Gun & bullets cashed in

| 08/08/2011

(CNS): As promised earlier this month the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has handed over several hundred dollars in cash in exchange for weapons following the submission of over 200 rounds of ammunition and a handgun during the first week of the second phase of the police gun amnesty. Last week Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden announced a partnership with High Impact Media that would see the local sign company sponsoring the “Cash for Guns” amnesty so that the cops could offer a reward of $200 for any working firearm and $25 for every ten rounds of live ammunition handed in to the police anonymously. With this week’s haul the total so far for this year’s amnesty is four guns and over 500 bullets.(Photo of ammo handed in during laet year's amnesty -Dennie Warren Jr)

Following the increase in robberies over the last year and a number of incidents where firearms were discharged and victims hit by the gunmen the RCIPS embarked on a gun amnesty in an effort to give people the opportunity to bring in illegal guns without any questions asked and hpefullly reduce the potential number of gun shot victims.

However, during July the response was very disappointing with around 300 bullets and just two long guns being handed in. Working in partnership with High Impact Media the cops decided on a new tact and introduced a financial incentive following on from amnesties in the past where cash rewards had proved effective.

“Cash for Guns” was launched for the whole of this month and anyone can until Wednesday 31 August claim the $200 for every working gun brought to a police station and $25 for every 10 rounds of completely anonymously.

DS Bodden who stated that it was good to see the amnesty picking up pace urged anyone who may not have taken the advantage of the amnesty yet to do so.  He reminded the public that the minimum sentence for anyone caught in possession and found guilty at trial of an unlicensed firearm is ten years imprisonment.

Offering his thanks to High Impact Media for the support the senior cop said these are the types of partnerships that build a positive relationship between a police service and its community.

Police also cnfirmed that a BB gun has also been handed into one of the participating stations.

Should you know of any crime taking place in your community please report it to any police station or call 800 TIPS (8477).


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  1. Just Commentin' says:

    Raah!  Wah yah sey? Dat de baddess ting mi 'eyah inna lahng time!

    Mi cyann b'leeve it! Mi cyaan teef de guns dem in Trenchtown an'
    come dung yah teh Cayman an' smuggle dem pass de bubu custom and sell dem to de Babylon???!!

    Bwoy hush! No mon! It cyaan be! Babylon wan fi pey mi fi de guns dem?

    Ratid! Two-tree trips and eye mon cyaan go bak 'ohm h'an return-a mi gates wit a 'ol 'eep a funs stuff inna mi pahket! Jah know mi need de money! A lot bettah den de days mi haffa kyai one-two spliff inna mi tam pass the bubu custom mon and de smell-up smell-up dahgs fi sell dem to de bredren pon de construction site wey mi wuk.

    Mi sey, wen me frens ku pan dis de Babylon gyaan get plenny guns! Yah no see it breddah?.


    And a new, albeit temporary, cottage industry is born.

  2. R.U. Kiddin says:

    How many people have been arrested for having an unregistered gun?  How many were sentenced to ten years in prison?  How many actually served time?  A law unenforced is an invitation to break the law.

  3. Libertarian says:

    Not too comfortable with using cash in trade for guns, because the result could be more guns for the cash. I believe what is lacking and making the Gun Amnesty less effective, is the lack of communal support and political unity in fighting crime. Both political parties and Independent Ezzard Miller could come together and organize events or functions for drug awareness, domestic abuse, anger management, responsible parenting, crime, et cetera… instead of giving speeches or politicking about the other side. The functions or public events can stress the importance of a gun amnesty, and pleas could be made for people to hand in illigal firearms and weapons. Other leaders of the community, churches, the private sector, the Estalla Roberts Foundation, the Family Resource Center, can all participate in such events. Even marches can be organized, and these events can occur within a month or two months within the year, and in each district.  Fliers could be distributed and parades or marches along the street could kick off the monthly event. Schools could be visited with DARE program, etc… The whole aim of the month(s) shouldconsist of three things:  Awareness, Education, and Fighting Crime. The Gun Amnesty and Police efforts will be effective, because you have the community revived and on board. 

    We have a problem with crime and it appears that both parties are not helping the situation when they are divide on "national issues" that could effect the financial industry of the Cayman Islands and our livelihood. The MLA's may say they talk about crime and its awareness to the young people, but what I am stressing is, you don't see the "political unity" on national issues such as crime. Mere policing and beefing up the force will not be able to fight crime. People's hearts and minds will have to be persuaded to prevent crime. We can't try to force people to go to church or push religion on them. The public has to persuade them to be upright citizens. Leave one's faith to their personal conviction. This has to a motivated endeavor that the whole community can get involved in to make a positive difference.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Notably absent from your wish list are means by which residents can defend themselves.  Why?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What shape were the guns in?? Got pictures 

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a great opportunity to use some of the nation building funds

  6. John the Baptist says:

    Wow!!$200.00 per gun and you collected 4 guns. Time to talk to Dart so that he can increase the reward to $2,000.00 per gun and get all the guns off the streets. That would be a good move on his part. Use some of the money that he has for donation towards getting the guns off the street. This contribution would be A WALK IN THE PARK  for Dart.

    • A Guy says:

      Great, I'll start importing guns for *$1000 a piece, and then sell them to Dart for 100% profit.

      No one should be paid for bringing in guns. they should do it to try and save the lives of their fellow man (or woman) don't want to be called up for being sexist!

      *I have no idea what a gun costs, and just made that figure up.