Masked men attempt to rob cabbie

| 30/06/2011

(CNS): A taxi driver was assaulted last night by three men wearing white masks when he answered a call for a fare on the West Bay Road. Police confirmed this morning that the incident occurred around 10:45pm (Wednesday) but no one was injured and no cash was taken. The police said the victim did not see a weapon, and although he was hit in the head, he was not hurt and managed to elude his assailants The incident took place in the area of Captain's Bakery and occurred more than an hour before a 28-year-old man was shot in the face during another attempted robbery by three masked men in Red Bay. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

All three suspects in the Captain's Bakery incident are described as being; 5’5” in height, slim build, dark complexion and had their faces covered by white cloth. Although no weapons were used during the incident and the driver did not see any weapons the police were not ruling out the possibility that the incident wasn't linked to the shooting which occurred at the jerk chicken stand by the Drama Society.

Anyone with information about the crime should contact George Town police station on 949-4222 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sympathetic but the taxi's have been robbing me for years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Increase in crime blame it on garrison politics, unemployment, bad parenting, breakdown in society, imported criminals and most of all THE MASS STATUS GRANTS!

  3. noname says:

    Someone post on CNS sometime back that crimes goes in cycles I am suggesting Mr Baines should try and contact the writer to get some expert advice instead of listening the intelligently aggressive drivel coming from the Police talking heads they do not have a clue of whats going on.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Time for a special task force to be brought in to "clean up".

    • Anonymous says:

      Another special task force, real tired bro give it arrest too many specialist in the RCIPS now no real Policemen anymore.

      • Anonymous says:

        I mean a REAL task force – not like those that were brought in previously.  One that is aggressive and mean business – not like our "intelligently aggressive" police.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree but don't hold your breath as the Commissioner and Premier believe crime is on decline according to some convenient statistics.

    • Anonymous says:


      I couldn't agree with you more.

      Listen, you security counsel, you Government members, the Governor, the Police Commissioner, and you, protesting back benchers, and citezens alike. ( this is what you should be parading the steets for, then you would have the whole country behind you…Ezzard)

      If we do not import a special force, one with the knowledge,and training on how to fight these criminals, we will loose these  Islands.

      Why do we think we have to sit and wait for our citezens to come forward with imformation, and put them at risk and  danger, they have no authority to fight back, whenever these criminals learn who squelled on them.

      If our local security service do not have the intelligence to observe, question and interrogate these suspected criminals, then we must import one that can…simple!.

      Even if we have to get rid of the human rights, they have already screwed up the world.   

  5. Anonymous says:

    What, they've switched over to their summer masks?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a robbing SPREE* these 3 masked men went on last night!

  7. Anonymous says:

    what's going on with this place?!

  8. Beachbay meatballs says:

    I guess the criminals are living up to the old saying,try,try,try until you suceede.The time to stop these criminals is now. Citizens of these islands, get up and stand up shoulder to shoulder,look out for each other,report crime,start a chain call and tell a friend about every suspicious activity you observe,friends pass it on alert the entire island one person to person,one call at a time,be on guarde,stay low and watch each others back.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is total BS I wish Marlon Bodden would stop talking crap and get his officers off there lazy behinds and start to doing  something about all these crimes if not the people is going to start doing something. These crimes are out of hand and there is nothen being done about it  besides a lot of hot air.

    • Anonymous says:

      i still cant get over how severely petty crime is prosecuted here and yet the serious crime is overflowing…