Clamping ban welcomed

| 02/11/2011

(CNS): Government’s decision to introduce a wheel clamping ban in the new traffic act has been welcomed by the independent member for North Side, who brought a private members motion to the Legislative Assembly more than 18 months ago asking the administration to outlaw the practice. In the long awaited traffic bill, clause 115 introduces a ban on clamping in public places, which Ezzard Miller says is an adequate provision to stop what he has always stated is a borderline illegal act that has caused controversy and added to the inadequate parking problems in George Town. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

With all buildings having to provide a certain number of public parking spaces as part of their planning permission, the ban should put an end to the practice across a large part of the capital. Although the devices may not be entirely outlawed, in private parking lots not connected to specific buildings clamping firms and their agents will be banned from immobilizing cars in many of the spaces where clampers and their agents are currently operating.

The emergence of ‘clampers’ over the last few years has caused considerable controversy as the fee to release a wheel clamp is as much as $85, which is more than three times the cost of a parking fine given to drivers who park on yellow lines. A number of court cases where drivers removed the clamps from vehicles were rejected by local juries.

Miller’s motion was debated in the parliament in March last year and government had stated that it would be examining the issue. He reminded the LA again when the UK had begun outlawing the practice in public places. Following last week’s release of the act, he said he was pleased government had finally addressed it.

With a small number of clamping firms having sprung up over the last few years to profit from the practice, Miller acknowledged that there may be a few job losses. However, he noted that given the number of jobs held by work permit holders, if any Caymanians were to lose their jobs as clampers they should be given access to some of the other 19,000 vacancies.

Miller said that, with the exception of the clamping firms, he believed the clause should come as a welcome relief to most drivers, who are frustrated with the increasingly impossible task of finding somewhere to park in George Town every day.

The new traffic act is expected to come before the Legislative Assembly in the next sitting, which starts on the 16 November. The bill states:  “A person who – (a) operates as an agent for the clamping of vehicles in public places; or (b) clamps or tows away a vehicle in a public place, commits an offence.”

See new Traffic Bill

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to Ezzard Miller


    One more CAYMANIAN out of a JOB!!!!!

    I have known that young lady for many years and thats works for that company,  and to havn known how far she has come ,to lose her job because of  Ezzard Miller ignorance you know the only reason he is doing because he was clamped and felt that because he is an MLA he can break rules .

    I hope that  the young lady comes to your house for her wages at the end of the Month after all she only has a child to feed and a house loan to pay

    Or is it you want the government to feed her and her Child?????  What her house are you going to make the monthly payments ??? after all you only make 43,000-150,000 year ….so the to my understand YOU DONT care who get hurt in the making  cause your family is fed  at nights and have a roof over their heads.


    SO Thanks Ezzard Miller one more CAYMAMIAN is on the unemployement  list

    • Anonymous says:

      If you had bothered to read the first two words of the article above, you would know that this was Government's decision, not Ezzard Miller's decision. I would further like to encourage the young lady to not accept this posters implication that you have been placed in a dire predicament as a result of anyone's bad decisions. God is by your side. Those of us that insist on KNOWING this and refusing to blame our government for us not having a job all have jobs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do not understand how this is to work. We had private companies contracted by private landlords to control their private parking lots. These parking lots are available to Joe Public for parking WHEN Joe Public is conducting bisiness at (or working in) the premises served by the lot as mandated by the Planning Law. If Joe Public did not follow the simple displayed rules the vehicle got clamped.

    Will this change now mean that the landlord can have NO control over the parking they provide? The Police will not come into a private parking lot and ticket a vehicle for overstaying it's welcome. I do not think that they have jurisdiction and under what section of the new law would that ticket be written? What offence has been committed? What will happen if these spaces are occupied all day by persons with no connection to the related businesses? When the legitimate clients cannot park as expected, will these businesses slowly die?

