Second West Bay murder

| 16/09/2011

(CNS): Less than 48 hours after Robert Bush was shot and killed in West Bay, another man has been gunned down in the district this evening (Thursday) a few minutes before 9pm. Police have confirmed that a shooting occurred in the Boatswain Road area of West Bay. Although emergency services rushed to the scene, the young man was found dead when paramedics arrived. Sources have reported to CNS that the teenager was shot multiple times outside a property on Sand Hole Road but police have not yet confirmed the circumstances of the second shooting of the year. Officers are now appealing for any informaiton as they launch a second murder enquiry in two days. (Photo Dennie Warren jr)

The identity of the victim can't yet be revealed but the killing appears to be gang related with possible connections to Wednesday night’s shooting. 

Police have not yet confirmed a motive, how many gunmen were involved, or what type of weapon was used to kill the latest victim.

Following a twelve month reprieve, the  RCIPS appears to be facing a resumption of the chilling tit-for tat killings which started in the summer of 2009 and saw some 12 young men shot and killed over an 18 month period.

Anyone who may have any informaiton about the crime is asked to call West Bay Police Station at 949-3999 or Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS (8477).

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  1. John-the-Baptist says:

    Friday 19:11, brethern, you only live to eat or wha? Anyway, that's better than killing off each other.

  2. Dred says:

    The clock needs to be turned back. I would also add we need to round up all the HUMAN RIGHTS "You can't beat your kids idiots" and throw them on a plane to any place but Cayman.

    You want to know what's ruining us? RIGHTS.

    As a country we fully deserve what is happening. Let me tell you why….

    1) We had politicians with their heads in the sand going back decades. This pre-dates parties so it's not about PPM or UDP but about every singlelast one of them including the retired. We had gangs festering and they didNOTHING but say chit like we don't have gangs just groups. We had damn gangs.

    2) Police did the same crap. They are no better. Even today we heard crap like the 15 people we are looking at. So is it 15 now or 12 or 50.

    3) Parents not all but many just let their kids do whatever they want when they want. I can not tell you how many times I see young kids running about on roads. I am talking 5 years and under with no guardian in sight. Now you are screaming "Ooh god my son". When you could have done something you did nothing now you cry? It's like the classic calling on god for help when you spend you whole life sinning thinking only because you call his name it will be okay.

    We need to break this chain. It's up to the parents of today that still have children 13 years and under. You need to take your children in hand if you haven't and try to bring them back in line. Get help if you can't. Know their friends and who their friends hang out with. If anything doesn't pass the sniff test stop them from being with them. Impose a curfew of your own.

    What I would really like to see done is for CIG and Private sector to create some additional homes in say Savannah and Lwer valley area where families can be moved to, to allow families to break bonds of crime.  

    We need to start thyinking about ending the youth being inducted so all we need deal with is who is in it now. Do not allow them to go on. As they are adding they are extending their gangs future. We need stop this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As with driving a car, you have to learn, do a test and obtain a license.

    Maybe we should do the same with having kids.

    Additionally you have to be of certain age, speak proper english, have respectable living conditions in proper neighborhoods, a good job, proof of sufficient income and a background check of family members and friends.

    If your child does something wrong then YOU go to jail too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    These killings bring sadness all around – broken families – those of the victim and those of the perpetrator;  broken and wasted lives, and lives that have been taken too soon and so violently, and broken communities.  My heart breaks for the mothers in particular. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Parenting………. "Sorry"…. Lack of Parenting…… So when they are all crying at the grave they have no one els to Blame……. None of these so called victims are law abiding citizens. NONE!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am asking the Commissioner of Police, WHERE IS THE CURFEW?  And if you need help Call Renato Adams, I'm sure he'd be happy to help you do  as he would say 'crush the alligator at the egg'.  English style policing DO NOT work for these gangstas, the more they kill or get shot and survive the more notches they get, so its the more respect they get from their underworld friends.

    Say what you want about Jamaica, but if what happened in West Bay this week happened in Jamaica, from the first incident  the entire West Bay would have been under curfew.

    In Jamaica these days as any incident happens they curfew the area for as long as it takes and those who are needing to go in and out of the community MUST have a letter of permission from the Commissioner of Police for them to do so.

    If I was commissioner most of these loafters would hate me because, all my officers would be given the go ahead to search them every time they gather. ALL my oficers would be armed. And if it took me to arrest them for vagrancy then so be it.  I would have curfews in hots spots and since everybody knows who these guys are including the police, there would be doors kicked in and houses searched, if we had to do it every night.

    But I guess persons like me would not be wanted as the top cop, because I don't feel that the rights of criminals out way the rights of law abiding citizens, who have the right to live in peace and security.

    Please don't say oh thats because…..

    I have a nephew thats and old criminal and I would not give a dollar to defend that cruff, as far as I'm concerned they could lock  him up in northward forever. He is the only person from our family that has been in trouble with the law, and he don't have to do that,  he has both parents, who had him in every sport, was there for him always, was at every pta meeting, made sure he did home work etc. His parents arn't perfect but they did their very best. His brother was raised the same way and is an honest law abiding citizen, who is an elder at his church. So what excuse  would you all give for the cruff. I say he is a cruff and any day that I hear he is one of the young men in the rising body count in Cayman I will not be surprised. Call me wicked but as much as I love his parents I would not even shed a tear. If you liive by the gun you die by the gun. Even the bible tells you that. 

    Again its time for some doors of these criminals to be kicked  in.


  7. Anonymous says:

    To all una little so call Ganstas out there I just want to say sumtin when any all gone and una kill each other una nah comin back till Judgement Day….Una gah miss all that good home cook Caribbean food, una gah miss all dat nice hot and spicy jerk chicken and rice and peas, una gah miss out on all that good fried fish and dumplins,una gon miss  out on all good oxtail and roast beef, una gon miss all dat nice turtle meat and white rice, una gah miss out on that  cornbread and stew chicken, una gah miss out on all dat barbecue chicken and curry too, una gon miss out on lobster and shrimps and the list goes on….last but not least una gah miss out on the most important thing in this life and that is some good old sweet lovin with una woman so before any start killin one another una betta think twice bout una actions, life is too good for me to let it go wasted,you got to love life mi friend because once una gone it aiant no coming back so see una Judgement day I need to go eat….Mi  too hungry

  8. Anonymous says:

    I believe that in many cases, if you live by it, you die by it. Many of these young men choose this lifestyle. They are not particularly impoverished, as I know for a fact that many work 8:30-5:00. Other do nothing because they lack ambition and are just too lazy.

    The issue I have with people who say things like the "cleanup" has begun is that the people who are dying, are also human beings. I think we too quickly lose hope in these young men and women. We act as though they cannot be saved from a destructive life.

    Saying that we should simply let them do what they need to stomp each other out is dangerous for the rest of the community…the innocent citizens.

    Just remember, an eye for an eye leaves the whoel world blind.


  9. Anonymous says:

    If it is gang related and all they are doing is killing off each other and not bothering decent respectible citizens then I say leave them alone. They will solve the crime problem for us by getting rid of themselves tit for tat, tit for tat, tit for tat and soon they will all be gone and hopefully all of the criminals dead by killing themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      To the writer, just remember one thing, they ARE killing the decent respectable citizens. Those young men are someone's son, brother, daddy, grandson and uncle. Obviously you have not had someone close to you taken away so violently. If you did you would know that when your child has been murdered, no matter what life style they have chosen, they are still loved even though it is not the life you wanted them to lead. When their lives have been taken, so has yours. They are not the only ones who have died, their loved ones who are left behind have died also. You may walk, talk and breathe but that's all. You no longer have a life. So before making those kind of comments trying saying something decent like "God help those young men please" You never know, you may oneday walk in the same shoes of the loved ones left behind…. God forbid YOU DON'T!!! Take it from someone who is walking in those shoes. 

    • GYPSY says:

      I think  thar some of you should think before you speak or in this case type rubbish and my how quickly we forget.

      Did Jeremiah Barnes (4yrs old) ask for his life to be taken in such a tragic and horrific way?

  10. Hammock says:

    At the end of the day, there are many causes for this kind of crime / situation and indeed the 'blame' game does make people better. The main focus has to be on the reactions that are intiated by the authorities and the measures put in place to alleviate the causes that exist in the first place.

    a) An education programme to make the public more aware of the dangers that are in the lyrics that a good number of  young people listen to in their choice of music.

    b) Recognition that there is a drug use ./ supply problem on the island and set up a task force that focuses solely in this area. This task force to be made up of Officers from USA, UK and Jamaica.

    c) Have the Politicians walk around the deprived areas of West Bay, George Town and Bodden Town and see the situation at first hand. You were elected to represent ALL the people, not some of the people.

    d) Lastly have a root and branch clean out of all corruption in authority up to the highest level. A society is only a society when everyone looks out for each other, not a society where people say – 'whats in for me?'

    I know that a lot of people have already said some or all of the above, so ifnothing is acted upon,maybe the only safe outcome is direct rule from the UK.



