UK picks out former spy as new governor for TCI

| 19/06/2011

(CNS): The British Government has chosen Damian Roderic (Ric) Todd, who once worked for MI6 as the new governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The fifty one year old official also worked as a finance director in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and spent five years with the UK’s Treasury department. Previous overseas postings have included South Africa, Germany, Slovakia and Poland where he is currently posted. Todd will assume his new role, directly ruling the UK Caribbean territory, in September when Gordon Wetherell's three-year contract ends.

Todd said he was delighted on the appointment and pointed out how much it differed from his previous experience. “It is not only a fascinating new job but also different from postings I have done before. I am looking forward to getting to know the people of the Islands and working with them on all the issues which we face," he said.

The UK imposed direct rule on the Turks and Caicos Islands in the summer of 2009 when an inquiry found evidence of government corruption and incompetence. Local administration was suspended for up to two years.

The UK is currently in the process of imposing a new constitution on the islands which has met with considerable internal opposition. In recent months the UK administrators have failed to improve the public finances and government offices were recently disconnected by the islands private power company for not paying the light bill.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    He worked for the UK Foreign Intelligence Service…..if in the US it would have been CIA.  I don't understand what the big deal is here?  I think it's a good thing, and it's not the governor running us into the ground here, it's our own people who WE elected into government.

  2. Sharen says:

    Let's be honest.  This thing has been happening in Cayman for a long time.  There is a group of political operatives trying to bring down our government.  We almost lost self determination several times because of trouble makers trying to hurt us and who knows what they want.  I don't necessarily believe that independence is the answer but I think it is possible.  If this constantly threat to bring down our government and threaten our livlihoods continues, we must consider independence. Somebody is creating political turmoil.  It just happened to work in Turks and Caicos because they found the right formula.  This new spy operative will be the policing force in Turks and Caicos.  This could be Cayman next.  Living under a threat against our civil liberties with a spy in charge is not an option. 

    • The Beaver says:

      Sharen, you go girl – you so funny I can't stop laughing.  The group of political operatives that is trying to bring down your government is government itself.  The someone who is creating political turmoil is McKeewa one day, Lolston anther day, Aldon on Wednesdays and your North Side court jester on Fridays…  You funny!!!  The Beaver

    • Bai says:

      That's absolute rubbish- are you expecting people to believe that our fall is to blame on 'political operatives'? Sounds to me you've been watching some spy movies yourself.

      While there exist external factors that certainly do not help to relieve our problems, our problems are our own. A constant threat to undermine our government? Our government undermines itself! Not only that, we as a country, as a people have lost the ability to take responsabiliy for our own actions, our own mistakes, and make an effort to rectify the problem. I am quite certain that the powers that be do not particularly care what happens here, they have far greater porblems in their eyes to deal with. What are we doing, protecting their accounts? Are we the only ones with the ability to do so? We certainly aren't the only island paradise to visit, and considering our inability to stop gutting the island, there's little to keep them coming back.

      If we lose our 'civil liberties' that would be our fault entirely. I hate to say this, but do you honestly believe we could rule ourselves entirely. Meaning protect our own interests? Intelligently, because, that's the real question? We don't have the sense to sort things out as they are now. Stop blaming other people. They may be pelting rocks at the house, but we're hammering the walls down from the inside.

      • Anonymous2 says:

        "If we lose our 'civil liberties' that would be our fault entirely"

        Nonsense!  It works both ways.  The local and the UK governments, are as well responsible for the people's liberty.

    • Sharen says:

      Nothing should ever come between our rights and freedoms.  If our government is doing something wrong it does not mean that the result is for us all to lose our rights.  Nobody deserves that. I still believe that there are political characters or operatives out there making attacks and insinuations whenever they can to bring down our government.  You can tell by the insult nature of it.  I don't want to suffer because of their motives.

  3. tailor soldier thinker spy says:

    What the hell you think they are put out here to do? work on their tan They only hire spies. The more serious issue is that they have a support network and not all are in the government sector.Their many here in our private sector now that work quietly in tandem with such people. Poor old Cayman, while we work to build up our island, others are undermining us on every turn. Remember Cayman there here for us and according for some of our self serving Caymanians, we need them.

  4. lawrence says:

    Of all persons, they would make a member of MI6 there new governor. Wow  what a way to forever ruin the reputation of a financial industry. I certainly won't be doing business there, if I knew a spy had to run their affairs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "In recent months the UK administrators have failed to improve the public finances…"

    presented without commentary!

  6. kent says:

    The UK's occupation has cost jobs, cost benefits, raised taxes, taken land. Now to add as an insult and play on their minds, have the audicity to pick out a spy for the new governor, as if communicating to the world, TCI can't be trusted.

    They are crooks, I say!

  7. Anonymous says:

    So, perhaps we can expect Larry Covington or Brian Gibbs to return as our Governor one day!  Hmmmmm??

    • noname says:

      Why not? they already have their people in place here, and would simply be returning residents to link up with friends.

    • cow itch with chris croc says:

      sniff… sniff…. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!  (tears rolling down cheek)  Britney is innocent and good looking too… sniff… sniff… booooo hooooo… sniff… LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    "The fifty one year old official also worked as a finance director in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and spent five years with the UK’s Treasury department."

    Like they say, if you want to always find a big rat, follow the money trail…..

  9. Libertarian says:

    One governor after the next governor, will just end up killing the economic goose!  When will they do the right thing and give the people democracy and free enterprise?

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is what happen when there is no law and order or accountability.  May this be a warning to the Cayman Islands.


  11. Whodatis says:

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

    TCI was given Todd as the UK was given Herman Van Rompuy.

    Sounds about fair to me.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Cool we may get a spy to run Cayman.  Even Austin Powers would be better than what we have now…yeah Baby!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you were to look at the background of a very recent and not wildly popular (in Cayman) former governor, you would see that TCI is definitely not the first host to former "intelligence" operatives. You will probably also reconsider your comparison with what we have now.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wasn't exactly serious but what we have now is definitely a low bar in regard to transparency, accountability, and ethical government dealings.