    I work for a company that owns a building & an attached parking lot. They provide multiple spaces for their clients who come & go throughout the day. A guard is employed to simply keep "long term" parking from occurring by using the threat of clamping. Does this mean that my employer will have to get rid of the guard and let Tom/Dick/Harry park for as long as they want? What happens to the legitimate clients? If they cannot park they will take their business elsewhere. Then my employer may be forced to down size or close. All because some lazy persons could not follow some simple rules, quite a few persons could be out of a job.

    Maybe I have these new proposals all wrong so hopefully someone can set it straight.

    As you may guess, my car has never been clamped or ticketed, simply because I always follow the displayed rules. It's not hard to do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don't think there should be a total ban but rather some form of control for these "clamp-happy nuts"!  Just think – clamping has been a deterrant for those people who will park anywhere just becuase they can do so without consequences.

    Ban clamping and you may find someone has taken your parking spot!!  Some form of control is good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hurrah, now I can park outside the GOAP building and no longer will I have to endure the marathon walk from the car park behind Immigration!

  5. Libertarian says:

    There is a simple solution to the limited parking in George Town:  Construct a free public parking lot, several stories high. Maybe on that site where the Tower Building was demolished would be a good spot.

    • Anonymous says:

      yep maybe you could build it for 'free'……zzzzz

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, but everybody will want to park on the ground floor!

      • so Anonymous says:

        Not everyone, just those who intitled to it.  You know the ones.  Maybe they can have their own entrance.

  6. Knot S Smart says:

    This should give Cayman Airways a good boost when all of the former security 'clamping specialists' start heading on home to Jamaica…

    • Anonymous says:

      Should also make dropping off my bags and checking in for Cayman Airways alot easier since the security at the airport won't be able to clamp my wheels parking outside the check-in area 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Good riddance…I hope it happens

  7. Anonymous says:

    if you park correctly, you do not get clamped… if you follow rules, you do not clamped… if you disregard the previous because you see yourself above rules, policy and procedure then you get clamped and deserve it 100%

    Parking will get worse not better!  Because too many way too many think themselves above the rules.

    In Cayman its "don't you know who I am" or worse " who I'm connected with" and that is why you needed clamping to begin with.

    Try playing by the rules and you will simply find you never have anything to worry about!

    • Anonymous says:

      We should see both sides of a problem.

      Any businesses which legitimately require parking spaces for their customers, should make a case and apply for a permit to allow clamping. Their application should be reviewed by the planning board as a body already set up to deal with such issues.

      No different to getting a speargun licence really, prove you have good reason to posses one  and apply accordingly.


    • Anonymous says:

      15:31 tell the Government to start playing by the rules.

      1) Stop approving more planning approvals for new buildings in the down town area, without       adequate parking spaces for their citizens.

      2) Give the citezens of this country an alternative to parking down town. supply ample parking spaces.Supply parking lots, and  should one parkilligal, only  then, they can have a reson to penalise you. Even in the worst of  communist countries, they have vision.  

      3) lead by example, with all the tax money, we the citizens are  paying, give us parking for our Government buildings. Court house, Assembly hall, Town hall, Post office,Police station.

      4) Government needs to  stop being a damn fool, and install parking meters on the road side in the down tiown areas. stop giving away our roads to park on free, by mega businesses.

      Furthermore,  it was inhuman,  heartless, cruel and ruthless   for the Government  to allow  these wheel clampers to carry out this action…. to rob and penalise their people. The Government supported the legal department to approve this clamping  in the first place. It  is   discusting when a Government can sit back and watch their people suffer, because they,  lack vision and proper planning.


    • Dred says:

      That is a pile of rubbish. When there is no controls and they have all power they can do what they want. This is exactly why the UK banned this also. When they locked me in a timed spot after only 20 minutes I knew their game was all about making money and not about following the rules themselves.

      I am happy to know their days are numbered.

  8. The Grossly Obese says:

    On behalf of the grossly obese, I would like to publicly thank Mr. Miller for all of his efforts on our behalf.
    Those long walks from the designated parking spaces were really starting to raise our heart rates.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean all the parking spots behind the library arenow going to be free for all since it is a public place???

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes you can even park in front of the LA building. But please not on the steps, OK? Apparently you're not supposed to even STAND there. Hallowed ground.