  11. Anonymous says:

    I agree- how do  we stop that american poison?= ban tv ?stop internet?  Cant be done.


    What to do?

    Education.. Encouragement….Parents responsibilities…Offer something better-Cayman Values….Deterrents-Tough on crime..Remove the people that do wrong..

    • Anonymous says:

      you have to WANT to stop it bro. It aint american poison… it's just poison and try quitting it yourself. all of it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think it is now time for the Cayman Islands Government to bring Anti-Gang Legislation that makes it an offense to be recognised as a gang member. Since we are doing a horrible job convicting them on the deeds they do then lets convict them for what we know they are- GANG BANGERS.

    In saying that we need the RCIPS to take some of that money given to them and have the LAPD, HPD, and NYPD, send us a GANG UNIT team who know how to deal with these types of thugs and have them search them out and get them off the streets. Let us put fear in the young boys and girls that if you are part of a gang you too can be arrested.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the best suggestion and comments that I've read,in either news forum, on this issue and problem.

      In every Western country in the world, there is strong anti-gang legislation in place; just membership and association is enough to be arrested, detained and questioned by police.

      It is disgraceful if the Cayman Islands does not have such laws and even more disgraceful that Cayman's legislature is not making it a priority to put such laws in place as an emergency measure.

      The statements issued by the high-ranking officers of the RCIPS blaming the public and claiming that the police can do nothing if the information is not presented to them on a platter should be cause for an official complaint…the job of thepolice is to go out there and get the information necessary…that is what good police do.

      How do these muppets in the RCIPS think that the LAPD stops the gangs of Los Angeles from taking control of the city ? or any other country and city in the world.

      They take the warfare to the gangs.

      And having unarmed police officers in this war is akin to asking police officers to committ suicide.

      If US anti-gang police units are requested to help Cayman's RCIPS against Cayman's gangs, don't disrespect them by suggesting that they operate without their weapons and that these criminals must necessarily be apprehended unharmed.

      This gang warfare is set to destroy whatever little peace and safety is left in Cayman, if not stopped now!

      • Truthseeker says:

        In the Cayman Islands, the government amended the penal code in 2005 to deal with a gang problem — but the legislation has never been used.

        In Cayman, gang membership was made punishable by up to 20 years in jail and a fine of 500,000 Caymanian dollars — about US$610,000. Gang membership is described as 'any group, association or other body consisting of three or more persons, whether formally or informally organized and involved in committing indictable or drug offences.

        Possession of a bulletproof vest or gun associated with gang activity became punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a fine of 100,000 Caymanian dollars. The legislation said gang membership could be proved in court by similar tattoos or body markings, similar style of dress or the use of similar symbols, signs, codes or mannerisms as a means of identifying themselves with the group, association or other body'.

        A Cayman government spokesperson said: “This time last year, the police did explore the possibility of using the legislation but it is very difficult to prove.”

      • Anonymous says:

        "It is disgraceful if the Cayman Islands does not have such laws and even more disgraceful that Cayman's legislature is not making it a priority to put such laws in place as an emergency measure"

        It is unfortunate when people pontificate without bothering to properly educate themselves on the issues. Under our Penal Code it is offence punishable by up to three years imprisonment simply to be a member of gang. What is disgraceful is that the police are obviously not using these laws since they have indicated that they know who the gang members are.    

        See The Penal Code (2010 Revision)

        PART VIII – Anti-Gang Provisions

        229. Definition of "gang"

        230. Possession of bullet-proof vest or firearm in association with gang

        231. Gang membership

        232. Participation in criminal activity in association with gang

        233. Prohibition on gang member’s eligibility for release on parole

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, then take them around the jails in the USA and see if they would like to live there!

  13. We need intervention at an eary age says:

    Teenage pregnancy, dead beat dads, unfit mothers with enableing family members. This is the root of the problem. It is a cycle and no amount of money and policing will aid in the ending of this unfortunate plague until we start holding parents accountable for the protection, nurturing and well being of their kids. We as a society have to see the real picture for what it is. If the problem is kids having kids with a history of comming from an abusive, single parent home with no hope of surviving in the real world then sterilzation would be one remedy for the reduction of this new bread of human species we are developing. If you were born with no chance of being a productive and compasionate human being then it would have been better that you were not born to become a social burden. The world has changed and we as a people have to change. We are now seeing a new generation that is holding us hostage to their idealogy for we have failed them as parents, teachers, politians, role models and the list goes on. We no longer live in isolation, we are apart of the global village and for being close minded to the problems faced and indured by the poor we dismissed their issues as one of poverty and their problems had no effect on us or the life we live.Well, hello to the 21st century and with all the progress man kind has made in technogy, modern science and material wealth we have become a society of not my family or I dont live in that part of town so I have no idea what the hell they are talking about. We has a people have to get out of our glass houses and stop being so selfish, we have to make the time to talk to each other, share our expierences and live our lives as an example for others to follow. If we are successful in life you need to consider what you can give back to society as a token of your appreciation for getting there. Some do and some people will not is a fact of life, we can get in volved by being a part of the solution or we will be tragged in as part of the result of becoming a victim to a burglary or serious crime –  no it will not happen to me or my family……………… as of today September 16th I will make an effort to get to know my child, my neighbor, I will be an involved father, I will wear a condom or I will take protection if we cannot afford a child…………………… be continued………….

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you. Teenage pregnancy is an epidemic and I know of at least 3 cases where very young girls set out to get pregnant – telling the boys they were on birth control just to trap the guy. What is wrong with them?  There's no need for teenage pregnancies.  They have the pill, injection and all sorts of other birth controls.  These girls are treating babies like toys.  They just want the baby shower and the attention but when it comes to the hard, hard work of raising kids, they don't want to know.  They have classes at school but nothing stops them.  It is insane.  Then other family members are left trying to help raise the kids or the poor kids are neglected.  Either way, its not good for the kids.     

  14. noname says:

    Nuthin Nah happen yah in EastEnd the only ting yah hear is  mi Grandma singing da blues

    • Anonymous says:

      Fri 12:41  – How quickly you forget!!!  … and your Grandma too!!

  15. noname says:

    There was a well written post a few days ago on the link for the “first” murder that touched on the female appeal.  In summary, it stated that boys will do what gets the ladies attention.  This speaks truth for throughout history and in every culture and demographic (save the obvious one).  When a boy’s actions do not appeal to the girl(s) he fancies, he will change his actions to those that do appeal. 

    Another item, that I have yet to see brought up, is the business aspect.   These guys are drug dealers, true?  Who buys the drugs?  White collar local and expats, ture?  So, just as there is a case to support the females that tolerate the actions of these boys, there is also a case that suggest that any drug user (pot, coke, whatever) is also supporting these boys’ actions. 

    So, users…think about your contribution to these boys’ demise and impact on the community which we all call home…even if only for upto 7 years.  This Saturday when you light that joint or step into the bathroom to do that line, you too are enabling these boys.

    • Jumbles says:

      It is the phoney war on drugs that is the enabler. That which is legal does not allow illegal profits.

  16. Coffee Drinker says:

    It is difficult to stand by and watch the ever increasing surge in violence that has taken hold of and become a way of life in our once-safe community.  It is equally difficult and bewildering to think that our government believes the answer lies in simply throwing additional funding towards putting more police on the streets.  This violence cannot be controlled or stopped simply by additionalpolice attendance.  Clearly, it requires a more logical approach.  Finding and prosecuting these offenders requires a different level of dedication and experience.


    • Anonymous says:

      To Coffee Drinker – That Officer had his chance like all the rest – he chose his present career and he can leaveit if he wants to!!  We have to ask how many take the time to talk to these would be gang members and warn them that 'death' is the ultimate price!  Search these areas where they hang out and get rid of the guns!!   Sympathy to all those who are hurting at this time – I think that includes most of us law abiding citizens.  Just a thought – ALL those Great Top Cops who are no  longer in the Service – use your skills and have talks with the young people and maybe you will help save a life!

    • Anonymous says:

      Coffee Drinker


      All that glitters, is not gold my friend; many police officers of the RCIPS of the era of which you are referring were very much part of the history of where today's problems stem from and are the reason why the youths of Cayman now hate and distrust the police.

      At the same time, under Derek Haines, these police officers were doing much more than is being done now and that is being as fair as possible.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry to tell you, but the gangs were there when Derek Haines was in the force.  He was one of them that didn't believe there were gangs in Cayman, so…….lets figure out now where the crime came from……how about we try to find out how ALL THESE FRIGGIN GUNS ARE GETTING INTO THE CAYMAN ISLANDS.  Everyone keeps avoiding that question. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    On the bright side, if this continues, West Bay will soon not have enough X's to keep the UDP in power.

    • Anonymous says:

      To Fri 12:09 – Is that all the contribution you could make?  I feel sorry for you!  Do you remember when the gangs started??

      • Anonymous says:

        You obviously missed the joke!

