Lions go on road with prevention message

| 02/11/2011

(CNS): Through the month of October, the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens made an outstanding effort to inform the public about the seriousness of breast cancer.  The lions held several meetings during the campaign across all three islands designed to educate and inform the public about preventing the disease. At Savannah Primary School on 10 October. Dr Andrew Robinson from Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial hospital and Andrea Hill, a nutritionist at Kirks Supermarket, gave their expert opinion on what to do to prevent breast cancer. Dr Robinson outlined the facts of breast cancer and urged the audience of 60 women and two men to be aware of the risk factors and their health.

Dr Robinson and Hill's speeches both connected when it came to being vigilant about their health and the importance of a nutritious diet and how to maintain it. Hill continued to outline the importance of nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. As she continued to encourage the audience, she also said that choosing healthier foods could minimize the risk of cancer.

In the district of West Bay over 200 people attended the meeting that was held at Sir John Cumber Primary School on13 October when the featured speakers were Dr Meggs and Dr Rado, who gave detailed information on the risk factors of breast cancer and experimental treatments. 

Dr Meggs advised the audience to be proactive about breast cancer health and their overall wellbeing. He listed a number a tests that one should take when they become older, such as pap smears, mammograms, DM screen and others.

Dr Rado spoke about the next generation of mammography. He informed the audience that the Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital would be bringing 3T MRI and Tomosynthesis to Cayman by early 2012 because this digital technology will better detect breast cancer and increase the chance of survival.

The information given by both doctors was followed by a session of questions and answers, which ended with a vote of thanks from Lion President Belinda Blessitt to all who came out to support their endeavours. Mammogram vouchers were then given out to those members of the audience who were eligible.

Over 700 hundred walkers and runners attended the 14th annual walk/run in memory of Brenda Tibbetts-Lund, who lost her battle to breast cancer. The event was held at West Bay public beach on the 8 October, and its main goal was to raise funds to fight against breast cancer.

It also celebrated the survivors of breast cancer and other types of cancer. A tent was set up just for survivors and inspiring interaction took place between them and other who attended.  Prizes were given out for the different ranks and ages.  Lion Wendy Wiltshire gave thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers and the Lions family who helped make this event a big success.

The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens would like to publicly thank the law firm Conyers Dill and Pearlman, a silver sponsor for supporting the Breast Cancer Campaign. Their sponsorship will allow ten women to be given mammogram vouchers who may not be able to afford this crucial breast cancer screening. Tracy Cuff of Conyers Dill Pearman stated,  “We are pleased to be a part of this campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer. The firm is pleased to honour and support those who have battled cancer, which is a very real issue in the Cayman Islands.”

The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens stuck to their theme “Education the road to wellness” and gave as much information to the public about breast cancer which made this year’s campaign a rocking success.

Jasmine Jackson is a 16 year-old student with the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre who has opted to join CNS for her business course work-placement.

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