Kerry spotted on CCTV

| 03/08/2011

(CNS): The police released CCTV images Tuesday of 25-year-old Kerran Baker, who has been missing since Saturday evening, as they appealed to the public for more information to help them piece together her movements last weekend. Chief Superintendent John Jones said that she was last seen in Foster’s Supermarket by the airport at around 7pm, where she was caught on the CCTV system. Despite extensive searches and the pursuit of numerous lines of enquiry, she has not been seen or heard from since, and the senior officers said the police did not have a clue as to her whereabouts. They also said that nothing in the investigation so far stood out as a possible indication of what might have happened to Kerran.

“We must be clear here, at present we do not have a clue as to where Kerran is,” said Jones at a press briefing on Tuesday at police headquarters as he and his colleague, Marlon Bodden, appealed for more information to help the continued and now widening search.

The young woman was reported missing to police on Sunday and her white Honda Civic was found on Monday parked off the road close to Pedro Castle. Bodden said it was casually parked and there were no signs that it had been left there in a hurry.  As the police revealed that they were pursuing every avenue in connection with Kerran, members of the public met at Pedro’s Tuesday evening to begin a volunteer search of the area.

Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden asked those who were engaging in the search to contact the police if they find anything in order to ensure that any evidence would be preserved. “We appreciate the community wanting to come together and search but in so doing we want to make sure if they come across anything relevant, rather than touching it they give us a call so we can preserve any possible evidence,” he stated.

He also assured the community that the police were doing everything they could and had dedicated 18 officers to the investigation, who had been following up on the diverse lines of enquiry.

Police said they had not found Kerran’s phone but they were aware of the time it was last used and were working with the telephone companies on the island to follow what clues there were with the phones use. Jones warned, however, that while cell phones can assist greatly, they do have limitations. “It was the first issue we looked at,” Jones stated, but the phone had not assisted officers to locate the missing woman.

Bodden urged the wider community to help the police with any informationthey may have about Kerran and her life that may help them piece together her movements during the weekend when she is understood to have disappeared.

Both officers noted that the RCIPS get a lot of missing person reports but more often than not the people come home within twenty-four hours. Kerran has been missing now for almost three days and police said that all of her friends say this is out of character and they are increasingly concerned for her safety.

They also said that for a woman who was outgoing and friendly, with a very wide circle of friends, who was in constant telephone contact to be suddenly out of communication for such a long time further heightened the anxiety surrounding her disappearance. She left Fosters around 7pm, and perishable groceries were found still in Foster’s food bags on the counter in her home in Bodden Town when a concerned friend and Kerran's landlord entered her apartment on Sunday before reporting her missing to the police.

Extensive ground and sea searches, supported by the helicopter, door to door enquiries around the area and at her home, and a thorough forensic examination of Kerran’s car were hampered by the heavy rains over the weekend.

Police said, however, that a function was taking place at Pedro’s on Saturday evening and appealed to anyone who attended to make contact with the police if they think they could have seen the white car or Kerran that night. Jones also appealed to people who walk in the evenings in the Pedro area to think if they may have seen the white car pass them as they walked along the road over the weekend.

The senior officer stated that police were searching other areas on Grand Cayman as well as her home and where the car was found but he said it was difficult to search every square inch of the island and asked everyone to check their property for anything that seems unusual.

“We need to know what has happened to her,” said Jones. “There are a lot of people out there who know Kerran as she enjoys a full social life and has lots of friends, so we would like to hear from anyone that has any information that may assist with piecing things together.”

Marlon Bodden also noted that they had researched the historical background on Kerran and were aware of some domestic complaints made to the police. He said, however, that no reports had been made to the authorities prior to her disappearance about anyone stalking or threatening her. They did say that they were following up on the information that had been given to them by her friends and family. But they said they wanted to hear from more of her friends whom she may have confided in about her life that may help police in their search.

Neither officer would speculate about what may have happened to the young woman and noted that there was no specific thread of suspicion that was emerging. “We are keeping an open mind and have to remain evidence driven,” said Bodden “But we are very concerned about her wellbeing and want to find her.”

Kerran has been in the Cayman Islands for more than two years and works at a doctor’s surgery in George Town. She came to Cayman from Jamaica and lives alone in an apartment in Bodden Town.

Anyone with any information about Kerran should contact George Town police station on 949-4222.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If I recall correctly a few years ago they used the CCTv cameras from a gas station on that route home(from Fosters to BT) and detected by slowing down the picture and zooming in to determine how many occupants (if clear enough) was in the car or if it even passed by that night. 

  2. anonymous says:

    Blood on the rocks near the shore.