        • Anonymous says:

          21:07  Joke – What Joke??  You may write jokes but when it hits home for you then you'll feel it!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you all have to make this about politics? It is stupid people like you why these islands will never get any better. Try thinking of something constructive to better our islands. Stop crying down the government. You also live in these islands and have a part to play in making it better. Crime never just started with the UDP government. I hope I don't burst your bubble but I don't think any of these young men even took the time to go out and vote. So let's hope you're not praying for them all to kill each other so there will be no votes. Try praying for their families in their time of grief. Yes these young men were loved also!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm sorry but if gangsters shooting gangsters to death is what it takes to stop gangs and crime in Cayman then I say it is a good thing. Nobody forces these people to join gangs and these gangs very obviously serve no good purpose on earth. Let them continue to shoot each other to death. That is the best way to get rid of this society's worst nightmare. No they probably couldn't be bothered to honor a citizens right and duty to vote. Yes they were loved, and yes I pray for their families in their grief but these young men dig their own graves and they are very simply nothing more or less than a menace to decent people in our society. These islands WILL get better the more stupid people like these we (they) get rid of. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ha!! I dont know what is better, allowing to kill off each other while trying their best to keep it CONTAINED and ISOLATED within the parameters of solely gang members and try to prevent an innocent by-stander from getting caught in the line of fire or….. for whats its worth continue to encourage the RCIPS and encourage the community to come forward. It would be nice to know these nuisances are taken care of but because of the mere fact that alot of them have kids and when they grow up and learn of what happened to their fathers they may feel as if it is their "DUTY" to "take care of" the ones who took their fathers' lives. Hence the cycle will always continue.


    On another note- Yes West Bay has received alot of publicity due to all the murders that have happened in the past few years , which are mostly gang-related but what the country needs to realize is the gangs do not only reside in W.B, they are all over. Everybody forgets the gang-related shootings that took place in Town a few years ago??? Example, the back to back ones the happened on Shedden Road…Remember???

  19. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva's so big, so strong and so mighty but there is not sh*t he can do…

  20. Anonymous says:

    I knew both of these young men, I knew them as very nice young men (at least around me) I had heard of their reputations but it was never shown around me. I grieve for the both of them, but I grieve more for the children they left behind, unfortunately they choose the lifestyle they lived, and it cost them their lives. BUT those involved know who did these killings and if they really were interested in cleaning up this Island they would give the police info annonomosly.  Believe me they know! Those are not the type of secreats you keep! They cost lives!

  21. Anonymous says:

    You people need to get it in your heads that:

    1.   The police can't do anything about these killings

    2.   A curfew wont do anything about these killings

    3.   Brining in the military wont do anything about these killings.

    4.  The Government can't do anything about these kililngs

    5.  The Premier can't do anything about these killings


    The 800 pound gorilla in the room that everyone is ignoring is the fact that just about every teenager and 20 something year old Caymanian grew up on American television.  They believe everything they see on television to be true. 


    How are problems resolved in those TV shows?  WIth violence and killing.


    That is the American culture.  That is how America resolves problems.  That is all these teenagers and 20 something year old Caymanians know.


    Unfortunately that is not traditional Caymanian culture.  But that is the reality.


    These  teenagers and 20 something year old Caymanians dress like Americans, talk like Americans and act like Americans. They could just as easily be in Detroit Michigan.  So it is no surprise that they resort to murder and violence to solve problems and resolve issues, just like the Americans.

    Nothing will change until Caymanians change the culture they emulate.






    • Anonymous says:

      10:58 thats why i rate Fidel Castro and Cuba……..

    • Anonymous says:

      While I agre with most of your sentiments, one important point that was left out , is the fact that our young people also emulate the Jamaican culture.  Listen to one of them speak and it will make you sick to your stomach.  

      The problem stems from drugs and guns, which is neither cultivated or maufactured here or marketed.  Find out the source and deal with it.  Too many people are the out there providing the causes of our problems.  Take a hard look on crime and deal with the above the board sources.

      Parents talk with your children, know who their friends are, where they are going and the areas they tend to hang out in, but most of all show them love. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, you are correct.


    • Anonymous says:

      What complete and utter nonsense!  This IS Cayman youth culture in our modern era.  Whether they are influenced from MTV or anywhere else in the USA is completely irrelevant.  Take ownership, take responsibility for your inability to raise children effectively with good parenting and discipline and stop trying to blame other cultures for your own disgraceful mess.  We need all of the resources you have dismissed (curfew, Police, Premier etc.) as hopeless to dig in for battle in cooperation with good parenting and we might have a fighting chance.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the police cant stop the crimes then why are we paying them so much

      If the police cant stop the crimes why is Government investing so much money in them.

      If the Government cannot find a solution to what is destroying our country why are they there.


      And PS I am a Caymanian please stop looking to blame the US for everything. While I agree about the TV shows it is Caymanian parents that are allowing their teenagers to watch the shows. It is the adults in our society that is copying them as well.

      And they are not the only nation that gives a bad image.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmm, idk about that. Let’s see: I watch and enjoy these violent movies that you speak of everyday. I also am an avid gamer, with a preference of “violent” shooters. I do not listen to hip-hop or rap much, instead I have turned to heavy metal (and no, not all metal is anti-religious), which carries a reputation of being quite graphic. Yet, in all of my 19 years of life, I have not gotten into any physical confrontations with another soul. A few close calls and some insult slinging, yeah, but no fist swinging. Point is, you can’t blame TV or iPods or whatever you find suitable as a scapegoat for what is happening. Factors such as the people you call friends, the level of involvement of parents, and condition of upbringing are the proverbial 800 pound primate. Feel free to point to scientific studies showing a link between violent media and violence itself. Just keep in mind that correlation does not equal causation. Example: the infamous Columbine High School massacre. The news media raved on putting the blame on the music and entertainment that the shooters listened to. Problem is they left out the fact that one guy was a clinical psychopath and the other was depressive, along with the revelation that they were not even fans of the “band” (Marylin Mason fyi). Coupled with the fact that they were constantly bullied, well, you know what happened.

    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn't disagree more.  All it takes is a willingness on the part of the community and RCIPS to start neighbourhood patrols and roadside vehicle inspections.  More worrying is that there seems to be some unknown factor which prevents the RCIPS from taking action.  If you take a look at the surnames on the Facebook page for the Logwoodz Boyz you can start to connect the dots.   Drill into their profiles and you can see the gangsta's they equate to "friends".  Spare us your tired cultural blame tirades and accept that this is not only homegrown but stoppable.

    • notagain:::8 says:

      Dress like Americans, talk like americans etc. You need to have your head examined, Is it american parents that are raising these bums.NO, its caymanians and from the talk shows they want everyone to abide by their low esteem and pass the blame attitude.

      Need Cayman cops to solve the crimes? well if they didnt  tell the Cayman cops what they know you dont expect them to tell the expat cops either. I have heard this foolish statement so many times that they dont trust the expats, tell me, when a Cayman cop rats on you to his family and friends isnt it the same as what the expats do. Honestly we are just looking for someone to blame for our incompetence.

      For the last  10 to 15 years all we can hear is if you touch my child, if you  repramand my child, the poor teachers cant  run the schools properly as the parents are  threatening them daily, go by any campus and see what we have coming out of our schools. The children disrespect the teachers, the parents go to the school and act like idiots, so what do you expect.

      Take the blame for what you have created here, you dont have the time to spend with your children so you leave them home with WESTSTAR T.V to baby sit them, Look parents some of the crap I see on those channels are not all american, its BBC, Canadian, porno movies,carribean channel,so monitor what your child watch. Take the TV out of their room and have quality family time, play games with them, how many actually sit down as a family and have family dinner.

      Accept what you have created a monsterous generation.

      I do not beleive this jargon of hate and envy that its because of them not having a job, look if I can sweep floors, scrub toilets, box groceries, what ever as long as its legit I wont starve. So my sympathy goes out to the immediate family on their loss but I have no sympathy  for those that want to destroy our Island or give the hoods the right to do so.

    • tYPICAL says:

      Yep Lets look for someone else to blame, this could never be the result of our failures to raise decent human beings.Blame it all on American TV. Im sorry that doesnt cut it! I love nothing better than a good old shoot em up flick, but guess what ? when the show ends, so does my fantasy. Are your kids so stupid that they really watch a movie and forget to turn off the fantasy?

      (that is sarcasm for those of you who havent got a clue)

      • Anonymous says:

        I think one thing that is being overlooked, actually two things, The voilent video games that are ten times more dangerous than the americam movies because they r to the point now were u actually feel like you are in the script and right there on the video screen, and another and the most overlooked and i feel the biggest evil today, THE BLACKBERRY PHONE and BBM messenger, think of it my friends, the Blackberry fone is another tool made for a specific purpose but used soley for other things, i have recieveed pictures of victims of crime, accidents and other things broadcast even before the victim has reach the hospital or the morgue, so i say, look harder at what you allow your kids to play and take the phones away from them.


    • Anonymous says:

      You need to travel more. Not all of America is Detroit. However, if you want to blame America for your problems, feel free. Everyone else does it.

