2 churches get half the cash

| 09/08/2011

(CNS): Of the $4.1 million dollars that the premier has given to 16 different churches and church groups over the last two years from the Nation Building Fund, more than half has gone to just two churches. The Wesleyan Holiness Church, with its primary base in West Bay, and the Church of God have between them received a total of almost $2.6 million. The remaining one and a half million has been split across 14 other church groups, including the Seventh Day Adventists, the Church of God Chapel and the Cayman Ministers Association. According to the release of information by the finance ministry following two Freedom of Information requests, one by CNS, the donations to churches are diverse, ranging from only $12,000 given to one church compared to more than $1.3 million to another.

The John Grey Memorial Church was given the $12,000 donation, which was described as "church based support". While the Wesleyan Holiness Church received around $1.3 million and the Church of God also received $1.275m in grants.

According to the records, the Wesleyan Holiness Church in West Bay, the church attended by the premier, received $250,000 in January 2010 to purchase land, it then received a second grant of $350,000 in May of the same year, the details of which were not revealed. Then again in September 2010 it received another unexplained grant of $400,000 and another unspecified donation of $300,000 in March of this year.

Meanwhile, the Church of God in Bodden Town received two grants in 2010, one for $400,000 in April and a second grant was given in May, described as "church based support", for $300,000. Then in March this year the same church received another donation of $300,000 for hurricane shutters. Meanwhile, the Frank Sound branch was given a $75,000 grant in March 2010 and the West Bay congregation also received $50,000 in April 2010. A further $50,000 was donated in June, which, according to the document released under the FOI, was for “starting a new church”.

The Chapel Church of God in West Bay received $250,000 in April 2010 and the Church of God Chapel in West Bay received $100,000 in June this year for what was described as “assistance in the completion”, but of what it did not say nor is it clear if these two are in fact the same church.

Other churches receiving six figure sums include the All United Pentecostal Church, which received a nation building grant in February 2010 of $100,000 and another of $75,000 in March 2011. The Seventh Day Adventist Church in West Bay also received $200,000 in April 2010 and then was given another grant “for assistance in completion” of $100,000 in June of this year. 

The New Testament Church in West Bay also received $100,000 this year in June for “building assistance” as did a new church group, the Light of the World Church, in March, thought the purpose of the grant was not specified. The Covenant Moravian Church received the very specific figure of $104,990.62 for assistance in building a church hall.

All other grants were considerably smaller, with St. George’s Church receiving only $15,000 towards a land purchase.

The premier said last week that the donations to churches from the nation building programme were good value for money as it helped them to create more hurricane shelter space butalso because of the importance of the churches to the Cayman Islands community.

“Perhaps the fundamental justification for supporting the churches, however, may be more readily grasped if we ask ourselves this: what would our society have been like; what, in today’s pressured realities would it be like, were it not for our churches? Where else would we get the enduring ethical guidance that our churches continue to urge upon us?” the premier asked his parliamentary colleagues last week, when he spoke about the nation building programme.

Listed as TP52 in the budget documents this year, the national building programme has been allocated over $3 million, bringing the total allocated to this item to more $10 million of public money since it was introduce into the 2009/10 budget. There is, however, no specific guidelines on how the money is given out and under which criteria according to the premier applications can be made to the ministry to the nation building programme and each is considered on its merit.

See breakdown of allocations to churches below

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  1. C-Mon 2 de Bone says:


    As a young Caymanian who has come to that crossroad in my life that i have recognized that i have a lot of changes to make in my life and have asked God to come into my life and guide me to his side.

    I have always been hesitant on attending churches, meanly because the bible says that "the false prophets will lead the flock astray", now after seeing and hearing this, i know that i was right in my feelings of the churches here, when i pray to God i always asked him to please lead me to a true God Fearing Church (church of a pastor who is a genuine Christian) and to this day I have yet to enter that church.

    I go to church exactly one time for the year and that is new years eve night, I end the year in the Lord's house and start the new year there, instead of going out and partying( I am 36yrs old), but this is the only time that I actually enter into a church.

    Everything that we see unfolding before our eyes has been carefully planned and now it is being executed.

    We the people have but one voice let us make it be heard loud and clear.

    Denounce this and all of McKeeva plans.

    PPM you are the Opposition and since UDP are not doing their job you as the Opposition get up off your asses and put your heads together and unite the people to remove him from his pedestal you all are the ones who are suppose to know the laws of the land therefore you all know that there are many that he has contravened now do something about it, no excuses about UDP has the majority in the LA, all of you put together does not outnumber us the constituents’.

    The new PPM leader needs to put his profession as a lawyer to some damn use not walking around looking for every Newspaper and CITN camera to show he face in, he was chosen as the better man now he needs to get to task and stop this mad man.

    I am not saying that this would help be re-elected when the next elections come around because from what we have seen is constant 2year olds bickering back and forth when it comes to all of them, but since we paying him a very nice salary he need to earn every cent of it or he is just as bad as McKeeva is.

    And to my fellow West Bayers, I don't know how many of you drive every morning along WB Rd, in the mornings towork, but I would like to ask each of you who do, please remember the beautiful view as you reach the Tiki Beach/Courtyard Marriott area where you can see the beautiful harbor view, as you are reading this you are picturing this scene think of how you look and admire the sheer beauty that you are so very privileged to see each and every morning as you head into work, think how peaceful that scene makes you feel as you drive along that stretch of road, for those of you love this view, just imagine when this road is no longer there for you to travel!!!

    Petitions are needed to show how many people are against all of these plans that McKeeva has on his agenda.

    Where are they???  PPM!!!!




  2. Anonymous says:

    In the Thursday, August 11 edition of the Caymanian Compass story entitled "Auditor General to review 'Nation Building' fund," the Premier is quoted in the article as saying:

    “Be mindful of where we have come from, and where we might end up, if we’re not careful,” Mr. Bush said.

    It might be said the the Premier is almost prophetic.  What result might his prediction produce?

    • Anonymous says:

      fires of hell?

      jail time? 

      slap on the wrist

      a new car!

      choose 1

  3. John the Baptist says:

    WE ARE HURTING! A very selfish act.  He raised all the permit fees from Blue Collars to the White Collars.  As a result, struggling Caymanians like me who was once independent employing both locals and expats had to close my business as it became very challenging to operate a business in my own island.  As a result he robbed from an ordinary man like me and many other Caymanians to give the church 4 million dollars.  I no longer have a business and  my three apartments which I used to rent to the White Collar tenants told me that their boss had to down size due to the increase in work permit fees, as a result my apartments are now empty.

    My experience is clearly that Caymanians are HURTING.

  4. a true believer says:

    Have you listened to some of those  who profess to teach our young people morals and ethics?  Half of them are promoting their church, or themselves. Why is it that the three branches of religion  based on the Bible are constantly trying to eliminate the each  in some way or form. The muslims  and the jews can't seem to get along, the jews  and the Christians can't come to an agreement on certain biblical writings. And worst of three, are the Christians!  Yes it's true! Not only do the Christians disagree with  the other two groups mentioned, but they are biased against each other, claiming that "their" particular sect or church are the true followers of  Christ's teachings. How arrogant? Think about this: The Bible  plainly states that the Jews are God's chosen people,, but "they" do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah nor do they believe  in hell as we do. Yet we all agree that they are God's chosen people! My advice to everyone is this: Stop listening to those behind  the pulpit  who give the impression that they  know what God is thinking, proclaiming to  be god's anointed.  But I say,  hold on to your wallet or purse, and don't let them get near you, cause the only thing  they want is your  money." My advise to all who believe in Jesus Christ is to do exactly what he says! That is to follow the Ten Commandments.  If we do this God will surly bless. And we'll see each other in heaven one day.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This out-pouring of funds to churches without a cause reminds me of the 2003 status grant.

    Never mind this hurts even worst – because UDP are taking food out of people'smouth to buy votes for UDP party – but its one thing for sure – 2003 status grant sent them in exile and sowiil be the  church grants-  We will show  them  who  we are  comes next  election..We don't want  UDP  and we do not want PPM  –  but we still got to be careful of  the independents, remember  lots of them  were belong  to UDPand PPM  if they had   gotten in.

    • Cman-2 de Bone says:

      To: THIS OUT POURING OF MONEY,   you are right on the mone!!! Lol, this IS another buyout, after the People stood up against the EE port project by having the march, Mckeeva can't afford for Dart (McKeevas' God) projects to be prosponed or denied by the People doing that same to him, he has more to lose with Dart then Imparato, the Mortgage scheme is for his "lazy ass supporters that are more than willing to recieve any scraps that he throws out the back door for them, rather than get up off they lazy asses.  Not the hard working and in much needed assistance people, so if you are not one of these don't make no plans or stop worrying if you going be one of these lucky ones, cause your not.  But hey if you belong to one of the Churches you may stand a lil chance (NOT) that been deposited into the pastors account, when the sunday sermon being prepared you can bet you going to hear Mckkeeva name ringing just as much or more than the Almighty's!!!  So sad……

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is that XXXXX 'investigation' ever going to be completed??? God have mercy on us.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh what a weeping and wailing when the hyprocrites burn.  Millions won't save you then. Religion is one of the biggest cons, one only have to watch most of the preachers on TBN to see exactly what I am talking about.  I believe in God and I long for the day when he will make his appearance and put the spot light on the fakes, what a day that will be.  All those secret sins and all the lies…  If only for the children please come back and put an end to this mess.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We gonna chase those crazy bald heads out of town.  Build your penitentiary , we build your schools, you brainwash education to make us the fools. Hate was your reward for our love, taking about your God above.  Here comes the con man coming with his con plans we won't take no bribes got to stay alive we gonna chase those crazy bald head out of town.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There shall in that time be rumors of things going astray, erm, and there shall be a great confusion as to where things really are, and nobody will really know where lieth those little things with the sort of raffia-work base, that has an attachment. At that time, a friend shall lose his friend's hammer, and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before, about eight o'clock.

  10. Anonymous says:

     As an observer, I am puzzled at the generous hand out of money to some churches while much was being said about the government’s financial dilemma and feel that churches that did receive such contributions, should give an account to the general public about how the money was used.   If it was abused they wont only have to answer to the public, but to the Almighty God as well.

    Since some of the comments seem to be based on assumptions,   I would  like to present some ideas  on the subject.

