National symbols threatened by port, says NT

| 28/06/2011

(CNS): The National Trust has become the latest organization to add its voice to the growing opposition to the proposed East End commercial port and has urged government not to give its approval to the project.  The organization said the risks far exceed the potential benefits that couldbe derived from it. “Its impact on the people, the land, the sea and the ground water will be to the detriment of present and future generations of these islands,” it stated. It said the port posed a threat to both the national tree and the national flower.

The organization pointed out that the land area under consideration is home to many native reptiles, birds and other animals including a variety of native plants many of which are endemic and on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as either endangered or critically endangered. “These include our National Tree, the Silver Thatch, and our National Flower, the Wild Banana Orchid,” the Trust noted in the statement.

“The National Trust supports the Government in its efforts to create sustainable development in the Cayman Islands.  We believe, however, that this project is culturally and environmentally unsound as it will adversely affect the environment both on land and off shore as well as the lives of the residents of the Cayman Islands, particularly those in East End.”

The East End Sea port and development zone is a project proposed by Joseph Imparato which would, if it were allowed to go ahead mean the total destruction of several hundred feet of coastline and at least two pristine dive sites, as well as the potential to damage several other dive sites.
Aside from the impact on the natural environment the NT raised its concerns about the urban changes associated with this development that “will alter forever the way of life on Grand Cayman, and particularly for the people of East End,” as it stated its opposition.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    National Trust should have preserved Dr. Roy's house and the shoreline in front of it instead of removing the weeping willow trees that stood there for many years and planting imported grapes trees. 

    National Trust, their only function is for fundraisers and to run with the talking points for those who need validation.

    What needs to be preserved even more than the flora and fauna are the few 3 and more generations of Caymanians with DNA to Terra Firma.  National Trust please advocate for the bring back of the Caymanian Protection Board, otherwise, leave Mr. Imparato alone and let him build the sea port to give the few people that will get the crumbs from the table a chance.  Cayman is going, going done like the blue iguanas not even cloning can help now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Willow is invasive in Cayman and the trees at Dr Roys were rotten through anyhow.

      Maybe the Trust would have had the money to preserve Dr Roy's house if you have attended one of their fundraisers?

  2. nauticalone says:

    Thank you for offering your informed opposition National Trust!

  3. anonymous says:

    National Trust?…yawn.. of course they will appose ALL development.

    Silver Thatch?!…we have more silver thatch than Maiden plum and you know how much Maiden plum we have in East End. In the early part of the century we exported 2 million fathoms of rope per year so you know how much we cut down and they are still around.

    This is not news. Common CNS, you can do better that this. Here are some things to cover in future:

    1. How to create more jobs

    2. How to lower crime

    3. How to deal with uninsured Caymanians

    4. How to pay our bills

    5. How to deal with threats to our Financial Industry

    6. How to be an opposition party that provides SOLUTIONS.

    7. How to be an Independent politician and actually be a part of the Opposition party.

    8….. even how to cook old time Caymanian dishes and how to make wampers but not a story on silver thatch!!!  What next? the port will kill ants?

    • Anonymouse says:

      Actually, I allways understood that the topping of thatch palms for the making of rope, etc., didn't kill them. You mean all those "old people" were lying to me?

    • Anonymous says:

      All those things are important, but let us not so easily dismiss the very things which will sustain us beyond the pillaging of our coastline, our natural protected flora and fauna, and our environment. Trust me, if we think long term and sustainable, then we would have more investors and visitors. It is our lack of respect for our environment for the almighty dollar which will no doubt be the end of us.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh please…. let us not become so environmental that we can't touch not even a leaf!  Let us not be so fanatical against development. Yes… I oppose the East End Sea Port, but if we oppose everything like Miller where will we develop ourselves.

    Notice they have not come with any alternatives to our ailing economy.

    • Anonymous says:

      you just made absolutely no sense….Leave Miller out of it, and do what is right for your country. The Sea Port will do more than damage the dive sites, if the water lens in EE is destroyed it will result in the land becoming too polluted to support plant life, the trees and plants will die and the island will become barren, there will be no rain and we will see a tropical island transformed into a desert. This may not happen in our lifetime but it will happen in the next 50 years!

    • Anonymous says:

      DEVELOPMENT   YES,    but sustainable development that will benefit all residents.

      60 % of  our work force are already foreign which means that the magority of money earned are leaving the islands with only a few locals benefiting. inforce the labour laws we have, welcome those that truly love to be here and   wa–nt  to share in    o-u-r  prosperity and future.

      we dont need thousands of foreign workers here that lower our standard of living because of the developers greed by paying wages that force them to live 10 to 1 bedroom

      or who are housed in a hut somewhere in the      bushes   yes  in deplorable living conditions.

      why are the laws not inforced

      with those kind of people here we all loose, and we WILL have to support the magority of fatherless children they leave behind,

      what do you think are causing most of the problems now. think about what is really happening,  then act in our best interest 4 our long time prosperity.   the droppings that we are getting if continued will only speed up our downward spiral,   action is needed now,

      stop the greed.

        sensible and planned development is whats needed, let's do it together.

         imagine 100,000 peopledown town on a saturday morning shopping is that what you really want, and in the banks sending their money home on fridays. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes they have. They have stated we the people of east end do not want a quarry!!! Why dont you ppl get it… He wants to do a quarry and not a sea port!! Arden has stated put a Golf Course there we have no issues with something like that because will not damage the land.  When we sink are u and your followers going to house US! and our Family!! Stop being on sides!! it has nothing to do with it/ WE DONT WANT A SEA PORT OR A QUARRY!!!!!!! END OF STORY!!