Judiciary triggered enquiry

| 28/06/2011

(CNS): A police investigation which may involve the premier was set in motion by a member of the judiciary and not by the opposition, the PPM leader said Monday. Alden McLaughlin noted that, despite comments made by McKeeva Bush at a jobs rally on Saturday, the opposition did not trigger the investigation that McLaughlin says involves the premier, and that the information was uncovered in a civil court case which led to the governor becominginvolved. Duncan Taylor confirmed that he had notified the police commissioner of an “issue” which led to an investigation but he has not said if it involves Bush. Meanwhile, Ezzard Miller has called for the premier to resign to avoid putting Cayman at risk of a “TCI situation”.

The premier has not yet released an official statement regarding the financial probe of alleged activities believed to have taken place during Bush’s previous term in office as the islands' leader. The premier told CNS Monday that there was nothing to investigate because "his hands were clean and his heart pure”. On Saturday Bush had suggested that the accusations referred to a “real estate bill which he had sent to someone” and that it was the PPM’s plan to have him investigated.

However, the opposition leader said the investigation had nothing at all to do with his party. “This came from the judiciary," McLaughlin stated. “The matter was unearthed because of documents found in civil proceedings in the Grand Court in 2010. This has nothing to do with the opposition asking for an investigation.”

McLaughlin said the only connection the opposition and the independent member have to this investigation is that they were aware of it taking place and wrote to the governor about its progress. He explained that he and Miller sent letters to the UK representative and other non-elected government officials, as well as the police commissioner in his role as chair of the Anti-Corruption Commission, to find out what was happening with the investigation, given what they said was the gravity of the accusations.

Ezzard Miller told CNS that he had very grave concerns about the accusations given the correspondence he had seen and said the premier should resign. If the Bush would not step down voluntarily his party members should remove him from the leadership position on a temporary basis in order to allow the investigation to take place. “I believe the premier should do the right thing and resign and not put Cayman at risk of having a similar situation arise here as did in the Turks and Caicos Islands,” Miller said.

He warned that the only people who can remove the premier from office part-way through a term was his own party. “If he won’t reign his party should ask him to step down, otherwise they are putting the country at risk of having the UK suspend the constitution,” Miller added.

So far, the details of the “financial irregularities” remain unconfirmed by both the police and the governor, who have refused to name anyone but have merely stated that an investigation is “ongoing”. However, the governor has not denied claims made by the opposition leader on Sunday that Bush is at the centre of the police probe, which is alleged to involve several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“I can confirm that in February 2010 an issue was brought to my attention which alleged financial irregularities,” the governor said Monday. “I referred the matter to the commissioner of police who subsequently decided to launch an investigation. I am advised that this investigation continues.”

Given that the governor does not usually become involved in the day to day concerns of the Financial Crimes Unit, it is apparent that the investigation he refers to is no ordinary FCU case.

“It would be inappropriate for me to comment on any ongoing police investigation or to divulge any details of the investigation or the names of those people being investigated, and quite wrong to speculate on what might be the outcome. I am satisfied that the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service continues to take the matter seriously and to deal with it properly,” Taylor added.

See PPM: Bush being investigated

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  1. Would Rather See A Change Rather Than Pure Mouth! says:

    @; the person who said "Some of the comments on this post are not very sensible" go kick rocks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stand firm Mr. Premier, don't let anyone drive you out off office. They tried it once already and they could not suceed.  We got your back.

    Just like a tree planted by the water you shall not be moved.  Don't resign don't go anywhere let the chips fall where they will and do not resign.  More Caymanians are with you than those that are against you.

    Do not step down, if they want you down let them take you down and that day will never come.  I believe that you have done nothing wrong this is just haters at work.  You stand firm no one can move you not even the UK because it is all lies and the truth will come out in the end.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your memory is short. McKeeva had to resign from ExCo in the First Cayman Bank scandal and we never did get to the bottom of that.

      By your comments you are putting McKeeva ahead of your own country and even your own party. He will drag the whole country and the UDP down with him unless he resigns before this thing really breaks. You will not like where the chips fall. Be careful what you wish for.      

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, they tried it twice already…and did succeed.  

  3. M says:

    A partisan mentality is what will destroy the Cayman Islands financial industry. "A kingdom divided against itself, will not stand" words by Jesus. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    My heart is pure and my hands are clean…

    But these Imodium capsules are sure not helping…

    Damn PPM!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Boy you can always tell when there are a lot of PPM supporters commenting.

    Why are you always so quick to bring down judgement and why are you always quick to jump on the band wagon without getting your facts together, understand them, before you act and speak?

    All unconstructive criticism, now how is that all going to help us?

    Yes, we are in a mess in Cayman and something needs to change to turn this place around. I am not saying that all plans put forth on the table by the UDP are all good. However,  in determining what goes from what doesn't,we  have to remember that in most of everything we do there will be some negative impact but please weigh the pros and cons properly; exaggerating minor negative impacts seems to be the only way the PPM can rebut.

    A lot of the Caymanians out of work is to fault of all leaders, PPM and UDP alike. They  failed to effectively prepare the youth to take on the changing and demanding job market of today.

    We are all at fault and what needs to get done is to unify our people in their best of talents, both PPM and UDP, to build back Cayman.

    All this nonsense with partisan protest makes finds no solution. It only adds more fuel to the fire. You all continue with this partisan politics and dont solve the problem. Then the hungry youths will start the true fighting in the streets; only then you will see and feel the real roar of a protest, something we can avoid if we stand together and fix the problems now. Man, educuation is such an important thing!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      When will people like yourself open your eyes and look beyound this petty party vs. party arguement. Open your mind and consider how serious this matter must be for it to have reached the level it has. Consider that it stems from a legal matter. Consider the history of the person involved and then really think if this is just about party lines. 

      Also, this argument about "negative impact" and "pros and cons" – if there is corruption, it must be weeded out. Making distinctions on what should be overlooked and what shouldn't will bring nothing but trouble. Ever heard the expression "it's a slippery slope"? 

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is the deal with these inquiries that go on forever?  Isn't there still a deput commissioner on full pay for well over a year while he is also subject to an investigation?

  7. nauticalone says:

    Some of the comments on this post are not very sensible….and obviously partisan.

    It's clear the investigation has NOT been brought by the opposition nor by the independent member.

    If the Premier has not done anything wrong then he should have nothing to be concerned about.

    The most important thing is that "justice be done" and that "justice appear to be done". And that means an "investigation" must be done.

    However, it is clear that the Premier is NOT up to the task of behaving with anything like the required professional attitude that the office of "Premier" calls for….and he shoud step down!….at the very least, until the investigation has been completed.



  8. <>READ ME<> ASAP!<> says:

    Okay, so here's what they should do how about getting both PPM & UDP parties out of Cayman Islands Cabinet …

    After all they both flip flop(Back and forth destroying our Islands)

    As long as I've been living in Grand Cayman this is how I've seen the parties opporate (Whenever the opposite political party UDP or PPM is in power they start to mess up and do things to destroy our islands and then people get fed-up with what's going on and decides to vote for the other political party UDP or PPM; mean while thinking if they vote for the other political party next time it will be a drastic but benefical change which never happens it's just a constant back and forth with between the two political parties and ALL NOW NO CHANGE has been made to benefit the BORN CAYMANIANS NOR OUR HOMELAND!) …







    US! … NOT THEM!

    Yours Truly

    Miss. Fed-Up Of Politricks! -__-!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I dont know what the allegations are on McKeva, but people be careful. This demonistration today does not look good for the Cayman Islands.  You are following 4 hot headed person.  Step back and see for yourself what each one intends to do.  It all about power for McKeva, Its all about power for Alden, the ("fop")  as the ol folks use to say. Its all about Power for Ezzard, Its all about noise for Arden.  The 4 put in a basket would not weigh any more than the other. This country is headed down-wards and none of them can see it.  With all the protest, where is the solution? People are starving, people are loosing theirjob, people are loosing their homes, employees are being trampled by expacts and their own Caymanian.