    1.  Tithing is not compulsory in many churches and is not practiced by every member.
    2. Very few pastors in the Cayman Islands are paid sumptuously, which would allow them to live very affluently.
    3. If any Pastors in the Cayman Islands live affluently, it could be by inherited resources or other investments.
    4. Most local churches contribute to the needy of our land but are opposed to providing money for tobacco, drugs and alcohol.
    5. Most local churches try to influence people to live respectable lives and encourage good habits.
    6. Most local churches try to help young people to avoid lifestyles that lead to regret.
    7. Most local churches try to lead people to a loving relationship with our Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ.
    8. Most local churches try to be an asset to the community, offering help, comfort and encouragement to people in distress.

    The Holy Bible says: “Righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.”

    The Holy Bible also states that Christ’s followers are the salt of the earth (an element that preserves).


    • Anonymous says:

      You have entirely missed the point and the intentions of ANY church is not being questioned. What IS the question is whether government should support several small targeted groups with PUBLIC funds at the EXPENSE of the GENERAL PUBLIC.  4 million would have gone a long way to support local PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, and at a PUBLIC INSTITUTION, you’re not pressured(at least in theory) to take up an ideology because you’re not rewarded or promoted based upon your PERSONAL religious views. The reason why the PUBLIC is so disgusted is because this appears to be one more creepy attempt of a few people (usually Christians) who think they are the "chosen ones", and so set up a PUBLIC reward system where if you believe their PERSONAL beliefs, then expect a PUBLIC sanctioned back-scratching payout from the government.This is not only blatant XXXX, this is a subliminal suppression of free will and alternative lines of thinking, by indirectly discrediting people for expressing their own views which might not have the Christian label, but would be just as rewarding if not more progressive and informative on a factual basis, in addition to being less insulting and invasive of PERSONAL life choices.

      You become a Christian on a volunteer basis from a belief in a higher power  that you will be rewarded in HEAVEN, not because you expect to be rewarded from the Government or your Employer on EARTH. If you don't like the consequences of your beliefs, don't try to change the public system to your convenance, which basically means indoctrinating/brainwashing the whole public on an involuntary basis to your whims.

    • A True Democrat says:

      Just so you will know in future: salt is a mineral, not an element.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just so you will know in future, Mac is a burger, not a real man.

  11. Anonymous says:

    We need a law to set up a register of banned politicians that cannot run for office here ever again where we could list the current 9 UDP elected members. They haven't found one single way to increase revenue because all their efforts have been concentrated on devising schemes to give away what little we do collect XXXX. Surely it must be illegal to give away Governmentmoney with such callous disregard.

  12. Anonymous says:

    How much did Agape get again??

    • Anonymous says:

      I can assure Agape (formerly The Church on Hospital Road, before then Church of Christ) did not receive one red cent.  This church does not socilite donations as a matter of fact this church has always had money and for well over 30 years have not passed a collection plate around.  It has changed dramatically since the early days but still maintains a sound principal of responsibility and have always had a treasury independant of the minister.  This is not one of those get rich, scheme church.  Let me tell you for many year for at least 20 year this church did not have a paid minister nor did it pass a collection plate and operated just fine.  If you must know this church back in the 70's and 80's single handed run the prision ministry evey sunday at the GT jail long before Northward by a group of young Caymanian women and men who took pleasure in visiting and share with inmates while many of the churches now getting hand out for nation building did not exist or saw themselves as too righteous to visit inmates.  Before these newbies go questioning churches they better learn the history of Cayman expecially what churches existed and the roles they played in nation building. 

      • Anonymous says:

        No plate was ever passed around, and they never received any benefits or "gifts"…hmmmm…..money and mana must have just came from the sky….

        • Anonymous says:

          It means that members contribute freely and generously. Is that a strange concept for you? 

      • be strong says:

        Are you the treasurer of  the Agape Church? If so please feel free to state that fact!  Please, please, don't be intimidated by the thought of potential repercussions. We must stand up and challenge this despotism! By the way a lot of those who knock the U.S. about it's immorality should know that  just recently they convicted a powerful judge for something similar as what's going on  here. He now has three decades [30 years]  in the pen, to think about it. Guess how much he had taken and miss-used from a children's fund? Answer $i,000,000.00.  Think it'll happen here? Ask yourself this question. When was the last time you heard of a politician or a judge being convicted and sentenced in the Cayman? What wee need  is for thousand's of us to march to the Government  Administration Building and demand that there be an accounting of all these funds. And if someone is found guilty of the misuse of funds then lets send them to northward like any other criminal. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr Premier please read this before you give away anymore of the people's money because of the global recession people will not have jobs and forget your pie in the sky investment junket trips it just won't happen look at what is happening in Dubai a place you went searching for business.http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34762339/ns/world_news-mideast_n_africa/t/shattered-dubai-dream-echoes-across-mideast/

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am going to built a church in West bay so i can get some money from the Government!!!!  Its like winning the lotto.

  15. nauticalone says:

    What a mess! What to say about such a blatant abuse of public trust?

    Opposition? Other Politicians (current and past)? Mr. Governor? Deputy Governor?

    Nothing?…..thought so!

    Time for us the people to march for Ethical, Transparent, Accountable Governtment! And to demand laws with teeth and Enforcement of the laws!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ellio was always bashing the PPM for what he perceived as a irresponsible government. With all the gross irresponsible behavior of the UDP and their attitude towards FOI he has gone rather quiet. This is the time that he should be twice as vocal in crying out against an obvious waste of public funds. I guess we all know the answer.


  17. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Mr Bush is depriving the people of these islands of much needed funds this in itself is good enough grounds to challenge him on abuse of power.

    He has got to go now!!!!!!!

    • Loren says:

      The way you people act about the Premier giving donations to churches for nation building you would swear that he was giving it to the Mob.  Caymanians have become so greedy that now they even resent giving to the house of God.  I hope when the next hurricane blows they don't call up the radio stations for them to play christian songs nor should they run to the many churches praying to God to save them.  It seems as if people now a days only use God and churches for convenience.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is none so blind as he who will not see.

      • Anonymous says:

        "God is gonna get you to prove me right"….could you please remember you arn't talking to 2-year olds who still believe in Santa Clause….

        If somebody needs help, regardless of the religion, I will offer it and I don't need the Bible to to force me to be a good person out of fear of what will happen to me from some imaginary man in the sky. 

  18. Anonymous says:

    There is only one favour I want to ask Mr Dart.  Will you please Build a church, one that can hold about 50,000. people. because Cayman needs a revival.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Winston Rose, you and McKeeva Bush are no longer going to tell the Caymanian people what is the right or wrong thing to do with their money. You know as well as McKeeva does the current financial situation with our government and you have the gall to say there is nothing wrong with what he has done? And you know very well that that money could have been very much better spent to benefit our community as a whole. If McKeeva was giving ME a million dollars of someone else's money I would probably say it was the right thing to do too. You need to make this right with God and with the Caymanian people who had no say and do not agree with McKeeva giving either you or your church a million dollars of THEIR money right in the middle of some of the worst economic woes this country has ever known, and when, as you very well know, government does not have money to complete their own more important projects. This is absolutely ridiculous. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    time for a march to the governors house!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please someone explain to me who gave the Premier the right to give that much money to the churches.  The people of the churches they worship at support their churches.  This isn't for government to do.  There are private schools, government schools that needed that money…..I am completely baffled at this and can't believe that nothing can be done about it.  We have TWO MORE YEARS, can you imagine the damage that will be done in those two years???????

  21. Anonymous says:

    To be honest i have been a complacent caymanian, i do my job, support my family and keep out of politics thinking i cant do anything. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Mckeeva preaches that we are a christian island that he is doing everything for our prosperity yet his decisions are shadowy and he behaves like a dictator and now he sees fit to line his church pockets! It makes me shudder to think what i will read in the news tomorrow. I am going to my MLA who is with me?

  22. Anon says:

    With all this scandal, we each have to reognize a few things. 1) Our personal bias

    2) Our personal preference

    3) Our personal gain

    Eevything surrounds personal gain.  Evrything.  Church, work, play.  Eveything we do is for personal gain.

    Example, whatever we do, even if not rewarded financially, we look for a "blessing on the other side", or a "good word about us from others", or to "prove my point".

    What if…and it is a big what if…Mc needed a blessing for him and the country? What better way than to build God's house.  wheather ypu beleive in Karma or a God who rewards what you sow, or you beleive only in your power.  Beleive this, until you are honest with yourselves, your opinion doesn't matter!


    • Anonymous says:


      Thank you for pointing out the obvious and obfuscating

      the huge disparity in the ability of some groups (religious mostly)

      to wrench their personal preferences over other groups.

      You are the perfect example of the perversion of government

      to enslave others in your personal ideology, that is, we

      shouldn't care that public funds are mismanaged to the effect that

      a group of the public remain incompetent to crawl out of the economic

      hole that you continue to believe is business as usual.


    • Anonymous says:

      Your (befuddled) opinion doesn’t matter.

    • Anonymous says:

      R U nuts?…. 

    • aaaaaaaaah says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Utterly disgusting.

  24. Charm says:

    MY JESUS IS NOT DEAD. 4 Mil. given to churches when Caymanians salaries are cut, unemployment is high, electricity and water bills are being  disconnected from the homes that have single mothers.
    (A) Children graduating with a fraction of education.  These very kids wake up and have no JOBS,  no HOPE, no lives. A lot of them are HUNGRY,
    (B) They see their parents crying because they are no monies to feed them or reconnect the basics, that is CUC, Water and FOOD. So they plan a robbery, they find the guns and they KEEP THEM.
    (C) Give these children an opportunity. THEY all need help. Hire genuine Locals to seek out these homes which I have described and assist them. They exist right here and they need help.
    (D) I am a Christian and I contribute my sum to the plate every Sunday, but I also assist the poor with more. Just that, I cannot do it alone. The Church which I love dearly assist others overseas with their missionary work, but I believe we could start some missionary work right here.
    (E) Get these young people equipped so that they can turn in their  guns and do not feel rejected in their own island.
    (F) By the way, I am not a Caymanian only a paper one from the caribbean , but I do see the NEED for these people that I love so dearly and my heart ache for them.  
    (G) Please start building Factories and Trade Schools, become innovative and employ these women to make things in the factories and export stuff, just do something. I find myself crying while ending this memo it really hurts what is happening to the POOR Caymanians. My Jesus is not dead and He knows that the Churches can take care of themselves.  

    • VirginiaLee says:

      My sentiments eactly.  I am a Caymanian married and living in the US now.  Everytime I speak to my parents, siblings and other family they express their concern about the hard times that are impacting them at home.  Truly my heart bleeds for my country.  And I agree with the above post it is for the church members to return in tithes and offerings a portion of that which the Lord blesses them. May God help us all to do our part to get our beloved isle Cayman out of the present mess! 

