By-pass heads for West Bay

| 17/06/2011

(CNS): As part of the new mega-deal with government and the Dart Group of companies the local developmentcompany will be closing a stretch of Seven Mile Beach and in return taking the Easterly Tibbetts highway into the heart of West Bay. The new road, which is already under construction, although government and Dart have not yet signed the mega-deal paperwork, will be extended from Raleigh Quay where it currently ends to Batabano in the district of West Bay. In return a 2,500 ft stretch of the West Bay Road between the RSB Coutts office and the Yacht Club drive will be closed in order to facilitate a new beach front four star resort on the land, which includes the former Courtyard Marriot.

As part of the development of the four star resort, Dart has also committed to extending the current Seven Mile public beach area and add a second public beach location to the north of the new resort. The moving of the road will enhance the value of the property significantly but government has said that the quid pro quo elements of the deal it has struck with the country’s largest land owner and investor will bring significant benefits to the local economy and wider community.

Speaking on behalf of Dart Realty Cayman Ltd on Wednesday, Jackie Doak, the COO of Dart Realty, said that the movement and closure of the road will not block access to the beach.

“We are only physically removing vehicular access to those parts that we have development plans for, which is currently the area between the previous Courtyard Marriott and public beach,” she said at the official announcement presentation with government.

She explained that Dart was motivated to approach government about a partnership to help resolve some of the infrastructure problems as a result of what she said was the worsening economic climate throughout 2009/10 as well as Dart’s own concerns about starting new phases in its own master development plan for Camana Bay.

As a result of the “unemployment, crime, downturn in tourism and the resulting growing concern of the country’s ability to tackle significant capital projects such as the landfill, schools and roads, we had internal discussions regarding our concerns about the phasing and pace of our future development,” Doak revealed. 

After months of negotiations with the present government, Doak said the two parties eventually reached an agreement, which she said provided Dart with the confidence and certainty to proceed with its development plans after government had demonstrated its willingness to create a “positive and facilitating environment for proven and thoughtful development,” she added.

The complex mega deal includes a number of swaps, benefits and concessions between government and Dart, including duty waivers, which Doak said was the first Dart had received since it began investing in the country.

“The partnership also includes incentives, but it is beneficial to note that if you take just the Camana Bay Town Centre and the renovation of our two downtown buildings, direct construction costs exceeded $600m. And while this is a significant investment in the island, during that time we did not at any time asked for, or receive, any government fee reductions, abatements or incentives,” she stated.

The new agreement, Doak added, provides only development incentives which are not retroactive and they do not credit Dart’s historical development or apply to existing businesses within the Dart Group of companies. “They apply only if we continue to invest and develop in Cayman in the future,” Doak said in her presentation.

“With the Esterly Tibbetts Highway extension, realignment of West Bay Road, investment
in the hotel and expansion and enhancement of the existing public beach … and a new public beach to the north, we are building much needed Infrastructure,” she stated.

Doak said Dart planned to bring “a new and game changing hotel” which would rejuvenate the tourism industry, bringing a new level of services and amenities. “It will also provide much needed jobs in this sector, which will also see benefits for taxi drivers, watersports operators,” she added.

Dart has created a website where people can visit to log questions about the new alliance between the developer and government at

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  1. nauticalone says:

    I'm mostly in favour of these proposals from Dart.

    However, giving him the section of SMB road requested is  a no no!

    We should consider a series of proper crosswalks along the entire SMB road (including at Dart's hotel) similar to what the NRA built between the Glass House and Immigration Dept.

    This will result in making ALL of SMB road more pedestrian friendly.    And will not set a precedent for other developers (like the Ritz) to then be able to justify asking for the same.

    Additionally if/when there is a need to close off a section of the By-Pass road (say for an accident) then there will still be SMB road for detour.

    Also, remember a developer not too long ago was refused permission to move the South Sound road for the same reason!

    Befor we know it, we could drive along the entire island (certainly the entire scenic SMB and South Sound) and hardly ever see the sea 🙁

  2. Ray says:

    First let me say that the Dart Group have some good projects but their growing overall economic influence worries me. However, I do not see any real reason for having to give away a section of WB road. The continuation of the E.T. Highway to WB is very good and will likely triple the value of the properties that it passes through. (That should mean that the road corridor could be 'purchased' by Government for almost nothing.) The majority of which is owned by the Dart Group and mostly swamp that requires the road to maximise the potential. They are also being given a piece of property in Salt Creek. So why do they need other compensation? I also hope that it is 4 lanes that will be built and the Camana Bay section will be upgraded to 4 lanes.