    The bible reminds us, when we dig a hole for some one we must dig one for ourself.  Be careful demonistrators, I am not  on any particular party.  You all needed to dig 4 holes in the middle of George Town today, because when you see one go down the others are not far behind.

    Remember PPM won the election on the the devastation the country was into when Hurracine Ivan came.  And what did they do, put us in a bigger mess.  McKeva won the election of the mess that PPM made. And what is he doing, putting is in more mess. – They all are alike.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Remember PPM won the election on the the devastation the country was into when Hurracine Ivan came".

      Now that's a new one. PPM won the election in 2005 for a number of reasons but none of them was because people blamed the hurricane on the UDP. Give theintelligence of your people a little more credit. Then as now there were substantial reasons to suspect corruption. Then as now there was a repressive environment based on intimidation and fear. Then there was that awful matter of the 3,000+ status grants. Back in 1997 he was removed as an ExCo member because of the scandal with First Cayman Bank of which he was a director. How short people's memories are.

      If any holes have been dug McKeeva has dug them for himself.  Exercising your democratic right to speak out when government is being poorly managed and threatens grave damage to our Island is not digging a hole for anyone.

      A demonstration says that democracy is still alive in the Cayman Islands despite McKeeva. It says that we the people have had enough of the poor governance and we are no longer prepared to put up with it. It is exactly your sort of fearful mindsight that he uses to run roughshod over the people and get away with it.    

    • laga says:

      I bet those partisan faithfuls will rate you down to the ground. Plus, you speak about expats – considered, you're a goner!!!

    • C-mon 2 the Bone and Proud of It says:

      I thought I was the only one who felt this way, I am very glad to know that the smoke screen from both "FOP" parties are now clearing and everyone can see them for who they really are

      “Wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

      Both UDP & PPM need to go, they both feed off of the anger, despair and frustration of the people, they both are guilty of mismanagementof this country.

      The next petition needs to be for the permanent removal of Party Politics from the Cayman Islands.

      We need to have a few amendments made to our constitution just to name a few; the status grants, selling of land, & jobs.

      Take examples of our neighbors who have in place that “ONLY” the native born locals can work in the tourism industries, can purchase land, not the destructive ideals from Jamaica where UDP & PPM have derived their schemes from. 

      We don’t want what happened there to happen in our beloved country, and the violence that stems from this type of rule.

       We the natives should not be pushed out of our country because of “imported” over population.  Our birthrights are jeopardized for the love of money.    

       An Amendment to the Constitution regarding political terms (max 1 term of 4 years) heck on the norm we the regular people are only given 6mths -12mths to prove that we can do the job!!!

      And last but not least the Civil Servants should not be terriorized about being able to voice their concerns when it comes to anythong that effects their livlihood in their country, this is so wrong to have no choice but to sit by with your hands n feet and mouth bound and gagged "sort of speak" where is the HRC on this the march today would have been more than tripled had the Civil Servants been able to participate.  But there is always someone around taking names and informing.    

      Thank you for your time in reading this…..

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry to say but this as well as mostly every action Miller and Alden have taken, just lead me to believe that they have a personal grudge against Bush. It seems like they are willing do anything to destroy the man's reputation at any cost even if it means causing civil unrest in the islands and stopping development the could rebuild the Cayman economy when I listen to them take they just sound like men with a grudge and I have to question the motives of everything they say. It seems to me that they are more Angry with and have hatred for Bush then they have concern for the well being of the Cayman people. XXXX

  11. M says:

    A partisan mentality is what will destroy the Cayman Islands financial industry. One commenter said truly, "a kingdom divided against itself, will not stand" words by Jesus. The day we learn to forget about sides, and learn that we are one people under one God, is the day Cayman will abide in peace and prosperity. Now we are just cutting each other down, whilst the wolves in sheeps clothing decide our fate and how they will divide the spoil. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Resign Mac, and make Ezzard the new leader!  The Island will look like Jamaica or Nassau Bahamas in less than 1 term.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Ask not what your country can do for you!