  25. Anonymous says:

    Which Government committee decide how to distribute the $10 million slush fund that was stolen from the people of Cayman? Which legislature authorized these decisions?

    Or was this done merely by consultation between the Premier, himself, and possibly  God?



    • Anonymous says:

      The "Committee of One",

      the Big Boss,

      Boss Hogg,


      Head Honcho,

      El Guapo,

      El Jefe,

      the Duke,

      El Numero Uno,

      the Big Mac,

      the Whopper-ous One,

      the Big Enchilada,

      the Big Gulp,


      Mighty Mac,

      El Presidente,

      Chairman of the Board of Boards,


      King of the Volcano,

      blah blah blah…

    • Anonymous says:

      one in the same here

  26. Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that in this government's trying financial times, we should be trusting in the churches to bathe us all in God's eternal riches and glory. How on earth that is being switched completely the other way around is totally beyond me. If the churches are going to insist on becoming a financial burden on our community then they are very simply not serving their purpose of demonstrating God's glory to the entire world and should be eradicated rather than grossly supported with other people's money by one uneducated, simple minded  individual.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe CNS should find out how much of the donations to the Bodden Town Church of God has to do with the contruction of the new Hurricane Shelter/Churchof Gods new Worship center.

      If you look through the responses you will see a very high number of individuals liking thier church leader to a criminal. The Church of God was in the process of building their new worship center, when the Government approached them for a joint venture in converting this same worship center to a hurricane shelter. The construction requirements for a hurricane shelter is significantly higher than that of a regular worship hall. Therefore Government had to provide extra funds to Church of God.

      If that is correct then you are calling the wrong people criminal here.

      • Wha ya say says:

        It is for the Bodden Town Church of God to say what the money was used for.  In fact every Church that was on the receiving end of this deal needs to account to the people of the Cayman Islands.  It may well be that some of this money is well spent but no one knows.

        • Anonymous says:

          Every year the church of god has an annual budget meeting to discuss how the church spends all money. The church of god displays that approved budget at the back of the church worship santuary for all members and non members to see.


          PS the church of god is not owned by an individual as you try to imply. This country has had churchs started by individuals before and the money for that church flows ultimately into one hand. The church of god in bodden town is not one of those churchs. In fact it is the members of church of god that determines the pastor salary not he himself. We should try that with the politicians.

      • Anonymous says:

        All companies are owned by some person(s), natural person(s) that is. Find out who are the shareholders of the BT CoG and it will be of no surprise who "Govt" gave money to. The churches are not "owned" by God or the congregation who pay tithes, they are assets just like your house or car or stocks or land and are owned by very very few persons, some who may not even attend that church.


      • Anonymous says:

        That is a very serious insinuation that should not be made lightly. The amount of the Govt. contribution was a direct reflection of the costs of upgrading the structure to hurricane shelter standards as determined by the Govt. Quantity Surveyor.  

      • Anonymous says:

        We have $90 million worth of hurricane shelter in Frank Sound if the Government would please STOP farting around and get them finished for God's sake.

  27. Anonymous says:

    And their spiritual leader said from his pulpit on high:  "Givith more, for you do so for righteousness sake so that this tabernacle may grow in size and strength and serve those in need." 

    And hearing this, the congregation turned as one to its most influental benefactor, the Premier, and said unto him, "Mac, it's up to you.  We're broke."


  28. Anonymous says:

    Any word from the church leaders yet?  Anybody?  A word of thanks to the public who gave you a million dollars would be the polite thing to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it concievable that this church was planned and started not knowing where this million dollars was coming from to build it, or was this money guaranteed even before the plans were drawn and before ground was broken? A $10,000.00 or $20,000.00 or lets even go as far as say a $50,000.00 donation to this project should be considered very generous from a government in dire financial straits, a government that claim they cannot complete their OWN much more important projects, but $1,000,000.00? This is simply mind boggling.      

      • Anonymous says:

        We have heard quite clearly that plans had been drawn that did not take into account any govt. money. When govt. approached the church with the proposal of a partnership the plans had to be changed and the project became much more expensive.

        Churches take on projects all the time not knowing exactly where the money will come from. Nothing new there.

        You need to get it through your head that this was not a donation to a church. It is the govt's contribution to a project so that it can be used for a public purpose namely a hurricane shelter.

        • Anonymous says:

          You need to get it through your head that we already have $90 million dollars worth of unfinished hurricane shelter sitting five minuntes' drive away from this church. The Cayman islands experienced what was probably our strongest, most destructive hurricane in our history, and perhaps for the next two hundred years, six years ago and we did so with out so much as the loss of a single life. WHY ON EARTH are we suddenly hell bent on spending millions and millions and millions of dollars THAT WE DO NOT HAVE on building hurricane shelters including the famous hilton in Cayman Brac???. It has absolutely nothing in this world whatsoever to do with hurricanes, of THAT I can very much assure you. WAKE UP CAYMANIANS.

          • Anonymous says:

            The Clifton Hunter High School is in Frank Sound (North Side Road) while this Church is being built on the western end of Bodden Town. It will cater to a different community. Each shelter will hold only a few hundred people.

            It is wrong to think that our good fortune in Hurricane Ivan means that we don't need Hurricane shelters. Our ability to withstand a hurricane  now is much less than it was then. There are people who are homeless now that were not then. We do need them and this was a much better use of money than govt. building a dedicated shelter on its own as it is doing with the $9m Hurricane Hilton.  

            As for not experiencing another major hurricane for the next 200 years I don't know where you got that idea but hurricanes are increasing in frequency and intensity and there is no guarantee that we won't experience one this year or the next.     



            • Anonymous says:

              The Clifton Hunter High School is in Frank Sound (North Side Road) (Frank Sound Road, NOT North Side road) while this Church is being built on the western end of Bodden Town. (The Clifton Hunter high school AND $90 MILLION HURRICANE SHELTER is five minutes drive from Bodden Town). It will cater to a different community. Each shelter will hold only a few hundred people (THAT shelter is big enough to hold all of Frank Sound, Breakers and Bodden town (the few people who will choose to leave their own homes to go to a shelter) combined)
              It is wrong to think that our good fortune in Hurricane Ivan means that we don't need Hurricane shelters.(who on earth is saying that we don't need hurricane shelters) Our ability to withstand a hurricane  now is much less than it was then (90% of our homes have been rebuilt to BETTER withstand hurricane forces). There are people who are homeless now that were not then (the 4.1 million should have gone to provide housing for them). We do need them (we have $90 million worth in Frank Sound) and this was a much better use of money than govt. building a dedicated shelter on its own as it is doing with the $9m Hurricane Hilton (another incredible waste of good money).  
              As for not experiencing another major hurricane for the next 200 years (where on earth did you read THAT) I don't know where you got that idea but hurricanes are increasing in frequency and intensity and there is no guarantee that we won't experience one this year or the next (completely agreed).

              There is none so blind as he who will not see.   

    • Anonymous says:

      06:08  The church pastors do not have to respond to a word you heathens are saying.  There is a God, and he hears everything, and he will answer with wrath unto those who fight against his word.  Keep praying church.  Today is Wednesday Night, Prayer meeting for all churches, Come out and lets have revival.  In the name of Jesus Amen.

      • Anonymous says:

        I understand God has a place for thieves as well.


      • Anonymous says:

        They do not have to respond doesn't mean they shouldn't, heathen. See, God didn't strike me dead for saying that. Keep praying for McKeeva, church, although you're probably wasting your time. In the name of Jesus Amen. 

  29. Loren says:

    Why are we so against the Premier giving to churches? however we are most silent when developers are given so much in incentives and most times not a word is said.  Most churches play a vital role in our society.  I know the good that Presbyterian churches played in the early development of this island.  I thank God for the good that was done by this church and not to mention countless others.  The Cayman Islands not necessarily natives have become very materalistic and want nothing to do with the God that we depended on to take us from rags to riches but that same God that we now despise can take us from riches to rags and I see it happening daily. 

    • Anonymous says:

      If the Premier himself wishes to give extremely large donations to churches then as long as it comes out of his own pocket, no problem.

      The main issue here is that Religion & politics should never be combined and the money should most definitely NOT come out of the public purse when the money could be used in areas which are far more important.

      I am sorry, but God has nothing to do with taking someone from "rags to riches" that is up to the person them self.  

    • Anonymous9 says:

      Loren, in response to your initial question, 'Why are we so against the Premier giving to churches', you might read other posts and get a few clues. Get your head out of the sand and pay attention to the rest of the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      let's go on a picnic!!

  30. Rick singer says:

    Just when I thought I have heard it all. Pathetic uneducated XXXX shameful human. The government always gives me plenty material to discuss in my college classes so I am grateful for that. Caymanians need to get together and save their country before it's too late.

  31. Concern Pastor says:

    As a pastor I am really troubled by this nation building fund and how the monies were distributed. I believed that the church plays a cruicial and vital role in any community and the government should do everything to support it. However, I believed that the way these monies were distributed leaves more questions than answers.

    1. I believe the decision to give the church and any organization any money should have proper checks and balances. This is the people's money, not an individual or party.

    2. The reasons given for distributing monies is questionable. (purchasing land etc).

    3. How can we ensure that the communities these churches are in benefits directly from these funds?  (afterschool programs? soup kitchen? educational center?).

    4. The church must never been seen as siding with any political party. They must always remain neutral. (by accepting money we are putting ourselves in a compromising situation).

    5. The churches that have benefited greatly from these funds must reflect on their decisons to accept such large funds and the spiritual, moral, and political implications.

    I believe the premiere must revisit the nation building fund and ask himself, what is really my motivation behind of this.

    May God continue to help us inspite of our nearsightedness, our shortcomings, and lack of discernment. May we as ministers of the gospel recognized that we have erred in judgement and return the funds back to the people.

    God bless.

    • Jack N Meoph says:

      Nice idea pastor – give the money back!!!

      But really, what do you think the chances of THAT are???  Have you EVER heard of a church returning donations??  Besides, if they had to return all the tainted money they take in, then they really would need the government's help.

      Good idea though…

  32. Anonymous says:

    Why the $%%& should I pay customs duty if the Premier turns around and takes my government's revenue to give to his fellow church goers! What about the schools that lay in disrepair? the Premier should be forced to resign over this. Mickey mouse so called leaders we have, always criticising the UK, naming buildings after themselves, blaming each other for their ineptitude, they cannot even form simple sentences,  West Bay should shoulder the responsibility for this travesty, Father of the house indeed, says it all really. To think they had a grand dinner at Pappagallo honoring this man, I wish the names of those that attended could be published. Well done to all that encouraged the ignorant masses to vote for this guy.