    Why not simply do what has been talked about for many years, i.e. reduce the whole of W.B. Road to 25 mph and thereby benefit the majority of the tourism sector. Not just ONE developer. Are the existing developments to be ignored? Additionally, frequent speed bumps could be added to ensure that the speed limit is adhered to. Some of which could have lit pedestrian crossings on them (like in front of the new Govt. Admin. building) for even more safety.

    Instead of a "new" public beach to the north where the extent of the beach is small, the shore line somewhat rocky and limited parking space, why not take this opportunity to provide a new residense for the Governor? Maybe in Caymana Bay in a high effeciency home which is less expensive to run, i.e. reducing recurrent expenditure. Think how that would enhance the residential aspect of that development. Why does Dart Group not offer that instead? Then immediately we would have a "new" and larger public beach with better swimming & adequate parking. Plus a building for use by the community or service clubs for fund raising.

    By the way, my understanding is that the disposal of ANY Govt. asset has to be vetted and approved by the CTC. Maybe they will stand up and say that this is not "good" value. Maybe the country will stand up and say NO to the road closure.

    • nauticalone says:

      Well said Ray!

      I studied the map/rendering of how the SMB road will be diverted onto the By-Pass and then back to SMB….all, it seems to give Dart a Beach front hotel.

      It seems a more fair propsoal that Dart build an overhead walkway across the SMB road (just like The Hyatt and The Ritz did). And in the process not inconvenience everyone.

      Additionally i agree completely with your suggestions for SMB road speed limit being lowered and made more pedestrian friendly!

  3. Anonymous says:

    caymanians resentment of dart mirrors their resentment of anybody from overseas…….. very sad people…..


    • Anonymous says:

      People keep talking about resentment of foreigners here, but its resentment of the state of immigration.  I know it strokes your ego to say its personal, but it isn't.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Premier promised us progress and development, how that he is giving it to us we are still complaning sort of reminds me of the the Children of Isreal when Moses led them out of the land of Egypt.

    Some people will never be satisfied.  Mr.Premier just continue to do what is right for this country and this is a good move continue full speed ahead.


  5. Who you is? says:

    Dart ?

    Do you reeeeeeeeeally know this guy?

    Do some research – check him out!

    Here's a lil insight 'n just wait til the "business shark" attacks Cayman…..u can hear Mac saying, "this is the mess the PPM got us in"

    "The hitch surfaced last week after NML Capital, a Cayman Islands-based hedge fund, persuaded a US judge to freeze $7bn of Argentina's defaulted bonds. It was the first time a creditor had tried to seize or “attach” a country's defaulted assets.

    NML Capital, which is linked to Elliott Associates, a hedge fund that became famous after it forced Peru to pay out about $50m in a landmark case during the 1990s, has a smaller total claim of just over $360m.

    Several other creditors, including EM Ltd, which belongs to Kenneth Dart, the US investor, have joined NML's cause although they are now all part of the $7bn of defaulted bonds originally frozen at NML's request.

    This week, Thomas Griesa, the judge, sided in favour of Argentina, and decided to lift the freeze. But he also gave the plaintiffs the right of appeal, suspending his decision pending a ruling by the appeals court"

  6. Bay'a Ebanks says:

    Hey Caymanians,

    Big Mac & Fries gonna take our 7 mile Public Beach and give it to Dart.

    Is this what we want them (Mac & Fries) to do?????

    …because if we allow this,  we will  not longer be allowed to use this beach anymore. We will ONLY be allowed to WALK along the High Water mark.

    IF NOT, be willing to STAND UP AND FIGHT for what has RIGHTFULLY been OURS since our ancestors were around!!

    This affects ALL of us, not ONLY West Bay!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Love our Premier and support the UDP but can't honestly support this particular project. Wish he would change his mind since I don't think he has much support for giving away that entire section of the West Bay Road to Dart. This could certainly mean political suicide for the team in West Bay, but if he truly beleives what he is doing is for the benefit of the country I can see why he would continue despite so much opposition. Know he want's to get the economy going but we still have to be very careful how we do it and this is not the way forward!

      • Anonymous says:

        This would be a good issue for the West Bay District Advisory Committee to deal with it. Has memebers been appointed as of yet? This would demonstrate how serious the MLAs are about being advised by its members, cause based on what I have been hearing in the district, not one person thus far supports giving away this piece of the West Bay Road and sending us to spend an hour  or more sitting in traffice just to reach town. We seem to be regressing not progressing as was promised under the UDP during its passionate campaign.