    John F Kennedy





  14. Just and Illusion says:

    I am calling on the Governor to open and investigation into Tempura and Cealt since one smells fishy we can called it operation Fish hook 2 may be we can catch us a couple spies and a sabateur or two. wouldn't hold my stiff upper lip though.S*$# usual drains down hill!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard talks about putting Cayman at risk of "a TCI situation." I can never concur to his statement. 

    Actually, all MLA's are putting us at serious risk.  Both he and Alden too. When will the politics stop?  

    • Anonymous says:

      Some of these MLAs are surely carrying a lot of baggage, from when they were Civil Servants. Those poor Civil Servants. When are the attacks going to stop from people who could not last in the service due their personality.

      Let us be reminded that it was not Independence that prevented Jamaica's development. It was backward leadership and corruption among many.  Jamaica is the only country in history to have gone into Independence in 1962 with a conservative government who for 11 years between 1944 & 1955 did not make one move to free the people. They did not even build one school during that period. These are some of the reasons why they are where they are today. Stop blaming Independence. Only backward people do not want to rule their own destiny. I suppose the Heroes were also wrong to fight for freedom. It is this 60% backwardness that is keeping us down.
      "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery…"


      • Just Commentin' says:

        "Only backward people do not want to rule their own destiny"?  I beg to differ.

        Contrary to your idealistic ramblings, no one truly and solely rules their own destiny; we are all subject to outside influences and higher authorities; on a personal scale we are subject to the laws of nature, the economy and weather.

        In a modern society  citizens agree to place themselves under governmental rule in exchange for certain protections and privileges. Even so called "sovereign" countries place themselves under higher authorities (the U.N., World Court, etc.) by agreement or pact. Being subject to a higher authority does not make one backward; nor does the ability to be the master of one's own "destiny" mean that thechosen destiny will be the best one. Secular literature and religious scriptures are rife with examples of those who throw off the shackles of authority only to come to ruin and wish for things to be as they were.

        If you live in these islands, your "destiny" is ruled by the laws and regulations of the Cayman Islands. Right?  By your criteria you are either a "backward" person or a criminal. So, which one are you?

  16. Anon says:


    The Premier’s position is intolerable and he should resign.  Under the shield of parliamentary privilege, all that any MLA has to do in the future is to preface his comments or speech in the Legislative Assembly with something like, “As he is currently under investigation for financial irregularities, would the Premier…….…. “

    Bush can bluster all he likes but he won’t be able to sue.  He should go now and save himself and the country further embarrassment.

  17. Anonymous says:

    PPM = Professional People Manipulators

  18. Anonymous says:

    UDP to PPM: Whats new?

    PPM to UDP:  Nuten.  What's new wit you?

    UDP to PPM:  Nuten.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think u left out something so will add it for you


      UDP to PPM: Whats new?
      PPM to UDP:  Nuten.  What's new wit you?
      UDP to PPM:  Nuten… Just a little investigation started a year ago and we just found out..


  19. Rorschach says:

    Hmmm….wasn't it McKeeva that stated publicly a while back that accused person were as good as guilty and shouldn't have any rights and should just be locked away, no juries, no trial???….Same old, same old…eveybody wants to lock 'em up and throw away the key until they are in the same boat..and then it's "let's wait and see what the EVIDENCE is…"…If MB wants to be treated fairly he should extend that wish to EVERYONE…..

  20. Alfonso says:

    They sure were lined up and ready [yesterday] morning on the radio though, just about calling for resignations already! Don't wait for facts! And lined up again tomorrow too apparently.

    For people who aren't calling for anything, seem rather quite well coordinated on the radio this morning at the _Crack of the Headlines_.

    But of course, they'll say there nothing opportunistic there…

    It's all about the *Seriousness_of_the_Charges* that we all should be *focused on* right Ezzard? *NOT* the *FACTS* and *outcome* of the investigation…

    This type of gotcha politics is sickening and seems to be a continual thing here.

