Churches call on shooters to give themselves up

| 22/09/2011

(CNS): The men who are causing the violence need to be shunned by the community until they give themselves up, the Cayman Minister’s Association has said. The group of local pastors said those who are courageous enough to give themselves up to the authorities should be given every assistance and then they can “be restored to any affection” and assured of forgiveness. Asking everyone to pray they also called on the authorities to exercise greater vigilance on the good order of students, for parents to regain control over and for the police to institute “curfews and states of emergency whenever necessary” regardless of its popularity.

“Those who invade the privacy and security of others have given in to cowardice and selfishness,” the ministers stated. “They are not to be admired, but rather shunned by all until they give themselves up to the authorities. Any friend, knowing associate, family member or supporter of every last one of them shares in their cowardice and culpability until they give them in or report them or any information to the police or to Crimestoppers at 800-8477,” the association said in a statement posted on the website.

Joining the wider community in expressing outrage over the upsurge in crime and the ministers said they were adding their collective voice alongside to express concern and call for change. They said they were also committed to continuous prayer and asked the whole community to pray constantly for a change of heart by the small number of persons and their supporters.

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