  7. Bay'a Ebanks says:

    Hey Caymanians,

    Big Mac & Fries gonna take our 7 mile Public Beach and give it to Dart.

    Is this what we want them (Mac & Fries) to do?????

    …because if we allow this,  we will  not longer be allowed to use this beach anymore. We will ONLY be allowed to WALK along the High Water mark.

    IF NOT, be willing to STAND UP AND FIGHT for what has RIGHTFULLY been OURS since our ancestors were around!!

    This affects ALL of us, not ONLY West Bay!!


  8. Ebanks says:


    Remember when one Big Mac & Fries would hold meetings at the 4-way to tell you everything the govt was doing  because he & fries didnt agree with it?

    Remember when one Big Mac & Fries would make you feel like the govt was doing things behind your backs?

    Remember when one Big Mac & Fries would make you feel angry because you felt cheated, deceived and betrayed?

    I remember!!

    But what I cant remember is, when was the last time since he became premier that he has ASKED you or TOLD you what has been going on???

    Maybe you're just like me now-a-days, you're only reading about it on CNS or hearing it on the mall-road.

    I guess you get as good as you give!!  Give him your votes and this is what you yet!! He'll soon sell your grannie too if she gets in the way!!


  9. As I see it says:

    Is the "new public beach to the north" of the present public beach be the area open to the public? i.e. will our lovely public beach as we know it, no longer be available to us? A drawing/map/artist rendering would be (might be?) helpful. 

    • Forelock says:

      The article clearly says that the plan is to extend the current public beach and to add a second public beach.

      I can’t see anything being taken away in this plan, only improvement.

      • Anonymous says:

        The "extension" to the existing public beach is inland (not beach frontage) and the "new" beach wherever that might be is 75-100 ft wide.  All of the narrow beach which is also used by the public will be off-limits and Calico Jack's will also likely be sold once that part of West Bay road is closed. The beach accessible to the Caymanian public will sadly be greatly reduced as far as I see it. 

      • Anonymous says:

        It's not a second public beach, it's a deeper piece of land and a combination of the accesses into one. We gain no beachfront land. Dart gains a huge piece of crown land that we don't need to give him because when he extends the bypass, his swamp land will multiply in value. The property he bought including the hotel will also multiply in value once West Bay Road is closed as it will be all be beachfront land. We will no longer be able to drive up West Bay Road as far as West Bay. We will have to turn off before the hotel and will probably enter West Bay around the Batabano area. How does that benefit those of us who have to travel from, say, the four way stop to town. We have to go miles further to get onto West Bay Road. I agree Dart does a good job, I agree Camana Bay looks nice but we don't have to sell our soul to him and the Premier should not be making these decisions by himself.



    • Caymanian says:

      Based on the projects we've seen DART do, I'm actually FOR this one!

      Camana Bay is a jewel and Dart has given the people some lovely parks too.  He has residential (Salt Creek) and business (Regatta Office Park)- both well run products.

      Dart actually delivers while Big Mac lines his pockets and babbles.  Sorry for those who disagree, but I think Dart has advanced the Cayman Islands in the past ten years and am betting that there will be another five star hotel where the Marriott is now and the beach will be better than the Ritz.  

      Bring it on….(and thank you for finally dealing with the dump Mr. Dart)

  10. Anonymous says:

    C'moooooooooooon daddy D.!  Bring us a big pile of moola!!!

  11. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      What a mess West Bay will be in with traffic. Can't imagine how the road infrastructure will handle all that traffic headed up Barcus so we can get on the by-pass.  Looks as if we are right back where we started prior to the Bypass by Tiki Beach.

      • Anonymous says:

        Where are the West Bay WatchDogs? Would be good to hear from them now. Acess to public beaches is a noble effort, but this issue even trumps that. Make some noise and let's try to stop this madness. It's going to once again take us an hour to get to town, just so one man can have his hotel with its own private beach.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ok I am one that likes Dart's investments but it doesn't seem right that he gets west bay road land which will now be beach front and hugely increase in the value of his land side of road property in exchange for a bunch a bunch of swamp land going to west bay.  I understand it will cost a lot of money to put a road through there but he is the one who wants to take away the other road.  I'm guessing he is paying something for the NRA road but it just isn't going into the public purse.

    • Anonymous says:

      It might not go into the public purse but building the new road doesn't cost Government a cent under this plan. Sounds good to me especially since it is the road that successive Governments have planned but haven't had the money to pay for.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Ya – that's becuase previous governments did not give away half the West Bay road to Dart in order to accomplish the bypass' completion. This is sheer madness.

        • Anonymous says:

          Funny. Actually about 2000 feet of a 7 mile road and that section is always destroyed by hurricanes anyway. West Bayers should put up a statue to Dart. Wish we could get a real road up to North Side.

          • Anonymous says:

            Be careful what you wish you for – you might just get a  'real ' road but the price you pay could be humoungous.  For example, the dump could be relocated to  NS and in return  for your  humble acceptance of such relocation, Dart might build you a bypass .  Just saying!

          • JC says:

            "..that section is always destroyed by hurricanes"

            ONCE is ALWAYS???  Big deal, we drove around.

            Yes that IS funny.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Good Job Mr. Premier, put through every good project,  this road alignment is certainly good for the country and its continued prosperity.

    The Oil Refinery –  not Good

    Duty Concession for Dart – Good

    Dredging in the North Sound – not Good

    Dr. Shetty Hospital – not Good

    Dock – Excellent

    Economic Zone – Excellent

    Casinos   – I wish you would excellent like the Bahamas

    Moving Dump –   Excellent

    East End Sea Port – undecided

    Reduction in CuC bill – Excellent

    Housing – Excellent


    Keep up the Good Works, Mr. Premier best from the West!




    • Anonymous says:

      Best from the West?!  Thank God not all are blinded or fooled! Lets go Bayas gear up for change in 2013. Keep the heat on and lets continue to Save Cayman. Glad we are speaking up and stepping!

      Lets keep the faith. God answer prayers and dont give us more than we can bear.


      Time longer than rope.  

      • JC says:

        What you don't realize is that 2013 is too late.

        All the change being done now cannot and will not be undone.

        Rope will be done


    • Anonymous says:

      good work?????….none of the above has happened (except for some social housing)

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hope that the quarry operators, now that they all have the big Dart contract on this road, allow some of that East End seaport material to stay on island to build the road to East End. We suffer each day driving to town too.

    We need the road in the other direction as well and we need lots of cheap material to make it happen. That can only come from the EES.

  15. Anonymous says:

    There is no power greater than the Creator, when he speaks all will hear, least we have forgotten we are mortals.

    Have we forgotten Hurricane Ivan?


    • Forelock says:

      What is the point of this post supposed to be?

    • Anne T. Krist says:

      He's not listening, because he's not real.  Pray for a cure for cancer, or that crime stops in Cayman, or anything else that you like, and you already know the result you will get: nothing.  Please stop selling fear and try making a positive contribution.

      Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

  16. Truth Police says:

    Let's do some interpretation, shall we?

    First, from the story above:

    <<<She explained that Dart was motivated to approach government about a partnership to help resolve some of the infrastructure problems as a result of what she said was the worsening economic climate throughout 2009/10 as well as Dart’s own concerns about starting new phases in its own master development plan for Camana Bay.

    As a result of the “unemployment, crime, downturn in tourism and the resulting growing concern of the country’s ability to tackle significant capital projects such as the landfill, schools and roads, we had internal discussions regarding our concerns about the phasing and pace of our future development,” Doak revealed. >>>


    Dart told Mac that if he didn't get what he wanted (move the road), he was going to slow or stop development of Caymana Bay and take his toys and go play somewhere else.  (blaming it on "the downturn and crime, etc."…basically saying..I don't know if we want to invest further here).  XXXXXX

    • Forelock says:

      What is wrong with a developer telling it like it is?

      Why should someone who has invested hundreds of millions in these islands not fairly warn the Government when circumstances might prevent them from continuing to

      Others would just vote with their feet.

      The difference with Mr. Dart is that he has enough clout to be able to make the Government see things his way.

      I can see where evidence of the power to command a government’s attention might scare some people, but I find it scarier that successive governments have ignored so many critical infrastructure changes that have been needed for so long, mostly because of narrow minded NIMBYism and general fear of change.

  17. Anonymous says:

    "…and in return taking the Easterly Tibbetts highway into the heart of West Bay".  It's ESTERLY!  Try and get it right CNS.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Is this now DART ISLAND ???

    What about all the buisinesses on that raod .

    Does anyone care about us??

    Is the Premier thinking about his people who make a leaving with cruise shippers??

    This is totaly insane then we wonder why our crime rate is up.

    If many people will lose their daily bread you will see more violence more crime …

    Wake up Cayman we got to speak to make this nightmare stop before is to late!!!!