    How about this… let the investigation go through and the facts revealed before you and your disciples of obstructionism start peddling your ambitions?


    • Anonymous says:

      "This type of gotcha politics is sickening and seems to be a continual thing here".

      Thanks for your contribution, Sarah Palin.

  21. Anonymous says:


    looking at the comments on this article people don't seem to understand the real gravity of the situation. After everything the head of government has done so far, people still don't get it. It will all come to a head and people will see truth

    Rough times are ahead but, it has to get worse before it gets better.

  22. Justice Z says:

    I am no UDP supporter – But the PPM is pushing to get us into the same sticky situation like Turks and Caicos!  Why did Alden and Miller had to write letters to the Governor when there is still no "evidence" made public?  At least, wait until the case close or evidence is shown against the Premier before you encourage or bring in your allegations! 
    Alden… you of all persons! 
    This does not look good on Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      If indeed you are not a UDP supporter you should feel free to acknowledge that it was the Premier who made this criminal investigation of himself public knowledge at his rally on Saturday evening. However, this was only an attempt to minimise the investigation which he knew would soon become public and blame it on party politics by the PPM.   

      It is those political leaders who involve themselves in highly questionable activities that put us at risk of a TCI style takeover. Obviously the UK Govt. is not relying upon the letters written by Messrs. Miller and McLaughlin to make that decision.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden and Miller can spew out all the allegations as much as they want! May them spew it out to the public!  We don't need no evidence, PPM is what is best for Cayman!

    • You says:

      You need to direct your comments to Mac! His actions do not look good on the Cayman Islands…

      • Justice Z says:

        Sorry, but I am trying to spare this island from two dictators:  a local one – Mac, and a UK one, which I think would be far worse ! 

    • Anonymous says:

      That was why the wrote to the Gov, there was nothing done publicicly!

    • Anonymous says:

      Whether you are a UDP supporter or not, you should want to see us with a leader and government who is not out there spending the country's money while the citizens scratch for food.  I have never been in this position in my life.  I go to the supermarket once a month with the total of my pension and it is just barely enough to purchase food and toiletries for my family of 5 for 2 weeks.  My eldest daughter pays the mortgage and she has nothing left out of her salary.  In the meantime, there are members of our government who cannot fly in economy, who stay in expensive hotels, who has sold our country for a couple of penthouse suites and fantastic living.  If there is to be an investigation, I hope it shows everyone what a mess we are in.  We are heading straight into the situation there was in TCI and from the time I saw the deposed premier of that country in the front row of the swearing in of our premier, I started to worry.  Maybe the UK should take over and straighten us out.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn't that be something ?   Bush might have to resign the second time in his career. 

    If that doesn't tell you something . . . .

  24. Anonymous says:

    ha ha  ha.. notice all the attention and criticism is on ONE MAN whilst the STINKY RAT escapes with the cheese.

    Poli TRICKS

  25. anonymous says:

    A lesson learned for other British Territory Premiers.

    During any newly appointed governor's inauguration, DONOT greet the Queen's Representative with these words…."YOU'RE ON MY TERRITORY NOW!"

    You will pay.And respect is due any governor.

    Bushy, behave yourself and respect your elders.

    • Anonymous says:

      But do you seriously think that the governor who we have not democratically elected, thinks for our best interest or does he instead look out for his own?

      Caymanians, we need to look up to only ONE, and that is God Almighty!

      • anonymously says:

        saying – "what comes in one ear, goes out the next…"

        People who are blind by party or loyal to the crown, don't see God, don't see Unity, don't see One under God. It is all division for them. What side you're on, et cetera

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh and gods doing a great job already in Hati, lets start taking responsibility for our own actions, get up and stand up!

    • divide n conquer says:

      There are certainly protocols to be observed by anyone involved in the business of politics and diplomacy in any example, in any part of the world – you are either sadly lacking in education, common sense or a sense of humour – (or maybe all 3), otherwise you would not waste valuable space making reference to a serious matter in such an irresponsible way.