    • Anonymous says:

      Does this mean that the private company that wheel locks can't wheel lock anymore??? Does this mean that anyone can park in the handicap parking even though they may think they are handicap (delivery trucks, utility trucks, people who are just to damn lazy to walk) but they aren't????

      • Anonymous says:

        14: 49

        I also feel your frustration. after travelling away from Cayman for almost three weeks and observeing  the way the rest of the world conduct themselves, i can only come to one conclusion and express what i see here in Cayman…Anarchi.

        Broken and mashed up road curbs, especially on the roundabouts. Drivers cant read signs, so they park in handicap parking spaces. Where are the authorities we pay to regulate and conduct a proper way of life?

    • Anonymous says:

      Very good, as soon as you get out of your car there and walk to the Library there are someone locking your wheel.

    • Anonymous says:

      13:18 yes you have all rights, once it won't create security breech, like at the Airport.

      You paid for that parking lot, it is your  tax money, it is a parking lot for the public. did the Government thought about you, when they were wheeling and dealing with the mega land lords down town? no. and they never will.

      Caymanians need to stand up for their rights in this country, stop letting the Governments dictate to you. I long to see a class action law suit… what are you guys waiting for?

  10. The Truth is Out There says:

    Will the new traffic law address the problems associated with motorcyles driving up the middle of the road expecting everyone in cars to give them the right of way?  In the real world motorcylcles have to follow the same rules as other vehicles.   They can not pass on the shoulder of the road or drive right on the centre line.  Given the way things work here I'm sure the government will wait until one of them kills a tourist trying to cross the road on foot before they deal with it. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    You make them ever lock my wheel so I can go to the bank and pay them in penny's. Money is money…

  12. The lone Haranguer says:

    Let the anarchy begin.

  13. So Anonymous says:

    Now the obvious question.  Which Cayman leader or lawmaker got his car or his friends/faimilys car clamped lately?  Maybe if they had a "I'm a MLA" sticker on their car next time everyone (who follows rules) would not have to deal with this crap.

  14. Just Sayin' says:

    The levels of ignorance and entitlement around here never cease to amaze me.

  15. Anonymous says:

    A parking ticket is a more rational deterrent than escalating the confrontation to wheel clamping.  Ticketing would create jobs for Caymanians.  You could very easily employ 2 or 3 uniformed meter maids on segways in the downtown core, and it would make businesses and tourists feel safer seeing them around. 

    • Castor says:

      Parking meters are a no brainer. It would actually free up some parking spaces downtown. $1.00 per hour, suites me if I had to go downtown to pay bills or run other errands. Good idea. Don't pay the parking tickets, well one doen't get their drivers licence renewed and/or no coupon for your vehicle, plus the employment of several people "policing" the meters. Makes more sense than the clamp. I've never experienced the clamp as I respect the private parking spots and seldom park downtown, but if my vehicle was clamped i'd be one ticked of bunny. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    • Anonymous says:

      09:49 You might want to offer your idia to the Government for  a million dollars. For a long time this has been suggested to them., but it falls on deft ears. this is too sensiable a way to create revenue. Its easier to double the fees on work permits and fuel tax…no brainer.

      We are loosing millions by allowing free parking for the mega businesses down town. Install meters, give us a chance to park, we don't mind paying the fee, give us a place to park…please.

  16. Joe B says:

    Even though this solves the problems of fines and waiting for the clamp to come off for those with no respect for other drivers it only makes parking and driving in George Town that much more difficult and frustrating.  But then again makeing the driving in George town safe for the rest of us was never a concern for Caymans leadership.   Paying fines must have been a bigconcern for them.  Good for you Ezzard.  You got to respect a man who can get things done on this island.  And if you don't well to bad.  Its his island.

