive this, take a look at the events happening in the Middle East. It can and will happen here when necessesary. The people of Cayman are not stupid. This project may be the straw that breaks the camels back. If this pandoras box is opened it will be most difficult to close. YOU ARE SERIOUSLY BLIND TO REALITY!




    • Anonymous says:

      What world are you living in…? No place where there's a  leader or government, does it matter what the people want, unless it's election time…

      • Dotty Calm says:

        Ah how soon we forget.

        I was a part of the massive protest rally that took place at the Lion's Centre during McKeeva's first term in office. Back then he announced that he was going to raise duties on alcohol and other items that would have a negative impact on tourism. Because of this show of force by the people he backed down. We do have the power and will use it when called upon.


  43. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Imparato is very Disrespectful if the people of this counrty  say they DO NOT want thisport respect them. Yes a few people will get jobs but in the long run the only person that will benifit  and come out on top  is you Mr. Imparato. Wake up people before its too late.

    • Anon says:

      Stop saying the people like it's everyone.. I'm all for the Port! I wish the silent smart ones would open their mouths.

      • Anonymous says:

        Obviously they're either not too smart or they don't exist.

        • Anonymous says:

          We do exist, and  we are smart enough to realise that the people of a country do not run things..what a mess that would be….and their are plenty  of us….  that is why we voted in representitives, thats the way it is, world over….sorry if you think different.

      • Anonymous says:

        Me too, I'm for it, remember the Airport, the seaport, Caymanians were against them too, now look at those two projects today.

        Most people objecting to this don't even know why they are objecting, most are political motivated, because Mac is in the drivers seat, some do not like Imparato, because he is from somewhere else, that is typical of Caymanians, want the milk, but send the cows back  where they cme from.

        Some wants the big castles and their suv, but we mustn't touch the mangroves or our ecology, leave all the trees in place, only clear where I will build my castle.

        By a  Caymanian with common sense, vision and forsight, not many are born with these aptitudes.

        thumb down as much as you want, but you can't come away from the truth. talk to me 2 years from now and you will see what Im saying is true.

        Cayman needs the infastructure badly …and we as Caymanian can't afford it…unless the Government tax us to the hilt…and that will be another story.

  44. Planning says:

    Well, it certainly is time for Cayman residents to find out who is on the Planning Board, when this will be approved by Planning,  and what the Planning laws allow. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please – don't waste your time! At the end, the board is forced to make a decision as dictated by the Minister who has planning on his portfolio. This happens all the time. You don't think for one minute that those board members have the spine to stand up oppose what government dictates, do you?

    • Anonymous says:

      I saw somewhere where the planning law was being changed so  that this project does not have to go through the planning board. Is that not factual?

  45. Anonymous says:

    According to the CNS "At the first open public meeting held by the developer in the district more than 200 people attended and when the local MLA asked for a show of hands for and against the proposal only two people offered their support."

    According to Pilar Bush (whose company is representing the public affairs element of the project) "the opposition encountered in East End would not derail the process which the developer had started and still intended to follow. While acknowledging the not unexpected opposition at the meeting she said that the developer had received considerable support across the community for the proposal. In the end the project will be down to the decision of government."

    It would seem that the "considerable support" was not present at this particular meeting. The government is the people so the people's wishes should be what is represented in the the Government's decision.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just how blind, deaf, and/or gullible are we supposed to be?

      According to the CNS report:

      200 people at the meeting.  99% against; 1% for.  And we are to really trust the Atwater representative's words that this project has "considerable support across the community"???

      So should we put any credibility in ANYTHING else the East End Seaport developers or their consultants say?

      • Anonymous says:

        Good time to call a referendum don't you think. Let the people speak and be heard.

      • Anonymous says:

        and that vote sounds like true DEMOCRACY- not!

        the majority of those attending any meeting on a controversial issue will be against it. Simple statistics. Arden's little vote by a show of hands 'stunt' seems to fool a lot of you…don't be played by showboat politician who uses "I" more than most people do.

    • Anonymous says:

      I estimate only 120 was there and more importantly only 36 were from east end.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I couldn't go …

    what did mr imparato answer to all those questions … how much is the quarry marl worth, and how much is he reinvesting in the port project?

    which bits of the project is he investing in, (the cargo facility?) and which part is he seeking investment for?