    • Anonymous says:

      That's not how things were resolved in Doogie Howser M.D.  

      Or Friends, or Cheers, or Seinfeld, or Dr. Quin, Medicine Woman.  

      There are lots of choices to make when ingesting American culture, just like in life.  I wonder why these guys choose to emulate gangsters, instead of Doogie?  After all, doctors are rich too, aren't they?

      This is a) an overly simplistic reduction of modern American culture and b) a cop-out.



    • Subway Cookie says:

      But thenhow do you rationalize the children who grew up watching the same American television who DID NOT enter into criminal activity?  And yes…many young people are actually positive, bright and well behaved citizens so blanket statements like yours make no sense.  Also, if your theory were accurate how then do you explain the level of violence in the UK where American television does not dominate?  Further, have you ever watched the news?  The news is purportedly not to entertain but to inform but the levels of violence you see on there should also be blamed for influencing our young people then if we are to believe your theory.

      IMHO the crime problem is down to a number of different things.  I am Caymanian and I love my country so all I say breaks my heart but unfortunately is true to a large extent:

      1. Children need discipline, care and love from a mother and father – many Caymanian kids don't get this.  Nobody took the time to help them build their self esteem so they don't care about their own lives or anyone else's.  A man without a purpose is a dangerous thing.

      2. Caymanians need to let go of this entitlement attitude.  Stop blaming Jamaicans etc for taking jobs.  A Jamaican will survive in any country because if nothing else, they never give up.  Right now several companies are screaming to hire young Caymanians but because the job requires manual labour 4 Caymanian men I know walked out of the interview, 1 because he was told he could not drink alocohol 24hours before he came to work!  We need to prioritise, long gone are the laid back days when everyone made good money.  We need to educate ourselves, learn a trade, be willing to take on tough jobs and we need to MENTOR.  How many middle aged or older Caymanian professionals do you see constantly in the company of younger Caymanians?  Few if any, when you make you have a responsibility to bring someone with you.

      3. Love your country.  We live in a world where people are still slaves, they live under communist rule.  Imagine if you could not read any book you wished, could not have your bb, internet all the luxuries you are used to.  Cayman has problems but it is still a free country with numerous opportunities for education and advancement.  Respect that and realize that WE are responsible for this country.  If you put garbage in, you will get garbage out.

      4.  Stop looking to your politicians as if they are gods.  Politics is a business NOT a charity.  Things only get done if there is a monetary reward to be had.  The premier lives in the very same district where two young men where slaughtered and he said NOTHING even though all of Cayman fell to its knees when his daughter passed away.  Why? Why doesnt he care that your sons are dying?  There is no money to be made from empty speeches about gang violence. 

      My heart breaks every time I read another report about a killing or robbery.  They are ruining my home and the people I voted to be my voice are silent.  American TV is a small contributing factor because if these kids were playing football or in college or at a museum or movie with their parents they wouldnt have time to watch TV.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do not have enough thumbs up for the above post!!!!!

        • Subway Cookie says:

          Thank you Rorschach and Anon 19:46…that is much appreciated.

          To be honest I have several times thought about going into politics.  I love my country and I don't believe it is right to stand up when money is involved but remain silent when our most valuable assets, our people, are dying.  In any event, I dont' believe in party politics, they are just another form of gangs.  How can we tell our youngsters not to enter gangs when we do the same?  I don't think I am mature enough yet, but it is my dream to represent my country and it is a calling I cannot ignore any longer.  Hence my anonymity πŸ™‚

          Watch this space!

      • Rorschach says:

        DAMN, Subway Cookie…you GO!!  You have laid bare for everyone to see exactly what has happened to our youth…I DARE anyone to refute what you have said in a truthful and intelligent manner…pity YOU don't run for LA in the next election…

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a plea for the RCIP: Please take a break from West Bay and just give "them" a few months free reign and we will be rid of all the criminals as they will soon kill off eachother!

      • Anonymous says:

        "I HAVE A PLEA FOR THE RCIP" to the writer:

         I have a plea for you, "don't forget all the armed robberies happening in George Town. One of these times they are going to start killing the innocent people in these places, should the RCIP leave WB and come to town? You dum @*& WB is not an island, we're a district and what affects us affects you also.


      • Anonymous says:

        16:52  – So silly – then another group will start in your area – they are probably there already and you don't  even have a clue!!  I suppose you will welcome them there!!  Don't you understand what's going on??  First it was district against district – now that the population  has grown so much it's community against community – vicinity against vicinity – group against group – WAKE UP!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thisis not cool….   πŸ™

    "…..As they grew I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool
    I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like 
    On my knees in the night 
    Sayin prayers in the street light 

    Been spending most our lives living in the Gangsta's Paradise
    Been spending most our lives living in the Gangsta's Paradise…"

  23. Feelin' lucky? Punk? says:

    Unemployed young men? They wouldn't work anyway. Is it the fault of the churches? They're more interested in gathering donations through guilt. Is it the fault of families and broken homes? How would you deal with these insolent buggers?  Send them to their rooms? Or Is it the fault of the police?  The government?  That means inevitably a Police State where no one is free.

    I believe it's the fault of not-too-bright impressionable youth watching waaay too much TV and MTV where thugs are made out to be rich and untouchable. We allow this. Corporations make money from it. And WE watch CNN coverage of unjust wars and and U.S. invasions to bring "freedom" to oil rich countries and drones blowing up villages. And we comment on what's happening to our youth.

    It's our societies. We are becoming immune to wanton violence.

    I obviously don't have an answer.


  24. nys_best2003 says:

    With a population of ~60K.  I think we're the murder capital of the world for this month, and the year is not done yet.  Stay tune…  I've been saying this on this page for a long time… that we're just getting started.  The more the middle class erodes, the more crime will increase.  Only a matter of time before they start taking us out of our beds at night.  Time will tell.  May God help us.  If everyone think that this will continue to just be isolated to West Bay … you need to wake up.     

  25. Anonymous says:

    This is scar face at his worst!

  26. Caymanian Girl says:

    This is just the beginning. Im sorry to say. We have a lot more of this to happenin west bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is gang related, there are guys on facebook talking about "just eat a bwoy food" and Rest in PIECES Andrew. It's pitiful how immature and cruel these people have become, this guy was someone's child he had kids. This island is going down the drain and i blame government, ask them how did all these guns come into the cayman islands? Granting all sorts of status to people that they don't even know who they are in their countries.



    • Anonymous says:

      The government is no more responsible for what these thugs are doing than they are for what you do.


    • Anonymous says:

      who's profile did you see this on did you report it to the police

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah.  It's all so clear now.  Status grants given years ago have forced young men to get guns and kill each other.  If only these young men had been given the choice to avoid guns and violence.  Sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s time the indigenous people of the Cayman Islands, particularly thos of Grand Cayman, wake up and smell all the fresh blood that is spilling on your streets.  This has absolutely nothing to do with status grants of years gone by.  Look at all the young men that have been involved in these shootings over the past two years; THEY ARE CAYMANIAN.  Quit blaming everyone else for your own problems!  Look in the mirror and ask yourself honestly, How am I contributing to the demise of Cayman!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ming, Baptist, Duran,… Such traditionally Caymanian names. Yes they are Caymanian, but do not ignore that an element of this is imported, even if the only contribution of a foreigner was to be a deadbeat dad who never supported their offspring.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no problems blaming the police and government, but these so called "youths" are the way they are is due to their parents raising them.  I am sick and tired of people making excuses oh the boy was raised by one parent.  Hey lets face facts the US has an Afro American man as PRESIDENT and guess what he was raised by one parent his white mother!!! He didn't do to bad now did he???? So stop making excuses and parents start being parents.  You had unprotected…… and long and behold nine months later, take responsibility, these men didn't become like this over night. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    These little pests we have here wanna be gangsters if only they could go somewhere like Jamaica and come b4 a real bad man I'm sure they'd wet their pants! SMFH

  28. Anonymous says:

    Why is this a sad day folks? The clean up in WB has officially started…two in one week is moving faster than expected.

    • Anonymous says:

      You sicken me. Each of those killed was someone's CHILD. Each was someone's FATHER. Each had a name and a story. Each breathed and bled JUST LIKE YOU. Have some respect for the families of the dead.

      • Anonymous says:

        TO BAD 12:34, they lived this way, they died this way…their families new what they were doing!!! These were GROWN MEN!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I believe I will save my respect for the young men and women of this country who have committed themselves to improving themselves and their community through hard work and determination.  I will support them and cheer them.  I will praise all those who want to and work to make themselves into productive and positive members of our community.

        I have no respect for gangstas or gangsta wanna-be's


    • Anonymous says:

      You are a heartless, disrespectful, callous individual – I refuse to call you human. But if this is your attitude towards murder, the cleanup should start with you.