      Perhaps you should stop to consider how many ex-British territories have remained even vaguely prosperous? – you will quickly see that on a rapid analysis of 50+ Commonwealth countries will produce a list of a few, predominantly white ex-colonies.  Why? Hmmmm…..perhaps because their new white inhabitants did not have to abandon their culture, their tradition, their way of life, and like trying to force square pegs into round holes, suffer an insuffrable form of Government inadequately adapted for England itself, much less its colonies!The few "first world" ex-colonies were given a situation or rather a small possibililty (query whether in  an appropriate manner) to adapt and adopt – yet where they had to make some changes for local settings there were not many that were desperately needed for functionality, since the majority of the inhabitants were Brits running from the cold, inhospitable climate, the systems of endemic hierarchial subjugation of the majority for a rich minority and over 900 years, (in the modern era), of lies, trickery, betrayal, starvation and so on…..and so on – of their own, (OR ,at the very least,  of the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish by the English)…..so please stay OFF the "net" if you have nothing but obstructive, obtrusive crap to add, (one thing is clear: you have a lot of ignorant followers, who appear to have made no effort to assimilate!) Maybe the Perm Res and Status Board should really be "upping the standards!"


  26. Patna's Game says:

    Those who started this whole Tempura and Cealt fiasco are yet to be held accountable. We now see a law suit now more political upheaval as a result, yet not a single persons has ever been convicted. When will this ever stop and yet those responsible are still running around this place in secretly booked hotel rooms. Poor old Rudolph and Burman

  27. karen says:

    TCI situation?  LOL….

    By your help Ezzard, keep playing Nero's fiddle and see what destruction you, Alden, and the Premier will do to this island.

  28. Demi O'Crassy says:

    Tempura and Cealt were not as limited as some might believe.  With a little digging beneath the surface much could be easily revealed.

    • John Evans says:

      Odd comment because one of Martin Bridger's specific beefs is that Tempura was never allowed to extend their investigations to include material (mostly supplied by my former employer and, based on our own in-house investigations at the time, largely malicious) alleging misconduct by the current Premier and senior members of the previous administration.

      Now the contents of this material (described by Duncan Taylor as 'defamatory') are conveniently being used as the excuse to block FOI requests in the UK on the grounds that they might prejudice relations between HMG and CIG.

      I'm not going into details for legal reasons but broadly what Net News investigated in 2007 and then apparently passed on to Tempura in 2008 involved suggestions of conflict of interest and kickbacks during contract negotiations plus other more serious allegations.

      None of it was ever proven and all guarantees of proof I had were never backed up. I can remember being promised copies of allegedly incriminating documents for months without anything turning up. What it turned into was false promises made in the hope that we might go with the stories despite not having any real evidence to back them up.

      The conclusion, not shared by my former boss, was that this was all rumours and spite. My opinion (and it may be wrong) is that we were probably, and not for the first time, dealing with someone within Net News trying to stir up trouble. What I can say is that it was not a PPM/UDP issue because both sides were being attacked by the same source.

      In the end two misleading stories were published.

      One stated that Stuart Kernohan was using the CIH helicopter to enhance his pilot's qualifications. The text for this was inserted by the Miami-based Managing Editor despite the fact that the allegation had already been disproved beyond any doubt.

      The other suggested that a member of the last government had funded his election campaign illegally. It was published while I was off-island and almost all the copies of the original edition containing that story were taken out of circulation and destroyed. That weekend a complete reprint was ordered and circulated without the offending comments. However, Operation Tempura had a copy of the original story and were aware of the allegation.

      In addition there were the series of letters, wrongly attributed to former Justice Levers, and these also probably all came from the same source(s). 

      Be interesting to see where we go from here because it looks to me as if we might have 'Tempura II' in progress and, like the original, it's cover has just been blown. Demi whoever you are, are you saying that all Bridger/Polaine's complaints were just a smokescreen for another Tempura-style operation that's currently underway? If so please tell us more.