    Search Police boats should be out there with professional divers. they could have used a brick to sink the body. Someone knows that Pedro castle has the deepest waters in the Caribbean and it was the ideal place to cover up a crime!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope they find some leads and solve this crime.  It is such a nightmare to hear of another woman is missing without a trace.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will there be a Volunteer Search this afternoon?   Please let me know as I would like to come out to look for this young lady.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I truly hope that this lady can be found. While I dont agree with some comments in particular in regards to Anna and the police search, and while the police is interested in every comment, which however, could lead to the discovery, it would be wise if our comments can all be constructive and useful to the police.  This is another community effort, not just the police, and we can try to play detectives our ownselves, and we can bring in as many experts as we find, it still will not make a difference if those who know something about the case do not come  forward with what  information they have in order to help the police  and  the  experts find her.

    My heartfelt feelings goes out to her family,and may God unfold this mystery so that her  family can find some relief and comfort.

  6. anonymous says:

    There needs to be camers in remote areas like pedro Castle which  makes anyone vulnerable  for their safety.

    • anonymous says:

      make up ya minds, nah….someone goes missing and all of a sudden EVERYBODY wants a camera in place…but when nothing goin on…NOBODY wants the cameras….you can't have it both ways, bobo…

    • Anymous says:

      Did I not mention last month that there is no CCTV  cameras in suspicious areas of Bodden Town.  They are all placed along South sound and governors harbour anf lime tree bay  have not you noticed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please bring in some specialists for this case!!! There are too many cold and unsolved cases here. I am not saying that the police are not working hard, but they need persons who have the expertise in this area. Time is running out!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is weird to me how the search for Kerry is sooo intense but the case with Anna wasn’t. But may God be with both families and bring both our lovely women home.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are wrong here,the search for Anna was extensive.Never the less she is still missing

    • Amber Dextrous says:

      That is utter hogwash!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is an unfair statement for you to make about this case being more intense than Anna's. If i remember correctly a lot of people were at the dump day and night searching for Anna.  I also feel that the RCIPS has used Anna's disappearance as a learning experience on searching for missing persons. In most cases having little or no answers can become frustrating but we need to stop bashing each other and try to assist in any way possible. Cayman needs to wake up and realise that this is not Cayman 5 years ago!

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      OMG, did you really say that!

      Real sick!

    • Anony Mouse says:

      My friend, in Anna's case I was one of those people out there in the landfill (dump) with millions of flies and rotten garbage all over me from 8:00 pm. that same day untli 6:00 am. the next morning and I was out there again from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. and there after for three days. In this case the searches have gone just as it did with Anna and I am sure it would have been for any one else. I personaly have not had the chance yet to go out there myself but I give my suport. Please don't kill the spirit of the searchers and investigators.

  9. Anonymous says:

    May GOD bless this person and we should all do a prayer. May she be found well.

  10. Anonymous says:

    RCIPS was there anyone that came in the store behind Kerry and seen to be watching her or walking close behind her, came into the store but did not buy anything?  Did she get a call while she was in there, did she seem anxious or agitated?

    Is there any video of her car parked at Fosters and was there anyone parked close by or seen to be watching her car?

    Is there any video of her on Friday night as well? Was there anyone harassing her?  This goes to her friends as well who should be less concerned about keeping their friend's secrets and more concerned about possibly having information that could save her life.  But the police have to follow-up on all of these stories as well and not just dismiss them as rumors. 

    Was Pedro Castle road a place frequented by Kerry for exercise? Does she have any health issues?  There are only a few entrances to Pedro Castle road I beleive.  One crosses the Dominoes Pizza, which must have CCTV focused on the road? One crosses the gas station, which must have CCTV focused on the road? One is within a stone's throw from the CNB Countryside, which must have CCTV focused on the road?

    Outside of the obvious persons in her life, are there any recently released convicts living near her apartment? Sex offenders? Anyone that is known for physically harming young women?  Have all of these persons been questioned? We need to be less concerned about hurting some guy's feelings and more concerned about doing everything to find this young lady.  Plus, an innocent person should have no problem with answering a few questions that would help to find her.

    These things may have already been considered and I don't want to be seen as playing detective, but women (single and otherwise) in this community are scared and we know that people do not just vanish off the face of the earth.  Not having a clue is not good enough.

  11. Ken P says:

    I pray that she's soon found as we know that  the first 48 hours is critical and has now passed since her disappearance. I won't jump to conclusion and want that the public supports the police in trying to find Kerran yet its become alarming that 2 women have disapperared in 2011. These sort of cases will only remind the public of Estella and Sabrina. Laws do need to change in Cayman in regards to residents especially women being able to carry mase and a knife or stun gun for their own protection. I'm no detective so I can't tell the police how to do their job yet her car might have been parked thereon purpose to throw off any leads. Its well posible that she was kidnapped and taking by a boat we never know and that's worrying. Also review her typical movements, was she dating, her financial situations? Without evidence its really diffucult to know what might have happened to her so with each passing hour it'll become tougher to find her.

    I didn't know her yet she seemed to be an intelligent and attractive young lady who seemed to be well liked. I'm hoping that she is found safe and well yet I'm also very concerned that this might turnout to be a similar story to Anna. Maybe Facebook or other social networks might be able to assist the police and also use the dogs to your advantage. I pray for her, family, friends and Cayman that Kerran is aliveand well.


    Blessings to all,