      • Anonymous says:

        "You are Heartless"

        I wish I had ten pairs of hands right now. I could give YOU 10 "THUMBS UP"

      • Anonymous says:

        "You are Heartless"

        Before you get smart and respond to 10 pairs brings 20 thumbs, I'm giving this writer 10 because this writer was the first to call you out for what you really are. I'm saving the rest for the other writers who I know will follow.

      • Anonymous says:

        After u dear, am I to feel sorry for fools who want to kill each other over sh*t?? It's how I feel and I'm entitled so u can go 6ft with them.

    • Anonymous says:


      You dumb @%& because they are someone's child, brother and father and they were loved. God have mercy on you!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    It seems they are doing all the police work…thugs killing thugs! One by one……

  30. Anonymous says:

    Why aren't all of the flash point neighbourhoods of Grand Cayman routinely patrolled and check pointed EVERY NIGHT.  These neighbourhoods and citizens should be under constant and nightly scrutiny.  

    Everybody knows where the drug dens and grey areas are, yet the concept of routine check points and patrols in these areas somehow eludes the RCIPS.  How can that be, unless by design?  

    Meanwhile, our reputation internationally suffers…and we will feel the echo of our inaction this coming tourist season.


  31. Simple days says:

    So its obvious that there is a hit-list and we na talking about music, although it sings like a rap stars life that is getting cleaned up. Anyone on the hit list and you SHOULD know who you are because two your friends are gone. You SHOULD logically says hmmmm i could be next… and you SHOULD just expect a visit from what appears to be cayman's infamous Ghost rider(s).

    That's the name of the game.

    Looks like from all these so call 'bad boys' we see who the real BADMAN is. Because all them getting caught with their pants down and ain firing back ending up a statistic in cayman's rise in gun crime???

    OHHHHHHH Yall thought there was a RESET button…PLAYSTATION3| XBOX360| OHHHH i get it too much video games and listen to music that promotes violence, UNNA wanted to be a 'STAR'

    Waiter… Waiter get these boys a REALITY CHECK PLEASE

    I thought Gang 'STARS' suppose to

    =============Live in Big House NOT with ya mama
    =============Drive Big car NOT UH-Das

    =============Have Tons of sexy gals NOT these crackheads running around ya


    If you living this life style and not seeing these things, then you are wasting time GET A JOB. what you are getting out of your currently life style is NOT adding up to what you could be doing by getting a job…

    You are just fish in this man's bucket and he picking unna off one-by-one.

    See what happens when unna PLAY bad…

    This is what its like to live the life of looking over your shoulder. IF this life style STILL impresses you… HONESTLY if it does then power too you and many blessings. but do me ONE favour HONESTLY no lie think about it someone going get you one these days so… Take out a 1 million dollar life insurance policy on yourself for your family|baby's and mama drama so that when your gone and remembered by limestone with little picture…  i don't have to take care of your love ones and at least through your death you can feel like your family going be taken care of…?

  32. Miss Lucille says:

    Lawwwwdddd Have mercy mi canttttt take no more mi a gaawwwn back to mi yard to make luv to mi wifey at least mi safe dey!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians for once in unna life stop unna foolishness!  Stop blaming Police about this and Police that.  Stop writing that you feel sorry for the family and friends of these aholes, because that is exactly what they are whether you want to accept it or not.  The family and friends of these idiots know exactly what they are mixed up in but rather not say anything and when they end up dead want sympathy?  There is no one that can tell me that when these little pee rats walk into their homes on on the street, their dress, attitude and personality does not let you know that they are involved in something.  Report they're butts!!!!  If you care for them in the manner that you claim at the funerals, REPORT their butts!!  Would you not rather go visit them in Northward than go to a grave yard??  With any stretch of hope perhaps that will show one of them the light.

    Stop blaming everyone and everything, you have to be the ones to put an end to the stupidity!  The only other solution I see is to give them all ammesty and a gun  (if they don't have one), place them on either side of a field and count to three.  If there is one left standing, finish him so we can get on with our lives!

    This is frank, but the truth will always set you free.


  34. Go Figure! says:

    ..another shooting in the Gaza? not suprised! *rolls eyes*

  35. Anonymous says:

    "You reap what you sow"

  36. Anonymous says:

    Do the parents or relatives of these gang people not know that they are part of a gang?  I guess sure they do.  If only they could turn them in to the police BEFORE they commit any crime or lose their lives, at least their lives would be saved.

  37. Anonymous says:

    My condolences go out to families of  theses individuals. It's sad to see what my beautiful island has become. I personally knew these individuals and aside from all what they may appear to look like they had great hearts. I went to school with Andrew and he was a great person to be around. Maybe once or twice he got into a fight like many others in school and ever since he would be called to the principal's office every morning. For what? Just so he can be frowned upon and told how bad he was. Evenif had planned to have a good day in school they didn't make this possible. He soon grew tired of it and then one day he just never came back and dropped out of school. This was the chance for our education system to support him and find out what the problem was behind it all but unfortunately they didn't. I graduated with good grades and was unable to go to a local university because my parents could just not afford it i applied for a scholarship and never got it I wasleft to look for a job and that took two years because I wasn't qualified. Why were they not willing to train me? A lot of our young people are discouraged by this and have to turn to the streets selling drugs and so on. I'm not going to get into the whole foreigner issue but it could be less of them. They say we dont want to work in KFC and stuff like that but come on we cannot survive with that wage. The RCIPS know clearly who is responsible and wont do anything about it these individuals have criminal records and are found not guilty by our justice system and let back on to the streets so what do we expect? Here are the results sad but true.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you think that sellling drugs in the street to support a certain lifestyle is better than working at KFC? How about working at KFC as a starter and moving up from there? One of the problems youth face these days is the high value placed on material possesions and the pressures to acquire them above everything else early in their lives. Many of the misguided youth are living with a parent or parents anyway so entry level jobs would be enough to sustain them and provide for some savings or  tuition costs for UCCI where they could advance their education to improve job prospects in the future. Young people will do the right thing, we just have to teach them to live within their means, that holding a job and working an honest day's work is better than engaging in criminal activity to wear designer clothes and drive a nice car.

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot of people survive on wages like those you would get working at KFC.  Sure it's not glamorous, but a young person fresh out of school probably still lives with their parents and probably doesn't have to pay rent just yet.  I know this is not really in context to the above article, but it gets tiring to hear young people say they can't survive working a low paying job.  You may not be able to buy the newest blackberry or get nice rims for your car, but working a minimum wage job beats trying to be a gansta and getting yourself killed hands down.

    • Don't give up says:

      Instead of all the thumbs down, why don't you all try LISTENING to what is being said here.  Believe this person is not looking for sympathy, the truth is trying to be told and the thumbs down are showing exactly what this person is saying. 

      Everybody seems to want to talk and talk and talk about themselves and bragging about their material nonsense, my house is bigger than your house, my car is a newer and bigger car than yours, the expensive this and that they have – people you have some blame in all this too.  LISTEN and you might hear a plea for some attention here to the real root of the problem.

      'Why were they not willing to train me?'  – somebody could have trained you in something because you certainly sound and acted as if you wanted to. 

      True what you say about the wages in some places.  For some foreigners, it is alot of money compared to where they came from and makes them rich back home.  For a Caymanian on such a small wage, how to pay rent, etc..  But, it would be a start and people make progress, gain experience and move on to better or different things.  Example – bar tending is not a bad job, base salary not the best but the tips and people you meet could lead on to better.  Everybody has to start somewhere.

      Not saying that making a decision to go do drugs etc. is right and you seem to know that.

      Is there anybody out there that perhaps could help you now with training or work?  Maybe somebody could offer something for this person who is obviously reaching out and do something good.

      You could also start writing your story, possibly get it published – could help other young people in the future.

      Perhaps your writing now will encourage others to write and let their pent up feelings out too – it takes courage and hopefully you could be on a new path and future in your life.

      Keep trying and don't give up!  Respect!




    • Anonymous says:

      I am getting very sick of hearing that people "have to turn to the streets selling drugs and so on".  As you point out, there is work out there, but you don't believe you could survive on that wage (even though others do, who don't have the luxury of a family home to live in).  Guess what?  Once you have a job, of whatever level, it is easier to get the next job, and the next job after that.  You work your way up until you earn a decent wage.  Do you not realise that this is what everybody who comes to this island from outside and has a decent job has had to do?  Even if, in their own country, the opportunities weren't that great they have still not resorted to selling drugs on the street.  They have made an effort to not sink down to the bottom, but to rise to the top by putting aside their pride and starting on their journey to earning honest money.  I am so frustrated by this attitude that a bad economy means people sell drugs.  In times past when Cayman did not have the economy it has today the men went to sea and Cayman became great through the work ethic of a previous generation.  WAKE UP!

  38. Anonymous says:

    The Hills and the woods  what they are doing cutting out the Bushes

    We need to take back our Islands . You don not own entire road you only living in a hut on the road so why kiliing . Thi is our islands we all need to strike no work for entire island and see if CNN news will get what happening here and maybe will get  notice and will get help .

    Help for our islands please we are going to lost business here no Tourist want to come here

    SO help bring in more Police to help us .



