Casings suggest two gunmen involved in killing

| 16/09/2011

(CNS): The police were continuing with their enquiries on Thursday into the first fatal shooting for 12 months after Robert Mackford Bush was shot in the head in his car in West Bay late Wednesday night. Although officer have not yet confirmed how many suspects they are looking for pictures taken just after the killing by local photographer Dennie Warren show where scenes of crime officers marked two different shell casings at the scene indicating at least two weapons were fired during the incident. The photo shows a shot gun casing and a casing from a hand gun suggesting that there were two gunmen on the night of the murder. (Photo by Dennie Warren JR- Right click to view larger image)

Although the police have not yet revealed any details of murder other than the fact that Bush was killed as a result of a gunshot wound to the head which he received while sitting in a blue Honda Civic at the junction of Capt Joe and Osbert Road and Birch Tree Hill, it appears from the picture that a shotgun was fired as well as a small and gun.

Warren who is also a member of the Cayman Island gun club and a former competitive sports shooter said the casing from the hand gun appeared to be from a 40 calibre or a nine millimetre weapon.

Although the shooting has all the hall marks of a gang killing police havenot yet revealed what they believe the motive was for the shoot of 28 year old Bush. However, his family members have spoken to the local press and indicated they believe the shooting was gang related as Bush had been targeted before.

Speaking to Cayman27 Bush’s sister said that gunmen had previously shot at the house where Bush was living.

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  1. Cow Foot with rice and peas says:

    Deal with these wannabe gangsters the old fashioned way.

    Put their names out there in the newspapers and shame them to the public. Then find them and beat them senseless.

    Then they be screamin for their mamas. Psh, Cayman got no real gangsters.

    Just a bunch of baggy pants children that carry guns. They jus' need a good spankin.


  2. Anonymous says:

    at 15.01…. I am glad you are not a police officer or a detective!

    Okay,one different gun in each hand and a third in the waist line. Put one back in the waist line and draw the next one out and fire it also.  three sets of bullets which would make one think 3 different gun men… I know that did not happen but just sayin it would throw things off if there were no witnesses. Good thing there were and not harmed.

  3. Mrs. J. Ebanks-Bodden says:

    I am scared to sleep at night. All these gun men wandering around with their guns ready to shoot people. I fear I may be next.

    Please catch these gun men. Somebody!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dennie Warren’s signature is becoming intrusive. Reduce it please Dennie!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You never know with old Clint. If you recall in the movie Grand Terino he pulled up and pulled his gun out in order to confront a bunch of fine citizensthat were of the like and spoke the infamous line of "what are youspooks up to"?…………… for thought.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How about 1 person and 3 different guns to throw you off?

    • Anonymous says:

      I suppose he held the third gun under his arm…  

      • ummm says:

        Maybe he was a 3 armed killer? People please shut the @#^% up and let the police do their job. OMG I would not dream of becoming a cop just because of the number of so called "super sleuths" who are always telling the police how to solve crimes.


      • Anonymous says:

        or…has three arms!

    • Try hush Nuh says:

      Try hush nuh, Clint Eastwood lives in California, and I dont even believe he is still capeable of using the three guns at one time.

    • Swine says:

      Actually, now that you mention this, I know exactly who is capable of handling the 3 guns at the same time, although it might be hard to believe for some people, but here is a video that could quite possibly be used as evidence if RCIPS can even figure out what country he is in now…it is this man: