Police reveal picture of revolver seized in raid

| 14/06/2011

(CNS): Although police have not yet revealed if any charges have been brought against the 31 year old man who was arrested in the early hours of the morning over a loaded gun, officials have released a picture of the weapon (left). Following the police operation in the early hours of Monday morning 13 June in the North Side area Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said represented the continued police commitment to get firearms off the street. The seizure comes ahead of a planned gun amnesty which will be starting on 1 July which police said was just one strand of the overall strategy to reduce gun crime.

“This latest operation demonstrates our continued commitment to reduce the number of guns and ammunition on the streets,” Bodden stated. “This was a well planned and executed operation and over the coming weeks and months we will continue to hunt down those who possess guns illegally and for criminal purposes.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank RCIPS another illegal gun is out of the hands of criminals.

  2. no name says:

    OK so it is a laughable looking gun that clearly a rootin' tootin' bandit from the wild wild west would carry, but I still would not want to be on the business end of it.

    That said maybe we should go back through the cctv footage of armed robberies and look for someone with a bandana ties around his face and a horse tied up outside…..

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      After MoneyGram at Meringue Town had been robbed, I was allowed to view the CCTV video and one of the firearms I saw on the video appeared to be a revolver with what looked like an 8" long barrel.

  3. Anonymous says:

    unfortunately, this old looking pistol if pointed at you and the trigger is pulled will send you into the next life so lets think about that for a minute when we go off speculating what we don't know. it looks like either a magnum 44 or .357 to me which are more powerful and reliable when compared to the fancy new pistols out there. at least it doesn't jam.  

  4. DaHoly cow says:

    A replica 1873 six shooter pistol online price US$66.33 the black tape is because it is made of imitation wood or plastic and cracks up after kids drop it a couple of times. Had he put real bullets in it they would have needed a combine operations of emergency services not the Police to sort this guy out. However since they raiding houses for toy guns i am suggesting we get rid them before they use “intelligent aggresive” tactics in this over all strategy to get guns off the street One Toy Gun at a Time aaaaaah boy poor old Cayman even the police trying to fool us up now! I guess they figure if the politicians can get away with so can we.

    • Anonymous says:

      It's not a toy gun, and they are real bullits!

      • Da bracster says:

        It would appear you know as much about guns as you know how to spell bullets. It is a Colt M1873 replica six shooter do your research it is sold by the Maxsell Corporation for a price of US$76.00 product ID.22-N38 besides the original Colt M1873 pistols had no star handle grips just a single flat head bolt thru grips. No one said the bullets weren’t real.

      • Second Amendment says:

        Maybe the ammunition is real (my guess is 2 x 357 Magnum & 1 x 38 Special) but it definitely looks like a toy gun.

        Another poster made the point but I'll make it again – unless there's something very odd about the photo, the longer rounds definitely will not fit in the cylinder of that revolver.

        This is the second time (or is it the third, fourth or whatever) that RCIPS have released photos of  seized 'firearms' that look like toys or replicas. More info might be useful in future because right now this just looks like a PR stunt.

      • Anonymous says:

        No self respecting 'gangsta' would ever sport a gat like that. He would be the laughing stock of the 'hood.

  5. Anonymous says:

    PS Blimey, I said to my wife this place is beginning to feel like the Wild West, and now this!

  6. Anonymous says:

    What's up with the electrical tape on all of these gun handles?

    • Anonymous says:

      Origin is the Godfather.  Assumption is that wanna be gangsta can peal off tape and leave no fingerprints.  Also more recently, from Lil Wayne "That's what they call me" lyrics: "Duck tape on the handle of my pistol <<N-word>>".  Makes them feel bad@@@.  Other theory is that gun handle is falling apart from cracking coconuts.


  7. no name says:

    I notice that all the guns they find have electrical tape around the grip….why do the bad guys do that?

  8. The Lone Haranguer says:

    Keep knocking them off boys, well done RCIPS

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is good news well done, but before peeling a bannana and sitting back, how about the guys that are shooting guns off and threatening people or trying to rob gas stations. The situation is that there are plenty of hoods on the street that need to be dealt with. Back in the day, these people would be dealt with fast and quick. Now we are launching assaults on people with an old six shooters. While it is a firearm and can kill, there are more heavy arms on the street being held in the tails and paws of these bandits. They need to be put away and there needs to be some order put back into society. Targeting DUI, hookers and gentlemen parked down dark roads with someone other then their wife is fine, but the situation is that there are more pressing issues then Mr.so and so pressing someone against the dash board in his car. The RCIP have a well equiped service, with cars, boats, helicoptors and sniffing dogs – what do we get in return. An old six shooter and three hoods pointing guns at peolple running wild and free.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thats where it went !

  11. Anonymous says:

    An antique six shooter with only three bullets. Wow, I feel safer already!

  12. I be dog gone... says:

    Toss him in the "cage" and throw away the key. Congrats RCIPS.. one more down, a few more to go.

    Its jsut a handful of thugs and wanna be thugs travelling our roads, and one by one you (RCIPS) will get them> Caymaniand and expats alkike that I talk to are seeing a big difference from 2010 to 2011 after the slew of arrests and convictions …


    Go get em…

    • whats wrong with this picture!! says:

      A thug is a thug, however when they  say north side man arrested they should state that this man is not a north sider but a transplanted thug from another district.   

      We have our share of ignorant loud mouth thugs too and would like to see some of them arrested too. Yet it would be good to state the name of the thug so that every one knows who it is. Shame the bastards. We want peace and tranquility here.