    • Anonymous says:

      From one purebred Caymanian to another: please get another internet machine…yours seems to be causing you some problems.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Seems the natives are restless (cue-drumbeats.)

  40. Anonymous says:

    Why bother giving money to the Police to botch every investigation. Let them continue to kill each other until they are all gone and then we have no worries.

    • Anonymous says:

      because eventually an innocent (like a child child) gets caught in the cross fire….oh wait – that has already happened.  THAT's why it needs stopping NOW.

    • Anonymous says:

      as well as the cycle perpetuates itself. For every 25 to 35 year-old dying or getting locked up is two naive teenagers lined up to replace them, emulate them and their skewed sense of honour as a gangsta. Sad but true… consider how many teenagers that have been responsible for the armed robberies lately that we know of. It seems only a matter of time before the same firearms they own or have access to are used for something more heinous than threatening store clerks. Many valid points and good ideas have been raised on how to address this issue, but this has to be a cumulative effort by the entire community. There is no quick and easy fix for a problem this profound. However I obliged to agree that the reversal of indifference has to stop. People in every community know who these thugs are; their loved ones should turn them in and save their lives or at least plead with them to put this culture of violence and so-called easy money (I'd rather work a 9 to 5 than risk being killed or jailed for food on my table) behind them.

  41. sady says:

    Invite Mr. Reneto Adams  from Jamaica.  He knows how to fight bad boy games, these young Caymanians who are shooting up themselves and driving fear in the community could easily be taken care of by Mr. Adams with his eyes closed.

    Submitted by John The Baptist (not verified) on Wed, 09/14/2011 – 10:15.

    It is NOW time to call in Reneto Adams of Jamaica.  Feared by all gunmen including the most notorious ones, even feared by the Jamaican Government and Force. This unique retired police officer is known for cleaning up the bad man and then ask questions. He is the real BADMAN Policeman.  Give him 12 months and then roll him out. He could coach Cayman Police Force how to combat crime.  It is such a pity Jamaica forced him into early retirement.  Excerpts from one of his interviews.
      “You have to be firm. You have to use some force where it is necessary and you have to know how to use it. Civil society has lost control in Jamaica, so you have to have a firm strong personality [referring to the job of Police Commissioner] who knows strategy and tactic and who knows how to contend with the criminal elements”.

    • Masa says:

      Sorry mi friend we don't need Cayman to become like Kingston we already got new Kingston here as it is!  If we bring down dem Soilder boys from Jamaica mi know this for a fact they dont ask question they shoot you first then ask the questions.  Cayman is already at war mi friend and the only person that can help us now is God!

    • Anonymous says:

      they say when Renato went in to a bad man's yard not even the dog came out alive. Put a dent in crime then they brought in Mark Shields from the UK who did nothing but try to investigate Renato. Then crime started to increase again until the army went in for Dudos.

  42. Anonymous says:

     I am so sick and tired of reading the news and hearing of another life snuffed out.  It can be presumed that this is probably a revenge shooting for the other shooting – gang A shoots a member of gang B so gang B shoots a member of gang A! Part of me wonders whether we should let them continue to do so; at the current rate of shootings we shall see in the not so distant future they will have eventually wiped each other out. That will leave these beautiful isles to be enjoyed by people that want to live in harmony and less scared of getting caught in the cross fire of a poorly aimed shot!

    Im sure their mothers/fathers/sons/daughters are so proud to say "my boi/papi is ace with a gun and garners fear wherever he goes – but sadly 2+2 escapes him."  Hard work for some money is not as cool as earning more money through illegal means – we cant expect them to look honest to their homies as thats just not tough or cool; the coolest some of these will be, and it pains me to say it, is when they end up in the refrigerator in the morgue or on the morticians slab!!  As a nation, we should not blame the police (they can not be expected to baby sit these morons 24 hours a day!)we should not blame the expats, we should not blame the families (these criminals are not children anymore) it is high time that these people start realising that when they play big boy games they play by big boy rules – this is not the movies, people die and they need to change their ways or accept the consequences of their actions and realise that the future of the island depends on the decision they make!

  43. Anonymous says:

    The crime and drug situation is directly linked to "top" people!   It will not end until the corruption ends!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the guy is taking pictures for the new Cayman Islands Post Cards

  45. Anonymous says:

    Expect the other guys is going to get it within the next few days

  46. Anonymous says:

    "My Boy is such a good boy"

  47. Chet o Ebanks says:

     Very sad day for Cayman. To the fmilys affected my prayers are with you may you find comfort in these diffcult times. To The Premeir, The Governor, The Police Com, time to place a curfew on Grand Cayman, and come next election vote every old politicn out and let the young Caymanians govern The Cayman Islands. Premier time for a curfew. What next will soon follow UK will take control and we will be just like Turks and Cacios. To those of us Caymanians who have choices we can leave and start life new somewhere else.

    And final why has The Premier wasted and continue to waste the contrys money on Churches, who give nothing back to this country. All the new is build bigger and bigger palaces and the pastors drive around in expensive cars and live in huge mansions. Put that money to better use and do some after school programs for the youth of this country. What  a waste of another 4 years for a government. Am ashamed to say I voted. And yes am not afraid to use my real name cause this is my given right to speak as a Caymanian, enough is enough. Churches are just money making houses.   

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't know if you've noticed, but it is the young Caymanians who are doing the killing. I say vote out the corrupt and incompetent and replace them with honest and competent persons regardless of age.

    • MonkeySee says:

      A curfew of what time? Last night happened before 9pm….what time do you suggest?

    • Anonymous says:

      May God have mercy on your soul.  This is what happens when people turn their backs upon God.  Satan has a field day…. May you repent and seek the Lord before it's too late.  Nothing is possible without God.  The Church is the Community stronghold.  If the Church stops operating then Satan will surely win.  I hope you give your life to the Lord before it's too late.

      • Fire says:

        You don't need a mansion and a Mercedes Benz to love God. They aren't saying anything against religion or spirituality. They are simply expressing disgust that I share for the pastor who pretend to be holy yet waste money on materialism when their communities are suffering. Satan is not to blame for the evil deeds of these men. That blame lays solely at their feet.

      • Philip says:

        Do i get in trouble with god if i give this a thumbs down?.

  48. Anonymous says:

    This is very sad.  It is obvious this is gang related. Check it out on FB. "Logwoodz Dons"

    • Anonymous says:

      So true, I have been observing the drama on FB too. If the RCIPS cared they would check out FB more often!! Everything is there and more!!! Pics of guys boasting with guns, all known associates of last year's murders, and their murderers' associates, bunning ganja right in front of WB Police station and I nah see more foolishness!!! Some of the guys we just let off of murder BRAGGING about getting away with it on there, and bragging about their weapons too!! I am no detective but I have been telling the RCIPS for years to get more familiar with FB and other social media sites. The evidence is all there!!

      To add to that — Cayman is WAY out of control, and I feel most of all sorry for the innocent people and children of WB who have to live around all this senseless gang violence. The truth is parenting is a major part of the problem. It does start at home, but the RCIPS have not done much to stop any of this either, nor has the Government. We all have a hand to play in this war against CRIME. Period. If you see something? report it. Even it's one of your own – it could save their life!!

    • Good tip says:

      Dear RCIP, this mention has merit.  The poice need to use social networking to solve these crimes.  Also, I HOPE that the RCIP has a FULL-TIME and highly trained IT speicalist that is living at the Digicel offices, reviewing all the heightened cellular phone traffice immediatly before and after these shootings.  Their will be a pattern of users and phone calls.

      It is time to use the technolgy that these gang-bangers use all the time and use this technology against them!!!  These illiterate thugs are not clever enough to set up their own trunking network and they are using LIME and Digicel to make their drug deals, to call in their henchmen, and arrange these "hits".  

      In the very least, when the RCIP "interview" the known gang members, they need to write down their phone numbers.  When a shooting occurs, see WHO they called.

      I dont think this is against their rights, but the ICTA needs to confirm this and work with the RCIP to find a way to use the cell phone world, Facebook, and Twitter to FIND THESE THUGS AND USE THE TEXT & VOICEMAIL CHAIN OF CUSTODY TO LOCK THEM AWAY.

      • Anonymous says:

        Digicel will have a copy of the image with "the warehouse of cash" and the location based services to direct authorities to it.  

    • Amazing says:

      Amazing that most of their facebook friends are young women, worthless man really worthless


      • Anonymous says:

        Not just any young women, some are related to certain MLAs.  Check out their profiles (which are open), and you will see the images and identities of the gangsters they associate with.  The RCIPS should be all over this.

    • learningtospellishard says:

      Everyone should drop these losers a line or two and let them know how the good people of this island feel.

    • Anonymous says:

      RCIPS: there is a Digicel email address on there and image of a room full of USD and CI cash.  Coordinate with Digicel and use "location based services" to triangulate on that house.  

  49. Cat says:

    Like Clock work, HERE WE GO AGAIN!

