‘Killa’ and Palfrey to be awarded by premier

| 16/06/2011

(CNS): Premier McKeeva Bush announced in the Legislative Assembly yesterday that he planned to give an award to local boxer Charles “Killa” Whittaker following his win in a match against American boxer Keenan Collins. The 37-year-old reigned victorious over Collins in a 12-round match Saturday night the Arts and Recreation Centre at Camana Bay, winning the United States Boxing Association (USBA) middleweight title belt. In Whittaker's 51st professional fight, he aimed hefty punches at Collins, some of which nearly closed the 34-year-old's right eye, and won after registering a unanimous decision victory. "This guy [Collins] was focused, ready and committed," Whittaker told Cayman27 after the match.  (Photo courtesy Cayman27)

"For those who say I'm too old, you saw me tonight, I was better," he added.

Whittaker remained unbeaten in a total of thirteen fights dating back to 2004, but was only in a mere two fights in 2009 and one in 2010.

Amongst the crowd were Premier McKeeva Bush, MLA Cline Glidden Jr, Minister of Sports Mark Scotland and other dignitaries, along with Sports Director Collin Anglin and the boxer's mother Buleah McField.

Bush also announced that an award was also being given to Penny Palfrey for her "superhuman" effort of swimming between Little Cayman and Grand Cayman and commended both the international swimmer and her supporting team.

Bush wished Whittaker continued success in his boxing career and hoped that he could inspire Cayman's young men to find disciplined ways and means to handle themselves. He noted that both boxing and swimming are solo sports that require a lot of courage and stamina in combination with both training and experience to not just keep going but to also overcome.

The Premier said that consideration was being given to the conferral of "suitable" awards for the respective athletes and that the LA would be further advised on the awards given to the respective athletes "in due course".

See the Cayman27 video report.

Joshua Dilbert is a Year 11 student at the Layman E. Scott Sr. High School who is working with CNS as part of the school's Worklink programme.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i cannot agree with you when you say that charles clifford and ppm wanted to distroy charles (killa) whittaker. i would ask you where were you when the ppm goverment double the money that the udp gave him.where were you when charles clifford made arrangements for him to fight on show time,where he would made pleanty more money. But no he turned down the offer because he would not fight the that was lined up to fight,he wanted to hand pick the people that he fight. he alwasy pick other people that he is confident of beating. this should help us under stend why he is not recognized by any of trhe ring magazine

  2. EzzieCaymanian says:

    Charles is now 37 Years old and not very athletic either and is still not listed in Ring Magazine, or KO or SI.

    We only hear about him on Radio Cayman, CNS and Compass.

    But hold on buddy boy,  he has a lot of belts!

    And CIG gives him over $5OK a year!

    That is enough to educate 2 persons in college.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cant help "hatin" can you?


    • Anonymous says:

      Its nice that he won this fight, but lets look at this.  In the US when one wins a fight they win the money that is due them for the fight, the President doesn't give them a gift.  This country is in debt, the money is needed elsewhere then paying Charles for winning a fight. 

      Then the invidiuals that went to the Olympics even though they didn't win, it is an honor to be chosen to go to the Olympics they should have been awarded.  The list is endless. 

    • Anonymous says:

      How much salary do you earn a year? Charles job is boxing, and he works with the amateur program, whats wrong with that? Stop hating, it only makes people see how cut throat and "crabby" we can be sometimes.


    • Anonymous says:

      Would love to see Charles W. toss his name in the political ring in 2013. If Arnold S., a body builder ,  can be the governor of California, then Charles could be a MLA from West Bay. You go Charles, you make me proud.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What happen to an award for Tanya Streeter???????

  4. Soldier Crab says:

    The concept of grown 'men' receiving money for beating each other up is ridiculous.   In these days of school gangs and violence amongst the youth, glorifying the name 'killa' does nothing to help and to support boxing gives the impression that such behaviour is acceptable to society.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Charles!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Many of us tried to teach Charles (Killa) when he was primary/middle school age. He was uncontrollable and was, I think, sent to an approved school in Jamaica. He has done very very well. God bless him. But please, I am a huge boxing fan who reads Ring Magazine and follows the REAL boxing world. Charles does not exist in that world. He is 37 and fighting unknowns for titles that are only "recognised' in places like Ezzard Miller's  Cayman where Caymanians are world class in whatever they do simply because they are Caymanian. Sadly, Charles is an old man in the real boxing world (37). If he came up against some of these deadly young fighters of 20+, he would be destroyed.

  7. Asuckoo says:

    Congratulations to Charles and Penny.

    I have known Charles for a number of years and this award is well deserved. He works tirelessly to promote and organize his fights not to mention prepare for them and I want to encourage everyone to continue to support and pray for him.

    He couldn't have said it better himself. "For those who say I'm too old, you saw me tonight, I was better"

    This was the best I have seen him fight so it does seem like he is getting better with time.

    Charles is a role model for young Caymanian men, and it is important that we acknowledge him for his efforts as I am sure he will tell you himself that his life could very easily have turned out quite differently.

    Al Suckoo

  8. ya 2 outta order says:

    To Mr Premier and his Posse,

    Please note Penny swam "The Cayman Islands' which also consist of Cayman Brac. Her first swim was from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman so dont be saying from Little Cayman to Grand Cayman like another island dont exist.


    Congratulations to Penny and Charles!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good job Joshua!

  10. on life support says:

    Who God bless no man curse, Charles Clifford and the PPM tried to distroy the KILLA,…………..Charles is still here with us and one day soon and very soon will bring the top level championship belt to Cayman.Long live the Killa and long live the UDP.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If Charles wants to get awards & recognition for winning fights he needs to do what one of his trainer / promoter said to him a couple of years ago he needs to fight someone that is worth fighting, at his level. Charles can't keep "cherry picking" who he fights in order to win!

    Charles the community supports you & has faith that you can win, now its time to have a real fight against someone of your equal. Show us what you got Killa! 

    • Anonymous says:

      But wait a minute. This guy wasn't fighting Charles for two titles. It was the other way around; Collins had two titles that he lost to Charles. Doesn't that kill your argument? Isn't the object to gain titles? Collins was a worthy opponent  

  12. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to Charles and Penny!

    You both are something for Cayman to be proud of!

    Too often we reflect and comment on the negative that is happening in our society.  Nothing wrong with reflecting and commenting on the positive too!!!!



  13. Anonymous says:

    God bless the UDP and Charles "Killa" Whittaker !

  14. Beachbay meatballs says:

    It is about time to confer a national award on Charles