Barnes stays in GT lock-up as investigation continues

| 08/11/2011

(CNS): Suspected serial rapist Jeffery Barnes was remanded to the George Town Police Station lock-up for a further seven days by a magistrate on Tuesday morning in order to allow police to contimue interviewing him. Barnes has already been charged with one count of rape in connection with an incident involving a teenager but officers are still investigating two other sexual assault allegations against the 32-year-old George Town man. Barnes is suspected of raping a 49-year-old woman in Admiral’s Landing, Prospect, at around 10:30am on Saturday 29 October and a second woman, who is currently overseas, several days before that.

When Barnes made his second appearance in court on Tuesday morning, his defence attorney, John Furniss, asked that his client be remanded to Northward Prison as Barnes had been in the cells at the police station for some ten days. The crown made a request, however, on behalf of the police to keep Barnes in the main police station as it was revealed he was still being interviewed in relation to the two other pending cases and would be expected to take part in an identification parade.

Magistrate Nova Hall granted the crown’s request and sent Barnes back to the police cells to allow the investigations to continue.

Barnes currently faces one count of sexual assault on a seventeen-year-old girl which took place on Thursday 27 October in the George Town area.

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