      • anonymous says:

        John, maybe the investigation never ended, just changed personnel.

        One never knows, do we?

  29. Anonymous says:

    and at the end, no matter what, nothing will come of it and things will continue as always………..

    • Concerned Cit says:

      Good!  Now get back to work, and think of SOLUTIONS to better the country. You ppm folk can talk, but what SOLUTIONS have you brought forward in order to better the economy??????????????????????????? 

      still waiting for an answer…………………..

      • Anonymous says:

        This is the typically ignorance displayed by so many! Just because you disagree with one party doesn't make someone automatically a supporter of the other party.

        Do you REALLY think that all these projects are going to create all these jobs for Caymanians. Think again. There will be a few well connected rich ones who already have businesses and stomp out quickly some more businesses and then higher cheap labor to increase their margin. Don't be fooled. Development doesn't always lead to a positive outcome for all…..look at Boatswains Beach!

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't expect one, they never have answers just complaints….

      • The lone Haranguer says:

        The DNNIBSFMC (do nothng, no ideas, big spending, fear mongering crowd) have spent all the little energy and interlect that  they have trying to drag down Mr Bush, and they apparently do not care if they hold back progress in this country for two more years. Then they can say when the next election comes along, McKeeva did nothing, sad, we must just ignore them and press on regardless. 

  30. Anonymous says:

    I am sure after the now one year ongoing investigation all of us will hear a guilty or NOT guilty soon….on whatever – whom-ever is accused of;  why the impatience?  Getting close to the Election – must find dirt?

    We are running out of Marl-road space.

  31. Bodden says:

    Miller said – "The power of the governor to remove the Premier in the instance that the accusations are true are limited… His party members, however, can do so. I call on the general council and members of the United Democratic Party to remove that risk by asking the Premier to temporarily step aside…If nothing comes out of it, then they can reinstate him."

    My dear Miller, you who pushed to have over 300 CCTV camaras installed to watch the citizens – whose side are you on??? Who is paying you and Alden?

    Don't think that we so fool-fool to not see that your actions will not amount to grounds for a British takeover and suspencion of our little democracy here!

    Now… you of all persons, how can I trust.

    Alden likewise. You guys know the consequences of your actions. Where is the "evidence" against the Premier that you would write letters to the Governor???  Before you write letters to the Governor, where iare the facts???

    God help us – Where are the leaders that are looking out for the people's interest?! 

    • anonymous says:

      The mischief, the gall!  These pundits will not stop until the image of the Cayman Islands is forever ruin!  We wanted party politics and hence the saying is true – "a kingdom divide against itself, will not stand" – Words spoken by Jesus

      • Anonymous says:

        Please dont involve our politicians in the same post with quotes of Jesus!

    • Anon says:

      Bodden you must be UDP.  Thumbs down a hundred times!

      • Anonymous says:

        So because he is UDP, what he says is not true?  I thought he was Independent.

        Sadly, party politics has made you blind to the real issues at hand.

    • Dred says:

      Are you a baffoon?

      The CCTV was to catch criminals who were robbing the Citizens of the country in an attempt to find where they were going so as to locate them.

      The evidence is with the police. This came out of a civil trial not Alden.

      This is your A Typical UDP crony post. First no knowledge of the situation. All allegations about PPM involvement.

      All Alden and Ezzard did was to ask what was the progress into the investigation where they had knowledge of.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dred, although Bodden may be a baffoon, what do you think the CCTV camaras can also be used for?  Are they not pointed on unarmed civilians? 

        A police state is in the making, I say

      • Anonymous says:

        He is a baffoon.  Just ask him something.  Anything.

  32. Amonymous says:

    I think everyone on the Island knows of at least 2 things warranting investigation.  Think condos and washers.  There are likely many more, but those are the notorious ones.

  33. Anonymous says:

    It all depends on what whom has on who


    • anonymous says:


      ….and it all depends on how they got that info…probably from Tempura or Cealt…one never knows.