  17. peter milburn says:

    Wonder why the Govt doesnt invest in parking meters all over GT and at least get something back from the public?.I am sure that most folks would not complain about  a small fee for say an hour or so to go about their chores in GT.Of course that would take another 2 years to implement like the time it took to ok electric cars which to my mind is still not fully fair to the folks who want to bring them in.Still too many restrictions in place.for something that can ONLY help our natural environment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Entreprenneurs would hook their pickup chains to them and pull them out for the dimes.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are still wondering why a incompetent Government does not do SOMETHING comptetent?  Really?  Explains alot.

    • Anonymous!!! says:

      Wonder why govt dont invest? Well if they were really intersetsed in making money and not suffocating the public they would look at the parking meters. They relly dont care about the small change that multiplies into millions later, they want their millions NOW, rape the country. Govts pass and present are  blinded by what can be good for us and especially the  The  UDP, they really need to go and the sooner the better. There needs to be a special election to get rid of them, no good honest abiding citizen should want to associate with any of them.

      Mr Miller keep the pressure on them, they dont want the truth to be known and you are doing a good job by exposing the lies, you are keeping us informed on things that matter. "give me 40 acres & I'll turn this place around" 🙂  give mr Miller 4 more years to clean up the mess that the UDP/PPM made of this  country.  Stay independant sir, work with both parties but never give up your independant rights.

    • Anonymous says:

      The job we have on our hands is to get our current Government INTERESTED in things that make sense like parking meters and easing restrictions on things that will help our natural environment, as opposed to signing loan deals that cost us $450,000.00, and giving away millions of our dollars to their favorite churches.

    • Dred says:

      This I can agree with. I would much rather give my money to my government than a GREEDY private company.

    • so Anonymous says:

      They would need a night guard on every street to keep them from being robbed and vandalized.   This is Cayman remember?  Soon the guards will need guns to keep them from being robbed and vandalized.  Face it.  You just can't fight the "Caymankind" anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Government lacks vision, that's why we dont have parking meters down town. it's easier to tax the small businesses, and our fuel, to create revenue….no brainer.

  18. Anonymous says:

    What is the love and adoration the CNS and Rooster have with Ezzard?

    The government pass a law banning wheel clamping and you give Ezzard the credit.

    This removal of any consequenses for illegal parking will make the rule of the jungle law as there are no such thing as parking tickets and if there were parking tickets no one would pay them so in a year or so when the parking situation is out of control you canblame the government for this decision and look to Ezzard to solve the problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no such thing as parking tickets…I must be living on a different planet from you because I swear I’ve gotten a couple of those over the years. Congratulations Ezzard for your contribution to the abolishment of a legalized way for greedy people to rip honest people off.

    • Anonymous says:

      "…you give Ezzard the credit".

      As I understand it Ezzard brought a private member's motion to this effect 18 months ago. The govt. delayed acting on it because it was bringing a bigger bill. Obviously Ezzard should have primary credit for it.

      BTW there is such a thing as parking tickets. If they are not paid they should accumulate on a points system towards the eventual loss of your licence.  

  19. Anonymous says:

    This was another idiotic decision. Now people can park wherever they like so will no doubt park in our staff & customer spaces, & go off shopping elsewhere, stopping our staff & clients parking. Private property is private property so people cannot park where they like without permission. If they do that, I'm going to block them in all day with my car to stop them getting out, & see how they like people parking where they want.

    • Anonymous says:

      and if you find your car mash up don't get mad!

    • Anonymous says:

      You misunderstand the changes.  There is nothing wrong with a building reserving spaces for the employees who work inside.  However, buildings must provide PUBLIC spaces as part of their planning permission.    These companies will clamp a vehicle occupying ANY space if that person is not an employee; thus, the spaces that were supposed to be for the public, are now used exclusively by employees, and the planning requirement is circumvented.  Of course, employees are also members of the public, so they will probably continue to park wherever they like, but at least they will now have to compete (for some of the spaces) with non-employees, which should make it a little EASIER to find a place to park, not harder.  We aren't all as fortunate as yourself to have reserved spaces in town just because we work in town!

    • Anonymous says:

      Just goes to show you, there are indeed creative solutions other than taking people's hard earned money from them without EARNING it.