    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to 18:03.  You are so far away from the point.  You got personal issues to ask what the marl is worth.  Forget about the D— self issues.  The point here is it good for us the people of the cayman Island, or not.  This is  the whole issues with this project it is all personal.  I dont know one thing about what is being planned, but what I do know is that your personal issues are confusing people. Away with the personal issues.  We need proof that his thing will work.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't think it is a personal issue at all – the person is simply trying to find out how much this deal is worth to Imprarado.  That marl , I would venture to say, is worth tens of millions of dollars , so you can understand why the developer is willing to proceed despite a lack of support.  Cash is King baby!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't know the answers … I went for information but no one would give the man (imparato) barely a chance to answer a question. I REALLY wanted to know and wasn't impressed with all those PPMers that came in to fill the Civic Centre for Arden.

      • Anonymous says:

        9:39 – I am not a PPMer and looking around the audience last night -it was not a PPM event.

        Mr. Imparato had time to answer questions, but sadly he "tripped" several times when a concise answer was needed.

        We need to stop making it a PPM or Arden matter or in fact a East End matter. Half the persons who spoke and asked questions last night were from GT or WB. Read the EIP, look below the surface and you will see that it is a national issue, and the repercussions will affect our children and grandchildren for decades.

        Let us stop politicizing everything. There are persons who are not political animals, but rather educated and concerned citizens who are still waiting for clear answers. So far, none is forthcoming either from teh EIP, the dveloper and surely not the Government.


    • Anonymous says:

      The crowd waited patiently for more than an hour as Imparato and his representatives made their presentation. They did not address the value of the marl, number of jobs the proposal would be expected to create, nor the size of his investment. They certainly had their opportunity.

      Imparato did state plainly that he would not fund roadworks for the East West Arterial needed to connect the project site. He did state that he would fund the rerouting of Sea View Road to form a ring road around the site.

      Imparato did state that he will not be developing the cargo facility (ie that portion of the project that would allow for the movement of the current cargo facility from George Town to the development site) but that depending upon the wishes of government he would be willing to discuss a partnership on that part of the development. This cargo facility is a separate part of the overall project than the proposed transhipment facility.

      Imparato did not address who would fund the relocation of pipelines from CUC and the airport to the proposed hydrocarbon storage facility at the development site. I heard estimates of $65 million for that alone, or about $5,000 for every family of four in Cayman (based on population estimate of 52,000.) If the developer will not cover those infrastructure costs then clearly it would be recovered from the consumers on our CUC bills and airfares costs.

      The crowd was not unruly but did murmur amongst themselves as a series of technical problems was sorted out with the audio visual equipment. There was but one noticable interruption when the crowd laughed as the presenter insisted that the 24 hour lighting at the facility would not affect turtle nesting.

      At long last Imparato came to speak with the people of East End. The people loudly and clearly said, "No thanks."

  47. Anonymous says:

    Isn't it still possible that he can present his proposal and the government officials turn him down?  It hasn't been approved yet, has it?


    The dive industry is the most important part of Cayman's tourist product.  They have been the most loyal tourists over the years.  Destroy the only real attraction we have and we destroy the true beauty of the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey of course he can still send his proposal to government,after all we still have some semblance of freedoms in this country don’t we? The real issue here is not whether its going to be approved by government despite he protests of the people of the eastern districts(we don’t know at this time how many they are) but realistically how many people in total I,e. All over these blessed cayman islands will tell government no. That is the question. So we all can run off our mouths and blog until the conchs start living on land and if we do nothing, then we should just shut the freaking up.

    • Anonymous says:

      I attended the meeting as a person wanting to be informed. What is apparent is that the consultants were not as informed as the people of these islands, the fancy videos did not impress, and the offer of jobs were not believed. In addition, the developer was rude and condescending from the very beginning. He had no straight answers to give to very real questions, and the entire Atwater production failed.

      The people of these islands are not fools. It is time that developers and the Goevrnment stop treating us like pawns to be bought and shuffled around with fancy productions and fluff – we want tangible facts. Sadly this is what is missing.

      As said by so many last night – I am still to be convinced on this project being in the best interest of these islands. Until I am so convinced I will exercise my democratice right (which you do not own Mr. Imparato) and I will march in protest.  

      • Anonymous says:

        I attended the meeting and the people last night were obnoxious and ignorant. They came there with closed minds and didn't even allow the panel the opportunity to answer their questions. I SWEAR the people of Cayman love to spread negativity throughout these islands and are going to destroy every chance we have of some kind of stimulus in this horrible economy.

        The people of East End are fools for not wanting to learn more from Mr. Imparato, he is a billionaire and has the means to offer them jobs and a actual livelihood. But, no they would rather live in a drug laden community that is dying and will soon no longer exist.