  33. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    How can a supposedly “developed” country allow a situation where “ONE” man controls the purse strings of what are now two “slush funds” – the $10 million Nation Building Fund, and the $16 million + Dart West Bay Road handout. Itis like a kid breaking into his Uncle’s shop and handing out sweeties to his school friends.

  34. Fook Ma Boosh says:

    Mac is taking us all for the fool he is.

    His 5th grade edjumacatshiun is kickin into high gear…

    The rope is running out – look out for XXXX US, the angry Caymanians SICK TO DEATH of his abuse.

    How long should any of us put up with this?  As a Caymanian Christian I AM DISGUSTED.  

    I will renounce all the churches involved in this Judus Iscariot FILTH.  WE ALL SHOULD.

    Stop donating.  Members – WALK AWAY (or be guilty by association…)   Show the churches just how far they have gone to betray us for the MIGHTY DOLLAR.

    I will NEVER give to them again – and I am pulling ALL my support from these Judases.

    Cayman NEEDS a MORAL SUPPORTING COMMUNITY – NOT a bunch of greedy pulpit hogs…



    • Anonymous says:

      Mac isn't the fool.  The people who elected him and still support him are the real fools in this fiasco.  And Mac is all too aware of the fact that you fools will continue to remain as such.  That's enough to keep him doing more of the same, ad infinitum, ad nausium.

      He is fully capable of fooling some of the people all of the time and that is enough to make a decent living.  And he is proof positive of that adage.   To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln:  You can fool some of the people some of the time.  You can fool all of the people some of the time.  But you can't fool all of the people all of the time.  Mac knows who the fools are and will continue to play them right through the next election when he might just say unto his masses of supporters that he will retire from public life after he serves just one more term.  Too many projects left undone, too many "MOU's" yet to issue to stop now.  That next term is important to fulfill the goal of making the Cayman Islands impotent.

  35. Anonymous says:

    The most worrying thing is that the country is unable (or unwilling) to take the Premier to task in any way shape or form.   

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have generally supported McKeeva in a lot of his initiatives………but he is on his own with this one.  This is an ABUSE of power, and Im sorry, this just isnt right.   

    This is pretty blatant and goes against what a leader of a country should do.   At the very least, its unethical, but it also hints a bit at the presence of corruption.    This is causing me to question many other things.   I see that 95% plus of the comments are negative, and one never sees this in other stories.  

    Its just not right…….


    • Wet Paper Caymanian says:

      Yes you are absolutly right and this man is incredebly scary. It makes you really think about many other deals and it don't smell good. Not to go thru the proper tendering and appointmenting who he knows he can manipulate and have is way on his islands. Let us never forget all he has done us and  # 1 Ingoring the people, and all while he is under investigation. Mr. Governor do not Our Islands end up like our Mother Country is at thiss moment. Can't you feel the heat ?

  37. Anonymous says:

    My new church is called Church of the Living God and Caymanians.  The preacher will be Mr. Blue Iguana, the deacon Cayman Parrot, the parisioners, bobo's and teedee's. How I want my nation building money because I am going to buy a reservation somewhere in the iron wood forest.

  38. Anonymous says:

    This is an indictment against the Cayman Islands Ministers Association and the churches of Grand Cayman.  Not only those who have received funding, but the entire lot.  Had a deal just been finalized in Chicago for a Gay cruise with Cayman as a port of call in the year 2019, the Minister’s Association and other church leaders would have published their condemnation YESTERDAY and proclaimed doom and gloom for these Islands.   Yet, none of them, no not one, has anything to say about this and other alleged criminal activities in the highest places in these islands. 

    How dare you remain quiet when you know that money was taken from the mouths of those children who go to school hungry (review the budget)?  To make such large gifts/grants/donations of public funds to a select few to erect idols unto themselves (the majority of which are coincidentally located in his constituency) while our own children are made to suffer is an abomination unto the Lord.  But I believe that not only the Premier will be held accountable, but you too almighty Juliana O’Connor Conolly, along with the other “Christian” (when convenient) UDP members and the leaders of the church across the islands, shall be made to account one day by the almighty God for your deafening silence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not only do certain ministers have nothing to say about the appearance of impropriety and seeming corruption in govt. but they expressly endorse the Premier from their pulpits and demand that their parishioners not criticise him. Recently one went so far as to liken the Premier to Moses and his "detractors" to the rebellious children of Israel. Needless to say that that church was a recipient from the slush fund. As a Christian I am a bit embarrassed by all of this.      

  39. Anonymous says:

    you can print anything you wish, bottom line is he is doing things every single week and has been for years now and all you ever do ir winge about it and again nothing will be done. so please be quiet and bow to your leader.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Is this the way Bush gives his 10% without actually giving from his own multiple pay checks?

  41. Loren says:

    God loves a cheerful giver the Premier is just spreading the cheer, be cheerful in all things people.

    • Anonymous says:

      We hope you're singing all the way to the CUC office to pay your utility bill every month. As one poster says here, it's easy to be generous with someone else's money. You won't ever read here about McKeevea giving millions of HIS money to the churches, I can gurantee you that. Wake up, fool.   

  42. Anonymous says:

    Right about now McKeeva is cursing FOI. BTW that is something to thank the PPM for.  

  43. Anonymous says:

    How is this allowed? Very very sad for Cayman.

  44. Rev. BB says:

    Each one of these denominations was created by white, European men and perpetuate bigotry against those who don't share their superstitions.  A system to distract the fearful masses from their greedy masters?

    • Anonymous says:


      What the perpetrators' color or origin were, is now irrelevant. What does matter is that we now live in an era of amazing scientific discoveries(from scientists of all origins), and yet we still have to contend with superstitious nonsence and fear mongering leaders who consistently mismanage public funds to keep themselves and their friends in power and do not even attempt to make an earnest attempt to solve societies problems. In fact these well groomed men(and women) of double standards know very well that keeping these problems around means their necessity is assured.  What we have as a result is a huge drag on potential scientific research(which creates industries and jobs) to the extent that human progress and societal developments are pushed back hundred of years. 

      Politicians mismanaging public funds away from educative efforts to keep themselves and their friends in power is simply one trick among many to suppress progress. There is absolutely no way out unless the culture changes and that includes stopping to treat people who play games with children's futures, use their church to justify hideous acts, and are not factual and manipulate myths and fairly tales, as leaders. Instead, treat fools like they should be treated, ignore them for already wasting the precious time we all have, and start to elect progressive, critical thinking and science based leaders who can empathize with all socioeconomic backgrounds and belief systems, and will have the tools to make an honest and transparent attempt at solving problems.


      • Anonymous says:

        Scientific discoveries tend to confirm the existence of God.

        "progressive, critical thinking and science based leaders" still need ethical principles to guide them. The most scientific minds in the world can still commit atrocities. Josef Mengele was a scientist.

  45. Anonymous says:

    give it back

  46. Anonymous says:

    No wonder we cannot balance the budget. Money is being thrown right and left and some are leaving perfectly good buildings to build multi million dollar buildings while many cannot afford the cost of living.

  47. Anonymous says:

    give it back

  48. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr. Premier, 

    This is a blatant misuse of public funds, not to mention  public trust!!!!

    I have no idea how the UK is allowing you to continue to get away with this. 

    I thought you were a God fearing Christian.   I guess you figure that God can be bought off also.  After all you were created in his image.  Both True Christians and the True God will see through your "earthly actions" .  Trust me, you are not buying a place in heaven.  God is much smarter than that. 

    God will deal with your soul later.

    We need the UK to deal with you now!!!  Soon it will be too late for Cayman .

    • Anonymous says:

      If the premier is created in gods image I'm looking for a new god.

      • Anonymous says:

        We're sorry, but the Premier's image seems to have permanently replaced God"s own image.

  49. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      16:37 Preachers do not need to speak up, because If we have God for us, why worry about you people.  It is only a matter of time when you all will feel the wrath of God,  We as Christians only have one ammunition, and that is prayer, and we are go9ng to use that Tonight.   Please all saints, and all believers, find your selves out tonight because we need to prayer for the nation.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Oh my word. Never have I been so embarassed by my country's government than I have been this past year. How do you think churches survived without establishment of a government funding? They do so through other mediums and donations by the people. They don't judge based on the amount of money received so there's no need to give over 1Million dollars to 1 church alone. Let's be honest here as well, Mckeeva lives next to this church and attends this church. How nice that must be. If the walls are caving, people would still go because they're there for spiritual reasons. I'm sure these churches would be just as happy to know that such money was being put towards fixing our debt balloon issue or set aside for social programs or maybe even towards the completion of the schools for our children.  If our government donated a fraction of this to churches of equal amounts and of all denominations, they would be just as thankful, don't you think? It would also seem a little less like favouritism.


  51. Anonymous says:

    Preachers Behaving Badly. If you thought television preachers were bad, look how the preachers in Cayman will take the food from a hungry child's mouth.

    Here is an excerpt from the Annual Plan and Estimates for the year ending June 30, 2012.


    It's on page 176 if anyone would like to read it in detail.

                                                                                             2011/12Budget  2010/1Forecast
    • Number of children receiving school lunches      600-650                 650-900
    • Number of children receiving school uniforms    300-400                 300-400

    Cost                                                                                 $585,900               $1,254,572


    I'm not certain if the formatting will work in this post, but the budget to feed children who come to school hungry has been reduced from $1,254,572 to $585,900.

    Government has handed the $668,672 over to the preachers and they expect the service clubs and other voluntary organizations to step in and provide the funding for these hungry kids.

    It sure would be nice if I could hear just one man of the cloth speak out against this unholy act.

    CNS: I've posted it below to make it clearer.

    • Anonymous says:

      90-100% ???

      So some days 1 in 10 don't have lunch

      Another day 1 in 10 don't have a nutritional lunch

      Uniforms I don't care so much about but in reality uniforms are to make everyone equal so they are important as well.


  52. Anonymous says:

    “In all ages hypocrites, called priests,have put crowns upon the heads of thieves, called kings" – Robert Green Ingersoll

    “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” – Aesop

  53. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe this!! Mkeeva needs to be kicked out!!! Destroying Cayman!

  54. Anonymous says:

    One of McKeeva's excuse for donating to churches is they can act as hurricane shelters.  What about the High Schools? were they not hurricane shelters too?  What about them? Is it because they were started by the PPM why they are not considered?