  20. Bring it on... says:

    My PRIVATE PROPERTY is NOT a public place under the definition of the law.  I may provide public access, but it is under the clearly posted understanding that you only park there with my permission in spaces designated.  You park in a space marked for a particular person or company, you are subject to being clamped as you are not following the instructions for use of parking on my property.

    Be sure to understand, this applies to PUBLIC PLACES, not private land!!!  

    Also note – a large amount clamping is done in handicap spots and applied to the vehicles of ignorant, selfish, lazy people who cannot be bothered to walk a few extra steps or are afraid of a little rain.  I only hope and pray that those same people one day really have need for those same handicap spaces and find them taken by a similarly selfish person.  

    Besides, an informal survey of those I have seen using handicap spaces suggest to me their only handicap is an inability to control the type and amount of food they eat resulting in a body handicapped by fat!!!  Walk it off!!

    • Anonymous says:

      9.31. I don't think I've ever seen a car with a properly displayed handicapped sign occupying a handicapped parking space. I wonder how many handicapped drivers there are in Cayman, because if they all arrived at Hurleys at the same time, I believe there'd  be sufficient designated  spaces for them to park together, side-by-side. Of course there must be handicapped spaces, but there are far too many of them in my opoinion..

    • Anonymous says:

      Handicap spaces, another silly idea we need to largely abolish. You are quite correct that these are seldom used by genuinely handicapped people and there are WAY to many of them (as required by law) in our supermarkets and other public places. I don't remember EVER going to Foster's or Hurley's and finding more than 25 percent of these very prime spaces being utilized, at least not by handicapped people. Then we wonder why people insist on parking 'illegally'.     

      • So Anonymous says:

        Spoken like a true intitledmanian.  You obviously do not know or care about anyone with a real handicap. But you do care a lot about yourself and how difficult it is for you to walk a normal distance from your car.  We don't wonder why you insist on being  so lazy when we see you park in front of a store or gas station or anywhere else that blocks access for everyone else.  We know.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry folks, I have vey simply commented on what I see and know to be a fact. If that gets your knickers in a twist I am sorry but that doesn't alter fact. I would probably have a chip on my shoulder too if I was handicapped, and for that reason I give God thanks for my health and strength every day. I am NOT too lazy to walk a normal distance from my car and in fact that was not the subject of my post at all. If you re-read it with an unbiased mind you will see that I was in fact commenting on high demand parking space not being properly utilized because of some redundant law that needs to be reviewed perhaps following a thorough metering of these spaces over a period of time to see how much they are in fact being used by handicapped people. I GUARANTEE you that such an exercise will in fact reveal that we have too many such designated spaces. THAT, again, was the subject of my post, which, again as you imply, had nothing whatsoever to say or suggest about my being 'too lazy to walk'.    

        • Anonymous says:

          "a true intitledmanian" pretty much says it all about you. It never ceases to amaze me why on earth people like you insist on living here among people you obviously despise as much as you do.

      • Jack Daniels says:

        The handicapped cannot utilize those spaces designated for them because the mentards got there first!

    • Anonymouse says:

      We are not lazy and we don't park in handycap spots either and we won't block your drive way but don't clamp my wheels or you are going to have to keep buying them and we will boycott your business!

    • Anonymous says:

      Your PRIVATE PROPERTY is a tiny little piece of land on the face of Mother Earth that God Almighty saw fit to place under your loving care for the duration of your sojurn on HIS beautiful planet. He expects you to enjoy it in a loving, caring, sharing manner and he definitely WILL NOT allow you to take it with you when you leave this place that he created solely for the total enjoyment of ALL his beautiful children, so how on this earth can you call it your PRIVATE PROPERTY? Besides, he's really not excited about you calling some his other beautiful children fat and lazy. And those awful clamps, and those awful people who insist on making a living using them, they bring a tear to his eye everytime…

  21. My2cents says:

    Wheel Clamping: "….added to the inadequate parking problems in George Town" ???meaning it forced people to park properly and not on private property? So… withdrawing this safeguard, people can park anywhere and bingo! – no more parking problems in George Town! JUST PLAIN DUMB. What really should have happened, is that instead of simply outlawing the practice, it should have been REGULATED with a proper proceedure to deal with complaints and appeals. Again our leaders showing us they are not really equipped to actually deal with the job. 