    • Reality Sucks says:

      I would think all the million + dollar condos to the north of Public Beach are DELIGHTED to see some – lots – of traffic will now be diverted off the old SMB corridor on to the bypass.  They will still have access but will now be a secondary road.  So when the West Bay Gangstas shoot the place up, they don't have to hear the ambulances screaming by.  Besides, being a now, secondary road, it can be reduced to 25mph and people can take their time passing, enjoying the little bit of view there is…


  19. Anonymous says:

    if dart never came to cayman during theese times wewould all be back on the bulk carriers at sea. need more darts to invest. what they build cant move our  grand children and there children will have a job.


    D- dear


    R- remain

    T-trillions needed


    • Anonymous says:

      What DART has done in Camana Bay is amazing.  They have created a beautiful town centre for all the people of the Cayman Islands and for their guests.  If DART continues to do such beautiful work on this island it will help everyone with jobs and better infrastructure.  This is DEFINITELY a win for the Cayman Islands. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    Kennith Hydes, of Dart,  stood infront of a group in West Bay before easter and stated that Dart had no plans to move the road.  XXXX he said it with a straight face. 

    Is this how Dart does business!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      and how ken hydes talks to his own people.

    • Caymanian says:

      Now Mrs Doaks turn to placate the masses. Sorry, no whote collar jobs there for Caymanians, only mid to low level and you'd better be from the US.  Dart Co, you turn away good Caymanians with degrees, married to Caymanians, and people with PR….your game is sad at every turn and Ms. Doak, you only help yourself!


      • Anonymous says:

        Dart has more Caymanians in its work force than the national average and more being hired on a regular basis to gear up for all this work.  

    • Forelock says:

      It does appear that Ken was stood up on this. I’ve no doubt the he told the truth as far as he knew it then.

      But I also think Dart should have stood it’s ground on the barriers it had erected to prevent vehicular access to the beach.

      Unscrupulous people do steal sand from that section of the beach to everyone’s detriment.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is true, I was there and I heard it too.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sucks to live in West Bay…… traffic will be a nightmare, just like the good old days before the bypass…. Oh but remember all you Caymanian complainers, you have the power to stop it but you won't will you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t see the logic in this comment.

      Every time the end of the Esterly Tibbetts Highway has been moved further north traffic flows have improved.

      Currently the bottleneck is at the Tiki Beach junction.

      Surely the extension of the dual carraigeway all the way to West Bay, where traffic must then disperse, can only improve the situation.

  22. Soon to be revealed says:

    So Cayman, what do we really know about this "Dart"?

    Our Government seems to have all confidence in him and the propsed distractions….I mean projects they're about to get into, but what say you my fellow Caymanians? Have you done your research?

    Please reads the following articles and be informed! Make your own decision and see if this is the sort of "organization" you want running your country!


    A Blog from former President of the USA, Bill Clinton, on the man, Dart:

    (CNS note: I think the chances of the real Bill Clinton using are fairly remote.)

    An article from the LA Times online newspaper:


    Take from it what you want, and make from it what you like!

    • Anonymous says:

      Birds of a feather flock together…… Team Bush/Dart

    • Recently Enlightened says:

      Interesting reading…

    • Fed Up (again) says:

      It appears that the Bill Clinton blog that you linked to is a fake.  If you Google "billclintondailydairy" you will see that he, the ex-President, did not write it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you misspelt your search – when I googled "Bill Clinton Daily Dairy" I fould out he drinks 3 cups of milk and eats 8 oz of cheese a day!!!


  23. nauticalone says:

    Again, on the surface of it, this proposal seems workable and beneficial to all.

    What would also be helpful is a website with artists rendering to show the proposed layout of the entire plans.

  24. Bodden says:

    Ummm… looking at the map of the new public beach on the CayCompass. It looks like a public beach blocked off from the rest of the beach. And I know they say that they are not blocking public access, but will there be enough parking for locals and visitors?  In that area, the nice sandy beach is all we have left!  Just voicing my concerns about the drawings being presented to the public.

    CNS, could you post a map or drawing of Dart's plans?

    Thank You.

  25. WR says:

    CNS:  "Speaking on behalf of Dart Realty Cayman Ltd, on Wednesday, Jackie Doak the COO of Dart Realty said that the movement and closure of the road will not block access to the beach."

    CNS, I just hope that is true. Because although they may not block access to the public, they may reduce parking space adjacent to the beach. So you will have this open beach to the public, but not enough parking for everyone. 


  26. Richard Parson says:

    Cayman:  the Island that Dart bought….


  27. MonkeySee says:

    Is it possible that someone could post the new roadmap of what this agreement will now put in place?  I keep going over this in my mind but would love to see how the roadmap will change.


    • Anonymous says:

      Why hasn't Ezzard done the posting of the map, he told us months ago, he saw a map of where the road would be diverted.