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, they were going to be hurricane shelters and community centres, including the commercial kitchens to feed the community post-disaster. The irony here is that the UDP Government broke ground on all the schools just before they lost the election. Pure stupidity.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Clifton Hunter High School is all the way in Frank Sound. This one is on the western end of Bodden Town. They will serve two different communities. BT is the third largest district and the fastest growing and does not have a purpose-built hurricane shelter. 

      While some of these donations cannot be justified, such as giving funds just so a church can purchase land, a partnership to construct a dual purpose facility where one of its uses is a much needed hurricane shelter is fully justifiable:

      1. It will cost the Govt. a great deal less than building a dedicated hurricane shelter.This was a much more sensible use of funds that the Hurricane Hilton in the Brac which will cost some $9m (as opposed to $1.3m) and is not needed.

      2. Govt. will not be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities.

      3. It would be a waste of funds to have a dedicated shelter as the building would be underused.   


      Although it is being cast in that way, this is not a question of donating to a church.  

      • Anonymous says:

        'All the way' in Frank Sound for crying out loud. It is five minutes drive away, and it would actually be functional both as a hurricane shelter and as a very important state of the art education facility for our children if we could very simply convince the UDP to STOP blowing away money that we DON'T HAVE. Are we now insisting on having multi-million dollar hurricane shelters every two miles apart in Cayman because of their reputation for saving hundreds of lives during hurricanes like Ivan and Paloma, or because we cannot afford to take the risk of having to drive five minutes to get to one?

        • Anonymous says:

          Unless you are a reckless speeder it is not 5 minutes at all. There is approx 6 miles between them.  BT is the 3rd largest district and does not have a purpose built hurricane shelter. It clearly needs at least one.  The bldg that was used as a shelter in Hurricane Ivan had its roof blown off.  

          The issue you should be focussing on is where the funds were not contributions towards a project that will serve a public purpose e.g. to purchase land.   

  55. Anonymous says:

    I think the churches should pass it out to the members. It'll be at least $1k apiece. That's a pretty good stimulus package and is probably what the premier wanted anyway but couldn't do directly.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Question,  what does a church in Cayman need with $1.3 million? is GOD poor these days?

    • I SAW IT COMING says:

      These churches are all hiding behind the cloth. I am a God fearing  person  and I give my offering every sunday. However the greed from the people that run these churches is outrageous. They receive the offering and thithes, give to over seas missions, yet they  fail to put back into this community.


      1 .1 million dollars is a heck of a lot of money and both of these churches should turn their collections back to government to pay for what they took from the citizens of this island.

      There is people who need help , need homes repaired , need help with mortages, yet they get no help. Shame on them.

      God help us all.

  57. Anonymous says:

    How convenient. THE PREMIER's own church is one of those that receives majority of money and the church where he "couldnt get his way" gets 12,000.

  58. Anonymous says:

    You elected him. It's your Island. Just like if I bought a brand new Porshe I have every right to go out and trash it…..but I wouldn't. That is why I have  Porsche.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I don't attend church but i did for a while and i can tell you that if the churches or their members are true christians they would return the money.  Most churches have a policy of staying out of polotics despite what some pastors or certain members may do.  If you look closely at their doctrine, it forbids the church getting in bed with the government.  All involved should be ashamed including those who remain silent.


    If we become a nation expecting handouts, when the handouts end, we'll become a nation of theives.  we don't have to cast our eyes too far to see examples of this.

  60. Anonymous says:

    "The God I know isn't exactly short of money"

    I believe this was a quote at a U2 concet.

    I guess the nation building fund is for a different god.


  61. Anonymous says:

    Please for Heaven sake keep{ CHRISTIANS } and churches apart  christians dont have to be in so call churches,churches  are big    buisness these days check the plazas.

  62. Anonymous says:

    What is the difference between Mckeeva and the looters who are destroying London?

    Both are talking the hard earned money of local people, destroying businesses, and all to the benefit of deadbeats.

    Oh yes I know the difference, there is a chance the police in London will arrest the criminals in London but the looter of the Cayman Islands will get away with it.


  63. Silence of the lambs says:

    I believe in God, I am a religious person so please don't assume from my comments that I am atheist or being disrespectful.  People, churches are not organized the same as companies but they are businesses.  They hold bank accounts, they make investments.  Yes the purpose is supposed to be spiritual enlightenment but don't ever think that one of the purposes is not financial success.  I woud also like for the churches to speak on this, I would have preferred if they told Mac to take his money and buy a soul but I suspect that even with all the good intentions and genuingely good people who run churches this money is accepted as a blessing but the cost later is going to be great.  I would not want to be in a position where I am indebted to the premier.  It stinks of vote buying, clearly one of the churches that got the most $ is in his district so he knows he needs to sweeten them up.  All money aint good money folks, and now you owe the devil (proverbial or literal, you choose).

  64. Just Saying says:

    We have children who go to school with empty bellies. We have elderly who live in deplorable conditions. We have families with special needs children and adults in their homes who struggle every day to afford medical bills and home care costs. We have many reputable and worthy charities island wide who struggle to help the less fortunate in our society and get most of their money from private companies and good hearted people who might not have a lot themselves but recognize that some have it much worse and are willing to help in any way they can –  This makes me want to either cry from sheer shock and anger or pull my hair out in disbelief that this is where our money is being spent … when you take money away from our children our elderly and our needy to put into the hands of one of the most wealthy industries in the world there is something inherently wrong something sick and twisted going on with this country and it needs to be fixed NOW

  65. Tamara says:

    Public money should not be going to religous groups. End of story, full stop! Neither should it be given to people to prop up a mortgage, start interfering in a market economy and you will see that all you are doing is kicking the can down the street. If people bite of more then they could chew then sorry you have to pay the consequences. I wonder if a Filipino maid who is struggling to make ends meet will get any of these funds, or is their suffering considered less important then that of suffering Caymanians. 

    • Anonymous says:

      A Filipino maid who is struggling to make ends meet should not be here and should certainly not be the recipient of any funds as a guest worker.

      • Anonymous says:

        That was a good test of the number of expats on here. Judging from the thumbs down Caymanians are outnumbered.

        When a person obtains a work permit their salary is supposed to be sufficient to maintain them and their dependents. If their salary is not sufficient for that purpose they should not be granted a work permit. Period. If circumstances change so that they are unemployed or underemployed and cannot support themselves then their permit should be cancelled. Period. What do you people think – that Cayman should run a welfare state for expats who come here but cannot afford to live on what they earn here?! If you cannot afford to live here then obviously you should go home or find someone else where you can afford to live. Why on earth should we take on another country's burden when we have plenty of our own?      

  66. Anonymous says:

    One thing, they wont buy their way into Heaven. This is the worst of worst that I have heard. There must be some stop put to this XXXXX. How I pray for a man such as Uncle Jim to rise up again. But you know what, this younger generation is not going to sit back and let things wash under their seats. They are angry right now thats why we have so much crime.Cant get any jobs no food to eat dont hahe a decent place to live etc etc. We better wake up and smell the roses.

  67. Was minding my own business but... says:

    It is a grave day when we see politicians handing out large sums of money to churches. Can anyone tell me why is it that one church receives so much more than the others? At the end of the day we have only our selves to blame. When it was election time, instead of listening and taking the time to make a vote, we went with what was easy and not what was best. How many of us heard talk about who got fridge and stove and land etc. during elections? Cayman we dont kneed to wait for elections for our voice to be heard. Across the island we march and demonstrate our rights against developments why not against our leadership? Are our parents, our children and ourselves to continue to be lead like sheep to the slaughter?

  68. Anonymous says:

    That's right and another 3,000 Status Grants by next election and he might just get elected again. Won't that be nice?

    • Anonymous says:

      Simple maths – if everyone who got stauts voted for McKeeva – would this win him an election – NO, NOT EVEN CLOSE. The wider community voted him in, stop trying to use the status grants as an excuse for the wider populations stupidity. Also have you ever considered that the status grant holders may care about this island just as much as you? 

      • Anonymous says:

        The wider community did not vote him in, just his district.  They are going to do it again too!

        • Anonymous says:

          The wider community voted for the UDP.


          The UDP elected him leader.


          Therefore, he has been elected to be the premier by a democratic process which is representative of the wider community.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't be simple. No one is saying that ONLY the status grantees voted for him. The fact is that they put him over the top when otherwise he would not have won.

        There is a certain nationality that needs only to have their ears tickled by the Premier who tells them what they want to hear and makes policies in their favour (especially if he gives their churches some money) and then all objectivity goes out of the window. He suddenly becomes Moses and his detractors the rebellious children of Israel. They ignore the damage some of his harebrained policies will do to this Island and the fact there are many reasons to suspect corruption in his administration. They ignore the lack of transparency and threats to freedom of speech and freedom of information. They do not care one whit about the best interests of these Islands as a whole so long as their table is spread.      

        • Anonymous says:

          It is NOT a fact that "they put him over the top when otherwise he would not have won".

          I can assure you that those 3,000 status grants did not get him 3,000 votes.

          Trust me on that.

          I am not the only one that registered to vote JUST to vote against him.

          What we need is VALID choices. Where are they???

          • Anonymous says:

            One only need attend a UDP meeting to see that the majority of status grantees did vote for the UDP. 9 out of 10 Jamaicans support the UDP.

      • Anonymous says:

        I got a status grant but haven't and never would vote mac

  69. Anonymous9 says:

    It makes me sick to think of how much Nation Building $4Mil could do in education.  I absolutely DO NOT understand why this money wasn't put towards educating our barely educated children and school leavers that can't get a job.  You are only as good as the resources you have to work with.  Religion does not get you a job. Education does.

    Utterly amazing and shamefully disturbing.  Our unemployment is NOT because there are no jobs. Our unemployment is due to the un-employability of our people.  Not everyone can afford to go away for higher education. So the rich get richer and the poor feel downtrodden. 

    Education is the key.

    But Mac tink;  if you 'keep dem stupid', dey nah go against ya. Just keep givin' dem stuff. Dat da ticket.

  70. Whodatis says:

    Dear Mac,

    It is at times like these where you make it incredibly difficult to argue against the forthcoming intervention and interference by the FCO.

    Furthermore, there are so many (other?) worthy causes that are in dire need of government funding.

    This entire thing stinks to high heaven and like someone else said, the pastors that received this money should be completely ashamed of themselves.