        And to promote a protest?!?! Do you not see how protests affect countries such as Libya and Syria, where most people end up injured or dead! Shame on you for wanting to add even more violence to this island!

        • Anonymous says:

          Without protests, you wouldn't have your freedom and wouldn't be able to write your comment!

        • Sav/New says:


          Caymanians marched in 1975 or 76 several times and there was no violence. They marched for many of the issues we are facing today thanks to these buffoons in power. Furthermore, Cayman cannot be compared in no way like Libya, Syria or any of those other dictatorial countries. What we have here in Cayman are a bunch of pathetic wannabe dictators! Hell, this is not even a country for that matter, it's an island.

          March yes!



        • B. B. L. Brown says:

          Dear Mr. Anonymous 11:48,

          After reading your statement, "I attended the meeting and the people last night were obnoxious and ignorant",  I am wondering whether you are "obnoxious" or "ignorant".  Please advise.

        • Anonymous says:

          So just because someone is a millionaire we're supposed to bow down to them and listen to everything they say?

          To be given respect and the right to be heard is to earn it. Mr.Imparato has shown no respect whatsoever towards the people of CAYMAN- he does not deserve to be heard.


    • Anonymous says:

      Diving is a declining sport. Divers spend less than the majority of others and for too long we have been sold the lie that diving is the be all and end all of Cayman tourism. A part of it – yes, the most important part of it. No.

      • Anonymous says:

        It sounds like you are not a diver.  For you to say that diving is a declining sport.  Have you seen the beauty the ocean has to offer?

        How much less does a diver spend? In comparison to who? What is the frequency of visits of these other visitors?


      • Paradise Lost says:

        Don't let the facts get in the way of your premise.  Diving is Cayman tourism.  I have been coming to these three islands for 20 years for one reason…diving.  This is also the truth for the numerous divers I have met on Grand, Little and the Brac.  Cayman has an incredible natural resource that needs to be managed by those who care.

        Is there any topography, like waterfalls, rain forests, etc like many other Caribbean locales?  Outside of the Brac, nope.  Are people coming here to savor Cayman culture?  Nope.  Unfortunately there seems to be little of that around anymore, and no, Margaritaville does not count.

        Outside of Seven Mile Beach, Rum Point and various other beaches what else does Cayman offer the stay over tourist?

        Diving IS integral to the Cayman brand.  Mess with this and most will not like the outcome. 



      • Anonymous says:

        Diving is a declining sport. You really have to get 'down there' to appreciate what it's all about. Please don't mention the magnitude of destruction that this type of 'development' will unleash on every atom of marine life within miles of it. 

  48. Anonymous says:

     Despite meeting considerable opposition to his proposed port development, Joseph Imparato revealed that he intends to submit formal plans to the government today (10 June) along with the findings of the EIA



    This clearly shows that regardless of what the people want Mr. Imparato will press forward for the development.  Only goes to show that he has no respect for the Caymanian people.  He may have SOME support with this project but the majority of people are against it.   I only pray that when he submits his plans to government it is denied .  This will be a test as to which Elected Members truly have the good of the Caymanian people at heart.

    • Forelock says:

      200 attendees can hardly be said to represent "the majority of people" in the Cayman Is.

      If there had been two thousand people in attendance, as one would have expected from the rhetoric, then such a claim would have some credibility.

      We have to move our commercial port out of George Town. We also have to move the landfill out of George Town. We ought to move the fuel and gas tanks out of George Town too.

      These things have to go somewhere and wherever that is there will always be local protest. But we can't have our cake and eat it too. There has to be compromise.

      There is no natural harbour in Grand Cayman. There aren't many places in our coastline that can accommodate a commercial port at all. There are none that would not involve some environmental compromise.

      The area under discussion is just about the only place it could go. It is not an area of "outstanding natural beauty" any more than any other empty section of coastline. Its not even in "East End".

      Yes there are guarantees to be obtained from the developer by the Government that the project will be financed through to completion.

      Yes the precautions to minimize the environmental impact should be put into place and enforced vigourously.

      Yes there ought to safeguards against an unlevel playing field for other quarries.

      If all of those things are put in place, calmly, objectively and with a great deal of thought, then there should be no reason why this project would not enhance the area significantly, rather than detract from it.

      I applaud Mr. Imparato for having the courage to face such opposition. Well done Sir!


