Crews restore water with repair to GT main

| 15/06/2011

(CNS):  Update 10;30 – The local Water Authority has stated that water has now been restored to its customer's effected by this morning's burst main. The Water-Operations crew is currently cleaning up the area and once this is completed,  Elgin Avenue and Louisa Llewellyn Way will be re-opened. "The Water Authority thanks all customers effected as well as the motoring public, for their patience and understanding," the authority said. The broken water main on Elgin Avenue in George Town near the intersection of Louisa Lewellyn Way caused traffic havoc this morning as crews identified the damage and began repair work.

Parts of Elgin Avenue and Sheddon Road were closed to facilitate repairs and drivers were asked to avoid what is normally one of the busiest areas of the capital during the morning commute.


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  1. anonymous says:

    Jus as ah reach de wid mi 10 drums in mi truck at 6 o'clock dis mornin guess who a buk up on? a sleepy lookin policeman staring me right in mi eye, as if to say …..wha he doin ya so early when i tryin get some a dis for meself,  lillie did he know de bubble abov his head wure surley coressponding wid de bubble above my heaad……………

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh My God, This must have been cuased by the digging in East End…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don't worry the Water Authority will pro rate the lost water on to our  next months bill. There will also be a secret evaporation charge as well