    Re: “Perhaps the fundamental justification for supporting the churches, however, may be more readily grasped if we ask ourselves this: what would our society have been like; what, in today’s pressured realities would it be like, were it not for our churches? Where else would we get the enduring ethical guidance that our churches continue to urge upon us?”

    * Those that contribute to our "pressured realities" tend not to darken church steps my friend. From the unscrupulous hedge fund banker right down, excuse me … right across to the despicable armed robber.

    Then again, you sir are a regular churchgoer are you not?

    Looks like I may be wrong on this occasion actually.


    Politics and Religion should NEVER mix…can NEVER mix!

  72. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    Nation Building = Slush Fund

  73. Anonymous says:

    Church of God (Universal) is NOT named among the wicked. Now there is a pastor with all kinds of BACKBONE!!! Born and raised Caymanian too!


    "Unna nah listening ta me…, come on church"

    • Tamara says:

      They are all as bad as each other – whether named or not! Religion is the biggest con ever committed on humanity – some will never realise this until it is too late. And as for church providing a moral compass – read some history books and look at all the atrocoties that are (and continue to be) committed in the name of religion.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tribalism is the true root cause of wars and atrocities. The term "tribalism" is general and includes both religeous and atheistic tribes.


        I amazes me that tribalism is alive and well in the Caymans. Just look at all the various flavours of christian churches. How can so called followers of Christ be so argumentative when it comes to interpreting His word?



  74. Anonymous says:

    It's nice that this community is receiving funds to keep their livelihoods going, but maybe it'd be beneficial if they contributed part of the funds they recieve to more effective community outreach. It's all well and good that people are going to have churches to go to and hurricane shelters to stay in, but what about all of the business folks are getting into when they're NOT at church? Spend some of our government money on crime prevention and more effective punishment for repeat offenders… 

  75. Anonymous says:

    Every day we read something which causes us to go "WTH" but this is about the lowest and sleeziest of acts. This whole "Nation Building Fund" is nothing but a bank account at our expense to secure votes for the next election for this government. Now we buy churches votes. Can it possibly get any worse?

    Mr. Governor you are very quiet? Exactly when do you plan to do something or are you intimidated?

    • Anonymous says:

      13:13  You ask what the Governor is doing?   I believe he is Praying, because of what some people have done and keep on doing to this Island.  Bur remember this my friends, we got Saints on here that can call on the Holy Spirit, and we feel his presence daily.   We will continue to lift hm up  Halleluha!!   Amen

    • Anonymous says:

      the governor ain't got the stones…….

      if he did what he should right now it would also prove that he was negligent in his duties over the last 2 years…..theref ore expect him to keep his head in the sand and keep sweeping things under the carpet…..

  76. Anonymous says:

    One man One Premier Church.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Total waste of public funds.

    • Anonymous says:

      13:00 that is what you may think, but those of us who love and trust in God does not think so.  One of the prime reasons that Cayman is on the down turn is because of people like you who continue to put your mouth where your foot should be.  We heare in Cayman are quite aware what we are wrestling against.   But we ill continue to Pray to keep this Island clean of the Powers we wrestle against.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ 14:39

        Seems as though "evil" rules this world. If you know what you are "wrestling" against then you should know that prayer alone wont do much.
        God helps those who help themselves, right? Try prayer AND action because prayer alone wont help.

      • Anonymous says:


  78. Anonymous says:

    Money is the ruth of evil;  Money buy votes –  what could be more evil??

  79. Anonymous says:

    Oh My God. Couldn't that money have been spent on a trade school for unemployed young men who may right now be caught up in the cycle of crime?

    Could some of it have been used for unemployment benefits for Caymanians who have been laid off and cannot find another job and for training and job placement assistance?

    Or for the pre-school assistance funding that I was denied today for my child who requires early intervention language therapy prior to his first year in primary school?

    Or to provide health care, meals and support for seniors and shut-ins?

    Of course not – it was spent on vote buying and given to churches that don't need it at the whim of a man who no longer has a grip on the reality that his people are in decline.

    I would be shocked if I didn't think he could sink even lower.

    • Anonymous says:

      12:47   Ireally cannot believe you said that  "Could,nt the money instead be spent on Trade shcools" and other things that is not as important as the word of God.

      Cayman has become too materialized.  People have forgotten that all the material cravings will end one day.  God will return for his people, and all that we so much fight, quarrel and slave for will disappear in the twinkle of the eye.

      I say take heed my fellow Caymanians, and visitors, build your hopes on Christ,  The whole world is slowly changing, ahould that tell us something.   Find a church this sunday and visit.  Send your children to sunday school, and last but not least, think about where you come from, and where you would like to go.

      • Anonymous says:

        Gibberish. You talk about material cravings. What about the cravings of the churches. They tax their flock of sheep 10 percent every week and are then taking millions of tax payers money, what a disgrace!

  80. Anonymous says:

    Well now we have TWO choices!

    1)   We can go to church and NOT give any offering anymore      OR

    2) Build a church in westbay and business will be good as long as the current Premier is in control!

    Your choice!

  81. MER says:

    I can hardly read the news these days!!!This stuff is disturbing!

  82. Anonymous says:

    People need to remember that every UDP Minister and backbencher are party to this thievery.  They need to remember it now and they need to remember it at the next election. 

  83. Dred says:

    I want to say this and be clear….

    I am a Christian by definition. I believe in God and I believe in his power but when you see politics start getting entangled with religion the outcome can never be good. This is not a hit at true religious people or churchs as much as it is at some.

    I want to take you all back to awhile ago when Mr Bush declared the end of Pirates Week and ask you to recount where he said this from. A church. Yes and probably one of those same churches that got the lump load of the funds.

    I don't want to say this but MY FEELING is this is a payoff for votes in a round about way. He was trying to get votes then and he's only paying for it now. This is my belief. Do I believe its in writing NO but it's the unsaid word.

    When you see Pastors getting involved with Politics anyone who goes to that church should leave because Jesus didn't do it and neither should pastors. Politics and Religion is like Gas and Fire not only do they not mix they generally end up in some sort of explosion.

    Let me again say this clearly. Not only do I see fundamentally nothing wrong with the government giving money to the churchs to aid them in developing programs to help our youth which we need more than ever but my issue is when they start singling out churchs to give the bulk of funds to. This to me smells funny. It smells like a favor being returned.

    Generally I believe the policy of the UDP government is that if they want to do something for someone or some group or company they generally let open the flood gates to hide their true intent. I believe this happened with the status grants and it has happened here also.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen Dred, i agree politics and church should never be mixed together, i like how you put it like gas and fire that leads to an explosion, good explanation.  Jesus says to give unto Cesar what is Cesar's and give unto God what is God's, (Mark 12:17/Matt 22:21/ Luke 20:25) he never mixed up Government and Churches together, he always spoke of them as separate entities.  It is no coincidence that the Premiere gave the most to his own church, it seems very corrupt.  When churches become entangled with Government, then you don't see the demonstration of the Power of God like Apostle Paul says, he comes not with eloquent speech but with a Demonstration of the Power of God casting out demons out of people, healing people, making the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the crippled to walk, and all sorts of supernatural miracles!  Corruption in the churches blocks the true demonstration of the Power of God's Spirit!  Where there is eloquent speech there is no Demonstration of the Power of God!  The spiritual, mental, physical, emotional healings are in the Demonstration of the Power of God's Spirit, not in the eloquent speeches!  Churches should never give privelage to to bigger donors of money, all should be treated the same regardless, there should be no privelage given to money or status!  All are equal members in the Body of Christ, with only One Head over All, the Lord Jesus Christ himself!  There is only one Head, and a Body of many members, and no member is any more or any less important than the other members.  (Of course there is false sheep in the Church, i'm not talking about them! ie: the hypocrites!)   Jesus says he is coming to separate the sheep (the true sheep) from the goats (the false sheep/hypocrites), Justice will be served oneday!  Be strong in the Lord and in His Mighty strength!  Our God Reigns!!  He is Coming!  Even so Come Lord Jesus!!



      Apostle Paul says: Christ is also the head of the church, which is his body.           Colossians 1:18

      The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.  For we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body—whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.       1 Corinthians 12:12-13

      When I came to you, brothers, I did not come with eloquence or superior wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God.  For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.  I came to you in weakness and fear, and with much trembling.  My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.               1 Corinthians 2:1-5

      Jesus says: Cure the sick, bring the dead back to life, cleanse those with skin diseases, and force demons out of people. Give these things without charging, since you received them without paying.    Matthew 10:8

      …and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.    Luke 9:2

      Heal the sick who are there and tell them, 'The kingdom of God is near you.'   Luke 10:9

      Apostle Paul says: For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.       1 Timothy 6:10

      Jesus says:  No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, andlove the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.     Matthew 6:24 / Luke 16:13

      Peter answered: "May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money!         Acts 8:20

      …and saying, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near."   (Jesus)  Matthew 3:2

  84. Anonymous says:

    Wesleyan Holiness Church $1,300,000 and Agape $0.

    I wonder which minister might have been critical of his highness at some stage?

  85. Anonymous says:

    And this is from the man who wants the UK to leave him alone?

    $4.1 million to the churches is just latest in the interesting series of austerity moves being made by CIG to balance the budget like the two dozen new Chargers and other nice toys for RCIPS, the backdoor round of pay increases in the civil service, the seemingly limitless junketing by senior MLAs and the roughly $1/2 milion a year being paid to three senior civil servants and a senior police officer on indefinite paid leave.

    There must be logic there somewhere but I can't see it. What I can see is the day when CIG have to pass every cent of expenditure through the FCO to get it approved because the one thing the UK cannot handle right now is having to bail out a bankrupt OT. 

  86. Anonymous says:

    The LA needs to be held accountable for this!! They are sleeping on their jobs!! I don't even want to see what he will do with the 18 million funds received from Dart!!! 5 million to build a snow park on SMB???

  87. Anonymous says:

    The churches NEED to contribute to this conversation.  Their silence is not helpful.  We think of pastors as upstanding members of the community and you cannot remain silent on these issues.  God is listening, speak up!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently the ministers are only "upstanding" when it is time to stand up and collect money from the rest of us


    • Anonymous says:

      not helpful, but revealing!

      • Anonymous says:

        That money should have gone to help finish the schools/hurricane shelter that the Government…sorry the PPM, have already started in Frank Sound. Period. End of story. This Government sorely needs to get their priorities right. They are committed to providing an extravagant church building that Bodden town does not have enough people to fill rather than providing education facilities for our children? The same government that accused the PPM to death of being EXTRAVAGANT???