      • Anonymous says:

        Completely agree with you, all these things have to go somewhere and up to now it’s always been Georgetown or the WestEnd. It’s time the east enders start paying the piper…we all have to make sacrifice to insure the future of this island and our children..

      • Long Time East End Resident says:

        Forelock, I will firstly admit that, other than environmental concerns I also have a personal bias in this case because this seven-year dig would nearly be in my backyard. I am wondering, though, if you can honestly say that you do not have a personal financial interest in this development or this developer?  Because it sure sounds like you do. I apologize in advance if I am wrong about who you are.

        Either way, the residents of the district are the ones with the most to lose here, and yes; they are a small number due to the small population.  But since they have the most to lose, shouldn't they have some say…, or at least shouldn't government listen to their voices?  It would appear the developer and our premier want this to go ahead regardless of their opinions, and since no one will ultimately get a vote except for Cabinet; I imagine we will see the blasting caps being planted shortly.

        • Forelock says:

          I can honestly say that I have no financial interest in this project.

          I have no connection with Mr. Imparato, financial or otherwise, although we do recognize each other when we occasionally meet socially. I wasn't invited to his daughter's recent wedding for example. (No offence taken btw.)

          I agree that the local residents have the most to lose, and that they should have their say, and that the politician's should listen to them. But they too should also listen to the developer, hear him out, not drown him out, as some of those that were in attendance appear to be reporting.

          East Enders also have much to gain if they engage in the process rather than reject it out of hand. The people of East End should try to remove the emotive responses that are being fueled by the local politician's NIMBY rhetoric. They are also using this project to bash the UDP, by rubbishing its efforts to make something happen. That's a separate result in its own right for them, but nothing to do with the subject at hand.

          All I am suggesting is that people should respect Mr. Imparato's initiative and his courage to go into the lion's den to try to explain it.

          I agree with the sentiment that in the end the UDP politicians will do what they want to do regardless.

          For the record, I deplore the Government decision to drop the GT Port development project with GLF. That kind of autocratic, wrongful and public breach of contract on behalf of a government entity generates mistrust of government at all levels in our society and makes us all feel helpless. None of those feelings are Mr. Imparato's fault.


      • Anonymous says:

        Is there anyway at all to get people like you to understand that '200 attendees', consisting of both supporters and opposers, is absolutely no indication whatsoever of how many Caymanian people oppose this 'project'? If there had been two thousand SUPPORTERS in attendance it would certainly have my blessing too, but with only '200 attendees', it most certainly does not. 

      • Anonymous says:

        200 people is a good turn out for Cayman.  Thats as big as a public meeting of this nature ever gets. There were about 200 people at the meeting to oppose Emerald Sounds in 2007 and about 200 people at the public gathering in front of the Glass House to oppose the destruction of the Ironwood Forest in 2008. 

        And would therefore show considerable opposition if only 2 out of 200 supported the project.

        That is 99% opposed. 

        Remember also that thousands of Caymanians working for the civil service fear coming out to these meetings or signing petitions as they fear the loss of thier job or being punished in some way (overlooked for promotion).

        Its real. I am one of them! 

        I strongly oppose this project and everyone that I know (even the most pro-development right wingers) oppose this quarry/port. 

        Mr Imparato stop wasting your time. We will stop at nothing to ensure our island is not destroyed further by greedy developers like yourself! I will do whatever I can from behind the scenes. 

    • Anonymous says:

      That's just you opinion, it looks to me that there's not much opposition at all, maybe 10% of the islands population which doesn't sound like much. It sounds like the some people are trying to exaggerate the actual depth of the opposition to this project. 

      • B. B. L. Brown says:

        Anonymous 9:58,

        Everyone is entitled to an opinion… even you and I.  You say it looks to you there is not much opposition?  Man!  Where are you looking!!  You also say that some people are trying to exaggerate.  I take the liberty of placing you in that group.

  49. Anonymous says:


    Does anyone know which politicians are working with him? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you should have asked wich politicians are working FOR him.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Pilar Bush should be ashamed of herself.

    She was the Director for Tourism for how many years? She knows first hand that the East Enders, North Siders, and Bodden Towners do NOT want this type of development! She was there when the people voiced their opinions during the GO East public consultations. She advocated for the small scale type of developments then. Now she is the owner of AtWater which represents Joe Imparato and the EE Seaport.

    P.S. She also represents Dart and was there at the WB community meetings regarding the Beach Access and Moving of the WB Rd.

    • Anonymous says:

      She's a hired gun and will say whatever her client wants her to say.