Primary kids ‘Smile’ for Africa

| 15/06/2011

(FacingAfrica): Primary school students at Cayman Prep School have once again demonstrated how important it is for them to show support to those in need –  both here in Cayman and overseas.  For the second year in a row they have raised awareness and funds for children in Africa who have been affected by a disfiguring disease called NOMA, by supporting aby local organization called Smile Africa. Smile Africa was created by 9 year old Tiggi Kohl, a student at Cayman Prep, to raise funds for a charity called Facing Africa which arranges for plastic surgeons to visit Africa and treat the children that have been affected by NOMA. 

Tiggi’s mother, Jane Wareham, is a director of Facing Africa Cayman.

Tiggi recently gave a presentation on Smile Africa to the entire Primary School.    In her presentation Tiggi explained that “The victims of Noma are mainly children under the age of 6 that live in extreme poverty and suffer chronic malnutrition.  She described how Facing Africa can transform lives by talking about two African girls who have been helped by the work of Facing Africa”

Tiggi, with the help of her fellow students, organised a ‘civy-day’ for the Primary School which raised almost two thousand dollars and all the money raised will be sent to the Facing Africa organisation. 

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