    Instead of these young men who are my age, putting their faces in some books and walk around with a University Diploma and monthly pay slip in their hands, they're walking around with guns and drugs, watching their backs, sleeping with one eye open and counting the days before the next bullet or knife blade flies their way.

    And they think they're living the good life….Idiots!!

    I think its high time we bring in some temporary Military assistance, wipe out the problem so we can start over, because these police officers are only carrying batons and pepper spray to a gun fight and they are not going to be too victorious.

    • Cat says:

      To add to my comment,

      I also think that is so stupid that Northward Prison officers are the ones who actually have the new guns with the rubber bullets now, when the patrolling officers out on the streets daily, who eventually have to face the gun toting criminal, gets thebaton and pepper spray. They are the ones who really need to be armed with these guns to combat these fiends.

      Give the officers a fighting chance to win a gun fight for Pete's sake!! If the fears of these officers, are that they  will kill someone and have to live with that for the rest of their lives, then this will not be the problem. These guns are to be used to inflict serious pain, but it non-lethal so the criminals won't die, they will only disable them temporarily, to gain control and make an arrest, and they won't have anyone's blood on their hands.

      Give our RCIP officers the guns with rubber bullets, as well a taser,baton and pepper spray and the whole armor of God. THey need the tools to make a difference!

      Don't you agree?

      Let's start a petition and get our officers armed,protected and ready to do some real police work.

  50. Philip says:

    And we want to put another road in and out of West Bay!

    • Anonymous says:

      Consider this an escape route for the decent folk who reside in the district.

  51. Anonymous says:

    So here we go again! seems like we read these headlines in the media last year.

    The police started rounding them up, even arrested a few. the public started to speak up and in some cases witnesses came fforward. But then in most recent cases they have been found "not guilty" and set free back on our streets.

    They & their family members boast as they are coming out of the court house, sometimes cheering. Once again, they feel invinsible, knowing that if they cover their face & ask for trial by judge alone that with the judges expertise training and evidenve provided that no doubt a "not Guilty verdict' will follow.

    I say to these cowards, if you are going to play "bad man" and be so ruthless as to point a gun to someone & shoot them don't hide behind masks & cover ups & look for loop holes in the system. If you are such a bad a** show your face & take the punishment that comes with it!

  52. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what police did to try and prevent this. Did they up the patrolling of these areas since the murder 24 hours ago,  was there are a policce car circling around 24 hours, or is their strategy to stay out of the way?

    • SUNDOWN says:

      Dont you think the police is getting fed up with the stupid talk.  The police is working round the clock, but you parents need to have a chain on them spoil children that you all have.  I see the police everywhere, but if you is cloaking your child in wrong doing what will you expect but to bury him.   Someone is cleaning up the place, maybe there is a vigiliente out there, getting rid of all of the trouble makers.  What should I say, beside the Island need cleaning, If police not doing it then someone has to.  Vigilente or not.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the Lord says it's your time, then it is your time, no matter what the police try to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, the police had been patrolling the area and had been all night. They were there almost immediately. Unfortunately too late to save the man but they're not God and can't be everywhere at once.

      Stop knocking the police.  They are doing the best job they can with the man power available.  They are working 12 hour shifts in order to keep more police on the streets.

      Perhaps if the acquaintances and family members of the "want to be gangsters" involved in these shootings came forward with a bit of information now and again this kind of retaliation would not have happened???

  53. Anonymous says:

    I can't even begin to express my prfound sadness at the way things have become with Cayman and our youth of today.  I am truly speechless.  I know nothing of these people or crime yet I sit here reading this with tears in my eyes.

  54. Dred says:

    Tit for tat back?

  55. Anonymous says:

    Caymanian young people expecially our young men stop killing yourselves, go take out your frustrations in the boxing gym we now have an excellent gym and everyone is welcomed.  What will happen to this country in three years time if the killings continue?  as a race we are so very few as it is, stop the violence we simply cannot afford to lose one more young person especially to the gun.  Stop the foolishness your country and families want and needs you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Next boxing tournament, members of gang Y against members of gang Z.  We should be able to place bets too. Duke it out boys!

  56. Anonymous1 says:

    don't worry folk, there is always bad karma- what goes around, comes around. God has a day in store for these criminals, and karma is a real thing

    • Anonymous says:

      Government could have saved themselves 4Million dollars.  They are killing eachother, cause the police aren't doing a damn thing!!!    But again, remember just 5 years ago, various police, government states "there are no gangs"!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      "Now they sittin on a time bomb

      Now I know the time has come

      What goes on up, is comin on down

      Goes around and comes around

      So much trouble in the world" – Bob Marley

  57. Anonymous says:

    Let them continue until they've rubbed each other out.

  58. noname says:

    Another senseless murder.  Another young peson who won't have a chance to experience life………..

  59. caveman says:

    Mr Bush the rest of the world can read this news! why don't you do something positive and be seen trying to do something about this inhuman behaviour that is taking place outside your front door instead of giving away OUR money to YOUR church and lame projects!

    • Anonymous says:

      i am so sick of people blaming the"'government"…..everything in a child's life STARTS from the HOME!!!! so parents do your job and try to teach your children wrong from right!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Government has to take some blame as the members themselves have broken laws.  No discipline, respect or honesty but lots of anger tantrums. Good example.

      • Southside says:

        Actually I believe you will find that It is 100% the Governments fault!!!

        The Government is to blame for the piss poor standard of education that has failed the the people of this island for generations!!! The poor parenting you speak of is directly linked to the government dumbing down the people for such a long time! If you have people leaving school that can't read or write what kind of life are they going to be able to provide for a child? Also unedcuated people tend to start reproducing at a younger age and never seem to slow down once they start. 

        The reason the government chooses not to correct the poor education system is that they know that the uneducated population is more easily swayed by the thought of being given a new TV or washing machine when it comes time to vote.

        Until the day that our so called leaders get their prioritys straight we will be plagued by this sort of criminal activity!

        And you have the people that say "oh, just let them kill each other off". Well this doesn't work! Because until the education system is fixed then there will be hundreds of new recruits ready to join these gangs every summer as they leave school!


        • Anonymous says:


          God give you brains and hands and feet?  God give you to know right from wrong?

          God not give everyone the same things?  Then what are you waiting for?


        • Anonymous says:

          I think you will find if u study criminology that

          Most murders have a good standard of education and a very high IQ in-fact over 75% have collage degrees behind them.

          If you cant read or write how could you follow instructions to load a gun never mind fire it.

          what has reproduction got do do with being a murderer  breed more to replace those murdered!

          so you are saying if everyone can read and write and use condoms that cayman will be what it was 20 years ago

          catch a grip

      • Anonymous says:

        in some cases yes.. these are grown a$$ men in this case and they make their own decisions.

      • Anonymous says:

        Parents don't have time for that nowadays, they're out working to pay their CUC bills.

    • Anonymous says:

      Was wondering how long before the "blame McKeeva" gang would crank up. this is not about just Mckeeva, it's not about just West Bay, it's about all of us.

      Those of us that are in the know and see these things happen need to come forward and tell someone, if not the police then maybe your pastor or someone you can trust.

      We need to work together rather than blaming one individual, the police or any one else for that matter. These criminals will continue if we don't stand up and be counted.


  60. Anonymous says:

    Gather up the "gangs" and bring them in for mediation. This needs to be stopped! It can not be settled on the streets any more!

    Sad, sad, sad!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      you lol, but google operation ceasefire boston, read about it…think about it…check out stats…and put it to use in gc.

      good luck. how many more boys/men do you want to have funerals for?

    • ummm says:

      You want to sit and "reason" with these little as$h^*#@ ? Way to make them feel big and bad. The Government wants a sit down? Man listen to me! Round them up and slap the teeth out of their heads.


      • Anonymous says:

        What's the alternative? Let them keep shooting themselves? How Christian!

        Bring them in! Get to the bottom of the mess or at least start. How many more young men are you going to bury? How many more innocent bystanders are you going to bury?


    This will happen always when we have people Governering this country who does not want to listen to some advice given from the public.   The Governor, The Premier and the Commissioner, and whom ever else that is responsible for Law and order has been told repeatedly to set up a curfew from 7 pm at nights. People leave work at 5, 0 clock,  they should be home in two hours If you are found driving, walking or riding those hours you are stopped by the police, asked for an ID and where are you going my friend.  If you are not going any where well give them a nights rest at Police Headquarters.

    But the Governor and Commissioner does not want to listen, just because they do not want their buddies to have any slowing down at their business places.  They do not care, because it is not one of them, but it will soon reach everybody take my foolish advice.  You watch and see.  You kill once, and after that it is a piece of cake.  The commissioner and Governor could quickly hold curfew during hurricane Ivan, so why they cannot hold one in these times.  Cayman do you know why?  They do not care because none of them has been killed yet.  Make a white man be shot down outside one of the bars or resturant on west Bay road, and see what happens next day.  The whole Island will be locked down.