        • Anonymous says:

          BT has more than enough people to fill the church (which will seat 500) but the issue is that it had to be adequate in size to serve as a Hurricane shelter.   

          • Anonymous says:

            Apparently it is being assumed that ALL Bodden Towners will go to the shelter. This most certainly never has and never will be the case, not even close. And you continue to ignore the fact that we have a HUGE hurricane shelter five minutes away.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Someone must have had cotton in their ears or fell asleep during the "ethical guidance" and the "Ten Commandments" sermons!!!

  89. Anonymous says:

    One man one vote?

    OR One man controls the LA, which is better?

    Face it, in such a small assembly, control one four man section and you can control the lot, if you do that, and your four man band is subservient to you then you can do pretty much as you please.

    Your premier has that control, and treats the LA with contempt. This private fund, until yesterday a private purse to distribute without anyone knowing where it was going is evidence of that contempt, large sums given to predominately his own constituents through the church. That isnt Country building, it is personal interest building and done through the public purse.

    Evidence of that contempt is all around you, contracts which never seem to go through the proper channels, the questions regarding the loan facilities remain unanswered, serious matters raised by the auditor general are apparently ignored, and a sudden and surely connected change to the law regarding audits are just tips of the iceberg.

    You need to change this dreadful voting system, because you may get rid of this particular man but if you dont change the system you might end up with a different face doing the same things!

  90. Anonymous says:

    Shame on the Pastors and Mr. Bush.

    The Pastors who pastor these churches aught to be ashame of themselves.  I am so glad that my Church has not been named amond the names that are published.  The bible askes for 1/10 of our earnings to further the work of the kingdom, and all these churches needs to do is to teach their people of to pay their thithes and offerings for the work of the Lord.  it is a shame how these pastors were so gullible and so craving for money that they took the earnings of poor people who are struggling to pay their bill.  Civil Servants and Statutory bodies employees who cannot make ends meet and they can buy airplaine tickets, etc and enjoy life while the poor people  are struggling to pay their thithes and offering . They too, along with Mr. Bush should be beaten with many stripes FOR BRINGING A REPROACH ON THE GOSPEL.

    The bible is true, what is done in darkness must be brought to light. (we got more to see). 

    I can understand that the goverment partnered with the Bodden Town church as a hurricane shelter, that they would have to help fund the building of the church, but not the others.  XXXXX

    I know without a doubt in my mind that if my church was named among these churches, I would automatically find somewhere else to worship. 

    If a church is in need, let them ask the congregation first, then if the congregation cannot reach these needs then the last resort should be to go to the government, and that should only be in cases such as hurricane dasasters to help build back the building.

    Shmae and these pastors and Mr. Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      1/10 of income that is required from members of any church the Bible says is to pay the pastors and other workers that spread the gospel, not to build churches my friend. I pray that God will bless you also.

      • anon says:

        Oye 12:41,

        yet another blinded follower. What do you think the church uses to buy audio systems, and vehicles for the Pastors. Apparently alot of you dont see it more a business than the teachings of the Bible. There is so much hypocrisy in the churches as it is, this is actually not surprising when you think about it. This has been happening for hundreds of years if you read history. 

        Thepastors should be ashame, even if they are struggling for money for their churches, turning a blind eye to the fact that they KNOW what the money is for is down right disgusting. They teach faith, so they should have faith that they can get money without being part of curroption.

        The Premier..well what can I say, he wouldnt care less what any of us think about him. he's where he wants to be and this isn't suprising.

        One thing I will thank him for though… showing us that even the churches here will sell their souls for the almightly dollar.

      • Dred says:

        I recall many years ago now watching TV and Mrs Baker was on it. If you don't know her you should read up on her. Well she was on there talking about how she visited Africa and how bad things were there. I watched her carefully as she strolled across the stage in what seemed to be a $1,000+ dress. The rings and all looked extremely expensive and the only thought that came to mind was "you self righteous blankity blank blank, take off those $1,000 dresses and rings and sell them and feed those kids".

        I really really really don't like to judge but the humanity in me comes out when I see hypocrits throw out how they want to help when they themselves are as much a part of the problem as the government who is getting fat while their people starve.

        In Cayman there is no difference. We have Mr Bush holding meetings with people who have lost their jobs promising them a better tomorrow when he himself LAVISHES in money. He not only is taking a robust salary but he is also getting a robust pension not to mention all the perks of his office such as flights.

        Now if that was not bad enough those people don't even stop to realise WHO REALLY PUT THEM OUT OF JOBS. It was him McKeeva Bush who raised every fee known to man including the gas that has caused so many businesses to close and our cost of living to rise simutaneously yet he has the GAUL, the AUDACITY to preach he wants to help them when he almost single handedly (because his fellow UDP are mere MINDLESS WEAK PATHETIC sheep) lead them to this position yet they don't for one second realise this.

        So now here we are…..churchs needing money why? Well let me tell you why. Let's watch the dominoes fall…..

        1) Life is good. People have jobs and people pay their tithe. Chuches prosper.

        2) Recession comes and times are becoming hard for us all.

        3) Big Mac raises duties and some business fees – Cost of products rise in line with higher levels of duties on products. Some business start to cut back.

        4) Big Mac raises the cost of work permits in a rediculous manner now many businesses who are already suffering from the recession simply do not have the funds to pay for those permits which are now in some cases double what they once were. This causes some to close and some to not be able to generate now the revenues it takes to make Cayman profitable and start realligning their business. Many Caymanians lose their jobs and start looking to social services for help. Unemployment begins to increase.

        5) Big Mac raises gas tac and this has a trickle down and direct impact on society with raises in cost of items, utilities and gas to get to work. More businesses pack up and leave leaving many local Caymanians without jobs. More and more Caymanians fall into unemployment and more and more become Social services reliants.

        6) The raising of unemployment levels and higher cost of living starts to allign with raises in levels of crime.

        7) So now the people of the churchs don't have money to put into tithes. So here we are. Now the churchs are starving.

        I guess what I am saying is this. Big Mac is the root of 90% of our problems. Some problems like crime are complex and have other underlying issues but the fuse that set the bomb off that caused this whole thing to explode the way it has has to do with the increases we have had in not only our cost of living as people but the cost of doing business for local businesses.

        And all we have in our LA are puppets and not even good puppets at that. I honestly believe after they get up their chairs are not even warm. They can't even warm a seat properly.

        I can only sincerely hope that come 2012 we show Mr Bush the door in the worst lopsided loss in Cayman's political history that it crushes his emotions so much he never runs again. I honestly pray that not one UDP person wins his/her seat.

        I would vote for a bum on the street before I put a tick beside anyone from UDP. I am not as fond of PPM because they are weak but they are a million times better than UDP.

        I for one would like to suggest a Hall of Shame and I would like to nominate him myself. I hope they put it at the new dump site.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shame on the Pastors and Mr. Bush 11:26, thank you so much for posting your opinion, you sound like you are a real Christian. What all real Christians need to do is tell their pastor they will not accept bribes for their votes and that they (and their tithe) will go to another church.

  91. Anonymous says:

    They are being paid to pray for us/him!    Just relax, things will get better!  -_-

  92. Anonymous says:

    Why are we not consulted about where our money is going until after the fact?

    It seems that the people of the Cayman Islands have no say in any of the matters. Members of the Legislative Assembly are supposed to work FOR us, so if they are not doing their job properly we should be able to replace them.

    When you live in a dictatorship that is not possible. We have to sit down and keep quiet and wait for the crumbs to be handed out.

  93. Anonymous says:

    See the church sign in this aricle – that's the problem with so many: they are only "Open Sundays and Wednesdays" (Friday nite if you're lucky).

    So what about the battered woman, the drug addict or the abused child who are seeking help on a Tuesday afternoon or Thursday night? – Not to mention Saturday nites when these churches should be open til Midnite – just as the bars do!

    • Anonymous says:

      that's a nice thought, but not very realistic.  Those down trodden people you mentioned don't put much if any money in the collection plate.

  94. Knot S Smart says:

    WHAT AN ABUSE OF POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And a disgrace for churches that supposedly represent God to accept money like this when so many people in the society are suffering financially and have had to take pay cuts and make sacrifices!


    On all of you who participated in this!

    • Anonymous says:

      10:51, the Church is not surprised by your words, because God said in his word that these would come upon us.  Mens hearts are begining to fail the,.  As  many are called and few chosen. Pray without ceasing

      • Anonymous says:

        It would seem "the Church" is willing to take money from the rest of us without our consent.  In many cultures, that is known as stealing.  Your mission may be just and righteous.  Your methods stink of hell. 


  95. Anonymous says:

    any comment mr. governor?

    • Knot S Smart says:

      I interpret the Governor silence to mean:

      Sorry no comment at this. .. But we did in fact just receive a new supply of rope.

      The FCO and myself – bloody well believe that if we give him enough rope, he will eventually tie himself up…



  96. Anonymous says:

    This governments whole picture continues to evolve beyond incredulous. Part of the mosaic draws intrigue to Mr. Darts generousity, – it would be soul striking indeedif that were his soul motivation with peoples mortages being paid off, but surely he must be wondering what's going on when shenanigans such as these continuously surface. Mr Premier plays with a triple edged sword. . .

  97. Anonymous says:

    These Church Boards must explain the justification for every cent received to their congregations – and to the country as a whole!   Most importantly – to God above!

    If it is for holy work, then we can see for ourselves!  Otherwise, these dollars can turn people away from Christ!  The parents, teachers and students of Wesleyan School especially await such explanation of this and other actions as the new school year is set to begin.

    I fully believe every word of the Bible, but all this reminds me of the many stories of greed (Judas/Rich Young Ruler/Ananias and Sapphira/Achan's Tent etc).. most of whom were 'religious' people who had to pay the price for their greed.

    All this does is to turn people away from the FREE, Simple, Truth and Love of God, which is: 'There is a friend who Loves you closer than a brother or a mother, and who would do (and has done) Anything to help You to overcome your problems and hardships. No matter what your past, there is a bright and rich future awaiting you, if you simply believe, ask for it and accept it.'

    As you see – this message is costing me nothing (thanks to CNS & advertisers), and there are many ways to reach the broken and hungry people of the world without building grand temples and comfortable pews; yet passing the needy on the street with stiff necks.

    With so many years of holy work, Cayman should be a Dome of the Rock to this region of the world.

    I doubt much of this government money is used to reach out to young people where they are — at least not in West Bay, or Northwest Point area where I grew up. Even though I was raised in Wesleyan, that was and still is this (and most) churches' biggest weakness!

    The Churches' message of hope to these youths and adults must be:  The same Jesus who you loved and sang about in Sunday School as a child – He still loves you even more today – no matter what!  So, seek His face and hear His voice. Once you accepted Christ into your heart, no matter your age, nothing you do can remove Him, but your present actions can prevent your salvation unless you repent to Him!

    Perhaps these churches should invest in social networking systems to reach the hurting and needy people of Cayman.

    As Ephesians 5:27 says: 'to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.'


  98. peter milburn says:

    Totally unacceptable!!!!!!More madness from our present govt.Time for a complete clean sweep.

  99. Anonymous says:

    This specific organisation has about half a million members in more than 100 countries.

    If they would all give about 2 dollars we didn't have take it from the poor in Cayman.



  100. Spiritually Logical says:

    I'd like to see how this money was used – if it was used at all.  XXXX  We should request that these churches open their books to show how it was used.

  101. Absurdistani says:

    Acts 8:18-24.

    Mac, are you familiar with simony? Look it up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simony.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Do people realize that the whole budget of UCCI is only 4 – 5 Million dollars?  Nation building by giving millions to 2 or 3 churches?  How about giving UCCI a little bit more money so they can actually do some Nation Building.  UCCI is continuing to lose good faculty and administrators because of government interference and tightening budgets.  Sure they are able to find professors who are "qualified enough", but that doesn't sound like the kind of professor I would want my child learning from.  So how much goes to churches?  How much goes to the Turtle Farm?  How much goes to Cayman Airways.  Imagine what UCCI could do with even just1 million more dollars.  Cayman has to WAKE UP and realize that nation building is done through eduaction.  Then again, some people around here have no education and they get to lead and take as much money as they want…..

    This is just another example of XXX and I'm glad people are starting to realize just how deep the rabbit hole the goes.  I'm not sure Mac ever even imagined how much Freedom of Information was going to show just how much of a XXXX he really is.  He isn't even smart enough to figure out that he should stop XXXX right from under people's noses becausenow we can find proof….



    • Anonymous says:

      There are lots more qualified and internationally experienced faculty(Which is what you want at  "University') that are considering leaving. And the one that are not have very close ties to the Churches…its all very damning and stinks of suppression of scientific minded folk.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed, the Government could have finished the Clifton Hunter school which was also supposed to be a hurricane shelter, community and adult education centre, not to mention the after-hurricane canteen for the district.That is if Rolston wasn't so ready to obey every command from You Know Who and they all weren't so busy trying to tear down the fact that the PPM Government started building the school. The great irony in all of this is the fact that the UDP Government broke ground on all the new schools just before the election that they lost. Our young people need an education more than anything else right now. That is real nation building.

  103. William Verhoeven says:

    According to my calcuations, around 2.3 million was allocated to churches in West Bay, about 56% of the total funds. This is not including the 175k received by the All United Pentecostal Church which has a branch in West Bay.

    According to the 2010 Statistical Compendium, West Bay has 20.7% of the Cayman Islands' total population.

    • Anonymous says:

      It represents the fact that 5 out of 9 (55.55%) UDP MLAs are from West Bay.

  104. Anonymous says:

    This is sickening and immoral. Were we taxpayers ever asked, Mr Premier, whether we wanted our money spent this way? You carry on about the FCO interfering with how "we" spend our money……you don't ask us how YOU spend our money, do you?

  105. Anonymous says:

    Why do I get the impression that at the Wesleyan Holiness Church they do not take up an offering but rather pass around plates of money from which parishioners can take their fill?


  106. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like good ole fashioned 'Buying Votes' to me.  Makes me sad when I see people in East End living in tents on the beach, squatting in abandoned houses or living without running water or electric.  Which leads to the big question, what are churches doing with the funds? – I hope it is not for constructing yet another inefficient building. 

  107. Anonymous says:

    You have been betrayed, dear public, handed over to the devil himself, for 4.1 million pieces of silver.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Hallelujah for FOI!

  109. Anonymous says:

    WELL WELL WELL how about that you "Big Mac Supporters" do you all attend these churches too?

    You can not buy yourself in to Heaven!

    How much more do you need to see or hear that Big Mac is bad for this Country he is bleeding us dry he is only looking out for himself and the people that can keep him in power but he has to go Ya Hear Me GO!!!!!

    Wake up West Bay Wake UP CAYMAN STOP THIS MAD MAN NOW!

    We the people of the Cayman Islands call for The Governor to remove this Dictator NOW!!!  

  110. Anonymous says:

    Why more for WB SDA and they continue to use Gov't facilities (SJAPS Hall) to have 'church' in? Does anyone know how much do they pay for the use of the hall?

  111. JJTA says:

    All of these supposed churches have done nothing to promote Christianity and they now have a millstone around their neck. If Jesus Christ himself was on earth right now, according to the scriptures, he would turn these charlatans's tables over. Things like this are the precursors to anarchy and war. It is not going to be very long before that happens and it all lays on the head of these people and the XXX called McKeeva Bush. This will not stand and I for one am ready to fight these XXXXX to the very bitter end.

  112. Anonymous says:

    These churches need to provide the public with evidence as to what these monies were used for.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Mis-use of public funds? Mis-management of our resources?

  114. Anonymous says:

    I didn't know Indulgencies could still be purchased.

  115. Anonymous says:

    Oh my…this is a shocking amount of money. I guess the next question is what have the churches spent it on? Do they know it is public money, and therefore comes with (or should come with) a higher degree of transparency and accountability to people?

    To the churches who recieved this cash – now it is your time to account for these funds to the public and tell us exactly what you spent it on.

  116. 4th CLASS CITIZEN says:

    This man is a disgrace to people that can think. I mean mixing money with churches is so sleezy man. God is going to get him for the evil that he has done. Evil beggets evil.

  117. Anonymous says:

    Are there still not families out there living in homes which are still damaged from Ivan…….where is their support???

  118. Anonymous says:

    So why not the rest of the churches?  Why predominately in West Bay?

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn't it where his strongest supporters are located? 

      You could not give money directly to the constituents that would be illegal but stuff the sacred industry’s pockets and make sure everyone knows where it came from, that is legal.  

      Ethical?  You decide.

    • Anonymous says:

      you're kidding right.


      I say SHAME SHAME SHAME these so called houses of the holy. SHAME!!!!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Pro Caymanian says:

      Especially the Premier's church.

  119. Judas' Concience says:

    All these churches should be boycotted for accepting what is nothing more than a thinly disguised series of bribes at the expense of the well being of the country and the hands of a egomanialcal dicktator who seems to think OUR PUBLIC PURSE is for HIS PERSONAL USE…  

    Thank you CNS for listing them – I for one will NEVER support any function ANY of the churches that received these misappropriated funds. 

    You churches got your 30 pieces of silver for betraying the country, you are nothing more than a tribe of little Judases here…

    One question – did the Premirear make it clear to the churches these were the country's funds being given, or did he make it appear they were personal donations?  Either way, at the end of the day, he MUST PAY THESE BACK from his own purse – he had no right to spend OUR MONEY!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Shame Shame Shame… the only good thing is it shows these churches for what they really are

    • Anonymous says:

      Very good point, I too will never support anything these churches are fundraising for.

  120. R.U. Kiddin says:

    $4,100,000 is a lot of money.  No wonder the government is having trouble with their finances.  Is it legal to give away government money like that?

    • Anonymous says:

      Legal: Approved in Finance Comm of L.A. by majority (UDP) wote – das how legal it is bobo. The Premier can't do all of this by himself, he is only one wote in the LA. He needs the support of the rest of the UDP mice for these kinds of lie…er, I mean schemes/plans.


      DON'T FORGET – he is not alone in these moves, there are others that need to be connected to these deeds – DON'T FORGET

  121. Anonymous says:

    Let us pray. Lord we give to you $4.1 million dollars, we will throw this money into the air and please Lord you keep whatever you need and the remainder that falls to earth we will distribute evenly amoungst our faithful UDP flock.

    And please Lord let the Police have more success in prosecuting those that rob our government than they have had those that rob our banks after all Lord the banks are owned by the rich and the government is owned by the poor. AMEN

  122. Anonymous says:

    How in the world can one justify giving this amount of money to churches, when they are locked up six days of the week and attendance is very low on Sundays.  Schools are sufferring from the lack of facilities, staff working under stress and two new schools are still not completed because there is not enough money to complete the facilities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also, why doesn't he give from his own finances – he's rumoured to have a net worth of $40million – surely if he used his OWN money that would guarantee much more solid votes during election time – they could even name the churches after him.

  123. Anonymous says:

    How in the world can you give so much to churches when you know that the futher of this country the Children doesnt have proper place to go for there education. Mr. Bush you can give as much as you want to chruches but this doesnt by a place in heaven may be a few votes .

  124. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    Now we understand why "certain" Pastors (Ministers) get up on the Church Pulpit and instead of preaching the word of God, preaches how great the Premier is.

  125. Absurdistani says:

    So, shouldn't "nation building" include everyone in the "nation"? What about the followers of other religions? Particularly those people the Premier is championing… The Premier's recent support for the Shetty hospital and Chinese port projects will increase the number of non-Christians in our community.

    Was any funding offered to followers of other religions by the Premier? If no, why were they excluded? Could this blatent example of bias be seen as questionable? Surely if government funds are being used to build/support religious institutions then it should be available to people of all faiths, right?

    Here's food for thought, I wonder how would Caymanians would feel about their tax proceeds paying for the construction of a Hindu temple or an Islamic mosque?
    – Just another day in Absurdistan –

    • Anonymous says:

      Its absurd to think discrimination is the problem here.  If they were mosques, he would be the most adamant convert.  If half of the voting population was Jewish, he would be going to the synagogue on Saturday, and the church on Sunday.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just an observation.


      There are already a lot of non-christians living in the Cayman Islands.


      They go to so called christian churches on Sundays (Saturday for the ones who really know the "truth") to talk the talk.


      They pray on Sunday/Saturday and then prey on each other for the other six days.


      To be fair, I do know some Christians who walk the walk and I respect them. Too bad that there are so few of them.

  126. Libertarian says:

    A letter to Dr. Price: 

    "When religion is good, it will take care of itself. When it is not able to take care of itself, and God does not see fit to take care of it, so that it has to appeal to the civil power for support, it is evidence to my mind that its cause is a bad one." ~ Benjamin Franklin, U.S. Statesman, Inventor, and Author.

  127. Anonymous says:

    O Lord, it's worse than I thought.