    • Joe B says:

      Yes its JUST PLAIN DUMB but not as dumb as to keep expecting something different from the Isands leadership.

    • Anonymous says:

      There has ALWAYS been a very simple solution. Call the POLICE when someone is parked illegally or wrongly on your property. Better to have fine proceeds going into our government coffers than have greedy companies and individuals pocketing peoples hard earned money as easily and as unreasonably they do.

  22. so Anonymous says:

    In other words it is now OK to park anywhere in puplic places without fear of takeing responsibility for your actions.

    This goes along with the new rules allowing Government to spend all the money anyway they want without responsibility for it or the work involved in record keeping.

    And of course the unspoken but often seen rule of if you work for Government you still don't have to show up all the time just some of the time.

    Grand Cayman.  Third world at its best.  Great place for those who can not be hampered by rules or regulations but bad for businesses.

    • Profound Reality! says:

      So my vehicle cant be locked by a private company whilst parked in a public place. Sounds fair.Seems to me as long as we park in a fair and appropriate manner  this should work fine.Its up to us to make the difference.Think about it.


  23. Anonymous says:

    more small town nonsense from ezzard….. i look forward to parking my car in his driveway next time i'm up at northside….

  24. Angry man says:

    I parked across the road from Senior Frogs one evening to go to the Bank of Butterfield ATM. I walked across the road. It was after 5 p.m. – not much traffic and alot of parking spaces available. Lo and behold, as I was returning to drive out, a man was heading towards my car with an iron lock. He saw as I call out to him, and immediately rush towards my car and placed the lock on it. Thats when he told me I had to pay 75 dollars to get it released or they would have to tow it away. That is rediculous. I had to go back to my ATM and withdraw monies I needed because some business owner or person with no conscience or discretion, decided that I was blocking them from the path of success on a day that wasn't busy at all. That is like me parking my car on a yellow on a Sunday and a police officer penalizing me for it. This is just rediculous and I am glad that the MLA are addressing it, because if I wasn'tin my good spirits, I was about to body-slam that wheel-locker!!!  But God saved me from losing my cool. I am an upright citizen, but I just when people have no discretion at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      God may have saved you from losing your cool, but he failed to bless you with courtesy and respect.  The signs are there for a reason.  The yellow lines are there for a reason.  Often the lines are there to actually stop ignorant fools parking in such a way to hamper traffic flow, block the view of pedestrians or get in the way of fire hydrants.  Failing to observe the even on Sunday morning at 3am is wrong.  You sir, have a warped logic at best.  The same applies to the parking spots.  The businesses are protecting themselves from the ignorant thinking you have demonstrated here where you can justify parking there under your own set of rules.  I bet if it was 10am and only one spot was free, you would still have parked there and said "but I was only going to be 2 minutes".  

      IT IS WRONG.  There is NO DEFENSE.

      Contrary to what you say, you are not an upright citizen – you are a selfish, self serving person who needs to respect the rights of the property owner.

      Bet you would be the first to call the police if I came and blocked your driveway – cause that would be wrong, wouldn't it??!!!

      • anonymous says:

        Two things:

        1-  Decaf…

        2-  Push hard…. remove stick..  ;=O

      • Anonymous says:

         And, Immobilizing the offending vehicle will certainly help in the scenarios you mentioned?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are absolutely and perfectly and obviously correct. This is precisely the problem that has come out of wheel clamping. People see it as a very easy way to make a living without actually earning it. I have been in exactly the same situation as you describe and these people absolutely WILL NOT use discretion if it means they stand to lose pocketingsomeone else's hard earned money for very little 'work'. Congratulations Ezzard on your part in bringing this legal criminality to it's deserved end.  

    • The Prophet says:

      My car stalled out while trying to park in a parking lot, but by no fault of mine this happened behind another car.  So I left to look for help to get it started.  By the time I came back in about 20 minutes the wheels were locked.

      The person in front of me wanted to move but after my mechanic started my car the Clamping idiot said I had to pay 75.00 before I could move my car.  Can you imagine that?.

      Well as far as I am concerned, clamp idiot you have two cars clamped.  The one in front of me and myself , so what do we do.  He replied seventy five dollars.  So I said ok you all can stay there I will take the bus home.  The other person who was in front of me then shouted at him "You idiot, what am I supposed to do, stay here till morning.?  He then decided to remove the clamps for the the lady to come out, and wanted to put them back on my car.  I believe he is still polishing his boot toes. Zooooooommmmmmmmm.

  25. Anonymous says:

    okay, I hate the clampers too, but really what is a company supposed to do about people that come and park in their lots all day, not allowing their employees or customers to park?

    Or those that park in a lot and go down the street?

    • Live Free.... says:

      Simply Label the blocks that belongs to employees and managers, and then label some blocks with Customers 1hr or 2hr or whatever, and the problem is solve, regeardless if the person don't go to your stores, atleast you just save someone $85.00 to have clamps removed from their car wheel. I'm a victim of having my car wheel clamp, and my car was not even park in that spot for 10 minutes, and it was not a Handicap Parking either. I was so fed up with the Guard, I just went draw the money from the ATM, because he said I must pay the $85.00 for I have no other choice than to pay it. Good to know that they are working on banning this practice.

  26. noname says:

    At long last !  Those clampers are crooks.  There is no point other than monetary gain for clamping and ultimately immobilizing a vehicle.  If you're parked in a fire route for example, it's completely counter productive to keep the vehicle there. And who carries $85 cash on them at all times ? That's more than a full days pay for some people (wake up call).  Clampers are nothing more than thieves with far too much power for their level of education.   The receipt book they use can be purchased at any local office supply store, giving some of these gentleman ample opportunity to take advantage of their position.  Give me a parking ticket any day I am at fault, that's fine (& punny) but don't you dare immobilize my vehicle. 

  27. pioneerdiver says:

    Can someone explain that in detail, e.g. clamping around the airport, in GT businesses parking lots, etc? Thank you!

  28. Anonymous says:

    What about when you park in the handicap to go into get a few items from grocery store to come out to find your car is now handicap?

    • Anonymous says:

      In that case you have a right to stay parked there for as long as you wish.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!  Polikce should be doing more traffic patrols and then the revenue of tickets should go to the country and not to some greedy, ILLEGAL business. It is illegal for private individuals and companies to issue "fines"!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Let the towing commence! Inconsiderate parkers will beg for a return to the good old days of clamping.

      • Anonymous says:

        Alas this bill is also banning towing.

        So why bother even looking for a space?  Just pull up in the street in front of your destination and leave your car there, right?

        Can't clamp. Can't tow. Let the chaos begin.

  30. Loopy Lou says:

    So we are back to Hazzard wanting the cancellation of permits to make jobs available for Caymunians.  Great way to discourage inward investment.  This kind of view costs Caymanians jobs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks to you Ezzard. We are supporting you. Just recently I was trying to get a hold of Mr Arden Mclean as I understand that this had been his toy. Anyhow the two of you together can fight this outrageous and money making problem. There needs to be some form of support for the handicapped, but the business places usually have enough staff hanging around doing nothing that can monitor those places in a sensible way. For example I sat in my car one night and watche a lady who parked in front of the Hurleys and rushed into the store. The Security boy waited until she was inside and then went and cxlamped her wheel. She looked as if she needed some emergency item and was out in a hurry on a run only to see that her car was clamped. That boy could have spoken to her in a nice way but you see its only a money making thing. I know of two people that went to a supermarket every day to buy food and because of getting their cars clamped they do not go back there. Its not only bad for the customers but the store owners suffer as well. THE BEST NEWS IVE HEARD FOR A LONG TIME. THANKS THANKS THANKS. LET THEM MIGRATE TO THEIR OR ANOTHER COUNTRY WITH THIS BRILLIANT WAY OF MAKING MONEY.