    • Anonymous says:

      There was a robbery yesterday at minutes to 5.00pm!  Maybe we should all lock ourselves away in our houses and never come out again, would that help?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you want to scare off the last few stayover tourists, please go ahead and insist on having a curfew put in place. A few idiots playing with guns does not equal a nationwide state of emergency.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, the white man has fallen down on the job…

  62. Ken P says:

    Another murder within 48 hours and this looks like 2010 all over again as there will be retaliation shootings. Marlon Ebanks was murdered in this area about 3 years ago and that crime still hasn't been solved. There are too many high risk areas in West Bay that is often neglected and The RCIPS and our elected officials don't care what happens in these areas, Birch Tree Hill, Logwood and Goat Yard are prime examples of gang activitiy and drugs being sold. I believe that without highly skilled and trained investigators most of these murders won't be solved. I've said it before that there's a conspiracy theory going on in Cayman and the RCIPS is rigged with corruption so we need to bring in INTERPOL and the FBI to deal with our mess. We got rid of the US Coast Guard back in 2002 and you best believe since then we have seen murders and crime increase by a large margin. We need border protection as guns, drugs and human trafficking are now a major issue and concern to residents.

    Sad that another teenager has been murdered and I pray for the family yet Cayman is in a very sad situation regarding our young men either they die from a car crash or by a bullet. We've probably lost 25 young men in the last 6 years from violence and gang related murders. Why is it that Derek Haines and his taksforce could recover so much drugs and firearms yet today you rarely hear of huge drug captures? Baines needs to be replaced ASAP and tell Smellie and Bulgin to find a new job as well, Gov. Taylor well he is just a pigeon on a stool, woo woo and Mac, you better start paying closer attention to your district. We need a massive overhaul from top to bottom in the RCIPS, Customs and Immigration all needs to be closely monitored as they are the frontline. We spend $25-35 a year on the RCIPS well I want to see results in combating crime and giving hard and long sentences to criminals and gang members. I plead with residents to get a petition to remove Baines and many of the senior RCIPS officers and look at recruiting a Police Chief from a major US city and get him to bring in his own recruits.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, cos there's no gun crime in any US cities is there? This is not up to the police to sort – it's society as a whole. Until we stop blaming others for our own problems, this will not stop.

  63. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    Blame Mr. Bush only because he has represented West Bay for so long and has done nothing about the criminal situation therefore he is directly responsible for ALL crime in West Bay and the Nation as well. Now is his chance to lead. Let us see how much of a man he truly is?

    • B1 says:

      Another dumb and biased statement to go down the route of blaming parties and politicians. Crime is a very complex matter. If udp is to blame for escalating crime in Cayman, then ppm as well, because ppm set the stage.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Most of these youth are coming from broken homes. We all in the Community need to assist these youth. The poor Police cant do anything to stop them when it is too late.

  65. Soon Come Bloods says:

    That does it, I'm moving to Canada.


    • Anon : ) says:

      Good luck with the high taxes and cold weather!

    • Anonymous!!!2 says:

      They have their share of crime and violence too and exorbiant taxes. Safe trip over,

  66. Anonymous says:

    Best thing is to let these morons continue on with their process of natural selection. No one can stop them and society benefits in the end.

  67. PaperCaymanian says:

    Permanent solutions to temporary problems. Very sad.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Guess police won't have too look for suspects

  69. Anonymous says:

    *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*…….Cayman Cayman Cayman….what are you up to???? Behave man…..


  70. Good For them says:

    Well at least they're killing each other.  Soon they'll all be dead and we can go back to our normal lives.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if they kill each other, how about all the other gun related crimes e.g. stores etc. being robbed at gunpoint etc?  Are these being committed by the gangs???? Probably not!!!!!!!


      • Anonymous says:

        Those robberies seem to be committed for extra and quick cash, which can easily be gotten by selling stuff to the Cash for Gold stores.  Close down those stores and the robberies will come down as well. These crimes happen because the criminals don't want to work..not because they are not able to find jobs.  Because they know that even if they do a job, they cannot get quick and lots of money.

      • Anonymous says:

        Probably yes!!  As initiation into gangs

    • Anonymous says:

      If only that were how it works, instead their younger brothers and cousins will pick up the gun and retaliate for them. It will escalate and spread.

  71. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    Get your boots on, get your hat's on, get your guns and your horses out……. it's going to be an extended summer down the Wild Wild West !!! 

  72. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again! Tit for tat! I truly hope and pray that no inncoent person gets harmed by the actions of a few!

  73. Anonymous says:

    The  Premier should allocate  that  extra million  dollars that  he  is  giving  the  Police to pay  relatives  and  friends  to turn in these criminals. This is aCrying Shame:   Citizens let me tell you all something the Premiers can allocated as many million dollars he want  – money cannot help this  situation.  The Police  can't help it  —Please stop beating up on the police.The majority of you people  wants  the  police  to  do your  jobs.  The  Police  is  helpless without  your  help.  THE POLICE  IS  ONLY AS  EFFECTIVE AS THE COMMUNITY  IS  STRONG.  THE  COMMUNITY  IS WEAK –  THE  COMMUNITY IS  HIDING  THESE  CRIMINALS:  You  mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins  and  aunts get real turn your gangsters in.  Help  the police help you.  You  can help by  turning  those  criminals  in. 

    • Anonymous says:

      With due respect to those who deserve it, but why don't the relatives of the 'victims'/'gangstas' give a photo beforehand rather than after killings saying this boy/man is not on the right path.  Sad for the choice of path these 'men' have chosen for their lives.

    • use the money wisely says:

      I say use the exta million as a signing bonus to BEG Derek Haines to come back and take charge of the force!  He is still on island, but we'd need to show him that he can make more of a difference back at the RCIP instead of D**RT.  He would have to come out of retirement, but YES!  He is the only man for the job.  The people respect him and he knows the island from a long outstanding career.  

      Derek, Help us!!! (please)

  74. Anonymous says:

    The war begins again. God help us all.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Here is the thing – the RCIP has a budget nearing I think 40 million dollars, a load of Officers with Law Degrees at some level, a couple at some point that had PHD's, a number with BA's, cars,dogs, choppers, and boats and not to mention highly paid and seeked out talent that is suppose to be an asset to the RCIP, plus the few local officers that are left. What does the Cayman Islands get in return? Rise of the Planet of the Apes out smarting the above. Howis it with all mentioned that a bunch of thugs that most have not completed middle school and have the common sense of a sand fly, can run a country into the ground?  Armed robberies in the day, murder at night and Baines wants more money to fund his learned group of experts. Something is not right and people need to wake up and see that with all of the poop Baines is pushing we are all going to need gas masks as the air quality is being reduced.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Didn't we all know this would occur after the most recent not guilt verdict? No surprise to me. Thanks to that case, the criminals KNOW they are above the law!

  77. Anonymous says:

    After reading this I have come to the conclusion that our police force is pretty much useless, either that or they are of the view that its best to let the bad guys kill each other which is a totally unacceptable attitude to have towards maintaining order in a civilised society. It is high time for the Governor to allow private security contractors such as those employed by US companies operating in Iraq, to come to our shores for a short stint and do a proper job of eliminating crime. Let them carry arms, let them fix the situation then send them on their way. After the shooting on Tuesday how on earth could this happen??

  78. Anonymous says:

    Firstly, RIP to the individuak who lost their life.

    Second, so are we going to have tit for tat shootings until the last gangsta is left standing?


    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately there will never be a 'last' one, there will always be another one to take the place of the previous one.

  79. Forget the rollover Mac says:

    Why dont we start deporting these scumbags! Caymanian or not, set them all adrift because none of them are any good to this country.


  80. Anonymous says:

    What did the churches do with all the money given by government? Surely not spent on the youths!!

    • Give it a Break says:

      22:45 Try and hush your darn mouth about church money and turn in some of those criminals yourself.

  81. anon says:

    nothing's happening in BT. I'm right here chillin.. listenin to crickets and stuff.

    • Anonymous says:

      shoosh before it come our way!

      • Try hush Nuh says:

        08:15  ye right, tell them shoosh, or hush dey mout nuh.  Caan see we hiding up ya. wid a greenlight dat say go.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lmao ha ha ha ha man you BoddenTowners are jokers lol I nearly peed laughing my a*s off…instead of tears I hope we will once again see laughter and  I  pray and hope that Cayman will become like how it used to be a place where people party,drink and dance just having a wonderful time,,,stop the violence,stop killing each other it makes no sense

  82. Scared Girl says:

    Cayman needs to enforce a curfew immediately. I'm not sure what's taking them so long to figure this out. We know the "hot areas" on Island, why are we not doing undercover patrols and stake out?. If we're afraid or just don't know how, let's just swallow our pride and ask the US, UK, Jamaica ….somewhere for help. Those countries have crime but the also know how to catch them. They can't catch them all but two head are better than one. Its pass due. Cayman needs help already!!

  83. Anonymous says:

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ stay tuned!!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Maybe its time for a limited state of emergency!! Until we can bring crime under control seems to be working in Trinidad